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My enby fat exploration thread!

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Hey, all. So I'd like to start a thread to share my experience with fat -- namely my own! -- and what I decide to do with it. I'm not really sure where to put it! I'm not really looking to share pictures, though I may.

Hopefully "Chit Chat" is an appropriate place to start this thread! If not, I trust the mods to figure out what to do!

I've been thin most of my life, and recently started taking some medication to feminize my body fat distribution. As my trans care provider said, I've got low body fat! I took a few weeks off from exercising because I was stressing myself out over it, but I also didn't restrict my food intake.

After a few weeks, my belly and waist looked a smidge bigger, and they definitely felt a smidge softer! I feel a little bit of jiggle over my hips as I walk, and my hand sinks in a bit when I put my hand on my hip. My butt seems to look a little fuller, as does my face! Very exciting!

And while I intend to start up the exercise again, I also intend to eat even more. And I'm taking measurements and will hopefully share those at some point! Maybe I'll get chubby despite the exercise, and maybe it'll be in a feminine way! We'll see!

Cheers everyone!

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On 8/31/2021 at 10:45 PM, paralepsis2016 said:

Thank you! Mind if I ask what your avatar is? It's super cute and reminds me of Mega Man!

It's a silly little Mega Man edit made by an online pal of mine!

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