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Some morph requests

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Not sure how great some of these pictures will work for morphs, but if anyone has the time or is interested, it would be greatly appreciated. Hope at least a few of these images might yield good results.

Thank you.

Annotation 2020-07-13 104224u (2).png

Annotation 2020-07-13 104224uuuu (3).png

Annotation 2020-07-13 104224uuuup (2).png







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4 hours ago, Sommelier said:


Did a quick face swap with one of the images for you. Hope it’s along the idea of what you were looking for.

Cheers! 🍻 


Wow, beautiful! Thank you!

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Managed to do some facial morphs. If anyone else would like to work on these would love to see the results. 

NcxkbMEasM78hmYqqIEAOw_r (1)e.jpg


1gUN8UJ3Bq7Dlkdw1dxixg_r (1).jpg

sfTq242mXjlxkLLZ_5c3TQ_r (1).jpg

NDa3lRBoHxayuoNxgTgtQQ_r (1).jpg

zu5MrjUTJZqsWDlsR0-OLw_qr (1).jpg


S4-6RAqB63gGqUHKwE5XhA_r (1).jpg

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