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Bored To Tears... In Your Uniform

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Hey all. Just posting a story that I had put up on my P*treon page a little while ago. 

Hope you enjoy it. 



Bored to Tears….In Your Uniform
By Jake (JMJ)

“And that’s pretty much the gist of it. You clock in, watch the monitors and that’s that. Nothing more to it.”

Dan Capper stood back from the wall and smiled. He was showing around his potential new hire, Madison Davids around the facility.

The warehouse contained a hodgepodge of goods that Dan had let small retailers use to ensure that they could keep up with supply and demand. Charging at such a low price allowed him to expand to other storage units, making him the biggest non-name brand storage facility in the tri-state area.

“Sounds pretty simple. There has to be a catch though, you’re willing to pay someone $31.50 to sit on their rears for 10 hours a day basically doing nothing. What gives?”

Madison was no idiot. She had just finished graduate school that past June and now that it was September, was trying to pick up some extra cash as she looked for schools to intern at. It had been tough sledding and she was not trying to be broke before she actually got a real job.

Dan’s face grew pale as he shuffled his feet nervously. The large, usually happy go lucky man was no longer happy; he looked downright despondent. He rubbed his stubble and sighed.

“Yeah, about that. Now, I don’t believe in this, so you have to understand that first.”

She looked at him confused, unsure of where this was going.

“The past few people in your position, well, let’s just say that by the time they quit they needed to use the unloading dock to leave, if you catch my drift.”

Madison was puzzled at first but then got what he was saying.

“Ah, they got fat working here. I see. Well, I’m sure being bored for all hours will do that to people with lack of discipline. I on the other hand have…”

He cut her off.

“No. I don’t mean it like that. I mean they claimed the place was haunted. Like there is a ghost or some creatures in here or something.”

Madison at first couldn’t comprehend what she had just heard.

“There’s no way he just said ghosts, right” she asked herself.

When she looked at his face however, it was obvious that he was still serious. This only caused her to laugh, almost a defense mechanism to hearing something so outlandish.

“Ha-ha-ha, ghosts? Like Casper?”

Dan did not smile.

“It sounds dumb, I know. But they weren’t very descriptive of what happened. They just said it was the creatures fault they had blown up and gotten fat.”

“I’m sure they’re just using that as an excuse for why they put on a few pounds.”

She smiled at her soon to be boss, but again, he was not amused.

“The last guy who worked here went from my size to easily 500 pounds in a year. The girl before that made it 6 months and nearly doubled in size. I do not think that’s “just a few pounds”, he said matter of factly.

Madison bit her tongue and decided to play along. It was an easy job and she did not want to offend her boss, even if he did seem a bit crazy talking about ghosts. Better to just play along and get paid.

“Fair enough. I’ll take the risk though. I use my Peloton, I’ll be ok.”

She extended her hand and let him shake it. He just nodded.

“Alright, I’ll go get the paper work and the legal documents stating I’m not liable if anything happens to you like it did the others.”

He trudged back to his office to get the documents, Madison following closely behind, doing her best to restrain herself from laughing in his face again.


“This uniform is pretty hideous. I look like a rejected UPS driver.”

Madison frowned as she looked at herself in the mirror. The brown shirt was very baggy, hiding her C cup breasts and flat but untoned stomach. Her toned thighs were hidden inside of the roomy brown slacks, showing off none of the muscle definition she had built up by using her exercise bike. Madison was a trim 5’3, weight barely over 100 pounds. Some of her muscle tone was due to exercise; some of it was due to her being thin. Either way, she thought she looked good.

“Oh well, it’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone in the middle of the fall at 11pm on a Saturday night”, she muttered.

Her shifts were all at night, with weekends being different hours than during the week, which she knew would mess with her sleep schedule and daily habits, but the money was good enough and she really needed to start paying back her loans. She really did not have much of a choice.”

“Just suck it up Madison, you did this all through your senior year of college, you just tough it out for 12 months or however long it takes to get a teaching gig and you’ll have some extra cash and some of the loans up to date.”

With the pep talk finished, Madison grabbed her car keys and headed off for her first night of work.


A yawn emerged out of the brown-haired woman’s face as she glanced over at the alarm clock on the desk. It read 1:18 am, meaning she was only an hour and a half into her shift.

“I need coffee.”

She looked back at the six monitors, seeing that the warehouse was secure inside and no one was around outside or on the roof. Satisfied that she could leave for a minute or two, Madison got out of her plush chair, exited the makeshift office, and headed to the workers breakroom.

The breakroom was also a very sparsely filled room, containing a small sink, a miniscule table with two folding chairs, a vending machine, a knock off Keurig coffee maker, and a filtered spout near the sink for water. It wasn’t exactly the most welcoming sight to see at 1 in the morning. It got worse when she opened the fridge to see that the only options to put in her coffee were half and half and whole milk. She begrudgingly grabbed the whole milk and put it on the counter.

“Whatever” she thought as she headed to the coffee maker.

As she waited for the device to prepare her coffee, something out of the corner of her eye made her turn around. Sitting on the table rested a box of donuts from Dunkin, something she was sure had not been there when she walked in. Her mind flashed to thoughts of the “creatures” but she shook it off as being overtired. She had been working odd hours this first week, so it was only natural that she missed it.

“Get a grip, Madison. That box was definitely there when you walked in. It’s not as if a creature or a ghost brought it for you. Someone probably had it earlier in the day. Yeah, that’s it.”

Madison poured some milk into her Styrofoam cup and giggled to herself as she left the breakroom, realizing how silly it was to think that anything supernatural had caused the donuts to materialize.

The hours dragged on as Madison found herself returning to the breakroom two more times to get coffee, each time the sight of the donuts got her to laugh more and more. If this was the “ghost’s” big move, it was going to be disappointed.

“I’m not going to eat this, ghost. You can try all you want, but I’ll stay away,” she said out loud, half joking and half seriously.

She resumed pouring her milk into the coffee and then retreated to her chair. She figured that her little outburst would be therapeutic and cause her to relax. And, for the rest of the shift, it did.

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Madison tapped on her phone, playing the latest Scrabble clone on her iPhone to kill some time. It was just before 3 am on a Tuesday and she had been up since 8 am due to construction outside her window. She was exhausted and her eyes were completely red and glazed over. It had taken every bit of strength to stay awake just driving in. She went into her backpack, pulled out her phone charger, and plugged it in as she locked her phone up after making her latest move in the game.

“This is so god damn tedious.”

She yawned and leaned back in her chair, the comfortable cushion making her want to just close her eyes and rest. She still had 4 hours to go though and sleeping was not an option.

“Just, yawn, just going to get more coffee.”

She sauntered the few feet into the breakroom, on instinct opened the fridge, and pulled out the whole milk. She had gone through this routine every work night since she started three weeks ago, so she knew what to expect: put the pod in the machine, add a sugar packet, let the coffee go in the cup, then splash in some milk before stirring it and taking a sip. It was just so monotonous. It was so monotonous, that she hadn’t seen the item in the fridge when she first grabbed the milk, only spotting it when she went to put it back.

Seated on the middle shelf of the fridge was a tin with plastic wrap on top of it, keeping the apple pie inside fresh. It had a few slivers taken out of it, but there was still gooey apples smothered in cinnamon remaining in abundance. She looked at the pie and it reminded her of Thanksgiving and how great of a baker her grandmother used to be.

“Mhmm, apple pie….”

She almost reached for the pie but then pulled her hand back fast.

“No! I’m not going to sit on my ass and stuff my face, I’m better than that!”

She angrily grabbed her coffee and returned to her post, eager to try and forget that the dessert was even in the fridge. She tapped the side of the desk and just stared into space, checking out the monitors from time to time. She figured it had been a couple of hours, but when she looked at her phone, she was met with disheartening information.

“It’s only 3:43? What the hell?”

She stamped her foot in anger and pouted. The 26 year old was growing more and more frustrated by her situation by the minute. The constant boredom, the routine of getting coffee, seeing the same monitors day after day, not to mention the delicious, succulent apple pie in the fridge.

Her thoughts trailed back to the fridge and Madison felt her stomach rumble. She had not really eaten since dinner at 8 and felt mighty peckish. Then she thought about “the ghosts” that supposedly haunted the warehouse, and for a moment, she again decided against eating. She resolved to avoid the cake, until a small voice, that felt like it was inside her head, but not her own voice, made her think aloud about eating the pie.

“I mean, it is only apple pie, right? It’s not like it’s chocolate cake. Besides, it’s not like anyone knows apple pie is my favorite. I will just have a small piece and be done with it.

She rose to return to the kitchen and hastily opened the fridge and grabbed a plastic knife. However, when she looked in the shelves, she could not find any plates, paper or otherwise to put the pie on. She was about to give up when again a voice told her she could just eat it out of the tin.

“I’ll just take a few bites and put the tin back. No one will be the wiser.”

With that, Madison greedily grabbed the tin and went back to her station, snacking on what was more than a small slice, but not caring because she had been rewarded with a treat that was almost better than her grandmother’s was.

When she had grabbed it, there had been about three quarters left of the pie. When she returned it, there was barely a quarter. Not that she noticed, she was too busy reveling in the deliciousness she had consumed.

“Burp, that was good. Time for another cup of coffee and then setting my timer for the final countdown before the shift ends.”

While she got her coffee, she could have sworn she heard someone laughing. The noise was faint, but she could have sworn she heard at least two different laughs coming from somewhere in the warehouse. She thought about investigating but decided against it.

“Probably just the wind” she thought before getting ready to go back to work.


“Two points!”

Madison mockingly yelled out as she a crumpled up piece of paper in the garbage. She spun the chair around in celebration as she enjoyed getting the cup in the wastebasket. It was really the most exciting thing that had happened to her all shift.

Her job was growing insufferable, just staring at monitors all night, whether it be for work or on her iPhone. Even the games she had spent most of her time playing were no longer pleasurable, she viewed them as a chore, something she just wanted to finish so she could kill time. As a result, she found herself bored out of her mind, hoping for ANY kind of excitement to change things up.

One night, she had seen the monitor outside go black, leading her to believe there could be a burglar. She shot out of her chair and ran as fast as she could to the door, slamming it open to see what it was, only to discover, disappointingly, that a leaf had blown in front of the lens. She just pulled it off and trudged back inside, dejected.

She had been employed just over a month and was coming to the reality that maybe this job wasn’t worth it. Sure, the pay was fantastic and she did not have to do anything, but that was the problem. It was a catch 22, easy well-paying job, but one that makes you lose your mind. She really could not stand the boredom.

As she shifted in her seat, her eyes began to close once more, her lack of energy causing her to grow tired once more. She kept them closed for a moment until she heard the laughter again. It was still faint this time, but she could swear it was closer than before. She rubbed her ears and then eyes, making sure she woke up.

“Just bored is all. Makes your mind play tricks on you. No one is in here laughing at you, it’s all in your head. Just get some coffee and you’ll be fine.”

Shaking things off, she returned to the breakroom and grabbed one of the paper cups, foregoing the smaller, Styrofoam ones that she had been using. These were 16 ounces, which were different from her usual 8 ounces. She also did not recall seeing this option previously.

“Hmm, guess Dan decided to spend more for his staff. Good for him” she said as she poured sugar into the container.

She put in the coffee pod and pressed the larger button on the device to sputter out her java. Opening the fridge, Madison was dismayed to see that there was no whole milk this time, the only option being half-half. She groaned but nevertheless pulled the carton of fattier milk out and poured some into the cup.

She returned the container to the fridge and as she did spied a white box that was half opened. Curiously, she opened the box up to see that it was a box of cookies and cream cupcakes from a local bakery. They even had little Oreoes mixed into the crème topping.

“I’ve heard of “Scuccini’s” before, but I’ve never had them. Supposed to be good.”

She half closed the door when that gnawing sensation she had felt in her stomach the night she ate the apple pie return. This time it was more severe though. And harder to fight off.

“Er, maybe, maybe one will be fine” she said as she picked the smallest one from the remaining four. Even this one was a calorie laden confectionary bomb, even at its diminutive by comparison size.

Madison returned to her desk chair and got comfortable, holding her coffee and treat in each hand. She bit into the cupcake, the crème sliding down her throat and into her waiting stomach. Her eyes grew glazed and glassy as she took another bite, the gnawing in her stomach dissipating.

It wasn’t long before she was finished and was sipping on her coffee to wash down the treat. She licked her fingers clean, a bit disappointed that the food was all gone. She glanced once more at the trash basket, seeing the wrapper hanging there, reminding her of what she had eaten. She whimpered again at the food being gone before her head jerked around at a noise by the breakroom.

She rushed back inside, hoping to find out what had happened, but found nothing. Everything was exactly as she had left it, though the door to the refridgerator was now slightly ajar.

“I thought I closed it?”

She walked back over to the white door and began shutting it when she noticed that the box holding the cupcakes was still open. It was almost as if the three cupcakes were crying out to her, begging her to eat them. She struggled to resist but her hand only opened the door more instead of closing it. She grabbed another one and slammed the door shut, rushing back to the office to avoid taking the remaining two.

As she ate, she was certain she could hear little hands clapping, seemingly pleased that she had taken food.

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A cold breeze passed through the warehouse on the cold November day. It wasn’t even December yet but snow had already fallen the night before, a testament to the unusually cold weather for this time of year. Worse, there was no heat in any section of the warehouse outside of the breakroom and offices, so traveling between the two meant she was hit with a blast of frigid air.

“Cheapskate can’t even keep this place warm. How am I supposed to stay here in January when it’ll be even colder?”

Madison angrily dragged her chair closer to the portable space heater and rubbed her hands together, hoping this little bit of activity would warm her up. It did, but not sufficiently. She rolled her eyes in disapproval but kept at it, thinking any bit of warmth was better than nothing.

As she leaned in more to get closer to the portable heater, her shirt, which she kept tucked in, came untucked. She felt this occur and pulled the fabric again to tuck it back into place. The material felt like it had less give than usual. It was still baggy, just not as much as it had been day one.

“Have to use different detergent. This one is shrinking everything.”

Madison thought back to Thanksgiving three days ago and how her jeans and sweater seemed tighter than she expected them to. It had been a bit of a struggle to get them over her thighs and when she sat down she felt like they were going to burst at both her waist and rear. She dreaded getting up for fear that things would rip when she tried sitting back down.

Luckily, for her, that did not happen but as she was preoccupied with this, she failed to notice some of the looks her family had given her, both when she arrived and when she kept going for food.

“Oh, another serving of yams, Mad? Must not have eaten today”, her mother said.

Her mother, a woman who ran half marathons and did miles on her exercise bike every morning, had always looked after her daughter and her weight. She never openly commented on it, but she would make snide little comments that acted like a button that would put Madison in a panic and make her go back to not eating and exercising. On this day, however, it appeared that the button was broken because Madison did not pay her mother any mind as she made comments about her appetite. She simply helped herself to a second plate and a little extra mashed potatoes before preparing herself for dessert.

Her brother also made some comments at dinner but she paid him no mind either, letting him go back to bragging about his college football team being undefeated this late in the season. It was as if a barrier had been place around her brain, preventing her from coming to terms with the obvious; she had put on weight.

It was not an earth-shattering amount by any stretch of the imagination, but it was definitely enough to be noticeable, especially when she was not in her work uniform. It was maybe 15 pounds but it showed, mostly in her boobs and butt. Her breasts had softened up and her rear had begun to spread out, going from firm but shapely to shapely but loose. Her cheeks had gained a bit of a jiggle to them as she would walk around her apartment in only her panties, trying to find clothes that fit. Anything that did not was just thrown onto her Peloton.

That bike had been collecting dust for a while, having gone unused since her second week of work. Now, having been employed for just over two months, Madison was using it more as a clothes holder than anything else, ignoring her reminders on her phone that she hadn’t used the machine in weeks. She was so drained after work that she simply didn’t want to do anything but sleep, and on days off she was too busy trying to catch up on sleep, TV and shopping that working out was the last thing on her mind.

Without even realizing it, Madison had become not only bored, but complacent. When she wasn’t at work she would veg out in front of the TV, putting on a cozy pair of sweats and just watching things that were doing nothing but rotting her brain. The once energetic teaching hopeful was being replaced by a lazy woman who didn’t want to do anything but relax. It was not clear if this funk would ever break.


The cold New York weather continued as December turned into January. It seemed everyday was another snowstorm, turning the days and nights into dark and dreary settings that did nothing but make people want to stay at home and do nothing.

That was especially true for Madison, who was dreading having to go to work. She had been forced to work a 14 hour shift the day before and had still not gotten caught up on sleep, making her eyes blurry and her body achy. She let out a large yawn and then sighed when she realized she had to start getting ready for her shift.

“Dan’s lucky I’m a team player and that I got paid double time, otherwise I’d have told him to shove it” she said out loud as she went about grabbing her uniform off of her exercise bike, which was now only used as a clothes rack.

She took off her gray sweatshirt and sweatpants and put them on the side. They were part of some gifts her parents had purchased for her for Christmas. She had asked for a new iPad but when she received the package in the mail (her parents had gone to Florida for the holiday and her brother was still on his college campus), she only found pairs of sweat pants, leggings, and some shirts with a note saying:

“You probably need these more than the iPad, though I’m told Apple has some good exercise programs. You should look into them, my dear.”

The clothes were something she had not expected nor wanted, and she was going to return them for store credit, that is until she tried them on. They were not as roomy as her mother had thought they would be, but they were definitely more comfortable than what she had been wearing. These she could actually move around in without a piece of fabric pinching her stomach or something riding up her butt. These were, close to the right size.

However, the ten pounds she had packed on since getting them were putting them close to the tight category, which Madison continued to attribute to her washing habits. Sure, she had changed the detergent twice, stopped using fabric softener, even took them to a dry cleaner. No matter what she did, things still clung to her body more and more each time she wore them. The brown-haired woman though always found an excuse for things no longer fit properly, never once thinking to jump on the scale.

If she had, she’d have realized it wasn’t things shrinking in the wash but the fact her stomach was now very doughy and bulging and her hips had spread out while her rear looked like it had been attached to an air hose. Her beige panties were stretched wide over her ass, showing off bits of cheek and cellulite that was forming. Her breasts were doing their own thing, trying to burst from the tops of her bra, only doing more harm than good as they pressed tightly against the lycra spandex and causing Madison pain. She grunted and decided to take it off. Her uniform was still baggy and she wouldn’t be seeing anyone until the early morning, no one would know.

“Much better” she said to no one in particular as she tossed the bra aside and put on her uniform.

With everything on, she took one look in the mirror, ignoring the growing double chin, grabbed her keys and went off to work.


Madison slurped noisily on her 24 ounce cup of coffee, her eyes blurry from having starred at the monitors for so long. She rubbed them to get into better focus but it did next to nothing. The clock read 2:41 am, meaning she still had roughly 4 hours to go before her shift would end.

“That’s if, urp, Hayden comes in on time.”

Madison shook her head thinking about her older coworker, remembering how he would never come in on time and made her wait to be able to get home and sleep. Really, he was completely selfish and Madison hated him for it.

She leaned back in her chair, yawned, and then winced as she felt the buttons on her uniform press tightly into her body. Her breasts were constricted and she felt like her pants button was about to rip through her stomach. She hastily reached down and undid the button, letting her lightly tanned flesh pour out and force the zipper down.

“I’m going to have ask for a new uniform too. This sucks.”

She did not even fathom that her weight had been going up, oblivious to the fact that since her start date back in September, she had packed on well over 50 pounds and had graduated past the “curvy stage” and well into the plump/chubby phase. Her face was much fuller and her once sunken cheek bones had filled in and rounded out nicely, making her appear happier. Her breasts and rear were still the primary benefactors but she had really grown everywhere, even her fingers were thicker, forcing her to leave two of her rings off most days.

“Like I’m going to have to talk to that woman when she does my uniform again, this is too much! If my bony ass can’t fit in these pants, how are they staying in business?”

As she made that statement, she heard laughter coming from the kitchen. It sounded like one, no, two people were laughing at something. Madison figured it was nothing and went back to complaining, only for the laughing to get louder.

“No, no, no. It’s just my imagination. That’s all. Just my imagination.”

She picked up her phone and tried to put music on, but the iPhone would not unlock. She shook it violently but it still would not unlock. All the while, the laughing volume increased. Her face showed signs of fear as she turned her head, the laughter now turning into chortling. Madison grabbed her phone and turned the flashlight on before grabbing what constituted as a weapon for the guards and the rest of the staff, a paper weight shaped like a gavel.

She slowly rose from her chair and began gingerly making her way towards the kitchen, shining her light in every space that was dark and potentially hazardous. She found nothing and thought maybe it was all in her head until the glee emanating from the kitchen turned into name calling.

“Madison, MADISONNNNNNNNNN”, it said, in an eerily haunting tone.

Madison almost crapped her pants when that happened and was ready to turn and run but then decided to stand her ground.

“Some-someone is probably playing a prank on me. I’ll, I’ll just go in there and throw this gavel at them, th-that’ll show them!”

Tentatively, she inched to the door, clutching the crystal gavel in her right hand and her large phone in the left. She took a deep breath and jumped into the kitchen in an “a-ha” moment.

Her eyes picked up nothing as she glanced around, seeing nothing. She stood back up straight, allowing her clothes to relax, though at this point two buttons had popped on her dress shirt, exposing her bra and upper belly.

“Gu-guess it really was nothing. Ha-ha-ha” she said, nervously laughing.

Just then, the lights went on and Madison closed her eyes before letting them readjust to the brightness. When they did, what she saw almost made her faint.

Standing before her were two creatures, barely two feet tall and hairless. They had what appeared to be a gray body suit on and their eyes were yellow. Both of their bodies were uniform and looked sexless, nothing but “skin” or “clothing” where identifiable sex parts should have been.

The “taller” one, who she assumed was in charge, giggled as it looked at Madison, pointing a long, crooked finger in her direction. There were no nails on the fingers and the other creature, whose eyes were a duller shade of yellow, laughed it up as well and poked it’s friend in it’s spindly arm.

“He-he, you think we’re NOTHING? How wrong you are, Madison!”

Madison dropped her phone, which bounced off her boot and then onto the floor. She ignored the pain in her appendage and tried to make a break for the door, but felt something holding her back. When she gathered enough strength to turn her head, she noted the two beings were extending their arms, almost as if they had a rope in each hand that was tied to her, preventing her from moving. Sweat flew from her face as she squirmed, trying to break free.

“Let, let me go! Help! Help!”

“Oh, Madison, we are here to help you!”

Madison still did not believe them and struggled more her clothes not seeming up to the task. Each twist and turn cause another button to pop and another seam to tear. For now, the uniform was still covering up most of her adequately, but if she kept moving frantically, she might be walking out naked. She paid this no attention, as escaping was the only thing on her mind now.

“I don’t believe you! People who want to help don’t tie someone up with imaginary ropes or whatever the fuck it is you’re doing!”

She yelled at them as they just laughed. She kept wiggling until finally she felt free.

She almost fell due to all the momentum her efforts had generated but thankfully caught herself and steadied things until she was stable. She grabbed the wall and held it tightly as she tried to regain her strength, balance and breath. She was completely winded from the most physical activity she had done in just over five months.

“You’re right, we’re sorry. Forgive us?”

The creatures were in front of her again, smiling once more. Their teeth were flat and yellow, just like their eyes. They looked ridiculous but felt menacing, in a weird way. They were not physically imposing but something about them led Madison to believe if she tried fighting with them again, she would really get hurt. So she decided to stay alert but listen.

“I don’t know. You said, you said you wanted to help me. How so?”

“Well, you are overly bored at this place, rightttttt?”

“And you wish the hours would just go bye so quickly, righttttt?

Madison pondered the two questions for a moment.

“Yeah, so?”

They smiled and hopped up and down, revealing that the gray “bodysuits” were actually their real flesh and blood.

“We’re here to keep you entertained, silly? Who do you think has been leaving you all these goodies out the past few months? We know you’re bored so we’re trying to help out!”

She still couldn’t figure out “how” they were helping her as just leaving food really wasn’t making the nights pass that much faster.

“Um, ok. However, I’m still always bored all the time. And I don’t think eating all the time is the answer to anything.”

The more authoritative one of the creatures shook it’s head.

“That’s because you really HAVEN’T tried it, now have you? You have to give in a little for it to go faster and cure that boredom!”

The other one nodded in agreement.

“Exactly! And don’t you remember how much fun you had having those eclairs last week and how it seemed like an hour passed without you realizing it?”

The leader smiled, though Madison didn’t detect him trying to be deceitful.

“Just let go a little and let us handle things! We’ll make your nights SO much more fun! We’re not going to hurt you; we’re just going to make you happier!”

It walked up to her and extended a hand. Madison wanted to push it down and just get out of there, but something made her think to what they had said. Things really did seem to go faster when they left out treats. And a little snack wouldn’t really hurt too much, right? She could always work it off if she somehow did gain weight.

“Fine, I guess I’ll let you guys ‘help’. But no funny business, ok?”

She extended her hand and shook the creatures hand. It was very firm and felt just how it looked, like a bony rock.

“Excellent! Let’s get started, shall we? By the way, I’m Crassus and this is Pinguis. Nice to meet ya, Madison!”

“Uh, yeah. Nice to meet you both. Now what?”

They both smiled at one another and snapped their fingers.

“Simple” they yelled in unison, “You eat!”

Behind them on the breakroom table, two pizza pies materialized, one slathered in cheese and sausage and the other in cheese and chicken cutlets. Madison’s mouth watered and without thinking, she reached for her first slice.

“We’ll just bring these to your desk, no need for us to hide anymore. You ready?”

Madison just mumbled something through bites of delicious pizza and followed her new friends back to her desk.

The two beings smiled at one another as they heard Madison chewing loudly, though she was too focused on eating to pay it any mind.

“We got another one, Crassus.”

“I think so, Pinguis. I think so.”

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“I, urp! I don’t think I can have another bite! I’m, I’m too full!”

“it’s only two more donuts, you can do it!”

“Burp! I, arppppp, don’t think I can.”

Madison was seated on her desk chair, face-showing signs of clear discomfort. She was burping non-stop, hoping to clear room in her stomach but at the same trying not to throw up. She belched once more as the two beings huddled around her, trying to encourage her to keep going. Pathetically, Madison tried to bat them away with a hand but they easily avoided her lame attempts and picked up both of the remaining donuts.

“Come onnnnnnnn, they’re like nothing! All dough and airrrrrr”, Pinguis stated in a sing song way.

The two creatures tended to do this when they got excited, Madison noted, which seemed to always be when she was about to really overeat and push past her limits (though she hadn’t picked up on that part yet). It drove her insane and always made her want to shoot blow her brains out.

“Just, just gimme a second, will ya? I’m trying to di-digest this barppp!”

Another blast of gas explodes out of her mouth, causing the creatures to once more laugh excitedly. They knew that after a few more of these, Madison would have more room in her swollen stomach and would eat the last two donuts.

“We’ll let you rest. If you want, we can rub your stomach, it’ll probably help you digest even better and will get more gas out.”

Crassus went to move for her belly, but she shook her head.

“No-no. It’s, it’s ok. Just, I need. Barp!”

Madison had given in to a lot of their requests and ideas, but she was NOT going to let either one of them touch her.

She clutched her stomach once more and heard it rumble in protest. She felt disgusting and stuffed and did not want to move at all. It was a sensation that was becoming all too familiar at work, one that seemed to last longer and longer as the days turned into weeks.

They had started slowly with her, encouraging her to eat “small” servings, usually a pizza pie, a few burgers, maybe a pie, etc. As they felt their control and influence on their bored prey grow, however, they began to up the ante. Now, it wasn’t enough to have her feast just once during a shift, they were working on a stuffing session when she got there and one a few hours later. Madison had resisted at first but would always cave eventually when her stomach would rumble later on.

Needless to say, this added influx of calories only caused the once slim woman to positively balloon in such a short period of time. The 54 pounds in 5 months had been impressive, sure, but the 18 pounds in 5 weeks was probably even more impressive. It had taken her to just below the 200 pound mark, a number close to double her weight when she had started just over 6 months ago. The munchies, as they had referred to themselves, were ever aware of that number and were too eager to see it go up much higher.

Somewhere in her mind, Madison was aware that she was getting big, it was hard not to realize it. Her thighs would rub together, her belly bounced up and down whenever she walked once out of the shower, her back ached and her boobs were sore, plus she had given up on wearing any jewlery. However, due to the munchies influence and magic, those thoughts always vanished as quickly as they appeared. She’d look down and wonder why her belly was spilling out of her shirt in rolls, then the next instant a donut would be in her face and she’d forget all about it. Or she’d feel the seat of her uniform riding into her plush rear, but a Big Mac on the counter would make her push past this discomfort to get the tasty treat anyway. It was a vicious cycle and one that was turning Madison into the thing she thought she’d never become; an overweight, lazy, glutton.

“So, ready for this jelly donut and glazed one? They’re really simple and not heavy like the vanilla crème from before.”

“And they’re not like the brownie batter or maple frosted either”, Pinguis added, chiming in.

“Besidessssssss, the faster you eat them, the more time you have to digest themmmmmmm”, Crassus stated.

Madison thought about that and, realizing they were right (and wanting them to stop talking like this) grabbed the glazed and stuffed it into her mouth and chewed fast and loudly, swallowing it in no time. She felt her chest tighten from the intake of food but pushed past it and grabbed the jelly as well and took it down in two bites, jelly getting all over her doubly chinned face and lips. She swallowed that too and let out a gigantic belch, one that she didn’t even bother covering her mouth with, she was too tired.

Peering over her towering abdomen, the two munchies grinned as they watched their new friend relax and allow everything to become even more flab on her frame.


The fan whirled inside of the breakroom, oscillating to hit every part of the room with a cold blast of air before moving to the next section. Though it was only 54 degrees outside, inside the warehouse it felt like 90. Sweat poured out of Madison’s orifices and made her completely uncomfortable. She sipped on her extra-large ice cream shake, hoping it would provide some relief. It did not.

“I hate this weather, it’s so exhausting.”

Madison grabbed a McDonald’s napkin from the table and wiped off her forehead, drenching the napkin immediately.

“You should have been here the summer of 2011, it hit 95 in May!”

Madison shuddered at the thought of such intense heat so early as Crassus happily walked around her and took the ketchup bottle off of the table and returned it to it’s place in the fridge. He then walked back to the table and placed three McDonald’s apple pie’s on a paper plate. He pushed the plate closer to her and she just sighed.

“I don’t know guys, don’t you think I’m putting on a little weight?”

The creatures laughed both at her thinking it was only “a little weight” but also that she thought she had a choice.

“Nonsense! It’s just extra curves!”

“Yeah! Your human males love that!”

Madison looked down at her massive paunch, thinking otherwise.

“Maybe, but look at this thing, I don’t think guys like this” she said as she poked her abdomen, alarmed at just how deep her finger sunk into her flesh.

“it’s nothing! We’ve seen worse, don’t worry!”

Madison briefly recalled Dan’s warning at the beginning of her employment last year about how others had gotten fat. Were these beings, were they what she had been warned about?

“H-have you?”

“Mhm! We had one guy who loved to eat and who stuffed his face 24/7! He was always asking us for food!”

Pinguis grinned as it came closer to Madison and brought the pies closer.

“Yep! He was a real big guy but such a sweetheart! I miss him!”

“He liked to eat” Madison inquired.

“Oh yeah! He was such a big eater! Sometimes we couldn’t keep up with his requests! We even warned him of how much he was eating, and he didn’t care!”

“And you’re not lying to me?”

They seemed hurt by the question.

“We’d never lie to you! We’ve always looked out for your best interests! We told you we’d stop your boredom at work and we have, haven’t we?”

Madison pondered that for a second. Work had been more tolerable since she met them. Maybe these beings weren’t what caused people to get fat, maybe they just were the scapegoats for fatties. As long as she maintained control, she’d be fine. Sure, she had control.

“Well, if you say so.”

“Sooooooo, do you want these pies?”

Crassus held them close to the bloated brunette’s face. Her nose caught scent of the treat and she licked her lips. Surely, there was no harm in eating three little pies.

“As long as you guys will tell me if I’m getting out hand.”

“Definitely” the two cried in unison.

“Okay. Pass the pie then.”


Madison sat on the sofa in her living room and let out a loud burp. It was her day off and she had planned on going grocery shopping but instead was doing what she always did, sitting on her rear, watching TV and ordering take out.

“I should probably, urp, go to the store”, she mumbled after letting out another belch.

“What for? You have a nice mini “Criminal Minds” marathon going on! Just order takeout!”

Madison watched as the munchies grabbed her cell phone from the cluttered coffee table and handed it to her. It already had the Uber Eats app up and an order in for one of her usual places, “Batelli’s Pizza”. Her stomach churned as she thought of pizza and calzones.

“Not in the mood for pizza today. I’m going to go to the store. I need to get circulation in the legs.”

She grabbed the arm of the couch and pushed against it to get off her anchor like rear. Her face looked like it had in the past after an hour on the Peloton, only with more sweat and an extra chin and a half. As the sweat dripped down past her eyes and into her mouth, Madison struggled to catch her breath. Her body was still wobbling from the effort and everything just ached. She bent over and gasped, her belly causing her shirt to ride up and exposing all of it’s pale, stretch marked glory to the munchies as it settled on her thighs.

“So, gasp, out of shape. It’s, it’s ridiculous!”

She reached for the soda bottle on the table, but her pants were cutting into her spongy belly way to much to allow this to happen. The munchies, sensing her discomfort, passed the Coke bottle to her and she took a long gulp, hoping it would refresh her.

“You’ve just been working so hard. Don’t think about it too much, it’s your day off anyway, you should be relaxing”, Crassus exclaimed as he patted a blubbery thigh, the touch sending a shiver down Madison’s spine.

The munchies had become more than just entities she talked to at work, they now were going home with her every night after work too. It had been weird at first as she had not expected it. It was just one morning after she exited from the shower, Crassus had handed her a towel and her robe, which at first seemed normal, but then it registered what had happened and she freaked out. She shut the shower stall door, yelling at them about being there.

He explained that since they were so close at work and having such a fun time, the duo decided to tag along and hang out with her at home too. She told them to leave and they pouted, telling her they felt like she didn’t want to be friends with them anymore and hung their non-existent heads as they began walking to the door.

She didn’t know why but some part of her felt really bad about doing this. Sure, they had entered unannounced and saw her naked, but they also helped many nights by making work fun. She hated to admit it but eating was keeping her mind preoccupied and work no longer was a drag. Maybe having them around at home would be ok, just as long as she laid ground rules.

“Wait! You two, well. I don’t like that you came into the bathroom to see me naked. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. Just, like, don’t come barging into the bathroom when I’m in the shower, ya know?”

Pinguis grinned evilly at his partner before they turned back to Madison and reverted to their normal joyous appearances.

“Yay! We’re going to have soooooo much fun! Let’s celebrate by ordering some IHOP!”

Madison shook her head.

“Come on guys, it’s 8am and I’ve been up for 15 hours. I just wanna sleep.”

Her belly rumbled in spite of her protests. She clutched it as they just laughed.

“Sleep after you eat! It’s always good to get a good meal in and then sleep!”

Madison thought about that for a moment and didn’t think it made sense. She was about to offer another refusal when she saw them grab her phone and hand it to her. She grabbed her stomach through her robe and resigned herself to maybe eating.

“Alright. I’ll just get some pancakes.”

That order, upon nudging from both beings, became a hearty stack of pancakes, then a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, an order of bacon, and a spinach and turkey and American cheese omlette. All of which ended up in her belly before she passed out at the kitchen table, the other creatures laughing as she did.

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Back in the present, Madison decided not to listen to the munchies at the moment and pushed past them.

“Not going to eat right now. I’m, I’m going to the supermarket.”

Madison waddled towards the door, her ass bobbing up and down in her tight sweatpants. She was getting winded just walking this short distance, which only annoyed her more. Everything jiggled with each step, her breasts bouncing up and down and her belly surging out more and more, her t-shirt riding up to become a crop top.

“Ugh, walking to the door should not be this tough!”

She moaned at her situation as she continued waddling, wincing in pain as thighs crashed against one another. Her panties were wedged so far up her deep crack that she could almost taste the cotton. The two munchies ran after her, their short legs not being a hinderance due to their target being so slow and heavy.

“Wait! Why don’t you get something in your system before you go? You can use the energy to make your trip to the store. That’s what, um, runners do!”

Crassus knew he was grasping at straws and that the charade was almost over, but he still wanted to try and keep things civil for a little longer. She was already up past 250 pounds and that was still done in under a year. Madison was growing so fast that she had the potential to be the duo’s biggest “customer” ever, and they wanted to reach that record and grab the “best influencer team” at the next award ceremony the munchies had.

“Runners, gasp, don’t struggle walking a few feet!”

“That’s because you’re so tired. You don’t get this bad when you first leave for work, do you?”

Madison thought back to her days going to work, but things seemed so foggy for some reason. She only remembered being at work, not much going to it.

“I, I don’t remember.”

“Right! Which means it isn’t a big deal! If it was, you’d remember it, don’t you agree?”

Pinguis watched the fog go over her again, her eyes getting glassy.

“Ye-yeah. That makes sense, I guess.”

“Wonderful! Now, I think runners carb load before a race, so maybe we go that route and then you’ll be raring to go and out the door doing some shopping!”

“That sounds about right, I think” Madison found herself uttering without even thinking.

“What do you want to order?”

“Let’s order from Stu’s Deli, especially the Hungry Giant” she said, her stomach forcing words out of her mouth that she didn’t think she’d be saying.

“Excellent! And fries! And a BBQ chicken wrap! And a meatball sub!”

Madison just nodded along and turned her body back towards the couch, not knowing that the only thing that was going to happen after all this food was a nap and then another take out order.

The munchies had held off the inevitable, at least for this time.


Madison looked down at her stomach as she sat on her couch. She was coated in sweat, even though her air conditioners were on full blast in her apartments. July was incredibly hot and it only furthered her discomfort. Her clothes clung to her body, only furthering her displeasure.

“I hate this weather” she complained as she tried fanning her face.

“It is the worst. Best to just stay inside with some cool ice cream and try and let the heat pass.”

Madison thought of ice cream and liked her lips. That did sound good and would probably make her feel better. She shifted from the middle cushion and as she did, she felt her hip brush up against something. She glanced to her right and saw that her hip was pressed against the arm rest.

At first, the severity of the situation didn’t hit her. She just shifted to the left to get it off. Then, the realization that her hips were wide enough to bump against the arm rests, even from the middle of the big couch smacked her dead in the head. She used her remaining strength and got off the couch. She looked down and was horrified to see that she couldn’t see her feet; nothing past her vast stomach was visible.


Madison screamed in terror as the fog seemed to clear enough for her to realize she had put on weight, and quite a bit of it too. She did not have a scale so she couldn’t get an accurate number, but the fact that she couldn’t see her feet made her think she had to have hit 200 pounds.

“I’m fucking huge! What the actual fuck?!?”

“Oh boy”, Crassus muttered under his breath.

“No no, it’s only a few pounds! Not enough to worry about it!”

“Su-sure! Just a few summer pounds, nothing to worry about. We’d tell you if you had gotten big!”

Crassus bumped her non-existent knee and Madison wanted to kick him, had her legs been as flexible as they used to be.

“This is more than just a little weight!”

She lifted up her stomach and let it drop, appalled that not only was she able to do that, but that it hit her thighs and kept wobbling even after she had removed her hands.

“Look at this! It’s still moving!”

Her gut continued to wobble as the creatures looked on. It eventually stopped, but in that time Madison’s temper was at an all time high.

“Ok, it’s more than a little weight. You’re getting big, Maddie!”

Crassus decided the charade was over and was not going to hold back. Odds are she was still weak enough to not resist them yet, and even if she could resist, they’d always just move on to another target. There was no real loss here.

“Look at this thing! How many bottles you think you can fit on this shelf of a rear” Pinguis said as he gave one of the over inflated beach balls that was her left ass check a smack. It wobbled pleasingly, smacking against the right, almost like waves crashing against boulders under a cliff.

“Cut that out” She yelled as she backed away from the gray being and falling back on the couch, the piece of furniture creaking under her weight as she did.

“We’re still your friends Maddie, and you’re still our overweight friend! We just wanna see you happy and keep you entertained!”

They danced around her in unison as they kept shouting “Happy and Entertained”. She covered her ears with both hands and tried to ignore them but the voices were just so loud, it felt like someone was driving a nail into her brain.

“SHUT UP! Get out of my fucking house!”

She motioned to the door but both of them just snickered.

“We don’t want to leave. We want to stay.”

“I want you gone. I’ll call the cops!”

“And do what? Tell them two little grey creatures are talking to you?”

She realized that wouldn’t work as she heard that. Thinking quickly, she tried again.

“Ok, I’ll call a priest! Get a little exorcism going!”

Again, they laughed at her therat.

“Ha-ha, that’s almost as sad as calling the cops. What are they going to do, exorcise something that’s not demonic or supernatural in nature? That won’t work either, lard ass.”

The cruel comment stung Madison. It hurt because it was insulting, but, and she couldn’t explain why, it also hurt because she had come to think of these two as friends. Her family had been mostly MIA and she really didn’t have friends from school. Outside of seeing people at work, the munchies were all she saw and talked to so this really upset her. She couldn’t believe it, but she felt herself cry a bit.

“Aw, don’t cry Maddie. I’ll order you a cake and I’m sure that’ll make you feel better.”

“I don’t want a cake! I want you to stop calling me names and let me get up and do something! I’m too fat!”

She shooed them away and tried to get up but realized she was too drained and winded. She knew it would be a bit before she could get back up again.

Crassus saw her situation and smiled. He had done this hundreds of times and knew what game to play that Madison would fail at. He knew that she had not eaten in a few hours and that, coupled with her weak will power, would make him and his companion laugh rather heartily.

“Tell you what Madison. We have become close and friendly these past what, 10 months? I’m going to order a nice cookies and cream layer cake. I’ll place it on the coffee table next to you. If you can make it an hour, just an hour, without eating, we’ll leave and never bother you again.”

Madison’s eyes lit up. This was her chance out!

“You, you mean that! You’ll leave me alone?”

He nodded.

“We will. It’ll hurt us because we’ve enjoyed spending time with you, but we’ll leave.”

Her hopes were so high now. She just had to wait for an hour and avoid the cookies and cream cake. It would be easy to resist it, not looking at the Oreo crumbles on top, or the thick mixture of vanilla and chocolate crème frosting, and the inside white cake…

She shook her head, three chins quivering as she did so.

“Ok, I accept.”

“Good. I’ll place the order and once it gets here we’ll start the timer.”

“On my phone.”

“Yes, on your phone. Let’s go make that order.”

Madison was so confident that this would be an easy win. She could last well more than an hour and then these things would leave her alone and she could lose this extra adipose. It was only an hour.

She unfortunately had no idea just how pathetic her will power was these days. The munchies had taken a once healthy eater who never indulged and turned her into a gluttonous woman who constantly stuffed her face until full, only to be coaxed into eating more and more at each sitting to the point that her stomach had been stretched enough to eat more than ever before at each meal. It was a disastrous cycle and one she had not been paying attention to. Otherwise, she would have never agreed to such a stipulation with so much on the line.

The delivery man arrived 45 minutes later, meaning Madison would now have to wait almost 2 hours before eating again. Her stomach was already grumbling as she watched Crassus place the cake on the end table. It smelled heavenly and the scent of Oreo’s and cake was driving her mad. Her mouth was wet as drool poured out and dripped off the corner of her mouth. She wiped her mouth and almost reached for a piece before realizing what she was supposed to be doing.

“Want some, Maddie?”

She forcefully shook her head no and grit her teeth. She wasn’t going to give in.

“Nope. I’m fine. Just going to put on something from Netflix.”

She turned on her Smart TV and went to Netflix. She went through the menu and passed documentaries that were recommended for her while the munchies put a knife and fork next to the cake before sitting down next to her. As she scrolled through them, it appeared that each one was either about eating or cooking. The sights of Alton Brown making a jar of homemade peanut butter, and then Adam Richman tearing through a gigantic bison burger only had her stomach growling more in protest of what she was doing. She closed her eyes and picked what she hoped would be a mundane show and picked an episode of “Friends”.

As she watched the comedy, she would every now and then catch herself side eyeing the cake, almost as if it was taunting her. The little ghouls were just grinning at her each time she looked over at them too, and it was pissing her off. She put her hands on either side of her head to keep herself focused on the TV show.

One episode was in the books and Madison was feeling good about her chances. Sure, she was really hungry and sweat was coming down her face due to both the humidity and the stress, but she was certain that in the end she’d win out and the munchies would leave.

Then the teaser for the next episode played and she was subjected to Joey Tribbiani going to work on a cake and making an absolute mess of himself in the process. Chocolate smeared his face as he bragged about his little deed. The cake had looked so good on TV and Madison dropped her hand on the left side just enough to see the cake. It looked so creamy and with the weather had melted just a bit to make the Oreos chewy. Madison loved soft Oreos.

“Maybe, maybe I’ll just have an Oreo. They said cake, right? Yeah, I’ll just have an Oreo to tide me over she thought to herself.

She grabbed an Oreo off the top of the cake and did not hear anything from her tormentors. She slowly brought it to her mouth, waiting to see if they would react but it seemed like the little buggers were focused on the show instead. She plopped the cookie into her mouth and chewed it quickly, trying to erase any evidence. She succeeded in eating it without them noticing, but her victory was short lived. There was cream on the cookie from the cake and it was heavenly. She closed her eyes in enjoyment of the treat and without warning she cut a piece and took a bite.

No one said anything so she took another bite, and then another. That piece was done and the munchies hadn’t said anything, so maybe if she had another one she could pretend that it had happened after the hour was done. She only had to make it another 12 minutes, and if they didn’t see anything by then, she’d just say she took the piece AFTER the hour expired.

Unfortunately, Madison had no self control so the next piece was a large piece and the one that followed was even larger. Before the 12 minutes was done she had eaten over half the cake and her face was covered in remnants of her feast. She went to wipe the evidence off, only to feel something brushing against her pillowy arm.

She knew before even looking that she was busted.

“He-he, enjoying the cake, Maddie?”

Madison’s head hung low, only emphasizing how fat her face had gotten. Her chins obscured her neck in this position and seemed to be foreshadowing a possible future for her.

“You, you tricked me, didn’t you? Put something in the cake, or ordered something special, or, or.”

“Or, you just love to eat and are a big fattie now, Maddie. Hey, that rhymes!”

They taunted her some more and placed the cake on her gut, which easily held the plate, and let her eat in piece before they informed her of how much they were enjoying things and couldn’t wait for them to continue.

“Just, just a temporary obstacle. I’ll, get them soon” she said to herself, thinking of other ways to get rid of them.

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“Just a temporary obstacle. I’ll get them soon.”

Madison brought another forkful of pasta to her lips and swallowed down the creamy alfredo covered noodles before breaking off a piece of garlic bread and dipping it in the sauce to take a bite.

The two creatures surrounded her and took empty plates off the breakroom table and deposited them in the garbage before returning to take another container out of the bag containing meatballs and braciola. Madison saw the food and while outwardly she made a “No” face, her stomach said otherwise and made it known to her brain that it wanted the salted meats.

“When, chomp, are you two going to leave me alone? Aren’t, Aren’t I, urp, fat enough?”

“You’re not THAT big, Fattie Maddie. We had one guy, Kevin, now he was FAT! He had to be what, over 500 pounds when we last saw him.”

“Oh, he was more than that Crassus, probably closer to 600.”

Madison’s heart grew cold.

“600 hundred pounds? How-how-how.”

“We told you, he loved to eat! You don’t eat as good as him” he said before uttering his breath “Yet.”

Hearing this should have made her put the fork down but to her complete worriment, she felt like she could not stop eating even if she wanted to (and truth be told, the Chicken Alfredo from Florentino’s was divine), which only scared her more.

After the fiasco with the Oreo cake back in July, Madison had attempted the willpower game on no less than 7 other instances, failing spectacularly each time. By the time the 7th scenario had passed, Madison was defeated in every way possible and her resistance to the munchies nil.

That last attempt had been a week ago back at the end of September, just after the one year anniversary of being hired for this job. She had applied in the spring for a teaching job, hopeful that it would lead to her being able to quit this prison, but she had been turned down everywhere she looked. She wasn’t even getting call backs for interviews, which was probably a good thing since she didn’t have any suitable clothes to wear for such an occasion.

Madison only wore her uniform and any outfits she ordered online, which typically was just her entering her credit card info after the munchies made selections for her. It was all comfy clothes that had a lot of give, like sweat pants, t-shirts, leggings, and other clothes meant for people who were hefty. She never even bothered to look at the sizes either, fearful of what they might say.

At work, she had to request new uniforms, which always made her feel like the biggest loser, pardon the pun. She could see the dismay and disbelief in her boss’ eyes whenever she came asking for a larger size. He would just sigh and tell her he was prepared before handing her the bigger pants and shirt combination, telling her he had a back log of larger sizes, just in case. She did not like the way he said that, but she wasn’t in a position to do anything about it yet.

As it was, Madison was in the process of outgrowing her latest uniform, her weight having eclipsed the magic 300 pound mark. Her face was triply chinned, leading down to cushy shoulders and flabby arms that wobbled when she brought food to her eager mouth. Her breasts had grown substantially and had lost their perkiness and shapeliness, becoming sagging zeppelins that hung down on her fleshy torso. Said torso sagged down to cover the tops of her thighs, thighs that were pressed together at the top and forced her walk into a waddle.

Behind her sat her shelf of a rear, two globes of ass flesh that sagged close to the backs of her thighs and wobbled to and fro as she walked around. Her hips had spread out to over 70 inches, making seats with arm rests a no no. Her knees were swallowed by fat and her toes were swaddled with enough flesh to resemble sausages. Madison looked the part of a guard who sat on her rear stuffing her face every shift, which is exactly what she had mocked when getting the job.

Thoughts of her situation were interrupted when the meatballs were pushed in her face. She just picked up a clean fork and plucked one out before stuffing in her mouth. She chewed loudly and thought about her situation, not knowing what she was going to do to stop putting on weight.


Bags of fast food were strewn all about the monitor room, many in the garbage but a few on the desk holding up the TVs as well. The munchies were on their tippy toes doing their best to put more stuff out as the chair was currently unoccupied. They had just finished emptying the last of the McDonalds’ when they heard lumbering footsteps in the hallway.

Madison let out a loud burp as she stood in front of the doorway in her new uniform. It did little to hide her form but it was much more comfortable than the prior one. She walked in slowly, hear hips almost touching the door jam on either side. She groaned as she made her way to her desk chair, one that thankfully was still oversized, even for her obese form. She lowered her bulk down carefully and relaxed, letting her hips settle in.

“We got the burgers out for you and the extra mac sauce. Figured you’d wanna dip your fries in em.”

“I just a-ate two big macs, a ten piece, a large fry and a fish filet. I think I need a break.”

She grabbed the big soda on the desk and took a long sip, hoping filling up on the carbonated beverage would restrain her from eating. She’d tried it in the past and it had failed then but somehow, she hoped today would have better results. She did not.

“Are you trying to play the “resistance” game with us, Fattie Maddie? Because we know how this ends.”

“Why are you still doing this? I’m so fat already, haven’t you both gotten bored already?”

“Ha-ha, we aren’t bored, this is actually so much fun. Remember, when we met you, we told you you’d never be bored at work again. Haven’t we been right?”

Madison sighed.

“You are, but that has led to me being so big I’m going to need to be wheeled out of here soon!”

The munchies laughed.

“That’s an interestinggggggggg thought, though probably unlikely. I mean, Kevin was MUCH bigger than you and we didn’t have to roll him around. Though, he was also taller too” Crassus said as he held a small hand to what was supposed to be his chin.

“Yeah, plus, he ate wayyyyyyyy more than you. He’d consider this a light snack before dinner! You probably couldn’t even eat this before your shift ended!”

“You can’t goad me this time, I’m not going to stuff my face to try and get you two to lay off of me.”

Madison was referring to the newest game they had played with her. They’d set up a lot of food and tell her that other past prey of theirs had been able to consume it all and that she couldn’t. They promised that if she did finish it in an a lotted time, they’d leave her alone. That was always something she’d barely fail, being one slice of pizza short, or a piece of pie behind the time needed to be free of the munchies and their influence.

“We’re not trying to goad you into anything, we’re just stating a fact. You probably can’t eat all this food. We’d be really impressed if you did.”

“Good. Because I’m not doing it.”

For the first time, it seemed Madison had won. The munchies weren’t singing. They weren’t taunting her to eat. They weren’t trying to make deals with her, they truly seemed to just be letting the matter sit.

“Guess they’ve learned I have more willpower than they thought” she said to herself as she didn’t even think about how hypocritical she looked as she reached for one of the burgers and began to eat it.

Below her, the munchies just smiled and went back to talking in their own language, stopping every once in awhile to hear Madison swallow something else before going onto the next item.


February snow was all over the inside of the warehouse as things were quiet. A brown tent sized shirt gaped at each button as pasty skin tried to force it’s way free from it’s confines. It was untucked, riding up to reveal that the bottom buttons were undone, the colossal belly just forcing them apart as it rested itself on a non-existent lap.

Brown pants, that must have been put on with the assistance of the jaws of life, encased thighs that were flattened across the once oversized chair, sagging over each side along with her vast hips. The ass flesh hung loose and engulfed the chair completely, swallowing it up like an avalanche of fat. The hem of the pants rode up to expose what once were her ankles, now nothing more than fat that had merged with her calves.

Madison had one hand in a bag of pink and red peanut butter M&Ms, making her way through them at breakneck speed. Another bag was on the counter and a bag of Twix lay empty on the floor. She scooped another handful into her waiting maw and barely chewed, letting her mouth dissolve them into a more liquid substance that she slurped down into her gullet. She had a glazed look over her face, barely doing anything other than mindlessly eating.

“You ok, Maddie?”

“Yeah, you’re not saying much, not even insulting us.”

“Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t concern you. I’m eating, just like you want me to.”

She didn’t even look down at them, she just went back to the bag of candy next to her.

“I guess. It’s just, this isn’t fun to watch you like this, you know. Something happen?”

Madison again didn’t look down at them as she shoved more candy into her throat.

“Yep. I heard back from that job today and shocker, I didn’t get it. Then, I found out that my parents booked a cruise for them and my brother but didn’t invite me because, and this is a quote from my mother’s email, “We didn’t think you’d want to be in a bathing suit in front of people my dear”. Oh, and then, walking in, my hips banged against the door frame so they’re killing me now too. So please, let me eat in peace.”

She checked to see how many M&Ms were left before tilting the bag up and letting the rest fall into her mouth. She chewed these and swallowed before tossing the bag into the trash and grabbing the next one, tearing it open and taking another handful.

“Oh. Well, we’re sorry that you didn’t get the job.”

“It’s all your fault anyway.”

“How? We didn’t cause you to not get a job.”

“No, gulp, not that. The other stuff. My parents have not talked to me face to face in months, telling me they’re always busy but I guess they’re just embarrassed to be around their fat daughter.”

Crassus patted her on the thigh.

“Hey, you don’t need that person in your life, ya know? Jokes aside, you don’t do that to someone.”

Pinguis put his hand on her other thigh.

“It’s true. You don’t.”

Madison groaned.

“My life is really so sad that I’m getting more understanding from a pair of creatures that aren’t even human compared to my family. Why can’t you two be two cute guys, well, human guys and not be trying to get me fat?”

She laughed at that and put another handful of M&Ms into her mouth.

“Hey, don’t get too comfortable, Fattie Maddie. You’re free to leave whenever you want. We don’t need to be compared to, ugh, humans like that. We much prefer our forms as are, thank you very much!”

She laughed again.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thanks, you guys. Made me laugh when I needed it.”

They smiled before grabbing one of the candy bags from the CVS bag.

“Good. Now finish that bag and have some more of your favorite ones, Reese’s!”


Madison glanced over at the clock. It read 6 am.

“One more hour and then my time at this hell hole is finally finished, permanently. “

Madison had finally been able to give her notice to this warehouse. She had found a job doing online tutoring to kids that would make close to the same amount of money she made here. Thankfully, she had been able to do the interview online which meant she just wore a tent of a shirt and her uniform pants to get the job.

It also meant no travel which was good because her car was becoming a hassle. She had bought a seatbelt extender after almost getting a ticket months ago but it was no longer doing the job and her gut was constantly smushed into the steering wheel. She was going to be happier taking Uber Xl’s or just ordering online and not having to drive anymore.

She glanced down at her stomach, also thankful that she would never be stuck in the uniform again. Dan had told her that she could keep it as a souvenir, which gave her a chuckle. It was one of the few non-sweat-pants items that still fit her comfortably enough that it wasn’t going to explode with any sudden movement. That unfortunately had happened to her last uniform, the buttons bursting off after one too many cupcakes and requiring her to have to have the munchies sneak into the office with their magic and procure her a new one.

The desk chair, one that had been so big previously that she felt like two people could sit in, had become uncomfortable for her and her titanic booty. Her hips now exceeded over 84 inches so there was usually too much ass wherever she was, even in a chair designed to handle 450 pounds. Even now it creaked ever so slightly as Madison moved back and forth in it.

The only thing that had been a little sad was the fact that the munchies had informed her that since she was leaving her job, they would no longer see her. It seemed that they could leave the property, but only because that person still had ties to it. Once those ties were broken by say, quitting, they no longer had any reason for visiting Madison.

Because of this, they had gone all out today, buying dozens of donuts, pastries, egg sandwiches, all things for her to enjoy before she left. They wanted her to know that they had enjoyed the past two years they had spent together. But now it was time to say goodbye and move on. The munchies were sure the next person that took the job would grow, they just were unsure if that person would do as great of a job as Madison.

They let the 424 pound woman eat in peace, they figured it was the least they could do for one last show. They had already said goodbyes and told her they’d leave before her shift ended.

For the last time, Crassus and Pinguis looked on from behind as Madison gorged herself, her hips sagging down to touch the weight bearing portion of the chair, slacks already growing to tight in the seat. They both knew she’d still keep growing, they were just upset that it wouldn’t be on their watch.

“Come on Pinguis, let’s get back to hiding and think about the next employee we get to play with.”

Pinguis frowned but followed his friend into a black hole and vanished. A chill flew through the warehouse, though Madison didn’t know why. She looked back and saw that the munchies were no longer there. She nodded in acceptance at the development and smiled.

“Thanks, guys.”

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“And that’s how you properly use semi-colons. Any more questions, Roger?”

“No, I think that’s it for today. Thanks Ms. D!”

The blonde 9-year-old waved goodbye as he logged off of Skype.

Madison sat there for a moment before closing her laptop and going about the effort of standing up. It was the toughest part of her day, even more so when lessons were back to back.

“Need to tell Carlie that I’m not doing three back to backs anymore without at least a half hour break in there.”

She finally got free of her chair and stood up fully, cracking her back as she did so. She placed her hands on her voluminous hips and cracked her neck, trying to get properly acclimated. Satisfied that everything was aligned in her back, she turned and waddled towards her kitchen to get something to eat.

Since quitting her job at the warehouse 8 months ago, Madison had been able to move into a more size friendly apartment and get some new furniture. It was a good thing too, because she had found that fitting into the bathroom stall to shower was too much of an inconvenience and that said nothing about how much the floor board creaked when she walked in the bedroom. No, the place she had found was much better suited for someone of Madison’s girth.

Unsurprisingly, even without the munchies influence, Madison had not slowed down her eating or gaining. She was still gaining at a very quick pace and now weighed in at 504 pounds. She was huge, fat in every sense of the word. She glanced at the Peloton that she had brought with her, but only because it was going to be sold.

She had tried using it once after she had quit her old job, but found there was no way it would work. The seat was way too small for her ass to get situated on there properly, making any attempts to ride impossible. Plus, her thighs were so bulky and large that they bumped into the handlebars no matter how high she made them. With that in mind, and upon hearing the bike groan due to her weight, she put an ad on Facebook to have it sold. She hoped to have a taker soon.

Madison made it to the kitchen and rested an arm on the counter island. She was out of breath but not as much as she used to be, she made it a habit to walk around the apartment a bit so she didn’t have a heart attack if something happened. Still, while she was more physically active than before, all it did was seem to stir up her appetite, causing her to overeat at every meal.

She opened up her fridge, admiring how impressively stocked she kept it. There was a mixture of everything in there, various juices, milk, carrots, spinach, peanut butter, all the essentials and a mixture of not so essential foods, like soda, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, lunchables, and other things that did nothing but add adipose to her already large frame.

“Hmm, what should I have tonight” she asked as she looked through the fridge.

Finding nothing that was to her liking, she opened the freezer section and eyed two frozen pizzas, one pepperoni and the other a meat lovers supreme. She greedily pulled them out and turned on the stove, rubbing her hands together as it heated up.

She went back to the fridge in the meantime and opened up a jar of oversized yogurt and grabbed a spoon, snacking a bit as she waited to put her food in the oven. Her globular gut pressed into the countertop, spilling over it and splaying out like rising dough. Madison giggled as the cold marble touched her under belly and pulled back, careful to keep her equally problematic rear from causing any trouble as well.

“Gotta get some new shirts I guess” she said as she pulled this one down as far as it would go, seeing that it did not cover up the entirety of her belly.

“Good thing that the camera only sees up to my chest, don’t need these kids to see that my gut is hanging out.”

Madison patted her belly again, letting it jiggle for a bit before stopping to look back at the oven and see that the pizzas were ready to go in. She opened it up and bent over to put them in, over 90 inches of hips and ass widening out in her leggings to reveal visible panty lines. She hummed a bit for a moment as she got them properly situated, her rear jiggling almost joyously as it sensed it was going to have something to keep it this size. The same could not be said for her leggings as they were stretched to the limit and were now essentially see thru, each dimple on that ass visible.

Standing back up, Madison felt her breasts slosh inside her shirt, thankful for being unincumbered by a bra but still trying their damnedest to knock her out. They weren’t nearly as large as her ass (she was a pear after all), but they were still in the middle of the alphabet and causing her problems. Thankfully, after her food was heated up she could just relax in bed in just her panties, which would make her comfortable.

As she waited for the food to get ready, and spooned in another helping of yogurt, Madison thought about how this all wouldn’t have happened without the munchies help. They had changed her life for the better, even though it had happened in a way that was unusual.

“Little guys really did a good job putting some weight in my thoughts, pun intended ha-ha.”

While she thought about this, a black hole appeared in the living room, just out of her field of vision. Stepping out of it was Crassus and Pinguis, who were all smiles. They had requested a change of venue after Madison had left and it wasn’t until recently that it had been granted.

“Do you think she heard us” Crassus asked as he inched towards the kitchen.

“Nah, she hasn’t heard us once the past four months, I’m sure she hasn’t now.”

As if on cue, in the kitchen, Madison grinned.

“Looks like I have friends coming to visit. Hope they brought food, these two pizzas are barely enough for me.”

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18 hours ago, Heisenberg4life said:

Such a big fan of your work. Great job here too! 

Thanks so much. I have more stuff on my Deviant art page and my P*treon page.

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28 minutes ago, themagmaman said:

HELL YA! Any new munchies story is great, but this one is awesome! Great work!

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed It 

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