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I made this thread for anyone who is curious what about I eat . I always take photos of my food and now they have a home. Hopefully this gives you insight into my consumption, calories, and to see just how glutinous I can be. I wanted to showcase what someone my size actually eats. Fruits and vegetables are included, as I enjoy a variety of foods vs just a mass amount of one thing. (although it's fun to role play a disgust for veggies from time to time hehe )

To kick off the thread here is just about everything I ate on a 5 day cruise vacation. Not pictured are duplicates of the chocolate melting cake I had nightly along with the nightly (and sometimes twice daily) pizza and cookies. Oh, and an additional cake I had delivered to my cabin.

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Day 1 - Embarkation day!

There were limited food options upon boarding the ship and I headed right for the buffet. It was so crowded, I doubt I even found all the food before I just gave up and sat down to eat. I had an additional plate of rice and steak that isn't pictured and it is mostly consumed in the photo below. OOPS! After the buffet I grabbed a chicken burrito.


There was a cake waiting for me when I got to my cabin. The "BV" stands for Bon Voyage and the cake was chocolate with chocolate mousse.IMG_2805.thumb.JPG.b42b368089788dd1d9d7acdeec88c4d9.JPG


After having my fair share of drinks, I made my way to the dining room and hardly remember eating. I had to reference back to the photos I took because I couldn't remember if I had a dream about vegetable lasagna or if I actually ate it the night before 🤣. Indeed, I did have the vegetable lasagna as one of my appetizers. The others were Caesar salad, fried calamari, chicken quesadilla, and shrimp cocktail. Every evening I had loads of bread and butter before my appetizers arrived.



The main entrees were Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti & Beef Tenderloin with veggies and mashed potatoes.



For dessert I had the chocolate melting cake. I had this every night so you will see this photo repeated. IMG_7615.thumb.jpeg.f67eaa2916653d2d0a280e98c7b93cdd.jpeg


To end the evening (and every evening) I had pizza! It was so freakin good!  IMG_2873.thumb.jpeg.72f12b35f961db94c865a73d7c97ca90.jpeg


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Day 2- Sea Day & Elegant Night

It was a sea day (no ports) so I slept in a bit and ordered some room service breakfast. The complimentary menu was limited to continental, so mostly CARBS. I asked for 2 bananas and I guess they thought that meant I'd need two of everything. My cabin mate doesn't eat breakfast so it was certainly all for me.

I got coffee, toast, bagels, danishes, and croissants. I slathered them in butter, cream cheese, and peanut butter.



For lunch I had a plate from the buffet (not pictured) and 2 cheeseburgers & fries from Guy's Burgers.



Dinner consisted of :

Appetizers: Sicilian meatball soup , grilled garlic shrimps, and blackened pork tarts - delicious bite size tarts filled with some kind of cheese/cream & spinach topped with delicious pork tenderloin.


Main entrees were: Prime Rib with baked potato and Spaghetti Carbonara (omg amazingggg)



Dessert was the chocolate melting cake (using same photo)



Finished the evening off with some snacks I brought with me (not pictured), the bon voyage cake and pizza in bed. This time I had a few slices of pepperoni and a few slices of cheese , but am using the same pizza photos throughout these posts.



Was a little disappointed in how little I got to eat. I spent too much time in bed and at the casino, but it gets made up for :)

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DAY 3 - Amber Cove, Dominican Republic 

On port days, I struggle to get breakfast in because it’s always an early wake up and rush to my excursion. So I only had a banana.

I spent the early part of the day sipping on rum and coke & sprite and coke.

 I floated around in the beautiful waters of the Dominican Republic. 
This was a private group beach excursion. Some people took the banana boat ride in the water and once I saw them all fall off I said no thanks! No one would be able to lift me back on the banana boat so I didn’t even try! I hung in the water till it was lunch time. 
A local made a spread of Dominican delights. I opted for fish, chicken, pork, rice, potato salad, regular salad and bread. Plus more coke. I got seconds too! Pictured is my first plate from two angles. B2AB8C1D-E281-4274-A915-2FBD2C9349CB.thumb.jpeg.a4dadec6b587de5ce7c388c4160234b1.jpeg6E38F6A0-F4F4-4B2A-818A-51FEE33E183F.thumb.jpeg.96f2d7310bb76b11e182eb256f9f0230.jpeg
Once I was back on the ship I showered and got ready for dinner. Because it was a tiring day (so much walking in the port to get to excursion bus) I hit up the buffet. 

I loaded up a nice salad.

Got multiple pieces of thin New York steak, lots of fried rice, fried Mozzarella cheese w/ sauce, fried chicken, potatoes, linguine with Italian sausage and of course bread & butter. (Same plate two angles)


I ATE IT ALL AND GOT ANOTHER PLATE. It’s rare I enjoy everything I grab on a buffet line but nothing went to waste! 

I also stole of few pieces of my cabin mate’s pizza and had a cup of chocolate soft serve not pictured. 

I spent some time in the casino then retreated to my cabin with some pizza. Yes, I had pizza with dinner but I’m telling you it was gooood I could eat it multiple times a day. I was still hungry after the pizza so I ordered sandwiches from room service. Ham & cheese with potato salad and a peanut butter & jelly with chips and a cookie. Seems basic but they were delicious and I was finally satisfied enough to get to sleep. 

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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for these wonderful, detailed, well-written posts about your cruise!

These are the kind of posts that make me wish I was a billionaire - then I would offer to maintain Olivia in this kind of luxury lifestyle every day of the year.

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Day 4 - Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands

Did not grab anything for breakfast because I needed to get off the ship around 8:30 am to get to my reserved golf cart. I picked it up and drove around to explore the island a bit, passing a few local restaurants. I went in one, but they weren’t serving their food yet. They said to come back at noon, but I couldn’t wait that long. 
I retraced my way back to a different local eatery that was open for lunch during breakfast time. They were out of fresh fish because the waters were too choppy for the fishermen that morning. Bummer! 
I ordered bbq chicken, rice & peas (beans) w/salad. Oh and I also picked up this cola in a shop on the way. (You can find photos of the restaurant along with me not quite fitting in the provided chair here. ) 


It didn’t fill me up, but was something delicious to have for the time being. I guess I’m just used to the rather large portions in America. 

I headed off and explored the island for a few more hours. I came across a building with a sign “Caribbean flavors” and had to stop.

No one else was dining at the time, so I got the full attention of the server. She took me over to a line of food and told/showed me what everything was and asked what I wanted on my plate. I was in heaven. Growing up with a stepmom from St. Vincent, I got my first tastes of Carribean food and have always sought out more. 

I opted for stewed chicken, rice & noodles, stewed pork, plantains and macaroni salad. Iprobay should add that I dig into my cruise partner’s plate too 🤣.

A group arrived to do a conch fritters cooking class just as I was finishing up. The kind server asked me to please not go yet, as she wanted us to try conch fritters. I’ve had them before but I would never turn them down, so I waited. She came around twice to offer up the delicious, pipping hot fritters. Sadly, I do not have a photo as I gobbled them right up. 
I left with a full belly and a smile for the wonderful hospitality.

I had a mimosa after returning from the port and sailing off as the sun was setting. 



It wasn’t long before I was back on the ship and ready for my next meal in the main dining room.

Appetizers were:  Caprese, salad (w/feta, pickled onion and raspberry vinaigrette), bbq chicken flatbread, and lasagna bolognese. Yes you can get an appetizer portion of lasagna and it was amazing.


Main entrees: First was the bbq pork spareribs with baked beans, creamed corn and steak fries. 71E7C98D-6F5C-4DC6-884F-A0F90BA33C00.thumb.jpeg.82408330b5d1f2cd56f3396c8dc6e392.jpeg
Next was the something I cannot remember and need to look up , my mind is going blank maybe I’m hungry right now. 🤣 It was really good though!


I finished off with none other than the chocolate melting cake again. 


Ended the evening with pizza in bed of course. 

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