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Hi guys! I'm Wood! I'm new to this site but not the community. I've been posting on youtube as collegebulker/weirdwood and tumblr as woodsgotweird and other places as Wood's Kink Cafe.

I started off gaining around 2014/2015. At that time I was an athlete playing soccer for my college and was around 155/160. I had always been a little chubby but got pretty fit my freshman year of college. Then I threw it all away and went hard at the dining hall and gained the freshman 50 😇 After that I went full force into gaining and modeling and eventually got up really close to 300lbs after a couple years of heavy gaining. But then I developed some food allergies/intolerances and it was hard to keep the weight on and lost some. But now it's feeling easier to put weight back on and am cautiously gaining again, and kinda wanna be pushed to throw caution to the wind and go real hard again ^_^ 

That's the gist of my gaining story! It's honestly much more complicated and detailed than that with wild some wild stories lol, some of which includes a month and a half long trip to Florida filming porn with Ivy Davenport and gaining thirty pounds super quick. Ahh man, gaining is honestly my biggest kink and I've documented a bunch of it, so even though I'm not at my fattest I have lots of previous inspo to get back up there. I'll make a longer post about my whole history soon! And post a bunch of pictures of each of my gaining "eras" so to speak

But yeah! Other than that I'm super happy to be here and connect with likeminded people! I have a bunch of different weird fetishes like blueberry, inflation, impregnation, domination, gender play, etc. and am in general a weirdo obsessed with cryptids and witchcraft and sci-fi/horror. I'm also pretty genderfluid and like experimenting with makeup as well as androgyny. I'm still an emo kid at heart, too. Excited to post more and get to know people and have yall get to know me too!

My recent 2021 gains: Screenshot_20211205-210415_Tumblr.thumb.jpg.61fa3155f385fa7e0b4b7d065130f4ce.jpg

Beginner Feedee Era:Tumblr_l_67585494809582.jpg




near 300: a5b22b9d-48d9-4389-9d10-c8b005deab3c.jpg


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Hey, I remember you from way back when! I’m new to curvage also but similarly not new in the larger community. I recall being so impressed by your gains! I especially love it when a former athlete gains weight :D

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