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[24hr ROGO] Greedy Gaining Maids

In This Video: Hotel maid role play. Donut stuffing. Girl on girl play. Multiple dynamic POVs. 8 minutes

FEATURING @MissSugarPlumpFairy 🔥

In the HOTTEST girl on girl hotel housekeeping role play, watch both Candice and Casey waddle this fat asses into the hotel room to do their job. They're already exhausted, but start to tidy up the room. Guts hanging out. Fat asses on pull display. Huge tits exploding out of their uniforms...

Candice spies some donuts. Perhaps they left them for them? Doesn't matter... they began devouring them regardless.

Candice feeds Casey bite after bite. Casey licks thick, heavy, white cream off Candice's fat tits. These 2 greedy maids are unstoppable. 

They fill up and flirt with each other... they can't keep their hands off each other. 

Fuck work. They're destined to be fat hogs in bed surrounded by donuts. 

ROGO OFFER: For the next 24 hours, leave a 5 star review on this video and get ANY of my recent clips (dated before 9/14) for freeeee. I will message you within 24 hours to claim your offer! I don't do these often anymore, so be sure to take advantage of it ❤️ 


REVIEWS: Your sweet reviews are always so appreciated! You are able to leave a review after downloading the file. Be sure to click on the stars otherwise it won't save. Thank you for supporting me always 🖤


CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are ever dealing with technical difficulties - please never hesitate to reach out to me via DM or contact support.


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