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new fan of curvy

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hi there. 45 years old and just recently became attracted to curvy body shapes 😁 now trying to make my wife to gain some weight 🙏

"You can push a little harder," Cindy encouraged. "It's almost in."
I took her advice and pushed forward and felt her ass give way as my head pushed in. I pushed just a little past that point when I hear Cindy again.
"Ah, shit! Stop for a second!"
"Are you OK?" I asked. "Did I hurt you?"
"It's OK. Alright, start pushing in again ... slowly."

I pushed forward. I could feel each inch slip in as her ass hole gripped my cock tightly. live cam sex I got just over half way in and I could feel Cindy pull back a little, trying to control the depth. I took her hint and pulled back until my cock was almost out of her and then pushed in to just about the same depth.
I went at a controlled pace for a couple minutes, but fucking a girl's ass for the first time coupled with how horny I already was made me lose some of that control and I began fucking her ass a little harder; a little deeper. This was amazing! And Cindy was now getting into it and enjoying it, too!

"Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me good!" web cam girls
"Where am I fucking you?
"In my ass!" she practically yelled. "You're fucking my ass!"
"You like my cock up your ass? Huh? You like my hard cock inside your tight ass?"
"Yes! Yes! Keep fucking my ass!" naked cam girls



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