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What are Reputation points and how do I earn Reputation?

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What are Reputation Points?

Reputation points are a way to measure the value someone is adding to Curvage. In the old days the count of content was measured. However, this didn't really create a good sense of actual value someone was adding to Curvage. People would just post nonsense to get their count up. Now we measure value by counting the positive reaction of others. When you post to our site people have the opportunity to react. These reactions add to your reputation score which can be viewed on your profile.

How do I earn Reputation Points?

  1. Post content anywhere on the site by creating forum threads of your own or by replying to others. You can also post pictures to the gallery, or create status updates.
  2. Once your content is there, people will be able to react. each reaction will add to your over all reputation.

Here is an example of what some reactions look like.


Thank you :)

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