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Feedee bites: Short stories about weight gain

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Guest WhaleWatcher

Episode 1: Jogger to hogger


As Melissa stepped out for the first jog of the season, springtime sunshine shed light on her new realities. Bulging breasts hung heavy with the evidence of her quarantine coping mechanism;  she'd been washing away loneliness in a sweet flood of milkshakes.  Wearing a mask in public proved to be the least of her adjustments.

Never before did she have to worry about applying sunscreen to that hanging roll flopping out from under her tight shirt. She blushed, questioning whether last season's running shorts were long enough to conceal the sagging bags of lard hanging from her once marathon-toned ass. Would she work up a sweat waddling across the parking lot to the jogging trail behind her apartment?

It was all just too much to bear. Tracing her pudgy fingers across the pink, angry stretch marks that bore constant witness to her gut's expansion, she headed back indoors. Might as well get her money's worth from that Netflix account. Besides, it was almost dinnertime. 


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Guest WhaleWatcher

Episode 2: The Principal's Office


**bzzztt*** The principal will see you now

Cassandra hoisted herself sluggishly from her chair, and trudged towards the heavy, mahogany door of Principal Everett's office. Her wobbly stomach protested with every step, its inertia demanding that she sit back down so it could process the huge load she'd crammed through her tired lips. Cassandra knew that Principal Everett would have no sympathy for her plight, as she pouted her way towards the stern matriarch's desk.

"Take a seat, young lady," insisted Principal Everett, gesturing with a plump palm to a wide, brown, leather chair across from her desk. Her jet black hair, pulled back into a tight bun, was perhaps the only petite aspect of her imposing physique. As Cassandra folded herself politely into her seat, Everett rose, a box of rations in her hands, and click-clacked her high heels around the table to hone in on her timid student.

"Principal, Everett, I've been trying!" Cassandra moaned, preemptively. She could feel the bulge of her gut pressing against the waistband of her skirt. Cold leather clung to her pale, bulging thighs. She tucked her head to the side, still shy about the newly sprouted double chin.

"No excuses, young lady! At this academy, we take health and safety very seriously. You know that the only way to protect yourself from the virus is a steady diet of  Nutrient Cakes, administered six times daily. You're behind schedule. Now open up!" Popping open the box of rations, she grabbed a softball-sized loaf of chocolate-coated pastry. "See, this one's chocolate. It's delicious."

"Please, ma'am, can I just wait a HHMMPH" Everett stuffed the ration in Cassandra's mouth. She would not suffer her student's meager appetite.

Cassandra groaned under the force of the mouthful. She clutched her bulging belly in her flabby little hands.

"*gulp* I'm about to burst!" she moaned, massaging the lump that pressed against the waistband of her skirt. She could feel the buttons of her pure, white top strain against the bulk of her newly fattened body. Before the pandemic, she was a modest and slight girl, but she had to adjust. The Nutrient Cakes were the only way to keep the virus at bay, and she didn't dare risk an infection.

Plopping the rations on the seat next to Cassandra, Principal Everett returned to her stack of paperwork. "Quit whining, and finish the box. You can leave when you're done."

"Yes ma'am," Cassandra mumbled. She new that if she just gulped them down quickly, she could cram them in before her body knew how full she really was. Picking up one cake in in each hand, she stuffed the thick, sweet bread into her mouth. Her jaws, sore from chewing, strained to polish off this last request. 

"uughh... All done, Principal Ev-" 



Mortified, Cassandra's sugar-glazed lips dropped open. Her face blushed red enough to rival the ink scrawling across the essays Principal Everett was eviscerating. Humiliated, Cassandra tried in vain to pull her ruptured shirt over the roiling expanse of blubber that cascaded down into her lap. Two billowing cantaloupes overflowed from their undersized support, causing a cascade of ripples to wash over Cassandra's once firm physique. Even the zipper of her skirt was in tatters.

"Heh, good girl, Cassandra. That's how you eat like a proper, healthy little piggy." Principal Everett flashed a rare smile, her mischievous eyes glinting from behind her horn-rimmed glasses.  Tapping the PA system, she hissed, "Mrs. Hemstraught, we need you again!"

As Cassandra buried her head in her hands, the door creaked open. "Oh my, dear, you've done well!" The gentle, grey-haired Mrs. Hemstraught patted Cassandra tenderly on her swollen gut, soothing the tortured bulk. "Stand up, dear, we'll need to measure that big bottom of yours, to make sure it won't be slipping out of your new uniform!"

With a herculean effort, Cassandra rose once more. Resigned to the new normal, she let her new body hang out for the older women to see. Cassandra knew she would be huge like them some day. "I just wanna be healthy," she sighed, staring down at her corpulence.  


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Guest WhaleWatcher

Chapter 3: Road trip

Memories buzzed through Emma’s mind faster than the white checkered lines outside her window. The disorientation of her tour separated her from the responsibilities of campus life; liberating her to explore the pleasures of each destination on her interstate voyage. Patting her belly fondly, she recalled the cheesesteaks of Philadelphia, Tennessee’s ribs, and Wisconsin’s unending supply of bratwurst. The university chorus had performed admirably given the circumstances. The hustle and bustle of putting on ten shows in ten cities left little time for standard meal prep. Not that Emma cared. She was a musician, not a chef. Eat, sing, sleep, repeat. No time for exercise or steaming vegetables when there’s a schedule to keep! But for now, it was time to relax.

Screeching tires woke Emma from a pleasing nap. After weeks of travel, it was finally time to return home. Walking from the tour bus to the sorority house was the most exercise Emma suffered in weeks. Her flabby triceps jiggled as the wheels of her bag rumbled over each crack in the sidewalk. Bulging love handles rippled with exertion as she waddled along, huffing across the house’s threshold with indignity.

“Hey, you made it!” Madeline brimmed with enough excitement to disguise the fact that she stayed up to greet her special friend. The sweet smell of apple pie rushed to greet Emma, as she collapsed into the nearest couch cushion.

Madeline floated across the living room to meet her sister. An entire pie, sliced neatly into five morsels, splayed across a silver tray held in her petite hands. “I see you brought me a souvenir,” Madeline chided, placing the tray on the ottoman before Emma, and ogling Emma’s stomach in anticipation. Giggling, she prodded the pillow puffing out of Emma’s t-shirt. “This was loose when you left.” A devilish grin danced across Madeline’s face.

“Oof, so much fast food!” Emma leaned back into the couch, gazing down on the consequences of her hedonism. Relaxing to the fullest, she breathed deeply, exhaled, and released an avalanche of lard into her lap. Madeline gave it a gentle rub, hoisting the first slice of pie to Emma’s mouth.

“We had dinner on the road, Maddie.” Emma turned away, but her eyes stayed fixed on the sugar glistening from the hand-cut apples filling a buttery yet firm crust. Madeline wasn’t fooled.

“Come on, Em, I made it just for, the way you like it.” She pressed the slice forward. Emma caved under the pressure of temptation, scarfing down the first slice straight from Madeline’s hand.

“That’s it, my musical piggy!” Madeline stroked Emma’s belly lovingly, as Emma tucked into the remaining pie. Emma’s gut flopped onto the cushions of the sofa as she careened onto her side, letting everything hang out. Absentmindedly, she chewed away, humming sweet melodies into the living room.

“Why’d you bother bringing home so many clothes, hun?” Madeline’s eyes swept across the curves of Emma’s billowing ass. Her pants couldn’t contain the top of her butt. Her panties unmistakably delineated the blobs threatening to shred Emma’s faded leggings with their unchecked growth. “You’ve clearly outgrown them.”

Tracing Emma’s distraught waistband, Madeline slipped her delicate fingers under Emma’s pudgy belly hang. Under the fabric, her fingers quickly found their destination. Soaked with anticipation, Emma squirmed. Her paunch roiled, as she stuffed another handful into her mouth. The ecstasy of satisfying two appetites at once was overwhelming.  It wasn’t long before she rolled over onto her belly, face down in a pile of crumbs.

“Get some sleep, my sweet little fatty. Tomorrow, bright and early, we’re gonna sort through that wardrobe of yours, and see if anything still fits.” Pinching Emma’s thick back rolls, Madeline scoffed. “We’ll probably need to do some shopping.”

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