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Kayla the Dark Elf Wizard Who Will Totally Not Get Fat

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“You’re looking good, dark elf,” one of the half-demoness guards whispered into Kayla’s.

“She definitely looks like she’s been eating well,” said the other.

”Well,” Kayla sniffed. “I would have you know that I have lost four whole pounds.”

”So you say but bellies don’t lie,” the first guard gave her stuffed belly a poke with her clawed fingertip.

”No one loses weight in the Chicken Coop,” the other patted her ass cheek. “It’s not possible!”

“Maybe you couldn’t…”

(Rolled ATHLETICS: 1, PASS!)

Years of practicing spells hours past bedtime in a strict household had trained the fledgling wizard well in the ways of subterfuge and deception. Even with two guards fondling her as they patiently awaited Nalka’s return from summoning King Dulla back to her obsidian desk, it was all-too-easy to whisper the spell’s words behind still lips and cast its effects on her unsuspecting prey.

(Rolled INTELLIGENCE: 50, PASS, Kayla loses ONE POUND for a total of 126!)

Considering how she had to focus on not being caught, the effects of the spell were far less dramatic than the night prior, yet Kayla couldn’t help but smirk to herself at the thought of the handsy-guard fondling her ass getting her just desserts. This Fat of the Land spell was quickly becoming her favorite.

”What’s so funny, little elf?” the slightly-heavier guard ogled her.

”Maybe you’re right. Maybe I did gain a pound — it’s quite hard to tell when it’s so little, isn’t it?”

Guards’ rebuttal was interrupted by the sound of double-doors slamming open. Their demonic mistress strode-in upon clacking hooves, snacking from a handful of mint leaves that filled the room with eye-watering musk. The guards stiffened as the woman-King took a seat at her desk, and such was the overwhelming aura in the room that Kayla hardly noticed Nalka’s return until she felt her warm, luscious breasts rubbing the back of her head and her firm hand on her shoulder.

King Dulla did not speak immediately, opting instead to bite another mouthful of mint and chew slowly with a soul-piercing, goat-like expression. Kayla stared back, though the minty-musk was growing stronger and making her eyes drip.

”Leave us,” she uttered the words softly, but it was enough to make the guards scramble for the exit. Only Kayla and Nalka remained.

Dulla leaned forward. “Come closer.”

Kayla was nudged forward by Nalka’s body pressing gently against her back, step by step. The smell of mint grew stronger as she approached the edge of the desk, almost unbearably so.

”I see you’ve trained her well,” Dulla said as her eyes traced Kayla’s body.

”She learned quickly,” Nalka rubbed Kayla’s shoulders as she spoke. “I’d have informed you last night, but didn’t want to disturb you.”

”So she’s a wizard after all. There’s more to you than meets-the-eye, isn’t there dark elf?”

(Rolled CHARISMA: 34, PASS)

”Less, actually,” Kayla smiled. “I lost weight in your fattening chicken coop.”

”I see,” Dulla smirked. “It was the right decision to strike a deal with you, after all.”


”Look me in the eyes, wizard.”

(Rolled STRENGTH: 93, FAIL)

”I’m trying…” Kayla blinked past tears.

”No matter. You have seen how we have been preparing for the new goddess’s return — the enchanted, endless feasts hosted for beautiful growing girls, yes? And they are beautiful, aren’t they?”

”Um…” Kayla blushed as she felt Nalka’s breast rub against her head again. “They are.”

”And they will grow more beautiful the fatter they become,” Dulla bit another mouthful of mint. “Such is the nature of the world to come, but most of those beautiful girls will never be more than that. I think you’re different. You have magical talent, and that’s rare. That’s why I’m giving you a special job: make the Sea Devils fat.”

Kayla felt faint. “Sea Devils? Who a-are those? I don’t—“

“You think that poorly-written threat-letter fooled me? I knew who wrote it before my guards even mentioned a half-demoness delivered it. We demons know each other well. That’s why the cargo your friends stole is filled with a very significant gift.”

”Gift…?” Kayla felt her skin crawl.

”You might be wondering why I would gift would-be robbers. It’s simple. These Sea Devils fit perfectly into my plans. Now go. Make sure they grow so big they cannot fly, or you will share their fate, little dark elf. Go, and see it is done.”


Minutes later, Kayla and Nalka were kicking their legs over  the edge of the ziggurat casino outside Dulla’s office, waiting for the Sea Devils to rescue their Lance Corporal wizard.

”Nalka?” Kayla kicked her heels against the wall. “Can I ask you something before I leave?”

”Of course, sugarplum, ask anything you want.”

“How did you tell my friends where I am? How do you know them?”

”It’s simple, really,” Nalka arched her back and her melon-sized breasts strained against their laced confines as her dark skin shone in the sun. “I’m a Sea Devil as well. In fact, they told me to look for an awkward dark elf that day we met, and I met them again at a tavern last night before I came to train you. I told them to fly here at the highest arching of the sun.”

”You’re a Sea Devil!?” Kayla gasped. “But then… why kidnap me? Why didn’t you say anything at all? I need your help! I don’t want to make my friends fat!”

”Trust me, Kayla, there are more games than one being played at this casino. Yes, I am a Sea Devil like you, but I am Dulla’s most trusted servant as well, and there are good reasons for why I serve her will right now. You need to trust me when I say that you must make your friends very fat.”

”Why?” Kayla asked. “Why are you making me do this?”

(Rolled CHARISMA: 37, PASS)

Nalka sighed and stared out upon the city sprawl below before answering. “It’s not just because Dulla is powerful or that a new goddess is coming. To be honest, it’s because there’s a lot of me I see in you. I remember when I was a young elf like you, and how the Sea Devils took me under their leathery wings for a lifetime of adventure. Let’s just say that they attract trouble and it was hard, but I kept striving for more and eventually I became who I am today.”

”What are you saying?”

”I’m saying… I’m sure you know how warped the elven sense of morality is. We live all these years and few ever truly live for fear of doing wrong. That’s why you and I left, right? Well, the Sea Devils are the opposite. They live a little too recklessly. Yes, the money is good and the sex even better, but only if they’re not caught. You’re worth more than that, Kayla. Stick with them, live life to the fullest, but with a clear head. Fattening them up will keep them out of trouble — and when you’re done, you can come back to me. There’s more I can teach you. You’ll come back, won’t you?”

Before Kayla could respond, she was interrupted by a sudden flash of wings from below. Balla and her entourage had come.

”Ha!” Balla guffawed as she landed by their side. “Caught you flat-footed! You should’ve seen the look on your face, Norka!”

”It’s Nalka,” the sorceress eased herself to her feet. “Hello girls.”

”You’ve sure toned-down since last night!” Balla slapped her side. “I can’t believe you drank so much!”

”A whole gallon,” Abara chimed-in.

”So, is our little wizard-elf alright? Where you at Kay-bar?”

”I’m alright…” Kayla paused as she looked at Balla again. “Captain? What happened to your chest? Did the illusion spell cause you trouble?”

Balla laughed with her hands on her hips. The touching of her waist should have dispelled any illusion spell that masked the unsightly muffin-top that had defined her body for so long, and yet the tight, toned abs remained in place, harder and flatter than even Abarra’s famed physique.

”Don’t you see?” Balla stepped closer. “I don’t need illusion spells anymore! This is the true me now! Balla’s back, baby — and it’s all because of this enchanted belly ring I found in our stash!” she pointed at her bare navel where a particularly large ring pierced her red skin. A tiny figurine of a curvaceous woman dangled from its tip, tinkling lightly from a silver chain.

”I miss the giant boobs, though,” Culla mumbled.

”Yes, well,” Abarra shrugged. “That’s what happens when you lose weight, fat-one. Not that you would know since you keep getting bigger — and mine are still big, just more like coconuts than melons now. Still, weightless too — see?”

”I see…” Kayla flinched as Balla edged up next to her and pressed her wobbling breasts against her.

”I missed you, Kay-bar,” Balla whispered hotly into her ear. “When we get back to the inn, why don’t we count-out your share of the loot together? It can barely fit in one chest… you’ll have to dig your hand real deep into it to make sure you feel every last coin…”

The mood was broken by Nalka turning her back on them and walking away. “I can’t stay long or my boss will suspect too much.”

”Alright then,” Balla wrapped her arms possessively around Kayla. “We’ll be taking the package, then. Come on, girls! Let’s fly! And we should stop for chow on the way! I’m starving…”

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ohhh!!🤩🤩😍😍 this going to be good!, the sea- devils are infor a fattening suprise i guess ^^ and maybe Kayla will  fall with them 🥰

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1 hour ago, ulvrik said:

ohhh!!🤩🤩😍😍 this going to be good!, the sea- devils are infor a fattening suprise i guess ^^ and maybe Kayla will  fall with them 🥰

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

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31 minutes ago, Batman76 said:

Lovely lovely lovely. 


If Kayla is trying to gain weight, then she rolls with advantage for each day, rolling twice and taking the best...

Best as in gain or...? Nevermind, I have some dice to roll.

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1 hour ago, hundzabrutus said:

I have no dount in my mind that you'll find a way to make a twist and deprive her of that spell when she least expects it hahah

You might have noticed Kayla rolls for intelligence every time she casts it 😈

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With cash safely (and literally) in tow, Kayla and the Sea Devils reclined against fine seating in a riverside restaurant as they watched the shipyard crew raise the Mead Boat from the dock’s murky floor. A wide window separated them from the din and heat outside, but not from the thrilling sight of their ship’s resurrection.

”Glorious,” Abarra leaned close to the window for a better view as she smacked on mussels. “To think it was as simple as hiring a level 3 sorceress. That woman is lifting the boat with just the power of her mind! What say you, Kayla? Can wizards do that?”

”We can,” Kayla sniffed as she ate another scallop. “We just need practice.”

”What about you, Culla? I know priests know a thing or two about spells. I bet you’re skilled at lifting a lot of weight.”

Culla startled from her plate of greens. “What do you mean? I’m losing weight as fast as I can!”

”Your belly is pressing against the table,” the strong demoness noted. “But your back is against the seat. Are you sure you’re losing anything?”

”It’s not fair!” Culla moaned, cow-like. “How can you eat whatever you want and still be pure muscle and I just get rounder? And why is Balla the one wearing the new belly ring? She’s not even fat anymore…”

Balla perked-up from her overladen plate at the sound of her name being called, scraped her sleeve past her lips, and pounded a slight belch before answering. “Because we divided the loot fair and square… urp … fair. And. Square! It’s not my fault you thought it was just some expensive bauble and opted for a bigger share of silver coins instead! You didn’t seem to think I was that smart shaking on that deal, did you? You laughed at me! Calling me a bimbo who cares more about her beauty than practical business! Now who’s laughing?”

”I did not laugh at you —“

”Ooh, look at me!” Balla deepened her voice into a mockery of the chubby chaplain. “I got a big pile of silver! Captain Balla’s so stupid for taking the useless, shiny belly ring! Sooo stupiiiiid!”

”I do not sound like that!” Culla huffed.

”Ooh, I’m a big fat priest and I’m sooo wise! I don’t sense any magic in this little ring! No, none at all!”

”That’s cause I… you were holding it next to your enchanted tits! The magical auras were cris-crossing! Please, Balla! Let me wear the ring! Just for a little…”

”Oh, you’ll wear the ring, fatty. Eventually. But for now, I’m enjoying watching you squirm.“

”Well, in that case, I guess I should enjoy eating while I can! Give me that plate…”

To everyone’s surprise, Culla snatched Balla’s steaming plate stacked with three meal’s worth of seafood and began to chow down like a starving dog.

”Hey, hey!” Balla stood up. “What the fuck? Give me back my chow, fatty!”

”Whoa, chill…” Abarra held a hand out. “Let her have this one. We have enough to buy you more.”

Balla stared at everyone at the table in turn, flexing her fingers into fists over and over again as she mulled her response. She was interrupted by her stomach responding first.

”Okay, whatever. I was really enjoying that, but there’s more meal options I wanna try… waitress! Waitress, be a doll and add a fresh catch of lobster with a side of steamed potatoes to my tab, got it? Also, add another pint of the good stuff. And we’d like the dessert menu now, okay?”


Kayla sat in the midst of the tension between her friends pretending to figure out what fork to use for her modest dish. She was used to Balla’s hot-headedness, so she didn’t worry about her Captain losing her temper. What she did worry about was her secret mission to fatten her friends. The mere thought of it made her squirm uncomfortably in her seat, but becoming fat herself was simply unthinkable! A fat wizard could not possibly hold sway over the adoring masses! She toyed with the idea of simply ignoring King Dulla’s order, but with Nalka practically being friends with the Sea Devils, it was only a matter of time before she saw them again and would note any progress or lack thereof. No, she would need to fatten them up as quickly as possible.

Although, with Culla breaking her diet and Balla inexplicably ravenous, she might not have to try hard.

(Rolled 1d4: 3. Kayla has gained 3 POUNDS for a total of 129! Kayla has gained one FAT POINT for a total of 23! CHARISMA is now 46! Five pounds to next FAT POINT!)


As soon as the Mead Boat was raised and properly dried, its crew returned with high hopes and full bellies. The retrieval of their ship was grounds for celebrating, and they had no shortage of loot to do it with. Prompted by Balla’s incessant cravings, the Sea Devils dined at near every restaurant with a view of the dock, downing pitchers and cleaning plates. Even the dark elf had her fill, for she was fully confident in her ability to lose any weight she might gain from indulging in the finest (unenchanted) food she’d ever eaten.

Unfortunately, the bright, young wizard was apt to gain with her inhibitions let loose. Her arrogant confidence combined with Balla’s bad influence and Abarra’s calls for drinking matches, made for a very stuffed dark elf. By the time the four of them had set foot on their ship, Kayla’s taught, rounded belly had subsided back to its flat shape, only for her round, full cheeks to swell rounder still. Yet she was blissfully unaware of her new development, having grown so used to feeling the wind brush against her upper thighs and between her legs that she hardly realized that rather than slimming-down, she was fatter than she’d ever been — if only slightly.

Balla, however, did notice the change to her subordinate’s figure, and as the dark elf came aboard the Mead Boat and subconsciously adjusted the fit of her skirt, she was just behind her, ogling the new-formed crease between cheek and thigh with a ravenous hunger for something other than food.

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Very well done! Your descriptions are always on point. I do hope to see Kayla's weight get a little more evenly distributed though 😂

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2 hours ago, Ggggggj said:

Very well done! Your descriptions are always on point. I do hope to see Kayla's weight get a little more evenly distributed though 😂

Two words: Badonka donk. The rest of her is growing too, but not as fast. Plus, Kayla's relationship with her own "human butt" has become a fundamental part of her character development at this point, which means more descriptions of Badonkaning donk.

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@>_< 0_0 While learning how Daz3d works i tried to recreate Kayla at her current weight. I may have made her thighs and butt to wide front to back but when i looked at examples of people at that weight, if Kayla really had most of her gain in her butt then it would be close to being right, maybe after a few pounds more. I also made her stomach a little soft since i think at this point she would be slightly get softer there too. I might as an exercise make a version of her at the beginning. The lighting is a little funky because i haven't figured that part yet. Or maybe the other characters, using Daz is really fun and fast if you don't try to hone in the details that much.





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8 hours ago, K-day said:

@>_< 0_0 While learning how Daz3d works i tried to recreate Kayla at her current weight. I may have made her thighs and butt to wide front to back but when i looked at examples of people at that weight, if Kayla really had most of her gain in her butt then it would be close to being right, maybe after a few pounds more. I also made her stomach a little soft since i think at this point she would be slightly get softer there too. I might as an exercise make a version of her at the beginning. The lighting is a little funky because i haven't figured that part yet. Or maybe the other characters, using Daz is really fun and fast if you don't try to hone in the details that much.





OMG OMG I love these so much 🥰 it matches my mental image of her almost exactly — only the elf ears are missing! 

I’m saving these. Do you have Twitter or deviantart? The last guy who made something like this started going pro and now he has over 600 followers and a pretty successful pat*eon.

Edited by >_< 0_0
Wrote more idk

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51 minutes ago, >_< 0_0 said:

OMG OMG I love these so much 🥰 it matches my mental image of her almost exactly — only the elf ears are missing! 

I’m saving these. Do you have Twitter or deviantart? The last guy who made something like this started going pro and now he has over 600 followers and a pretty successful pat*eon.


Oh shoot i forgot the ears, i even have a tool for elf ears. I'll add the ears and re render the photos, maybe choose different poses. I have a deviantart but it's just for adding things to favourites. I'll post the new renders there. But i don't have this hair where you can see her ears. I have some other long hair but first i'll try moving this hair around. 

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1 hour ago, K-day said:

I was curious of the height of the characters compared to each other

height sheet.png

This is accurate. Kayla is the shortest and smallest, but only slightly shorter than Balla. Abarra, of course, is a muscled giant

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👀 By the way 👀

K-day has made some art of more characters and I put them on my pat*eon. So far he’s made art of Culla and Abarra, and I’m definitely gonna ask him if he can do Balla later. I’m also working on a weight gain drive sort of story that I’ll talk about later. Here’s that art of Culla.

Also, link is on my DeviantArt page. K-day is gonna post the art on his DeviantArt about a week after finishing them 😏









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So I got a new story that I can’t post yet… so it’s time for more dark elf ass and drinking matches 😏


”Balla? I mean, Captain?”

”You can call me Balla while we’re inside our quarters, Kay-bar.”

The Sea Devils had hardly begun commandeering their freshly-dried Mead Boat before Balla had snatched Kayla’s hand in hers and announced she was going inside the Captain’s quarters. Abarra and Culla didn’t even glance their way as they slipped through the door. The quarters were almost exactly as Kayla remembered, with the navigation table in the middle surrounded by open cabinets spilling coins everywhere. The sorceress team that raised the ship had done a thorough job drying every corner; Culla made sure they were tipped generously for their efforts, and Abarra had stocked the quarters with exotic furs to provide further comfort. It was this coin-stuffed, fur-covered room that Kayla found herself sharing with her horny captain.

”Yes, um, Captain Balla…” Kayla stiffened as she watched the Sea Devil unbuckle her belt and slink it free from her narrow, muscled waist.

“Let’s stick with first names,” Balla eyed Kayla from over her shoulder. “Why don’t you sit down and get comfortable? We got our Mead Boat upright and most of the coin didn’t fall out. Now we can relax and daydream how to spend it all.”

”Well, see, that’s exactly what I was thinking about,” Kayla replied. “We got all this money sliding around the room, and that’s what capsized us in the first place… and what will we do with this money anyway? That giant lady and her mob still want a cut next month, and we can’t store any of this in a bank. That’s what… that’s what you said…”

“Go on,” Balla slowly approached the seated dark elf as she teased the buttons containing her own weightless bust. “I like listening to your voice.”

”Uh…” Kayla felt her face flush with heat. “What’s… what’s our plan?”

”Our plan?” Balla was so close she was between Kayla’s legs, and she reached a clawed, red hand out to tease her chin. “Don’t worry about that. We’ve done enough in Red Port for now, so we’re sailing away from there down the coast a little bit to a secluded beach where we can relax before setting out again.”

”What about —“

Balla pressed a finger against Kayla’s full lips, and the intimate contact made them tingle. “No worries. We can chill these next couple days. Now… what do you wanna do first?”


Whatever Balla was scheming, Kayla had a scheme of her own: to make her fellow Sea Devils as fat as possible, else she suffer their fate. She had a fair notion how to nudge them into rotundity, but Balla’s enchanted belly ring posed a problem, for it kept her in peak physical condition. Besides that, Balla’s approaches were making it hard for her to think!

”We could… um… secure the coins? Before, you know, the ship tips again?”

Balla chuckled from deep in her throat, reminiscent of a big cat. “We don’t have a giantess sitting top-deck, so you don’t have to worry about excess weight…”

”It might be fun to count them…”

”I think I have a better idea,” Balla bent down between Kayla’s legs, so far that her head was right next to the panting dark elf’s pelvis, only to rise again holding the Horn of Infinite Mead.

”I hope you practiced your drinking while you were trapped atop the casino,” Balla smirked. “Cause no one’s beaten me in a drinking contest in a long time — and I’m thirsty as hell.”

The prospect of another drinking contest was enough to make the little dark elf quiver anxiously. Time and again, she had binged drinks with the crew, and each time it only took a couple drinks to ** her into drunken oblivion. If that weren’t enough for her to worry about, she was fairly certain the mead was magically fattening.

”W-well you know,” Kayla shrugged nervously. “Dark elves like me can’t drink much.”

”You’re gonna learn today!” Balla slapped her shoulder.

(Rolled CHARISMA: 45, PASS)

And then Kayla had an idea.

”I have an idea,” she said. “Suppose… you drink first, and then I’ll match what you drink? Or at least, I’ll try to…”

”For sure,” Balla smirked. “Now you’re talking. Watch and learn…”

Balla closed her eyes, tipped the horn against her lips, and began to chug. Kayla couldn’t help but smirk to herself. To think that Balla would fall for such a trick! She was drinking from an infinite mead horn, which meant there was no way to measure just how much she was guzzling. All Kayla had to do was take small, steady sips whenever it was her turn to drink. She could limit her exposure to the fattening drink, and whatever she did gain could be wished upon others while they slept. The plan was flawless!


Nearly flawless, that is. Kayla couldn’t help but stare at the jeweled belly ring centered on Balla’s red, chiseled abs. That ring was an enchantment of its own. Clearly, it had slimmed Balla down, for her once-prominent muffintop was gone, the inches of fat receding like a tide to reveal the hard bedrock within. Even her tits had shrunk to a manageable size, though they fluttered weightlessly all the same. Whatever the ring was, it was keeping Balla thin. Kayla would need to remove it, and to do that, she would need to do two things: get close to Balla and make her very, very **.

”Ah!” Balla gasped. “This is the sweetest mead in the world, I swear…” she shoved the horn into Kayla’s chest. “Your turn.”

”Well…” Kayla raised the horn to her mouth and took a breath. “Here goes…”

The mead was truly extraordinary. Its texture sloshing warmly through her mouth as her tongue fizzed and tingled with pleasure from its rich taste. Even as Kayla carefully sipped the succulent drink like a newborn calf, she had to stop herself from sucking too fast. Truly, such an intoxicating brew should never taste so sweet!

(Rolled 1d4: 1. Kayla has gained ONE POUND for a total of 130. Four pounds till next FAT POINT)

When Kayla stopped to gasp for air, Balla was playfully cocking an eyebrow at her.

”I’m sure I drank more than that,” she grinned.

(Rolled CHARISMA: 12, PASS)

”I drank until my lungs were empty,” Kayla stifled an emerging belch. “Like you did.”

“I was actually breathing. That’s something I’ll have to teach you.”

”Your turn first.”

”For sure. Give me that…”

Balla drank, and Kayla couldn’t help from staring at her belly ring as she did. Balla was impossibly lean, but she was drinking so fast that her belly was visibly filling-up.

Kayla would’ve stared longer if Balla hadn’t stopped drinking to belch loudly. “What you staring at, boot? You eyeballing me?”

”That ring…” Kayla squinted at it. “Is that a figurine dangling on it?”

”Hey, don’t change the subject. You have to breathe and drink at the same time, okay? Go ahead. Feel my hand on your stomach, now push it out. That’s how I know your doing it. That’s it… slowly for now…”

(Rolled 1d4: 2. Kayla has gained TWO POUNDS for a total of 132. Two pounds till next FAT POINT)

”Eep!” Kayla sputtered mead through her nose.

”What’s wrong?” Balla whispered as she touched foreheads with her. “You breathe mead? You good now?” Her arms snaked around Kayla’s body as she spoke low and softly.

”I felt something pinch,” Kayla belched helplessly, already feeling buzzed.


”My butt…”

”Aww you poor honeybun,” Balla’s hands drifted down and fondled her cheeks from under her skirt. “Did you scoot on a blister? I’ll make it all better…”

Through the increasing mental fog, Kayla felt some semblance of alarm. She could feel Balla kneading her flesh like baking bread-dough, but was shocked at how soft and malleable her own body was. Balla had more than a handful to play with. Had it always been that soft?


The blush of blood filling the elf wizard’s face drained away, and her breath caught in her throat, for it began to dawn on her that the last few days of feasting with the Sea Devils had corrupted her — her ass was fat again!

Yet as quickly as she had panicked, calm overcame her once again. None of the extra weight mattered now that she had mastered the spell Fat of the Land. Every pound she gained could be safely stuffed into one of her unsuspecting crew mates. She could lose weight whenever she wanted.

”Come here; hold me tight,” Balla squeezed her cheeks and lifted her up like an infant. “Let’s get you comfortable and take a closer look.”

”Mm,” Kayla’s head swooned and the room spun as she was carried. “Where are we going?”

”To the window sill. I’ve made a nest for you.”

The more buzzed Kayla became, the more comforted she was by Balla’s tight embrace. The rough, calloused hands groping her soft cheeks were warm against her skin, and the full, round breasts pressing against her equally so. All the worries her keen intellect had fretted over were fading away, replaced by a growing sense of bliss that only grew stronger as Balla settled her against a fuzzed grizzly pelt.

”That’s it,” Balla straddled Kayla at the waist, dominating her field of view. “How’s it feel now? Better?”

Kayla nodded. Before she could say anything, Balla pressed a finger to her lips again and took another swig from the horn. The half-demoness’s belly was taught and stuffed now, a ruby-red dome of at least half a gallon of sloshing mead. Kayla stared at it, struggling to think of proper foreplay. She’d never partaken in such things, but felt it was only proper now, if only because she was pinned between her captain’s thighs.

(Rolled CHARISMA: 7, PASS)

“Your abs… look amazing,” Kayla sighed.

”Right? But that’s a pretty tame compliment. You should set your sights a little higher.”

When Kayla didn’t answer quickly enough, Balla took her hands and put them onto her own breasts. “Like them?”


”Then take them out. Play with them.”

”But I haven’t drank yet…”

”Don’t worry. I’ll pour some for you while you undress me. Chin up…”

The ** dark elf did her best to loose Balla’s breasts, but it was hard to focus with the horn blocking her view. Worse, Balla was pouring too fast, and Kayla could barely keep up with the flow even as she gulped harder and faster than she ever had before.

(Rolled 1d4: 3. Kayla has gained THREE POUNDS for a total of 135. Kayla has gained one FAT POINT for a total of 24)

(two FAT ATTRIBUTES gained, 1 physical and 1 mental:

BIG MILKERS: "Oh these? Oh yeah, they're getting bigger still. Why would I diet, it all goes to the girls first...they do make my back a bit sore..." This PC is blessed with a bountiful bosom by genetics, making them sexier to all and acting as a caloric disposal area...for a while. On gaining FAT POINTS between 20-24, this character's CHARISMA bonus increases by 2 instead of one with all NORMY NPCs, she takes no penalty with FAT FETISH NPCS despite being a normal weight and does not suffer ATHLETICS or CONSTITUTION loss per FAT POINT due to the fat failing to land on her limbs or core. On gaining FAT POINTS in the OVERWEIGHT category between 25-30, her CHARISMA increases by 1 among all NORMY NPCs instead of falling by 2 and increases by 4 among FAT FETISH NPCS instead of by 2, her ATHLETICS and CONSTITUTION scores however now fall by 4 points per FAT POINT instead of 3 to represent strain on her back. From 30 FAT POINTS onward, the PC's penalty/bonus on CHARISMA towards NORMIE/FAT-FETISHIST increases by 50% over baseline to represent rampant gigantomastia , while her ATHLETICS and CONSTITUTION penalties increase by 50% to represent immense back strain

New charisma: 48 + 8 = 56
Rolled 1d20 for mental attribute: 

1. WHAT HAVE I DONE?: this Pc recoils in horror at their weight gain, taking a heavy hit, 1d10, to their willpower and charisma. Having HEDONISTIC HOTTY already prevents this damage but doesn't heal damage already done.

Rolled 1d10 for Willpower: 80 - 7 = 73.

Rolled 1d10 for Charisma: 56 - 6 = 50)

Kayla sputtered as she felt her belly stretch taut against the unstoppable deluge of mead. Deep within, something rumbled. It rose slowly upwards, reaching for her mouth, until at last, it was free: the deepest, most beastly belch she had ever made.

Thankfully, it was enough to make Balla stop pouring. “Damn girl. You sure you don’t have a little bit of orcish blood in you?” She took a swig of her own.

”No…” Kayla moaned. I’m a dark elf! I — urp — have to be!”

”Are you sure? Dark elves don’t have an ass this fun,” she slapped her for good measure.

”Ow! It’s not fun! It’s not!”

”I think it is, little dumpling. I love your big juicy ass.”


”Like a ripe plum. I’d bite it if you weren’t looking at me.”

”Th-then I’ll bite you instead!”

”Me? Ha! Only thing juicy about me are these massive knockers… but then again… yours don’t look that bad either…”

”What do you mean?” Kayla blushed, breathless and afraid, but thrilled beyond her wildest imaginations.

”Look…” Balla leaned close and pried Kayla’s shirt open to reveal her panting, shallow breaths. “Look at these little mosquito bites. They fit in my palm, see? But look… feel that?”

”Feel what?”

”Your nipples, silly. Feel how they grow stiff when I rub them softly? That feels nice, doesn’t it?”


”You want me to stop?”

”No! Um… please.”

”Now look what happened… pretty stiff huh? And the ring of skin goosebumping around them is pretty big too. You know what that means, dumpling?”

”No…” Kayla was whispering now.

”It means…” Balla leaned close to one nipple and gave it a lick. “That someday they will be very, very big.”

”They will…?”

”For sure. Culla’s breasts looked the same — back before she started growing big. You know, she didn’t always have massive milkers, but after a while, she grew into them.”

”I don’t want to be like Culla,” Kayla squirmed and gasped as Balla nipped her.

”Don’t worry about that Kayla. You don’t have to stay in shape like the rest of us do. You can get fatter if you want. I say so.”

”I don’t… want to get fatter…”

”I do…”


”How ** are ya, girl? How many fingers am I holding up?”

”Mm, don’t stop. Hold me…”

”I want you thiccer, Kayla.”

”Hug me…”

”I love your ass, girl. I want it bigger. I want to hold it and squeeze it.”


”I want it to be so big I can rest my head on it and fall asleep. I want your thighs to be my neck warmer.”


”I want it rounder and wider, softer and jigglier. I want it to shake with every step you take. I want to massage and knead it every night, and I want to watch as it grows bigger and bigger and bigger…”

There was no reply from the dark elf, for she had fallen asleep holding Balla like a stuffed teddy bear.

”Sleep well, love,” Balla kissed her forehead and curled her body around her. “My little dumpling… soon you’ll never fit in that little skirt again…”


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4 hours ago, ulvrik said:

wow! 😍🥰 its really startning going wild now , i love it. spec Ballas fantasy reviled to us XD

She alluded to it when talking to Abarra once, but all the secrets tend to spill out when you get tipsy. Now let’s see if the dice let Kayla remember what happened before she passed out


44 minutes ago, Batman76 said:

We've got a multi feeding situation... But when balla loses that ring

That’s going to be a very explosive scene. By the way, for anyone reading, Batman rolled dice to see how many drinks Balla could handle before passing out and got 8 💀 Balla won this time. Also, should I roll for willpower, intelligence, or both for remembering this intimate pillow talk?

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