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Auto-edit to ** rather than an attempted synonym

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In the course of posting stories in the stories forum, I have discovered that there are a number of forbidden words that are auto-edited, either to **, or to a supposed synonym. Some of these are disappointing, such as [Cooking Pan, 3 letters beginning with P] being changed to **, despite being a fairly essential English word, but I appreciate why it is done. Now, I usually skim my new posts, and correct (some of) my typos, as well as any of the auto-edits that I discover. 

Some other words are auto-edited to a supposed synonym, but in my experience this often goes horribly wrong, and is actually worse than changing them to **, because ** is at least very obvious in the middle of prose - and it is much easier to spot or search for with CTRL-F, to see if something needs an edit. For example, the following two sentences left me scratching my head, wondering what I was thinking when I wrote them:

1. "The milkshake that she'd [Past Particle of the Verb Drink] earlier" with [] changed to "buzzed"  

2. "A narrow [Str*p] of land along the coast" with [] changed to "tease"

So, my suggestion - which I don't mind if it's ignored, but I feel I've got to make it - is that all the forbidden words should be auto-edited to a simple ** instead of a supposed, and often incorrect, synonym. Then they are easier to spot and/or edit. 


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