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2022 Weigh-In + Yearly Gaining Goal!

🍾24 hour intro price $5.99 // up to $6.99 after 🍾

I'm welcoming in 2022 with a big fat bang! To get this year off to an extra fattening start I figured I had to get my proper measurements and weigh-in! It's been a few months since I weighed myself and I'm manifesting some high numbers. After all I was extra gluttonous this holiday season, from cookies to candy, and even cake, every sweet and carb was in my belly. I've been swelling up quicker than imagined and I can't wait to carry that trend into this year. 

After a very promising weigh-in and measurements, I had to set some gaining goals! What is the fun in gaining if I don't have any goals! I'm trying to hit a MASSIVE milestone by the end of this year. One I didn't think would come so soon. But with a lot of hard work, lazing around, and just a bit of encouragement from you I know I can do it! Afterall, all I have to do is sit on my fat ass and stuff myself, can't be that hard right 😉
Clip Features: weigh in, measurements, gaining goals, fat chat


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