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  • Curvage Model

Hey everyone‼️ I'm still pretty new here, having only joined as a model Saturday but I can't believe how at home I already feel thanks to everyone here‼️ I feel especially lucky to have been shown Curvage since I only have one person irl I can talk to about this part of me‼️ (That person is Honeybun_TV, btw‼️ Thanks for bringing me here, babes‼️)

I'm a nerd for sure, lol, I love playing (pc and switch) video games, and ttrpgs. Board and card games are also a big interest of mine, because I greatly enjoy entertaining There's nothing better than having a room full of happy, laughing, and stuffed full people‼️ I'm also constantly listening to Audiobooks‼️ I'm a veracious reader and the ease audiobooks have added to my life cannot be measured‼️ Fantasy books are my favorite but I'll read anything that holds my interest.

I have lots of tattoos and piercings and I absolutely intend to get more Feel free to ask me about my body mod plans if that's of interest to you 

Having a place I can come now and talk about my love of food and how beautiful I think my curvy body is gives me the happy shivers‼️ Being able to ADD to my already full life brings me such a sense of peace and I'm so thankful.

My goal is to get to 400 pounds by the end of 2023. I would really like to gain that weight in my hips and ass so that I'm a more balanced ssbbw‼️ I want to be able to claim that title so badly, and I feel like filling out my bottom half is the way to do it‼️ 

This is going to be my accountability journal on my journey to 400, which is only about 65 pounds from where I am now I'm not going to let ANYTHING stop me from my goal‼️

I'd love to get some tips from y'all on how to get the weight to stick to my backside, in particular And if you have any other general advice for a baby feedee I'd love to hear it‼️Thanks for, and keep being, yourselves‼️


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@LopNessMobster Hi Stella 😊

My partner isn't anywhere near your weight, but at 5'0 and 240lb (ish) she's certainly curvy 😍😉 Her ass is incredible- even at 140lb she had a big ass (before big butts became fashionable) so maybe genetics have an impact? 

Her ass when measured recently isn't far away from being the same as her height 🥵

Eating -  I imagine similar foods to yourself - anything that would cause a riot at a Weight Watchers meeting 😂 

Exercise - not really 😂

She'd love big boobs like you though so it goes to show that no matter big or small, there's always something you'd change 😊

Best of luck though 👍 😊

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  • Curvage Model

Hello Again

I know it hasn't really been that long but I feel like an eternity has passed since I was last writing my thoughts here for you. I'm ready to dive back in if you'll forgive my absence‼️

I wanted to tell y'all about the Atlanta trip we took, for sure We had so many yummy meals, and did so many fun things One of my favorite places we ate was this HOMEMADE Italian place off Piedmont. My partner got homemade pasta but I didn't think that would be enough food so I got the Steak and Eggs, and boy was I glad I did‼️ I thoght I had taken a picture of my plate but I didn't 😭😭 so I can't show you how right I was to order it 😭😭 but my plate was way more full of food than theirs was so I def won that meal I did not like their sweet tea though, it was very inconsistent. They were good about keeping our table water full though, so points to them.

We also went to a place called Bantam and Bitty, and they were fantastic I got the Fried Chicken Sandwich with a side of house cut fries and sweet tea I really enjoyed this meal too, but their fries weren't soaked before frying, and a true connoisseur can def tell lol. I was pleased with what I ordered here too‼️

And the last place we had a really good meal was at the Shakespeare Tavern and Playhouse when we saw As You Like It‼️ I had their Chicken and Dumplings with a side salad and then at intermission I had a cookie brownie and some coffee The three of us that went on the trip also shared a bottle of wine, I can't remember what type but I think it was a Zinfandel.

Overall, was a fantastic trip, food wise‼️ For sure would go again‼️

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  • Curvage Model

Now that I’ve told you about all the amazing food in Atlanta it’s time to talk about what we did‼️ I think my favorite activity we did was going to see As You Like It at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. The cast was amazingly gifted and the food and service were fantastic‼️ It’s a place I would 💯% recommend and would absolutely go experience again! 

As You Like it is a comedy about springtime and love. I laughed so hard during certian parts of it I know my belly was just a jiggling‼️ I also thought almost everyone in the cast was 🔥🔥 but my favorite was the thick lady who sang and played the guitar for the outcasted Duke‼️ 😋

The people I went with went to a show in downtown, the Bandmaid show they had out there. That isn’t really my cuppa so I stayed home and enjoyed existing in the quiet‼️ I so rarely get any time to myself so it was a very nice part of my vacation‼️

All in all i had a great time and would def go again‼️



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