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(Teaser) Getting Fat in the Fit Matrix

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New story! I've been holding this one in for months! It's got a pretty basic plot, so let's get it started! By the way, ">_< 0_0" is not pronounced as "Jim" 🤨     

          I woke up and stared at the light from the open window. It was a warm day with a cool breeze blowing past my head. I checked my phone and saw that I was up a half hour early. I gained 216 followers in my sleep. Something didn’t feel quite right.

               With a deep breath, I stretched my arms and slipped my muscular legs over the side of the bed. My quads felt massive after hitting squats yesterday; every flex of my thigh made a different muscle pop. They were my pride and joy, they were what made such a successful influencer on Instagram, they were what made me the most popular fitness trainer at my gym, and they were curvaceously sexy. I smiled as I looked down at them, spreading a smooth, manicured hand over their firm surface, already fantasizing of what workouts I would do in between clients. Yes, today was going to be nothing but positive vibes, and yet I still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.

               The feeling only grew worse as I brushed my teeth in front of the mirror. My very own reflection stared back at me: Kira Vaughn, Instagram influencer and fitness trainer, immigrant from Barbados, and as muscular as I was sexy. A black panther of the Caribbean. I tangled my fingers through my long braids, absentmindedly tracing my gaze over my toned figure. Every muscle shone from under my black skin like rocks on a riverbed. My abs peeked-out from between the red yoga pants and the white crop top I’d chosen for the day. While I stared, I shifted back and forth, watching as my muscular thighs flexed and squeezed with every movement. I’d never looked better… is that why it felt like I was in a dream? It was almost as if I was staring at myself through a snapchat filter.

               Strange as the feeling was, it wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying a perfectly good day. I walked into the kitchen, ordered Alexa to play the news, and pulled a Tupperware of my meal prep from the fridge as I listened to NPR. Chicken, rice, and lima beans. Very basic, but it had never tasted so good. News was talking about Bitcoin. It was a nice, easy day. So surreal.

               Gym was a five minute drive uphill. It was easily within running distance, but I opted not to because I wanted to stay fresh for squats. I’d already done squats the night before, but I’d just discovered a new workout routine aimed at growing glutes (mine were outdone by my thighs), and I was really looking forward to getting it done.

               “Hey girl!” Rita greeted me at the front desk as she scanned my pass. “How’s my favourite trainer doing? How many clients do you have today?”

               “Just one this morning,” I beamed. “Plus three new ones this afternoon. Saturday is an easy day.”

               “That’s the idea!” Rita nodded. “I’ll see you when you get back? It’s great seeing you.”

               “Of course! Stay positive –”

               I almost missed as step as I walked past the desk towards the stairs. The strange feeling that something was wrong came back. I’d walked past the front desk almost daily for months – years – and each time was the same: smile, walk-up to the front desk, get scanned-in, temperature check…

               I shook my head. Temperature check? Why was I remembering that? Wait, where was my mask? Mask? Where did that come from? It was like deja-vu, except not. It was like driving down a road that looked almost exactly like one you remembered from long ago, and yet slightly different. Odd. Some light warm-ups would probably fix whatever brain fog I was feeling.


               Morning was as routine and refreshing as I expected. After a few minutes on the stair-crawl and some light sets of squats, it was time to shower, change into my black trainer’s uniform, and help my first client: Jenny, a shy but talkative red-head. She was one of my favourite clients, of course, always on time by 10am, and even though she had trouble following the diet regimens I assigned her, she always asked such good questions and never complained that a workout was too hard.

               “Have you noticed the progress you’re making?” I smiled at her as we took a rest after her session was over.

               “Really? You think I’m making progress?” she blushed slightly (easy to see since her skin was so pale).

               “Your abs are starting to show,” I smiled at her.

               “Yeah, well… only the top two. I’ve still got a ways to go.”

               “We’re almost at your goal weight,” I continued. “I can tell without getting you on the scale; you’re easily within a dozen pounds of 130.”

               This made Jenny smile in return. “Actually, I weighed myself two days ago and I was 138.”

               “There you go! See? So long as you stick to your diet plan, everything will turn out great.”

               Jenny thanked me again before making her way down to the locker room. I watched her leave while trying to ignore the mounting sense of discomfort within me. Unlike the uncanny déjà vu feelings from earlier, this was altogether different: Andrew was behind me.

               I grimaced silently as the first whiffs of his Axe body spray hit my nostrils: obnoxiously strong and imposing – just like Andrew. He came to the gym every day, wearing sleeveless shirts that showed off his tattooed arms, as well as grey sweatpants that showed off something else I prayed was contained in boxers.

               “How ya doin’ girl?” his deep voice was all-too-close behind my shoulder; I could smell mint on his breath.

               Switching my grimace for a cordial smile, I turned and faced the man, a 205 pound lunk more than a head taller than me. He stared at me with his light blue eyes, an annoyingly confident smirk on his lips. “Yes, Andrew, how can I help you?”

               “Not much,” he raised a mighty arm to his neck and gave it a subtle flex. “Just wondering if you had any spots open yet for a session?”

               “I already told you I was booked for the month,” I replied quickly. “And honestly, with a physique like yours, I don’t really think there’s much I could teach you.”

               “Thanks,” he laughed. “Maybe I can teach you a thing or two.”


               “Hey, I’m just cracking jokes; you know what’s up,” Andrew snapped his neck with his arm before letting it down. “So do you have any days-off?”

               “Why are you asking?”

               “Dunno. I just see you in here ‘bout every day. Also might be up to crashing a house party tonight if that interests you…”

               This was not the kind of conversation I wanted to be trapped in! As a trainer, I was always in the gym, which meant it was impossible avoiding Andrew as he strut across the turf zone, smashing his deadlifts as loud as he could while giving me looks. To be fair, I loved me a strong man – just not when they kept pushing themselves on me. He was doing it to me now, and it was getting hard to think of new excuses to avoid him.


               A third voice, higher and more nerdy than Andrew’s. It belonged to a scrawny-looking guy wearing a red t-shirt, black adidas sweatpants, and glasses. He looked like a nerd, but at second glance, I could see that there was something more to him. His hair was chopped into a clean fade, and the front stuck straight up as if he’d swept it back with a hand full of wax. He wasn’t much taller than me, and not quite as toned, but his arms were stronger than I first thought. A jock disguised as a nerd.

               Andrew seemed as puzzled as I was. “Can I help you?” he frowned. “We were talking.”

               “It’s about time for my session,” the newcomer shifted casually on his feet, bleeding optimism and confidence. “Right Kira? I actually remembered my water this time – see?” he held-up a gallon jug.

               “Now?” Andrew eyed the digital clock on the wall. “It’s 3:47. Why would you be starting now?”

               “We’re gonna talk about my diet,” the jock-nerd said candidly. “I have a bad habit of forgetting to eat breakfast. Need gainz.”

               All of this was a bold lie. I had no idea who this little man was, but if it gave me a chance of avoiding Andrew one more time, I was going to take it.

               “Yes,” I added, watching Andrew’s confidence take a nosedive. “And we have a lot to cover – did you download the calorie-counting app I told you about?”

               “Which one?” he asked innocently.

               It was enough. Andrew’s efforts had been foiled. “Cool,” he shrugged. “I’m gonna bounce.”

               “Bye Andrew!” I called after him happily before gesturing the new guy to follow me. “Come on. Let’s talk at that table over there…”

               “My name’s Jim.”

               “Jim,” I repeated. “Okay. So the truth is that I do have a client coming in the next ten minutes, but I wanted to tell you –”

               “It’s alright,” Jim interrupted as he took a seat.

               “No, you see…” I slid into place opposite him. “I get what you did back there, and while I’m thankful for it, I would much rather handle him on my own.”

               “Actually, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

               “Look, let me start over. I’m sure you’re a nice person, but I’m not looking to date anyone at the moment.”

               “I wasn’t going to talk about that either,” Jim leaned over the table, looking at me with his wide, innocent gaze. “I’m from the outside.”

               I couldn’t help but shake my head. “Outside?”

               “Kira, I don’t mean to start a panic or anything, but you’re lowkey stuck in a matrix.”

               What the hell had I gotten myself into now? First Andrew, and now this nutcase? Why couldn’t I have someone sensible ask me out? “A matrix? Really?”

               “Okay, no,” he waved his hands. “Not like a matrix. More like a VR Headset like in Sword Art Online, but I didn’t use that analogy because you don’t watch… never mind. You’re in a matrix, sort of.”

               This was new. I’d met plenty of white knights in my day, but no one had tried getting a date out of me like this! How was I even supposed to respond? Smiling might work.

               “That’s pretty good,” I started getting-up from my seat. “You had me for a little bit; I’m definitely remembering that one. I wasn’t lying about that client, though, so maybe I’ll see you later?”

               “Kira, I’m deadass serious,” Jim insisted, more concerned than frustrated. “This virtual reality you’re in functions by hijacking your sleep cycle and creating a dreamscape so vivid it’s almost real – almost.”

               “Real funny, but I gotta go…”

               “Haven’t you felt a little off today? As if things are slightly more pleasant than you remember? Almost like a dream, right?”

               This made me pause. That was exactly the kind of vibe I’d been feeling all day. Jim stared back at me from his seat, strangely casual considering the subject matter.

               “Like what?” I asked him.

               “Like… you had any random moments where you remember things slightly different than what you’re seeing? Uh… masks! You noticed no one is wearing masks?”

               “Yeah…” I still wasn’t quite sure what he was getting at, but some corner of my mind remembered that masks were important. “But… why? Why am I remembering masks?”

               “Six feet distance,” Jim thrummed his fingers on the table. “Flatten the curve. Any of these ring any bells?”

               “How… what?” I held my head. “I do remember that… but why?”

               Before he could answer, one of the gym staff passed by our table. “Excuse me,” she said politely. “But could you two please put your masks on when you’re not eating? Thanks.”

               And then I saw it. Eyes wide, I gazed in shock all around the gym and saw that somehow, someway, everyone had a mask on. Two masks materialized on the table before me: one with the Marine Corps insignia emblazoned upon it, and another decorated with the Barbados flag.

               “I remember now!” I said as my shaking hands stretched my Barbados mask over my mouth and snapped the strings over my ears. “The pandemic, the lockdown… how did I forget all this?”

               “Dreams are like that,” Jim put his own mask on with a shrug. “Plus, it looks like this one in particular is algorithmic. Interesting…”

               “I can’t believe it…” I shivered as chills trailed my spine. “Everything around me isn’t real? Why is this happening? Who would do this to me?”

               Jim pursed his lips and leaned closer. “It’s Andrew,” he whispered. “Long story short, he plugged you into this VR so that he could have more chances to hit on you – like that Black Mirror episode, but probably not as creepy.”

               I felt my face flush madly as my blood boiled. “He didn’t…” I sneered in the direction he was working-out. His head poked-up from behind a row of isolation machines, jabbing his chin skyward as he noticed my attention was on him. “… that is not okay. It’s way over the line. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind…”

               “Don’t,” Jim held a hand out. “He’s the one that made this VR; he can reset it if he knows you’re onto him. But I have a plan to get you out.”

               “Yes,” I turned back to him, trying not to think of the fact that Andrew was eyeing my back as I turned away from him. “Please help me get out of here!”

               “Okay, so… I just thought of this one; tell me what you think,” Jim leaned even closer as he crossed his legs. “This whole thing is running off a pretty basic algorithm. When I reminded you of the pandemic, the masks came back, see? So that tells me that reality here is more-or-less defined by what you remember and believe in. Andrew probably doesn’t know how to code, the stupid lunk…”

               “So… I believe reality? Like lucid dreaming?”

               “Exactly,” Jim smiled happily. “So all we have to do is get you to alter reality –”

               “… and fight Andrew!”

               “Nah… no. Not that. He’ll just reset everything. What we need to do is convince him that you’re not worth dating. That way he’ll just give up and shut it all down.”

               “Couldn’t you turn this off from the real world?” I asked. “That just sounds easier cause as much as I would like to bitch at him, I don’t think he’d care.”

               “Nah. I don’t actually know where you are in the real world. I just hacked-in here from my apartment.”

               “Got it. No fighting, no rescue. Great. This is going to be hard when all he cares about is my looks.”

               “That’s just it!” Jim clapped his hands and gave them a rub. “Your looks!”

               I felt my jaw slacken. “My looks?”

               “Yes. He’s obviously into fit black girls like you – good taste, by the way – so the way we get you out of here is to make you the opposite.”

               “What do you mean?” I stiffened.

               “You need to get as fat and huge as possible.”

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9 hours ago, Batman76 said:

This is ridiculous and I absolutely love it.


I also don't know how to pronounce your username.

True story: when I was creating my profile, I spent five minutes thinking of something balanced between clever and cringe. But I couldn’t think of anything good, so I thought of something else: a profile name based off the expressions a shy dude makes when he meets a stripper for the first time — that’s literally what my name is!

But it could be pronounced “Dan” since that’s my real name 


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I got to admit, I was curious how to say your name out loud. I always thought it was just white noise or something. 

Mine is pronounced “Grin- yard”. I wanted something original so I wouldn’t have to add a bunch of numbers at the end, so literally pulled mine out of a chemistry text book. 

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3 hours ago, ShrubberyLogistic said:

Mine’s an anagram for chubby girl stories! 😅 On a very related note, I’m very eager to see where this one is leading for Kira. The joys of setting a narrative in the Matrix - where some rules can be bent, and others can be broken... 

The possibility are endless! Jumping Martial Arts GIF by HBO Max

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I got this jumbo-sized chapter ready for you! Also, this vid is the chapter in a nutshell:

He's Beginning To Believe Compilation - YouTube

Chapter Two

               I felt like a pit had opened deep within my stomach. My breath caught in my throat and the hairs on my neck bristled as Jim stared casually back at me as if he were suggesting dinner across the street. It didn’t help that he was just waiting for me to say something.

               “Fat?” I asked quietly. “You want me to get fat?”

               “I mean, it’s not that big a deal,” he shifted in his seat as he crossed his legs and leaned against the wall. “This is a virtual reality. It’s not real. So you could totally do it…”

               “But that’s going to take months,” I shook my hands for emphasis. “I want to get out now. Couldn’t I just… stop using cosmetics?”

               “Nah, that’s not gonna cut it. He doesn’t care about your eyeliner or whatever.”

               “Then… what? Eat nonstop for half a year? Binging makes me feel sick.”

               “Remember the masks?” Jim’s eyes glimmered eagerly. “You saw how they came out of nowhere? That’s how your gonna do it!”


               “You have to believe,” he stated deadpan-serious, though his eyes were wide with excitement. “In your mind it must be true.”

               “But this is different. The pandemic is real, not my…”

               “I dunno. Your belly’s starting to look a little chunky.”

               “No, it’s not,” I instinctually clenched my abs and sucked-in.

               Jim just laughed it off. “It was worth a shot. But for real, it works just like lucid dreaming. Like, in a lucid dream, you realize you’re dreaming, which means you’re in control, and then anything can happen if you want it to. But you have to shake your self-doubt first. Baby steps.”

               “’kay,” I sighed. “So how am I supposed to – oh, my client’s coming… hey Abby!”

               My client waved from behind the dumbbell weights, a black-haired woman in a red t-shirt with black and yellow yoga pants. As she approached, she nearly tripped on a 45-pound plate someone had left lying on the floor and dropped her protein shaker. That gave me a few more seconds to wrap up my conversation with Jim.

               “Try and do what you did with the masks,” Jim said quickly. “Once you believe, it will be like breathing. Aight, I’ma head out.”

               Just as Jim was setting out to leave, Abby came up excitedly and flipped her hair back behind her back. “Sorry about being late! I can be so clumsy sometimes – did you see how I almost fell back there?”

               “I sure did,” I nodded. “Don’t be sorry, either. You weren’t that late…”

               I was distracted from what I was telling her by Andrew. As soon as Jim had left, he stopped what he was doing and was now heading in his direction. While seeing him not staring at me was something of a relief, I couldn’t help but feel worried about Jim.

               Abby, however, had no idea how stressed I was. “So we do cardio today, right?” she asked flippantly.

               I turned my attention back to her. “It sure is; it’ll feel good to get some running in. It’s the easiest way for me to unwind.”

               “Really?” Abby laughed. “I’m not sure that’s what I feel, but maybe it’s an acquired taste?”

               “What isn’t? Come on, let’s go to the turf and get started.”

               As Abby loyally followed me, I glanced toward the exit, where Andrew was storming back inside, broodful and frustrated. Jim had slipped away, no doubt. He raised his gaze to me, and his expression stiffened into something else – something almost predatory.

               “At least one of us got away,” I whispered to myself.


               For the next half hour, I moved Abby between various warm-ups and exercises, emphasizing bursts of speed to get her heart pumping. She wasn’t quite an athlete yet, but at the rate she was sweating, she would be running laps with me in the park by summer. As I watched her performance, it gave me ample time to reflect on what Jim had told me. It was straight-up crazy, of course; nothing he said to me made any sense – but then what could explain what happened with the masks? No matter how insane everything was, nothing could explain what caused that – unless, of course, Jim was telling the truth. It was almost too incredible to believe, that I was living in a dream, and that that dream was a nightmare created by Andrew.

               He was watching me, even now. Any other day, he would’ve been done with his workout, so why was he still here? It was the least I could do to avoid eye-contact. But that could only work so long…

               “And set the treadmill speed to 7.5mph and go for two miles,” I pointed helpfully at the buttons with my manicured finger as Abby listened.

               “Got it,” Abby wiped her forehead. “Hoo boy! Working up a sweat already!”

               “You’re doing great, Abby!” I smiled. “I’ll be right back with you; want me to refill your shake with water?”

               “Sure!” Abby was already puffing as she began her light jog.

               As I moved to the drinking fountains, the potent smell of Axe body spray returned. He was behind me.

               “Sup, hot stuff.”

               Since he was right behind me, I could roll my eyes without being seen. “Yes, Andrew, what is it?”

               “Naw, nothing,” he lied. “Just getting some hydration – so what happened to that dude you were talking to?”

               “What about him?”

               “I dunno, but didn’t you say he was your next client? You were with him only a few minutes and now you’re with someone else.”

               “I told you,” I still refused to look at him as I held the shaker under the fountain. “He’s new. We spoke about his nutrition today. Nothing else.”

               “I mean, it seemed you spoke ‘bout more than just protein and carbs.”

               Now I did look at him, a towering mountain of muscle, not one meter away from me, almost close enough to smell his breath mints. It was clear that he suspected more.

               “Obviously,” I finished filling the shaker. “We scheduled a time for his next appointment – and that’s none of your business anyway.”

               “Hey, chill,” he grinned. “I’m not trying to be nosy or nothing; everything’s cool. Anyway, speaking of free time, what you up to after this client?”

               Did nothing phase this dick? Spending any amount of time with him was not okay! I was running out of excuses! Except…

               “I’m going-out on a dinner-date with Abby,” I smiled.

               “A date?”

               “Yes,” I smiled, rubbing my flat torso. “It’s been a while since we had a cheat day, so we’re going to go all-out,” I gave my tight stomach a pat. “We’ve earned it.”

               Andrew almost frowned, but quickly shrugged it off. “Aight. That’s cool, I guess. Just don’t over-do it, know what I’m saying?”

               Bitch! Was he really trying to tell me how to eat? Oh, it was on now!

               “Oh sure,” I walked past him towards the row of treadmills. “I’ll be careful. It’s not like I’m a professional trainer… now excuse me, I have a client waiting for me.”

               “Hey, I didn’t mean to be a douche or nothing,” he called after me. “I just want what’s best for you.”

               I rolled my eyes again. If anything, Andrew had made me more determined than ever to put Jim’s ideas about lucid dreaming to the test.


               Her workout done, Abby and I stood in the gym’s lobby by the exits. I’d chosen to keep my gym clothes out, but she’d changed back into street clothes: a cute orange jacket over a clean, white t-shirt and lime jeans that exposed a stylish amount of smooth stomach that only bloated a smidgen over her thin-belt. Just a couple more weeks and her stomach would be as flat as mine… but then again, if this lucid dreaming thing was going to work, I had to think differently, right?

               “So what did you wanna talk about?” Abby smiled innocently.

               “Oh…” I struggled to find the words. This would take some getting used to. “You’ve come a long way, so I was thinking we could go out for a cheat day.”

               “Thanks! Uh… cheat day? Isn’t that gonna mess with my diet regimen?”

               “Hey, it’s okay to cheat once in a while,” I smiled. “Aren’t you hungry? I’m starving.

               I wasn’t actually starving. In fact, I didn’t feel hungry at all. What I did feel was anxiety about what I was about to do. What if she said no? What if it was all just a huge prank? But as anxious as I was, any excuse to get away from Andrew and spite him was enough for me. I would stuff myself into a food-coma to get him off my back.

               “I’m not so sure,” Abby patted her stomach nervously. “I had lunch just a few hours ago.”

               “Oh, come on!” I gently held her hand and began walking outside. “I have no more clients for the day and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Let’s make the most of it – and if you can’t eat it all, you can give it to me. I can’t wait to eat!”

               “Well, okay…”

               Even as we left the gym and felt the warm rays of the sun and the cool wind on our skin, there was one thing I still wasn’t feeling: hunger. Looked like I would have to try harder.

               “You like ice cream?” I grinned, getting myself into a mood.  “I love ice cream. Let’s get that first…”


               “I’m not sure about this…” Abby scooted a chair out and sat across from me. “Ice cream is really fattening.”

               “Yeah it is!” I laughed, dipping my small spoon into my medium bowl. “That’s why it tastes so good…” even as I said the words, I hesitated before taking a bite. Fitness was my life. It was a way of life! I couldn’t just throw it all away! Not all at once, anyway. Still, I couldn’t let-on to Abby that I was just as unsure as she was, so I smiled and let the spoonful hover in front of my mouth. “Mmmm… coffee flavour. What about you?”

               “Me?” she looked worried as she stared back at me, but also forced a smile. “Oh! Uh… chocolate chip. It’s my favourite.”

               “I love chocolate chip,” I slipped the spoon between my lips and smiled.

               “Same,” Abby laughed as she took her first bite. “I had to stop eating it cause of the diet I’m on.”

               I swallowed and gave her small bowl of ice cream a look. This could be a chance for me to tweak the virtual reality like Jim had suggested. How’d I do it last time? Jim had mentioned a few things about lockdown. Maybe I could use what Abby was saying to my advantage? All I had to do was steer the conversation.

“Really?” I smiled innocently. “So that must mean you still got a tub of chocolate chip ice cream in your freezer.”

Abby didn’t answer right away, but as she cautiously took another bite, her cheeks blushed. “Yeah, you could say that…”

“I see…” I pressed further. “Meaning it’s not a full tub anymore, right?”


“Oh… so you’re telling me you’ve been snacking from it.”

“Well, okay…” Abby raised her hand. “Guilty as charged. Guess we’ll have to add an extra mile of jogging to my routine, right?”

“Oh no, not at all!” I shook my head, excited that I had possibly stumbled upon a way to alter reality. “We gotta take it slow. Baby steps! It’s not like I can expect you to train like an athlete when you’re only just starting your weight loss journey – though I can see now why you don’t have abs yet.”

We laughed together, each taking another bite of ice cream. I personally didn’t take too big of a bite (I still wasn’t hungry), but Abby definitely sank her spoon a little deeper into the ice cream before putting it into her mouth with a blissful look on her face.

“It’s no worries!” I insisted. “It’s alright to have a treat every few weeks or so… or maybe once a week…” I glanced up at her as she stared guiltily at me. “Twice? Three times a week? More? Abby…” I made a show of raising my hand to hide my gaping mouth. “You’ve been cheating on your diet.”

She slouched in her seat. “I’m sorry…” she stared at her ice cream. “It just tastes so good…

“Hey,” I held my hand out across the table. “Hold my hand and look at me… it’s going to be okay. It’s okay to eat ice cream.”


“I’m eating it too, right? So what if you’re cheating on your diet? We can start over – a fresh start. But you know what that means?”

She gently shook her head, mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“It means we have to make the most of this cheat day,” I broke into a grin. “I know you must be hungry.”

As I spoke the words, a light, steady gurgling sounded from beneath the table. Abby’s stomach was growling, twisting and bubbling as it yearned to be filled. Perception had become reality.

Abby stared at the stomach that had betrayed her and then back to me, cringing. “Sorry…” she sighed nervously. “I just… I’m not sure if I should…”

“You had a big breakfast, didn’t you?” I prodded, hoping I could tweak reality even more.

“No… I mean, I guess?”

“Relatively speaking? You eat a lot, I’m guessing.”

“Yeah, uh…” she laughed nervously, teasing her ice cream with her spoon. “Not exactly the best habit to have while losing weight.”

“Well, trying to lose weight, anyway.”

Abby blushed again. “Uh…”

“Come to think of it, it’s been a few weeks since your last in-body,” I leaned forward, resting my elbow on the table and cupping my cheek. “I wonder how much your body’s changed since then? I can probably tell just by looking. Wanna show me?”

“Sh-show what?” she was visibly shaking.

“Your belly, girl!” I grinned. “Don’t worry! You look really good! I just wanna see.”

“O-okay…” she leaned back so her belly was in view and lifted her small t-shirt.

My mouth dropped! The slight bulge from earlier was now quite visible, and the flesh was soft against the light touch of her fingers.

“Maybe it looks bad because I’m sitting down,” Abby said nervously.

“Oh no, not that!” I said quickly. “But then… hey… are you sucking-in?”

She stared at me, silently begging for me to stop. But my prodding was working. I was bending reality to my whim!

“Go ahead,” I encouraged her. “No one’s watching except me.”

And then it happened. As I watched, she let loose a long sigh and her whole belly surged a full two inches over her belt! Where once she’d only had the slightest pooch, now she had a very prominent gut that was clearly a size or two bigger than what she was wearing!

“Abby!” I gasped, still smiling. “What is this, girl? You’ve gained weight!”

“I know,” she moaned.

“Do you have any idea how much you’ve packed on? How much do you think you’ve gained?”

“Um…” she cupped the new pooch of her belly between her hands. “…fifteen pounds?”

Only fifteen pounds?” I shook my head. “Abby, Abby… this is way more than fifteen pounds. This is like twenty – no, thirty pounds I’m looking at.”

As I watched, Abby’s new potbelly continued to rumble like a boiling cauldron, almost as if it were bubbling-up like an inflatable balloon – and the moment I thought of that, I held onto it for dear life. An inflatable balloon, filling with soft, blubbery fat…

She didn’t look any different. I still held some nagging doubts in the back of my mind. People didn’t just grow overnight. But maybe I could tease my mind into the concept…

“Turn around real quick,” I waved my hand.


“Turn around,” I cooed. “I just wanna check something… oh yes. Girl your ass is poppin,’ no cap.”


My imagination knew no bounds! While I knew that Abby’s butt was little bigger than mine, I’d managed to work myself into a sort of trance. It was almost as if I were meditating, except instead of clearing my mind, I was filling it with fattening thoughts. And so, what greeted my gaze was not a slim, toned ass, but a massive donk that was straining every square inch of her jeans. It was working! She was growing before my eyes!

“You have an ass, Abby! No wonder I didn’t notice how fat you were getting! You always face me whenever we’re together.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can’t you feel it? How your ass is just barely contained in your jeans? The way your jeans ride-up down the middle? Abby, they’re oozing from the top!”

“Is it really that bad?”

“Nah,” I grinned. “Of course not! You look great with the extra fluff!”


“Of course! Now sit down and finish your ice cream! There’s plenty more flavours I wanna try.”

As she obediently sat her fat ass down, I shook my head happily, almost euphoric with the amount of power I had. I was lucid dreaming! I could do anything if I believed hard enough! What else could I do?

I stared back towards the ice cream shop at the empty flower beds. Spring was just around the corner, but none of the plants had budded yet. I really did miss the flowers; maybe I could will them to grow right in front of my eyes? If I could just squint hard enough… no. Maybe if I turned away from them and then looked back real quick – no, still no flowers. Sad day.

“What’s up?” Abby looked curiously past my shoulder.

“Oh, nothing,” I shrugged. Then I had an idea. “I could’ve sworn that I saw a cat nearby. Did you see one?”

“I think so, yeah…” Abby smiled.

“Ooh, really?” I beamed. “What kind of cat?”

“A real floofer,” Abby giggled. “My favourite kind too.”

And then I felt soft fur brushing against my calf. Looking down, I squealed with delight and nearly clapped my hands with glee. The sweet little cat was rubbing against my feet! It looked at me with its round, yellow eyes, almost begging to be carried – and that’s exactly what I did.

“Oh, it looks like a Norwegian cat,” Abby said as I raised the floofer to my lap. “They’re the furriest cats I can think of.”

“Of course they are,” I cooed as I scratched its neck, fingers vanishing in three full inches of dirty-yellow fur. “Who’s a fuzzy-wuzzy…”

But on a more serious note, I now understood the limits of my lucid dreaming a little more. Maybe I was able to bend reality a little bit, but not completely. When I tried to make the flowers grow, I didn’t believe hard enough – I couldn’t, and it was because there was still a part of me that instinctually knew that flowers don’t grow just because I want them to. But this adorable little ball of fur curled-up on my lap… this was different. Instead of just wishing for a cat to appear, I’d suggested the possibility to Abby, who then agreed with me until – at last – my wish came true. That was it! I had to use the power of positive reinforcement to my advantage! Should be easy enough now…

“So Abby…” I stroked my furry friend as it purred itself to sleep. “While we’re having a friendly talk about your weight, I was wondering just how fast you had to be gaining. I mean, we’re friends, right? You know I’m not poking fun at you.”

“I know,” Abby continued to snack on her ice cream, guiltlessly-slipping bite after bite past her smiling lips. “Go ahead.”

“So I was thinking… from the size of your stomach, you’d have to have put on about thirty pounds or so, but I didn’t know the rest of you was bigger too, so it has to be more than that, right? Not that it’s a bad thing; you look great by the way.”

“Are you sure?” Abby asked as her hand strayed towards her belly hidden under the table. “I’m not sure what to think of all this chub…”

Now for the hard part: I needed to will myself fatter. Okay… deep breath… I got this.

“Are you kidding?” I felt myself blush nervously. “I’m so jealous, girl! It’s really hard for me to bulk, and honestly I’ve been struggling with it…” I chuckled awkwardly and held a hand to my toned, muscled ass cheek. “Like… okay, honestly I’m scared of binge eating because being toned and muscled means so much to me. It’s not that I care what other people think of me, but I worked real hard to be this cut…” I shook my head. This wasn’t working! Maybe I needed to try harder. “Basically… what I wanted to ask you was, how did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“How did you get so fat?” I asked (a little too forcefully). “Sorry, uh… I know you wanna lose weight –”

“It’s okay,” Abby swallowed another bite of ice cream. “Honestly, I feel better talking to you about it since you’re so non-judgemental…” her stomach interrupted her with a loud rumble. “… actually, if I’m going to be honest, it’s because I’m always so hungry.”

“Always?” I raised an eyebrow. “No wonder your stomach’s still growling.”

“I just can’t stop…” Abby took another bite as I stared intently at her upper arms and chest, trying to plump them up with sheer willpower. “I don’t know why I bought a small cup ‘cause it’s almost gone and I’m hungry for more.”

As she said this, I did the first thing that came to mind: I nudged my own ice cream to her side of the table. She stared at it hungrily, biting her lip before glancing back at me. “Kira… are you sure?”

“I’ll get more soon,” I promised. “But I’m petting the cat right now.”

“That’s fair, but… what about my diet?”

“What diet? It’s cheat day; we’re gonna eat as much as we can.”

As I said this, a waitress walked-up from behind me and leaned over our table, cooking apron modestly tied over a slim, yet ample body. Her breasts pressed softly through it, forming subtle mounds.

“Is everything okay over here?” she asked softly.

“Yes! Um…” I held a finger up. “Could you get us two more cups – and make them large?”

The waitress smiled. “They really taste good, don’t they? Very hard to resist.”

“Tell me about it,” Abby sighed, rolling her eyes blissfully before stuffing her mouth like a chipmunk.

“Did you want the same flavours?” she asked. “Or did you want to try something new?”

I looked down, taking a sly look at her belly, which was hidden by the apron. What if it was fatter than it looked? “What would you suggest?” I asked. “Something rich with lots of dairy…”

“Well,” she laughed and stood up straight. “My personal weakness is German Chocolate Fudge flavour,” she pressed her hands to the sides of her apron, revealing the outline of a dome of decadent, fattening indulgence that had definitely not been there before. “And it all goes right here…”

“Oh my…” I laughed. “You sure you’re not pregnant?”

“I wish,” she put her hands to her hips (the bulge was now visible even without the help of her hands). “Just fat.”

“Same,” Abby chimed-in. A short belch escaped her lips. “Oh! ‘Scuse me…”

“We’ll have two large cups of that,” I told her. “Unless you have a larger size than that? I hope?”

“Jumbo size,” the waitress smirked. “It’s four scoops – really big scoops.”

“Perfect,” I said. “We can’t wait.”

As the waitress left, I stole a glance at her butt, which was straining tightly against faded jeans like a pair of giant stress-balls, squeezing and flexing with each step. It wouldn’t be long before something ripped or popped, which reminded me –


I stared back at Abby, who’s face flushed beet-red.

“What was that?” I stared at her. “Was that… the button on your jeans?”

Abby was too embarrassed to say, but as she stared back at me, a new sound could be heard from under the table: a steady creaking as the zipper of her jeans was slowly forced down by the swell of her growing belly.

“I’m just…” she fidgeted in her seat. “…so bloated…”

“Bloated?” I chuckled. “More like fat.”

“And getting fatter,” she moaned, leaning back as her breasts strained against her t-shirt.

“Honestly, you look great,” I told her.

“Do you really think so?”

“Of course! You carry the weight very well.”

Abby looked nervously down past her cleavage at the belly that was threatening to rest in her lap. “I’m not so sure about that…”

“Seriously, if girls gained like you do, they’d be a whole lot chubbier.”

“So I’m chubby? Is that what you’re saying?”

Before I could answer, the waitress was back with our jumbo ice cream. “Here you are,” she leaned past me as she put a meal-sized cup in front of me, exposing an ample view of plump side-boob contained in a grey cotton shirt. Fat rolls around either side of her bra strap were clearly visible. “Your German Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream. Let me know what you think after you’ve tried it!”

“Thanks!” I smiled.

“Ugh,” Abby scooted forwards, stomach growling more hungrily than ever. “Why did I agree to this… I swear I’m gaining just by smelling this…”

“Maybe you are,” I whispered.

Why…?” she whined. “Don’t say that… that would mean you’d be gaining too.”

“Oh,” my eyes widened. “No, that not… I mean, maybe? I guess…”

This just wasn’t working! Everyone around me was swelling bigger by the minute, but I hadn’t gained an ounce. The mere thought of it made me shiver as I took my first bite of ice cream. There was something missing – and I was pretty sure what it was. I just didn’t want to get fat. I was terrified of the thought! Yes, I knew I was in a matrix, and yes, I did want to escape Andrew, but fitness defined me like nothing else. I couldn’t just throw it all away! But if I didn’t think of something soon, I’d be trapped here for good.

I stared down at my cat and gave her a good rub. Even the cat felt a little chubbier! Meanwhile, my abs were like chiselled rock, and my firm thighs rippled as I nervously fidgeted in my seat.

My thoughts were interrupted by a deep belch from Abby. She covered her mouth in shock, a faint double-chin emerging as she stared at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s just…” she readied another spoonful. “… so much dairy. I feel like a cow…”

“Cows are cute,” I replied, unsure what to say.

“They are, yeah, but…” she sighed. “Wait, what are we talking about?”

“Uh… not sure. This ice cream is amazing, though.”

“But you haven’t eaten any.”

She was right. I was scared to eat it, to be honest. Abby was easily twice as chubby as she was when we’d just arrived. Her stomach had evolved from relatively-flat to outright fat, bulging over unzipped jeans. Her face was chubbier, and her arms looked softer, filling her sleeves like pool-noodles. Not to mention her lower half, which was definitely filling her seat like a cushion even though I couldn’t see it. She was literally getting fatter by the minute – and I was still fit and thin! I was too scared to let go!

“I wish I was like you,” I sighed.

“Wait really?”

“So curvy… and…” I teased the ice cream with my spoon. “… thick…”

“But you’re so strong and fit!” she replied.

“I know…” I groaned at the sky. “Ugh! This is hard!”

To make things worse, the cat panicked and sprang itself free, darting for the corner of the shop. It slipped between the legs of someone with small calves and giant quads – Andrew.

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3 hours ago, Batman76 said:

Is it possible to learn this power?

With all seriousness, VR is getting really impressive. I’ve already seen some impressive stuff done in VR Chat, so it’s only a matter of a year or two before we initiate the VR Curvage Chat Room 👀

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This is an excellent premise, although quite, quite mad! Excellent, because you have a reason set up for the world bending to Kira's will. Mad, because the line "You're kind of lowkey stuck in a matrix" does an entire movie worth of setup - though Jim does do a good followup explanation.

Now, I've meant to reply about a couple of amusing things.

On 3/20/2021 at 11:34 AM, >_< 0_0 said:

True story: when I was creating my profile, I spent five minutes thinking of something balanced between clever and cringe. But I couldn’t think of anything good, so I thought of something else: a profile name based off the expressions a shy dude makes when he meets a stripper for the first time — that’s literally what my name is!

Yeah, "Flyer33" is because I was setting up (yet another) username for buying airline tickets around the same time. [Oh, for the pre-computer days when you could just buy the ticket and travel under a pseudonym because there was no such thing as a database and no-one really cared! Also, pre-WWI the UK barely had a passport system, and you'd just turn up at the sea-port and declare "I'm British" and, I presume, they just let you in so long as your accent was convincing, or if you had a sufficiently impressive top hat.]  

If I had the choice again, I'd go with Troy Athens, or possibly Joshua Whale after my favourite supporting character. 

On 3/25/2021 at 7:10 PM, >_< 0_0 said:

Also, this vid is the chapter in a nutshell:

He's Beginning To Believe Compilation - YouTube

Lol. I don't think these people put much thought into how hard the ground is. 

On 3/26/2021 at 2:55 AM, Batman76 said:

Is it possible to learn this power?

Not from a Jedi. 

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Oooff.... the story is finished 🥴 it's 35 fat pages long! I posted it onto the Curvage store for $1.99. Lemme know what you think! I'm quite proud of the climax.

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Um... it’s getting fat in the fit matrix, not getting fit in the fat matrix 🥴 I fucked that up. Ok... fixed now. Hope no one got confused by that typo.

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On 4/15/2021 at 1:11 PM, >_< 0_0 said:

Um... it’s getting fat in the fit matrix, not getting fit in the fat matrix 🥴 I fucked that up. Ok... fixed now. Hope no one got confused by that typo.

Hey, I hope you don't mind, but I enjoyed that scene with Abby.  So much so that I decided to go into VAM and try to semi-reproduce that scene based on your details.

BTW, first attempt so sorry if it didn't exactly turn out in your vision!











Oh and as an added bonus, here's Abby at the gym earlier.


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omg I love this!! Carderc ur an artist! Do u have an internet presence? A Twitter or DA account I can look through? It’s so thrilling to see how others imagine a story!

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My DA was only a lurker account until I posted this. I only recently got into VAM about 2 months ago but I've considered converting more stories into VAM scenes recently because I feel there is a noticeable lack of realistic 3D WG art.  But I went ahead and uploaded Virtual Reality by Kid A onto my DA.


I'm down to convert more of your stories over time - love your content 👍


Edit:  I figure I may as well change my account name to match my DA then if I'm going to consider sharing these photos.

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3 hours ago, CoastalBunny said:


Edit:  I figure I may as well change my account name to match my DA then if I'm going to consider sharing these photos.


my da is “ShivaAKAId” and u should follow and message me on there so I can find u. I’m super excited to see what u make next! It doesn’t matter what scene it is!

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4 minutes ago, >_< 0_0 said:

u should follow and message me on there so I can find u. I’m super excited to see what u make next! It doesn’t matter what scene it is!


I'll do that!  I'm pretty much down to do convert any of your work to 3D.  I love the realism that goes into your stories.  I've never liked the "1 week later and I went from 120 to 400" stuff which you seem to steer clear of ha.

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10 hours ago, CoastalBunny said:


I'll do that!  I'm pretty much down to do convert any of your work to 3D.  I love the realism that goes into your stories.  I've never liked the "1 week later and I went from 120 to 400" stuff which you seem to steer clear of ha.

To be fair, I do that too, but there will always be a reason why

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