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Giantess Demands To Eat You! *VORE

😝 24 hour intro pricing $5.99, up to $6.99 😝

After a dip in the pool, the lovely fat giantess decides she needs a snack. As she makes her way through a bag of chips, she sees you. She first mistakes you for a tiny bug because of how small you are. But she soon gets a real good look at you and realizes how tasty you actually look! She gets down on her knees to get a better look at you. She decides to take a lick of you, she's instantly enamored with your taste. She's got a new goal, to eat you!

She decides that in order to convince you to let her eat you she'll tell you what the process will feel like, likening it to exploring in a cave. Her belly is deep and vast and is perfect for sleeping in. She starts getting demanding, she wants to eat you now! She reminds you that she's bigger than you and can eat you if you like it or not. She stomps near you and almost smashes you with her giant feet. Eventually, she decides she's had enough and picks you up. She teases you for a bit before taking a giant bite of you and swallowing you whole. Yum! Afterward, she continues teasing you by poking her belly you're now stuck in. You can hear her digesting you and all the other she's plowed through for the day. You can hear her asking you how you're doing in her belly.

You may have been eaten, but it was for the best cause possible, making a giantess goddess fatter!

Clip features: vore, giantess, belly noises, burping light, showing feet


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