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My first Q&A!

🚨🚦In this clip I answer many questions!🚦🚨


It's my fisrt Q&A so i was a little bit stressed because i haven't talk as much in a clip!

📢🔊In this clip I speak french but for you English friend I have made subtittles.🔊📢

Here I let you the list of questions I answered in the clip 

  1. What does your friends and family think of your rapid weight gain? 
  2. What is your favorite fattening meal to eat?
  3. Can you still suck in your belly or has that become too difficult?
  4. Have you popped any buttons off or ripped any pants/tops you used to fit into?
  5. When did you first realize you were starting to soften up and did you like it or were you terrified at first? 
  6. What weight did you start out as and what is your weight now? 
  7. If you were to try to do some sit-ups/ab crunches would your belly get in the way and how many could you do before getting out of breath?
  8. If you're old skinny self saw you now what would she think of the new you? 
  9. What part of your body do you enjoy seeing gain the most and what is your worst if you have one?
  10. Were you always skinny or were you chubby when you were younger?
  11. If you were to go back on a diet and exercise regime how long do you think it would take you to fall off of it and start gaining again?
  12. What are your favorite things about this kink/fetish and what turns you on the most about it?
  13. Before you started getting chubby did you think chubby girls looked hot or did you think they looked inferior to your old slim body?



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