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Dawn Davenport and Dawn Davenport

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So there seem to be two BBW who go by the name of John Waters' Female Trouble's Dawn Davenport as well as at least one sports reporter.

One has tattoos and tends to sport blonde or black/pink hair. https://twitter.com/Witchyslut and maybe https://twitter.com/witchyslut_421? The first two pics are of her.

The other is usually a redhead with very interesting taste in poolside loungewear designed not for mere wardrobe malfunctions but wardrobe catastrophic failures if you even think about looking at it funny. I can't find anything like it online anywhere. Maybe it's just a long strip of material and not actually a product for sale? The first malfunction happens even before the one minute mark, https://spankbang.com/1o2pg/video/dawn+davenport+bbw+redhead I need a chubby girl in my life who'll wear this.

And she sings? https://youtu.be/79r-BHr-mic I have a tin ear, so I can't tell how well. Also has lipstick troubles, https://youtu.be/QOJPUqVUgTE 





images (1).jpg






th (1).jpg


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