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    Canela weight gain morph

    Canela weight gain morph
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    Vanessa Bayer

    Sorry to necropost, but it's been forever since anyone posted an update on Vanessa Bayer, who has had one of my personal favorite gains ever. For those unfamiliar with Vanessa, she started on Saturday Night Live looking like this: ...and retired from the show 7 years later looking like this: So, I was reminded of her because of this recent sketch on I Think You Should Leave where she basically spends 2 straight minutes calling herself things like a "prize hog" and "the fattest of them all". (Hard to not post about her on Curvage after watching that!) While she's wearing a very loose-fitting dress here, it's pretty obvious she hasn't lost any of the SNL weight. Thought it was worth a post.
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    *Gender neutral boss/employee role play* Ginger is your assistant, and to your delight, she's been packing on the pounds, as a secret feeder you can't help but get excited whenever you see her struggling to still fit into her work wardrobe and get out of her desk. Unfortunately, lately you've been noticing a lot of problems with her work, she just isn't performing like she used to, and is often missing from her desk. On top of that, you've received several complaints from her co-workers about her behavior, and you just can't let it slide anymore, it's time to pull Ginger into your office and have a sit down talk. Once you have her in front of you, you begin by bringing up her inappropriate attire, she might have fit these clothes just fine twenty pounds ago, but she's basically bursting out of them now! While you're attempting to keep a clear head and listen to your assistant's apologies, you can't keep your eyes off her, does she even realize she keeps rubbing her fat belly in front of you? It's almost like she's intentionally teasing you..It's almost too much to bear, you're dying to see her gut, you've been so patiently watching her grow it for all this time after all! Maybe you could work something out...maybe if she just gave you a little show, you could make all these complaints disappear..no one would have to know.. ~ Includes: feeder boss/feedee employee roleplay, subtitled dialogue from "boss", belly play, teasing, tight clothes


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    Hello! Let’s watch my first clip! I tried on my clothes to see what to wear and my favorite skirt was too tight Hope you enjoy!


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    Samantha Armeytag

    From 0:35 on, we have good view on her booty and her belly ... :-)
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    I'm on a work vacation this week.... here are some food highlights from my first day. Think I'm going to gain a couple pounds while I'm here?
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    perfect in every way
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    Amy Wiseman

    and here is from episode 10
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    Amy Wiseman

    here is a shot from the forth or fifth episode
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