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    I'm so stuffed... Guess from what! 😋
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    Happy Sunday everyone! 😁 Hope you're all having a chilled day. I'm super excited to film some fun videos for you this week and may have a special treat up my sleeve. 😏 I want to get back into gifting a random follower with a clip every time I release a new video so follow me for a chance of free content! 😍 ✨ Speaking of new content, why don’t you guys let me know what you really want to see down below. I love hearing your suggestions! ☺️♥️ Kitty x
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    This trip has allowed me to find older pictures and do some side by sides. I'm impressed, are you?
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    Teaser for my first picset! See a bit of Blossom’s dark side 😘
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    My work friend..

    Another update, Girly weekend are becoming abit of a theme & so are the takeaways! This time pizza. She was wearing a new set of pjs today, Well I haven’t seen them before!. No belly poking out today but I’d say she looked noticeable bigger in the belly, Also the back fat was bulging around her bra strap.
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    This is a pretty good view, right?
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    The hidden tattoos 😌 have a great day! I just had meal, tacos, still hungry, so I'll find something else to eat wanna get so full and enjoy my belly.
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    Danielle Carbonari (Dani DMC)

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    my belly tonight

    my belly tonight
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