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    Miss Curvyton

    A ROUND the house

    Good morning! Here's a few of me in my new size 18 jeans. I've never been a size 18! 💋😄👖
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    The outfit I wore out for dinner tonight... I swear everything used to fit a few months ago!
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    Erica Lauren

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    35lb Gain (Proseductice)

    Fun Fact: i LOVE fries. Here's the damage of 3 after a McDonald's run.
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    WOW! Blowing up so so quickly
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    Short Stories

    Family Curse I couldn’t fall asleep, rolling in my bed, pondering. I was nervous. Tomorrow was my twenty fifth birthday and in my family it was kind of a big deal. If you were woman that is. Every female, as far as anyone could remember, seemed to blow up after reaching this age. It didn’t matter how slim and skinny you were before, there seemed to be no escape from this fate. I was determined to be the one to change it, to be the exception from the rule. I didn’t spend hours upon hours in the gym just to let my toned athletic figure disappear. I worked too hard to get my rock hard abs and there was no way I would let it go in vain just because of some stupid family diagnosis. Mom called it a family curse, but surely there was nothing like that. The fact they all became lazy gluttons can hardly be considered a curse… I was sure that if I just maintained my current regime then nothing wrong could happen. Reassured by my reasoning I drifted into sleep. I woke up starving, hungrier than I ever was before. Could there really be something real about it? No, that’s silly. I’m sure it’s just in my head. I ate a banana as my breakfast and ignored the unsatisfied rumbles coming from my stomach. Weirdly enough, even the single piece of fruit made me look a bit bloated. “That’s it, I’m going to the gym! That will show you!” One intense workout and shower later, I was sitting in my car, ready for the long ride to my childhood home. Home… I haven’t been at home since Christmas three months ago. With all that was going around at work it seemed like ages ago and I was quite excited to see the rest of my family, even though they could be a lot to handle sometimes, especially my sisters. “Happy birthday, honey!” My mom greeted me with a big squishy hug as soon as I stepped out of my car. My mom was a short woman barely over five feet tall, but what she missed in height she made up for in width. Her large bosom rested on top of her well-fed middle, but her biggest asset must have been her huge bottom and her wide hips that couldn’t be described as anything else than motherly. Despite being massively overweight, her weight must have been near to 300 pounds, and having a big lifetime jubilee around the corner, my mom was still quite youthful and beautiful. “Hey, mom.” “How was the travel?” My mom asked. I let out a sigh. “Pretty exhausting actually.” “Did you have lunch?” “No.” I shook my head. “Oh, you must be starving!” She said, her filled with concern. “Come on inside, your sisters are already here as well, but there still should be some food.” At the thought of food my annoying stomach let out a demanding growl. Mom went into the kitchen, but I couldn’t follow her, because of a wobbly figure that ran towards me. “Hey Kelly! Happy birthday!” Two soft arms wrapped around my firm lean body. “Hi Courtney.” I planted a kiss on the shorter girl’s forehead. Nineteen years old Courtney was the baby of the family and was the only sibling that still lived with our parents. When she released me from her tight embrace, I could take a better look at her. Courtney was as far as I can remember always chubby, being the only member of the family that didn’t stay slender until reaching twenty five. Looking at her now I was amazed how much she managed to change in those few months I haven’t seen her. The previously chubby teen was heading straight into the fat territory. Fortunately for her the biggest portion of the weight was located on her chest. Courtney’s huge boobs were each bigger than her entire head and they completely overshadowed her pudgy tummy. “Oh my god, look at you!” I exclaimed looking at her breasts. Courtney took it as an incentive to proudly stick out her chest, straining her button down blouse to its limit. The buttons creaked under the huge pressure from her jiggly mounds, but held. I’ve always been pretty proud of my looks, but comparing my meager B cups with the watermelons attached to my little sister’s chest made me self-conscious. “Where are Amber and Cheryl?” I asked Courtney in order to distract my mind from feelings of inadequacy, even though I already knew what the answer to my question will be. “Oh, they’re stuffing their faces in the living room. As always.” Mom emerged from the kitchen bearing a plate with two of her infamous hamburgers. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious, but they were so big and filled with so many calories, it would make your eyes pop out of your head. I’ve never been able to finish even one of those things. “Here you go honey. I’m sorry I couldn’t save more for you. Those two,” she motioned her head towards the living room. “They’re like acid! I even had to send your dad to get more food!” “Thank you. It looks heavenly.” Courtney stared at my burgers with her mouth watering. “Here.” I offered. “Take one. There’s no way I would eat both of them.” Courtney didn’t need any convincing and immediately grabbed one burger off of my plate and started to cram it into her mouth like if she was afraid that someone would take it from her. Remembering our two older sisters were in the next room, it made some sense actually. I took a bite of my burger, already imagining how much time I will have to spend in gym to make up for it. “Oh look, it’s Twiggy.” Said Amber, my eldest sister, while she was pointing her fat arm in my direction. “Hey Twiggy.” Cheryl mumbled with her mouth full and with burgers in each hand. She didn’t even bother turning her head to face me, too occupied with stuffing hamburgers into her greedy mouth. It was quite shocking display even though I was fully aware of what I’ll find. Amber and Cheryl were sitting on a three-seated couch that was crying for mercy, with they’re huge asses and thunder thighs pressing against each other. Just three months ago the 29 years old Amber was significantly larger than Cheryl, but now it seemed that the 27 years old glutton managed to close the gap between them. And by the look of how was Cheryl eating, it wouldn’t take long before she was the fattest in the family. That was another thing about the crazy family gene or whatever it was. Once you reached a certain point you simply stopped gaining. Amber seemed to have reached this point already, while Cheryl was still piling pounds upon pounds like there was no tomorrow. Amber and Cheryl seemed to be about the same size, there were big differences however between how their respective weights were distributed. While they both inherited mom’s large booty, the rest of Amber’s weight was quite evenly spread across her more than 500 pound body. Cheryl on the other hand carried most of her weight in her truly gargantuan gut. “Can’t you move your fat ass a little?” Cheryl turned to Amber. “You’re taking too much space!” “You’re taking just as much space as I do! It’s this stupid couch. It’s way too small!” Amber retorted. “You guys realize that three people are supposed to fit on it comfortably, right?” I remarked, hiding my disgust. “Shut up, Twiggy!” Amber and Cheryl shouted in unison. The whole family sat around the table. Eight chairs for six people. Both Amber and Cheryl were using two chairs to contain their extensive posteriors. I sat between Amber and Mom. The biggest part of the table was taken by a giant cake with twenty five candles on it. “Come on, I want that cake. Just blow out those fucking candles already!” Cheryl shouted impatiently. “Language!” Mom scolded her. “I won’t be tolerating such language underneath my roof! If I’ll hear anything like that again, you won’t get cake at all!” She warned her sternly. Mom turned to me. “Make a wish, honey.” Her voice changed from harsh into soft and sweet in a fraction of a second. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. No curse, please. I don’t want to end up like them. I blew out the candles. *** I looked down at my half naked body and sighed. Only a month have passed since my birthday and I couldn’t see my abs anymore. Instead, I had this soft paunch oozing over the waistband of my pants. Fifteen stupid pounds found its way on my once tiny body. The worst about it was that I didn’t even change my diet or anything! Despite having hungry pangs all day long, I never gave in to my cravings, never succumbed to the temptation. Not even once. And what was my reward? Fifteen fucking pounds! “This fucking curse is ruining my life!” I shouted to the empty apartment. “Why me?!” I knew I was going to regret it sooner or later, but I had enough of this. If I was going to be fat no matter what I’ll do, I might as well enjoy the ride. I picked up my phone. “I’d like to place an order. One pepperoni, One quattro formaggi and one prosciutto. No, make it two of each actually. No, I’m not having a party! I’m getting fat!” Slice by slice I made my way through the huge meal in front of me, eating with inhuman gusto. I couldn’t believe how long I have denied myself from gorging like this. I was wondering if the years of watching my diet to remain skinny were really worth it. I was bloated. My belly protruded in front of me as if I was pregnant, but I didn’t care anymore. A satisfied gurgle sounded from my stomach. “You think you had enough, do you?” I talked to my swollen stomach. “No, no, honey. I’m only just beginning. You’ll be begging me to stop before I’m done with you!” I picked up my phone again. “Yeah, it’s me again. Yes, I am aware that I just ate six large pizzas. Yeah, I guess it’s pretty unusual. Can I place the order now? Great. Ok, so I’ll have the same order as last time, just add some bread sticks as well. A lot of them actually. Thanks.” I woke up the next day spilling out of my underwear. I ran my delicate fingers all over my body, noticing how much softer it was. How pleasant it felt to touch it. I kneaded the protruding belly with both of my hands. It felt so good! For years I worried about gaining weight, but now when I did I felt incredible. Why was I so afraid of it? I put on stretchy clothes and headed out to get some breakfast. A month ago I was so determined to stay thin to fight the fate of my family, but now? Now I had a very different goal in my mind… *** Today was my twenty sixth birthday and I’ve just arrived to my parent’s house. I was… avoiding the rest of my family for the whole year. Sure, I stayed very much in contact with them, but I made sure not to meet with any of them in person. Today was the day to see them all again, the day they would see ME. I wanted to shock them and looking at myself, I was pretty sure I would. I was fat. I struggled to get out of the car and there was no surprise in that, I was quite frankly too fat for it. Even with the seat moved as much back as it could go, my gut and boobs were still pressing against the steering wheel. I didn’t know how much weighted, but I knew that the car sighed in relief when I finally managed to get out of it. I slowly walked towards the entrance to the house. All the muscles I acquired during my slim days found their use in getting my extreme weight into motion. Thanks to my previous disciplined lifestyle I was able to walk quite easily. The issues I had were caused more by my size rather than by my weight. Step by step I had to waddle to the door, because of my massive thighs rubbing against each other so much and my gut slapping against them didn’t help either. I lifted my meaty arm, larger than most people’s legs, and rang the bell. Couple of seconds later my mom opened the door. “Hey hon- Oh my!” It took me a few moments to navigate my large body through the door frame, but I was getting quite experienced with this issue and so it didn’t take me too long. “Mom, could I get something to eat? I’m kinda peckish.” I said stroking my soft middle. “Of course honey.” “Could you please bring it to the living room? Thanks.” This year I made sure to be the first “child” to arrive. After all I had to make sure I’ll have enough to eat. Recently my appetite went crazy… I haven’t felt full in almost three months and I was going to try to change it today. I sat down on the good old three-seated couch. It groaned and whined as my booty sank into its cushions. Quick look sideways revealed I filled almost two thirds of the couch. I smiled to myself. I’m bigger than Amber and Cheryl were last year! Although I think I’m a bit more bottom than them… After a little while my mom appeared carrying a tray with a huge pile of her giant burgers on top of it. With my expert eye I estimated that a normal family could have live off them for a number of weeks, maybe even months. Probably months. I definitely wasn’t normal at this stage in my life. “Thanks for the appetizers, mom. Can’t wait for the main course!” As the day progressed, one by one my sisters started to arrive. Courtney was the first to turn up. Let’s say she was quite taken aback when she realized who I was. “Oh my god! You’re huge!” Courtney exclaimed. “Thanks. You don’t look so small yourself.” It was true. Courtney’s previously huge bosom seemed to have expanded even further, still overshadowing the rest of her body, even though she was sporting pretty impressive gut herself. She must have been nearing the big 300 just like mom. Amber was next to waddle in and it seemed like she wasn’t too happy to find someone else in her spot. “Oh my god, Cheryl. You fat bitch, there’s not enough space next to your giant ass anymore!” “I’m sorry Amber. I’m not Cheryl though…” Amber’s jaw dropped. “Twiggy?!” I laughed. “I guess I’m not Twiggy anymore either.” “How the fuck did this happen?!” Amber exhaled in disbelief. “Language!” Mom shouted from the kitchen. Last to arrive was Cheryl and we heard her before we saw her. She was panting heavily, her legs barely able to carry her extraordinary weight. To make things worse, her giant middle fell all the way down to her knees. “Amber, if you’ll even think about sitting on the couch than I’ll kick your ass!” Cheryl shouted while she was struggling to make her way into living room. “I don’t think I’ll be your problem today.” Amber laughed from her spot on two chairs put together. “Kelly on the other hand…” Cheryl waddled into the living room and rested her gut upon a table with sigh of relief. The table groaned underneath the immense weight. “Get out Twiggy. I’m the fattest, I sit on the couch.” Cheryl announced, still failing to look my way. “Yeah, I wouldn’t be so sure about that either. You look about the same size.” Amber remarked pointing at me. Cheryl finally looked at my expanded form. “How the hell did you get so fat?!” I just shrugged. “Alright there’s only one way how to solve this. Courtney, bring the scale!” Cheryl commanded. “Are you sure this is a good idea? This scale only goes up to six hundred.” Courtney said worryingly. “Do you have a better idea?” Courtney shook her head making her impressive chest wobble. Cheryl took a deep breath and carefully stepped on the scale. “What does it say?” “598” Amber announced. “Your turn Kelly.” Hours and hours spend by eating took its toll on me and I struggled to lift my fat bottom off the couch. “Just give me a sec.” I tried to stand up, but failed. “Can you give me a hand?” I tried to look down at the scale, but I couldn’t see anything but my soft body. “So? What does it say.” “Error.” Cheryl exhaled in defeat. The whole family sat around the table. Nine chairs for six people. I couldn’t help but smile, seeing that not even two chairs managed to contain my growing posterior. Only Amber sat next to me this year. The biggest part of the table was taken by a giant cake with twenty six candles on it. Looking around the table there was no denying that the family curse was running strong. In fact it seemed that it was getting stronger. I watched Courtney digging into her second slice of cake. She was only 20 and she was attacking 300 pounds already. “Can you imagine,” I said to the silence disturbed only by munching, “how big will Courtney get when the curse hits her?” *** Three pairs of strong arms helped me out of the truck as I was too big to get out on my own. “Thanks guys.” I breathed heavily from exertion. “See ya tomorrow.” I slowly waddled towards the entrance to my parent’s house. With my every step my whole body quivered. I was absolutely massive. My huge gut hanged just inches above the ground. It was a wonder that I still remained moveable. Although it did look like my mobility would be thing of a past pretty soon. In the last year I haven’t missed a single family celebration at my parent’s house, because I knew that every single one could have been the last. The thought of missing a single chance I have left to spend time with my mother’s cooking simply wasn’t acceptable. As sad as it made me, in my heart I knew this was my last visit. In the last twelve months I managed to double in weight and I still wasn’t showing any signs of stopping my gain. My parent’s during the year renovated the house, enlarging the size of every door. It made me feel kind of bad that despite their effort I still struggled to get through them… Just like last year I tried to be the first to turn up, but this year Courtney beat me to it. When I arrived Courtney was already stuffing her face on the couch, but as soon as she heard my thunderous steps, she moved her 400 pound top-heavy figure out of the way. Happily I let my body fall onto the couch. Loud CRACK sounded through the room and the piece of furniture squealed in agony. My heart stopped and I was worried that it would fall apart underneath me. Fortunately nothing happened. I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. I was probably lucky that I wasn’t putting my whole weight onto the poor sofa with my gut resting on the floor. I remembered the couch as a place of comfort, but I couldn’t quite enjoy sitting on it as much as I did in the past. Three months ago at Christmas I filled its entire seat, but know… “I can’t believe how small this couch is getting.” I complained, my squishy body spilling over the armrests. “I don’t think the size of the couch is the problem here.” Courtney muttered under her breath. “Would you please bring me some food Courtney?” Loud rumble sounded throughout the entire house. “I’m starving.” I wasn’t really bothered by how fat I had become, the opposite was true actually, but there still was one thing I minded very much. I couldn’t even remember the last time when I wasn’t hungry. Despite spending almost every waking moment eating, I simply couldn’t eat enough to properly fill my stomach. The more I ate, the fatter I grew. The fatter I grew, the more food I needed to consume. It was an endless circle. The whole family sat around the table. Eleven chairs for six people. Four chairs struggled to contain my fat bottom, creaking underneath my weight. This year I sat alone, no one else would fit on my side of the table. The biggest part of the table was taken by a giant cake with twenty seven candles on it. Looking around the table I couldn’t help but smile. Everyone looked so small compared to me! Just two short years ago Amber and Cheryl seemed huge, but now? Now I was bigger than the two of them combined. And I loved it.
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    Mike Rotch

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Well that got a reaction. Wow. What's wrong with liking one person more than others?
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    Mike Rotch

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Umm... no. I follow only Lucy because she is the only person worth following. There are plenty of other women far bigger and far more physically beautiful than she will ever be, but in terms of personality Lucy is simply the best. She is as close to perfection as any human could ever come, and following anyone else would be a waste of time.
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    Hey all! I'm Lina, I live in the Toronto area, and I've lurked Curvage in some capacity or another since the FatCelebs days, but only recently got up the courage to work through my own body image issues to post here. I gained about 40 pounds unintentionally over the past year and a half (thanks to a combination of antidepressants and smoking a considerable amount of weed on a daily basis), and it's made me so much more confident in my body than I ever was when I was "skinny". I love gainers like Reiinapop, Azismiss, Carmen, and ACG, (and plus size models like Nadia Aboulhosn and Denise Bidot) and I'd love to have curves like theirs, so I'm going to see how thicc I can get if I'm actually *trying* to gain. I also really like it because gaining in part because of my antidepressants is kind of a visual sign that I'm getting better and feeling better - I've suffered from severe depression and anxiety for years and the medication I'm on is the first to actually work, which makes my gain as a result of it even more welcome. I feel better and more like myself than I have in a long time, and I finally feel good enough to share that with people! A little more about me: I'm turning 30 in a week (yikes!), I'm bisexual & mainly interested in women, I don't have or want a feeder (I prefer gaining on my own because I'm a bit of a hedonist), I've had a weight gain kink for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I'm a huge nerd in both the academic sense and the cosplay/sci-fi/fantasy/gaming sense, which you can probably tell from my tattoo. I took these pictures last night in an outfit that I thought of wearing to a friend's party, but soon realized that my newfound curves rendered it totally inappropriate - the top used to be too big for me and now I'm spilling out of it, the skirt doesn't cover my butt anymore, and it rides up whenever I move so it might as well be a belt (I'm actually still wearing it in the other pictures, you just can't see it under my belly chub!). I don't have a scale, but the last time I weighed myself was before Christmas (201 lbs) and I've definitely gained at least 10 lbs since then because my measurements keep going up and all of my clothes are suuuuper tight, including winter coats. I used to be a 34A and now I'm almost too big for a 36C (which is my favorite part, because I've always been flat-chested), and I've gone from a dress size 6-8 to 10-12. I've included some compares too - first pic in the green top is me at 160-ish from the end of 2013 (probably my skinniest), second one is the same outfit in March 2017 at 185-190ish. I started documenting my gain in September 2016, and since then I've gone from 180-200+ without even really trying. I'm 5'6" so it took a while for it to actually show on me, but I feel like it's obvious enough now that I'm kinda proud to share it here, hence why it's taken so long for me to get up the courage to post. I don't have a goal weight, I'm just kinda going with it and seeing how I feel as I gain, but I'm thinking 250+ is possible in the near future. I have tons more pics that I need to sort through including clothing comparisons, but I will definitely be sharing them here if there's enough interest!
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    The Death of Venus

    Happy Valentine's Day! And if you don't currently have a Valentine, I hope Part Two of my story will tide you over! Special thanks to my friend, riptoryx, who let me use a deleted snippet from his epic weight-gain tale "The Slowest Champion." Working with Rip on TSC inspired me to channel my inner "Deviant" at least this one last time, and I wanted to pay him homage. Although that scene (Kara's HS graduation) needed to be deleted from TSC for narrative purposes, it was too good to simply stay on the cutting room floor. Glad I could incorporate some of it here! As always, comments are encouraged and appreciated! Part III to come in a week or two. Maverick
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    Happy Valentines Day!!!! I just uploaded a new video...more to come...my phone refuses to link to my computer so I can upload...and its lame, and I have over 20 videos stuck! Either way! Just waiting on approval So excited to share with you, I did alot of fun idea videos...I think lol
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    They'll definitely be involved with the start of the new division, don't you worry. And they won't be the only ones, for that matter!
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    Well, KC & Shinobu are in on it now, they might as well follow Mickey & start ''training'' for the same division.
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    A ROUND the house

    Girl uu look fantastic! Great belly.
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    Searching for story - Halloween curse

    Sounds like this one.
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    You Turned Me Into A Pig!

    I knew I would love this set when I saw the pictures shar continues to expand in front of our very eyes. Chugging down milk and eating not one but two cakes amazing set 🐷.
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    A ROUND the house

    My god! These jeans need to stay on! Very rarely do I ever see curvy women find jeans that can accentuate their figure perfectly. These jeans were made for YOU! On a side note, how tall are you? I'd guess 5' 10" from your magazine day pics?
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    Amy Schumer

    Mmmm, Margot with that round belly - It would also be fun to imagine Scarlett or JLaw with that chub
  23. 1 point

    A ROUND the house

    @Miss Curvyton Can't wait to see the button downs and you're worth the wait to see you get fatter on your own Never mind, I saw your other post
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    Kirsten Dunst

    Do u even read, bro?
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    You Turned Me Into A Pig!

    This video is amazing definitely has gotten fattened up. This video is a must have!
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    Female wrestlers

    Not saying she is fat, but Damn Renee Young has put on some weight. She is much thicker than usual.
  28. 1 point

    Jen Ponton

    Can't recall where I first saw her, but here you go
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    John Smith

    French anchors

    I thought I would never have to go back with that in 2018, but...
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    Hello, new here!

    Hi Miss Curvyton! I am loving your story and I eagerly anticipate more pics/videos of yours to come. Can you also share more pics/vids of you in your modeling days to compare? And thank you for sharing your story with us!
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    Steph Pacca

    Steph is really doing her best to camouflage her mid section
  32. 1 point

    Michaela McGrady

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    Love it when she wears crop tops out in public
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    Soooo, I did something... but still have atleast 10 redhead videos...lol
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    Miss Curvyton

    Hello, new here!

    Here's my before, at 165, and now at 233
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    Been stuffing a lot gaining, can u tell?
  37. 1 point

    Hunter McGrady

  38. 1 point
    Gotta love a girl who still wears her crop tops even after getting a belly!
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    Doing some housework
  41. 1 point

    Month three of relaxing

    lets add another 3 months of relaxing shall we ?
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    Jensphat back

    So I get messages and comments from quite a few people online saying that I must only look fat sitting. The truth is it's a lot harder to take a selfie standing, but for those who doubt heres standing. Muah!
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    Tammy B

  44. 1 point

    Clémentine Desseaux

    For some reason, a chubby girl and her fat jiggling around in activewear turns me on. 😀
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    Yea, a "slightly busty" above-the-UK-38HH-cup (above US 38NN) bra size...
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    Sorry for the slow updates! im still growing feel free to ask me any questions or give me any much needed compliments ahah
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    I squeezed into this tiny blue bikini today... I haven't worn a bikini in sooooo long.
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    My gf!

    http://sendvid.com/0kpucodk Squishing a bit..
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    Seleene Curvis

    New and excited

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    Seleene Curvis

    New and excited

    xD my belly almost on the sink
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