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Weird Wood

[Video] Begging You To Make Me Fatter! (Weight Gain - Feeder / Feedee)

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Begging You To Make Me Fatter!

I've recently gained a good bit of weight this year and want to talk to you all about it. I find it so hot that I've plumped up this much and now I can't help but want MORE! I talk about how much weight I've gained this year, and then go on to ask you to help make me even fatter. I describe the perfect feedee lifestyle I want -- to be spoiled obese, waited on hand and foot and pampered by a feeder. I'm getting close to 300 pounds, and I need some help in pushing me there. Living like this would assure that I got to 300 pounds quick, then 400, and then maybe even more. I describe just how fat I want myself to be, the places I've gained so far and where I want the rest of the weight to go, and I tease you by showing off every inch of new flab I have. This clip definitely shows off just how plump I've gotten this year, and it just eggs me on more to keep eating and stuffing my face for you. Having someone to eat and gain for makes it so much more fun and sexy. Don't you wanna help me pack on the pounds even more?

A sensual, slightly bratty teasing clip with tons of fat chat about my gain up to know and where I'd like it to go next. I beg you to make me fatter and pretty much spoil me like an obese princess to ensure my belly grows all the way to my knees ^_^


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