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A 3-part short story series about the girl next door, and the resul of her insatiable hunger.

This story based around a set of digital art pieces I've been putting together - I'll include each piece with every new chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Part I


She was wearing that tank top the day you met her.

She knocked at your door the week classes started. You found her giggling playfully at your threshold, her bright eyes lighting up when you greeted her. You were instantly enamored.

“Hi neighbor! I’m Alex, I live just across the hall. I got donuts for everyone on our floor, want some?”

She was holding a dozen-sized box before you, but hesitated before lifting the lid. 

“I may have had a few already…” Alex bit her lip with a coy smile, opening the box to reveal a third of the donuts were already gone. 

“No one else answered, so I thought I’d help myself to one. Or maybe a couple…”

She looked away, her cheeks growing red. It only made her more endearing.

“Anyway, will you come share these with me so I don’t feel guilty about eating them all by myself?”

How could you say no?

Alex invited you to her apartment across the hall. You hit it off right away - she was bubbly and vibrant and insanely cute. You sat together in her living room for what felt like hours. You were completely enraptured.

But what really hypnotized you was her appetite.

You politely took one donut, and watched Alex devour the others, one after another. Her plain white tank was tucked into flowing pants that hid her middle. She was undoubtedly thin, but you couldn’t resist stealing glances at her stomach, hoping to see the effects of her gluttony.

And soon enough you did.

With only a few donuts remaining her hand drifted over her middle. She fidgeted with her waistband. You could see how uncomfortably tight it had gotten - a crease had appeared just above her belly button where her pants dug into her expanding tummy.

“Oh I am so stuffed…” Alex hiccupped. “Look at how much I ate...”

She cradled her belly, showing you its true size for the first time. Your heartbeat quickened - she had gotten round. Maybe the thin girl next door wasn’t as thin as you thought - and she could grow.

“Forget it, I’m taking these off.”

To your surprise, Alex unabashedly tugged her pants over her hips. She leaned onto her back to kick them off, giving you a view of her long legs and ample butt. You heard her sigh with relief as she let her bottoms fall from her feet to the floor.

“Much better.”

Try as you might, you couldn’t help but stare. Her tank top had ridden up her middle as her stomach ballooned. Now it barely reached her belly button. A broad swath of her taut skin lay exposed, jutting high above the stretched fabric of her underwear.

“Those donuts are so good, I can barely control myself.” Alex patted her bare stomach, the tight flesh resonating like a drum. “I can’t believe there’s only one left…”

You watched her gaze at the remaining sugary treat. Her eyes softened and she gave an indignant pout, frustrated by her own capacity. It was irresistibly adorable. And you already knew what she would do.

“If I have the last one, promise not to tell?”

She turned her pout to you, practically begging, and you melted.

You’re not sure how she managed to fit that final donut. Her rounded belly rose and fell with each labored breath. Indents appeared at the cradle of her hips where her stomach had distended. You were certain she would burst with every bite.

Alex finished the last donut and sighed contentedly.

“God I’m such a little piggy,” she purred. Her hands fell to her tummy and she gave it the slightest shake. Her overfilled abdomen barely moved. “You must think I’m such a greedy girl.”

You were too mesmerized to respond.

“Here, see for yourself.”

Alex took your hands in hers, and placed them on either side of her bloated abdomen. You felt your blood rush with excitement. Alex didn’t seem to notice - she let out a contented sigh that became a gentle whimper.

“That feels so good, don’t stop.”

She guided your hands in a soft circle over her tummy. Her stomach felt packed to the brim, her skin warm to the touch. You gently rubbed her belly, and Alex dissolved in pleasure. 

“You look like you’re enjoying this as much as I am…”

Alex looked up at you with lidded eyes and a seductive smile. You found yourself leaning closer, and she was rising to meet you. She closed her eyes, you heard her breath catch, and her lips were suddenly inches from yours…

Alex let out a soft burp, and fell back in a fit of giggles.

“This was fun,” she winked. “Do it again soon?”


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A 3-part short story series about the girl next door, and the results of her insatiable hunger.

This story based around a set of digital art pieces I've been putting together - I'll include each piece with every new chapter. Hope you enjoy.


For the next month, you and Alex were nearly inseparable.

She was at your door almost daily, and yet you still couldn’t get enough of her. The more time you spent with her the more she captivated you. You couldn’t deny it - you were infatuated. Maybe you were even in love.

You did everything and anything with Alex. You talked until midnight, and then some. You drank and danced for hours on end. You fell into fits of laughter together, and you never wanted them to end.

And Alex was always eating.

Alex’s appetite was as voracious as the day you met. She was never far from food, and you were more than happy to keep her satiated. When she was with you, you worked to keep her happy and full.

And you watched her grow.

It was hardly noticeable, at least at first. To your dismay Alex hadn’t been quite so bold showing off her figure since. Yet every so often you’d catch a glimpse of her tummy. Each time you did, you swore it looked just a bit softer, just a bit fuller than it had before. Alex seemed curvier, somehow more luscious now - but maybe it was just your imagination.

That was until you saw her in the tank top again.

You knocked on Alex’s door one particularly hot weekend. You waited, longer than usual - long enough to wonder if she was even home.

“Hey sorry, just give me one second…” Alex’s voice sounded rushed through the door. You heard a muffled curse and a sigh of exertion from the other side. “I’m having a bit of an issue.”

It was another minute or so before she appeared at the entryway. She hurriedly gestured for you to come in, all the while keeping carefully out of sight.

“So, I may not be able to go out. I, um, don’t think I can wear my bathing suit anymore.” 

Alex averted her eyes sheepishly. For the first time in a long while you could see her figure fully, in all her glory. And your heart rushed at the sight.

She was wearing that tank top. The fabric barely made it to her belly button now. A wide stretch of her expanded midsection stood permanently exposed. The mass of it bounced ever so slightly with her steps, betraying how soft she had become.

“I need your help, and promise to tell the truth...” 

Alex anxiously tugged at her tank, trying to cover her rounded middle. The fabric sprang back, leaving her stomach bare once again.

“Be honest...am I getting fat?”

In one fluid motion Alex pulled the tank top over her head, her arched back accentuating the plumpness of her tummy. She bit her lip and stared up at you with abashed eyes that drove you wild.

Alex was wearing a bikini - one she had clearly outgrown. The bottoms sunk into the softness of her hips, pulled taut by her voluptuous figure. Her chest overfilled her top and threatened to burst out at any moment. And in between them, her stomach ballooned forward in a prominent, sultry curve.

You were left speechless.

“Do you think this bathing suit is too small for me?” she frowned. “Do I look too chubby?”

You assured her that she looked fantastic. And you genuinely meant it.

“You’re right, I’m probably just overreacting. I ate so much today, I’m feeling bloated.”

Alex smiled playfully, her nerves easing. She followed your eyes down to her belly and glanced back up tantalizingly. 

“Are you sure you don’t mind this?”

She grabbed a handful of her pudgy middle and gave it a gentle shake. She giggled at your expression. You were entranced. 

“I’m glad you seem to appreciate how thick I’ve gotten.”

Alex sauntered closer to you, her full hips swaying. Your breath caught. With heavy-lidded eyes she looked up at you and bit her lip.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to fatten me up…”

She leaned in, rising up on her toes.

“Might as well embrace it,” she whispered, and she kissed your cheek.

Alex laughed and strolled away, all the while beaming at your dumbfounded expression.

“Let’s put this bathing suit to use.” She patted her tummy emphatically. “And grab some ice cream, it’s hot out there.”


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