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[Video] Fast Food Clerk Turned Fat Feedee *Retirement Sale* (SSBBW)

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Fast Food Clerk Turned Fat Feedee *Retirement Sale*

Retirement Sale 
Originally $7.99 
Now $6.00

Freya finally got a job and she couldn't be more excited! It's not one she ever thought she'd take considering she doesn't really eat fast food. It's way too processed and fatty for her liking. But something seems like that could be changing very soon. You catch Freya on her first day on the job, she's incredibly kind and eager to help. She's still somewhat in shape, not super thin, but still the socially acceptable form of chubby. But you get a glimpse of what her future could be....you catch her eating part of a customer's order. She thinks it's a one-time thing, something small, something that means nothing. But that's how this starts right?

You come back a month later to a totally different Freya. For starters, she's not just chubby anymore. She's a full-blown fatty, her shorts won't even zipper. anymore. Clearly, all that fast food has been pilling up on her frame and she's fatter than ever. She's also much more obvious about eating people's food. She's turned into a fat greedy pig and she doesn't seem to care. Once again she's eating customers' orders and scarfing them down. If this is her now, you can't wait to see what a few more months of the fast-food diet does to her! I guess fast food is just that addicting!

Clip features: roleplay, belly jiggle, greedy eating, 


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