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Newly minted enby saying hi after many years lurking

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Hi, all. I'm Dee. I've been browsing this community since around 2003 or so (or its previous incarnations). I've even posted a few times under different accounts over the years!

Over the pandemic, I embraced my non-binary (trans-feminine) gender. I am taking a medication waaaay-the-hell off label that is supposed to promote a feminized body fat distribution without the development of secondary sex traits (i.e. breasts) or loss of function that T promotes.

But, to quote my trans care provider, "you have low body fat." Since fatphobia is much less of a thing in trans-friendly spaces than out in the world in general, and since I'm looking to feminize my physique a bit with body fat, and since I'm clearly into this stuff since I'm here, well, I'm contemplating either letting an unintentional gain happen or even -- gasp! -- gaining on purpose. And I'm not really worried about it at this point! If I do it, great. If I gain accidentally, great! If I actively avoid gaining, also great. There are no wrong options for me at this point.

To tell a little about my gender, in my mind and heart, I think of myself as either having no gender or as having all the genders, though I am focused on feminizing since my body naturally did the other thing. I do like having some muscle mass -- I'm not strong in my upper body by any stretch of the imagination, though I do a ton of lower leg work to grow my quads, hamstring, glutes max and glutes meds. I want to add calve work as well. A really full lower body feels super femme to me, and I definitely see that in myself. But ya know, fat and muscle would be more me than just muscle, right? As for my presentation, I wear almost exclusively women's clothes at this point, wear eye makeup, wear a fairly feminine hairstyle, and I shave all the places women typically shave except my arms, which I trim. Arm hair grows back in like sandpaper!

I'm kind of nerdy and sciency. I have a fancy scale that does body fat and muscle percentages and a tape measure, and I just bought some calipers, because I want data!

Anyway, that's me. I'm not sure I'm going to be an active poster or if I might even post some photos if I found a place here that makes sense for me! But I wanted to introduce myself and open that door. I've really enjoyed seeing this place grow as a community over the years.


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