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Long Time Lurker, Ready to Interact!

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Hey all,

I've lurked on Curvage for many years and never really had the guts to post on here- I tend to be pretty shy but I have been holding myself back for far too long. I am tired of suppressing my needs and desires, and ready to fully embrace the community and have fun in the meantime!

To introduce myself- my name is Alex. I'm 29, live in the Pacific Northwest and have been into the idea of feederism, gaining and vore for a very long time. I remember in high school first discovering about vore, and then gaining. Back then, there were almost no websites dedicated to any of these ideas and I felt very isolated and weird. However now, there are several active communities and I am so so glad that there are like minded people out there. 

Some tidbits about me- I like video games, film, hiking and road tripping. I am almost exclusively submissive- some of my affinities include feeding, belly play, feet worship, vore (preferably same size) and weight gaining (not for me, but for my partner.) I am actually fairly fit, but am absolutely attracted to the idea of helping someone gain a bunch of weight for both of our fantasies. One of my fantasies involves someone thin that wants to give in to their hedonistic urges, and helping them gain such a large amount of weight that they don't even look like the same person! 

Anyways...I digress. I'm looking forward to talking to you all, and please feel free to message! 

Kind regards,


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