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    Goddess shar

    🐷 πŸ“Έ

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    What kind of stuffing shall I film next? 🐷 Maybe my favourite suggestion might just get the video for free...
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    Hi guys! I just uploaded a cupcake stuffing and fat talk video !!! Keep an eye out for it ❀️😍 SO excited to show you this !
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    For today only i'm running a sale for 2 of my best sellers. Night Stuffing in Car and Donuts force feeding ❀ Also dont forget to see my latest video Yogurt Chug 😍
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    cai man

    70,000 members !!!

    Up to 100.000 ☺️
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    Thanks for the meal, belly is happy 😊 I'm melting, the heat strikes back in my always warm city.
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    Birthday weekend and I was trying on some outfits 😈
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    Failed Fatty Workout

    Version 1.0.0

    You don't think I'm getting fat do you?? I know you got me this box of fatty delicious chocolates for Valentine's but everyone keeps telling me I'm ballooning up, maybe I can have JUST ONE chocolate after I do a little exercise..but JUST ONE! I just don't remember working out being this difficult, I can't believe that I've barely moved but I'm already struggling and out of breath. I know I haven't really done much but look at how tired I am, I've definitely earned a little treat! These rich chocolates are sooo delicious, slipping one past my lips just makes me loose control and I'm immediately shoving them into my mouth one after another, barely giving myself time to swallow or breathe in between each gooey, delicious bite! This wasn't your plan all along was it?? Have you been secretly fattening me up this whole time? Do you like seeing me growing into a fat little pig? Do my jiggly fat rolls turn you on? ~ A secretly fattening up your preciously thin GF role play video, includes: failed workout, heavy breathing, facestuffing, belly play


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    Version 1.0.0

    Curvage Exclusive! Cozy up with me on a sunny day and let me show you how my plump curvy body is practically busting out of my old work out clothes! Slowly I leave less and less to your imagination.. You'll just have to get the set to see for yourself! Don't forget to leave a rating if you enjoy this peek into my new chubby lifestyle~