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On 3/2/2023 at 5:16 PM, ronnie17de said:

Glad you're back!
Greatly missed your updates. Curvage without Lady Osaka just doesn't feel right...

But, man, Lady O looks mighty fine!!
How is she doing these days? Still getting those shakes and indulging on late night fast food?

Any detailed stories would be greatly appreciated!

Downing a shake as we speak, ice cream at night. The shirt she’s wearing looks like a crop top now. 

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3 hours ago, OsakaReloaded said:

Yesterday, Lady O indulged on her creamy shake and munched on chips. After getting some fast food taco, she couldn’t help but stop for a box of donuts to take home. I love her confidence wearing a crop top and leggings that don’t fit right anymore. She should be a plus size model!






Absolutely fantastic😍

hate shopping, but I'd happily follow you around any supermarket🤣🥵

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1 hour ago, Dirk_Diglr said:

Never has “large and in charge” fit better (haaa) than those pictures.

Love it! She seems confident enough to not care, and completely resigned to being a fatty that keeps outgrowing everything - so what’s the point in hiding it?

Lucky man!

No point in hiding. She definitely in charge and runs the show. It’s hot! 

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5 hours ago, OsakaReloaded said:

Same dress. Any growth? You tell me. From summer to spring… I’m a happy man as she guzzled down her shake, ice cream and waffle, and fast food at the end of the day.. fun weekend so far.


Those seams are the true MVP for not rippin having to fit all that fluff !

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