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Loop 89

Jake woke up alone in his room, same as every day since Claire had pulled him into this. He weighed himself - down to 178. Damn. Claire was up to 225 as of last night. He again felt guilty for what he was about to do (or attempt), but Claire had dragged him into this and he deserved the first exit. 

Jake had determined that there were likely mass-based exits to the time loop - and they were multiples of 380 pounds. But only one person could exit per mass - they would block the exit. So the next person to exit had to be 760 pounds, and the next had to be 1140 (if that was possible), and so on. He had to get out. But Claire had almost 50 pounds on him now. The only advantage he had was that he knew it was a race. Although the way Claire was gaining each loop, she may as well have known. 

He was smart, though - even Claire was trying to be relatively healthy and gain in a way such that 300+ pounds would not leave her a complete blob. Jake now needed to throw all caution to the wind and sprint to the goal. 

There was also the problem of Ashley...he felt bad, but Claire had at least a 100-pound head start on her. He didn't know if a human could be 1140 pounds, but one of them was going to have to get there, to get out of the loop. She'd volunteered, but she hadn't volunteered for THAT. 

Jake grabbed an extra-large breakfast feast from the fridge, and accepted Uncle James' eggnog that morning. Ashley joined him in the garage in her standard Thanksgiving attire "I promise I'll do it next time...I'm just not feeling it today." Jake wasn't sure how to break any of this to Ashley.

"Yeah you know, me neither. This is kind of silly, isn't it? What's the point?" 

She caressed his tricep - "I can see one point..." Jake was going to miss this. 

At Thanksgiving Jake ate with renewed gusto. Ashley noticed and tried to keep up. Her top, already relatively form-fitting when this started, had gotten juuust a little tighter over the two loops, and after many plates, she had a pretty solid food baby going. Nothing like what Claire had managed in a few of those loops, thought Jake. But a start - probably something she'd have to get used to doing.

Back in their room that evening over beers, Ashley poked at Jake's own food baby "see, now you're getting into it!" 

Jake didn't understand why Ashley was so sanguine, but it let him put off the explanation. At various points throughout the night and early morning, he snuck to the fridge without Ashley's knowledge, to top himself off. At his 4am trip, he scouted out the densest foods from the leftovers; there was butter, but he probably couldn't bring himself to eat that. But did he want to stay stuck in a time loop for an extra year, exiting at 760 pounds? He cut off a pat of butter and tried to swallow it whole. He almost wretched, but got it down. He cut another one, slightly larger. He got this one down, but it left him unable to eat any more of anything. Oh well...he'd have to work on this. Every calorie counted. His goal was to gain 3 pounds per day, to ensure himself of catching Claire. 

Loop 120 

Jake heaved himself out of bed. He'd hit 250 last night - a decent achievement. Claire was infuriatingly managing to gain almost 2 pounds a day, or even more, and said she was up to 292. He'd only picked up 8 pounds on her, which was not a good pace, but he was ramping up. He'd discovered that he could smash part of a dinner roll over a chunk of butter, and swallow it whole, like a pill. He'd gotten up to almost four sticks of butter in the late evenings/early mornings, a whole pound of pure fat. This was on top of his expanding capacity at Thanksgiving dinner. 

Jake was blessed with a few bits of luck, in terms of awkward conversations. First, his mom had seen him yesterday - so he learned her movements during the day and avoided her, and she didn't seek him out the way Claire's mom had sought her out. Second, he had found a very large sweater in one of his uncle's suitcases, and that covered up his rapidly flabifying body, while his face hadn't yet taken too much of the gain. He was 6'2", so he wore the weight decently well. He'd gotten a few "big guy" quips from relatives who hadn't seen him in a while but it was nothing he couldn't laugh off. The luxury of being a guy. Finally, there was Ashley. 

Ashley had probably gained a pound per loop, at least. Her 5'3" frame hid almost none of it. She didn't seem to mind at all - and she hadn't even upgraded her wardrobe until she physically couldn't get her jeans over her butt. It was a magnificent butt now - both round and wide. Her stomach had definitely grown flabby, like the rest of her, but her breasts had taken a surprising amount of the weight. She was still a knockout even for the traditionally-minded. People almost openly brought it up - "wow, you've been having fun at college, huh?" She somehow managed to just laugh it off and grab another helping of mashed potatoes smothered with gravy. All of this diverted attention from Jake. 

He didn't understand Ashley's attitude, but he didn't know how to bring it up himself, given that he was himself engaging in massive gluttony and expanding quickly. Ashley had of course noticed his rapid expansion, and was teasing him relentlessly. She didn't seem to be all that into it, but he was all she had now for company, so she continued to take advantage. 

Claire had seemed anxious to spend time apart, and Jake was happy to oblige, but the three of them were probably going to be in the same room together soon, and Jake was going to have to get his story straight. Plus Jake was dying to see Claire...Ashley was incredibly cute, but the thought of Claire at 290 pounds was intoxicating. In fact, tonight was the night. They were going to see each other for the first time in almost 50 loops. He decided he was going to (almost) come clean. 

He was not disappointed. Claire was almost the size of Aunt Phyllis - her face and neck was almost swallowed all the way around by a double chin. Her breasts were magnificent, but her stomach was the star. It showed even through her giant top. She seemed to have developed a bit of a waddle, and was leaning back a bit when she stood, if he wasn't mistaken. 


"Wow yourself, big boy, I can tell you have a pretty serious gut under that sweater." 

"Claire, I'm here because I have to tell you something." 

"No, let me go first. This is the worst thing I've ever done but I have to tell you. I understand if you never want to talk to me again. I had a moment of weakness...and I pulled you into this time loop with me. I did it on purpose."

Jake was shocked by her confessing, finally, and it almost changed his mind...but he held firm, for now. "Claire...I sort of guessed that. I was curious when you showed up here 30 pounds larger than you'd been last summer...and I found your Facebook photos. But now I have my own confession: I may have exaggerated my certainty about how to get us out of this loop. I was mad at you for pulling me into this, and lying about it, so I sort of made up the thing about the mass."

Claire's eyes bulged "Wait, but - the literature - it makes sense..." 

"Well it's not totally made-up. And it might work! But I don't know if it will. And I didn't really care when I told you. And I'm sorry for that."

"Well we're too close to give up now. Let's go a little further - you said it would be something over 300; we can always lose it if it doesn't work. We have all the time in the world." 
Jake was surprised at how well Claire was taking the news, but she wasn't wrong, given what she knew. "There's one more surprise for you - come on in!" 

Claire gaped as Ashley entered. She'd thickened considerably - her breasts were almost as large as Claire's, and her hips/butt area had expanded. Her stomach was a bit flabby, and poked out in a moderate-sized band of pudge over her jeans. The stomach was also stuffed from the Thanksgiving feast she'd probably just had for...who knows how many times in a row now. "Jake - I recognize the irony here but how could you!?" 

"Oh, he didn't - I joined of my own accord! This is crazy, huh? Look at you, you're enormous! You look like a whole different person! Kind of a dick move, Jake, telling her she could probably escape if she gained enough weight. Jake, you know us girls have to watch our figures," patting her tummy. 

"Huh? Why would you volunteer for this?" 

"I just thought it sounded amazing! How awesome is it living with no consequences?" 

Claire shot a look down at Ashley's ample behind. "Yeah well at least you don't wake up starving every day. I can think of at least one consequence." 

"Oh, I'm pretty damn hungry when I wake up. But whatever...I'll get back into shape once we figure a way out of here." 

Claire and Jake looked at each other - neither of them could remember feeling this way. But was Ashley wrong? Wasn't this...kind of fun? 

They all stayed up together, drinking prodigious amounts of beer, until the loop reset. Jake had to sacrifice his surreptitious butter-eating for this loop, but he figured 2000 calories of alcohol and carbs would partially make up for it. Although Claire managed to get down even more beer than he did - her capacity seemed to be bottomless. He'd have to up his game. Ashley only managed to down a six-pack, but it gave her an exaggerated beer gut. Jake glanced at it and tried to imagine how large Ashley was going to have to get, to leave the loop. She was the one Jake felt truly sorry for. 

Loop 121

Claire looked at the window as she was pulling on her large clothes - it was good to see Jake and Ashley, and now she'd have two bits of company if she rejoined Thanksgiving. But her mom wouldn't be able to handle her new size. It was unbelievable. It was unbelievable. She kicked herself for all of the awkward conversations she'd endured. There was an easy way out of this. 

She texted her mom again, and now Jake and Ashley - she told the latter two that she was doing one more loop on her own and then would join them for the next one. She eased herself out the window, and trudged to the corner, where she got her Lyft to the Dunkin' Donuts. She decided, as a farewell, that she would really see how far she could go this time. She grabbed two dozen donuts and headed to her nook in the mall. As usual, the first six were glorious - she practically inhaled them. She thoroughly enjoyed the next four, although the sweet was starting to build up in her mouth. She took some small sips of black coffee - that was a trick she'd learned, and it practically reset her tastebuds. She powered through the last two of the dozen - she thought back to when that last donut had seemed an insurmountable obstacle. Claire still felt a little gross and full now, after eating the full dozen, but besides not really wanting to move much, she was feeling pretty ok. 

She opened the second box and began methodically chewing. The first two were ok, but midway through the third, she started getting the sugar-and-fat sweats again. "A four-donut improvement over when I started. Not bad." She forced the last half of the donut down, and took a bite of her sixteenth...but then hit the wall. She slept her sugar coma off for the next two hours, as usual. 

For the first time in a lot of loops, she didn't feel guilty about her lack of squats. It was the last day of this - she'd get back into working out with Jake (and now Ashley) next loop. She really needed to - every step was becoming a struggle, and she realized in the back of her head that it was not just because she was incredibly full most of the day. 

Claire got to the Chinese place just as they were opening at 11. "Good thing we have no buffet, white lady would ruin us!" she heard from the back, in Korean. Mean. She winked at Daniel and said quietly in her broken Korean "don't worry, I'd leave a generous tip." His eyes bulged and he started stammering, as he usually did. "Don't worry, you can make it up to me - buy me a drink later." She left back to her private mall nook with her four entrees this time - she knew Daniel would be along now; no need to show off for him. 

She managed her usual two entrees before the football game - on top of the extra donuts, she wasn't sure she'd be able to, but the difficulty with the donuts was less about capacity and more about the sugar rush. Once that was over, it was full steam(ed pork buns) ahead. Also a couple or ten egg rolls. OK now she was full. She had to muster the will to trudge over to the dive bar, but she wanted to meet up with Daniel. She briefly considered calling a Lyft but she decided that would be ridiculous for just basically a ride across an empty parking lot. 

Once she was at the bar, her stomach had settled just a little. She started off with a pint of domestic, which she sipped carefully. By the time Daniel arrived in the early second quarter, she had a little capacity again. He bought her a Sierra Nevada, the first of five she would consume in his presence. He kept himself to two beers, since he had to return to work, but they hooked up in the bathroom at halftime as usual. "Last time for a while, Daniel, enjoy it." After he left, Claire made her usual bet on whether she could chug 3 beers in 4 minutes with the bartender, and had two more beers over the fourth quarter. 

Claire staggered to the mall for early Black Friday - this was the main reason she needed one last loop out here. She grabbed an XXL turtleneck off of the shelf and brought it to the dressing room. She'd thought it would be too big but it actually clung to her beer-bloated gut fairly tightly. She gaped at her figure in the mirror - she'd never eaten this much, and hadn't worn anything really form-fitting for a while. Plus it'd usually been a few hours between the bar and getting home. Either way, it did most of what she needed - her face still definitely looked rounder than it used to, but it covered up the double chin that hung a lot of the way down her neck. Its arms also extended past her wrists. She pulled her size-26 top over it, and it looked ok for what she was going for. She grabbed a size-28 just in case, on her way out. 

She picked at the two cold entrees and the last of the egg rolls as she sat outside the mall on her secluded bench. She was nearly at capacity...but wasn't sure if she could say she had really gone all-out today. She snuck back to her breakfast nook in the mall - sure enough the donuts she'd left this morning were there. That would be a fitting capper to the day. There were seven whole ones left, and one with the single bite out of it. She ate the first few and the partial one with no problems. Three left, and now she was feeling more tentative. She forced herself to chew the first. Now she was sweating and shaking again. The alcohol helped, though - and her sense of completionism pushed her forward. Turning off her gag reflex, she crammed the second into her mouth whole. It stuck to the top and bottom of her mouth as she chewed; it was a little drier than this morning, and her mouth seemed like it had stopped making saliva in protest of all the food. She swallowed, and almost felt the donut sort of come to rest at the bottom of her esophagus rather than in her stomach. This was the fullest she'd ever felt. She looked at the final donut with a familiar feeling of disgust and hatred. She'd failed to finish the second dozen, but she definitely felt like she'd pushed herself as far as she could go. 

She was tempted to take the Lyft all the way back to the house and just go in the front door, but she forced herself to stop the car a block early and trudge all the way back to her window. She worried about how hard walking was becoming, but she knew that it was likely due to still being ** and the immense amount of food she'd just had. The window was about waist height; her fullness required her to very tenderly lean her body across it, and sort of gradually shift her mass until more of it was inside the house than outside. Then she sort of clumped down a couple of feet to the floor of her room. What a day! 

When she gathered her breath, she walked over to the scale - it said 295.  

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Loop 122

Claire threw on her black turtleneck and just to keep things extra-covered, her new size 28 top. She went into the kitchen to find Uncle James in his traditional spot - he looked shocked. "Is that...Claire?" 

"Yep, it's me! Surprised?" 

"You...you're bigger than the last time I saw you." For once James didn't have a quip. 

"Ha! Gotcha! I'm wearing this fat suit for a school project, for two weeks. It's convincing, isn't it?" 

"Wow! You had me going there." He still looked shook. But seed planted. 

Claire grabbed a heaping plateful of early Thanksgiving food - it was paltry compared to her epic breakfasts. James didn't offer her a glass of eggnog, still reeling from the "fat suit" trick Claire had played on him. She didn't really feel satisfied after the plate, so she grabbed her mom's keys and drove out to the Dunkin' Donuts. No need to sneak around and avoid being seen now - she'd be back for the meal this time. But she pulled away from the drive-thru with her dozen donuts, and sat in the parking lot chowing down. The last one was a challenge, with the additional Thanksgiving food she'd already eaten, but she got it down. 

Within an hour, she was ready to join Ashley and Jake for a workout in the garage. They both begged off - Jake asked if she needed a spotter, but he wasn't feeling the workout this morning. Claire tried a few warm-up squats with no added weight, and found herself winded almost immediately. She was glad no one was around to see this - it was embarrassing! She caught her breath and did seven more unweighted squats - her thighs felt like they were on fire! Gasping for air, she waited again - and found herself unable to even get a second squat on the third go-round. Oh well. Tomorrow she'd do eight, and the next day more, and she'd get herself back into shape. 

Claire did some get-out-of-the-loop research in her room, and then re-emerged around 11am. Everyone gasped/laughed when she appeared. Uncle James had told them about her project, and that was all people wanted to talk about with her, including her mom. No requests to go to the hospital, and even fresh encouragement to eat heartily today. Success! 

The satellite table was a bloodbath - Jake, Ashley, and Claire were all demolishing the spread. This time it was Claire who distracted from Ashley and Jake's increasing size, but everyone at the table was in awe at the amount they were eating. Claire re-filled the mac and cheese from the main table's dish. "Damn, you ate all that, Claire? You sure that's all fat suit there?" Uncle James, what a scamp. 

Claire couldn't believe the amount Jake was putting down - he was on a mission. It looked like he had grown just a little even since two days before. She'd have to check to see if she was keeping up with him - he'd said he was at 285 a few days ago. What she didn't know was that he had been inflating his weight a bit to cover up for the fact that he'd fallen almost 50 pounds behind before. Jake was both in a race to 380, and a race to keep Claire from knowing that he'd been lying about his weight. 

Ashley was simply enjoying herself - which would ordinarily have been a bit of a spectacle. Her short stature combined with being stuffed left her looking 6 months pregnant. 

Claire was feeling extremely full, but went to get her traditional six helpings of dessert. The servers cut her even bigger pieces than before, all making jokes about how she's a "big girl" now. She returned to the table with roughly the equivalent of a full pie on her plate. Claire inhaled deeply and for the next hour, methodically powered through. She took a bite of each pie/pudding/cheesecake in succession, keeping her mouth from getting overly tired of any one flavor. Her morning donut challenges had prepared her for this moment. She felt like she was going to burst, but finally she got the last bite of bread putting in, and leaned back in her chair, delirious. She could feel her turtleneck riding up a bit on her stomach, but her massive tent of a blouse covered everything nicely. Sipping wine slowly for the next hour, she finally felt capable of standing again. Her thighs absolutely burned - the two straight hours of sitting after exerting herself had left her incredibly stiff. She could barely walk, but she made her way back to her room. It was an amazing feeling - she just let her massive gut fall forward as she walked, and people assumed it was the fat suit. 

Collapsing onto her bed, she texted Jake and Ashley for a later drinking session/meetup. They came into her room a couple of hours later, with a 30-rack of beers, as she'd requested. Over the next few hours, she and Jake drank twelve each, and Ashley drank six. They discussed the coming loops. "So if this mass thing works, you guys leave? Then I get stuck with non-looping Jake and Claire?" 

Jake knew this specific scenario was hopeless, but he was keeping up the ruse. "So yeah, unfortunately, I think you'll be the only one looping. But from our perspective, say we make our escape when we reach 350 pounds...I think we'll encounter you, with your memories of these loops, and some additional. The 350 pound version of you will come out, seemingly instantly." 

Ashley hadn't really thought about either reality...that she'd be looping alone, or that she'd be 350 pounds when she exited. "And there's no other way out?" 

Jake, not exactly lying, confirmed. 

"Well I'm going to try and catch up with you guys as soon as I can, I guess." She hopped up, and slid out Claire's scale, which had a stray sock under it. Claire pointed this out, and Ashley removed it to get an accurate reading. "162" Ashley declared - Jake couldn't believe how round she looked at that weight - Claire at 5'7" had just looked kind of pudgy...although Ashley certainly had consumed a lot of food and beer. 

Jake went over to the scale while Ashley was otherwise occupied and Claire seemed safely nearly comatose on the bed. It said 260 - a gain of 10 pounds in just three days. "290" he declared. He'd close both the gap with his earlier lies, and the gap with Claire, he hoped. 

Claire was curious - she'd expected a bigger gain the day before, and she wondered if the stray sock had been there last time. Still aching from the attempted squats, she oozed off the bed into a standing position, and stepped on - the scale said 301. "Should I slow down, Jake? Should we both, and wait for Ashley to catch up?"  

"Hmm...it might be a while before Ashley catches up, but at least we can get closer ourselves. Could happen any one of these loops now." Exactly the break he'd been looking for. Even if he gained over 3 pounds per day, at the rate Claire was going, she'd beat him to 380. 

Jake snuck out in the wee hours of the morning for his four sticks of butter. He needed to do more, but he just couldn't bear it to swallow another bite. 

Loop 123

Claire awoke and decided to do a starvation loop. She'd still go out to seed the story of her "school project" with Uncle James, but she resisted grabbing any breakfast from the fridge, no matter how much her stomach was growling. Her legs still ached from the exertion the day before - maybe she'd just stay in her room today? 

* * * 
Jake had decided to add another element to his sprint to 380. He drove out to the corner store around 7am and picked up two quarts of heavy cream. He'd had a white Russian before - how hard could it be? "Gahh!" he cried out to no one in particular. Ashley, in the guest bedroom, heard him and popped in.

"Oh, what a great idea!" seeing the cartons. She grabbed a carton, took a giant swallow, and came away with a sour face. "Whoa...maybe not such a great idea." Jake was jealous, though - he could barely get a  sip down, and she had just drank 4-5 ounces. He decided to dissolve some sugar in it, and pour it over ice, for better flavor, and he found he was able to slowly drink a glass of it.

Ashley claimed one of the cartons for herself - Jake didn't mind as long as Claire was still holding off. She took a deep breath and took another swig directly from her carton. She nearly gagged, but kept it down. "Well that's going to take some getting used to. Put me down for one of these tomorrow, though." She got another giant glug down before she worried the next one would cause her to refund everything she'd just eaten. Jake forced himself to drink another 4-5 oz glass himself. Ashley, as usual, had it right - he was just going to have to get used to this. 

* * * 
"Whatever." Claire couldn't take it anymore. She'd made a good-faith effort to work out, but found she had no energy, and her sore legs didn't want to do anything. She made her appearance in the late morning as usual, to gasps and laughter, and instead of starving, ate a normal Thanksgiving dinner, meaning that she waddled away from the table merely full, and only having had a few glasses of wine. Jake and Ashley continued their onslaught of the meal, and both walked away from the table stuffed to the gills. 

Despite her relative forbearance, Claire found herself a pound heavier that evening, at 302. If this mass thing didn't work, she realized she was in trouble - it had taken almost her full effort to just eat a normal amount of food, and she still found herself picking up a pound. She'd just have to find out if it worked. 

Loop 124

Claire made a possibly hunger-addled decision - she was tired of this loop and wanted to just be done with it. Jake and Ashley seemed awfully cozy together, and they could keep each other company if she made an early exit from the loop. Claire frankly felt a little bit bitter about the bond the two had formed. She plunked herself into her mom's car and hit the Dunkin' drive-thru again. She felt like a challenge today - she ordered two dozen donuts. Without a full plate of Thanksgiving food already in her stomach, she managed the first dozen with relative ease, only feeling a bit gross by the final one. The record was fifteen plus a bite, and she found herself hitting the wall as she finished number 15. With her stomach obscenely bulging over the seatbelt, and brushing the steering wheel, she forced the sixteenth one down. Could she get another? No. She was a sweaty, shaky, sugary mess. Claire felt terrible, but also a little nostalgic for her shopping center loops. She was wishing she could hang out in the empty mall and then see Daniel, and drink too much at the dive bar. She'd already made her appearance to James, though, so that was off for this loop.   

* * *

Jake and Ashley continued to work on their heavy cream - Ashley got down 3/4 of a carton this time, and Jake managed a third glass diluted with ice and sugar. Jake could feel the effects of his rapid gain - he was up to 264 last night, and his jeans were being swallowed by his gut day by day. He'd have to ask Claire to pick him up a larger sweater the next time she went to Black Friday. Ashley raided Claire's mom's closet for a size-12 top, which with her stature, did a better job of actually covering her tummy than it had of hiding Claire's, at a similar weight, but her entire body was much more round. It wasn't going to be much longer before she faced her own questions. She was up to 164 as of last night. 

* * * 

At their meeting that evening, after all three putting on another incredible show of gluttony, they addressed the issue that they couldn't *all* be doing a class project that involved wearing a fat suit. Jake and Ashley were both puffing up rapidly. They decided to do a rotation - two of them hang out at the shopping plaza on any given loop. They'd claim that there was an emergency or something (and Claire would go with her usual story of the delayed flight) to explain their absence from Thanksgiving. Claire would slip out the back window and get into the car that the other one pulled around the block when it was one of her shopping plaza loops. 

Loop 130

Today was a Claire-and-Ashley loop for the plaza. Claire for the first time noticed her butt subtly scraping the bottom of the windowsill as she heaved herself outside. She had wanted to just walk out the front door with Ashley but they didn't want to risk anyone seeing them - it was Jake's turn to "wear the fat suit". Dammit, maybe we can at least set up a closer meeting point, puffed Claire to herself as she got into the car a block down the street. 

Claire had introduced Ashley to the wonder of Dunkin' Donuts four loops back - she'd been a quick study, seemingly immune to the sugar sweats, and had downed a dozen her second time. Claire managed to get an even 18 down this time. Ashley housed 14, and it seemed like she might have had room for more. For lunch, they'd agreed to go their separate ways - Ashley dropped Claire off at the Chinese place, and she drove down to the convenience store. Claire thought about the long walk to her private nook and decided that privacy was over-rated. She put in an order for General Tso's, vegetable lo mein, and a dozen egg rolls. In broken Korean, she winked at Daniel and said "big white lady is gonna eat it all here." She slid herself into a booth, and invited Daniel over for more Korean lessons and light flirtation. She wanted to invite Daniel to the bar, but she also wanted to keep him to herself. She satisfied herself with teasing him with a moaning performance as she wolfed down 5000 calories of Chinese food. Daniel, being a sweetheart, even brought her two boba teas during her meal. Claire considered ordering another entree but didn't want to make too much of a spectacle today. She found her stomach had pushed itself out to give a slight hug the top and bottom of the table no matter how far back in the booth she leaned. 

Ashley had agreed to keep the heavy cream a secret from Claire - Jake said it was a competitive thing, and Ashley, feeling the same way, didn't see any reason to give up the edge. She had finally managed to get a whole quart down a few loops ago - Jake was still working his way there, but was close. That was her lunch today. She picked up a quart for Jake later - he'd switched his pound of butter to breakfast, and the cream for the end of the loop. 

Ashley picked Claire up from the Chinese place, and they made their way to the bar. Claire's stomach was pushed out much farther than it had been an hour earlier; Ashley did not look so bloated, but the cream in her stomach was dense and filling. What Claire had in capacity, Ashley had in her ability to eat almost anything and not have it make her feel sweaty or gross. They both slipped in and out of food comas until it was time to head to the bar. 

They were both feeling relatively fresh when the game started at the empty bar - Ashley had processed a lot of the cream, and Claire hadn't quite pushed herself to the max at lunch. Claire asked the bartender if he'd buy her the three beers if she could finish them in under four minutes. He looked her up and down, evaluating her girth. He didn't usually do bets (people tended to know what they were capable of) but he was bored. "Tell you what, you do four in four minutes and you got yourself a deal." He poured five pints of Sierra Nevada, one for Ashley. Claire opened her throat and poured the first two down in just under a minute. She took another minute to drink the third. Now she could feel her bellybutton fully exposed by the turtleneck (but the size-28 blouse was still holding up). The 48 ounces of heavy liquid gurgled in her stomach. She paused, gathered herself, and let out a massive belch. With a full minute left she put the fourth empty pint glass down on the bar. Ashley was in awe. Claire saw that fifth pint, though, and felt her competitive hackles raised. Bartender didn't think she could do four? The belch had cleared just enough room in her stomach - she crossed her eyes and focused - she poured the last drop down her gullet as the timer for four minutes went off. Her stomach was tight as a drum...she felt herself getting light-headed, and as she let out another massive belch, she actually lost her balance, and slid off the stool. She thudded onto the ground, with surprisingly little impact - her now massive bottom provided her with a soft landing. 

"Oh my god are you ok?" Ashley leaned over her. Claire was fine, but she tried to roll up back to her feet, she found herself lacking the energy. The bartender and Ashley both took one shoulder and helped her to her feet. 

"I'm ok. Just lost my balance." 

"That was pretty epic. Where did you learn to do that," Ashley exclaimed jealously.  

"Not sure," thinking back to the probably 20 or so loops where she got herself three free beers by chugging. 

Ashley ordered two beers to "train," taking, to her, a disappointing five minutes to drink them. Claire processed the five beers by the end of the first quarter, and drank (at normal speed) nine more through the rest of the game. Ashley took longer to recover from her two-beer attempts and "only" managed six.

Walking to the parking lot, Claire plunked herself down into the passenger seat. "What are you doing?" Ashley motioned to the mall, where they had to pick up new clothes for all three of them.

Claire was physically incapable right now of walking the 1500 feet across the parking lot to the mall. Her head spun, and her stomach felt like it was full of 14 pounds of beer. "Go on without me." 

Ashley reluctantly, carefully drove through the parking lot, trying not to show signs of her drunken state. She stopped at the curb to let Claire out. Claire sort of lurched towards the open door, but couldn't muster the oomph. "Help me uppp" Claire slurred. Ashley went around and pulled on Claire's arm, as Claire gave her best push...and stood her up on the sidewalk. Dang, Claire was heavy! 

Ashley parked and herself sloshed her way to the entrance. They both sobered up with a churro, and did their shopping. They got a two-sizes-too-big sweater for Jake, a size up turtleneck for Claire, and one for Ashley (she had finally started to show a double chin the last few loops), a size-18 top for Ashley and a size-30 top for Claire.

Ashley was still absolutely stuffed, but Claire wanted a nightcap; she'd forgotten to get extra Chinese entrees. Ashley set Claire down on a bench near the mall exit, and walked over to Dunkin Donuts just before they closed, and grabbed another dozen. Claire managed ten of them, while Ashley forced two down. 

Claire and Ashley realized they could just leave the car there, so they took a Lyft home. Ashley walked Claire to her window. The donuts and beer still sat heavy in her stomach. She leaned onto the window sill, but couldn't quite muster the energy to get her center of mass over the edge. Ashley got down and pushed her hands into Claire's side - it was like pushing on Jell-o; it didn't feel like she was doing anything, but suddenly she felt the weight reduce and then heard a thump on the other side of the window. Claire rocked back and forth and got to her feet and helped pull Ashley in. 

Claire took off her size-28 top and admired the silhouette her turtleneck cut. Her gut extended out magnificently, but also hung down and revealed itself below the bottom of the fabric. She could feel the cool air on underside of her gut. The sleeves had seemingly shrunk, as the fabric was used to cover her expanding arms and torso. It clung lasciviously to her F-cup breasts, outlining their shape on all sides. This was great, but she definitely needed the size up if she was going to claim she was wearing a fat suit. 

Ashley herself was expanding quickly - her breasts were still taking a lot of the weight, but her large rear and wide hips were also pulling their share. Her stomach was extremely soft but still sort of hidden by her other assets. 

"Shall we weigh in?" Jake had texted - he was up to 305 (he was really at 293 - his pound of butter in the morning and nearly quart of cream in the evening had gotten him up to over four pounds a day, but he was slowing down his reported numbers so that they would converge.) 

Ashley stepped onto the scale, and it read 179. Over two pounds per day, since she'd started drinking heavy cream. 

Claire stepped on and went to lean forward to look over her gut, but almost lost her balance. Ashley read off the scale for her - 322. Claire had come just short of three pounds per day in the last week of loops! She could feel herself closing in on whatever was necessary to get out of this. She had decided she would go to 400 if necessary, which should take less than a month of loops if she could keep this up. She felt exhausted after her big day. She hadn't really been doing any squats, but she could tell that all the walking through the mall and between the stores in the plaza were keeping her limber and spry. 

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Loop 140 - Claire

::snap:: Claire's underwear had begun breaking almost explosively when it went instantly from being around the hips of a 115-pound waif to someone now well upwards of 300 pounds. Today was a Jake-and-Ashley go outside loop, so she got to do Thanksgiving this loop. She was glad - getting in and out of that window was difficult, and all the walking in the plaza was exhausting. 

In her outside loops with Jake, they'd agreed to just go their separate ways for the day. Claire sensed an underlying tension but she couldn't figure out what it was. She was happy with the arrangement, though - she liked her alone time in the shopping plaza. Jake would pull a second car a block away from the house for her, and she would drive off to the plaza in that. Her stomach was starting to brush the steering wheel even before she ate anything. She was up to a record of 20 donuts, and on the outside loops with Jake, she ordered five Chinese entrees plus a dozen egg rolls. She was eating two of them plus the egg rolls in the Chinese place, and then had a few beers before Daniel showed up at the bar for the football game, and had five more sandwiched around the make-out session. After he left, she had continued the tradition of claiming she could chug 3 beers in 4 minutes, only for the bartender to raise the number to four. The new element was that she had stopped going to the mall on these loops - she was too ** to drive, and the walk just didn't seem worth it. The bartender figured she'd ordered enough beers, so he let her munch away at her three remaining entrees after the game ended. 

The loops with Ashley had gone similarly to loop 130 - Ashley had improved her chugging game, but it was nowhere near Claire's. She'd managed to tie Claire with 20 donuts the last time. She tried to stay more sober so that she could drive Claire around after Claire had had too much to drink. 

But today was just Thanksgiving. She pulled on her size-32 top over her XXXXL turtleneck and found it a little tighter than she'd expected - she texted Jake and Ashley to pick up the next size up. She stunned Uncle James with her "fat suit" early in the morning, and then took her mom's car to Dunkin Donuts. She slid into the driver's seat, her gut pressed firmly against the bottom of the steering wheel. She'd have to see if she could borrow a different car next time she drove. 

Claire grabbed two dozen donuts, and got through her now-traditional 20. She thought about trying to finish all 24, but felt good about what she'd eaten and didn't even feel gross or sweaty! That could be for later. She pulled back home, extricated her gut from the steering wheel, and waddled back to her room. She had grown to love the gasp/laughter when she made her appearance at 11 or so. She glanced at Phyllis and realized that she was significantly larger than her now. Her mom pulled her aside again "are you ok under all that? This seems like a pretty intense fat suit! You must be hot!" Claire reassured her mom that she would be fine. "OK, I admire your dedication to the project; I just don't want you to have a bad Thanksgiving!" 

"Actually, mom, it's a little tight over by the serving dishes. I don't want to knock anything over with this thing - do you think you could grab stuff for me when the meal starts?" 

"Sure, sweetie!" 

Claire sat up at the main table this time - she couldn't believe she hadn't thought of this before. Her mom brought her plate after plate, and she didn't have to keep getting up. She did go red a little when her mom expressed amazement at all she was eating. Her mom was so happy to keep Claire fed, though, and she continued bringing loaded plates. Claire had once again neared her limit as a plate full of desserts was placed in front of her. Five pints of beer in 4 minutes, 20 donuts in one sitting, three Chinese entrees...she'd never felt as full as when she managed to get half of the desserts down. 

She had started sweating, and leaned back in her chair, her gut still nearly reaching the table. She was defeated, and she was ready to digest in place for the next two hours. The chair had other plans, though. ::crrrrrrrrr--SNAP:: She collapsed to the ground with the chair, a broken shard of wood stabbing into her side. The intense amount of food in her stomach and the pain combined to cause her to lose consciousness. 

The next thing she heard was her mom talking to a doctor. "...the fat suit gave her some protection, though, right?" 

"Ma'am, I'm not sure what you're talking about." 

"She was wearing a fat suit - it's for a school project." 

"Ma'am, I don't know how to tell you this, but your daughter weighs 350 pounds. That is not a fat suit on her." 

"But that's impossible, she was very fit last summer!"

"Maybe she put on some weight in college; it happens." 

"Not THAT much weight."

"Well the odd thing is that we've done some blood work, and it's usually very stressful to a body over time, being that weight. However, she seems perfectly healthy. Lucky genetics, I guess..." 

Claire pretended to be asleep this whole time, and then actually dozed off. 

Loop 140 - Jake and Ashley

Jake and Ashley both got their quart of heavy cream from the corner store, and Jake mixed his with a cup of ice and about 15 packets of sugar. Ashley took hers straight - but they both finished, as they'd been doing for several loops now. Jake had gotten good enough at this that he'd replaced the butter with a second quart of cream - one first thing in the morning, and one late in the evening. Once he got past the queasy feeling, he had plenty of volume in his stomach for subsequent gorging. He was up to 340 pounds as of last night - he was amazed at the size of his gut, especially after the late-night beer sessions. But the giant sweater combined with his 6'2" height just made him look like a bigger guy, unlike Claire, who had exploded into a big wobbly fat girl. His face had definitely filled out - the sweater was a turtleneck to cover up his double chin partially. 

He was still pushing as hard as he could to catch Claire - he was 8 pounds behind her as of last night. Ashley finally got curious. "Why are you doing this? You seem uncomfortable constantly - whatever weight you have to get to, you'll just follow Claire out of the loop a few cycles later. And I'll be along shortly myself. Why not just enjoy it instead of pushing so hard?" She patted her stomach. She'd gotten up to 203 last night. Her stomach had finally started making some progress; she was getting more and more ball-shaped by the day. She was definitely starting to feel huge - at 203, she wondered if she was proportionally fatter than Jake right now. "Why the secrecy over the heavy cream, too?" 

Jake had been meaning to enlist her help, so he decided to come clean. "So...it turns out that the only way out of this is to weigh exactly an integer multiple of 380 pounds, plus or minus a few ounces. But only one body can use each exit...so once someone gets out at 380, the next person has to get out at 760. The next has to get out at 1140." 

Ashley gaped. She thought about slapping Jake, yelling at him...but she decided to play it cool. "So...you're trying to beat Ashley to 380?" 

"Essentially, yeah. But she's a monster! She doesn't even know we're racing and she's kicking my ass." 

Ashley didn't know what to say - as stunning as it was that she was going to have to get to above 300 pounds, now she was going to have to get to 760? Or...?

"But you can't tell her! Or, don't tell her until you're ready to leave yourself. She's got a head start on you, but you might be able to catch her for 760." 

Ashley realized that she had chosen this - but it seemed unfair that Jake was going to get out of this loop at a sane weight, even in a normal human shape, whereas she at 5'3" was going to have to get to 700+ pounds? Was that even possible? 

They continued on their way - they'd started going to the grocery store, for variety. It was mostly filled with last-minute Thanksgiving shoppers. Some days they'd consume boxes on boxes of Oreos and chips, another time they'd bought a little hibachi and some charcoal and made a bunch of cheeseburgers. Today they bought a huge pile of candy bars. 

They drove back to the house that evening, Jake in pain from having topped 10,000 calories of candy, Ashley having stopped around 6,000 calories but feeling stuffed. They'd texted Claire about their ETA, but she hadn't responded. They'd usually gone in her window and closed off the evening with a beer or six or twelve. They looked inside and saw the empty room. They tiptoed around to Jake's guest room and slipped into his window. Not wanting to show their faces, they stayed in Jake's room. Jake had planned to tack on another 1500 calories of beer, but instead he just drank his second quart of heavy cream as the clock struck 5am. 

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Loop 141

::snap!:: Claire's underwear exploded off her as usual as Arlo Guthrie played. She reached down to her side where the chair's broken leg had stabbed her - it was a pretty solid scrape, but nothing serious. They must have taken her to the hospital because she fainted. 

The real issue became apparent as she looked around her room - she hadn't taken any appropriate clothes along with her. She had the size-6 top laid out on her suitcase. To think that had been loose and flowy at one point. 

Texts came in from Ashley and Jake - where were you last night? Are you ok? 

Guys - I had an accident and they took me to the hospital. Nothing serious but I need some clothes or I won't be able to leave my room. 

Jake slipped over to Ashley's room so they could talk in person. "Hear me out, Ashley...what if we didn't?"

"Jake! We can't! First, she'd know something is up. Second, I don't think it'll work. And third, I don't want to be openly hostile to her! I like my cousin!" 

Jake grumbled to himself - he was desperate to get to 380 first, but he agreed. He was up to 344 last night,  but her reported weight was 352. This was going to be close. 

The best they could do for Claire was slipping into Aunt Phyllis' guest room after she'd joined the party in the late morning and grabbing some of her clothes. The pants fortunately had an elastic band, but they were extremely tight. The top, a size-26, now left very little to the imagination. Claire's bare gut and love handles hung down several inches, almost exposing her belly button. They all decided that this would be a Claire-and-Ashley loop, and that Jake would do Thanksgiving today. 

Ashley stood outside Claire's window - Claire had gingerly positioned herself on the edge, and was trying to very gradually roll out. Ashley held Claire's side, feeling her hands squish several inches into her flesh as Claire fell. Claire winced as Ashley helped her to her feet, the wound in her side throbbing a bit. It was a moderately successful landing, but Phyllis' blouse had snagged on the windowsill and torn, exposing a vast swath of Claire's rolls. 

They trudged down the block, finally getting Claire safely into the car. It was already noon, and Claire was starving - Jake had run out to get quarts of heavy cream for himself and Ashley earlier. Ashley pulled into the Dunkin' drive-thru and ordered them four dozen donuts. Claire mowed through her first 18 easily. "AHHH. That hit the spot." She now was somewhat full, but nowhere near capacity. She ate the next three more slowly, reveling in her new record. She felt a bit queasy, but forced the final three down. Finally, two dozen in one sitting. Her bare gut now pushed out under the bottom of her blouse, over the seatbelt, and rested warmly on her upper thighs. Ashley also managed a personal record of 21...she felt better than Claire looked - no sweating, no delirium, but she was stuffed to the max. 

Claire was ready for more food, though, as long as it wasn't sweet. Ashley drove them to the Chinese place, and ordered Claire a lo mein and a dozen egg rolls. Claire looked through the windshield, wishing she could say hi to Daniel, but not wanting to go out with her obscenely torn blouse. Ashley gaped as Claire devoured it all over the next half hour, the last couple of egg rolls going a little slower. She patted her massive gut. "OK, NOW I'm full. Oof, too full." 

Ashley had been thinking all morning, and now had made up her mind: "Claire, I need to tell you something..." 


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Loop 141, continued

Claire laughed after Ashley told her everything. "So he thinks he's going to beat me to 380, huh?" 

"He wanted to just strand you in your room when he heard you didn't have clothes! I get that he's mad at you for pulling him into this - but that's cruel!"

"Well I guess it's him or me. Um...this is awkward but what about you? I don't think you can beat him to 760...or, like, would you even want to? What would the rest of your life look like?"

"Yeah...I don't know. Honestly this is still kind of fun. Maybe I'll just try to lose some of this and stay in here indefinitely? Hook up with the new skinny Jake once current Jake leaves?" 

They had some time to kill until the stores opened for early Black Friday - Ashley also told Claire about Jake's heavy cream secret, and his previous lying about his weight. "But I saw him weigh himself a few days ago - he's telling you the real weight now." 

"So it seems like he's at a pace of about 4-5 pounds per loop, which means that to be safe I'll have to get there in 8 loops. I'll have to up my game - I think I'm going about 3 pounds per loop right now." 

Since they couldn't go into the bar like normal with Claire's tattered top, Ashley drove them to the grocery store and picked up a 30-pack of beer. They sat in the parking lot outside the mall pounding them back. 

"Ooof, I gotta pee something fierce." Claire looked around and the coast was still clear. She opened the door to the car, but winced as she tried to lean forward and get out. "Ashley, can you give me a lift?" Ashley tottered around to the passenger's side and putting all of her drunken effort in, helped hoist Claire from her seated position. Claire took care of business in the bushes and resumed drinking. 

Several hours later, the final can was consumed. Claire had lost count but was pretty sure she had taken care of 19-20 of the cans. She let out a massive belch, satisfied that she was making good progress today towards her necessary consumption. Her gut now completely obscured the lap belt, and she had the seat reclined to make herself more comfortable. She wrote a list of articles of clothing she needed Ashley to pick up for her. She changed into the top in the car when Ashley returned, and felt much better, finally being fully clothed. 

The Chinese food place was closed, and Claire felt the need to top herself off for the evening, so they got a Lyft to the grocery store. Claire was still fairly **, so stayed on a bench outside the store. Ashley got them each a quart of heavy cream, and two boxes of Double Stuf Oreos. Claire took a swig of the cream and almost gagged. 

"Ha, not as easy as it looks, eh?" Ashley chugged about a third of her quart. "I don't know why, I can just ignore the heaviness. I don't have the capacity you do but this is my secret power."

"Yeah...do you have something to cut it?" Claire was steadily munching through her Oreos, on the second row of her first box. Ashley explained about the ice that Jake was using, and went back into the store to get her a cup of ice. Chilled, the cream was not so bad, and Claire gradually got through it. She felt the familiar dizziness as she finished the first row of her second box of Oreos. Ashley had given up after her quart of cream and her first box of Oreos. Her stomach stretched out beyond her large breasts, stuffed to the max, but she looked positively slender next to Claire. The two girls digested on the bench in silence for the next couple of hours, and called another Lyft home. Ashley wedged Claire into the window, and shoved until she spit through on the other side. 

"Ooof! Sorry I can't be more help - my side is killing me today!" Claire looked her new size-34 top over to check for rips or tears, finding none. Ashley herself struggled up into the window. They weighed themselves - Claire was up to 356, and Ashley had reached 209...keeping up with Claire, plus the heavy cream was getting her to a 3 pound per day pace. Jake texted that he was up to 349. 

Loop 143

Claire was anxious to be in the house for Thanksgiving - she had realized how important it was that she calibrate her scale - according to the topology research that Ashley had told her about, even being a quarter pound off would ruin the resonance and cause her to miss the exit. Her wound was mostly healed, but walking was getting to be more and more taxing regardless. She plodded to the garage and got 150 pounds of dumbbells and stacked them on the scale. It said 148. She'd gotten to 360 at the end of last loop, but maybe she was at 362? Jake had continued his frantic pace -  they'd all weighed themselves in her room, and he was up to 354 - or probably 356 in reality? No doubt *his* scale was calibrated correctly. 

She thought about going out and grabbing a quart of heavy cream that morning, but the thought of wedging herself out of the car and back in an extra time at the grocery store was a little overwhelming - she instead got two dozen donuts at the Dunkin' drive-thru and enjoyed them as her gut pushed progressively further into the steering wheel. 

Before dinner, Claire surreptitiously swapped her original chair for a sturdier one, and had a lovely Thanksgiving meal - her mom once again brought her plate after plate, while she just sat there and shoveled it in. She managed to eat most of the massive plate of desserts before leaning back, almost feeling high with how full she was. Uncle James of course quipped "careful, or you won't need that fat suit to do your project!" Claire would have laughed if she was capable of movement in her core at all. 

The three loopers convened late that night; they'd started getting some heavier beer from the grocery store, and more of it, as their capacities had expanded. Ashley was especially impressive - she was now taking down at least 12 beers, while Jake and Claire were downing 18 apiece over the course of the evening. Jake was looking extremely heavy, but still out of place next to Claire's massive rolls that now hung several inches down her legs when she stood. Not that she was doing much standing tonight - an hour after her final beer, she still lay down on her back, her back flab flattening out horizontally on the floor, but her gut still protruding impressively into the air. Ashley cradled her belly like she was setting up for a maternity shoot. 

Jake was up to 359, Ashley was at 216, and Claire was up to 364, according to the scale, which Claire knew was two pounds off. "Aww you guys are converging! I'm going to miss you when you leave, but I'll be right behind you," said Ashley. She was indeed blowing up quickly - her chin was now full-time doubled, and her arms revealed significant puffiness. Her arms no longer quite hung straight down by her side as  her hips flared out. Claire couldn't imagine what she would look like at nearly double this weight, never mind significantly more. 

Claire not only had her secret of the scale's inaccuracy, but Ashley had smuggled her a quart of heavy cream and a fountain cup full of ice. After Jake and Ashley left her room for the evening, she forced herself to chug down an additional pound worth of calories. It almost made her gag, but she consumed the whole quart. She was just a few days away from leaving the loop! 

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Loop 149

Claire was in an extra-good mood as she tore away the shreds of her skinny underwear. She heaved herself out of bed, and looked at what she'd be dealing with for the next phase of her life. Her stomach had a deep horizontal line down the middle of it, splitting the flab into two sections. Her massive breasts hung heavily down to the top of her stomach. Every step she took was an effort - far from her morning runs that she'd been going on at the start of all of this. 

But she was in a good mood because she'd reached 377 as of last night. She'd indulged in one last consequence-free fling with Daniel at the Chinese restaurant the previous loop. Maybe she'd look him up once this was all over. Jake was only at 372, packed to the gills with food and beer. There was no way he could put on 8 pounds in just one day. She drove with Ashley to Dunkin' - she wanted to spend one last day with this version of her.

As they munched on their donuts - Ashley had asked for two dozen, and Claire "only" 18, not needing to go crazy today, Claire asked Ashley what her plans were. 

"Well, it seems like we're pretty much immortal, right? I'll have forever to figure out another way out of this, and if I don't and I get tired of it all, I guess I'll have to try and get up to 1140 pounds? The possibilities here are endless!"

Ashley was still so excited about the loop, it made Claire wonder if she was making the right decision. But she looked down at herself, and over at Ashley, who continued to expand loop by loop. Ashley had driven today because Claire couldn't get behind the steering wheel, but her gut was already starting to reach forward onto her lap when she sat down, and would soon be touching the wheel. 380 pounds was something people lived with...double or triple that, if she decided to leave, was the end of a normal life. 

They snuck back to the house and into Claire's room with two cases of beer, some heavy cream for Ashley, several pounds of cheese, and numerous loaves of bread from the grocery store. Jake, doing Thanksgiving this loop, served as the lookout as they went in the front door - Claire hadn't been able to get back in through the window for two loops now. She reflected on this, and on her now tight size-34 top, which Ashley had had a hard time finding, and considered herself lucky that this was the biggest she was going to get. Her turtleneck, the largest size she could find, was now stretching out over the top and front of her massive stomach, but leaving the bottom exposed underneath her top. 

Back in the room, Claire weighed herself...this was unusual for the late morning, but she wanted to ensure that she was on track to be 380 precisely as the clock ran to 6am the next morning. She was shocked to see that she was only 372 - but reflected on the amount of beer and other food she was about to consume, as was the usual course of things, and this seemed about right. 

The two ate and drank through the day, staying silent as possible (since the rest of the family thought they were each away on emergencies). They dreaded the confrontation with Jake later that evening - once he was done with Thanksgiving he had often joined them for beers afterwards. Claire worried that as she reached 380, he would try to interfere. But there was no word from him as the clock struck 2am, 3am...

At 5:45am, Claire was on track to reach exactly 380 - she stood on the scale naked, as Ashley read off 379lbs, 4oz from the scale. Exactly 12 ounces away; the weight of one beer. 

"Well, Ashley, I'm not going to miss you because I'll see you tomorrow, but you won't be seeing me for a long time. Or maybe you'll see skinny me again?" 

"I'm going to miss you! I hope skinny you believes me when I tell you I have to wear a fat suit for a school project!" 

Claire put her clothes back on and they hugged each other, their bloated stomachs blocking them from fully encircling each other with their arms. They laughed at the situation, and Claire chugged her final beer of the loop. 

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Loop 144

Jake woke up, in a fresh panic. Claire was at 366 as of last night, and he was only at 361. The scale had said something different when he weighed himself in her room, but he went back to his correctly calibrated scale to check. Claire was smart and probably had figured out that her scale was wrong. She was going to beat him to 380, and he had no idea what happened when two people were simultaneously at 380 when they got to the end of the loop. He needed to give himself an extra day. 

She'd been gaining at least 3 pounds per day recently, if not 4. He suspected Ashley had snitched - not only had her reaction been negative to his idea of stranding Claire in her room, she didn't seem to appreciate the moral balance of the situation. Claire had pulled HIM into this. Either way, he had to assume that Claire knew about the 380 exit point. If she kept "sprinting" all-out, she'd be able to get to 380 in three or four loops. 

He plotted it out - this loop, 370, next 374, next 378, next 380 - she'd been stuffing herself to achieve fast increases, but would surely be able to manage "only" a 2-pound gain on the last day if she knew her target. 

That was the key. She'd have to miss the target for sure, and then he could slip in under the wire while she was figuring out what happened. As it was, things were lining up perfectly. He decided not to get greedy. He dropped Claire off at the shopping plaza - they'd been going their separate ways when Ashley was doing Thanksgiving. He picked up a scale at the pharmacy, drove back to the house, and heaved himself in through her window. Jake stepped on the new scale - he was at 356. On Claire's, it said 354. Not a bad start, but he had to guess that she knew about the two-pound discrepancy. He fiddled with Claire's scale a bit until it gave him a reading of 352. 

Jake found his way into Claire's room at some point each morning for the next four loops - he reduced by an additional two pounds each day. Claire was continuing to sprint forward. He'd sketched out a plan:

Loop 144: her scale read 366, she'd assumed 368, reality 370
Loop 145: reading 368, Claire thinks 370, reality 374
Loop 146: reading 370, Claire thinks 372, reality 378
Loop 147: reading 372, Claire thinks 374, reality 382
Loop 148: reading 374, Claire thinks 376, reality 386
Loop 149: Jake 380! 

Things went almost exactly according to plan. Loop 146-147 had been nervous - what if Claire had taken it easy or really gone for it in one of those loops? But she fortunately pigged out exactly as much as she had been recently, and was likely right around 382 when loop 147 ended. Claire had picked up a bit of steam, so by loop 148 her scale was reading 377, but by then the dye was cast. He snuck into her room while she and Ashley were out getting donuts and made the final adjustment downwards - by 12 pounds. She'd get herself up to 392 by the end of today, and by then he'd be gone. 

Loop 150 

*You can get anything you want -* POP

Claire woke up, oriented. But hearing the nightmare song and exploding out of her underwear undid that, as she remembered what was supposed to happen this time. She looked down at her enormous naked body and heaved herself out of bed. She texted Ashley to confirm. Hey - is it still...Thursday? She relieved herself in the bathroom attached to her bedroom while she waited for the answer: Yeah...is this still you? 

It was indeed still her. Ashley knocked ferociously on Jake's door to find a wiry, groggy, confused 21-year-old boy still under his covers. She left before he could figure out what was going on, and slinked to Claire's room as stealthily as her rotund gut would allow. "Jake is gone!" 

"Fuck! What happened?? We were so careful!" Claire pulled out her scale and stepped on - she was at 385. This was before her planned day of gorging on beer, donuts, and Chinese food, which probably added nearly 10 pounds by the end of the loop. Ashley stepped on out of curiosity, to find herself at 234 - a full 8 pounds more than she'd thought she was the previous night. Ashley did Thanksgiving that day - she pulled over enough weights from the garage while no one was looking for them to confirm - the scale had been tampered with. 

Claire lay on her bed most of the day, naked and stunned. Naked because she hadn't taken any clothes along with her. She was secretly hoping that Jake and the topology research were wrong, but Jake's exit from the loop seemed to confirm that it got something right. She'd now learned a lot of topology herself and concluded that it was pretty ironclad. There were going to be a lot more loops in her future. 

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Loop 151

   Without Jake, Ashley and Claire decided to indefinitely skip out on Thanksgiving. Ashley had picked up a set of clothes the previous loop for Claire - the XXXXL turtleneck, the largest stretch pants she could find, and a size-34 top. The turtleneck now fit skin-tight on Claire, covering the front of her gut, but not quite wrapping around the bottom - the gut hung down over her elastic waistband, the underside of the flab exposed to the air. The top was moderately tight - it clung across Claire's belly revealing the now monster truck tire of fat sitting on her waist. Ashley herself was in a XXXL turtleneck, with a size 22 top. With her 5'3" height, there was no disguising her width - her breasts and butt had become enormous early on, with her gut now rivaling both. It was an illusion, but she looked as wide as she was tall. 

   The went out the front door at 6:30am, avoiding Uncle James in the kitchen. Claire's days of sneaking out the back window were through until she lost some weight. That was the topic of conversation, over a dozen donuts. They were no longer trying to gain quickly, or at all, so there would be no need to stuff themselves silly with two dozen each, as they had with previous loops. But Claire was disconcerted at how meager six donuts felt. Just the walk from her room to the car had been a fair effort, and added to the intense hunger she woke up with. She found herself thinking ahead to when they could go to the Chinese place for lunch while they chatted. 

"So I say we pull new Jake into the loop, and force him to help us get out!" Ashley seemed more angry at Jake's betrayal than she did at the prospect of being in the loop. 

"No, what did this Jake ever do to us?"

"It's not what he did, it's what he WOULD do! We already know! Plus, he knows this stuff really well. He'd be so helpful in figuring out a way out of this without being 760 pounds." 

Claire was amused at the combination of pessimism and optimism Ashley showed at the same time. "I think we don't need him...and maybe we can ask him if we get stuck on something." 

They discussed the plan to try and actually slim down, so maybe if they found a way out of the loop, they'd be able to get back to normal...but Claire had reservations. Mostly about how hungry she was feeling even after eating a half-dozen donuts. They decided to eat in at the Chinese place - Claire finally told Ashley about Daniel, and flirted with him mercilessly while they ordered and waited for their entrees. Claire's entree arrived, nearly overflowing the plate, and also came with two boba teas that they hadn't ordered. Claire pretended to not want it, but was secretly happy to have the double-sized entree. As she slurped down and chewed on the last boba tea bubble, she found herself not hungry for the first time this loop. Her gut, already wedged against the table when she first slid into the booth, now was being severely bisected.  

They didn't have much to do until Black Friday, so they decided to kill the time at the bar. Claire hadn't been here for 12 loops - roughly 40 pounds ago. She'd already had trouble wedging herself into the bar in loop 139, so she went to a booth with Ashley. It was still a tight squeeze, but there was room for both of their ample behinds to rest. Despite their plans to cut back, they wound up drinking 7 pints each. 

They trudged to the car when the game ended, Claire realizing that she probably needed the next size up for a top, particularly if she had any plans to go back to Thanksgiving one of these loops. Her form-fitting top now revealed far too much for her family to believe that this was just a fat suit. The thought of walking around the mall, though, was too much right now. She swallowed her pride, and convinced Ashley to join her, and they got scooters by the entrance. Ashley was fully into it - she knew she'd never see these people again and thought it was fun. Claire still cared about the shame in the moment, even if no memories would carry over to the next loop. 

In the department store, Claire managed to track down a clerk. "So...do you have anything larger than this," pointing to her tight blouse. The clerk stammered an apologetic no. "So...for someone my size, what would you recommend? What do we have to do?" The clerk recommended a tailor - but of course a tailor wasn't working on Thanksgiving. 

Ashley and Claire rode their scooters all the way out to their car, and just left them there - who cares? They wedged themselves into the car, and rode around for a few more hours - now that they had to sneak into the front door, they couldn't return to the house until about midnight. They managed to get all the way to the interstate, and grabbed White Castle at a truck stop for dinner. 

Claire knew she had indulged more than she intended to - after Ashley left for the evening, she pulled the scale over to in front of the mirror, so she could read the weight off of the reflection. She looked over herself - her arms pancaked onto her sides when she relaxed them. The bump of her original chin swam in the sea of her second one. Her stomach seemed to extend out endlessly in front of her. She hadn't really gone all-out today, so this was the first time in a while she had looked at her relatively unstuffed figure - there was no excuse that this was all a food baby. The scale in the mirror confirmed her observations - she was up to 395. 

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Loop 180

Ashley and Claire hadn't returned to Thanksgiving  at the house yet - they generally went to the shopping center and mall, and had only moderate success with reducing their indulgence. Ashley was sort of a bad influence; she was still enjoying herself, and didn't really care. "I'll just lose it eventually," she said as she stuffed her 12th donut into her mouth one of the loops. 

If Claire could learn topology, she figured she could learn sewing. She'd picked up a needle, thread, scissors, some cloth, and a book on sewing at the mall, and she'd finally managed to let out her size 34 top. She had no way of knowing what size it was now, but she'd added a healthy enough amount of cloth, so that it would drape over her sort of formlessly again. She did the same to her pants and other items of clothing. Hopefully this would be the last alteration before she started moving down in weight again. She'd gotten up to 400 pounds, and while it was good that she was no longer gaining, she was frustrated at the lack of progress in the downward direction. She kept accompanying Ashley into the bar in the early afternoon, and Ashley would encourage her to have a beer, and then another, and then sometimes she'd managed to convince Claire to show off her chugging skills again. 

Ashley had not stagnated - she was now even more ball-like than before. As of the last loop, she was at 290. Her short arms were comical in relation to her bloated torso; they were sort of pushed out to the side when she stood naturally, her hands barely reaching down to her massive hips. She had finally given up on driving - she and Claire took a Lyft from the house to the shopping center early in the morning now...and also around the shopping center parking lot. They had learned to put notes when they requested the rides "yes, we really want to be driven across the mall parking lot. Don't judge." 

::BRAAAAAAAAAPP:: Claire released a giant belch after downing her fourth pint in the span of four minutes. The bartender was stunned as usual, and walked away from their booth. "Goddammit" hiccuped Claire "why do I let you talk me into doing this?"

"Oh you know you like it. Plus I can still only do three and the bartender doesn't give us free drinks for that." 

Claire had downed nine beers now, and it was just after halftime. Besides that this loop, she'd been good - only eating the six donuts, the oversized Chinese entree and the boba tea - well maybe she hadn't been that good. She slid to her feet out of the booth, and staggered her way to the bathroom. Walking even this distance was such a chore, but she had to pee badly. Ashley stared after her - Claire's bloated stomach had caused her let-out blouse to ride up a bit, revealing the bottom of her gut, hanging out from below her turtleneck. Had it always been like that? 

Claire and Ashley both lost control for the remainder of the loop, as they so often had after the correct number of beers. "Claire, you're getting big girl." Ashley said as she reached across from her scooter, and used her churro to poke at the bare flab sticking over the side of Claire's pants. 

"Am not! This is just beer bloat. Like you're one to talk, roly poly. What is that your 5th churro?" 

"Fourth, just like yours. But I KNOW I'm getting big. I went up to a size 30 a few loops ago and it's probably time to go up one more time," patting her stomach. "You better get that needle and thread out again girl."

"Nah, I'm at 400 still. I just have to stop doing this with you every loop and I'll be headed in the right direction." 

Back in their room late that night, Claire stepped onto the scale. "What's it say?" 


"See, holding steady. Now let's see you, tubby." 

Ashley stepped on, and Claire read off "294! Damn girl, you gained 4 pounds this loop! That's out of control!" 

Ashley thought of something. "Be right back." She returned, huffing and puffing, with two 20-pound dumbbells from the garage. "Now grab these, and step on the scale." 

Claire could barely step with the added 40 pounds in her arms. "What's up, Ashley?" 

"Well apparently...you! Guess what! It still says 400!" 

Claire couldn't believe she hadn't thought of this. She looked at herself in the mirror, and tried to think back to when she had first gotten to 400. Sure enough, her tailored top was a lot tighter than she remembered it being. The scale only went to 400 pounds! 

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Loop 181

Claire was feeling extra-discouraged. She didn't know what she weighed, but now the progressively increasing difficulty she had walking over the last 30 loops made more sense. She looked herself over in the mirror and it was clear she had gained a lot more weight now that she opened her mind to it. Her stomach grumbled - it was still incredibly frustrating that she ate so much "yesterday" yet woke up absolutely starving every loop. She texted Ashley and told her she was staying in her room for this loop. Ashley said she was still going out - she volunteered to pick up a heavy-duty scale at Black Friday if she could find one. 

Claire tried a squat - she went down to the floor, but then found she couldn't push her mass back up even once. She grabbed onto the side of her bed and pulled herself back into an upright position, huffing and puffing. This wouldn't do. She sat on her bed and found that even raising her arms over her head was a challenge - but she could do it. She did a few sets of empty arm-raises, working up a good sweat. The sweat was encouraging, but also embarrassing that this was what constituted a workout. 

It was about 11am and now she was absolutely starving - she could hear people milling about in the house, though...that exit was blocked for the day. She looked over at the window, and was amazed that she had been able to fit through it at one point. Nope, the room was her home for the day. Claire thought about texting Ashley, but decided to see if she could get by without her first. She found the number for the Chinese place - the only place she'd found open on Thanksgiving day during lunch. She heard Daniel's voice over the phone - he said they didn't do delivery. She said, in broken Korean, "What if I paid you $300 to bring it to my back window? But it has to be you." She listened to a pause for a long time, and then he said "OK - be there in an hour." She gave him instructions to avoid being seen. 

An hour later, Claire was glad she'd ordered three entrees - her stomach felt like it was digesting itself. The exercise probably burned off a ton of calories, she reasoned to herself. She lay on top of her bed, in her let-out top that she now realized was getting awfully tight. Daniel knocked on the window. In broken Korean again, she said "come on in - bring it over to the bed." Daniel, getting his first clean look at her as he opened the window, gaped. She might have been the largest woman he had ever seen in person. She recognized the look, and decided to have some fun. Switching to English, she said "I'm no good with chopsticks, you want to help me out?" 

For the next hour, Daniel fed Claire the three entrees - she was a bottomless pit! Claire made him give her another Korean lesson as he fed her. They fooled around some after the food was gone, and he slipped back out the window. Claire was moderately full but definitely could have eaten more. "No. We're losing this weight," to herself. Plus it would have been embarrassing to call the Chinese place again, so soon. She did a few more sets of arm-ups and recovered on her bed. 

By the time 6pm rolled around, she was again starving - she texted Ashley to bring something healthy home from the grocery store when she got done. Around 9:30, she heard a knock on her window - Ashley, ever the joker, pushed a 30-rack of beer and two dozen donuts through. "NOT what I asked for!" 

"Yeah but they were just giving these away because it was the end of the day at Dunkin! Plus what are we going to drink later on tonight? I'd come in now but yeah I'm not getting in that window. I'll see you in a couple hours!" Ashley waddled off into the darkness, leaving Claire with the temptation. 

Sighing, she wolfed down the first dozen donuts, washing them down with a few beers. She was still a little hungry...oh fuck it. The beers eroded her self-control just enough that she opened the second box of donuts. She looked down half an hour later to see the second box was empty, and so were six more cans of beer. Finally sated, and a little disappointed with herself, she lay back on her bed and digested. 

Ashley waddled in to Claire's room as stealthily as possible around midnight - she was looking rounder than ever. "So I couldn't find a heavy-duty scale, but I found a regular one - I figure you can stand on both and we'll add up the weight. Oh, you'd be proud of me - I got four beers down in four minutes today!" 

"Damn, girl, you're getting...good? But we both need to chill out! I don't want to get any bigger than this...it was different when we were trying to get out of this as fast as possible. But I'm sort of resigned to being in here until we figure another way out. No way I'm getting up to 760. Look at me now! And you, you're a beach ball! We won't even be able to walk if we get that big!" 

"Eh, I'm just having some fun with it. Let's get you on these scales!" 

Claire stood with one foot on each scale, and Ashley read off the weights for her: 220 for the first...and 245 for the second. "Damn, 465! No wonder you're looking so big!" She grabbed the love handle that was popping out below the altered blouse, playfully. Claire swatted her hand away and read the weight off a single scale for Ashley: 297. Ashley proudly gave her taut, bulging stomach a thump with both hands, and cracked a beer open. 

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Loop 182

Claire lay in her bed, the shreds of her ancient underwear from a life long-past lying under her. She had not fully given up on getting back to her old life - maybe this was the problem. Ashley seemed content to just indefinitely enjoy this loop. And it could be indefinite. One thing that she still wasn't sure of was whether she aged - if she was now an eternal being, that changed things. Maybe Ashley was right - it was time to just enjoy herself. If anything, she wanted to avoid hitting the 760-pound mark precisely...exiting the loop at 760 pounds would entail all sorts of consequences. But if this was her life, she could make the best of it. As she shifted into this mode of thinking, the deep panic dissipated from her mind. Maybe it was time to just let things be. 

She texted Ashley: Hey, can you bring me a couple dozen donuts this morning? 

Ashley waddled out the front door and to her Lyft, wedging her way into the back seat. She was getting tired of heading out to the shopping center alone - she pulled up DoorDash and figured out a way to send 2 dozen donuts to Claire's window, rather than bringing them back there herself. 

Ashley enjoyed her own 2 dozen donuts at the nook in the mall that Claire had showed her, and then made her way to the Chinese restaurant - Daniel was gone! She wondered what she or Claire could have changed to create that situation. She enjoyed her two entrees, and then took a half-mile Lyft ride to the dive bar, where she repeated her recent achievement of chugging four beers in four minutes. Nine additional beers later, she made her way to the mall for Black Friday, and picked up the supplies that Claire had requested for letting out her top yet again. 

She stopped by the grocery store to pick up a 30-pack of beer and four boxes of Oreos, and made her way to Claire's room around 11:30. 

She found Claire lying on the bed, her top absolutely stretched to its max. Her gut bulged out the bottom, even as she lay horizontally. "Please tell me you brought some beer!" she moaned. 

"I - uh - I did!" Ashley motioned to the 30-pack. Claire gradually pushed herself into an upright seated position - her top strained with the change. Her gut spilled most of the way down her lap, to her knees. 

"Oh thank god - I was so thirsty!" The remnants of Claire's day lay beside her bed - two empty donut boxes, and then somehow she'd gotten some Chinese food. Ashley tried to count the containers but it looked like 7-8 entrees worth. Claire chugged the beer. "Funny, you figured out DoorDash," motioning to the donut boxes "I figured out my own version of DoorDash." She'd of course called Daniel over again for delivery. She didn't want to be caught hungry again, so she had gotten extra entrees for after he left. Of course once he was gone, she got bored and made it her challenge to eat them all. 

Ashley was more hungry, and Claire was more thirsty, so between them they still managed to finish what she'd brought. Claire tackled 22 of the beers over the next several hours, while Ashley managed three of the boxes of Oreos. Claire discussed her change of philosophy with Ashley. 

"I'm so glad! I never understood why you saw this as a bad thing! Maybe because you started out alone. But we have each other now! Come on, I'm curious. You had a huge day today!" 

Claire had Ashley help her stumble to her feet - she straddled the two scales, and found she was up to 472. A gain of 7 pounds in a day - but surely some of it was beer/food weight after going all out today. Ashley stumbled to the scale and found she'd hit the big 300. They looked around the room to celebrate, but found they'd ** all of the beer. Neither really felt like they could fit another drop in them anyways. 

Loop 202

Claire groaned and made her way to the bathroom connected to her room - this was most of the walking she'd done over the last 25 or so loops. Ashley texted You ok with me coming over? They'd spent the last 20 loops hanging out in Claire's room - once they figured out how to get people to deliver them things, there was no real reason to go out. Claire had fashioned a massive tent of a blouse for herself - she missed her mom, even the looping version of her mom, and was thinking of returning to Thanksgiving one of these loops. The massive top hid the fact that her XXXXL turtleneck now just stretched down to  the top of her enormous gut. It still did the job of concealing the neck-chin transition, which would have given away the lie about the fat suit. 

Yeah, come on by in a few. Claire had to use the bathroom - as usual recently, she sort of staggered into the door, her difficulty walking causing her to sort of brush against the side of the frame. Today, though, she was simultaneously brushing against the other side of the frame. On her way back out, she noticed if she turned sideways and lifted her arms, she could side-step through without touching either side of the frame. 

She was starving by the time they received their morning order of 6 dozen donuts, through the back window of course. They weren't eating all of these in one sitting - or not yet. They'd been competing to see who could get 3 dozen down first. Ashley was ahead - her ability to eat anything without feeling gross had always been amazing, and she'd been really expanding her capacity recently. This loop, Claire managed to get 33 donuts down, and Ashley looked longingly at the single donut left in her third box, but was absolutely stuffed. She'd just graduated from the normal sizes, and Claire had made her a custom "tent" to accommodate future growth. 

After they digested for a while, they went about enriching their lives - Ashley couldn't really get her head around topology, but she was learning some Korean from Claire (and from the internet), and also going through an online MBA program. She'd never get credit, but she was working her way through the materials. Claire continued her study of topology and cosmology, and also had taken up painting. With a decently high limit on their credit cards, they had practically unlimited funds, and managed to get materials for their new life delivered to the back window. 

They'd decided to share Daniel - one of them hid in the bathroom listening to headphones while the other enticed him in through the window. They even convinced him to bring beer for later in the evening - reputable delivery services still wouldn't do that, but he was restrained by no such rules on his more informal visits. 

Claire was still the beer chugging champion - they'd started doing 4-minute races in the evenings. The four pints they'd both managed to get down at the bar were a little over 5 cans - Claire had even managed a fifth pint that one time, which was nearly 7 cans. This loop, Claire managed 8 cans in four minutes, while Ashley was up to 6.  

Claire sank back onto the bed, having finished her 30th beer, a new record. It creaked ominously with the change in weight distribution. Her gut protruded upward impressively, although the majority of her mass sort of flopped down at her sides now when she lay on her back. She hadn't weighed herself in since loop 182 - after a full day of indulgence, it was too much trouble to get the scales out. "C'mon!" Ashley said. "I can't do this myself!" 

"Yes you can...just drag the scale over to the mirror and read it off the mirror!" 

"Ooh, clever!" She read off the mirror. "DAMN. 370! I'm huge! But come on I want to see what you're at, too!" 

"Yeah, I didn't need a scale to tell me that." Claire reluctantly tried to push herself up onto her side - and found that she couldn't. "Ugh...I had too much beer, Ashley! Help me up!" 

Ashley was having her own issues walking these days, but waddled over to the side of the bed. Her gut spilled over onto the mattress as she leaned towards Claire. Grabbing her arm, and leaning back, she managed to roll Claire onto her side, and then worked Claire's legs over the edge of the bed. She then pulled Claire to her feet, and brought the two scales over. Seeing Claire standing up was something Ashley hadn't witnessed for a while - she had gotten absolutely massive. Her double chin was no longer quite that - there was a face surrounded by a layer of fat from the ears down. Her arms no longer reached down to her hips, being held outward by the massive ring of fat she carried around her middle. Claire trudged both of her feet onto the scales - one read 270, and the other read 273 - 543 pounds!

She gasped when Ashley read the number off. She'd certainly been indulging, but she hadn't been intentionally gaining - just indifferent to the gain. But doing the math, she'd been putting on almost 3.5 pounds per day. She was all about enjoying herself, but life was now getting difficult recently. No more donut-eating contests or beer-chugging competitions. Time to get serious! 

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Loop 220


Claire's underwear wasn't the only thing that suddenly had to deal with a much larger size at 6:00am on Thanksgiving - her expanded girth was causing her sheets and blanket to explosively pull out of her bed. The left side had come out this morning, and the acceleration caused it to flop diagonally away from the top of her body. Claire slowly leaned and pushed herself into a seated position, and maneuvered the giant top she'd sewn together over her torso. It didn't look half bad by now - she had made several, along with new underwear and a top for Ashley. 

Ashley wheeled the cart they'd constructed into Claire's room from her room - she could still walk, but it was getting harder, and it was the easiest way to move around Claire's room once they were settled for the day. They hadn't returned to Thanksgiving dinner, and hadn't returned to the mall for some time now. They were running up massive credit card charges (that of course never had to be paid) getting various couriers to bring materials and of course food and beer to Claire's window. Despite her vow several loops ago, they were continuing to see if they could out-do their previous day's record on donut-eating, or tease Daniel by getting one more egg roll down, or chug one more beer in four minutes. They'd called the latter game "Roger Cannister," with the idea being that the 4-minute 12-pack was impossible. But they were trying. Claire had gotten to a ninth beer a few loops ago. 

Claire leaned gingerly over the edge of the bed to pick up her 30th beer of the evening. As she grabbed it, the bed creaked ominously, and then gave out. They froze - waiting a few minutes to see if any of the Thanksgiving guests had heard, but no one came by. Ashley started laughing, and Claire joined in, but Claire had a worry in the back of her mind. 

Claire made her way to the scales and saw that she had broken 600 pounds for the first time, 602 precisely. Ashley had broken into the two-scale club many loops ago, and found herself at 430. 

Loop 230


Claire's underwear flew off, her sheets mostly did, and now her bed collapsed under the sudden 500+ pounds of additional weight thrust upon it. That was too loud of a noise for anyone to not notice. Her mom came running into her room - to see her daughter, well over 600 pounds, struggling to get a tent-like top on. "Who - who...CLAIRE?"

Claire had to think fast. "Uh - what happened??" 

Her mom of course immediately had her rushed to the hospital for tests - this was going to be annoying if this was the loop from now on. She went along this time, although fortunately Ashley was left behind at the house. Claire texted her and said "Figure a way to get me out of here - going to get some tests done for this loop, tomorrow get me out." 

Claire had been a bit worried if her diet had been taking a toll on her health. The tests that came back shocked the doctor - "if I didn't know better, I'd think you were running 3 miles every morning." Her bloodwork was great, her heart function was solid. She'd, of course, ruined Thanksgiving. 

In the meantime, Ashley took a Lyft to the hospital, and began observing the patterns of the doctors' and nurses' movements - it was a skeleton staff on Thanksgiving, so she saw several opportunities for what she needed. She also managed to sneak Claire snacks throughout the day, on top of the Thanksgiving goodies that the family was bringing her. None of the relatives recognized Ashley hanging around the lounge due to her sudden, to them, 300+ pound gain. 

Loop 232

In the hospital for the third straight loop, Ashley managed to roll a motorized scooter out the door when no one was watching. She had executed part 1 of 3. Yesterday she was caught and apprehended by hospital security, but nothing stopped her and Claire from waking up in their beds this loop. She rolled around the residential neighborhood, and found a scooter-accessible home that looked empty. Jackpot! She looked around the yard for hours before finding the hide-a-key location. 

Loop 240

It was a new hassle, but by 10am, Claire and Ashley were now, finally, safely in their new home for the day. Every morning, they woke up in their beds, Claire's bed collapsed, the family took her to the hospital, and the two enormous ladies fled comically on mobility scooters, to an empty house. They were both starving by the end of the routine, but they were able to get their DoorDash donuts and Chinese food and beer. Claire wasn't happy with this, but she'd at least determined that the "immortal" option was still on the table - she wasn't likely to drop dead of a heart attack any time soon. 

Loop 280

Back in their rhythm, now with an added embarrassing hospital adventure each morning, Claire had found herself up to 720 pounds at the end of the previous loop. Ashley was now 590. Both had been expanding their minds and their capacity - the four-hour delay before food was first delivered really kick-started their donut-eating contest, and Ashley had been the first to down 4 dozen. Claire was still at a mere 40, but she had recently downed half of an eleventh beer while playing Roger Cannister. They delayed the beer until the evening, and with nothing else to do, had been studying their chosen topics. Claire was finding topology fascinating, not just the elements that related to their time-loop. 

"So are you going to leave when you get near 760, Claire?"

"Hell no! You were right all along, this is awesome," crunching an empty can in her hand and flinging it into the corner. "I'll just have to make sure I don't accidentally get in the exact range." 

"Nice! I'd miss you, Claire!" Ashley leaned her ball-like body onto the immense love handle spilling out from under Claire's top in an approximation of a hug. 

Loop 320

The firefighters were flummoxed "We...can't get her out!" Claire and Ashley had been worried about this. Every day Claire had spilled a little more over the edge of the double-sized stretcher, and now she was wedged in the doorway. This actually turned out to be a better loop than recently - Claire finally convinced her mom that they could get her out of her room tomorrow. A doctor made a house call, took some tests, and by 9am, Claire was comfortable in her bed, and Ashley had snuck into the bathroom next to her room. They now had to avoid roughly hourly check-ins by Claire's mom, but they were able to sneak a donut order in, back in the comfort of Claire's room.  

Claire had now graduated to a third scale, up to 840 pounds. Ashley, up to 743 herself, but looking even rounder than Claire with her shorter height, was having increasing difficulty getting through Claire's door herself, and also from Claire's room to the bathroom. Claire saw the issue with this...Ashley couldn't stay in her room all day - there was no bathroom, and no accessible window to receive deliveries. "Ashley...why don't you use the 760-pound exit? I'm going to miss you...but this isn't going to be comfortable for you very much longer." 

Ashley took a lot of convincing, but agreed it was the only way. She left on loop 324, a round ball full of donuts and beer. She gave Claire the makeshift wheely-cart they'd constructed to take along for future loops. 

Loop 1320


Claire now spilled well over all sides of the bed, and her fat had started to muffle the sound of her bed breaking several hundred loops ago. She had had no paramedics or firefighters trying to help her leave the room since then - she texted her mom that she was stuck at the airport and wouldn't be joining for Thanksgiving. She had no idea what she weighed, but she was eating over 100 donuts each morning, 15-20 Chinese entrees, and 90 beers in the evening, likely meaning she was well over 5000 pounds. The DoorDash folks no longer had room to step into the window; they rigged up a device (with her instructions) extending her deliveries from the window over the expanse of her flab to her arms, which seemed to extend T-Rex-like from her enormous mass. She was not overly concerned about accidentally leaving the loop, since she was likely gaining 6-7 pounds per day at this point, meaning the chance of hitting a multiple of 380 to the ounce was less than 1%. 

She was now the world's leading expert on the branch of topology she'd gone into - no one knew this, and no one told her, but she could tell based on the level of sophistication of the papers, which she had read all of now. 

Loop 5189

Well, it finally happened - she woke up and her left love handle completely blocked the window. The DoorDash deliverypeople, who had lugged 20 dozen donuts to Claire's back door, valiantly opened the window, only to have a wall of flesh pour through it and knock them over. Claire was over 25,000 pounds now, and took up most of the lower half of her room. She was absolutely starving, but there was no way to get any food. 

Loop 5445

Claire was still around 25,000 pounds - she'd finally hit her limit. She'd been forced to starve a couple of loops at a time, shrinking her just enough to get more food delivered. But we join her this loop because she finally figured out how to reverse the polarity of her phone to unstick herself from the time loop. Importantly, she went all-out this loop. She had gotten Daniel's private line, and texted him first thing in the morning - she said she needed an industrial-sized order of Chinese food. He was more into the 200-400 pound ladies, but he was also dutiful and liked her offer of a $2000 tip on top of the bill if he could get her what ended up being almost 100 pounds of Chinese food, and five 30-racks of beer, delivered to somewhere near her arms and mouth. 

Claire stuffed herself that loop more than she ever had. Even with her insanely expanded capacity, she found herself dizzy as she shoveled the last of the fried rice into her mouth. She filled in the tiny spaces between the solid food she'd just eaten with beer after beer, pouring another one down as soon as she felt a sliver of room. At 5:55am, she activated the program she'd written for her phone...

Friday, November 27 6:00am

...to be concluded. 

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::It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrr...::

Claire felt the alarm clock somewhere below her, singing out a muffled Christmas song from beneath 25,000 pounds of flab. She was powerless to turn it off...but it was Friday! The day after Thanksgiving! 

The best part of this was that she was uncomfortably full. She wasn't moving much these days anyway, but her stomach was loaded with the Chinese food and beer from the previous day. She went back to sleep for several hours, and woke up, still uncomfortably full. She was curious, and texted Jake and Ashley. 

Hey...I'm out of the loop! How are you folks doing?

Jake: Whoa, Claire! You got out!

Ashley: OMG, Claire! Are you 1140 pounds!? Are you ok?

Claire: Uh, no, I'm a lot more than that. Jake, are you at 380? What's the last thing you guys remember?

Jake: Yeah I'm probably about 380...wait, did you guys stay in the loop for a while? 

Ashley: Um, yeah, asshole. But you knew that didn't you? 

Claire: Oh go easy on him. I've had some time to think about this and I was the one in the wrong. Jake, I'm sorry I dragged you into the loop. Jake, help Ashley out the front door tonight if you can, and we'll talk, by my window. 

Jake: Can't we just sneak over to your room's regular door?

Claire looked over to her door, which was held shut by 2-3 feet of her flab. Nah, I think the window is safer. You'll see.

Claire de-activated the loop-blocking program on her phone, and started examining how the world was progressing today. She was planning to be here for a while. One thing she didn't do was eat. She was absolutely stuffed from yesterday - it was only around 6pm or so when she thought she could even force down food had she wanted to...and she didn't particularly want to. 

Around 2am, she felt a tickling in her side - it was familiar. Jake and Ashley were trying to open her window. 

Ashley: Claire, what the fuck? What...how long were you in that loop??

Claire called out "You can just talk to me through the window, I can hear it."

She heard Jake's voice, muffled a bit through the window with her flab pressed against the entirety of the bottom pane "Uhh...how big are you exactly?"

"Well somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 pounds. But who's counting?" 

Ashley piped up. "Claire, I saw you just yesterday! How long has it been for you?" 

"Oh...probably about 15 years worth of loops. I lost count. I was having a good time being immortal, until I stopped being able to get food deliveries."

"What's your plan for getting out of here, Claire? I feel like a human body can't handle being as large as you are for very long! And how are you going to get out of the house?" Jake sounded genuinely concerned.

"Well I guess that's our next task, huh?"

Jake trudged, and Ashley waddled absurdly, back to their rooms, as Claire drifted off to sleep. 

Friday, November 27, Loop 2

::It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

God, that was going to get annoying. Claire had rigged her phone to put her back into a loop, but this time she was starting absolutely stuffed. She checked on Jake and Ashley, and found that they didn't remember Friday Loop 1. Just as she'd planned. She got to work studying the stock market - she started finding, at five-minute intervals, the stocks that were going up the most during those intervals. 

Friday, November 27, Loop 400

::It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Claire's love handles had receded, partially, from the window. She'd occasionally indulged in 20-30 beers that Jake and Ashley brought over late at night, but her immense mass was burning off tens of thousands of calories per day. She estimated she'd lost about 10% of her mass since she started looping. She alternated between telling Jake and Ashley that she was looping again, and just pretending this was her first time. She was continuing to enjoy effective eternity, taking online courses. She'd worked out the optimal path of trades to make, and had managed to grow $1,000 into nearly $100,000 in her Robinhood account. 

Friday, November 27, Loop 4,507

::It's the most wonderful time of--"

Claire smacked her alarm clock, or more accurately, the flab over her left shoulder, which was now thin enough to transmit the smack to her alarm clock and stop her from having to hear Christmas songs for an hour straight. She was down to probably less than half her peak size, although her flab still spilled over her bed to most of the room. She'd started trying to raise her arms, which were still covered in hundreds of pounds each, over her head. She hadn't gotten anywhere yet but the attempt was building muscle, she could tell. 

Claire had taken a lot of online courses over the last 10+ years worth of loops. She was finding it boring, but she needed to get back into shape before she resumed her normal life. A couple thousand loops ago, she'd taken a course in corporate finance and realized she was missing out on option trading - she'd turned her $1,000 into over $30 million, five minutes at a time, by knowing the precise moves of the market. 

Jake and Ashley were still stunned when they came to the window - after all, a mere foot of flab pushed up against the window was just as shocking as three feet of flab. But now Jake at least was able to come into the room, with a little bit of effort. Ashley, at 760 pounds, had no chance of getting into the window. She would have to wait until the fat had completely receded from the bedroom door, and come in that way. Most loops, Claire pretended to be seeing them for the first time. 

Friday, November 27, Loop 8,956

It had finally happened last loop - Claire, with the help of Jake, had gotten onto her feet and stood on three scales. Her flab hung down to the ground and the scales maxed out at 400 pounds each. But when a fourth scale was brought in, Jake positioned most of Claire's fat on the scales and she was down to 1,387 pounds. 

Friday, November 27, Loop 9,093

Claire, after turning off the insipid Christmas music, summoned all her will and swung her legs over the edge of her bed. She had dropped below 900 pounds the previous loop, and her flab no longer touched the ground when Jake helped her to her feet on the three scales, so she knew that this was her real weight. Ashley had been sitting on the floor, drinking, while all of this was going on. Claire was looking at her and reflecting that she was getting to almost the same shape, given that she was about 4 inches taller. Jake expressed confusion as to how Claire was only 898 pounds, when she clearly had to have exited the loop at 1140 or more, but he wasn't able to figure out that Claire had determined another way out of the loop. He was getting dangerously suspicious, though. 

Claire had been working out, after her own fashion, over the last few thousand loops. She'd been waking up completely stuffed every loop, as she'd planned back when breaking out of the original Thanksgiving loop, and felt absolutely no need to eat anything. In fact, she needed a bit of a nap and some time to digest before engaging in anything strenuous. But once she was ready, she merely had to do some body weight exercises, lifting her arms over her head repeatedly, to get a pretty solid workout in. 

Friday, November 27, Loop 9,320

Claire texted Ashley immediately when she woke up. Get ready to go ASAP. Don't ask questions until we're alone. 

Claire was down to 280 pounds - she had been sneaking out the back window regularly now, before Jake or Ashley could see her and inquire why she wasn't 1140 pounds. Her arms and legs could now be described as almost toned; she'd been working out. In fact, the main reason she still weighed as much as she did was the absurd amount of food and beer she had eaten just "hours" before. Her face had nearly lost its double chin, but her gut bulged out absurdly in front of her. It was still difficult getting out the back window with her gut, filled with probably 150 pounds of Chinese food and beer, but with her regular workouts plus the "belly bra" that she had fashioned over the last several dozen loops, she managed it. 

She waddled her way to Ashley's door, and quietly helped her into a makeshift wheelchair that she'd cobbled together and taken along across the last few loops. She shoved her into a car and they drove off, Claire's immense gut still pressed up against the steering wheel of her mom's car. 

"Claire - you're so small!"

Claire laughed, patting her bloated gut. "I guess it's all relative, huh?" She explained how she'd figured a way to control the time loops, and turn the hunger issue to her her advantage. Once they reached the mall, they parked and Claire fiddled with Ashley's phone, to give her the time-looping ap. They then spent a wonderful day at the mall, riding around in mobility scooters (Ashley needed one, and Claire's bizarre physique kept anyone from asking questions). As stores closed up, they topped themselves off with some pizza and beer. Claire managed three medium pizzas and 12 beers, while Ashley, who had not stuffed herself to the max on her final Thanksgiving loop, was able to shove down 6 mediums and 30 beers. 

Claire had scouted out the perfect spot for them to wake up repeatedly - Claire had figured out the keypad code to a Lane Bryant, and they snuck inside to go to sleep, both stuffed to the brim, both of their phones set to push them forward into the next day. 


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