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    Hi guys! I just uploaded a cupcake stuffing and fat talk video !!! Keep an eye out for it ❀️😍 SO excited to show you this !
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    For today only i'm running a sale for 2 of my best sellers. Night Stuffing in Car and Donuts force feeding ❀ Also dont forget to see my latest video Yogurt Chug 😍
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    Massive author Julie Murphy

    Among other things, she wrote that book Dumplin that got turned into a Netflix movie. And she is fucking enormous. The interview pictured in the second-to-last photo: https://www.facebook.com/whynotyabooks/videos/209974783258003/?v=209974783258003
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    Abby Elisabeth - a big cutie

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    Version 1

    I needed a nice bubble bath after all the stress from work and being exhausted from my dinner stuffing, so I got into the hot tub and began playing with my big belly, breasts, and enlarged butt from my fatness… Tell me if you'd like to see more videos of me showing my fat body, and if you wish I was fatter. Do you want my buttocks wider? Then help me achieve it! πŸ˜‰


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    wife getting chunky

    My wife just came home today with a few pairs of stretchy size 15 pants. I'm wondering if she's accepted that her belly isn't going away or is she just tired of muffin topping it in size 12's? Either way it's got me excited. I'm hoping that she will feel the extra room and decide just a little bit more can't hurt (especially when she eats at the Chinese buffet lol). She's pretty bouncy in bed at this point, and I wouldn't complain about a little extra πŸ˜‰
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    Birthday weekend and I was trying on some outfits 😈
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    Version 1.0.0

    Curvage Exclusive! Cozy up with me on a sunny day and let me show you how my plump curvy body is practically busting out of my old work out clothes! Slowly I leave less and less to your imagination.. You'll just have to get the set to see for yourself! Don't forget to leave a rating if you enjoy this peek into my new chubby lifestyle~


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    Just got back from Tennessee. Men, women, teens, older people upwards of 300 pounds, everywhere you look. Fat families walking the street, mom, dad, kids all with enormously fat bellies, big butts, all of it. Young girls at the mall, each with hanging rolls, stomachs overflowing, some of them with flab exposed, boing boing boing. Some with no bras, boobs swollen and visibly swinging under their shirts. Elephant-sized behinds packed into too-tight jeans. Sweet!
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