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Claire Richards – Steps

Guest Badgers

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I just zapped through the channels and stumbled across the final moments of "Richtig fett abnehmen", which is the BBC documentary about Claire's weight loss journey - in German language.

The complete series will be repeated within the next days in various time slots.

The channel ist "ZDF info". It's available in sd and in hd quality on the astra 19.2 satellites (free to air).

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Oh my shit!!!

Celebrity big brother is a program I would rather put a camp-fire out with my face than watch but when I saw claire lumbering down them stairs bigger than I've seen her in months I couldn't take my eyes off her. I'll be watching with pleasure!!

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Guest Ms. LovelyMeow

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Day 3

Claire gets in the hottub!

... Unfortunately the cameraman can't seem to film below her chest the entire time, so there's actually never a point where you see her in a full bathing suit, nor getting in or out of the water.

She might have had no bottom to her suit and we wouldn't know from the way they're filming, ah well.

Have some cool pics in the meanwhile:






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Just one word... WOW!

Always knew she'd plump back up, but didn't think it would be this quickly. She really does look like she's as big as ever!

I can't stand Big Brother, but I may have to watch some of this series. Fingers crossed she doesn't get voted out any time soon!

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Guest Pantalaimon

Shame she's such an annoying cow. Looks like she ignored her doctors advise on those stupid diet programmes she does.

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Guest Ms. LovelyMeow





In this latest challenge, Big Brother notices that Claire has been cooking all of the meals for everyone else, while she hasn't gotten the same thing in return.

*Cue slideshow of Claire cooking up various dishes*

Dubbed "Clean their plates", BB tasks the housemates with cooking an individual meal for Claire while she moves from one plate to the next, finally having someone else cook for her for a change.

She manages to power her way pretty well through the first few plates, but starts getting sluggish around the halfway mark.

All the housemates cheer her on as she shifts down each seat, and in one awesome quote she manages to sputter "Guys, this is amazing, but... Oooh..."

Unfortunately she doesn't make it through to the end, leaving 4 plates remaining and deducting -20 points for her teams score, but the face she makes when she rises from the table cradling her stomach and wincing with each labored step was well worth it.


Except that it wasn't as that would be a challenge I wish they would bring in.

Instead, it's a round of "pass this disgusting thing using only your mandibles", which was a disappointing sight to see after they set up a massive banquet table with nothing edible on it.

As always, link below, and images I've scrounged to be found below that:








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