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Jazz Jennings

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Not posting the social media link as I'm not sure what date the before picture came from and she's only 20. Included dates of posting where I can.

image.thumb.png.3aa42c5f026e4af4a9c0efbb869b62da.png (May 2020)

image.thumb.png.25ed3ab1bdc63b6b56556e327342e246.png image.thumb.png.a1e9d7974765cc98fb60f1434c45e664.png (April 2021)

image.thumb.png.6b316316f40458713104586a3dcea1eb.png (February 2021)

image.thumb.png.e55e83694653103c2dd9e630a411c4b9.png (December 2020)

image.thumb.png.c876e194a62f17d1da9f65d6dd053f77.png (October 2020)

image.thumb.png.008ddd140a7c80680eaddf5dee632211.png image.thumb.png.f3c21f7f065658809a948cdb07f5289c.png (September 2020)

image.thumb.png.1f7571a90448b9d546ad4980f91e89ca.png (August 2020)

 image.thumb.png.02e5d1c4105afdb4661fde6b36cd28ea.png (June 2020)

image.thumb.png.99168bed41087e960450cf05cbeb495c.png (February 2020)

https://www.instagram.com/p/B8cPPNVH-cD/ (February 2020; most likely filmed in 2019)

image.thumb.png.ca150b1acb17d63306241a7633025f8b.png (January 2020)

image.thumb.png.7a55aa56b06aee23b9563f23e83d6343.png (2019)

image.thumb.png.266158c2ef96eaf322d71b9caa283eb8.png image.thumb.png.a9cede2289f4c242a973007aa29b022c.png (September 2019)

image.thumb.png.6fbb052fa9ed2e18276eb03c3a98bcef.png image.thumb.png.73067c8476417d604bfc5b694d8f6810.png (July 2019)

image.thumb.png.7d85be2823aa157a52fe793028709c9c.png (June 2019)





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To give a bit of a much-needed update on this particular thread...

Here is a recently posted trailer that teases/promotes the possibly worthwhile content (going by some of the clips) of the upcoming 7th season of the TLC show "I Am Jazz", which premieres November 30.


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Look man I'm not here to get on a pedestal talmbout ppl Have to be attracted to transwomen(although I'll fight anyone in here who so much as implies she's not a woman)

But if you on yknow, this site lol, and like brunettes I guess? Watch that fucking clip lol. Definitely touches on some classic plot points of wg stories in real life, or as real as reality TV. Verrrrrry hot imo

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23 hours ago, NikeLove1986 said:

Vision square 🤣🤣🤣🤣 jesus christ

That 70S Show Reaction GIF by Laff



Ok im conflicted though should we create a thread for the LGBTQ community i mean it wouldnt hurt right ? And that way there is nothing really wrong posted. Just an opinion

It would make sense to have a dedicated thread for trans to be transparent and since there aren't many threads of them anyway.

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