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    I'm so stuffed... Guess from what! 😋
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    This trip has allowed me to find older pictures and do some side by sides. I'm impressed, are you?
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    Teaser for my first picset! See a bit of Blossom’s dark side 😘
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    This is a pretty good view, right?
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    The hidden tattoos 😌 have a great day! I just had meal, tacos, still hungry, so I'll find something else to eat wanna get so full and enjoy my belly.
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    my belly tonight

    my belly tonight
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    Sad News! My video didn't record with sound so I got creative, here's a little teaser...
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    Soda Burps & Fat Chat

    Kitty.....clearly you've been eating......A LOT. You look absolutely massive. Your double chin is permanent and fully round. Your arms are becoming huge....your thighs.....oh my gosh, are to die for. Just keep eating and keep being absolutely beautiful. 10 stars!
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    Version 1.0.0

    Summer time is coming up and I LOVE to wear tank tops. In this video I try on a couple of my favorites and they don't seem to fit quite like they used to! I hope you guys enjoy


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    Version 1.0.0

    I got two separate meals and some extra goodies... I thought I was going to burst. This used to be a private video for patrons only, but I'm showing it to you guys now... I get so full and moan about what a piggy I am and how FAT I'm getting!


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