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Kayla the Dark Elf Wizard Who Will Totally Not Get Fat

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(The following is my contribution to @Batman76's D&D style RP. As DM, he has been doing his best to sabotage my character's superior elven figure 🤨)


Kayla thought of having a hundred thousand pleasure slaves at her beck and call but was shaken from contemplating her eventual power by the city she would one day own. 

The dark skinned wizard was used to the woods and small villages, but this town had tens of thousands of people in it's walls! More than enough to up set her sensitive elf nose and ears with their scents and sounds. When she owned everything, Kayla would institute better sewers and noise pollution for sure!

But that was for tomorrow. Kayla hadnt come to this city at random after all! This was Red Port, one of the southern most republics and only a hop and a skip away from the lush southern continent. Kayla had spent most of her coin on a disgusting human ship ride here so she could...


Join a pirate crew to earn fortune and glory!: Tessa Red-Wing, an angel blooded pirate with crimson feathered wings pays a high bounty for any magicians to join her crew. She apparently goes through Sorceresses quite quickly but Kayla will surely evade whatever fate claimed those vain, empty headed fools once she joins the crew of the "Maiden Buster!" She just needs to show off her skills... (Roll INTELLIGENCE) 

Gain political power! The new Duke of the city is recruiting for his harem. Kayla may not care for her assuredly gorgeous elven looks much but knows she will stand out among the flabby, ugly human competition! Soon she'll have the Duke wrapped around her finger and rule this island with an iron fist! (ROLL CHARISMA)

Attain ancient power! Red Ports jungle interior is home to many ancient ruins rumored to hide vast magical artifacts, gold in piles and ancient arcane power! Kayla is too join an adventuring party heading into the jungle, meeting them at a human eatery...(Roll WILLPOWER to avoid overeating and CONSTITUTION if failed)

Find a lost master: Abigail Featherweight was an elf wizard who fought harder than any against the rise of Queen Saree. She escaped when the fight was lost and is rumored to be in Red Port. Kayla doesn't care much about politics that don't put her in charge but Abigail is rumored to be training apprentices at a magic school disguised as a bakery of all things!? If Kayla can find and impress her, she could grow even more powerful! (Roll WILLPOWER to avoid overeating, CONSTITUTION if failed. INTELLIGENCE to impress

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Kayla sniffed disapprovingly as she passed a cluster of chickens in the narrow city street, her nostrils quivering at the overwhelming stench of old feathers and mud.

"To think that anyone thought that keeping animals in the city was a good idea!" she sighed as she sidestepped a suspiciously murky puddle. "These mortals are just as simple as the dotards I left behind! Well... it will be child's play to fix their earthly qualms. Just the very mention of city planning should earn me a position as bailiff or quartermaster or whatever titles these round-eared people call themselves... but where to begin? Who do I talk to?"

It was a good question, especially for a former village-dweller who's life experience consisted mainly of poring over any scrap of reading she could find. In fact...

"Ah! A newsboard!" Kayla spotted the wooden structure the moment it came into view. She barely managed to suppress her happy skipping into a more suitable, mature stride as she approached the board and leaned close to read the lettering. "Sorceress needed on the Maiden Buster... well, I'm not a sorceress and I'm definitely too mature to to be a maiden! What else is there... the Duke is seeking new members for his harem... ew?" Kayla wrinkled her nose. "What kind of woman would sell her life to a duke -- will be a duke! No wait... a duchess! Yes. And soon. But all in due time..."

There were more choices than she thought possible, and she leaned closer to the board in her search for glory, her slender back arching as her eyes scanned every letter for delicious knowledge. The world around her faded into her subconscious, her mind fully-ensnared by the scrawled letters and royal decrees. So immersed was she, that she didn't realize she was blocking the view of several townsmen, all trying to edge past her protruding hips to take a gander at the newsboard themselves.

"...Abigail Featherweight... that's a funny name!" Kayla caught herself giggling, but stiffened when she finally realized there were others watching. Her mind returned to reality, and daydreams of wealth and might melted away, leaving behind a very young, very introverted elven girl. "O-oh," she suppressed a stutter. "Excuse me -- I mean..." she straightened herself, tugging lightly at her belt as authoritatively as possible. "Now be patient! I'm in the middle of important business, and must not be... disturbed. Yes. Do not disturb a wizard, if you are wise, for I shall hex whomever I please! Begone!"

Fortunately, the somewhat burly-looking townsmen who had been near her had moved-on willingly -- or rather, they had read what they needed and walked away, as if they couldn't hear the dainty dark-elf with her hands on her hips. Kayla swooned with pride at her success, though she also sighed with relief. Maybe I should speak louder and more firmly, a part of her mused. No matter. If they leave, all the better! Now, on to business...

Returning to the board, Kayla's eyes rested upon a newer letter, posted upon the far corner of the board. It's script was in large, bold letters, practically screaming for her attention.

"Attain ancient power?" she cocked one hip and rested her arm between her hand and cheek. "...vast magical artifacts? Piles of gold?" her bosom swelled with joy and her mouth broke into a grin. "An adventuring party in need of more hands? Why, it's perfect! No doubt they're all dim-witted thugs in desperate need of magical support. A suitable expedition for me to begin my quest to power!"

Kayla's hips squirmed with excitement as she continued to read the letter for further instructions. At last, her dreams would be coming to fruition! Long, hard journeys on foot would give way to lucrative adventure and ever-increasing wealth and knowledge! It seemed that she had to meet the hiring party at a nearby eatery.

"Simple enough!" Kayla bounced slightly as she turned away from the newsboard, at last. "And it gives me the perfect excuse to eat a snack. I did forget to eat today, after all... hold on," she probed one of the front pockets of her trousers. "How much money do I have left, again? Hmm..."

(Bond: Spare Crowns: Rolled 4, 19,18. 19/2=10 Crowns)

Kayla's lips pursed as she realized she could afford to eat whatever she pleased. There was no doubt in her mind that her life would go nowhere but up from now on.

WILLPOWER: 33 PASS! (eheheh u can't get dirty dark elf so easily! Her ambition knows no bounds!)

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Kayla sauntered into the named eatery, a rough and tumble tavern called the Choked Boar.

It was a big multi story building, with horses tied up outside and and scantily clad ladies of the evening leaning out windows up top. Kayla got a few whistles and enticing cat calls from the courtesans but the focused wizard easily ignored them. The girls might be pretty for humans but to a meticulous and spectacular elf maid like the wizard, many of them were disgustingly plump. Some of them had bellies and a few of them had ass cheeks the size of bread loaves!

"Imagine having an ass that big, ugghh," the wizard said to herself with an internal shudder, involuntarily touching her own taut butt in comparison, "humans have no self control!"

Conversation didn't exactly stop the moment the lithe wizard strolled through the saloon doors but many eyes certainly went to her. Kayla wasn't that curvy but her svelte frame had just enough horizontal bulge in her hips to make her taut legs and flat belly even more appealing. The slim wizard went to the bar, eyes rolling over the menu and her coins clutched in her hand as she compared the menu prices.

The food here was surprisingly cheap, Red Port's farmers weren't periodically purged like in the Dominion of the Beautiful. As her eyes ran over the prices, the wizard realized she could stuff herself to the very bursting point, until her button popped off and her belt snapped. Beer, wine, whiskey, cider, rum and vodka were available in a hundred combinations and mixes, while beef, pork, bread, stew, soup, cake, pie and a dozen sandwiches with sides were on order. Life in the Dominion, even in its rural hinterlands, hadn't prepared her for so much food and Kayla felt her tongue lolling from her mouth...

But thinking about the plushly plump prostitutes outside reminded the elf about why Kayla shouldn't pig out. She was far superior and could control her appetite quite easily, thank you very much! So the dark elf ordered a simple sandwich, ham, cheese and tomato, with a nice salad and a small beer. Delicious and balanced nutritionally.

Munching on her very standard lunch, Kayla cast her eyes across the room. The Choked Boar was a common staging ground for adventuring groups setting into the interior and a few groups were setting up here. Now, which one would she choose?

*The Sea Devils:  three Devil-Blooded sister (Abara, Balla and Cula) adventurers who previously mutually captained a pirate ship until it sank. Rebranding themselves as land adventurers, they sell their swords and spells for coin and adventure. Abara (21) is a cocky but sweet massively muscled, black haired barbarian brawler who stands nearly nearly seven feet tall, taut abs rippling in a chain mail bikini, she fights with bladed gauntlets. Balla (25) is a sly, sarcastic, ultra skinny rogue with red hair and no fat on her body besides a stupendous, magically enhanced bust purchased with the profits of her last expedition, the DDs shown off by a taut combat corset. Lastly, Cula (30) is a cleric of the Goddess of Pleasure, languid, seductive but secretly wanting to be swept off her feet, her hour glass figure is shown off in a green gown that's mostly unbuttoned, however she's started to develop a bit of a weight problem that's mostly hidden by her wide skirts due to it concentrating in her butt and thighs. Right now, Abara is eating a massive platter of pig, Balla is flirting with a waitress and Cula is picking unhappily at a salad.

*The Sand Dancers: a dark skinned pair of twin, brother and sister elves from the deserts of the Dominion's eastern fringe. The brother, Seren is a tall and lithely muscular rogue who fights with two scimitars and seems to always have a joke for an occasion and flirts with anything in a skirt, aided by not wearing a shirt of his own. Laren, the sister, is a very slim cleric of the minor goddess of Dance, currently wearing a see through gown of green gauze to display her utterly lithe body, as if to taunt anyone who looked at her. Currently they are engaged in a drinking contest with each other, being evenly matched, and cheered on by several scantily clad waitresses.

*The Virtue Guard: most unusually is a mother, daughter trio. Baroness Morrigan Mountjoy (42) hails from the 101 kingdoms, she was Angel Born peasant peasant cleric that fought a defense against an invasion of hyena men from the west and was knighted by the Red Empress for valor. The follower of the goddess of justice' platinum hair, silver eyes and muscular good looks (combined with a 6'9 height) soon earning her a marriage offer from a rich Baron. Brave and strong, but not very disciplined or observant, twenty years of marriage in the decadent upper classes made Morrigan too fat to fly and her two oldest, spoiled daughters Janice (21) and Laila (20) weren't much thinner. Disgusted with herself, the winged MILF put herself and her two oldest on a strict diet to get them combat fit and to keep them that way has dragged them across the continent on adventures, whether the two like it or not. Which they mostly don't. Morrigan's steel breast plate shows that most of the MILF fat has burned off, revealing a buxom figure with large breasts and wide hips that matches her earnest and guileless personality. Adventuring has made her couch potato daughters hard and lithe, Janice is a muscular knight who fights with a hammer and Laila is a lean rogue who uses a chain whip, quite unwillingly as both just want to laze around, pork up and get courted by the chubby chasing nobility of Orange. Unfortunately their dowries are only released if they keep a fit figure until 23...unless they can find enough loot to go without. Currently Morrigan is plotting out an egress route into the jungle, while her daughters stare longingly at food being delivered to nearby tables.

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Kayla eyes her makeshift audience with all the caution and shyness of a street cat as she seated herself on a creaking stool before the bar. True, she always had envisioned crowds of gawking, adoring masses on plenty of sleepless nights in the woods, but none of them had any catcalling or whistles involved. Then again, fame was fame, and she would allow them to continue — for now. After all, none could expect these common folk to recognize just who they were dealing with!

Just as Kayla was beginning to look for a menu to read, one of the bar wenches approached, clad in a skimpy outfit composed of hip-hugging trousers cut at the top of each thigh, a low-cut blouse, and little else.

”Lass,” the wench smiled with an elbow on the bar. “What can I get you, love?”

Lass? Love? What crude indecency! “Um... do you have a menu?”

”It’s a bar and bonfire, love, not a coffee house. Just lemme know what you want.”

Kayla’s stomach grumbled, twisting itself into knots like a toddler in a tantrum. “Well, how much does... this buy?” She held aloft her ten coins, which the wench snatched promptly.

”How about a sandwich and beer? My specialty.”

”... indeed,” Kayla stiffened, attempting to project as much grace and dignity as possible.

”What you like in it?”

”Um...” Kayla leaned forwards in thought, trying not to think of her butt shifting awkwardly on the creaking stool, or the tightness of her white traveling trousers, or how she could feel the eyes of half the crowd on her back. “Ham. Some cheese, and... also a tomato. That sounds suitably balanced,” a gentle flip of her bowels reminded her she’d skipped breakfast and lunch. “Oh, and maybe a salad?”

”I’ll throw something together.”


”And anything else?”

”Well... you see, I was looking for an adventuring band. They needed another hand?”

”You have any idea how little that narrows it down, love?” The wench chuckles as she tugged a rogue boob back into place. “Take a look around you. This is the Choked Boar. Everyone knows to meet here for sword and mage work.”

”Indeed,” Kayla replied, too proud to admit that she didn’t. “But I’m looking for the group that’s going into the jungle to look through ruins?”

”That would be The Sea Devils. They’re always in here, drinking and eating. Not that I mind, but it’s been a while since they left.”

“Wonderful. If you could point me towards—“

”They aren’t here yet, darling. Why don’t you loosen your belt and I’ll bring you your beer. They should be coming in by the time your dinner is done. They always come at sunset.”

Kayla was slightly miffed at the suggestion that she loosen her belt — as if she ever needed to! Yet food would be a welcome distraction from the untoward attention she was receiving, so she opted to bide her time and wait.

But not before tugging at her belt out of habit.

The sensation of fullness was a guilty pleasure of Kayla's that she would never admit to having -- and one that was all-too-easily sated considering how her stomach was usually no larger than an unripe mango. Hence, she leaned comfortably against the bar, already feeling the effects of her single keg of beer on her mind as a pleasant fog that made her lips tingle. The slight pressure of her taught midsection on the front of her high-waisted trousers was pleasant enough for her to sigh with ease, but also alarming enough to make her subconsciously clench her abs in to maintain the appearance of perfect flatness.

She didn't have to wait long for The Sea Devils to make their presence known. In fact, she heard their arrival before the front doors swung aside to reveal three of the grittiest demon-bloods she ever laid eyes upon.

Of course, being a country bumpkin, Kayla had only ever seen crude drawings and sketches of demon-bloods in her books, which suggested ugly, vile creatures traipsing the line between man and beast. But these three were different: they traipsed the line between woman and beast. Each boasted smooth, blood-red skin without hint of blemish or hair, hard, long fingernails reminiscent of claws, and absolutely jaw-dropping figures that made the little dark elf blink with awe.

"Brewess!" the tallest demon-blood roared over the din of the tavern as she approached the stool next to Kayla. "A fresh plate of pork!"

"Sure thing, Abara," the bar wench smirked knowingly. "Got a fresh kill in the back. Why don't you loosen your belt and take a seat while I get it?"

"Good to go," Abara patted the buckle symbolically, but made no moves to unfasten it.

Kayla, for her part, was awestruck by the sheer size of the half-demoness, whose seven-foot height towered high over the seated elf, her bare, red abs a wall of muscle. She gulped at the sight of the woman's breasts, half-secured by a chain-mailed brazier that matched the trailing bottoms girdling her muscled hips. Abara's head poked into view from aforementioned breasts, staring back at her.

"Okay zero! Eyeballs!" the near-naked warrior raised an eyebrow at her.


"Just what do you think you're eyeballin?'"

"I was..."

"Easy," Abara smirked as she straddled a stool beside the elf like a horse. "Of course you were eyeballin' me -- everyone does."

Before Kayla could think of a way to regain her composure, the bar wench returned with a steaming plate of roast pig. "Here's the usual," she smiled as she placed the delicacy before her patron. "Oh! I see you've met already. Abara, this is Kayla."


Kayla was about to answer when the second demon-blood eased herself onto the opposite stool. Kayla's shoulders shrank inwards, an acute sense of entrapment snaring her, and she stared nervously at the new potential threat. This newcomer was no giant (to her relief). In fact, she was just about the same size and build as Kayla -- save for a pair of pert, round breasts bulging-up from a tight, leather corset. Kayla wasn't the only one staring at them -- the bar wench stared openly, an eyebrow raised judgmentally.

"Welcome back Bella," she bit her lip. "I'm guessing you want the usual?"

"Aw, what's the matter?" Bella smirked, leaning forwards so her cleavage was in full view. "You aren't calling me 'love' or what?"

"Please. I call everyone that... you're different. In fact, more different than usual."

"Am I? What's changed? Do you like it?"

The bar wench rolled her eyes. "I'll be right back with your keg."

"Bring two this time!" Bella called after her. Then she turned to face Kayla and leaned close. "So! What's a boot like you doing in a place like this?"

It took every ounce of courage in Kayla's body to not lean away, but she held her ground and cleared her throat. "Ahem... you're part of The Sea Devils, I presume? My name is Kayla, and I --"

"Kayla! That's a pretty name."

"So... I'm interested in enlisting in your party to search the jungle ruins."

"Hey, I gave you a compliment. What's the big idea?"

"... what?"

"Aye aye captain, or some shit," Bella leaned closer, smile broadening into a grin of blazingly-white teeth. "Or a thank you, at least?"

"Thank you?"

"I'm kidding!" Bella slapped her arm. "Gods, but you're adorable! And yes, we're The Sea Devils, captains of the Iron Duck, may she rest in pieces."

"Aye," Abara held a bite of pork aloft with her fork in salute. "The greatest wooden hunk to ever float."

"So!" Bella slammed the bar with sudden enthusiasm. "I am Bella! The street-smartest pair of hands merchants ever matched wits with. And this is Abara -- she's strong."

"Not strong enough," Abara smirked as she chewed another bite. "Never strong enough!"

"Gainz for days!" Bella yelled. "And this is our chaplain, Cula."

Kayla was about to ask where Cula was when Balla leaned slightly aside to reveal one of the most beautiful women she'd ever seen. Neither massively strong like Abara, nor lithe and slender like Balla, Cula boasted a soft, curvaceous figure barely contained in a green gown that complimented her red complexion. Breasts larger and riper even than Balla's popped forwards from an unbuttoned front that revealed a stomach as smooth as a tomato. Kayla could even see the woman's navel, a shallow hole just deep enough for a finger to be able to tug upwards against the flap of skin just over it...

"Hey! Listen to me, boot! Okay, zero! Eyeballs!" Balla leaned into Kayla's field of vision once more, and the elf jerked with surprise, suddenly realizing that her mind had "tunneled" again. "So what were you eyeballin?'" Balla asked. "Don't answer -- I don't care. But I do care about you, do you understand? You say you wanna be a Sea Devil? Yeah?"

"I do..." Kayla nodded enthusiastically.

"So what do you do for us? Why should I say yes?"

(Rolled CHARISMA: 26. Pass)

"I'm a wizard," Kayla straightened in her seat. "Can't you tell? My memory's very sharp, a-and you see... I mean, I see that you don't have a wizard in your party."

"Okay, first and foremost, we're all warriors, do you understand? Every Sea Marine's a warrior."

"Mm!" Abara chimed-in, flexing a massive bicep.

"So that means you need to hold-out in a scrum," Bella wagged her finger. "So! How are we gonna prove that, huh?"

"I got this knife," Kayla patted the hilt of her blade strapped to her little waist. "And I traveled here across wood and jungle country by myself."

"Not bad," Bella paused when the bar wench placed two kegs brimming with foam before her. "Hey, thanks darling... anyway, I'm not gonna lie, I think I might just like you, Kaerin."

"My name is --"

"Alright, zero! As I was saying, I think I like you, and I'm not saying that being a wizard isn't useful, but you see the girl behind me? She's a chaplain, remember? She's got spells for days. Ain't that right, Cula? Cula?"

Cula started from her food, a bowl of salad identical to the one Kayla had enjoyed, but seemed to be making the cleric sick. She nodded lack-lusterly to Balla's query, and immediately returned to picking at her nutritious food.

"And as for me, well," Balla shrugged her shoulders and squeezed her arms tight against her sides, making her generous bosom swell seductively. "I like to think that you can set your mind to whatever you desire, no matter what class you are."

"Me too!" Kayla perked-up at the mention of ambition. "Oh. Sorry."

"But maybe you have a unique set of skills we can use, huh? Tell me what kind of spells you got."

"I can do any spell I read about," Kayla puffed her chest proudly. "And I've read a lot. Actually... it depends on how much mana the spell needs... and if I remember the spell..."

"Whatever. What do you know now? Off the top of your head?"

"Well the last couple books I read were Fauna of the Continent and Layman's Guide to Illusion..."

"Okay, tracking. Keep going."

"So I know this spell that allows me to sense edible food. It was really useful while I was in the woods. Also, I remember how to cast a spell nobles use to make their middles appear slimmer."

"Basic illusion spell..." Bella smirked. "Maybe you should join us after all! You can cast it on Cula over here!"

"Balla!" Cula huffed, stabbing a crouton with her fork. "I do not need a slimming spell! As you can see, I'm the sexiest woman here."

"Aw, really?" Balla leaned towards her. "You sure you couldn't use a little tone? Just the illusion of it? I wanted to sign the elf with us, but if you say you're fine, well..."

Cula groaned. "Balla, you ass! It's not like that!"

"So do you want her or naw...?"

"Ask Abara."

"So what you think Abara?" Balla leaned past Kayla to brush her hand against the towering warrior's thick tricep.

The chainmail-bikini-clad barbarian mused the question, chewing thoughtfully as she stared at the ceiling. Meanwhile, Kayla was trapped between the bar and Balla's breasts.

"Mm... I want to take her with us," Abara concluded, rubbing Kayla's hair with her arm, palming her entire head. "She looks smart -- and warm."

"So that's settled," Balla snaked her arm around Kayla's body, squeezing tight. "We're leaving tomorrow morning to find us some booty. Understand?"

"Y-yes," Kayla said nervously, trapped between two demon-girls.

So, my plan has succeeded, Kayla smiled silently to herself. And it was all according to plan, of course... they may think me to be a harmless little dark elf, but they have yet to witness the full power of my unmatched, cunning wit! First, the jungle ruins, next, the world...

"Let's drink on it!" Balla slid her spare keg towards Kayla. "Drink!"

Kayla swallowed. Her stomach was already comfortably full. Could she really submit herself to more?


"N-no need for that," Kayla sniffed. "I have no coin for another round, after all..."

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Balla blinked at the dark elf’s stiff rejection, brows quivering as her fingers tapped against the bar.

”What do mean you don’t... it’s a free drink! I bought it for you! Who turns down a free drink? Abara! Can you believe what’s happening here?”

”Not for a second,” Abara’s massive palm rested against Kayla’s shoulder, making her quiver.

”See Kaeren? See what you’ve done to me? How am I supposed to trust you can be a Sea Devil if you can’t even drink like one?”

”She gonna learn today!” Abara chuckled.

”Well,” Kayla flexed her little hands into balls to calm her mounting anxiety. “As a matter of fact, I can, too, drink like a Sea Devil because I just had a drink already, so I really don’t need a... and my name isn’t Kaeren, it’s...”

But even as her butt squirmed against the stool, the red demoness was sliding the keg even closer to her, eyes gleaming like a hound that smelled blood.

”Look at me, Kay-bar. Eyeballs,” Balla leaned so close that her bare knee was prodding the elf’s inner thigh. “I am the captain now. I am your captain, and you’re my boot. You’re gonna drink this drink. Drink with me!”

Kayla glanced nervously at the keg — taller and larger than the one she’d just finished — wrapped her fingers around the cold, perspiring handle, and...

”Hey, what’s the matter?” Bella asked. “What are you staring at it for? It’s just a beer!”

”But it’s so much,” Kayla insisted. “Like, half a gallon...”

”Look, it’s either this or we try whiskey-boarding...”

Balla, no!” Cula’s eyes popped as she leaned over her comrade’s shoulder. “Do not haze the recruit! You mustn’t!”

”It isn’t!” Bella whined. “I did it, Abara did it... what’s that look supposed to mean?”

”No whiskey-boarding,” Cula nipped a leaf from the top of her fork. “Or you get no massage.”

”Ugh, whatever. So! There you have it, boot! You have to drink that beer now. Come on, raise it up... use both hands if you have to, damn! Okay, toast! To our new PFC — uh... Lance Corporal! Yeah, all that.”

”Yut!” Abara yelled suddenly.

”Rahhh?” Cula chimed-in.

Kayla tipped the foaming beer to her mouth, twitching her nose as the fizz tickled her muzzle, and began to drink.

(Rolled Con Save: 71, FAIL)

Two gulps later, and she parted her lips from the keg for a breather.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t put that down; we’re not done yet!”

”I just... need to slow down...”

”This is a toast, not a wine-tasting! Hurry up and finish it before you give us bad luck!”

Kayla did so, wincing at the sensation of fullness her stomach was screaming. The beer was darker than what she’d previously been served, and far richer in taste. In other words, it was the absolute worst combination of hard to guzzle and very, very filling. She struggled to keep pace with her new captain, nearly gagging at the overwhelming froth. With each forceful gulp, the pressure against her high-waisted white trousers increased. So full was her stomach, the full length of her belt could be felt on her distending middle, even as she desperately sucked-in.

”That’s it!” Abara slapped Kayla’s back, making her cough slightly. “Moto as all hell!”

”Motivation!” Cula added.

(Rolled Con Save: 52, FAIL)

(Kayla has gained one pound. She now weighs 111 — 5 pounds from her next Fat Point)

She hated this feeling — overstuffing herself till she felt as bloated as a tick. From her belt buckle down to the space between her legs, everything was skin-tight. No mortal could be expected to be stuffed so senselessly! And yet there were still a few, spare ounces to guzzle before it was over. She craned her neck, gagging through her nose slightly as the last remnants of froth trickled over her tongue. Even the back of her trousers began to feel snug, so bloated was her midsection.

When she was finally done, she could barely catch her breath. “That was...”

”Good job, Kay-bar,” Balla slapped her back. “Now you’re one of us forreal.”

The jarring impact made Kayla yelp, but it emerged as a belch that (thank the gods) relieved some of the pressure.

”O-oh,” Kayla groaned. “My stomach...”

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"...Will probably be able to take the sting of a Cobra Toad and likely won't run sour if we get stranded and have to drink cocnut water all day!," Balla laughed, each chuckle causing the devil born's enhanced crimson bust to bounce up and down.

Normally the sight of such uselessly, pointlessly large bosoms would be disgusting to Kayla. They were a sign of far too much excess fat, fed by an appetite that could only ruin the rest of the woman's body. But right now, since the room started spinning, Kayla's head suddenly feeling both empty and filled a thousand pounds of lead, laying her head down on a soft bust seemed so nice... As if in answer to silent prayers, Culla came over and sat next to her on the bench, the wood groaning faintly, and the elf felt her coffee colored cheeks redden to realize that the curvaceous cleric's hips were pressing tight into her own. For an elf Kayla was broad across the backside, something she'd been bullied for with calls of "Human Butt! Human butt!" as a child but she knew it was just to balance out her godly gifts of intelligence up top! If the same held true for Calla, she must be as smart as a goddess because her ass was bigger than a horse's!

"You're a horse butt," the very ** elf slurred, her lack of body fat to helpfully absorb the calories meaning the booze was going right to her brain.

"I'm sorry, what did you say? You seem very **, are you alright?" Culla asked, the more gentle Devil born sister asked her, "I'm sorry for my sister's little ritual..."

"Hey, a ritual like this will keep her alive! See, this boot is tough as old leather already!" Balla insisted, slapping Kayla on the back.

Kayla certainly liked to think she was tough but right now she was balanced on the edge of vomiting and passing out. The slap might have made her puke but the knock to her personal relationship with gravity caused her to fall sideways right into the fluffy, pillowy chest of Culla. Thank the Gods she stayed conscious to feel the embrace of cherry red cleavage, the soft breast swallowing the elf's slender face as the wizard went bright red from one set of cheeks to the other. Drunken mind realizing the impropriety of it, Kayla pushed upwards, one hand inadvertantly finding itself on Culla's lower stomach while the other palm landed right on the cleric's curvaceous butt.

It was like pushing into a marshmallow, the oldest Sea Devil was soft as suet beneath her robes, which thanks to the pressure from Kayla slid right down past the cleric's bely button. Culla was too shocked to do anything as her very plump razzmatazz rack was suddenly displayed, dark red nipples large and proud at the ends of bulging, cherry shaped breasts beneath a small, cushioned stomach. The sight of such a disgusting amount of bulk, just the breasts enough to mark Culla as someone totally without self control, would have normally made Kayla feel grossed out but with her brain on booze all she could think of was how soft cuddling up to all that demoness would be...

As she fell backwards off the bench.


Kayla woke up groaning, dazed, sore and a little puffy.

Her mouth felt like sand paper, the elf's genius brain was a sparking mess of a headache and the room seemed to be spinning. She put a hand to her stomach, frowning at finding the tiniest new layer of puff there. It wasn't much, and clearly wasn't fat as much as it was bloat from all that beer. Kayla frowned, hatred for all forms of fleshy indulgence that didn't include someone else's flesh boiling within, until she remembered the horrible events that had led her to where ever this was.

She'd somehow passed her initiation ritual with a real adventuring group, one that she was distinctly certain had bowed low to her clearly superior intellect, only for that cursed beer to over come her!

"Damnable human liquor and its fattening, stupefying properties," the hung over wizard groaned, trying to get up only to realize she was in a swaying hammock.

Getting out took a minute of work, with a pause to discover that her brown pants and white shirt had been removed, leaving her in just her underwear. Kayla wasn't much of a blusher but she went red with anger over the thought that someone might have robbed her, until her butt poked into the hilt of her dagger. Swirling around to find her clothes, knife and purse hanging on a hook. Getting dressed in the half light, Kayla could have sworn getting her pants over her butt was slightly harder than it should have been but had to dismiss it as her clothes not being properly laundered the night before. After all, she was not just an elf, but soon to be the most powerful and glamorous of all elves!

Sliding her knife belt on, Kayla left the small room to find she was on a small ship. Abarra manned the tiller, immense muscles standing out like cords as she fought a frightful river current. Jungle streamed by them on either side, loud with the noises of monkeys, insects, tigers and other animals. On the prow, Culla had rolled out a ratan matt and was unhappily doing sit ups while wearing very, very little. The miniscule panties and bra had been made for a curvy but slim woman, while Culla was borderline plump. Whenever she sat up a series of little rolls formed from her pelvis all the way up to her chin, while whenever she nearly collapsed back a series of jiggles shot through her body.

Kayla was of course disgusted by the display of chunkiness, unable to take her eyes off as she memorized every millimeter of Culla's bad discipline and tawdry diet...

"Ah, there's the lance corporal now!" Balla called, the busty devil born appearing from now where to haul Kayla towards a small table at the tiny ship's prow, "We're in need of just your particular set of skills to get this hulk of a new ship up river towards the temple!"

Mention of skills let the magician's eyes up as she was placed before a small device, "But of course you are! Only a wizard of my power can work the...what is this? Not that I don't know but I want to make sure that you know what you're asking me."

"This, why this...," Balla said, "A map of what you truly want as long as that can be shown on paper an enchanted vellum map that will lead the Sea Devils to their next set of booty! Which is in..."

The Temple of Ironic Greed: an ancient temple of a forgotten and rather trollish devil lord who delighted in ironic punishments, especially those coming at the cost of his victim's pride.

The Temple of Hidden Secrets: an ancient temple of a deity specializing in making people realize long hidden denials.

The Temple of Infinite Mead: home to the ancient cult of a long forgotten demon goddess of sweet, frosty honey wine that poured endlessly from a mithral and dragon bone drinking horn...perilous to those who like booze.


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Balla frowned at the shifting ink of the enchanted map as she tried to think. "...in... it's in... fuck..."

"Wait a second," Kayla raised her little index finger. "If it shows the reader what she truly wants, then why aren't you reading it yourself?"

"I am reading it myself," Balla slapped the map with her palm. "It reveals itself to the closest body, but it's not working like it's supposed to."

"It says..." Kayla leaned over Balla's shoulder. "... 'make a U-turn.' Hold on... why's the arrow doing that? It's pointed straight around --"

"Alright, good to go!" Balla announced, loud enough to make Cula start from her sit-ups and cause Abarra to raise an eyebrow. "Kayla, you're the smart one! You do the LandNav! I'm gonna go inside and jerk-off..."

Kayla watched the red demoness stomp her way to the doors of the quarters under the poop deck and slam them shut. "Wait... did she mean what she said? Culla? What is she doing?"

"Well," Culla leaned back against her arms and crossed her legs. "I wouldn't see why not. Balla doesn't sugarcoat things."

"What?" Kayla's face flushed with heat. "Why would she do that? Why would she tell us?"

Culla sniffed thoughtfully, strumming the soft skin around her navel with two fingers. "I guess you are a dark elf, so you might not realize what it means to be half-demon."

"Our libidos are high as fuck," Abarra shrugged casually. "We can foreplay and orgasm for hours on end if we tried. Personally, I think I'd go crazy if I didn't relieve the pressure at least once a day."

"That's..." Kayla gaped. "That's..."

Before either demoness could respond, the door cracked open an inch. "Culla!" Balla's voice called. "Culla c'mere I need you! Can you massage my back? Please help me..."

With a defeated sigh, Culla stopped brushing her stomach and gave it a smack. "I'm coming... sit-ups can wait..."

Mouth wider than a bass fish's, Kayla watched the soft demon-girl saunter her way to her sister's side. Dawn was just beginning, and the red light shone against her crimson skin and made it glow like faint embers. The chaplain's curved, buttery thighs brushed lightly against each other with every step, and the full cheeks above them flexed and quivered as they gyrated like a pendulum. Still, the elf continued to stare in shock, every jiggle burned into her memory as her mind raced to comprehend just what a "massage" would entail. The last thing she saw was Balla's heavily-tattooed arm wrapping around her still-thin waist and gently pulling her inside before the door sealed shut once more.

"It's okay, sugar-peach," Abarra called from the helm.

"I-I don't know what to... my name is not 'Sugar-peach,'" Kayla spread her stance and put her hands on her hips. "You're all messing with me again! There's nothing else that can explain such debauchery!"

"Hey," Abarra smiled. "I promise we're cool. You wanna talk about it? Why don't you come up here? Stand next to me."

Kayla blinked, staring at the seven-foot, red-skinned woman before giving the map a glance.

"The map can wait," Abarra held her arm out invitingly. "This river's a one-way ticket and we're sailing about five knots. Come on. We'll talk about things... that's it... big devil on a little boat, I know. You can stand between me and the tiller. Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

Kayla had to duck under the woman's massive, muscled arm to find a place to stand. She had no doubt that Abarra was harmless, but that wasn't why she was shaking. Once again, she was under the twin-shadows of the warrior's impressive rack, a pair of round, perky breasts that were each the size and texture of drinking-bladders. Once again, Abarra's face poked into view from above them like the rising sun.

"Just the two of us," Abarra smiled. When Kayla didn't respond, she turned her attention to the fore, steering the rudder just enough for the boat to turn five degrees. "And it's a beautiful day. You'd think the jungle's too hot for fog, but it's so humid that vapor trails over the river like smoke. It'll be gone by the time the sun's rays touch them..."

"I can't believe what they're doing," Kayla stared at the vapors the warrior had mentioned, too shy to look anywhere else.

"It's a bit of a culture-shock, I think," Abarra replied. "You, a dark elf from the woods, joining a trio of demon girls... but we've got whitespace."


"We've got time, I said. There will be plenty of time. You know, being a Sea Devil, nine times out of ten, it's 'hurry up and wait.' It's the rest that's the fighting and excitement. So with nothing else to do, you talk about booze, bitches, and booty."

Kayla shivered at the casual crassness. "I see."

"So, Kayla, what are dark elves into?"

"Dark elves?" Kayla had never dwelled on the concept of sex or sexuality. None of the boys in her village had come close to catching her interest; they were all far to dim-witted. "I have no idea what you mean."

"Heh. What about you? What do you find sexy? Oh... are you a virgin? How is that possible? You must be aching!

"Aching? The only thing aching is my head..."

"No, little one, that is not what I mean! My, but... I can't believe it! No sex drive -- none at all! Now that you mention it, I can sense this... that is something we half-devils can do. And so you are now with us! We can teach you the ways of the flesh... I haven't been this excited since I first lifted two-hundred pounds!"

"Learn what... sex? I know what that is. What could there possibly be to learn about something so simple?"

"Oh, that's where you're wrong!" Abarra laughed. "You have much to learn... but we must take baby steps. One step at a time. Tell me: who do you think is the sexiest among us?"

"On the ship? You mean, the most beautiful?"

"No, I mean the sexiest. Who would you wanna cuddle-up with the most?"

Once again, Kayla's face blushed hotly. Instantly, her mind concocted the image of Culla's hips swaying into the cabin below, and she could vaguely remember how her hands squished into her bulging butt and budding belly as her face sank into a soft, red valley of cleavage -- but as soon as the spark of desire lit itself, her ocean of intellect doused it with a deluge of logic.

"I'd say... I'm not to bad myself," Kayla nodded, folding her hands. "After all, as an elf, my skin is pure of blemish, and my hair flows cleanly like silk."

Abarra chuckled. "Typical... but you're not necessarily wrong. I was thinking of how sexy you are myself."

"What do you mean?"

"How 'bout I show you... do you trust me?"


As Kayla's breath held and her heart pounded, Abarra took a hand off the tiller, tugged her shirt loose, and snaked her massive paw inside and palmed her B-cup-sized right breast.

"Does that do anything for you?" Abarra asked softly.

Kayla had spent years with her books, immersing herself within the pages in the search for knowledge and power, for something more than the boring, country life where she was taunted and bullied as a young elf. Her parents spent more time disciplining her after her escapades than otherwise. For all those years, she searched harder and harder for the missing elements in her life -- and now, suddenly, she realized what one of those was: intimacy.

"Ah, see?" Abarra's fingers kneaded softly. "You feel that? How your nipple stiffens like that? That means your body yearns for more."

"More?" Kayla whispered, holding Abarra's thick forearm.

"Just a little bit..." Abarra's fingers stroked back and forth, then in circles, until they were softly twisting the nipple. "Just like that. See how this is different from normal touch? When you do this, be very careful not to pinch --"

"Ah," Kayla winced at the sudden betrayal, but persisted. Her hips, already stiff, jerked backwards and up, bumping against the sides of massive quads.

"-- even though some people like it. And you might, but we're taking it easy... just a bit of squeezing and kneading. When you touch them, think of boobs like they're cake batter -- a fresh batch of chocolate cake batter..."

Kayla's mind snapped out of its funk. "Chocolate? Did you say... chocolate?"

Abarra's hand stopped moving. Unfortunately, this meant that Kayla's wits returned, and she wiggled away.

"What's wrong?"

"I am not chocolate cake!" Kayla balled her fists and stomped her foot. "I'm not any kind of chocolate!"

"Whoa, I'm sorry!" Abarra backed away by half a step. "I didn't mean to be racist or nothing..."

"It's not racist," Kayla shook her head. "But listen: I hate --"

"Okay, zero!" Balla called from just outside the door, Culla still by her side. "Okay, zero! Zero... why haven't you looked at the map yet? Look at the map right now!"

"Oh, right!" Kayla skipped away from Abarra's grasp and hurried back to the table.

"No, 'aye aye, captain!'" Balla pointed at her. "Whatever, I don't give a shit... what's the map say? What's it telling you?"

Kayla rested her palms against the table, leaning over the map and watched in awe as the ink shifted to reveal a terrain divided by a river, but in spite of such astounding detail, there was no arrow, and no destination.

"So where are we going, Katy-did?" Balla kept her distance to allow a proper reading.

"Um..." Kayla flexed her hips slightly, for her loins had become uncomfortable for some reason. "The ink hasn't settled!"

"Keep watching it," Culla said as she walked to the other side of the table. "Focus with your mind what you desire most. That's how we'll find a suitable ruin to plunder."

"What she said," Balla nodded, folding her arms.

Kayla did as she was told, her senses befuddled by the overwhelming amount of knowledge learned in Abarra's "lesson." It was hard for her to concentrate, but slowly, out of habit, her fantasy's came readily to mind: wealth, power, coin, knowledge, books, scrolls, magic, cake...

Not cake. Not cake! But power. Riches beyond her wildest dreams! An ancient temple ruin, untapped by centuries of war and looting, waiting to be discovered...

(The Temple of Infinite Mead: home to the ancient cult of a long forgotten demon goddess of sweet, frosty honey wine that poured endlessly from a mithral and dragon bone drinking horn...perilous to those who like booze)

"I got it!" Kayla said excitedly, nearly clapping her hands before suppressing the urge. "We're twelve miles away!"

"So we'll get there by noontime," Balla mused. "Easy day! You keep an eye on that map and tell us how to get there!"

"It says: 'in five-point-three miles, turn right at the fork...'"

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Sound track for this chapter:

The Sea Devil's ship, the SS Daughter of the Iron Duck, pushed slowly up the Maikong river, following Kayla's directions.

It was hot and humid, the air thicker than Culla's thighs and stickier than what was between them after her stress relieving session with her sister. Animal noises became louder and louder as they went up a tributary, the shrieks of apes growing in ever increasing volume. Kayla's long ears quivered at hearing the shrieks, picturing massive, hairy bodies and sharp teeth ready to do her harm. The wizard would never admit to fear of course, but she'd only been in a few physical fights her whole life, usually depending on magic. And especially not in such tough terrain, like this awful, very unelven jungle, with dark, massive shapes moving in between the thick trees. The Daughter of the Iron Duck weighed anchor after several turns, the experienced Sea Devil's carefully stowing its enchanted sail and drawing weapons.

"YEEP!" Kayla let out as a heavy hand fell on her shoulder, turning to just see Abarra's hulking form.

"ha, easy there boot. You holding out fine?" the beefy brawler asked.

"I wasn't scared," Kayla denied, "not even momentarily...but...what's out there?"

Abarra shrugged, "Hard to say. Lots of settlers and adventurers try and come out here, looking for land or treasure. But very few of them come back. When we first started up the expedition, Culla heard tell of all sorts of crazy monsters. Could be giant winged apes, could be feral elf cannibals, could be centauresses with eight foot bows, its hard to say. If we're lucky we'll get some horny Nymphs, you can always bribe nymphs with some cake and some tongue. We're going to try and go in airborne as much as we can to avoid them. You able to fly or should I carry you?"

Kayla's dark skin flushed. Partly from anger at the suggestion she couldn't do such a basic spell as flying, partly from imagining being hugged tight to Abarra's firm and rather full bosom. The horny feeling she'd had earlier returned, most enhanced by her tight pants...

"Of course I can fly, its one of the first spells I learned," the wizard insisted, "...not that I don't appreciate the offer..."

"Are we done grabassing around ladies or are you ready to go?" Balla asked, their leader having strapped on an extra cutlass and drawn a repeating crossbow with a bandolier of bolts, the leather pressed between her enhanced bust, "We've got a horn of infinite mead to find and after we do, I plan on getting good and proper sauced!"

"What's stopping you now?" Cull asked, the chubbiest member of the Sea Devil's flouncing out.

She wore snug black leather thigh boots, her soft legs mushrooming over the tops. Her hips pressed tight against a very snug skirt and she had a little muffin top action above her belt full of daggers and scroll cases. The strap of a canteen was most distractingly between her full bosom and a most fetching hat with a huge ostritch feather was on her head.

"Needing to get money first!" Balla said, stealing her sister's hat, "Boot, get the map and put some flying hoodoo on yourself, we need to get going before it gets dark and the big monsters come out!"

Ball jumped into the air, her wings flapping and sisters following. Kayla cast her flight spell, shooting off after the four who were skimming the trees towards the vine covered ruins up country. But as they flew...

A barrage of small darts shoot from the trees! : Naked, tattooed and rather plush elf maids are bombarding the group with blow guns, red demonic sigils over their chunky bodies. They must be worshippers of the demon goddess of honey wine! And those darts appear coated in some strange substance that leaves the victim rather soft themselves! Roll a Constitution check to avoid gaining 1d20+5 pounds!

They spot a long table, filled with food and with several near naked nymphs carousing on it! A table of all of Kayla's favorite goodies are laid out in a clearing. Four gorgeous Nymphs lounge around it, bemoaning their lack of new sexual partners, especially intelligent, domineering and capable elf wizards! It seems too good to be true...Roll a Willpower check to avoid being ensnared!

A dragon....what the fuck! Its only level 1! : A massive, green reptile lurches into the sky after them, shooting fog from its mouth. A fog that causes strange properties in its prey...Roll an Athletics to out run it, if failed, roll a Constitution to avoid poisoning. If failed, gain 1d20+10 pounds!

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It was with a great sigh of relief that Kayla felt her toes lift from the mat of jungle leaves and slowly ascend towards the noonday sun piercing the canopy high overhead. The open sky beckoned...

Unfortunately, it was not a flying spell she'd cast, per se, but rather a floating one. It was a spell she'd learned but half a season ago: "sky swing," a spell her parents had grounded her for terrorizing the village with, a spell that was ideal for shouting her ecstatic triumphs over a sleepy village, but not quite fast enough to match the pace of the bat-winged demonesses.

"Kayla!" Bella shouted from high overhead. "Where you at Kayla?"

"Could you slow down?"  Kayla huffed, still ascending to the altitude at which her captains were slowly circling.

"We's already slowed down!" Abara swooped lower to yell as she passed her. "When are you gonna start flying?"

"I am flying!" Kayla focused as hard as she could on the spell, the invisible coils of concentrated magica beginning to wedge uncomfortably between her legs and around her hips. It felt, she thought with mounting frustration, similar to the wedgies the village bully used to give her.

Now Bella was swooping past her. "You're going too slow!" she yelled. "Get faster right meow!"

"I must... oof..." Kayla tried to adjust herself, but in vain. "As the navigator... I must... maintain a slow, steady pace. So that I can properly read... ngh... this map..."

"Girl," Bella circled the dark elf's head like a vulture. "We're flying to that overgrown temple-pyramid. It's right there."

Kayla stopped fidgeting and looked up to see an ancient temple, thoroughly overgrown with moss and vines, towering over the jungle canopy not one mile away. "Oh yeah... I mean, we can't know for sure until we --"

"You're killing me, Kay-bar," Balla flapped away. "Culla! Pick her up and take her with us! She's your uki now."

"Um..." Culla's wings missed a flap and sputtered before she recovered. "Okay! Good to go."

"Culla?" Kayla asked as the curvaceous woman flew out of sight. "What's an uki -- eep!"

Kayla lost focus on her spell as Culla snatched her from behind, her soft arms squeezing around her chest as her even softer breasts pillowed Kayla's head.

"Don't overthink it," Culla told her as her red forearms pressed tightly into Kayla's chest. "Being uki just means you hold still and let me carry you. But, um... you can keep casting the spell if you want."

"Excuse me?" Kayla tried to stare up at her captor, but only got her head stuck in deep, warm cleavage.

"Not that you're heavy or anything!" Culla said quickly. "You're actually really small. Smaller than I thought..."

"I can't focus on my spells if I'm being handled so roughly!" Kayla huffed with a kick of her leg.

"Oh, that's what you meant," Culla muttered. 

Kayla instinctively moved to fold her arms, but Culla's red forearms were in the way, so she sighed and awkwardly rested her hands against them. They were warm -- almost hot -- and soft to the touch. In spite of the ungainly situation, she could take solace in the comfort of the half-demon's plush grip. As her legs swung loosely in the air, she could see that the temple was approaching, but it would be a few more minutes before they arrived, so she sighed and leaned her head against the inviting swell of Culla's breasts and took comfort in their rise and fall.


"You see that?" Abarra asked as they circled the temple.

"Yeah," Balla replied. "That's an a-firm on... who are those... nymphs?"

"Nymphs..." Culla nodded, making Kayla's head wobble against her chest. "... and a feasting table. Right on top of the temple."

"Yes, yes, Culla," Balla said. "That's a feasting table stacked with food. Don't start getting the wrong ideas. You thought I forgot your diet? It's a miracle you can carry another person."

"That's not what I meant!" Culla protested.

"Whatever. What are they doing on that poor table?"

"Dancing, seems like," Abarra noted thoughtfully. "And they're quite good at it. Not too fast, and plenty of shaking and swaying."

"As long as they're not shooting at us," Balla said. "Ugh! And this was supposed to be an abandoned temple. Figures. Let's crash their party and figure out what's up."

With skillful grace, the three half-demons landed around the table of feasting nymphs. Kayla felt quite a bit of relief to be able to rest her feet on the bare ground again, but was instantly overcome with awe.

It was, indeed, a feasting table, and it was laden with such corpulent amounts of sumptuous fruits and steaming meats that she wondered how any nymph could find room to dance atop it -- very slowly and carefully, it seemed. She'd never seen such a sight in her life, the way the dancers flexed their stomachs and made them wave as their hips swayed back and forth. The four nymphs standing around the table were totally engrossed in the display of debauchery, barely caring to so much as glance at the red-skinned demonesses that had surrounded them. Being nymphs, proper clothing was more of a suggestion than a necessity, and while they all had some semblance of it draped over their bodies, it was extremely revealing.

Bella approached the table, eyes glued to a dancer's navel. "Ahem... what's up?"

As one, the four nymphs standing by the table stared at her, though their companions continued to dance. "Oh! Welcome to the Temple of Infinite Mead!"


"Please! Enjoy yourselves at our sacred table! It has been too long since we had visitors, and there's always time for pleasures of the flesh here."

Culla took a step forward, but Balla glared at her. "Don't you dare, chubby-cheeks... anyway. You mentioned infinite mead?"

"Indeed," the nymph smiled. "But that can wait until you've sated your hunger for flesh and... flesh..."

Kayla, of course, was inexperienced in both such things, and was also suspicious of anything that couldn't be explained by logic or books. "So how did you get the food up here?"

(Rolled Intelligence: 29, PASS and Charisma: 82, FAIL)

"We climbed-up, silly," a dancer arched her arms high and flicked her hips teasingly. "How do you think we got up here?"

"N-no, not you. I meant the food."

"We are food," the dancer tittered. "Wanna taste, dark elf?"

"Yes," another dancer swiveled her pelvis and bent low. "Why don't you give us a try? It's been so long since we met such a dark-skinned beauty like you."

"But I meant... uh..."

Kayla was lost in thought. To think that her long-neglected libido would be kindled so many times in one day! Worse, the Sea Devils opted not to intervene -- they were amused by her struggle! Between the belly-dancing, the gyrating hips, the glitter of jewelry in the sun, and Culla's captivated expression, she was finding it nearly impossible to think. She knew that there was something amiss with these dancing nymphs and their sumptuous bounty. The way the meat smoldered as if freshly-cooked with no sign of habitation or fires in sight made her insides tingle nervously. Still, she struggled to find a way to put her confusion into the form of a question.

"We like you, dark elf," one of the nymphs smiled at her.

"Yes," a dancer cooed. "I like your satchel. What's in those scrolls? Did you write them?"

"Why don't you sit with us?"

"Yes, sit with us! Have some delicious food while we discuss the ways of the flesh."

Kayla's mind responded the only way it knew how: it snarfed the flickering light of arousal and tucked it away in the furthest corner of her consciousness to be ignored and forgotten. She didn't feel comfortable losing control of any situation, and preferred to be the most knowledgeable and intelligent at all times. But as the nymphs cooed and pawed at her, she suddenly realized one of the inner truths of the world -- a truth most young girls realized when they were much younger than her: she was sexy. She was sexy and people would do things for her to garner her attention! A broad smile parted her lips as she suddenly realized that -- at last -- she had a semblance of the power that she had craved for so long!

(Rolled Willpower: 38, PASS!)

Kayla smacked her hands together before her face, and when she lowered them, a confident gleam was in her eye. It was as if her fears had vaporized like the morning fog. "Excellent!" she grinned. "We would love to sit with you and discuss such things! It's been a long journey, and it's such a relief to receive such a warm greeting..."

"Hold up, lance corporal," Balla held-up a clawed hand. "We didn't say we had time to be buddy-buddy."

"Oh," Kayla rubbed her hands. "But isn't this exactly what you'd planned? I might have misunderstood..."

(Rolled Charisma: 31, PASS)

"I'd expected an abandoned temple ripe for... nevermind," With a sigh, Balla approached the edge of the table, gesturing for her companions to follow. "Remember Culla, no sampling."

"I wasn't going to!" Culla replied. "Unless they had grapes..."


Behind them all, Kayla rubbed her hands excitedly. She knew instinctively that there was some form of foul play about to ensue, but if anything were to happen, she had the Sea Devils as her unsuspecting guinea pigs!

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Kayla might be a young elf but she hadn't lived this long by being dumb.

Something was clearly up with a bunch of nymphs just dancing around a table. Surely that sort of thing only happened in the shittier stories, right? But it was also an opportunity, if this was a trap or an enchantment, well she was now getting first hand experience in what could happen...but via someone else taking the consequences!

Chuckling to herself at how smart she was, Kayla darted behind a tree just in case it was an explosive trap. The snare wasn't explosive in nature it proved....save metabolically.

Abarra went fearlessly first, the massively ripped devil born nimbly scooping up a pair of nubile nymphs and sliding them into her muscely lap, "Haha, I don't know about grapes, but there's a fine crop of melons here!"

The blonde nymphs in her lap giggled merrily, the giggles turning into squeals as Abarra jammed her face between their breasts, shaking her head back and forth like a dog with two very soft bones. Slim and fit the nymphs might be, but they were also quite well stacked, each bearing just as much tit as either gigantic Abarra, magically enhanced Balla or curvy Culla...actually as Kayla watched they all had the exact same bust! Strange....and rather enticing, surely they must be sisters or something and she should go and try that thing Abarra was doing with her tongue on the nipple...

But before she could leave her shelter, Kayla saw the nymph that wasn't being suckled slyly side a series of salami slices between her cupped bosoms! When Abarra turned back to her, the Devil Born munched them down automatically! And while she was munching, the other nymph had covered herself in whipped cream! Then while the devil born sucked on that fattening concoction, the other nymph slathered honey and berries in her cleavage! Back and forth the horny barbarian went, slopping up whatever treat was placed between the tantalizing bosoms. And as she ate,  she grew!

Abarra gains 17 lbs and 2 Fat Points! Is now at 22! Up to 217lbs on a 6'11 frame.

Abarra's absolutely shredded core, abs hard enough and exposed enough to do laundry on started to fade away. Her definition faded with every bite, until what had been one of the muscular wonders of the world was just a somewhat defined belly! Even her arms and legs were fading in tone, looking more beefy instead of diamond cut.

Gasping, and very very glad she hadn't taken the nymphs up on their offer, Kayla looked at her other comrades.

"Damn it Culla, I said no sampling, you're fat enough already!" Balla snarled at her sister, before turning back to the nymph sitting in front of her, "she can't control herself one bit, she'll wind up fat as mom did I swear! Can't even pay attention!"

The blonde nymph, Kayla realized it was identical to all the others down to the curly hair above its sex, smiled and slid a whole slice of cheese cake between her open legs.Despite her shout to her sister, Balla gleefully munched it down and spent a time softly nibbling and sucking on the sweeter treat beneath. The nymph moaned with pleasure, then pulled Balla's head back to pour a whole bottle of sweet, fizzy fruit juice down the Captain's obliging mouth! Kayla's own mouth hung open at seeing the prideful rogue so taken in, her feet subconsciously sneaking around until she could see her commander in profile.

"Dear Gods is it even legal to have boobs like that?" the flat wizard gasped, taking in the size of Balla's breasts.

Balla has gained 20lbs and 3 Fat points to 23, up to 144 on a 5'6 frame

Balla's bosom was blossoming further. The top two snaps of her green corset had broken, bright red tit flesh surging out of it. Crimson mammary fat was pushing up towards Balla's chin, each cherry red orb bigger than the rogue's head. Her shoulders were curving in under their weight and she was breathing faster and shallower as the corset got snugger, gaps showing in the soon to die fabric.

"I'm just *munch* eating fruit!" Culla tried to say back, "Its *bite* very *chew* healthy!"

The Nymphs did indeed have grapes and the last of the fae quartet was feeding Culla by the handful. The cleric's eyes had rolled back into her head, her slightly fanged mouth hanging open as the nymph shoved in handful after handful, only closing it to chew. While she chewed the Nymph lightly tickled her tits and rubbed her belly, quite easy to do since the cleric had increased substantially!

Culla has gained 25lbs and 3.8 fat points, to 27 up to 183 on a 5'8 frame! Culla is now overweight!

Culla seemed to be rising out of her seat with every bite, her ass inflating like a sheep's bladder before a rousing game of throw the sheeps bladder at Kayla back home. The skinny wizard watched in sexualized terror as the friendliest sea devil went from slightly padded to deliciously curvy to downright plump! Her butt was overflowing her seat, she'd undone her belt on her own and let her growth take care of the buttons, paunch and butt about to send them flying. Culla had a full double chin now and her breasts were decidedly saggy looking, but given all the ass fat hanging out of her chair most of the dough was going behind....

So the question now was what Kayla was going to do with this information!

She had a guess that these weren't real nymphs at all, that their identical nature was indicative of a magical illusion. a trap meant to slow down and fatten up those who But how to get her friends, odd to think of but yes the sea devils were her friends!, out of this trap!

Attempt to absorb the illusion and learn the spell! A good wizard can absorb the magic of a latent spell, adding it to their repertoire! Surely its within Kayla's capabilities...of course it is, she's the best! Roll Intelligence And if she isn't well, she better roll a d20+5 for the weight that comes along with the spell...

Pull the Sea Devil's away: physically hauling the sisters away can break the illusion...or get Kayla caught in it! Roll Athletics and a d20+5 if failed.

Clothing Damage: a quick, sharp sensation can snap someone from an illusion, like say popping their corset or the button on their skirt, of course if this fails it might leave the sisters bare ass naked...Roll Intelligence

Watch their weights: Kayla can learn the spell by seeing its entire duration play out. Of course this will leave her comrades in arms in the lurch and they'll likely be pissed off, but hey, anything for the advancement of magic! And maybe, watching three devil born get stuffed silly is a bit appealing, not that Kayla is into that sort of thing usually you see...Roll an extra d10 for each sister!

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Safe behind the gnarled trunk of an oak growing against one of the temple spires, Kayla watched the feasting spectacle in utmost awe. Though the potentially-enchanted food was captivating, she found herself utterly entranced by the sexual display unfolding before her: nymphs and half-demons, each symbolic in their own right of beauty and sex, now joined together, mixing their fetishes together as one. Explosion or not, Kayla was too bashful to come any closer!

”I have a guess,” the dark elf derped to herself as she peeked around the trunk. “These aren’t real nymphs at all... yes, their identical nature is indicative of a magical illusion,” her thighs squirmed as she whispered her own, befuddled thoughts to herself. “A trap! A trap meant to slow down and fatten up those who... um... but how to get my friends...” her mind skipped aimlessly as she witnessed Abarra eating from the cleavage of twin nymphs. “... odd to think of, but yes! The Sea Devils are my friends — out of this tr —“

“Kay-bar!” Balla yelled from her seat at the table. “Yes, we can see you, Kay-bar! Hiding behind a tree — little bush-ninja! Get over here!”

Kayla started, suddenly realizing that she could easily be seen.

”Come play with us, dark elf!” one of the identical nymphs called with a wide sway of her hips. “We want you to come! Don’t be afraid!”

“Oh no,” Kayla swallowed nervously. She’d been peeking too far out from cover — gods damn it, she’d always been a klutz when it came to spacial awareness!

”Come on, Kayla,” Abarra smirked. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. That’s it... one step at a time — don’t worry girls, she’s just a dark elf. She’s not an experienced demoness like I am!”

”We don’t mind,” the nymph closest to Kayla jumped off the table and sauntered up to her. “Everyone is welcome to the temple’s bounty. All of it.”

As Kayla’s breath caught in her throat, she saw Culla making a face as a nymph carried a grape towards her pursing lips.

”I can’t,” the half-demon let her hand rest against her soft belly. “I’m... watching what I eat.”

”So are we,” her nymph smiled softly, her food offering coming ever closer to Culla’s lips.

Culla laughed nervously. “I wondered how you kept your figures with so much food...”

”That’s not what we meant.”

”Then what...”

Culla paused when the nymph put her slender hand over her own. Together they held her soft belly as if it were laden with an unborn child.

”We think you’re beautiful, Culla. Such hot, red skin, soft and inviting...”

”This is a sacred place,” another nymph added. “This is a place where you can be yourself.”

”We like you the way you are,” the first nymph began to slowly tug Culla’s hand with her own, so that they were caressing her belly together. “You’re so tense, holding your belly in. Why don’t you relax while we slip a few bites into your mouth?”

Abarra chuckled at Culla’s obvious discomfort. “Well, I don’t know about grapes, but I see a couple melons here!” She flexed her mighty quads to make the nymphs sitting on them flinch and squeal.

”Don’t you mean four melons?” Balla asked with a level tone and a level gaze.

”Hey now, don’t be jealous,” Abarra leaned into one nymph’s gaping cleavage and wagged her head, prompting more squealing.

As Balla was distracted by the unusually erotic sight, she failed to notice a nymph sneak a grape past Culla’s lips. The soft demoness closed her eyes and moaned, chewing nonetheless as her belly was massaged more vigorously. The belly swelled under her lightly-probing fingers as if filling with breath, but did not recede. One grape followed another, and the belly continued to round-out, brushing past her already-parted dress seams and pooching lazily over the gap in the middle. Balla failed to notice any of it — but Kayla saw it all, and it made her shiver with dread.

”I’m just eating fruit,” Culla whispered as her hand reached for more. “It’s very... healthy...”

”Just like you,” her nymph tittered happily as she gave Culla’s now-bulging belly a squeeze. “I love how relaxed you are, and how soft your belly is. Go ahead and let it hang out. You can take the belt off. Get comfortable. I’ll hold you...”

Culla was quick to oblige, unfastening her belt with one hand as she plucked a full handful of grapes from the table. As she leaned forwards, her dress creaked, and she had to shift in her seat to adjust the fit.

”Damn it Culla” Balla rolled her eyes, but didn’t raise her voice due to the nymph cuddling against her with a pitcher of drink. “I said no sampling; you’re fat enough already!” She broke into a grin as the nymph rubbed her back. “She can’t control herself one bit,” she shrugged.

”Neither can I,” replied the nymph.

Balla laughed. “She’ll wind up fat as mom did, I swear! Can’t even pay attention...”

Balla paused as the nymph moved to saddle her thighs as she thrummed her fingers against the pitcher. Their eyes locked, devoting their full attention to each other and not on Culla’s (or Abarra’s) snacking.

”So what am I going to do with you...?” the nymph squeezed her legs against Balla’s thighs.

”You can start with whatever’s in that,” Balla eyed the pitcher lustfully.

The nymph obliged, pouring thick mead into the demon captain’s mouth. So strong was the concoction that Kayla could smell its overwhelming aroma, even as she was gaping in Abarra’s direction.

The warrior-woman — always bold by any account — had begun licking food off her nymphs’ breasts, teasing their skin as they playfully smothered themselves in cream, honey, salami, and other delectables. Eyes wide with horror, Kayla watched as the warrior’s perfect abs began to fade away, coated in an unmistakable layer of fat.

Suddenly, Kayla realized that letting her friends get ensnared into whatever spell was ensuing was not the right plan after all. In this dense jungle, the Sea Devils were her only source of safety, and if she didn’t stop them... she had to get them out of the nymphs’ grasp!

”Balla?” Kayla turned to her captain, only to find her craning her neck to drink a steady stream of mead. The demon captain panted, her bosom heaving upwards as it swelled with flesh. The length of her corset creaked, protesting against the expanding waistline within. Meanwhile, her already-bulging bust was straining so hard against her leather corset that it was swelling towards her neck.

Through this whole alarming transformation, Balla was oblivious of Kayla’s mad gesticulations. She opted to fix her eyes on her smiling nymph as the mead vessel was lifted for a breather.

”You’re so lovely,” the nymph cooed softly, a stray hand brushing against the coconut-sized breasts of her unwitting captive. “I like your bust.”

”Thanks!” Balla stifled a hiccup. “They’re enchanted.”

“I couldn’t tell! They look so natural.”

”Whoa, easy nympho. Be gentle with them or you might poke your eye out...”

The drunken captain hiccuped so hard her whole chest convulsed and the flesh of her bust wobbled like a full goat’s bladder. A button popped open and the breasts surged forward, contained only by the green skivvy- shirt underneath.

In the midst of this chaos, Kayla stood stiff as a board, eyes wide and fingers curling into balls as the stray wisps of hair on her head fluttered in the wind like beetle antennae.

”Oh gods, oh no, what have I done?” she muttered nervously to herself. “I need to... I need to stop them. I need to get us out of here...”

”What’s the matter, dark elf?”

Kayla jumped two inches from the ground when she realized a nymph was breathing down her neck. She twisted around to face the new threat, breathing hard as she tried not to trip and fall.

The nymph, identical in every way to the others, giggled. “You’re so funny. You don’t have to be scared anymore; I’ll protect you.”

”Don’t... please don’t touch me,” Kayla pleaded as she took a step back. “I-I’m quite full , so I don’t um, don’t need any snacks...”

“You don’t want any food?” the nymph put her arms behind herself. “Not even a little? Just a taste?”

Kayla yelped when she felt something soft nudge her back. It was another nymph — or was it the same one? This one was belly dancing.

”The meats are fresh. Why don’t you have a bite before it grows cold?”

”No!” Kayla looked back and forth at the two nymphs. “Um... I mean... I don’t want to eat... please...”

”Why not?”

”I don’t want to grow fat!” Kayla blurted, alarmed at the sound of another of Balla’s buttons popping. “Please don’t do this to them; I need them!”

”We did nothing at all,” a third nymph approached her. “They can stop whenever they’ve had their fill.”

”You’re lying,” Kayla edges away, only to bump into yet another dancing nymph.

”Truly, it’s not our fault,” the nymph smiled warmly. “The temple of infinite mead is a sacred place, attuned to the ways of the world — and the world is changing.”

”What do you mean?” Kayla cringed as the nymphs cornered her in-place. No matter where she turned, the feasting table was right before her eyes, the sight of her friends gorging themselves amidst the dancing throng of half-naked girls a constant vision. Smells of steaming food wafted through her sensitive nose like smoke from a blazing forest — inescapable, overwhelming, and ominous. She was, indeed within the clutches of a spell — and a very powerful one. No matter where she turned, she found no escape.

”Seasons change with the alignment of stars,” a nymph proclaimed from the table. “The world grows ripe — pregnant with a new goddess.”

”Hallowed be her unknown name!” another chimed in. “And glory be to the mortal vessel she grows within — praise be to the Red Empress!”

”Praise be!” the nymphs rose their arms aloft as one.

Kayla clutched her sides fearfully. “What’s happening?”

”Don’t you see, Kayla? The cords of fate twist and turn, and the world recreates itself in the goddess’s image.”

”All feminine creation grows fat and fertile,” added another.

”Don’t you feel it, dark elf? There’s no use in resisting— why, you’ve already begun your transformation!”

Kayla yelped again when she felt someone pat her tight  bum and attempt to give it a squeeze. She tried to edge away, but the nymphs were upon her from all directions. They pawed at her arms, ran their fingers through her hair, and chuckled as she tried to shrink away. Past their grinning faces, she saw Abarra’s softened skin being rubbed by two nymphs, Balla tongue-kissing as her chest heaved, and Culla getting sausages funneled into her mouth. She was slipping into the throes of a nightmare, and if she didn’t act, she would never wake!

”Balla!” Kayla screamed in desperation. “Balla! Snap out of it!”

Balla pulled free of the nymph’s probing tongue to shoot her a look. “Really? Can’t you see I’m busy?”

”Stop eating! It’s a trap!”

”A trap?” Balla laughed. “You think I care if she’s a trap? And she’s not, by the way; I’ve felt her up plenty.”

”N-no, what are you talking about — she’s enchanted you!”

”She sure has...”

(Rolled intelligence: 39, PASS)

Out of options, Kayla bolted from the clutches of the nymphs and sprang for Balla, arm outstretched. Her hand reached the bottom of her corset, and she wrapped her fingers around it like her life depended on it. Strangely, there was no sign of the nymphs that had surrounded her.

Balla sneered at Kayla’s hand as her fingers wriggled against her belly to get a grip. “What the hell are you doing, boot?”

”Look!” Kayla pulled as hard as she could on the leather. “Look what they’re doing to you!”

A final creak, and the bottom half of Balla’s corset burst, parting down the middle to reveal a soft, full belly big enough to fill her skivvy shirt and leave an indentation of her navel.

”What...” Balla held her hand against the bulge. “...the fuck!?” She leapt to her feet, breasts threatening to bounce free. “What the fucking shit? Get up! Everyone - hic- get up! CONTACT FRONT, motherfuckers! CONTACT FRONT!”

Balla jumped onto the table, platters of food clattering and spilling over the table. Abarra was the first to react, lifting her nymphs by the scruffs of their necks as she stood to her full, impressive height. But as she stood, her hands were suddenly empty, as if the nymphs were never there. Food and drink began to vanish from the table even as Balla stomped upon it.

Then, as Kayla was about to join the attack, she felt two enormous breasts lean against the back of her head, attached to a very strong feminine form.

”Behold,” a low, throaty voice whispered into her ear. “The trophy that you seek. Use it as you will.”

A clawed hand deposited a drinking horn into her hands, massive and deep red. Such an appendage could only belong to a full-blooded demoness.

”The horn of infinite mead...” Kayla gasped. “But why...?”

”Because it is time,” the clawed hand withdrew, as did the massive breasts. “The world is ready...”

All at once, the illusion had ended. Reality snapped back into focus. The jungle horizon loomed below the temple pyramid once more, and the nymphs were gone. Only the table remained, a barren, moss-coated shell of its former glory, and the Sea Devils were left in awe of what had once been only a moment before.

Culla was especially hard-hit. “Just one more bite... just one more...” she leaned back with her eyes closed, caressing her new potbelly.

”Culla, snap out of it!” Balla prodded her with her foot from the table. “We’ve been had!”

She opened her eyes slowly. “Huh...?” She looked down at the gut her hands were holding.

”Culla, I want you to stay focused and not —“

Culla sprang to her feet and panicked. “What is... what’s happening to me!? My stomach... my ass! My ass is huge! I’m getting fat — it was only a few bites!”

”It’s over, Culla, calm down,” Balla cringed when she caught sight of her own softly-protruding belly. “We beat them... but fuck. Fuck! The hell did this all come from? Fuck me, this’ll take weeks to run off!”

”You look like Culla once did,” Abarra smirked.

”Excuse me?” Balla stared at the now-toneless warrior. “What did you just call me?”

”No offense, but you two can only blame yourselves for eating so much of the food,” Abarra prodded Balla’s gut with one finger.

”Don’t touch that!” Balla tried to suck her gut in, but had to give-up and let it pooch outwards again. “What gives you the right to lecture me?”

”Just look at me and the lance corporal,” Abarra flexed her still-muscly bicep and smirked again. “We had self control, as you can see.”

”Are you seriously...” Balla blinked at the sight of the warrior, eyes dwelling upon a smooth, yet flat belly, a navel that had grown its first inch of depth, the hint of love handles, and an extra inch on smoothened thighs. She frowned at all of this, blinking in disbelief, but when her eyes rested themselves upon Abarra’s fuller, rounder breasts, jutting an extra couple inches forward, she sighed and folded her arms. “Whatever. You do you, big sister. I need to learn a new cutting diet... hang on. Kayla, what you got there?”

Kayla stared down at the horn, an ornate vessel with a pool of mead resting on the inside. “It’s what we came for... I think we’re rich!”

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Kayla looked down at the heavy horn in her hand, the frigid metal steaming in the jungle heat. The elf's slim arms hefted the mithral weight, feeling it slosh and gurgle with liquid. Her wizard eyes looked over the runes in the horn, seeing dozens of epic spells locked within them, scenes of drunken, pampered and chubby women cavorting around them in ways that made the elf increasingly thirsty.

"Is that... Was that...," Balla stammered, the huge titted devil born thrown for a loop for a moment, "Lance Corporal!"

"What?" Kayla asked, looking up at her friend and superior officer walked over.

Balla's pace was odd. Shed been wearing very tight pants to show off her slim legs but those pants were starting to come apart. Her leg muscles had gone mostly to fat, the laces on the side stretched wider by red squish and the inner thighs starting to rasp. The Sea Devil tugged at her sword belts, a ring of flabby muffin top jiggling out between pants and corset, the flab starting to touch the pommels of her blades. 

"Lance corporal, we've got it!" The newly softened woman laughed, not quite able to breath fully due to the pinch of the corset, ", and within acceptable casualty ratios too! Lance corporal, hey, Boot! I'm talking to you!"

Kayla could barely hear her fellow adventure. Her eyes kept going between the mithral horn and the ruby boobies. The already stacked Balla was now immensely top heavy: tits of ridiculous size and laughable roundness had swollen beyond the capacity of her corset or frame. The melon sized hooters were shiny with sweat and new growth, their red skin begging for a rub. The corset was bowing under their weight, one snap already burst and the wyvern bone supports at their limits! So tightly packed was the crimson cleavage that Balla's short, shallow breaths were slowly making her dark areola pop into view. Kayla felt get mouth hang open, the preferred elven bosom was a set of trim A cups, but these....

"Eyes front Boot!" Balla insisted, taking Kaylas jaw in one hand and closing it, "and keep a close hand on that because..."


We've got to deliver it! The team is delivering the horn to their client, a mysterious confectioner named the Marquisess Willa, a major producer of substances like Royal Honey and Magical chocolate, who operates from a massive maze...

We've got to set up a bar! The Sea devil's plan is to go into business, as a tavern selling the best mead in the republics! Surely moving from adventuring to a ** life of food prep won't have weighty consequences....

We've got to build a temple! What better way to make money than with a cult! The sisters plan to set up a shrine with Culla as it's priestess, spreading the word of magical, illness curing mead... For a small donation...

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“... because...” Balla sighed as Kayla’s jaw slackened once again. “By the fucking gods, pay attention Kay-bar! I’ve had enough bullshit for today.”

”A whole belly-full of it,” Abarra quipped with a smirk.

”Shut. Up. Fucking Abarra. Kaytie-did, you listening to me?”

”I am...” Kayla blinked, tearing her eyes from the bountiful display of upper-titty fat. “But you’re, um...”

”I got fat, okay? Yes, I’m tracking that my clothes are about to explode. Thanks for tearing them up.”

”I had to do it—“

”I’m tracking! Now listen up. Look at my eyes... okay, so we had a few issues on the way, but we just achieved mission success, right?”

Balla was smiling now, so Kayla felt her spirits lift as she shifted her arms around the drinking horn.

”We did,” Kayla smiled back.

”And you remember what you said, right? That we’re rich?”


”Well, we’re not.”


”Well, just because we got the horn doesn’t exactly mean our pockets are bursting at the moment.”

“So you’re saying we need to sell it first! I see.”

”Oh hell naw!” Balla put her hands on her hips for emphasis, but quickly let go when her hands sank into an inch of muffin-top. “This is an Infinite Mead Horn, Kay-bar! Infinite! It’s invaluable.”

”But if we don’t sell it, then how can we be rich?”

”Here’s what we’ll do...” Balla folded her arms confidently, only for her head-sized breasts to pop out of her corset with an audible smack. “... fuck. Pay no attention to those and listen, gods damnit. Okay. So... we got all the pieces together to be rich, so are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

At this point, Culla stopped feeling-up her fattened, horse-like ass and raised her hand.

”We could found a small shrine,” Culla offered. “The horn qualifies as a divine relic, and I am a cleric, after all.“

Balla rolled her eyes. “A shrine?”

”We could set up an offering box...”

”Okay, I see where you’re coming from, Culla, but ima stop you right there because why beg for offerings when you could get paid?”

”But that’s not how shrines are —“

”Which is exactly why we’re going to set up a meeeeaaadhaaaaaallll!

”Mead hall!” Abarra boomed as she raised her fist. “The Mead Hall of Infinite Mead!”

”I can see it now,” Balla smirked as she stared into the horizon, breasts swaying gently in the wind. “We’ll go back to town, set up shop in the busy trading district, and sell mead at cheap prices to all —“

”And we don’t even have to spend anything for mead!” Abarra added excitedly.

”But wait!” Kayla waved her hands. “How are we going to get a serving license from the town guard? None of us are citizens of —“

”I don’t give a fuck about no licenses!” Balla laughed.

”Those guards can suck on our mead-slathered tits!” Abarra slapped Kayla hard on the small of her back.

”Ew,” Kayla replied timidly. “But okay, how are we gonna hide our illegal speakeasy? They’ll smell us out eventually.”

”Not if we sell from our own boat,” Balla spread her arms wide, bare breasts fluttering light as feathers. “Every time we see them coming, we raise anchor and sail to another bend in the river — and there’s a lot of those in the city.”

”But what if they do get in?” Kayla prodded. “I don’t wanna go to jail...”

”Think hard, Kayla,” Abarra rubbed her back with her firm fingers. “They’ll be looking for mead barrels — but what mead barrels?”

”Ah, you see?” Balla smiled. “Quit worrying about getting in trouble; we do that for a living. Start thinking about how we gonna set-up. I’m thinking girls drink for free until sunset. That should set the mood.”

”Don’t forget mugs,” Abarra noted. “Wooden ones. It preserves the taste.”

”I can buy those,” Culla said. “And some decorations.”

”And!” Balla interjected suddenly, making her whole chest wobble. “Most important of all! The mead horn must be kept an absolute secret.”

”Why’s that?” Kayla asked.

”Don’t you think it would be bad if someone decided to steal it? No, the mead horn stays just between us. Alright? Let’s slap hands.”

Balla held her hand out. “Let’s swear upon the honor, courage, and commitment of all Sea Devils that we will sell all the mead and make this bread.”

”You have my support,” Culla put her hand atop Balla’s. “By my faith, my spells will aid us.

”And you have my wits,” Kayla added her own hand, unsure if she had faith to swear by.

”And my gauntlets!” Abarra chimed in.

“Right!” Balla said gleefully. “Let’s get back to the ship and sail home.”


The journey back was downstream, but with so many twists and bends in the river, there was no chance that they would make it back into the city walls before nightfall, and so, as the stars shone over the waters and the fireflies began to flicker, Balla eased herself from her seat and — with a slight grunt — waved at Culla to drop anchor.

”So now what?” Kayla asked.

”Now?” Balla shrugged. “Now we hang our hammocks and let the river rock us to sleep.”

”I call this spot!” Abarra yelled from the poop deck.

”But I don’t have a hammock,” Kayla pointed out.

”You worry about that later,” Balla continued. “But for now, I need to talk to you.”


Balla sighed. “I mean privately. Come with me into the cabin.”

Kayla followed the slightly-plump demoness into the single door that led into the only room in the whole ship, eyes glued to the flex and squeeze of her soft glutes in trousers two sizes too small. The cabin room turned out to be a decent, cozy quarters for an aspiring captain, it’s walls ornately adorned with portraits and loot plundered from all over the jungle. The middle of the room was dominated by a massive table, overladen with maps, while just beyond it was the aft window, within which was a windowsill adorned with pillows. It was there that Balla took Kayla.

”Go ahead and get comfortable,” Balla said. “This will take awhile.”

”What will take awhile?” Kayla asked nervously, leaning against the table.

”I wanna talk about a few things...” Balla leaned back against the window’s nook. “See, there’s this thing on my mind — fucking shit...”

As Balla leaned back, a rogue roll of red skin bulged out from the gap between her corset and trousers. She promptly stood up again, wood creaking embarrassingly-loud as she hoisted her trousers back up her curvy hips.

”Were we going to talk about me needing a hammock?”

”The fuck are you... no, we’re gonna talk about you. As in, how the hell are you the only one who didn’t get fat at the nymph’s table?”

”Oh, well,” Kayla glances nervously at Balla’s love handles before snapping back to attention. “I just didn’t eat any food, that’s all.”

”Bullshit,” Balla growled. “You think I didn’t notice it was your idea for us to eat? Next thing I know, I’m bulging out of my favorite clothes and the gods-damned elf is thin as a stick!”

”But I saved you!” Kayla insisted. “I didn’t know what was gonna happen when you ate their food! That’s why I didn’t... I mean, that’s why—“

”You stood back and watched?” Balla raised an eyebrow and folded her arms again — only for her massive breasts to pop out again.

”Fuck!” Balla stomped her foot, body jiggling slightly. “Okay, look: I don’t care what you have to say. I don’t wanna hear ‘sorry’ or anything like that. But listen to me, boot: you owe me. Understand?”

”What do you want me to do?” Kayla eyed the breasts waving in her face with mounting dread.

Balla paused, chewing her lip in thought. She looked at the cabin door warily, and then slowly leaned closer to Kayla, wrapping her clawed fingers around her slender upper-arm and placing her meaty leg in between the dark elf’s.

”So... you’re a wizard, right?” Balla’s voice was low and confidential. “That’s what you told me. What do you know about cosmetic spells?”

”Cosmetics?” Kayla asked. “I’m not sure... I’d have to read-up on that field.”

”But you mentioned a slimming spell?”

”It’s just an illusion spell,” Kayla said. “I could cast it, but you wouldn’t really be any smaller...”

”Okay, tracking. What about weight loss? Body shaping? Weight transfer? No? How about fat-burning or muscle tone?”

”I’d need to read some spells first... but I can do them. I have enough magika to cast beginner spells without supplements.”

”Beginner spells...” Balla nodded slowly. “So level one spells are good to go. We’re getting warmer, boot.”

”But the slimming illusion is the only one I’ve memorized...”

”Doesn’t matter; we’ll teach you good. I’ll be giving you spells I find and you’ll be reading in here while we serve outside. Now... you mentioned a slimming illusion?”

”Yes? I did.”

”I want you to cast it on me,” Balla whispered. “Right here,” she framed her middle with her hands. “Being slim... it’s part of my reputation. I can’t be seen in town with my gut hanging out.”

”What about your...”

”My boobs?” Balla tapped them lightly, making them shake. “Don’t worry about them. They’re supposed to be big. What? You didn’t notice I’d found a way to enchant them?”

”They’re enchanted?” Kayla whispered back. “I just thought half-demons were like that.”

”Like me? Oh no, not at all honeybun. I learned a spell of my own recently. My boobs are twice as big as they would be — and their weightless. See how they bob and float all over the place?”

”I... never noticed,” Kayla held her head high, ignoring her rising libido. “We dark elves are a slim folk.”

“You can look at them, girl. I’m giving you permission.”

”... huh?”

”I said you can—“

The cabin door creaked open and Culla slid her thick body inside. “Balla?” She said softly. “I want to sleep in the windowsill. I’m not sure if... I might be too heavy for a hammock.”

”Good to go,” Balla rolled her eyes. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow, dark elf. Got it? I’m out of here.”

Tugging irritably at the back of her trousers, Balla stomped her way out, brushing past Culla’s belly before slamming the door on her way out.

”So...” Culla made her way to the window. “Come to think of it, do you have any blankets to sleep in?”

”No,” Kayla shrugged. “I’ve just been sleeping in my clothes when I travel. Why do you ask?”

”Oh, well it’s because we don’t have any. We half-demons sleep naked.”

”You...” Kayla forgot what she was going to ask when Culla shrugged her half-open dress from her shoulders and let it fall from her body. The dark elf felt her face blush with heat as her eyes drank in the overwhelming sight of the red demoness’s extra-thick form. There was more to her than met the eye, for now that her whole body was so casually on display, Kayla could see that it was covered in twisting tangles of black tattoos, piercings, and jewelry. Culla’s body — already captivating to Kayla’s budding sexual awareness— had blossomed into a ripened symbol of fertility, her breasts blooming with fat over a full belly. All was dwarfed by her hips, which had grown so wide that they eclipsed her shoulders. 

Culla blinked innocently as her hips canted side to side with the slightest twist of her waist. “Yes. We have a naturally-high body temperature, so clothes would make it too hot. But I was worried about you, Kayla,” she rubbed her head and rubbed her belly thoughtfully. “You’re a dark elf, and so you’re colder, not to mention how slim you still are...”

”I’m sorry about that?” Kayla replied. “Not stopping you from eating, I mean.”

”It’s okay, it’s just...” she held her belly with both hands. “It’s not too big, is it?”

Kayla stared at the new growth the half-demon was cradling. Her belly had been soft before, but now it had swollen into a mound of fat that was beginning to hang from its own weight.

(Rolled Charisma: 17, PASS)

”It’s pretty big,” Kayla frowned. “But I don’t think you gained that much.”

”I know,” Culla rubbed it slowly. “I’m lucky it isn’t any bigger than this... but a lot more of that food went straight to my fat ass...” Culla turned slightly and gave one of her bare cheeks a heft. “Not as bad as a belly, but still way too big.”

”Indeed,” said Kayla, suddenly entranced at the way the cheeks wobbled.

”Anyway, why don’t you sleep with me?” Culla asked. “ You can sleep under my wings.”

”W-what do you mean?” Kayla’s heart began to pound.

”My wings,” Culla pointed at her back, where the wings hung limp over her back like a long, leathery cape. “Demons like us sleep by wrapping ourselves up in them.”

”Like bats?” Kayla asked.

”Yes... and you don’t have any so I was thinking maybe you could sleep with me?”

Before Kayla could answer, a loud thump sounded from above, followed by a soft gasp that sounded like Abarra (and a softer moan from Balla).

Kayla swallowed and simply nodded.

”Um, great!” Culla seemed relieved. “So come follow me to the windowsill... are you going to take your clothes off?”

”N-no that won’t be necessary,” Kayla resisted the urge to watch Culla’s ass. “I get cold easily.”

”Oh okay,” Culla scooted herself into a comfortable spot between the pillows and held her arms out. “But can you come over please? You need to be close.”

Shaking slightly, Kayla stumbled her way into the soft demoness’s arms and let herself get wrapped like a burrito.

”Don’t worry,” Culla cooed as her wings clapped into view and slapped over the elf’s back. “Just let me know if you’re uncomfortable... you can wrap your arms around me — if you want to.”

Kayla’s head was nestled into the space under Culla’s chin. The full breadth of Culla’s warm body was against hers now, from the breasts on either side of her chest, down to the soft belly beneath. To her surprise, Kayla didn’t feel stiff or tense. In fact, it was comforting, like snuggling with a stuffed animal.

”You’re so cold,” Culla whispered. “It’s good that I’m here for you.”

”I’m sorry I made everyone fat,” Kayla whispered back.

”It’s not your fault,” Culla brushed her hand against the elf’s back. “But... you’ll help me diet, right?”

Kayla sighed, letting her body sink against Culla’s flesh. “Yes. I’ll try.”

The boat rocked back and forth, as did Culla’s chest as she breathed steadily. Kayla’s eyes grew heavy. She thought of telling Culla that she didn’t look so bad, but she fell asleep instead.

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55 minutes ago, Batman76 said:

Daaaammmmnnnn. This is great. Tell me if you need some options....

I doooooo 😭

I can technically write the whole thing out alone, but then there’s no unexpected mishaps or plot snares

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3 hours ago, >_< 0_0 said:

I doooooo 😭

I can technically write the whole thing out alone, but then there’s no unexpected mishaps or plot snares

Well then...

The next day, on the river near Red Port, the tired fishermen, pirates and bored, thrill seeking nobles were given quite the sight as the SS Son of Iron Duck weighed anchor.

Tables and benches and bar stool's covered the ship's deck, while the captain's cabin door had been transformed into a bar! The white sails now bore the image of a scantily clad devil born serving a frothy pitcher of mead, under the words "SEA DEVIL MEADERY! ADULTS ONLY! GIRLS DRINK FREE UNTIL SUNSET!

"Ha, it turned out exactly like I said you'd do it, brilliant Kay-bar!" Balla laughed, slapping the tired elf on the shoulders.

Kayla didn't feel brilliant for once, she felt exhausted! It had mostly been her magic that had transformed the ship so, an illusion on the sails and alteration on wood harvested by Abarra, and she was totally spent. The dark elf didn't think she could fight off a kitten in her state!

"Ugh, thanks...can I lay down now?" the elf groaned.

"No not when there's customers coming!" the chunky devil born laughed, dragging her to the stern cabin.

Abarra and Culla were already inside, the big brawler stripping and Culla mostly naked. Abarra was pulling a white t-shirt over her head, the soft fat covering her abs jiggling as she fought to shove her large biceps and noticeably plump bust into the fabric. Culla on the other hand was rapidly stitching while casting a spell, turning some spare cloth into a skirt wide enough for her roomy hips.

"Drop pants and get dressed Lance Corporal, we've got customers coming and its best to meet them with a grin and a big pair of tits," Balla insisted, undoing her own corset.

The damaged garment fell to the ground, letting all of their fearless leader out. Freed of their constraints, Balla's ruby red breasts surged out, the enchanted tits a shelf of over bouyant feminity that set Kayla's heart racing. Beneath them, the devil born's now quite paunchy stomach followed, all of her ribs were covered up by spongy fat layers, baby love handles hanging over her hips. The rogue's waistline had basically disappeared since her feast.

"And get a spell cast on me too, we'll want tips if we can get them and I can't earn them looking like this!" Balla commanded, flicking her own paunch in disgust.

"Err, absolutely Captain," the elf wizard said, trying to take her eyes off of Balla and immediately landing on Culla's big ass rippling and jiggling as the cleric tried forcing it into a tiny plaid kilt, "just let me rest a few hours first, I'm pretty tired from all that transmutation..."

"Rest? And let me earn fat girl tips for hours? No no no, Abarra get her restored," Balla insisted.

Before Kayla could protest, the biggest sister had pulled the mead horn from its box and popped its top. Abarra took a long, hard swig (stomach bulging slightly) and then put the horn to Kayla's lips and delicately opened her mouth. Kayla found herself drinking, the ice cold mead a heady and frothy experience that made every nerve ending tingle and eyes light up!...while moderately filling her stomach.

Kayla has gained 1 pound!

"Whoa...whoa...that is headier stuff than I'd expected," the dark elf gasped, "I feel like I could swim the whole river or..."

"Return your captain to her normally svelte form," Balla reminded, "and maybe do something for Culla's chunky ass too!"

"Alright, I haven't had that much time to read but that's not a big deal to me, I'm sure I remember the gist of it," Kayla nodded, beginning to cast...

Roll Intelligence for the Illusion spell!


After Kayla cast (and whether she made the two look slimmer or not), over the next month...

The Sea Devil's mobile mead hall is a big success! The infinite mead is cold, frothy and delicious. The SS Son of Iron Duck is more packed every day as the newest night spot for the young and hip! Yes, those who show up are getting a bit...bigger than when they'd first shown up as the ultra nutritious mead takes hold but it makes you feel so good who minds going up a few sizes! Money is flowing in!

The Sea Devil's mead hall has problems! The business is successful but a local crime syndicate isn't too happy with the Sea Devil's new money. A local crime syndicate led by a frost giantess, Blue's beauties, challenges the Sea Devil's to a drinking contest for territorial rites!

While the Sea Devil's themselves, faced with the decadent task of running the mead hall and guarding the infinite source of enchanted booze all changed as well...

High Gain: all fatten up significantly! Culla is pushing into obesity, Balla is clearly overweight and Abarra has gone soft, losing tone in her limbs and getting a big mead belly! Even Kayla is chunking up from the addicting booze, 2d20 lbs worth! Their gains are starting to eclipse Kayla's ability to hide them. Each beauty deals with the weight in their own way, Culla is attempting to accept it, Balla is fruitlessly trying to hide it and Abarra is insisting that its all muscle, while Kayla is quite oblivious...

Moderate/mixed gain: vary depending on the Sea Devil in question. Culla can't control herself and has turned into a very fat girl, Balla is fighting her recent expansion but hasn't lost or gained anything and Abarra is back in tip top shape. Kayla will need to roll 15 willpower and then constitution checks to see how much weight she's gained....

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Frowning slightly at the effort of focusing the breadth of her mind on one single subject, Kayla extended her dainty hand forwards until the fingertips brushed against Balla's muffintop.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Balla sucked-in, moving as if to slap the disorderly hand. "Hey! Watch it!"

"I must focus," Kayla sniffed arrogantly. "Please allow me to concentrate."

Balla let her arms rest at her side. "Why do you need to be so handsy..." she muttered.

But the elven wizard paid no heed. She was certain of her ability to cast the spell, but considering certain mishaps in the last two days, she opted to remain cautious. After all, it would be such a shame if her own comrades inadvertently sabotaged her reputation as a mage.

Hence, she put her whole hand over the belly, spreading her fingers over the flesh and devoted her full attention to its size and shape, the way it fit within its clothing, and then imagining it the way it was when she first cast eyes upon it: firm, flat, and rippling with muscle. Haze coated the sea captain's torso, and everyone watched with bated breath for the results.

(Rolled for Intelligence: 23, PASS)

"Kill!" Balla couldn't help herself from gasping and grinning like a schoolgirl. "Not bad! It's brand fucking new! Fresh! Oh abs, how I missed you..."

"Don't touch it!" Kayla warned. "If you feel it too much, the spell will break."

"Is that right? Whatever, I'll be slim for real in no time. Well, devils? What do you think? How does your captain look?"

"Like a merchant's hourglass," Abarra smirked. "Thin waist, wide hips, and massive breasts? You're the hottest devil I've ever seen."

"Yeah, well as much as I like the way you talk, there's nothing comfortable about this," Balla smacked her bulging ass. "I can barely run with my legs rubbing so much. Gotta lose the chub before our next physical. Speaking of fat... Kayla!"

"What?" Kayla started, alarmed that anyone would use that word and her name in the same sentence.

"Give Culla a makeover next. Can't have any fat bar wenches on opening day."

Culla scoffed. "I'm not that fat! I still look decent."

"Culla, I love you," Balla shook her head. "You've got an ass that won't quit, but your belly won't quit either... Kayla? You're up. Slim her middle... you might have to use two hands this time."

Clearing her throat for emphasis, Kayla put her hand over Culla's round belly and began to focus.

(Rolled for Intelligence: 69, PASS)

Her work done, Kayla took a step back to marvel in her magical craftsmanship, only for Balla and Abarra to burst with laughter.

"W-what's wrong?" Culla stared down, but struggled to see past her melon-sized breasts. "What did she do to me?"

"You look like an eight!" Abarra slapped her thigh, so hearty was her laughter.

"The number eight!" Balla had tears in her eyes. "No, no! Wait! She's like an ant! A fat ant!"

Culla did, indeed, resemble all these things. Enormous, matronly breasts matched with a jiggling, wobbling lower half, only to be entirely mismatched with a perfectly-sculpted, twenty-five inch waist. Simply standing in place made the distraught sea devil seem ludicrously curvy, to the point that not only would no one think her body was natural, but they would also wonder how the laws of physics seemed to be bending.

"Okay..." Balla held her legs. "Okay, enough... Kayla, you overdid it! Go ahead and slim the rest of her down --" she snorted when she glanced-up. "Culla, don't get any ideas! We know you need to diet! Remember, you'll need to be able to make tape-measurements in a couple months."

"I know," Culla sighed. "Let's just get this over with..."



luke evans gaston GIF by Beauty And The Beast

Word spread of a black market Mead tavern that served the sweetest, finest alcohol at the cheapest prices, served on the deck of a glitzy patrol boat laden with gold drapes, silk sails, and mahogany tables. Up and down-river the boat sailed, lazily dropping-anchor at one pier after another, attracting the attention of hundreds of thirsty shoppers, merchant's daughters, and adventurers. The "Mead Boat" -- as it was aptly nicknamed by the city's rebellious youth -- was the ultimate end-destination of bar-hoppers everywhere. It was where anything could happen, and fights were broken-up by a heavily-muscled demoness bouncer who tossed troublemakers in the river.

The town guard seemed powerless to stop the show. Overcome with endless scandals of overbearing corruption and brutality, the guards' manpower was stretched thin attempting to contain protests in the town square, a resurgent illegal chocolate trade, tracking a mysterious thieves-cult, and answering all the petty crimes a city such as Red Port could expect. To chase down a single, two-decker boat was simply beyond their scope, even if they could reach it before it sailed away again.

Days passed, and the Sea Devils' spirits were high as they stacked piles of coin that cascaded into mounds of glimmering gold that filled every cupboard in the cabin to bursting. With each passing day, the Mead Boat's reputation grew, the crowds grew thicker, and the mead poured ever more. The Sea Devils got themselves into a groove, each knowing instinctively what billets they had. In the morning, Abarra would raise anchor and sail into the city limits, making for any pier she fancied. By the time she threw the anchor over the side, there would be a dozen fair ladies waiting, waving their handkerchiefs with long-nailed fingers. Abarra would proceed to lower the stepladder, taking her place at the side with her mighty arms folded, keeping an eye out for knives and contraband. Balla would stand proudly on the poop deck's "VIP Lounge," waiting for customers prepared to pay for a handsome view from the aft of the ship. Culla, meanwhile, stayed in the cabin, pouring endless mugs of mead for Kayla to fetch and serve to waiting customers outside. At dawn, the two of them switched roles, and Kayla would continue the tedious work as she fawned over stacks of books and rolls of scrolls. The festivities would continue well into the night, until finally, the last call for drinks was sounded by a sharp whistle from Abarra, the drunken patrons would stumble off, and the Mead Boat would sail for a secluded spot in a bay just outside of city limits. Here, the Sea Devils conducted their favorite billet together: counting and splitting their earnings.

It was, Kayla thought to herself time and again, an easy job for easy money. How wrong she had been to worry about the danger of being arrested! In fact, she recognized the distinct bun hairstyle of the town guard amongst the throng of girls taking advantage of free pre-dusk mead. In fact, such was the scale of her share, she could easily buy her own ship by winter -- but she had far bigger plans. The spells and incantations Balla was finding for her piqued her interest, not only because of her lust for knowledge, but also because it seemed her captain was preparing her for a great scheme that involved the most intricate intimacy with the fields of regeneration, stealth, aviation -- and of course, cosmetics. Each book had her on the edge of her seat, making her wonder just what plan was being made without her know-how -- and if she wasn't privy to the plan, so much more the thrill of its revelation!

But all in due time. She would have to make do with serving the vile common-folk their mead. The sight of such drunken, mindless revelry was revolting to her. Worse, more than one of the many girls were sporting rounded guts that insulted Kayla's sense of public decency. To think that anyone would keep drinking so much when they so clearly needed to diet!

The Sea Devils fared better in her eyes, but not by much. Abarra spent hours on her feet, breaking fights and hoisting anchor, and soon her long-missed abs had returned to their full glory (though it seemed the barbarian thug never noticed the change in the first place). Balla, for all her talk, had been desperately fasting for days only to see no progress. Every night, as she stripped for bed and let loose the illusion around her torso, her gut stuck stubbornly outwards, not an inch lost on her muffintop. Meanwhile, Culla's weight was mysteriously increasing. Balla prodded her constantly, accusing her of cheating her diet, only for her to insist time and again that she only ate once a day, and stuck to mead to maintain her energy. Kayla could literally feel the chubby demoness growing each night as they snuggled. She would let herself be wrapped in Culla's warm wings, tucking her head under her chin and letting the demon's breath lull her to sleep. Culla's belly, it seemed, rounded-out a little more each night, making the dark elf's body arch against it. The small of her back -- the warmest, most comfortable part of the demon's body for Kayla's hands to rest -- had noticeably softened. Indeed, Kayla's curious fingers felt the slope of Culla's mighty cheeks just underneath, jutting like a shelf.

Then again, there was nothing Kayla could say that Balla hadn't said already, and if Culla was having trouble shedding pounds, it was one more ego-boost for the dark elf.

Little did Kayla know, but the first seeds of growth had begun to sprout on her own dainty frame. Two stray pounds had found their way into her body, one in each buttcheek. Only the most curious of demoness hands would have discerned the change (and only after several minutes of careful kneading), but those two little pounds were just the beginning of Kayla's transformation.

(Rolled for Willpower for 15 days: 81, 73, 91, 56, 98, 82, 6, 62, 80, 71, 48, 45, 18, 33, 54: Eleven PASS, four FAIL, rolled for constitution: 71, 85, 23, 37: four FAIL -- Kayla has gained 4 POUNDS and is now 116, Kayla has gained one FAT POINT and now has 21)

Updated Stat-sheet!

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

Starting Weight: 110 lbs

Current Weight: 116 lbs

Hit points: 8

ATHLETICS: 40-10=30 (Badonkadonk prevents athletics loss for now)

CONSTITUTION: 50-15-20=15

INTELLIGENCE: 45+10+20=75

WILLPOWER: 65+10+5=80

CHARISMA:  30+10+2=42 (all hail dark elf buns!)

FAT-FETISH    36/.  NORMIE: 42

FAT POINTS: 21, Normal. 6 lbs per Fat Point

FAT FEATS: Size Unaware (20), Badonkadonk (20).

"Culla!" Balla yelled from the VIP Lounge. "Culla, hurry the fuck up! We're out of mead again!"

Kayla twisted her stance to look back into the cabin doors before they swung shut, kilted skirt twirling as she held two frothy mugs in each hand. She felt the cool breeze of autumn catch her cheeks -- followed by a sudden, stinging slap.

"Eep!" she jumped high enough to spill a couple pints of mead onto the deck.

"Hey-hey, nice ass," a rich tomboy grinned at her as she swung her mug **.

"Don't touch me!" Kayla fumed.

"We're so hungry..." the tomboy hiccupped and tugged a finger against the lace of her leather corset. "You got any fries to go with that shake?"

Instead of answering, Kayla stomped off, cheeks throbbing as she bee-lined straight to Abarra. "Bouncer!" she yelled before gesturing towards the tomboy. "That one!"

Abarra grinned, peeling herself from her resting spot against the sail-post and strode towards her target. Kayla, however, had more important matters to attend to than watching another spoiled city-girl get thrown into the river. Instead, she dropped her mugs at another table, spun around back towards the cabin, and stared up at Balla overhead.

"Captain!" Kayla yelled. "Captain!"

"What?" Balla leaned over the railing to frown at her.

"Can we talk?"

Balla shrugged, excused herself from the haram currently occupying the VIP Lounge, and gestured for Kayla to follow her into the privacy of the cabin. The din of the outdoors faded away, and all that could be heard was the sound of mead pouring constantly into mugs.

"What's up?" the captain asked. She put her hands on her slender hips -- only for them to pop into blooming lovehandles. "Fuck! Every time I forget about that! Whatever... what do you need?"

"I forgot to bring this up yesterday," Kayla tugged absentmindedly at her skirt. "But remember how I told you the cabinets don't close anymore? We got too much coin in the ship; I think we should deposit it in a bank."

Balla seemed bemused by her suggestion as she put a hand on the dark elf's shoulder. "Oh, Kayla... in many ways, you're still such a boot. We're not gonna use a bank."

"What? Why not?"

"How do you think banks work, huh? You think they just keep your money in a little dungeon until you need it again? Think again: they're spending that money! Sure, they'll give you 'your' money when you ask for it so long as it's not too much -- and when it's tax season? They'll be asking all kinds of questions about where we got all this coin. Kayla, Kayla... I got this shit planned. Trust me on this one."

"Can you tell me the plan?" Kayla asked eagerly.

Balla laughed. "Stand the fuck bye, lance corporal! I got us an original order in the works... Culla! What the fuck are you doing?"

Culla nearly spat a mouthful of mead as she lifted the horn from her chipmunk cheeks. "I'm just... trying to stay awake."

"Don't get high on our own supply!" Balla wagged her head. "I'll get you salad from outside, girl."

"Actually, we don't have any," Kayla said quickly.


"The salad's been eaten."

"Already? But we had a full ten packs of it this morning!"

"I know," Kayla leaned closer. "Balla? These humans are revolting! I can't believe I'm asking this but... is it normal for beings so small to eat so much?"

"I mean, I guess they're letting loose while they're having a good time," Balla thrummed her fingers thoughtfully over her soft sides. "What are you trying to say?"

"I'm not sure," Kayla started. "It's --"

"It doesn't matter, then."

"It's just that whenever I drink that," Kayla cocked her head at the Mead Horn that Culla was cradling. "I feel... different. Like, I feel refreshed -- energetic, even -- but I can't shake the feeling that there's something else going on. What if it's not just mead?"

"Well, if you aren't comfortable with drinking the mead... then don't."


The boat suddenly rocked to one side, as if the wave of a great storm had rolled just beneath. Kayla held the wall for balance, nearly falling into Balla's wobbling bust face-first.

"The fuck?" Balla spread her stance wide, staggering her way to the door. "What the fuck is happening to my ship?"

Kayla stumbled after her, tripping into the light of day to be greeted with the sight of utter chaos. A giantess had boarded the ship, a fourteen-foot titan of thinly-clothed muscle, her lean legs striding amidst the tables as the patrons scrambled away, hastily lugging their mugs after themselves. To add to the confusion, a gang of blue-bandana'd girls were crowding around the giantess, each barely tall enough to grab their leader's giant bust, but boasting enough steel weaponry to harass an entire merchant caravan.

"Abarra!" Balla yelled with a mixture of anger and concern. "What happened?"

"I couldn't hold them back," Abarra called from the sailpost's perch. "I wasn't the biggest, this time. Flew away."

Before Balla could answer, the giantess locked eyes with her. "You!" her voice boomed, as feminine as it was powerful. "So you're the captain of this 'Mead Boat' I hear of."

"I am," Balla put her hands on her hips, only to curse quietly when she realized her illusion spell wasn't on. "One of three, of course."

"Is that so?" the giantess sniffed. With a slight bend of her haunches, she rest her muscular butt atop the foremost table, once again making the whole ship rock with her impressive mass. "So you're the one that gets to explain to me why we haven't received our cut?"

"Cut? It's not even tax season!"

"Oh, but you misunderstand me," the giantess chuckled. "My name is Tringa, perhaps you've heard of me -- leader of the Blue Beauties."

"Can't say I have," Balla replied coldly.

"Which is probably because you're not from around here!" Tringa yelled hard enough for everyone on the boat to flinch. "Squeezing into my turf! Selling mead at gods-awful low prices! Do you have any idea how long it took for me to find you?"

"You mentioned a cut?" Balla eyed the giantess's goons warily.

"Yes, yes, you could say that you owe me. But I'm more interested in tasting this mead of yours?"

"Really?" Balla cocked her head at the strange change in tone. "Well, luckily girls drink free before sunset, which looks like will last another few hours..."

"How generous," Tringa smirked. "Are you sure you can afford such a loss?"

"It's not a loss when there's no cuts to pay off," Balla replied. "And why do we owe you one anyway?"

"Because I can kick your mast down like it were a toothpick," Tringa snapped. "But that's not my way. I prefer to be civil..." as she spoke, her henchwomen flexed their grips over sword and axe hilts. "Now then... I'm curious as to the texture and quality of this mead you're selling. The whole city won't shut up about it... so how about a fun little wager: you host a little drinking competition between the two of us. If you win, you get to skip this month's cut. If you lose... why, I guess you'll pay whatever coin you have handy!"

"That's insane!" Balla's eyes went wide, and she stole a glance toward the cabin brimming with gold. "How the hell am I supposed to outdrink a fucking giant?"

"Do not try to resist," Tringa warned, leaning close. "My girls outnumber you three to one... but I'm a nice person, okay? I see where you're coming from; no one can outdrink me. So! Here's what we'll do: I shall choose my weakest drinker, and you shall choose yours. No magic, no puking. Winner is the one who drinks the most."

"Deal," Balla said without hesitation.

"Then shake on it."

Balla strode forward, reached forwards and promptly had her hand swallowed in the giantess's firm grip. Her whole body shook from the attempt, but when she was done, she turned to Kayla and held her shoulders.

"You're up, Kayla."

(DM! My character's doing a drinking contest against yours! Lemme know what die to roll for how many she can drink, and I'll roll against you -- and then comes the fun part hehe)

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(last weekend was lit; I discovered I'm good at gambling ♦️♠️ anyway, I got another chapter! Also, some theme songs for the Sea Devils:

-Culla: Sorcery - Red Sonja

-Abarra: Varnas Death - Red Sonja

-Balla: Captain Hook - Megan Thee Stallion)

"What?" Kayla felt her skin bristle as her heart began to pound.

"What?" Balla snapped back. "Who did you think I was gonna pick? Abarra? You're it, boot -- fucking one and done bullshit. Girl, you were chosen from birth for this. Get your lightweight ass to the table."

Kayla didn't challenge her captain's candid description of her, accurate as it was, but she could not shake the sense of impending dread that she was about to lose the drinking match and lose a fortune to the local gang. Worse, she didn't want to drink the enchanted mead -- she couldn't put her finger on it, but there was something sinister about the sweet mixture, something that was beyond a mere buzz. She could feel herself in an altered state of consciousness every time she drank it, and she could see that it affected the patrons the same way -- how they ordered mug after mug as they ate the ship's food-stores empty every night. It was as if they could never feel full, and it frightened her how much it reminded her of the cursed sacrificial table of the dancing nymphs.

And now -- even now, as she slid across the bench and scooted her little body closer to the polished mahogany table -- she was about to drink as much of that bittersweet drink as she could. If she didn't, her entire hard-earned fortune -- everything she'd worked so hard to build-up -- would be taken away. If fate existed, it had ensnared her into an impossible situation with no way out.

The gangster giantess leaned close, head towering over Kayla as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "This little elf? Hmm... I sense magica coursing through her veins... but no spells. Let it be so."

"You can sense magica?" Balla asked.

"Oh yes. Spells, enchantments, cantrips -- I can even see the one stuffed in your bosom."

"So?" Balla huffed. "What kind of bitch complains about nice tits?"

The Blue Beauties started, flexing their fingers on their sheathed weapons, a sliver of steel shining for a moment.

Tringa held her mighty hand up. "S'all good, girls. We're vibing... let's discuss which one of you can't drink."

"Is that fair, though?" Kayla asked.

"What do you mean, little elf?"

(Rolled Charisma: 7, PASS)

"I'm Kayla, by the way... I'm just saying, we don't really know who's the worst drinker, so maybe you let me choose who I drink against instead?"

"And have you offered the same choice to me? I think not."

"Actually, yes!" Kayla said eagerly. "You can choose whoever you want -- you don't have to choose me if you don't --"

"Very well! I accept your proposal -- but I'm choosing you dark elf. Half-demons can drink like fish."


"Make your choice, then. Go ahead."

Kayla scanned the ship for Blue Beauties, thrumming her fingers nervously as masked thieves and hired-muscle stared back at her. There were six lackeys huddled around Tringa's massive legs, two on each side and another two standing in front of the giantess's exposed crotch, all women. Two of them were clearly foreign barbarians, dressed in minimalistic pelts and leather for maximum movement and minimum sweat on their gleaming skin. Both were far too tall to have low tolerance for drink. The rest were thieves, sporting a mixture of loose wrappings and leather ideal for hiding the tools of their trade. Each was small and thin, ideal for squeezing through tight crowds and tighter spaces -- and one was as small and petit as Kayla.

"You," Kayla pointed. "What's your name?"

The thief's eyes widened and she pulled her mask down. "I'm Jaybird."

"Jaybird?" Kayla's eyes widened when the thief's pointy ears flicked into view. "You're an elf too?"

"Yes... um, it's a stage name."

"A stage name?"

"Yeah, I'm a part-time hustler."


"Kayla!" Balla slapped her shoulder and made her yelp. "Stop flirting and get ready! We got mugs coming... Culla! Unload right here!"

"Coming!" Culla rushed out the door, two mugs in each hand. Kayla's illusion spell was holding on the chubby demoness, who looked far slimmer than normal as she sauntered her way to the table. Thunder thighs, rounded belly, and melon breasts had been reduced to half their size, projecting the illusion of a curvy bar wench who enjoyed a couple drinks on the job (as opposed to constant sipping).

"Impressive," Tringa smiled. "Let me know who does your cosmetics; he's very talented."

(Rolled Charisma: 39, PASS)

Kayla shrugged. "I'll let you know who she is later if you want."

Culla was notably miffed by how easily her illusion spell had been discerned, but opted not to challenge the notion. Instead, she carefully placed the four mugs of frothing mead upon the polished mahogany wood, leaning forward as she did so to reveal a plunging neckline that would have revealed her sternum had it not been buried beneath an inch of softness and wedged beneath her breasts. Kayla anxiously stared at the drinks, shifting her butt on the seat as she tucked her kilt under her cheeks. Her challenger faced her meekly, equally small, and resting her forearms on the table as a crowd gathered around them.

"An elven drinking contest," a barbarian henchwoman mused. "This won't take long."

"At least no one will suspect foul play," her partner replied smartly. "There's no way either of them can last through a gallon."

"For sure," Tringa folded her fingers confidently, thrusting a leg out and letting her quad relax. "And with my keen sense for magical trickery, so much the better."

"Thanks?" Balla folded her arms and cradled her massive bust. "Before we start, lemme talk to my girl here... Kayla. Listen..."

Kayla flinched as she felt Balla's breast press and bulge over her shoulder. "Why me?"

"I'm not gonna waste time cheerleading you," Balla's clawed fingers wrapped around Kayla's opposite shoulder. "I remember what happened when we first met -- one drink and you passed-out inside Culla's cleavage."

"Yeah... I remember that..."

"Really? So you didn't actually black out? There's hope for you yet. But listen --" Balla lowered her voice to a hiss. "We got us a fucking fortune back there. I swear to Bracchus above, if you screw this up, you're my bitch till the next full moon. I'm just keeping it real, you understand?"

Kayla nodded.

"So stand the fuck by!" Balla slapped her back vigorously. "You're a bar wench, 'ho! A drinking Sea Devil! This is a warm-up for you!"

Tringa cleared her throat, and it sounded like water cascading from a cliff. "Someone! Start the contest."

Culla glanced left and right. "Oh... um..." she held her hand aloft. "You two... start drinking," and she dropped her arm down lazily.

"What in tarnation was that?" Tringa shook her head. "Did you really think that sheep's bleat could pass for... never mind. They're already drinking."

They had indeed begun in earnest, each grabbing a mug and tilting mouthfuls of mead into their waiting lips. Kayla eyed her opponent warily; the "hustler" in front of her was a dainty thing that carefully held her mug with two hands, staring intensely back with golden eyes.

As they sank deeper into their draughts, the crowd leaned closer. All around them, a mixture of spoiled merchant's daughters dressed in embroidered cloth, roughnecked street urchins, and a few Sea Devils and Blue Beauties watched quietly. Emotional tension hung in the air, as they collectively decided what to feel about the spectacle before them. It didn't take long before the tension broke into mirth.

"She's sputtered already," one urchin smiled. "She's never chugged before."

"Chug, damnit!" Balla shook her fists. "She's gaining on you, boot! She's gaining!"

"Oh my gawd," a girl in a skimpy dress pointed and laughed. "She's swooning already!"

Kayla was indeed beginning to feel a buzz. Elves had never been known for holding their alcohol, and even as she finished the last half of her mug, she could feel her eyes losing focus. She glanced at Jaybird as best she could, noting with some sense of comfort that her opponent was struggling at least as much. Her view was slowly eclipsed by the mug's dark rim...

(Kayla has gained 1 pound. She now weighs 117 pounds -- 5 more till next Fat Point)

"Ugh!" Kayla slammed the mug clumsily against the table. To her surprise, it rolled away from her grasp. Her head wanted to roll sideways too...

"Don't you dare!" Balla's voice called to her. "Don't you fucking dare fall over! That was one mead! One! Look, Jay-fairy is already grabbing another!"

Jaybird was, indeed lurching across the table for her second mug, but she was clearly just as ** as the dark elf was. The Elvish curse of near-instant intoxication was revealing itself plainly for all lesser mortals to see and mock. Still, Kayla could barely stifle a belch as she adjusted her seat over her kilt. Her tight outfit had always bothered her; Balla had insisted on revealing as much cleavage and midriff as possible, but the dark elf had always been small enough to tug her shirt down over her waist -- so long as she didn't twist and turn too much...

"Drink, damnit!" Balla screamed in her ear. "Nobody cares, Kay-bar! Nobody cares!"

Slowly, Kayla turned her gaze to the left, where Culla was dropping more mugs of mead. Abarra's rough hand slid into her field of vision, sliding a second mug against Kayla's knuckles. She felt the calloused skin of the barbarian demoness's hand over her own, sliding in between her fingers and guiding them around the mug's perspiring handle.

"Drink, dark elf," Abarra's voice was firm and comforting. "You've almost won."

And then Kayla felt her throat thirst once more. Such was the effect of the Horn's Infinite Mead, just as soon as the first mug's worth had settled in her belly, her appetite was stimulated beyond what she was used to. It was why she avoided drinking it, though she was never certain if it was truly a side effect of the alcohol and not a trick of her mind. All she could think of was the dancing nymphs, offering treats as her companions swelled before her eyes. She'd promised time and again that she would not suffer the same fate. And yet...

(Kayla has gained 1 pound. She now weighs 118 pounds -- 4 more till next Fat Point)

She could barely think, much less move. The world swam before her, the crowd a seething mix of hands and bodies like the crashing surf of the ocean. Jaybird leered downwards as she swayed back and forth. Kayla belched again, resisting the urge to lean forward and take a nap. Abarra's hand slid another two mugs in front of her -- no! It was just one mug; she was seeing double.

"That's it, boot!" Balla slapped her on the back, making her belch loudly. "One more! Just one more before you pass out you stupid 'ho!"

Beyond words, Kayla gripped the mug with both hands and raised it to her lips. The mead sloshed into her nose, spilled over her chin, and splashed against her shirt, but she didn't drop it. Some far corner of her stomach still yearned to be filled, and she would fill it twice-over to fulfill her ambition -- for ** as she was, she knew from the core of her being that her fortune must be protected, and her reputation earned! Soon, all this mockery would turn to worship! She would make it so!

(Kayla has gained 1 pound. She now weighs 119 pounds -- 3 more till next Fat Point)

When she dropped the mug with a sudden, deep belch, Jaybird was sliding off the table. A round of cheer mixed with laughter roared through the crowd as the spectacle concluded. The match was done. Kayla had won.

She pulled breath into her bosom, straightening in her seat with mounting exhilaration. She'd won. Kayla, a dark elf, had won a round of drinking of all things! Her worst sport! To think that even her worst skills had brought her victory! It was divine favor! Favor of the gods! Surely she had a heavenly patron smiling down upon her! In fact, perhaps it was the overwhelming sense of drunkenness still mounting within her, but it felt distinctly different from the last time she'd drank her fill. Yes, it was a sense of invulnerability, warmth and comfort, a tingling sensation in her loins spreading through the breadth of her haunches that made her squirm happily. Uncomfortably full she might be, and her stomach might be so distended that her skirt could not hide the bulge, but she felt as if she could easily drink another, or maybe three -- no, five. Five meads! And didn't champions run victory laps?

(Rolled for Willpower: 66, PASS)

But through the drunken haze, her keen, prude mind surfaced like a woman drowning in mead. The memory of her companions gorging at the nymph's table was etched into her consciousness. It was terrifying to think that beings could tempt strong-willed women such as the Sea Devils into fattening themselves mindlessly, and wasn't the mead enchanted by them? She remembered the voice of the full-blooded demoness who'd placed the Horn into her arms from behind. The world is ready, she'd whispered into her ear. But ready for what?

All around her, everywhere she looked, the crowd had seated themselves at the tables, feasting on sumptuous fruits and meats as the mead flowed freely. No mention was made of the old dispute, all were devoted to feasting. It made Kayla's skin crawl.

(Rolled for Charisma with disadvantage: 88, FAIL)

"Don't... don't eat those!" she slurred helplessly. "They're not for eating! Stop..."

Two arms wrapped around her middle and squeezed her against a body with enormous tits.

"I got her," said Balla's voice. "We'll be in the cabin!"

"The nymphs!" Kayla moaned as she was hoisted onto Balla's back. "The -- urp -- nymphs..."

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