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    I need belly rubs!

    I need belly rubs!
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    Version 1.0.0

    Good evening and welcome, care to join me in the Hot Tub? In this clip you will be joining me as I eat some brownies and show off my fat ass in the Hot Tub, do you like my new fat rolls? I have been trying hard to stay chubby for you.. πŸ˜‰ I would love to eat some more while my body gets hot with the water, but only you can make it possible, leave a review if you enjoyed it! 😘


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    Care to join me in that tub? 😏 Check out my latest clip! My belly is big but my butt cheeks are even bigger.. πŸ‘
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    Carrie Ann Inaba

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    New role play video!!! Available now 😘
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    Version 1.0.0

    CurvyBaby role plays as an oblivious fat girl that can’t accept the fact that she’s getting fat. She blames the dryer and anything else she possibly can to deny the fact that it’s her growing, not her clothes shrinking. She struggles into some denim pants and crop tops 😘 Enjoy🐽!!!!


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    Version 1.0.0

    Bunny's friend grab her to they afternoon break at fast food drive in. Almost half hour of pure fun and watch they play with eachother full belly are a pleasure for the eyes. β™₯


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    Getting ready with Dee

    Cute vid as always Dee, I have to say that your ass is really getting exquisitely large and beautifully shaped now - that, combined with your flared hips and thighs and sticky-out tummy makes you a noticeably voluptuous lady that will stand out a mile in that lovely outfit - keep the lbs coming!
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    Girlfriend getting plump

    Hi again! another quick update... So the mums back from her holiday, she came around to our house the day she got back with a big coat on but it was obvious she'd put on a few as her face looked rounder. She hugged my gf before taking off the coat to reveal the long loose dress she had on (I've not seen her in a dress before, she's normally in a t shirt and jeans/leggings) with our eyes being drawn to her bloated well fed belly. Our stares didn't go unnoticed as she started talking about how good the food was and how her and her friends had done nothing but eat and drink way too much all day and sun bathe in their bikinis all day before patting her tummy saying "I feel really big now, I've got a proper gut! All the girls have gotten fat, it was so funny seeing us all in bikinis tanning our full guts hahaha. I am dreading trying my work clothes on though, nothings going to fit". My gf looked stunned and poked her mum's tummy saying "Wow it's firm! You're catching me up" Her mum's reply was to laugh and say "I've had a big breakfast and dinner today too, we had so much fun this is totally worth it" gesturing at her much bigger middle. She talked all about her holiday with the main theme being food. She caught me staring at her belly as she rubbed it and talked about the holiday stopping mid sentence to tell me "my eyes are up here! Put you tongue away, I know your game" I was speechless and went bright red, my gf and her mum just laughed. The gf has been trying to eat cleaner the last few weeks so doesn't seem any bigger to me, her sister now looks heavily pregnant with a big round belly which is always visible especially when she's sat down. one development is that she no longer fastens her jeans around her belly which has lead to some nice peaks of it hanging over the top of her trousers As always, any questions just ask!
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    Absolutely the hottest video you've posted yet. The way you devoured the cake and messily played with your belly, rubbing frosting all over. Moaning as you stuffed the cake into your face and reveled in being a truly greedy pig. Would love to see more like it, I've never bought a clip this fast before haha.
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