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8 minutes ago, LaurenLush said:

I can’t wait for you guys to see our twerk and squats and sooo much more.

the action on this is fucking hot. 🥵


The fact the booties are stunning goes without saying but also it seems pretty rare to have a workout themed video on curvage that isn't fail or humiliation focused.

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  • Curvage Model
47 minutes ago, AdamansTemplum said:

Give it time and you'll need a wide angle lens to get both those asses in frame



44 minutes ago, CL66 said:

Think Candi needs to visit Dr.Lauren to be put on the correct weight gain diet 😍  She’s looking sexy but could use some proper instruction and encouragement 😘

She’s getting there!

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3 minutes ago, LaurenLush said:

I’m so excited that everyone is loving this video. Y’all rock!

Fat asses are the greatest things ever. I already neeeed a remake with even fatter asses sometime after the holidays. Go HARD with the cookies and Christmas treats this season pleeeease!

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Guest 21_savv
51 minutes ago, LaurenLush said:

Haha I did. I couldn’t sleep! But now I need more donuts

can you film yourself eating 24 babes

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Guest 21_savv

you need to do a gluttonous 30+ min donut stuffing babes, show off your greed and gluttony and eat until you feel sick babe

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