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    Hello everyone, how is going your week???… Here I am, sharing you my rounder belly, Im not sure if it was all the beers that I drank or the tacos that I ate the past month buuuuut as I said my belly it is rounder 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼 Btw, Im so happy that you’ve been enjoying my last video 🐽🐽🐽 Remember that my huge belly it is because of you 💋💋💋
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    I already took my first clip. Do you think it is time to upload it? Also I have to tell you. I just ate but my already full belly would love some brownies rn
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    Version 1.0.0

    Good evening and welcome, care to join me in the Hot Tub? In this clip you will be joining me as I eat some brownies and show off my fat ass in the Hot Tub, do you like my new fat rolls? I have been trying hard to stay chubby for you.. 😉 I would love to eat some more while my body gets hot with the water, but only you can make it possible, leave a review if you enjoyed it! 😘


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    Katy Mixon

    Looking nice and big in motion, even tho we have seen the photos from this scene.
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    Jay Krakower

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    Instead of the alternating: Sia-Mor'wen-Regina chapters, i'm going to go for two parters at each location to move the plot a long a bit. Sia gets swole, Mor'wen get's swollen: pt 1/2 Four weeks after Mor'wen drank the potion... Sia would have hated to admit this to anyone, especially her girlfriend, but well...getting fat was putting her into the best shape of her life. It wasn't an easy process by any means. If she sat around on her ass letting Mor'wen hand feed her as the Nymph preferred then she'd have stayed a floppy marshmallow of a woman. Pathetic and helpless, her physical abilities would have continued crumbling until she wound up too fat to get up out of her chair. She'd have never been able to free the Kingdom, instead she'd be the Nymph's well...she loved Mor'wen but the little gleam the Nymph had in her eye when Sia overate said that she viewed Sia's desire to be a warrior queen instead of a supine, passive blob of a woman to be foolish. 'How you doing over there?' Sia yelled out to the Nymph as she went over to the squat rack. 'Ugh...dont...*urp*...interrupt...64,' Mor'wen groaned through a full mouth from where she sat on a couch. The Paladin laughed and adjusted her waistband from where it dug into her gut as she sat heavy stone weights onto a heavy stone bar. Her only moderately large gut wasn't going anywhere any time soon. She was still eating at least four and often as much five heavy meals a day full of protein and fat, piling on as much food as two or three male knights would. If her trainers could see the leggy, deifically fit runner now they'd be stunned and not in a good way. Sia slid under the squat rack, a role forming across her gut as her thighs lifted the weight off the wrack and shuffled forwards, a wide jiggle of fat going through her body. She was wearing a tight linen bra for bust and a tiny thong that had disappeared under her love handles on the side and her immense, almost equine sized ass cheeks, and save for her current fat obsessed lover few would find her attractive. The paladin was still a very ripe pear who'd be the heaviest woman in almost every town in the Kingdom but she was also strong as an ox now. The paladin's mighty legs bent down, going parallel and then powering back up. Up and down, up and down, fat wobbling madly but her breathing even and clam for the entire set of thirty six. With one mighty gasp she stood up and put the immense weight, nearly a heavy pounds heavier than she'd ever managed when she'd been thin, and calmly walked away, thighs barely trembling. They were wobbling plenty but the muscle beneath them wasn't shaking at all. She was still a big girl, indeed she was much bigger a month into her training than she'd been at its start. The habits of a glutton were deeply ingrained into her mind and body now, actually limiting her consumption would be as hard as pulling out her own teeth. But although she'd gained between one or two pounds a day the last month, most of that was muscle. Sia stretched, going into a lunge and letting her thigh muscles pull a bit. The thong pinched against her increasingly round ass, still covered with cellulite on the outside but with a bulging hard core of muscle on the inside. Her head ran through a long list of exercises left to do today: bicep curls, tricep curls, chin ups, pull ups, bench press, butterfly press, curls, sit ups, planks, push ups, side kicks and a long, hard, somewhat slow run before she started over again and then began weapons training: sword and lance, fist and shield against the armored mannequins in the armory. With no one to guard, Sia was exercising something like twelve hours a day and results were becoming apparent. Her fallen bean bag ass cheeks were puffing up, becoming round instead of sagging. Thighs the size of hall pillars were becoming as strong as thigh pillars, despite chafing together she could now squat more than her body weight and run for three or four miles at a stretch at a slow, consistent pace. Tone was slowly returning to her biceps which now popped considerably when she flexed. Even her double chin didn't seem to wobble as much. Skinny Sia, perfect Sia, would have collapsed half way through her current day. Maybe it was the immense amount of time she had to work out or the immense amount of protein she ate or maybe it was even the useless bulk she carried around, it was like exercising in a suit of armor she could never take off. 'I've no idea why you...*munch*...work that hard,' Mor'wen grunted from the side lines, 'and its time for you to eat.' 'Not yet,' she told the...well, was she a nymph?, 'I've got to finish the weight training.' 'You barely touched breakfast, either breakfast,' Mor'wen told her in a huff, mouth finally empty as she threw away a bone, 'so as you're lover I am ordering you to come over here and eat. I've downed, let me count...that is a lot of spare ribs...but if you don't eat, how are you going to get stronger? You've got to fuel your body, right?' Sia strode over, leg muscles strong enough she only sort of waddled as her mighty thighs pushed past each other's sheathe of fat, 'I don't think I have any danger of running out of fuel, do I?' The black haired aasimar patted her FUPA where it poured over the front of her panties. There was no tone there despite all of her ab work, she still had a pouchy, saggy lower gut even as her legs returned to shape. Indeed only someone seeing the amount Sia could lift and the immense stamina she had would realize she was not a chunky, worthless blob. 'You're getting toned,' Mor'wen huffed, 'I became mortal so you can get toned? I gave up magic so you can get toned? Huff, I should go find another more greatful paladin and save them, perhaps she'll let me fatten her up without trying to exercise...' The words were harsh and mocking but in the former nymph's dull brown eyes there was enough of a glint there that Sia knew it was a tease. The tall, immensely fat, immensely strong woman flopped down on Mor'wens fur covered couch, the fur covered stone groaning as she landed. A callused hand reached out and traced its way up a soft pair of legs, stopping and pinching at the rapidly expanding layer of fat over once perfect dancer legs. 'You know...looking at you, I think I am getting hungry,' Sia smiled, 'but the thing is...how can I eat when you're so thin? I've got to get strong enough to take care of my weak, helpless little mortal girlfriend...so why don't we fatten you up a little more?'
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    Version 1.0.0

    Shar loves cream! She starts by oiling up her body.. she squirts cream into her mouth and all over her fattening desserts and scoffs them like the real fatty she’s now become. From all different positions, Shar jiggles and wobbles her fatness for you. She wants to show you just how fat you’ve really got her. GS


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    Natalie bomkey booty shot sorry took it on my phone was in shock she looked this big lol..
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    The Thin College

    Trust me, this story's only just begun 😬😈 Chapter Twenty-Three “So what would you describe your problem as?” I stared up from my folded fingers at my psychiatrist as she wrote notes on every spare space on her notepad. The thought that she could be trying to intentionally diagnose me with some disorder surfaced in my consciousness once again. True, Molly seemed genuinely friendly, wearing a loose blouse matched with a white jacket and skirt that reinforced her angelic appearance, but she was a psychiatrist. She’d trained her whole career to appear friendly just so people would tell her their closest, most intimate secrets. If I wasn’t careful, she’d share my secrets with the Dean. “Problem? I wouldn’t say that I have a problem per se,” to appear more casual, I sipped my tea. The rim of my Styrofoam cup masked half my face in the process. “It’s alright Jason,” Molly looked up from her notes, smiling softly. “I can tell that you’re insecure about sharing anything personal, but you can trust me. All my notes are entirely confidential.” Surely, she was lying. Maybe the notes were confidential, but her conclusions weren’t. If she decided I was too mentally unstable to continue studying at Biltmore College, the Dean would know within hours, and I’d be packing my bags that very night. Even so, I couldn’t simply call her bluff; I had to play along to her game without giving too much away. “College life is stressful,” I shrugged. “I mentioned that before, right? But that’s not unusual, is it?” “Of course it is,” Molly smiled more broadly. “Stress is part of life; the important thing is how you deal with it… so what do you do to relax?” My thoughts raced back the last couple of days. If I wasn’t studying, I was shooting-up Nazi Zombies on my computer while listening to Austrian Screamo and German Industrial-Metal. Did that count as relaxation? It sure felt good, but I couldn’t admit that. Shit, what else did I do? “Sometimes I read books,” I said after a thoughtful pause. “Lots of science fiction, fantasy, stuff like that. Manga’s fun to read too; it gives me ideas for drawing stuff.” “So you draw?” “I mean, I never took a class for it, but I’ve been doing it since I was a toddler.” “That’s wonderful! Maybe you can take a class for art while you’re here at college.” “Nah, I don’t want to.” “Why not?” Because I wanted to draw violence. I wanted to draw girls in uniform, guns in hand, fighting entire platoons. I wanted to draw clashing armies in a struggle for life or death, the future of nations on the line. I wanted to draw claws, fangs, and dark shadows. I had no intention of being told to practice drawing fruits. “There’s just so many other classes to take. I’m concentrating on my economics major at the moment.” “That’s fair; maybe you can take it in your senior year; I’m sure you’d do well, being so talented.” “Hm.” Molly took a sip of her own tea, and my attention was instantly aroused. Little did she know just how fattening the tea truly was, and I eagerly watched for signs of growth. I stared at her waistline, contained by a skirt covering half her stomach, adorned with a thin, fashionable belt. Just beneath, her belly swelled slightly, pressing against her skirt and just beginning to test the strength of her belt. “How’s your romantic life?” she asked, staring down absentmindedly. “What? That question came out of nowhere.” “Don’t worry, it’s just part of some standard questions I ask to… flesh things out,” she scooted slightly in her seat, adjusting her ample hips, which were now becoming noticeably-thick, like a soccer mom with two children. “I don’t have a romantic life,” I sighed. “Nothing?” “No dating, no relationships, nothing. I just don’t fit in at this college. I don’t know why, but people tend to dislike me, so I have no friends.” “That’s a real shame Jason… what about Emily?” Alarmed, I straightened in my seat. “How do you know about her?” “I counsel her too, remember? You know, she talks about you.” “She does? What about?” “I can’t say. Let’s just say that she considers you a friend.” “Oh, that’s good,” I sighed with relief, content that my secrets were still safe. “I mean, I like her too; it’s just that I’m not sure if she feels the same way.” “The same way? Do you want a relationship with her?” The question caught me off guard. Emily certainly confided a lot in me, but somehow I’d become so distracted by my own problems and other girls that I didn’t even think of Emily romantically – at least, not since that walk on the beach… “I guess I wouldn’t mind that,” I admitted to Molly as much as to myself. “But what if something happens? I’ve tried asking so many girls out already, and every single one of them has turned me down for some reason or other. If I ask Emily out, I could screw up whatever friendship we have already.” “I understand it must be pretty hard to not succeed over and over again,” Molly jotted a note down. “But it’s good practice to keep trying. Every time a girl says no, you learn a little about yourself and others. So don’t be afraid to ask girls out; after all, the worst they can do is say no.” No, they could do so much worse. “I guess.” Molly sipped her tea again, and I could hear her growing ass rubbing against the leather seat. The sun descended beneath the forested horizon, and the clear, black sky was adorned with all the stars of a moonless night. I leaned against the wall of one of the study halls, confident that my assigned homework was thoroughly finished. That left me the rest of the evening to roam freely across campus. My objective: find alcohol. A fake ID was not in my Modus Operandi; nor was I a corrupt prefect that could confiscate bottles from poor Freshmen girls. I preferred simpler methods, methods that fit my personality. As a child, I roamed the woods aimlessly. Now, as an adult, I roamed the woods for beer and liquor. I checked my watch, noting that it was now a little past nine pm, and returned to scrolling through Instagram. Zoltan was posing her body in front of the mirror, as usual, except now she had a broad grin spread across her face. Her body was definitely shrinking, her breasts and belly deflating the fastest, but it warmed my heart to see her so joyful. It seemed only yesterday that I thought of her as just another brutal, despotic gym coach, but now that I knew her, I cared about her wellbeing – even if love was forbidden between us. Sun’s out, Zoltan labelled a photo of her still-swollen ass cheeks strapped into grey/black yoga pants. And you know what that means! #cuttingseason #thunderzolt Indeed, but not for everyone. After all, there were plenty of others to fatten up instead. Speaking of which, it was getting late. With a final check of my watch, I straightened myself from the wall and pocketed my phone. It was time to hunt for beer. With forty percent of the student body in sororities, Biltmore College was a land rich in alcoholic plunder, and with pledge season starting-up, the spoils would be greater than ever. Even now, from the centre of the campus, I could hear the raucous laughter of dozens of girls from the balconies and patios of mansions in all directions. Thoughtfully setting my hands into my jacket pockets, I began my evening walk. One by one, I passed the impressive-looking mansions, casually viewing their strange pledge rituals from afar. One sorority sounded like it was having a screaming contest, another chanted like cheerleaders. As I walked past, I noted that there were beer cans and bottles scattered all over the lawns like Easter eggs; no doubt they were all empty. I treaded onwards. The crowds here were too dense; someone would notice me hunting for drinks. I needed to find a sorority that had just finished its night of revelry – or at least, had abandoned its stash outside where I could grab it – and the perfect target lay perched on the hill just ahead. Past the row of sorority mansions, beyond the campus itself, the lighthouse loomed over cliffs overlooking the roaring waves below. The student body called it “the haunted lighthouse on the hill,” but for its resident sisters, it was their “castle,” with which they looked over their island. “Everything the Light Touches Is Our Queendom,” was the motto that its inhabitants, the Kappa Omegas, lived by, and they made sure everyone knew. Approaching the enemy terrain, I scanned the grounds with utmost care and detail: the lighthouse itself had no windows, but the two-storey house adjoining it did. It was with some mixture of relief and satisfaction that I noted that the Kappa Omega’s feasting rituals were now sealed from view behind closed doors, the only hint of merriment being the shadowy outlines of feminine forms from warmly-lit windows. A wide, wooden patio lay before the front entrance like the deck of a man-o-war, adorned with multiple grills, benched tables, half-eaten food – and two coolers. I aimed for that. Even as I approached the coolers, my mind raced with speculation. I would approach the coolers from the hedge ringing the patio, rather than directly, which would provide me time to hide should anyone approach. My eyes were focused and my ears were primed, ready to crouch out of sight at the slightest hint of footsteps. In the unlikely circumstance that I was caught red-handed, I would shrug and casually admit I had arrived for beer. After all, it looked like they were done with it. With the grace of a bomb technician, I slowly pried the closest cooler’s lid loose, acutely aware of the rustling noises my feet were making against the underbrush beneath the bushes. Some twig was snagged against my jacket, but I endured. Then, attempting to peer inside, I sighed silently. The darkness of a moonless night was as advantageous to me as it was damning: I might be hard to see, but it was also hard for me to see. I couldn’t tell if there was beer inside. Perhaps if I fumbled my hand through the ice, I could find some spare bottles… A muffled thud made me jerk my hand back out. Eyes darting for the source of the noise, I caught sight of two sorority sisters running around the corner of the lighthouse, giggling while running and holding hands. Alarmed, I ducked under the hedge to keep hidden, cursing as my jacket tore against stray bramble. A mere three heartbeats later, and I caught sight of their calves from under the leaves. “Not here!” one of them giggled, light-hearted and giddy. “I don’t care,” a deeper, sultry voice replied. “They might see us!” “Let them. They’ll be jealous… now kiss me…” Eyes widened, I caught glimpses of two girls, one short with pixie hair, the other tall and firmly-coiled with muscle. As I watched, they embraced each other with heated passion, a bottle of Baileys in the strong one’s hand. But none of what I was witnessing registered in my mind as strongly as the fact that I recognized their voices. They were none other than the prefects that had tormented and extorted Emily as I cowered under her bed, and now I was cowering out of their sight once again! The tall one paused her lovemaking to take an impressively long swig of the Baileys, one arm still wrapped firmly around her lover like a victorious barbarian. “Brenda, are you sure?” the little pixie-cut asked. “The Empress takes first draft of the spoils.” Brenda sputtered some of the drink as she laughed with a full mouth. “The Empress takes first draft,” she repeated sarcastically. “What are you, some pledge schmuck? Now drink up.” “Okay,” the girl tittered as she grabbed the bottle and bent it towards her parting lips. “No!” Brenda said suddenly. “Hey… give it…” “No… kiss me. Kiss me Kristen.” “Okay…” Kristen whispered. A brief pause, and then both girls inhaled deeply as they wrapped their bodies in each others’ embrace. Hands rubbed against fabric as they slid out of shirts and jackets. Kristen stifled a moan as Brenda hoisted her by the haunches – straight into the balcony next to me. The bottle of Baileys fell by my feet, forgotten. My drinking instincts kicked-in, and I seized the bottle by the neck and righted it so it would stop spilling. For a brief moment, I was overcome with the thrill of triumph. Not only had I found Emily some Baileys, I had her Baileys. It was the most poetic justice I had ever witnessed, but it was short-lived. Brenda’s brown, leather boot kicked against my fingers. “Wait… the fuck!?” At first, I didn’t even look up. Some lingering sense of hope remained in me that if I kept my head down, they’d think I was just a drunk sorority girl. “Oh my gawd,” Kristen’s legs scrambled out of sight as she hurled herself behind the balcony. “Who… what the fuck do you think you’re doing here? You fucking creep!” Slowly, I looked up towards Brenda’s face as she seethed with rage, her breath rattling her half-naked chest. As I trembled with adrenaline and a nearly-overwhelming sense of doom, I raised the bottle of Baileys with a tight grip. “You’re not supposed to have this,” I said meekly. “I’m getting help,” Kristen said, hastily scrambling for the door. Brenda, meanwhile, stared at me speechless. After a few breaths, I suddenly realized I had stumbled upon the correct answer: Brenda was underage. If I played my cards right, I had her in my grasp. “This,” I shook the bottle. “You stole this.” “How the fuck did you know that?” Shit. I might have blown it. “I’m taking this. If you say anything, I’ll report you to the Dean.” “Yeah, right!” Brenda sneered. “You think the Dean will believe you? Look around you! This is Kappa Omega! Everyone here is on my side! When I go to the Dean’s office, I’m telling her how you were jacking-off while staring into our window, and every single sister here will back my story! You’re fucking done.” “Yeah?” I said nervously. “Well, I got your fingerprints on the bottle…” Kristen slammed the door open, girls gushing through and swarming the patio. “There he is!” she pointed a shaking finger. “There’s the Peeping-Tom!” They started throwing everything they had at me, screaming at the top of their lungs. A beer can hit me in the face as I scrambled free of the bushes, tumbling over myself as my jacket tore itself to shreds across the twigs. It was all I could do to sprint into the night, fumbling over every rock as I vanished into the woods. “Run Stalker!” Brenda called over the high-pitched screaming. “Your life is over!”
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    Great Admirer

    Erica Lauren

    yeah that's my point! i mean, look at this girl, man! tell me wouldn't you want to be crushed by her?
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    Carrie Ann Inaba

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    New role play video!!! Available now 😘
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    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Pretty good explanation, it's basically that. However i'd rather see better fatsuits than simply not seeing them at all, i mean, the one that Eva Mendes used in "Clear History" is not offensively bad, not by any stretch. I mean, yeah, the face gain kinda looks disproportional to the body gain but that's just a detail.
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    The reason for the decline is pretty easy honestly: most fat suit episodes make fun of the person who went from thin to fat, because fat people were a very small minority that everyone mocked and didn't care about how the fatties felt. After all, there aren't that many fatties, who cares if they're angry? What are they gonna do, stop shoveling our ice cream sponsor's products into their mouths with car shovels? asked the writers in 1990. Now, statistically, the audience for said show is made up of fat people so they'll all feel insulted and the advertisers will pull ads if there's an outrage. Its kind of a trade off, less clips of weight gain from TV shows in exchange for an ever increasing percentage of girls becoming obese by the end of college and sports illustrated putting genuine fat girls with tides of cellulite flowing out of their swimsuits in its pages.
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    Hunter McGrady

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    Hunter McGrady

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    Thumbnail of my latest YT video...
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    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Grab my beer.
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    Pt 2 of ? Princess Cria swept into court's dining room in a tide of gleaming silks behind the bouncing of her tits and the click of her high heels, stopping across from a heavily laden table. 'Cria my daughter, you look ...stunning,' Regina said softly. To say she was stunning was understatement, the Princess was so gorgeous it hurt. At nineteen she was an image of the first blush of youth: a little taller than average, effortlessly slim and unhindered by the slightest sag, bulge or crease. Clearly her mother's daughter she had Queen Regina's oval face, green eyes and upturned nose, but with perfectly smooth fair skin that lacked any wrinkle or scar. Her golden hair gleamed like the royal treasury wished it could, shampooed and scented blonde coils of impossible volume that went down to her calves and three servants were paid to do nothing but brush. And her body, it fucking hurt Regina to notice how good her daughter's body was. Cria's perfectly smooth legs, exposed by a dress that barely covered her privates, were longer than hers had ever been and her thighs didn't even try to touch each other as she strode in. Her hips had a tight, firm roundness to them that instantly put every man who saw her in the mood, for she had a body made to knock up. She had an unconscious sway to her step that almost drove Regina into a berserk rage just seeing her walk. 'Mother, you look fat,' Cria said immediately and without a hint of respect, raising an eyebrow without fear of forehead wrinkles, 'finally stopped wearing a corset to hide your chub?' Regina's face went red with anger. It was impossible to deny she was carrying quite a few pounds more than when her daughter had last stirred herself from her mansion and her dress showed it: a low cut, skin tight white number that clung tight to her still chubby belly, which had split into a few small rolls as she sat down on her chair. 'I've put on a few pounds Cria,' she admitted, hiding both her glee that her daughter had taken the bait under anger, 'you might have noticed I'm running a kingdom since your brother died. Exercise hasn't been at the top of my to do list.' Cria in comparison to Regina's still sloppy waist, with its fupa, tummy bulge and love handles, had a stomach with so little body fat she had a four pack of hard muscle. Not that she'd done a thing to earn that tiny waist, all of it was youth and magical stimulation. 'And your tits look droopy. Didn't you used to warn me about that?' Cria smiled, nodding her head towards Regina's slightly swollen chest which, without a bra was looking a bit downcast. In comparison...Cria's chest beggared belief. Two immensely pert E cups thrust at the thin fabric of her low cut dress, each breath threatening to pop them out and over the neckline. Small pink nipples, rock hard with joy over seeing the Queen looking fatter, were clearly visible. 'Women in our family droop early,' the queen reminded, 'I started around your age.' 'Because you got pregnant. Didn't you always rant that at me?' the sorceress mused, 'you ruined my body, Cria?' 'I was a bit harsh, yes,' Regina admitted, falsely trying to earn her daughter's good will, 'I admit to many mistakes raising you...' 'Trying to send me to a nunnery when I was first called pretty? Like that?' the princess asked bitterly. 'Yes, like that...but...unless your brother's wife gives birth to a boy then the throne will soon be yours,' Regina said sadly, as if she gave a shit, 'and I think its time you were prepared for that responsibility.' Cria laughed and snapped her fingers, making a chair slide back in a strong display of sorcery. She sank into it, sure to not sit on her hair or dress and with another snap made it slide forwards to the table. She put her heeled feet up on the dark wood and crossed her arms under her heavy breasts. 'I'm already ready mother,' Cria smiled, showing perfect white teeth behind her full red lips, 'I'm the most powerful mage in ten generations, the university says that my grades are pefect. I can rule this kingdom better than anyone in its history, I can undo all of your stupid mistakes and if I want I can run everyone in it like a puppet. For instance...remember when you said I should never eat dairy if I wanted to be skinny? Well, I don't want you to be skinny.' Cria snapped a finger and Regina felt her own hand reach out to a tray of butter next to a stack of rolls and she couldn't hope to resist. She watched wide eyed as her own fingers grabbed the scoop of extra creamy goodness and plopped it into her mouth, pure fat coating her taste buds. Her mouth chewed and swallowed and Regina made a sour face in disgust. It was false of course, completely. She fucking loved butter and with spells dumping all but 1200 calories a day onto her ladies in waiting she could eat as much as she wanted. Somewhere else in the palace, Annette the former dancer's full thighs bulged just a little bigger, just enough for the pants she'd barely managed to squeeze her fluffy lower half into to fail at every seam. Standing in front of her mirror, once rock hard thighs now touching half way to the knee and bearing new spider veins, she decided to blame the laundry girls. It wasn't like her routine had changed, aside from dropping ten mile runs and three hour daily dance sessions for getting out of bed four times a day and going down one flight of stairs every day. She went to grab a skirt and tripped, rolling her weak cankle again. Her incubus lover carried her back to bed and got her another pie to eat. 'I can make anyone do anything I want,' Cria smiled. 'Cria...Cria you're right,' Regina gasped in fake horror over her anger, 'the kingdom will be yours. I, just give me a few weeks to get the abdication ceremony prepared. I'll go to the country and get fat, just like you always wanted. Two weeks at the most, until then...how about a peace offering?' 'A peace offering, it'll have to be pretty big for me to take it,' Cria laughed, ripping into a chocolate covered strawberry. Cria's powerful magic let her eat whatever she wanted without gaining an ounce or paying any sort of sacrifice, the first mage in five hundred years to master that spell. She could have run the university or made the Kingdom's armies invincible but she preferred nightly orgies and feasts at her villa in the suburbs instead. And most of the nobility preferred her preferring that, knowing how frighteningly powerful she was. But Regina knew her daughter's voracious appetites very, very well. A side door opened and in clanked a tall, powerfully built young man in brilliant armor. For his legs anyway, his chiseled chest was bare as were his frighteningly bulging abdominals and carved from marble biceps. His face was stunning, a male version of Cria's: young, powerful and arrogant. 'This is Sir Diab,' Regina said, almost naming the incubus inhabiting the young man's shell, 'he is too be named lord general in the morning and he is...magnificent I assure you. I can barely satisfy him.' 'My sweet, it would be my life's purpose to please you,' Diab said, voice oily with lust. 'Hmmmm,' Cria hummed, attention focused on the rippling muscle and not bothering to check him for magic as she moistened. 'He's yours. Make him king, make him consort but he's yours,' Regina explained, 'just give me the two weeks.' 'Of course, two weeks...and I want to see you a lot fatter at the end than you are now. You still have pretensions of beauty mother,' Cria smiled, 'let's end those. A nice obese matron's body will put you in your place, make you realize how far you've fallen. Until then...why don't you watch real perfection and eat? Dinner and a show!' Cria snapped her fingers and Regina's hands started furiously shoving food into her mouth, even as she sprang into the air, hovering before the muscular knight, long legs wrapping around his face. The Princess was not wearing underware clearly and the Queen watched as the incubus started tonguing her with some jealousy. Regina ate, as Diab also ate, but as her stomach bulged against her dress and the food immediately nearest her ran out she managed a gasp. 'Cria...wait!' she managed, 'a toast, to you!' The sorceress was moaning even then, but turned her eyes to her mother. 'A toast?' Cria asked, 'you really think I'd take anything from you I couldn't check for poison?' 'From my chalice,' the stuffed Regina muttered, dragging herself across the table for more butter. A lot more butter. In her rooms, The top heavy Sosa was clumsily dropping into a sword stance, soft hand finding her hilt unfamiliar and soft legs complaining already, when the new calories hit her. Her floppy chest surged out and buttons burst. She dropped her sword in shock, waking up her sleeping lover who demanded she come back to bed, an order she meekly obeyed, leaving the rusty blade on the floor. 'The one you never let me use?' Cria asked, floating down from her new fuck toys mouth, 'that chalice?' 'It's yours!' Regina said, nearing a cake and on all fours, tummy starting to sway, 'serving girl!' At her words, Lillian waddled into the room. The little scholar's floppy gut came first, then came the heavy wine chalice of silver, already filled with a dry white that her arms could barley hold up. She was shoved and prodded into a maid's uniform and looked so utterly comical Cria laughed in her face. 'Standards are slipping all over I see,' she laughed, then held it to the maid, 'drink.' 'I...,' Lillian tried to object, cut off by chugging a near bottle of wine. As she didn't immediately die, Cria took it from her, 'I had to check. It would be like you to poison me.' With a flick of an eyebrow, a new bottle of wine appeared with a flash of light. Its cork popped and bubbly pink wine filled the cup. 'Here's to you mom,' Cria laughed as the queen attacked the cake like a rabid dog attacking raw meat, 'I hope you like being fat!' Cria drained the cup and threw it to the side. Her lips caught a bit of the infernal alcemical layer Regina's hellish allies had given her and a moment later, she immediately ovulated. Three times as a matter of fact, but there was no other detectable change or indeed change at all. 'You almost look like you're humping that cake, you fat, graying bitch,' Cria cackled, 'watch as I show you what a good hump is. Look carefully, its the last one you'll see...unless I decide to sell you off as a whore.' Diab's armor rusted away and a moment later Cria's throbbing, sopping slit swallowed it up. Her perfect legs pushed and thrust, she started touching her nipples and before long she screamed as he came inside her. The devil's load splattered inside her womb, catching all three eggs and making them immune to Cria's contraceptive spells. Immediately, even before she pulled herself off him, they attached. One turned started slowly draining her magical power, funneling it to Regina the more it was used. One started diminishing her cutting wit, matchless will power and lancing insight down to normal levels, again the more she used her powers. The last predictably started lowering her metabolism, again the more she used her power the hungier she'd get and the faster she'd gain. 'This how its going to go around here for now,' Cria cooed, thoughtlessly ripping a drumstick off a turkey with her magic and eating it, 'get me? You're going to get fat and I *munch* am going to be in charge. Understand?' 'Oh...oh yes,' the engorged Regina smiled, feeling her daughter get one hair's breadth weaker, 'I understand.' 'And if you aren't getting fatter...well,' Cria smiled, lifting her mother effortlessly off the table with another spell, 'I don't need to employ an executioner.' 'I...I...hear you,' Regina gasped as Cria lowered her, one miniscule iota more difficultly than she had raised her up. With a thought, Regina severed her weight loss drain towards her ladies in waiting. Getting temporarily fatter was worth seeing this evil bitch turn herself into a blimp via her own power.
  20. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0

    Hey, check this out! The Piggy is back in a vaporwave fashion, this time she is hosting a body tour just for you... 😉 Ready for watching her curves and wide butt cheeks? Take a quick peek! Wanna' see more of her? Leave a review, there is always room for improvement, support the Nicole in her Piggy life! ♥


  21. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0

    CurvyBaby role plays as an oblivious fat girl that can’t accept the fact that she’s getting fat. She blames the dryer and anything else she possibly can to deny the fact that it’s her growing, not her clothes shrinking. She struggles into some denim pants and crop tops 😘 Enjoy🐽!!!!


  22. 1 point
    Great Admirer

    Rosie Mercado

    i hope she keeps it coz she's perfect right now
  23. 1 point
    I stumbled upon this in a general discussion thread about Lexington, Ky news anchors in the past on a KY Sports message board a couple days ago. I knew her from back when I lived there in her first go around in Ky. Did not she was pregnant until someone posted that tweet. Hopefully more of her growing belly to come. Shall be interesting to see how that post-baby body comes to form compared to her old self.
  24. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0

    Are you ready to fatten up? Let the my sexy Pink Panther guide you onto a path of feederism as she mesmerizes you with her sexy plump body, whispering powerful feeding affirmations in your ears as you stuff your face... but be warned - there is no turning back once you're hooked - with binaural beats pulsing through the headphones, you'll become the fattest you've ever been... and there's nothing you can do about it...


  25. 1 point
    >_< 0_0


    This Epic is definitely an excellent example of both worlds of weight gain literature: the good and dark side. Which gain is stronger? Which will win it all when they inevitably clash? I got my money on Sia, the hottest, thiccest knight I've ever read about (I'm not exaggerating) 😍😋🏋️‍♀️
  26. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0

    Dee starts off in her sleeping clothes and then changes into a new summer outfit. She shows off what she looks like turning and proposes doing outfits of the day at least once a week.


  27. 1 point

    Getting ready with Dee

    Cute vid as always Dee, I have to say that your ass is really getting exquisitely large and beautifully shaped now - that, combined with your flared hips and thighs and sticky-out tummy makes you a noticeably voluptuous lady that will stand out a mile in that lovely outfit - keep the lbs coming!
  28. 1 point

    Erica Lauren

    True and given her height and thickness it would be so easy for her!
  29. 1 point

    Farrah Abraham

    She went from skinny fit to a bit 'skinny-fat'
  30. 1 point
  31. 1 point
    If she was like that irl I would like her hella more
  32. 1 point

    Tiff Stevenson

    She is still hott in my eyes
  33. 1 point
    HBN 1017

    Kelly Brook

  34. 1 point

    Tanesha Awasthi

    We should not forget this beautiful lady
  35. 1 point

    Girlfriend getting plump

    Hi again! another quick update... So the mums back from her holiday, she came around to our house the day she got back with a big coat on but it was obvious she'd put on a few as her face looked rounder. She hugged my gf before taking off the coat to reveal the long loose dress she had on (I've not seen her in a dress before, she's normally in a t shirt and jeans/leggings) with our eyes being drawn to her bloated well fed belly. Our stares didn't go unnoticed as she started talking about how good the food was and how her and her friends had done nothing but eat and drink way too much all day and sun bathe in their bikinis all day before patting her tummy saying "I feel really big now, I've got a proper gut! All the girls have gotten fat, it was so funny seeing us all in bikinis tanning our full guts hahaha. I am dreading trying my work clothes on though, nothings going to fit". My gf looked stunned and poked her mum's tummy saying "Wow it's firm! You're catching me up" Her mum's reply was to laugh and say "I've had a big breakfast and dinner today too, we had so much fun this is totally worth it" gesturing at her much bigger middle. She talked all about her holiday with the main theme being food. She caught me staring at her belly as she rubbed it and talked about the holiday stopping mid sentence to tell me "my eyes are up here! Put you tongue away, I know your game" I was speechless and went bright red, my gf and her mum just laughed. The gf has been trying to eat cleaner the last few weeks so doesn't seem any bigger to me, her sister now looks heavily pregnant with a big round belly which is always visible especially when she's sat down. one development is that she no longer fastens her jeans around her belly which has lead to some nice peaks of it hanging over the top of her trousers As always, any questions just ask!
  36. 1 point
    Absolutely the hottest video you've posted yet. The way you devoured the cake and messily played with your belly, rubbing frosting all over. Moaning as you stuffed the cake into your face and reveled in being a truly greedy pig. Would love to see more like it, I've never bought a clip this fast before haha.
  37. 1 point
    HBN 1017

    Female wrestlers

  38. 1 point
    HBN 1017

    Diana Sirokai

  39. 1 point

    Nicki Minaj

    I didn't publish that.Her Breasts are the size of watermelons.The weight gain was good for her.I hope she keeps getting fat.I can't wait to see how huge was her ass))).
  40. 1 point
    Wow now we are at the bottom of the barrel never thought it be about bugs lol
  41. 1 point
    Worth resurrecting the thread for this: Someone's been eating well. And also this:
  42. 1 point


    Everybody knows you don't go full evil. You go full evil, you go home empty-handed. XD
  43. 1 point


    Maybe in a near future.
  44. 1 point
  45. 1 point

    Jay Krakower

    The last picture says it all. Big ass ice cream and a massive cheese ball container in the back ground.......hmmm I wonder how she packed on all those lbs😍
  46. 1 point

    Jorja Smith

  47. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0

    Today is your lucky day, because you found this fat hug devouring 3 big hamburgers a big soda and a bid French fries at McDonald’s. Wearing a really small and tight shirt, showing her round belly and her muffin tops, she walks trough all the place, catching all the views of the people right there, on her enormous body. She takes a seat in the perfect place for you... now you are catching all her fat angles and now you have the best view to see how Laura is pigging this meal, who is definitely too much for a person. Bite by bite the pig goes finishing all that grease food. At this point, her belly is so big and rounder that the shirt she’s wearing is looking like a top... she looks completely stuffed but she is decided to finishing the 3 hamburgers so her best option is to unbutton her jeans to keep pigging.


  48. 1 point

    Jay Krakower

    From her story on instagram
  49. 1 point
    Legendary Thunder

    Erica Lauren

  50. 1 point

    fat backsides and bellies

    .....and here is the pic
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