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Husky's Burgers

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Lauren was just about to finish college, she picked a hell of a time to graduate during a global pandemic. With the school doing virtual classes for the past year she didn't even get to enjoy her Senior Year. She wasn't even able to participate in Softball but luckily her scholarship had been honored so she was spared the crippling debt that many of her classmates had been burdened with. She had been able to maintain her figure through the pandemic doing Yoga and running at a track that was near her house. Sure she wasn't in peak shape anymore, but without daily drills and conditioning with her team, she was still in much better shape than most of her friends at this point. Lauren was 5'5, 130 lbs with dark hair. She had a modest bust and a shapely butt. Being a Catcher, spending hours in a deep squat for every game for years, she had developed thick, muscular legs and strong arms able to rifle the ball to 2nd base. She had lost some muscle but her figure remained slim, with the thick but shapely trunk that came with a lifetime of squatting behind home plate.

The two had met in high school, but they were on rival teams. Lauren was on Southside High's team (the poorer side of town) and Jenny was the star Pitcher on Northern High's team (the wealthier side of town). They both had been given scholarships to the college team. so the two spent a lot of time together and became fast friends. They lived in the same dorm and sophomore year, Jenny's parents had rented her an apartment off campus and Jenny had invited Lauren to be her roommate. They had enjoyed many parties and even the occasional drunken hook up together. By Junior year they were almost inseparable. When lock downs and quarantines hit they were thankful to have each other to hangout with and spent their nights watching bad movies, eating delivery food, playing games and became even closer.

Lauren had initially put on a few pounds, but everyone got the quarantine 15 so she wasn't concerned. She had plenty of time to exercise after all and was able to knuckle down and lose it quickly. Her roommate Jenny had not made this easy however. Jenny, as so many others, with nothing to do away from home, she had taken up baking. Jenny always seemed to have something in the oven; breads, cookies, pies, etc. and the it had definitely begun to take a toll on her weight. Jenny was taller than Lauren, 5'10 and pre-pandemic she was thin and lanky, this was no longer the case. Jenny had filled out significantly, her height and body type hid the majority of her weight well, gaining fairly uniformly across her body, with the addition of a noticeably larger breast, a ** belly, and slight double chin. Her muscle had been replaced with a layer of fat and her appetite only seemed to increase.

With graduation coming up very soon, Lauren had started to look for full-time work, but with the economic downturn jobs were scarce. Every job she found required years of experience and the few zoom interviews she had been able to land, she had never received any job offers. Jenny's parents had already lined up an apartment for the two back home however this time the two were going to have to pay the rent themselves. When Jenny's parents had seen her size on her trip home for the holidays, they had decided she needed to learn some discipline. Lauren had been able to save up some money over her college years and offered to pay the first couple of month's rent herself as payback for all the years of free rent Jenny (or more accurately Jenny's parents) had given her.

The two returned to their hometown and spent a couple of days getting settled in. Their new apartment was in the newly revitalized downtown area. It was expensive, but the two did like the fact that they were so close to bars, clubs, and restaurants. Lauren couldn't keep living off of her savings for too long though and she was becoming desperate to find someplace, anyplace to work. On her daily run downtown, she decided to take a different route and run by the newly built AAA Baseball Stadium that had just been completed. She took a minute to rest outside of the gates to admire the beauty of the new stadium, the freshly mowed grass, the empty seats, the vacant hotdog stands all made her feel nostalgic for her summer days on the ball field. As she was tightening her shoe laces on a bench, she noticed a "Help Wanted" sign on the door of a restaurant across the street. There was still paper covering the windows and a banner on the facade reading "Coming Soon! Husky's Burgers and Beer". Lauren jogged over to find that the front door was being held open with a chair, so she poked her head inside.

The restaurant was nothing too flashy, a long bar across the length of the front lobby, a row of bar stools and tall tables across the windows pointing at the stadium and a several tables dotting the remainder of the lobby with some swinging doors leading, she assumed to the kitchen. She then noticed a man walking through the kitchen doors, he had his face looking down at a clipboard, checking things off, so he didn't notice her immediately. The man looked to be in his early 30's, longish hair with a knit cap, a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, tight jeans, and a beard. He was a little under 6 ft tall and a bit of a belly but was handsome. He looked up and noticed Lauren, "Hi, there welcome to Husky's, I'm Norman, but everyone calls me Husky! What can I do for you today?"

"I noticed that you were hiring," Lauren replied "I was wondering if I could get an application."

"I'm not really an application kind of guy, but I do have a few minutes for an interview." He then went right into asking Lauren about her work experience, interest in sports, knowledge of beers, and a series of other questions, all while walking all over the restaurant tending to one thing or another. Lauren was a bit taken aback at the manner of the interview, but it must have gone well because at the end he offered her the job as front of house manager! Husky said, "I have an accountant for the business stuff, I handle to Kitchen stuff, and now it's up to you to handle the customer stuff. You were a Catcher, that's the softball equivalent of a General, so I think you can handle it." Husky informed Lauren that they were still needing other front of house employees and from here on out that would be up to her to interview and hire them. He told her to come back in the morning so he could train her, and after that it would be her show.

She left the restaurant in a bit of a haze, it had all happened so quickly! She was excited though and ran home to tell Jenny, stopping by the liquor store on the way home to grab some celebratory beers!


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This is a good start, I'll be waiting to see how it continues from here.

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Jenny woke up around 8:30. The apartment was quiet so she didn't bother getting dressed before heading to the bathroom, not that it would have mattered anyway. After years sharing a locker room and apartments with Lauren, the two had seen each other naked hundreds of times. As she made her way down the hall, she caught her reflection in the full length that hung on Lauren's door. "God damn girl, you're looking amazing!" she thought to herself. Her once thin body had drastically filled out to say the least.

Jenny had always been so skinny. In grade school her nick name was "string bean" as she progressed to middle and high school, the accusations of her being anorexic or bulimic had started. This was never true however. She had always had a healthy appetite, but between sports and a high metabolism, she always maintained a thin build. She had always been jealous of the girls with big boobs, bubble butts and full faces. In college her metabolism had begun to slow, but with daily practices and training, she had become more muscular but no less lean. She gained only 10 lbs through her Junior year and never weighed more than 125 lbs, despite her 5'10 height.

This all changed when the lock downs hit. At first when it seemed the quarantine might be only a few weeks, she tried her best to stay in shape, running 6 miles a day while doing Yoga at home. But as the weeks became months and the prospects of the lock down ending soon began to fade, so did her resolve to stay in shape. Her runs became 5 miles, then 3, then were abandoned entirely. She continued practicing Yoga, but also took up a new Hobby - Cooking. Jenny had always loved food and would go out to eat several times a week, but there is only so many sandwiches and ramen noodles someone can eat before they truly start to miss "good food." Since she and Lauren were already getting their groceries delivered, she started adding new items to their list to experiment with. Granted her first few attempts are cooking her own meals didn't go quite as planned (what wasn't burnt was bland), she soon got a hang of cooking and found that she really had a knack for it. She then branched off into baking and from then on she found that she was always in the kitchen trying new recipes and tinkering with old favorites.

Jenny's weight stayed relatively the same at first, it was actually Lauren who took the most damage from Jenny's new hobby. By June, Lauren couldn't button any of her jeans and was reduced to only wearing yoga pants and sundresses. Once she outgrew her "fat pants" Lauren stepped up her exercise routine and  for the most part stopped eating the baked goods Jenny was making and within a couple of months she was back to her old size. Jenny admired her will power, but Lauren had always been strong willed.

Jenny loved baking too much to stop. She tried to give cookies and breads to her neighbors at first, but most of them declined due to safety reasons. Jenny didn't want any of it to go to waste though (mostly because it all tasted so good) so she began eating more and more of her treats herself. It wasn't until the end of summer that she began to notice a change in her body. It was subtle at first; a bra fitting to tighter than she remembered, a little extra tug to button her jeans, but by October she had had to buy a new wardrobe a couple of sizes bigger than before. Her belly began to stick out a bit, her breasts had begun to grow to a modest B Cup, and she wasn't totally sure, but she thought she was even starting to get a bit of a butt!  Jenny was thrilled!

By the time she went home for Christmas, there was no denying that Jenny was no longer the waif that she was the year before. Her mother spent the whole time asking whether Jenny needed another Christmas cookie. Her Aunt commented about how much luck she was having with her new diet, maybe Jenny should borrow the book. Her cousin poked her in the belly and said "I thought it was the Quarantine 15, not the Quarantine 30!" Little did her cousin know it was actually closer to the Quarantine 50. Something about all of this attention was intoxicating to Jenny. She loved the new attention, she loved that people were no longer telling her she was so skinny and she should eat more, no one was saying how jealous they were of staying so thin. She spent the week eating even more than she had before. She baked  new pies or batches of cookies everyday to share with her family, but she would always hide some in her room for later. Every night that week she would stuff herself with her hidden treats watching TV in her room and what she didn't finish that night, she would have for pre-breakfast before heading downstairs to join the family.

On Christmas Eve, a few days before she was going to head back to school for her final semester, the family went to the towns annual Christmas Tree lighting. Marnie, one of Jenny's friends from high school noticed Jenny's parents and came to say hello. When Marnie asked Jenny's mother how Jenny was doing, her mother replied, "Ask her yourself, she's right here!"

Marnie looked taken aback for a moment, she finally composed herself and said, "Oh hey Jenny! Sorry I didn't recognize you... because... you know, masks and stuff."

"Hey Marnie, long time no see!" Jenny replied, "I guess I do look a bit different than the last time I saw you." Jenny laughed. They two spent a few moments catching up, but Jenny excused herself and promised Marnie that they would get together next time she was in town. As she was waving goodbye Jenny ran to catch up with her family, she realized that this was the first time she had run in months and became slightly winded in the block and a half. She was feeling flush, but she couldn't decide if it was from running or her conversation with Marnie.

Christmas came and went, Jenny got lots of new clothes and even more apologies for them being wrong size. Jenny just laughed and shrugged it off, "It's okay," she kept saying, "This is the first year since 9th grade that I needed anything bigger than a size 2. Just add a 1 in front of the 2 next year!" The next day, the clothes were all exchanged at the local stores, but they weren't switched for 12's like she expected, but size 14. In a few cases she went for the size 16 so she could have a little room to grow.

By February the 14's turned to 16's and by the time Jenny and Lauren had moved back to town, Jenny was shopping in the plus size section.

Jenny couldn't help but spend a few minutes admiring herself in the mirror. Her breasts had grown considerably in the past year, they had become large enough to sag a bit and felt heavy in her hand. Her legs and thighs had equally filled out, giving her once rail body an hourglass curve. She had even begun bumping into things with her new butt. The only change in her body that she wasn't 100% excited about was her belly, it stuck out farther than her breasts, and from the side it gave her a slightly unbalanced look bulging out and down, but she relatively thin waist which gave her a very buxom look. She traced the outside curves of her body from shoulder to thigh, pausing briefly before tracking to the inside to brush her vagina on the way to cradle her belly. "You are a fucking fertility goddess!" she told herself. She spent a few more minutes in the bathroom attending to her morning routine when her stomach gave a gurgle. She finished up in the bathroom and on the way out she hopped on the scale. After a couple of seconds the red numbers on the scale read, "225."

"100 lbs.... I have gained 100 lbs!" she shouted. She stood there looking at the scale for a moment. She didn't know how exactly to feel. On the one hand she had always wanted to be heavier and she absolutely loved the way she looks now. On the other hand, it couldn't be a good thing that she had gained 100 lbs in one year. She hopped off the scale, let it clear and hopped on again, the scale again read "225." She was caught in mood osculating between joy, disappointment, pride, shame and excitement all happening at once. Her mind buzzed as she walked back to the mirror for one more look. She turned checking out every angle, she stood tall, slouched, grabbed a handful of belly and shook, grabbed a handful of her ass and watched it bounce as she let go. She had clearly let herself go, there was no denying that, but she couldn't help but think that she had let herself go in the most incredible way. She felt so powerful at this size, she had never been more confident, and she felt so fucking sexy that it almost hurt. She began thinking about how she might look if she gained another 10, 20, even 50 lbs, and surprisingly the thought made her wet. Lost in the moment she slipped a finger inside herself as her mind drifted, imagining all the things she would have to eat to get there, all the comments people would make about her being so fat, how sexy it her body would feel as other hand grabbed and pulled at her breasts and squeezed her belly and caressed her rolls... Her chest tightened. Her breathing swallowed. A wave of pleasure crested over her body...

Then Jenny heard the jangle of keys in the door. She bolted towards her bedroom, just getting inside as the door slammed open and she heard Lauren yell, "Wake up Bitch! We are celebrating!"

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Jenny shut the door right as she heard Lauren holler at her from the apartment's entrance. "Just getting dressed, be out in a minute." she called back. Jenny was not sure of what had just  come over her, but she didn't have time to sort it out now. She took a few moments to gather herself, got dressed in a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt that she had stolen from an old boyfriend and made her way to the living room.

Lauren didn't wait for her roommate to appear before she cracked her first beer. Sure 10:00am was a little early to start drinking, but as a wise man once said, "if you are going to drink all day you might as well start early." Lauren had spent months trying to find a new job and this one had practically landed in her lap. She wasn't entirely looking forward to smelling like burgers and fries all the time, but it was a management position and if nothing else it would look good on her resume when she went looking for a better job down the road. Lauren had nearly finished her first beer when Jenny finally came out of her room. "How did Jenny let herself go like this," she thought to herself as her roommate entered the living room. Jenny had always had an astonishing appetite for someone so thin, but now it seemed everything she ate ended up sticking to her body. Lauren noticed the old baggy concert tee that Jenny had taken from some frat boy in college had turned into a skin tight crop top and lounge pants Jenny was wearing looked almost painted on.

"What are we celebrating," Jenny asked

"I got a job! You are looking at the new manager of Husky's Burgers and Beer," Lauren said, taking a slight bow.

"OOOH Congratulations sis! This does demand a celebration! I'm going to make you a cake!" Jenny announced. Jenny immediately ran to the kitchen and started pulling pans and ingredients from the cupboard.

Lauren went to the kitchen and handed Jenny one of the beers, "You aren't going to let me drink alone are you?"

"Of course not," Jenny took the beer, opened it, and raised her bottle to toast Lauren on her success. "Tell me all about it," she said taking a big gulp and setting to work on making the cake.

Lauren started telling Jenny about the job and when she got to the part about needing to hire the staff, Jenny stopped her. "Do you think you could get me a job working there? My parents have been on my ass about finding a job too and I would love to have a reason to get out of this apartment and have human contact again."

"For sure!" Lauren said, "I'll just need a resume, three character references, five years of employment history, a drug test, background check..." Jenny punched Lauren in the arm to stop the teasing. "Well, I don't think I can tolerate this kind of violence in the workplace," Lauren said as Jenny grabbed a finger full of batter and smeared it onto Laurens face. They both laughed and Lauren got back to telling about the job.

A couple of hours and several beers later, the cake was finished and Jenny noticed Lauren cutting herself a thin slice. "I go through all the trouble of making you a celebratory cake and you have the AUDACITY to get a slice that small?!" Jenny teased and then walked over to Lauren, took the knife out of her had and handed her a fork. "This cake gets finished today whether you like it or not!"

Lauren started to protest, then stopped herself. "I guess today is a celebration, we both got new jobs today," and took the fork and began to dig in. Each of the girls started from opposite sides of the cake. Lauren had gotten about 1/3 through her half before Jenny had completed her half. It was almost impressive to watch Jenny go. The amount of pleasure on Jenny's face as she took bite after bite, made Lauren feel almost jealous. To be fair, it was a delicious cake, but the moans of pleasure Jenny was making with eat fork full almost sounded like she was getting turned on from eating it. Lauren finally put the fork down when she had eaten about half of her share of the cake, "I'm tapping out, I still have the rest of the day to finish this. Let's go do something or else I am going to fall into a cake coma!"

"Great idea," Jenny said, "Just let me go take a quick shower and get changed." She went to stand up, but had to steady herself on the table as she did. The beers had begun to kick in and half of a sheet cake that she had consumed also increased the difficulty of standing up. Her head was a bit foggy and she felt a bit flush, but collected herself and made her way to the shower.

Lauren's run this morning had been cut short due to stumbling across Husky's, so she decided she could get away with just changing clothes. Lauren took a moment to clean up the kitchen and wrap up the cake, taking another few bites and made her way back to her bedroom to change clothes. It was early summer and she already had a strong buzz, so she decided on something light and simple, a pair of low top chucks and a spaghetti strap dress that went to her mid thigh. Once she had dressed she yelled to Jenny "I'm ready when you are," and returned to the living room and grabbed the final beer and turned on the TV while she waited for Jenny to get ready and quickly dozed off.

Jenny got out of the shower and returned to her room, noticing that Lauren was already asleep on the couch. "No rush I guess," she thought to herself. After weeks of living in sweatpants and t-shirts, Jenny was excited to get dressed up for a change. Jenny opened her closet and grabbed a pair of faux-leather shorts that she had bought a couple of months ago. She went to pull up the shorts, but they got stuck midway up her thighs. She then went for a skirt with a stretchy waistband. She was able to get those to her waist, but with her newly plumped thighs and butt, the fabric revealed her butt cheeks and Jenny decided to try another option. She finally settled on a pair of Yoga pants that she had gotten for Christmas, while they still technically fit, the fabric was stretched to the point of being almost entirely see-through. She then went to grab a blouse, but again her new breast and belly had made her wardrobe fairly limited. After trying a few button ups which no longer buttoned up and some flowy tops that were no longer flowy she landed on a white tank top that was once oversized. It now fit tightly, but still allowed some freedom of movement.

Jenny then went into the living room to wake Lauren up, "Well are we going, or are you going to sleep all day." Jenny said as she gently shook Lauren.

"Yeah, let's go." Lauren said as she rubbed her eyes. "What do you wanna do?"

Jenny replied, "We are going to need some new work clothes aren't we? Let's go shopping!"

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37 minutes ago, boss frond said:

A very good start

Thank you! I’m not really a writer but I thought I would give it a run.

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You may not think of yourself as a writer, but I see some solid writing here. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing this world and its characters develop and expand (in more ways than one).

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