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Nick Prango

The fat shaming and fat praising of Natasha Henstridge.

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Please bear in mind that it is my first attempt on writing and English is not my native tongue. I l love Natasha Henstridge.  She is soo hot. She also carries that chubbiness well. Never thought she would evolve into such a curvy women from where she was in her species days. She seems happy and confident which makes a woman that much more sexy. I am really enjoying Natasha's transformation into a massive giantess, she is stunning. I want to write this story with her as a character. 

 I was heavily inspired by Marcella 1978 true story 


July 2021. Natasha Henstridge received a call from this woman  feminist group  president. The woman invited Natasha to their 50s themed costume feminist party. The woman said that they would be honored to have her as a celebrity guest at their party. The woman suggested Natasha to wear her Marilyn Monroe white dress costume from her 2013 photoshoot at the Edinburgh royal commonwealth pool.https://michaelschofield.photoshelter.com/gallery/Darius-and-Natasha/G0000EMijz6v7zQo/  , The woman explained that Marilyn Monroe is considered a feminist icon by  their feminist group.  Natasha gladly accepted the invite. She even agreed to wear that costume. She still had that costume in her closet.   She needed publicity. Her serious acting career never really took off after the two 'Species' films. The films that she's been in aren't the Oscar winning types so she was not considered a serious actor. She was frustrated. Also the media would report from that party. Natasha always wanted to support feminist movement's. So attending a Feminist  party as a special guest would be good for her career. She even became excited. She couldn't wait for the day of the party. 

On that day Natasha got up early and took a shower. She had breakfast. She put on the Marilyn Monroe outfit. She put on full make up. She was dressed exactly like on that 2013 photoshoot. She was not ashamed of her body. She called an uber.  She got herself ready and waited for her lift. This woman uber driver  showed on time, and was very friendly and talkative. The woman was excited that she is driving a celebrity. It was a two hours long drive. 

TO BE CONTINUEDnatasha-henstridge-at-photoshoot-at-the-edinburgh-royal-commonwealth-pool_2.thumb.jpg.f4948058ecbdb262374bb05285f1fceb.jpgnatasha-henstridge-at-photoshoot-at-the-edinburgh-royal-commonwealth-pool_4.thumb.jpg.4e01bba95fa75d33fe7acd64c37e759a.jpgnatasha-henstridge-at-photoshoot-at-the-edinburgh-royal-commonwealth-pool_9.thumb.jpg.09f1447a8b617ccf2d84db80e218e98d.jpg

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They finally arrived at the location. It was this poor looking house in the middle of nowhere.  Natasha Henstridge was disappointed. She expected some kind of mansion. She  got out of the car. The woman uber driver was hungry, so she drove off in a hurry. There were 15  women in their 40s and 50s mingling in the front yard. Then she saw this woman feminist group  president Gretchen.
"Holy shit she looks like a short skinny ugly effeminate man."

That was the very first thought that came into Natasha's head as she laid eyes upon this feminist club president woman Gretchen for the very first time. She was surprised. On her FB photos she looked taller, younger and more feminine.

It wasn't just that she was short like 5ft3 tall, she was skinny and masculine! She was in her late 50s. She had short white hair, thin lips, brown eyes, ugly wrinkled face.
she was wearing this ugly gray unisex suit and flat shoes.

The woman Gretchen walked over to Natasha and said "Wow Natasha. You  are actually here. I am glad that  you decided to wear this costume. Wow. You are dressed exactly like you were on those photos. You are glowing. Thank you for supporting our cause. "

"I have to admit i am disappointed. I expected media presence here. Also i am the only one dressed in costume. These women are dressed in plain clothes. You invited me to a 50s themed costume party. " Natasha angrily replied. 

"Ooh Natasha. Most of my group members changed their minds. But i am dressed up in this costume.  But still. You look magnificent in this costume. You look like a colossal  Marilyn Monroe. " Gretchen said. "Let me introduce you to the girls." 

As Gretchen was introducing these women group members one by one to Natasha, she got disappointed again.  Most of the women were not excited about her presence at the party. They just continued  mingling with eachother. Natasha noticed that all 15 women were small, skinny,  kinda masculine and weird looking. They were wearing flat shoes or sneakers,she was on 5inch high heels.   She was like a giantess among these small women.  She felt totally disappointed.  She had great expectations for this event. She even dressed herself in that costume. She was here at this strange feminist group party in the middle of nowhere ,  but she realized that this is going to lead to nothing. 

This woman Gretchen kept talking to Natasha. She was praising her work. She just kept rambling on about Diggstown and Secret circle. Natasha just stood there.e. 



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