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Here’s one of Tifa from Final Fantasy by imbapovi. He delves more into inflation than weight gain, but it’s close enough. There’s an actual weight gain between Tifa and 2b out there, but it’s on that website that mustn’t be named, and I’m scared to link it 😖


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11 hours ago, >_< 0_0 said:

Just a morph? Whoever drew that belly drew it with love. I like how it rests over her thigh and folds over itself a little bit.

Original was by a deviantart account called Kittew, I'm not sure on the Morph, got it from someone with a cryllic name on a chan, lol.

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Growth Academy:

11 hours ago, foxer1 said:

Well, it's August and it's time to fulfill your promises). I post a new material-this time one article, but extremely long and interesting).
Since last time many people liked the fact that I slightly touched on the topic of change in video games(as a kind of long series-since reviews often consist of non-short episodes), I decided to continue.
This time I want to draw your attention to the Growth Academy. In the story, the main character chooses a girl who meets throughout the game. But the main story is that in this Academy, each girl gradually grows a certain part of the body. One of the girls named Shiori is growing an ass. The heroine initially has a small ass(although quite large), which gradually becomes huge.Also, the heroine has a sister who also grows an ass.
In the pictures, I tried to reflect the progress of Shiori in all its glory+ I attach to your attention a few videos where you can see this change.








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