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Mass Effect: Observing Gains

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This is an awesome chapter. Nice to see Nyxeris being somewhat effected. I am pretty sure I asked this already but will you do more stories on the other characters as well?

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Thank you. I am pretty sure you did not. At this point, I am not planning any separate stories in ME, but there will be a gain of other characters and I may do chapters focused on them. I simply do not plan that far ahead. 😅

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Finally!!! I managed to finish this chapter and polish it to the best of my abilities. Also (finally) contains some, I hope, interesting developments. 😁

To anybody that bothers reading it: sorry for the long wait, I hope you will enjoy it.😅

Any feedback/suggestions are most welcome.


Chapter 16: Balst from the past

3 weeks later, Sunday

Liara’s safe house


Ex-archaeologist eyed her surrounding closely, but cautiously to not to arise suspicion. The day before Eristena contacted her asking her for a personal meeting. Somebody she had know needed assistance, but commando insisted that issue was also relevant directly to her. Muscular asari asked for complete discretion and absence of other people. As Liara had not noticed any signs suggesting trap and knowing that Eristena was the last person to exaggerate, she arrogated a meeting in one of the locations only doctor and head commando knew of.


Now Liara was walking through a rather bustling street to one of the unassuming apartments. It was rather peaceful, middle-class neighbourhood, pleasant, but similar to many areas in Nos Astra. The doctor wore a long, dark, frilly dress, in human-based style liked by a margin of maidens.


It was very different from her usual outfits as by no means outfit acceptable in circles she usually operating in, but similar ones flashed now and then on this street. It did however had a certain advantage, strips fabric allowed to hide quite a few items doctor had taken just in case. Also while it was rather comfortable, not skin-tight like most examples of asari fashion, the extra fabric was moving and shaking in most unexpected ways. Well… Liara thought it was material she felt, but what else it could be wobbling like that?


Her appearance was also different. Liara had used special “make-up” kit to darken her complexion, present herself a completely different set of markings that ran almost to end of her crest and had overall changed her appearance. Differences were small but together gave her a completely different look. Perhaps she was going overboard, as she and Eristena had different definitions of a “private, secure meeting”, but Liara preferred to be safe than sorry.


As promised doctor was alone, Nyxeris was doing groceries and was supposed to meet with some friends and it had seemed she was had been literal. As much as her paranoia was screaming at her Liara could not forbid her employer from social outings. Well… she could, but that would be fair, healthy and was likely to backfire on her. Liara told her assistant that she would remain at home and do some work, but asked that Nyxeris bring some files from the isolated server in her office after she is done.


Young asari's omnitool was connected to various sensors in her workplace, if Nyxeris enters it and Liara was still out, the doctor will have much time to return to the apartment before her assistant. This too might be an overabundance of caution from her, but commando did specify that she preferred that Liara’s assistant be in the dark about the whole affair.


Although I do wonder why? thought doctor with a pang of worry. Still stroll amongst “normal” people brought her unexpected joy, after spending so much time amongst businessmen/ businesswoman with rather dubious morals, despite her rather secluded nature. The only details that did not allow her to fully enjoy were the seemingly ominous nature of occasion and instances when she spotted families with small children. But every time Liara managed to swallow rush of (not)annoyance and continued her trek.


Finally, she arrived. Liara stood before doors identical to many others she just passed. The doctor rang sequence of sounds using doorbell and put her hand on touchscreen.


“Hello, ma’am” heard tall asari from the device, after a few seconds, as soon as the device had stopped scanning her biometrics and analysing voice. Commando must have been waiting on the alert. After a second, the door opened and Lara saw older asari. Eristean had abandon commando leathers, which she seemed to always wear, in favour of a bit more casual wear, which to be honest, reminded the doctor a bit of CSS uniform, but with more vibrant colours.


The moment older asari gaze fallen on the ex-archaeologist, her face flickered in a worry, but quickly returned to normal. To be honest, after two months without direct contact Liara too noticed some change. Not in the muscular asari appearance itself. No, it was... more subtle, but the doctor could not put her finger at it.


At last, doors closed after her and unsurprisingly Liara noticed a firearm in the previously hidden arm of her employee.


“Isn’t that mask a bit much?” asked older asari with a microscopic smile, that did not reach her eyes. The doctor only looked at her.


“It isn’t a mask, just a little bit of make-up. Besides, it was you, who insisted on secrecy. Not to mention what is in your hand” replied Liara with a bit of amusement. Older asari only, ever so slightly, rolled her eyes.


“Fair enough,” said commando and gestured to apartment’s living room.


“Please, come I’ll explain everything, once you meet our guest”


Younger asari nodded and followed in her tracks. They entered the living room, Liara noticed with approval that despite daytime, windows were covered in special blinds. Nothing sort of rocked would pass through them and prevented visual observations.


However, her attention was quickly shifted to the third person in the room. The mysterious guest was wearing a typical blue-green jumpsuit, but most noticeable was her complexion. Liara has seen members of her species with various colours, starting with a near-white blue, ending at dark purple. Asari before her was none of those instead her skin was green. Unusual guest sat on one of the couches by the table, leaning down with clasped fingers, clearly, she was worried.


The moment leaf-coloured asari noticed their arrival she stood up, showing her full appearance to the doctor. Indeed, as far as, Liara could see her entire skin was green. Another unique characteristic of their guest was her statue, she was probably the most… rotund asari Liara had remember seeing. Her jumpsuit was most likely biggest available, if not custom made and stretched tightly, presenting asari’s ample size in detail, Liara could even see small folds of adipose on her sides. The fabric was especially stretched around her matriarch-worthy breasts and her belly. However, the person before her seemed strangely familiar.


That face-paint…


“Shiala?” said Liara, in half-greeting, half-question. Green skinned asari blinked and measured her from head to toe.


“Liara? Nyxeris failed to mention it was you who would come. Sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first” replied former commando in the apologetic voice, visibly embarrassed.


“Miss T’Soni may have gotten too far when trying to be discrete” added Eristena, with notes of, by the Goddess, playfulness.


“It definitely worked, that's... quite a disguise” agreed Shiala weakly, once again measuring youngest asari with her gaze. She could be blamed for not recognizing T’Soni heiress.


Younger asari had changed quite a bit since their meeting, almost two years ago and it wasn’t simply a matter of disguise. Liara had been already quite tall, taller than former commando, but now at almost 6 feet tall, she was easily taller than Benezia herself. The doctor expanded, also …ahem… horizontally. While frilly dress obscured details of Liara’s figure, Shiala was able to observe the large, bulging mass of flesh that had sprouted from doctor’s middle, a wide, childbearing hips and an immense, surprisingly firm, chest that was overshadowing that of her former employer. Those were first changes that caught green-skinned asari's eyes, but every part of Liara’s body was wider by several volumes. Overall younger asari had gotten fat, void… obese, even considering her new height.


She is at least twice the asari I remember, it that really Liara? though bewildered Shiala. She was not wrong, ex-archaeologist reached 352 pounds, most of this being pure blubber, which made her more than twice her original weight.



“Ahem… could we move towards the original point of this meeting? Eristena said you needed help and I sincerely doubt your current appearance is an eccentric fashion statement” said Liara and relaxed a little, ultimately green asari was a familiar face and known entity.


Eristena nodded and pointed towards the table. Shiala relaxed a bit, muscular commando may not be specialising in espionage, but she was no amateur and had excellent intuition If Eristena had said it was Liara she most likely right. Apart from that, former commando had had a brief glance at the security devices, it was top of the shelf equipment, it could be fooled, but it was problematic. As far as the green asari knew Liara’s current figure was part of her everyday disguise, a way to throw people off her trail.


I am the last person to scrutinise gaining weight. Besides I am here to beg for help and anybody know by Eristena is better than unknown.


“I’ll prepare tea and Shiala will fill you in on the situation. I already heard most of it and you’ll probably understand it better anyway” proposed muscular asari. Liara nodded and soon two of them sat by the table. The couch groaned quietly, as doctor’s posterior sat on it, her belly was lifted by her lap, making it appear even bigger, although tall asari thought it was only a loose fabric. Still, she was thankful that her stroll ended on such a comfortable seat, Liara felt strangely tired after such a short walk and a physical sluggishness that accompanied her since morning(last moths) was not helping. It was probably nothing, but a small snack later will probably help.


Former commando took a deep breath and began her tale.


“As you know, after you and Commander Shepard killed the Thorian, I reminded in Zhu Hope in order to help colonist recover. However, its grasp on us didn’t pass without repercussions. Some of the colonists developed certain anomalies and some health problems as the results of her Thorian control. We hired the colonial survey group to do some scans, but apparently, the medical contract allows the company to perform invasive procedures without our consents” explained formal commando slowly. Nyxeris arrived with three cups full of tea and placed them on the table. Both nodded in appreciation.


“If you don’t mind, could you briefly explain what those abnormalities are? Did the Thorian survived somehow?” asked Liara calmly, but alarm bells were already ringing in her head. She remembered all too well ancient plant and its abilities. But former commando shook her head.


“No, we checked multiple times and there is nothing to imply that. Few months after it died, my pigment changed, few colonists noticed a few patches of green on themselves as well. I and some others have vivid dreams about time with the Thorian. It’s most disconcerting” Shiala paused, took a sip of tea and continued.


“A lot of people experience headaches and muscle spawns, similar to what they experienced while under Thorian control. Those symptoms we noticed at firs and alarmed us the most. But there are other, rather unique ones. Sometimes when we are near another former Thorian victim we share sensations like heat or pain. Also…” former asari looked away, she seemed slightly embarrassed.


“The appetites of female colonists as well as mine had noticeably increased and subsequently our weight, few women experienced nearly painful hunger pangs or appeared unable to stop eating without somebody interrupting them. What’s more, I become more… satisfied with living in the colony and instead started longing for a steady partner. I would chalk it up as the beginning of a matron stage if not the fact several women expressed similar thoughts, even Arcelia


At that Liara’s eyes slightly widened. Even after being freed from creature control, the head of colony security didn’t appear like somebody looking for a steady love life. Meanwhile, a green asari continued.


“Also, people appear to become more understanding of each other. We had a considerable decrease in numbers of various quarrel, even amongst those most prone to it before. Instead, we had a few pregnancies. Women are more prone to staying home taking care of kids and eating, while males seem to go the extra mile to provide for families. It was checked those changes do not fit into normal parameters, even after traumatic experiences. That’s all we observed so far. It has to be a result of trace amounts of the Thorian’s parasitic spores, all other possibilities were eliminated so far. You fought it, so you can understand why’d want it studied and cured” Shiala finished explaining afflictions and changes that worried her and inhabitants of Zhu’s Hope.


Liara nodded at that, feeling relief and concern for colonists. She remembered the terrifying plant-like creature that used innocent people like disposable tools. The doctor was glad that creature was gone, save perhaps for knowledge it possessed.


“Thank you for clearing it up. Now what exactly you need our help with? I assume it has to do with the contract mentioned earlier” asked Liara.


Pudgy asari clenched her hands a little and nodded with resignation.


“Barrier frontiers was interested in our problem. They offered to perform medical scans deliver treatment for next to nothing. I should know it was too good to be true, but we were desperate and the fine print we told earlier. Apparently, we agreed to perform invasive follow up procedures if they deem it valuable, which they had” admitted former commando with visible shame. Liara quickly ran scenarios of such contract in her head.


“Even if they cannot force you to undergo those procedures on you, they still can declare you in the breach of contract,” said Liara. Shiala only nodded sadly.


“Exactly, which means we are responsible for a full price we would pay normally. Even with what little help we managed to squeeze from Exo-Geni, we managed to rebuild only basic infrastructure. We simply cannot afford to pay them Especially with our newfound… appetite” confirmed green-skinned asari bowing her herd with shame.


“I see. Out of curiosity how did you two meet again?” asked the doctor. This time muscular asari spoke.


“After this mess with Saren, I tried to locate all remaining commandos that were with Benezia. Effects were less than encouraging, but there were few exceptions, like Shiala. I had told her I work here, so she asked me for pointers and explained the basics of the problem. You had to deal with what that plant and know about this pseudo-legal nonsense much more than me. So I asked for this meeting. Do you have any ideas about how to deal with this?” explained head commando. Liara nodded and began to think, simply releasing colonist from their debt was not enough…


Minute of silence was finally broken by Shiala.


“Liara I don’t expect you to solve it for us, but perhaps you know how I could proceed. I’m afraid I reached limits of my diplomatic abilities” pleaded former commando. Liara rubbed her eyes and sighed.


“I suppose we have the first problem for our research division” said ex-archaeologist after long pause.


Eristena blinked, while bureaucracy was not her strong suit, she always made a point to know the exact structure of the organisation she worked in.


“We have a research division?”


“We will” cleared Liara. Meanwhile, green asari was visibly taken aback.


“I… I appreciate the help but isn't that a bit too much?“ asked Shiala and immediately cursed herself in thought. She needed all the help she could get.


“Don’t thank me yet Shiala. We have to organise it and acquire that contract of yours. Besides my motives are hardly altruistic” replied doctor and started to walk through the room, giving green asari opportunity to see increase in her buttocks volume.


“First I don’t trust anybody with anything concerning Thorian. Of all people you best know what it was able to do. If somebody managed even fraction of its abilities we would have a catastrophe” began Liara. Shiala only nodded, but she was clenching her teeth at the reminder.


“Second, and possibly most importantly, as far as I know, you are the only person to recover from Sovereign indoctrination” added tall asari.


“At the cost of becoming Thorian’s slave,” said former commando sharply.


“I know” replied Liara much softer voice than previously.


“But perhaps there is a way to replicate effect or develop means of prevention. The Goddess knows we will need those” explained doctor in kind, but firm voice.


At that Shiala face paled.


“You think that those things are coming…?” she asked trying to banish terrible visions and memories of monstrous ship from her mind.


“I know it. And I am afraid they will be here sooner than later. But let us focus on current matters. Please send me all information’s about that contract and I’ll see what I can do. Do you have necessary accommodations?” asked Liara while using her omnitool to send former commando secure contact data. Shiala smiled sincerely and nodded.


“I am fine. Eristena had secured quite decent housing for me. But thank you, Liara” said green asari with gratefulness heard in her voice, she was clearly relived.


“You may come to regret this decision. Eristena will surely relay to you just how much of a tyrannical employer I am” informed Liara with a hint of amusement.


“I’ll contact you as soon as I have something concrete, but inform me if something happens. For what’s worth, I truly hope we manage to help colonist. But please do not divulge widely about my involvement” said doctor firmly. Green skied asari got up and stood next to younger asari.


“I’ll tell only the most significant members of the colony, they will feel better that it’s you. But don’t worry I’ll be discrete. I’ll head home and send you all documents. Unless there is something more?” asked Shiala still smiling. Liara returned it.


“Nothing else comes to my mind at this point. Eristena?” said the doctor and looked on muscular asari. She only shook her head.


“Do come by the training centre. Retired or not, we could use more commando with your experience as an instructor, even temporarily” proposed stoic asari.


“I will. Thank you both for help. It is a first time in weeks there is hope that we get through this mess” said Shiala. Eristena stood up as well and accompanied them to the door. It was then when Liara fully able to assess changes in her guest. By her estimation, ex-commando weighed around 250 pounds, newly gained tissue concentrating in her chest and belly.


When green-skinned asari had left, both doctor and commando sat again in livingroom.


“So… what’s the other reason you wanted to meet. Because while I understand the urgency of Shiala’s situation, but I do not believe that's why asked for all this secrecy.” said Liara, interrupting prolonging silence. Eristena only released a small sigh.


“We both know I am no good at those spy games you have to deal with. But… I noticed a possible security risk you appear to have been overlooking. I want to talk about it” explained head commando gravely. 


“Very well. Let’s talk” agreed Liara equally seriously and took a sip of tea, she had filling she will need it.


They did talk. It proved to be quite enlightening.





Concealed Research Centre


Nyxeris was smiling when she entered the actual complex. If there was one thing about Illium she truly liked, it was the fact that you could organize almost anything “legally” as long as you fill proper paperwork and, obviously, shove enough credits.


A completely cut off facility with shell company over it? – by all means.


There was also other, more important, reason for her giddy mood. The Observer was here to inspect the effects of conducted research.


She was greeted by the salarian with a light brown complexion, in laboratory uniform and a rather serious expression. He had been called earlier from a visible reception.


“Ah… Miss Dimakos punctual, I see. We were informed of your desire to see the progress of our trials” said scientists almost emotionlessly, but with a slight note of annoyance.


“Please, doctor. Rest assured I have full faith in your abilities. But experience teaches that it’s important to look after your investments” replied asari in a peaceful voice and with a smile. The salarian only give her a hasty nod and gestured to next door.



After a short walk, they arrived in the room with a row of large windows overlooking, what’ appeared to be, a livingroom. There were multiple screens, some showing a camera feed from other rooms and angles. Others shoved vitals of the occupants.


“I assume they cannot see us?” asked Nyxeris while pointing at the window.


“It’s one-sided, from another side it looks like a normal wall. Participants were informed that their vitals would be monitored. However, they remain unaware of our surveillance” explained asari that currently were on duty in that room. Nyxeris looked at the displays before her. The fabricated apartment was occupied by four asari.


To be exact it was four asari that were part of the group cantered around the one, and only, Heless Vate. After a confrontation with Liara she had immediately quit and her friends followed. Nyxeris had personally made sure that they received the short end of the stick according to their contract. A few more of a small unfortunate, but costly, accidents and strange lack of job prospects, all courtesy of Liara’s assistant, resulted in that after a month group of maidens were left creditless as well as close to losing their housing. Few of them did have wealthy parents, but they were usually too fed up with their offspring antics or simply didn’t care enough to provide any help at this point. Besides vanity of those maidens prevented them from asking for it in the first place. It was hard to believe that many of those air-heads were older than Liara.


But miraculously during one of their employment-hunting trips, they found a perfect job. Research on the effects of prolonged isolation in small groups. Necessary were young, physically and mentally(hah) fit asaris that would spend multiple months without direct contact with the outside world, although in fairly comfortable conditions. Seclusion would be only broken in case of a medical emergency or if coordinators decided so.


The payment was fairly good for a job that required them to do nothing, coupled it with the fact that it had been Heless who found it resulted in quick enlistment of Vate’s entire group. Strangely enough, she was the only asari to receive that offer. They were also not sharp enough to notice fine print stating company had the privilege of dosing them with medication, change their living conditions and enforce them to act as their employers see fit, as long as it did not endanger their lives. The contract didn’t specify how long the experiment would take place, only that it would continue until the corporation received a satisfactory amount of data.


That was fine with Nyxeris, while she would dispose of idiotic maidens if push came to shove, she had no intention of doing so. The Observer could “legally” keep them in the complex as long as she “take care” of them. Nyxeris had every intention of doing just so and make sure that young asaris had no desire or ability to leave her care.


“First group, effects of hypnotic, subliminal suggestions and other psychological stimuli on asari. In this case, all messages are supposed to make objects increase food intake and acceptance of fat tissue growth and discourage from physical activities. The end goal is to, as by your instructions, to make patients adopt as sedentary lifestyle as possible with equally calorie-heavy diet” relied the salarian in a monotone voice and tapped on few screens.


“Here we have their original and current weight. Their apartment is stocked with a variety of products, that are being restocked automatically. They have the option of requesting specific products, but we haven't received any requests so far. We haven’t administrated any medications according to your instructions.” continued amphibians scientist.


Nyxeris looked at the displays.


Priyrzia Atrurus:

Height: 5’6”

Original weight: 151,8 lbs

Current weight: 162,3 lbs


Heollta Pesare:

Height: 5’4”

Original weight: 128,8 lbs

Current weight: 139,3 lbs


Irayme Jannili:

Height: 5’4”

Original weight: 122,4lbs

Current weight: 130,3 lbs


Joneres Janiana:

Height: 5’5”

Original weight: 138,7 lbs

Current weight: 149,6 lbs


That not too much. Then again it was barely a month using only the most subtle method pondered The Observer and shifted her attention to the apartment.


One of the maidens was preparing something in the kitchen, the second one was trying to work out in a small gym, but it was visible her heart was not in it. However, the remaining two presented the most heart-warming sight to the Nyxeris. Both of them were sitting on the couch, mindlessly watching some show while munching of snacks. Considering a few empty wrappings and a distended stomach of a maiden that had decided to remain in her trousers and lingerie, they were at it for a while.


“So far results have been inconclusive. We did note an increase of consumed food and their lessened insistence on physical training, but that may be the effect of boredom and drastically smaller peer pressure. That kind of stimuli cause most noticeable effect after a certain duration, so we cannot be sure. However, diminution of more aggressive impulses is most likely effect of our actions. They do have access to holonet, but various filters that add specifically prepared subliminal messages and prevent them from sending any data outside” Ahum reported.


“Tests?” asked Nyxeris without taking away her gaze from the scene in livingroom.


“Yes, every day they are required to do a basic test on their consoles. Nothing too complicated, they are composed in a way that allows us their mental state. So far nothing unexpected” explained the salarian. The Observer nodded and tore away from the sight of stuffing maidens.


“Please continue with this course of action and notify me if something changes. Is there something that needs my attention concerning this group?” asked Nyxeris.


“No, at least at this stage. There is a suggestion to dose one of them with light medications to heighten object susceptibility and measure how her overall state will deviate from the rest. However only after a longer exposure of the entire group to conditioning and determination of most effective methods” replied salaraian. Asari nodded.


“Approved. Please do inform me when you will decide it’s appropriate to implement that idea. Now could you show me the next group?” requested Nyxeris. He nodded and both left the room, leaving lone asari to operation.


“As expected testing of new substances provided much more immediate, although I’m afraid we’ll need further… volunteers,” said the doctor as they approached next door.


The set up inside were identical to that from the previous room, but the sight from windows and cameras was noticeably different, despite also identical interior. Those irregularities were caused by the overall mess in the entire apartment and various wrappers laying around.


“Group number two, trials of newly develop an appetite and hunger stimulants as well others associated substances” announced Ahum. Nyxeris heard him like through the fog, she was too occupied with the sight before her.


A single asari was sitting in the livingroom, she was watching a talkshow of some sort, or rather was trying to. Considering her expression and erratic movement of hands, she had something else on her mind. She was wearing a shirt and pants, but it was visible that they didn’t fit her as well they used to. To lone asari’s credit, she did bother to wear something.


Two other maidens were laying together asleep a double bed with only their lingerie on. Both were soundly asleep, surrounded by multiple empty junk food containers, completely empty ones. They seemed to grow even more than their clothed companion and their bellies.... Two taut hills, marred with purple stretchmark’s, that protruded almost half feet from their bodies. Despite the relatively small weight of occupants, it was clear that that room had been place for the magnificent display of gluttony.

Nyxeris painfully bit her lip and tried to contain her excitement. She managed to tear away from her eyes from camera feed and instead checked their status.


Jonuci Masus:

Height: 5’7”

Original weight: 146,6 lbs

Current weight: 182,3 lbs


Lenithnea Sasir:

Height: 5’6”

Original weight: 128,9 lbs

Current weight: 172,4 lbs


Josanly Sasir:

Height: 5’6”

Original weight: 127,6 lbs

Current weight: 169,3 lbs


Mmmmmm… gain of more than 40 pounds after the first month. If I could start with Liara like that dreamed The Observer. After a few seconds, she managed to compose herself.


“Doctor, how fares this group?” said asari to the salarian, who remained silent so far. He probably noticed that his employer was too transfixed to listen to him.


“We began dosing all four objects with different substances assigned to each of them. Those medicaments while differing in composition and direct effect all have a similar purpose, namely, increase in patients caloric intake. Beyond that, all food was laced with substances that allow making digestive track much more efficient and prone to distending, digestive boosters, mild muscle relaxants. Many of those were too experimental but were selected so they don't interfere with the main medication” replied the amphibian doctor and began clicking on the screen.


“Unfortunately, although those substances were designed to have much more profound effects than already available ones, we still underestimated their potency. First results were visible just after first days” continued scientist showing few camera shots of maidens stuffing themselves and four charts visualising patients calorie intake. 


“We decreased dosage slightly intending to stabilise their intake at certain levels. However, their behaviour quickly changes into what you can see on the Sasir twin’s example” said Ahum and pointed at the screen that showed two beautifully glutted asari.


“Patients eat everything until they cannot take another bite. Then they wait until they can and slowly and painfully eat the rest. Once they run out of food they sleep. Because of it we are preparing their main meals and carefully restock other foods. Thankfully so far they have managed to stop themselves before rapturing their stomach, largely to digestive boosters and stretching inducing substances that I must add have been working wonderfully, but we decided to take some precautions” reported the salarian.


“And the one in the livingroom, Jonuci Masus? She seems to be more composed” asked Nyxeris with curiosity.


“On the outside, perhaps, and even that is most likely temporary. Miss Masus managed to resist the longest, at one point she even tried to get out” said the salarian and chuckled slightly.


“Biotic dampeners we distributed to all of them prevented her from causing any real damage. And message where we warned her that further attempts will result in having her food supply reduced completely halted her destructive notions. Unlike twins, she still bothers to clothe herself and clean her environment. Miss Masus even mananges to stop herself from eating snacking, for a few minutes that is. However, we make all of them shower themselves and we may need to start remotely clean apartment in the foreseeable future” explained scientist with his monotone voice.


Something occurred to Nyxeris.


“Doctor at first you said about four patients and, from what I remember, that group was supposed to be composed of four asari. Yet inside are only three” asked The Observer and pinned her employee with her gaze. He only nodded, uncharacteristically slowly for a salarian.


“Yes, there has been an incident, but not serious enough to require direct contact with you, as per your instructions Miss Dimakos” replied Ahum calmly. 


In other words – the fourth asari was alive, she didn’t contact with the outside nor she escaped.


The Observer nodded with acceptance.


“I will show you her next, but before that, mealtime approaches. Would you like to see it for herself?” asked scientist. That did pique Nyxeris attention.


“Yes, very much so,” said asari with a smile.


“Epon send messages and turn on the audio from the kitchen ” commanded scientists to other salarian that worked in this observatory.


“At once” replied worker and tapped few buttons. Few second later omnitools of all maidens flashed. The reaction was immediate, it looked as if electric current ran through them. Eyes of both twins snapped open and the began to hastily, althought clumsily sit up, which accompanied various sounds. Josanly was quicker, but too visibly hampered by her distended stomach. She arrived by one of the lockers and pressed omnitool to it. It opened and revealed several large bowls filled to brims with food. Clothed asari transported them to livingroom at last second as the sound of bare feet was heard. Twins arrived in the kitchen and mirrored her actions. However, they didn’t bother moving too far with food or utensils, that Josanly was still holding in shaking hands.


Instead, they put the container on the nearest counter with chairs and began to gorge. They were using their bare hands to shove food into their mouths, tore through meat and large pieces with their teeth. Juices and gravy ran down their faces and hands. At some point one of them simply showed her face into the bowl with food, the second twin soon followed. At this point, they resampled starved breeding animals.


Good supplied Nyxeris mind at this image as she tried to contain growing arousal.


Josanly was not faring too good. She ate fast, but her hands shook more and more with every second. Finally, she stopped, looked hard on her jerking hands and at the food before here. At long last Josanly abandoned cutlery, that hindered her, and started to push food down her gullet like her roommates.


The entire apartment was a scene to the glorious spectacle of untamed gluttony. From speaks were hard sounds of biting, treating and swallowing. Such amounts of food weren’t indifferent to their stomach. Theirs, already distended, midriffs began to push outward trying to accommodate their incredible load. With every bite, they grew and showing new gluttony induced wounds.


After several long minutes, maidens were done. They sat half-consciously rubbing their gargantuan guts with the gentleness of a proud, pregnant mother. Those enormous food-filled organs stuck out, looking unreal on maidens’ still relatively small frames. But it was only a matter of time before cargo inside would digest into lovely fat. More calories-filled goods would soon follow, making young asaris growing into proper, adipose filled forms.


Nyxeris was panting heavily with fist clenched fist covering her mouth. She was pretty sure that her panties were wet. Slowly she managed to compose herself. Ahum broke the silence.


“Those are results, so far. Now we will give them some time to digest and provide snacks in several minutes. At this point, I suggest to completely suspend dosing patients with stimulants to observe how long effects will last. But considering their dramatically increased stomach capacity, I doubt that their intake is ever likely to drop to its original level” said the salarian without any emotion in his voice. Nyxeris took a deep breath.


“I approve of this course of action, but I want you to resume treatment the moment they stop stuffing themselves to absolute limits. Is that understood?” commanded slowly The Observer. Scientist nodded.


“Yes. In the meantime would like to see fourth and final patient?” asked doctor. Nyxeris glanced at the images of stuffed maidens and their pulsing bellies. She sighed in thoughts, but she couldn't prolong her absence too much.


“Of course. Please lead the way doctor” replied asari and so they went.


They entered alternative hallway and arrived before small reinforced doors. Next to it was several screens that were monitored by single asari, two other ones sat next to her, looking bored out of their minds.


“Dalior, how’s our patient?” the salarian asked nurse that was looking at screens. Biggest one showed insides of a padded room. Behind the door was only single young asari curled in a fetal position on the floor, despite a bed nearby. She was wearing a loose uniform and even despite her position Nyxeris could not notice her belly, bigger than any of the previous asari.


“No changes so far. Vitals are stable. She ate, moaned for more for about half-hour and fallen asleep. We’ll have to give more soon or she'll wake up from hunger and throw a fit” replied nurse in a weary tone.


The Observer pointed questioning look at the amphibian scientist. He only turned to her and gave her a holopad with some data. 


Linulha Novo:

Height: 5’6”

Original weight: 140,4 lbs

Current weight: 189,3 lbs


“Miss Novo is a former occupant of the second room. At first, the medication seemed to have little to none effect, but we continued with it to be sure. We learned that time was the key factor and that drug she had been receiving is, by far the most potent. After a one and a half week after the first dosage, she woke up in the night and started to eat, mindlessly so. Initially, present employee simply observed, but when her stomach was reaching absolute limits and Miss Novo showed no signs of slowing, he filled the entire apartment full of sleeping gas” related the salarian as he put the recording on one of the screens. It showed a skinny maiden with ridiculously big belly cramming junk food between her lips, with unseen voracity. Ahum continued.


“She was moved to isolation. After waking up she immediately demanded food despite, still rather full stomach. Due to a sudden strain that was place upon organ request was denied. Miss Novo started to beg for it, but quickly shifted to threats and aggression. She was destroying the cell, without her biotics, injuring herself in the process. Two members of personnel went in to constrain her. She threw herself at the first one and bitted her” 


At that Nyxeris blinked. Those wanna-be-commandos did have some basic training, but no training would suggest to bit your enemy, unless…


“Doctor, are you suggesting that she wanted to… eat somebody,” asked The Observer, in disbelief.


“Definitely felt like it” answered the unknown Nyxeris turned to the source, it was one of the asari that had been sitting uselessly so far. She was showing forearm that had a clear, freshly healed scars that clearly corresponded to human or asari teeth.

“I had my fair share of accident with hysterical patients, some of them bit, but it was usually caused by desperation or madness. It was usually quick or shallow. She…” nurse points at the camera feed


“…bit deep and tried to rip away part of my arm like varren” finished asari and pulled cloth bath on her forearm.


Nyxeris looked at the salarian, he didn’t look too happy with interruption but nodded.


“I agree. Observations after she was relocated, confirm this, she tried to bit parts the room, but the material is too durable for this to succeed. Her behaviour didn’t change despite the fact we stopped dosing her with medication and we started to provide her with food while keeping increasing portions to absolute maximum her body could handle. Her state improved slightly last week. She reacts to her name and manages to stop herself from attacking when she thinks it would result in termination” told scientist without any emotion.


“What exactly do you mean by that?” asked Nyxeris in a much low voice than before. She gave explicit orders to kept those maidens alive.


“Miss Novo was informed that she would be killed if she attacked and we entered the room with two employees equipped with stun guns, that looked like actual firearms. She remained still despite the visible internal struggle, that’s how we installed her bed. However, despite multiple inquires and attempts on dialogue her communication is limited to pleas and threats for more substance” explained Ahum and showed another clip. Inside of padded room two asari holing, what looked like a M-5 Phalanx, Nyxeris’s conversationalist and Linulha. Maiden was sitting in a corner looking like a cornered animal that only waits for an opportunity to attack.


“We think she would still attack if not for those measures. Members of current group two, despite their state, partake in other activities on their volition, even if briefly or without paying them much attention and are able to stop themselves when reaching limits. Meanwhile, this patient would, most likely would, continue to eat, even as her stomach ruptured and continue until she died. Due to obvious reasons, we haven’t tested that thesis” reported amphibian scientist. The Observer nodded still looking at the asari inside the padded room.


“Would you show me results live once again, doctor?” asked Nyxeris with a smirk.


“I see no problems with that. You Miss Muza?” the salarian asked the overseeing asari. She shook her head.


“As I said, everything looks good and it’s chow time, anyway. Let me just check how much we can give her” replied nurse and started clicking buttons. After a few seconds she stopped.


“Now we wait for delivery”


Indeed after a few seconds a portion of a wall opened and through it arrived multiple bowls with food. The effect was instantaneous and exceeded all of Nyxeris’s expectations.


Maiden’s eyes snapped open and she leapt at a meal like a predator on unsuspecting prey. The Observer had thought that occupants of previous room ate like starved animals, but it was something else. She was eating directly from containers as they had been placed, with her knees on the ground and hands keeping the bowl in place. She ate with the ferocity of a rabid varren, from one of the cameras Nyxeris saw enormous loads trawling down her gullet. The moment container emptied she would throw it away and grab another one. As maiden ate her stomach inflated, displaying old and new stretch marks. Young asari didn’t give any signs when organ reached the floor, she kept inhaling her meal, and her gut chose to expand to sides. 


After minutes, that felt like hours, maiden devoured the entire meal. When she realized it, Linulha simply fell to the side, showing her stomach in its enormous, purple glory. Maiden was breathing hard as if she ran a marathon, with her hands laying uselessly. The scarred orb that had sprouted from her middle seemed to throb and looked ready to burst at any second.


Nyxeris was once again trying to hide her state. The entire display was disturbing, at times she doubted that creature she was seeing on the screens was ever an asari. It ate and ate with no sign of intelligence, like some sort of mindless animal. It was unreal, disgusting, it…


I think my lingerie is soaked though Nyxeris, her mind clouded with arousal.


Then she saw that maiden seemed to speak. Medical personnel noticed this as well and clicked on a combination of buttons.


“… ase. I need more. Please, I am so hungry, please…” and so on. At first, Linulha‘s tone and expression suggested she was going to cry. However, both began to shift into anger and then animalistic fury.




At some point, she even threw one of the containers, but bowl only folded and fallen harmlessly. It would seem they were made from some flexible polymer.


After several minutes of furious, but pointless shrieking she stopped and looked around. Linulha started to… lick herself and surroundings from remains of any edible substances.


Ahum bent down and disabled audio.


This is what it looks like. After she falls asleep we pump sedative so we can clean her and room as well as administrate some medications. Her entire behaviour consists of sleeping, yelling for more and sleeping when waiting for food. The patient still has her omnitool, we also did offer her some light forms of entertainment, but she has shown no infested in them, so far. It would seem as all her needs, desires and thoughts revolve eating and her hunger, to the point when she is incapable of rational thinking. Even few carried out threats that we tied to persuade her with didn’t force her to change her behaviour” concluded salarian. Nyxeris nodded.


“A regular eating machine” The Observer summed up.


“Basically, yes,” said the doctor with slightly disgruntled voice. But it was likely caused by Nyxeris’s phrasing than anything else.


“I fear that at this stage we will have to limit our reach to observing Miss Novo and simulations of this substance properties. Effects are too violate to continue without improvements, but there are simply too many variables to do so quickly. That’s why…”


“Doctor, please. Can we continue this talk at the way to the final room?” interrupted Nyxeris calmly. Ahum blinked but soon nooded.


“Of course, Miss Dimakos”


When they passed through the door and were alone The Observer began to speak.


“Ahum, I am very happy with the actions of this facility so far and I want you to continue on this track. I will provide more volunteers according to what you specify, if you need to you may increase staff, as long as they pass the screening. However…” asari stopped and pointed at the door they just passed.


“The effect we just saw. I need to be able to induce them quickly and be able to stop them if necessary. Once you accomplish that you try to learn how to lessen drug strength, but it’s not the priority. Assign to it all necessary resources, but I want it done” ordered Nyxeris firmly with her gaze pinning the salarian. His eyes narrowing was the only reaction she got.


“Very well, Nyxeris. However, it will require extra founding and even then it is going to take some time” replied scientist calmly. Asari smiled.


“It’s no problem as long as you provide steady progress. Now would you lead the way to the final patient, doctor?” asked Nyxeris, almost cheerfully.


“Of course”


And so they went. As they walked The Observer studied the salarian scientist. Doctor Ahum Izue, was not a genius, but he was a solid researcher with a vast knowledge of his field and a well-hidden curiosity that only increased his productivity. He rarely failed to deliver and never made baseless excuses. Most importantly he had absolutely no problems leading even completely… morally questionable projects, as long as everything was considered to be formally “legal”.  He did just turned four asari into food addicts, with no indication of remorse, but everything he had done was well within the bounds of their contract. The salarian had also high opinion thanks to being loyal to his employers, of course only when being well rewarded for his efforts. By Illium standard’s it was a shining endorsement.


No wonder I like him though Nyxeris. She mean it strictly professionally, she wasn’t too attracted to males of any species and salarians weren’t her type at all.


The room they arrived differed from the first two, it was on the same level as the observed environment and had direct access to it. Personnel was also more numerous, beyond a salarian observer near the console, there were two asari nurses, who were now slowly preparing some tools. The picture seen through transparent parts of the wall and monitor presented a much different image to those seen before as well.


The biggest room, that was directly connected to one Nyxeris was standing in, definitely was not a livingroom. It was, spacious, quite nicely decorated room. The Observer noticed several expensive game systems, connected to the monitor that hanged from the ceiling. There was only one door, which connected the main room with bathroom visible on the camera feed.


However, the most important aspect was a king-sized bed that stood in the middle of the wall and directly facing the monitor. On its left was a cabinet with some everyday items: wipes, some manual games, a single opened bag of potato crisp and so on. On the other side was a machine with a single, transparent tube coming from it. The Observer never had seen it before, but she had a theory, that filled her with excitement.


The bed itself appeared to be quite comfortable, although even from her position Nyxeris noticed several its, attributes that clearly stated that it was not a normal pice of furniture. Like various mechanisms under it and elements that, at least based on The Observer’s knowledge, could be used to securely constrain somebody. It was all Nyxeris observed from her position and with obstacles such as blanket and bed’s occupant under it.


This room was also special because it had only one patient from the beginning. It was none only than Heless Vate, in her own, tantrum-filled person. Changes had taken place in her appearance as well. Her face and arms were noticeably pudgier, while her chest didn’t appear to grow visibly, the belly was pushing the top of her hospital garment by quite a lot. Unfortunately not enough to unravel itself from the oversized shirt. The Observer was unable to observe her legs, which were resting under the blanket. She also possessed an unexpected element of attire, something that looked like a collar around her neck.


Nyxeris absorbed everything she saw and turned to head scientist with a sincere smile. When he noticed he had her attention back, the salarian started his speech.


“Room number three: observations of increasing weight and obesity on asari physiology. Unlike previous setups, this one has housed only one patient since the beginning and she has much more interaction with personnel”


He clicked on console and a few informations appeared.


Heless Vate:

Height: 5’5”

Original weight: 132,4 lbs

Current weight: 204,7 lbs


By the Goddess though Nyxeris and took a sharp breath. Heless was still in, somewhat, “normal” limits, but the rate at which her weight grew…


“As per your instructions, we attempt to induce as fast as a possible increase in fat tissue. Especially that, as I understand, you are actually interested in data collected from the patient once she passes 300 pounds threshold. In order to attain it, we constricted Miss Vate physical activity to an absolute minimum. She is required to remain in bed save required usage of the bathroom and, unfortunately, necessary physical activities to stimulate her bodily functions” relayed doctor and showed camera feed of Heless reluctantly performing some exercises.


Well, I must admit that she makes Liara’s sessions look like merciless bodybuilding pondered The Observer with amusement, but she also regretted the loss of the few calories maiden had been burning.


In order to optimize consumption and further lower physical activity of the patient, we use a funnel. The tube is being inserted directly to subject stomach cavity and through it we pour a calorie-rich paste, minimalizing any work on Miss Vate’s end and speeding up the process. We started with a slightly modified substance created for starvation victims, but we are constantly improving its composition to make it as fattening and as easy to digest as possible” continued the salarian and pointed to plastic containers that were lying near two nurses.


“Feeding consist of two cycles, once her stomach is empty we pump it as full as possible, stretching it. Then once the first load is digested we repeat the operation, but without filling her to the absolute maximum the organ has more time to adapt and heal. You did instruct us to minimalize the use of medications if possible, but some are necessary to speed up the process. Beyond what Miss Vate receives to regulate her health, we are dosing her only with stomach stretching substances, digestives, healing ailments and mild anaesthesia. Of course, we can remove them, but it will significantly increase the time necessary for her to safely gain weight.” said Ahem. Nyxeris though for few second shook her head.


“No, doctor. I see no need for that as long as she does not receive appetite stimulants and narcotics. However, please sate my curiosity, why not have her permanently hooked to a machine and fill her belly as she digests?” asked The Observer, truly curious.


“We did consider this possibility and we are likely do this in the future, but there are few problems with that at this stage. It would not allow the stomach to properly heal and gain elastic, especially as at this stage we prioritized having her stomach capability reinforced. Also as I mentioned earlier we are still modifying forage, so we need to have a clear distinction between the effect of individual batches to compare results. Lastly, as she is now, the substance would remain for a prolonged time in the tube, a hot environment and may spoil. Once Miss Vate will be able to consume larger quantities without danger of rupture we will consider it to speed up the process” explained amphibian scientist. Asari nodded and signed in thoughts. 


“Thank you. Now considering today's trend, I assume I will be able to see at least part of the process?” asked Nyxeris with a satisfied smile. The salarian nodded, ever so slightly and pointed his look at another member of his species by consoles. 


“Mister Iral, can we proceed?” asked the doctor.


“Yes, I only save current readings and give a signal. Jeis, is everything ready?” said worker, supposedly to one of the nurses, but both were already waiting by the door with a cart containing paste and a few other items. At this sight, salarian pushed a button.


Maiden inside suddenly stopped clicking on the controller and winced as if she ate some sour fruit. Most likely she had received a warning about what’s to follow. After a minute both nurses entered with a serene expression and rolled the trolley in. They appeared to greet Heless and she replied something with a face suggesting that whatever came from her mouth was not too polite. Maiden was still glaring at newcomers while clenching her fists, but she was doing nothing, even as she was being strapped to the bed.


“As expected, at the beginning Miss Vate was violently opposing our actions. We were forced to use sedatives and a bit of physical force. Luckily, despite her bravado, the patient was quickly convinced to comply with our instructions. Smart move, especially considering quite lavish accommodations she is being provided with and certain precaution we took” said the head scientist as the nurse pushed tube down maiden’s throat and the second one was hooking containers with feed to the machine.


At last, everything was ready, Heless was firmly immobilised with a transparent tube connecting her stomach to the machine. One of asaris flipped a switch and it came to life. Nyxeris saw as pale cream travelled to maiden’s mouth. At first, nothing else happened, but after a few minutes, Vate’s expression shifted from furious to a… distressed, slightly pained one. And after a moment her belly appeared.


Blue orb unrevealed itself from the crack between shirt and blanket. It grew slowly but surely, like some sort of balloon.


But she is one, isn’t she? Until Heless puts some meat on her bones, she is basically an asari-shaped balloon that is being filled with food pondered Nyxeris with excitement.


The organ was swelling and Nyxeris could see signs of numerous, but well-healed stretch marks. Vate’s face betrayed more pain and she started to visibly sweat with every heavy breath. One of the nurses put on gloves and took a portion of some substance from the container on the trolley. She put it on both hands and started to carefully cover strained belly with it. As nurse worked Heless pained expression and breathing lessened considerably, that substance must have been anaesthetic amongst other things.


Nyxeris had thought that belly she had seen on hunger-crazed maiden was enormous, but Vate’s stomach was just reaching similar size with no signs of stopping. It turned purple and The Observer could swear that she was able to see new marks appear on an overstrained skin. Cream kept flowing steadily, distending maiden’s organ, until something flashed on the overseeing’s salarian screen. He concentrated on this at some point clicked a button and machine stopped.


When nurses realized it, they immediately sprung to work. One started to carefully take out the tube from Heless’s mouth and removed mechanism that prevented her from manipulating her mouth. Maiden coughed a few times, as her mouth was being cleaned from a few stray droplets. Medical personnel freed her from constrains and helped her lay on the side putting an extra pillow under the distended sphere. One nurse began to clean the machine, while second put another layer of medicine on a patient’s strained skin. They finished, tidied up and left panting maiden alone in the room.


Vate was facing a one-way mirror, which allowed Nyxeris to observe her tummy from the front. And what a sight it was. In size, it reminded her one of the old fashioned travelling, bags as it obscured almost third of maiden’s frame. The gargantuan belly seemed to pulse and it had purple colour in contrast to the rest of Heless’s skin with few angry marks on it.


It looks like she is the one being attached to that gut and not the other way around pondered Nyxeris while painfully biting her lip. Stay in this facility made her libido reach new heights.


The maiden herself was berthing hard, but shallowly, clearly trying not to upset her bomb of a stomach. Her shin was covered in sweat and her face showed tiredness, pain and mix of resignation and remnants of anger. How different that expression had been when she had disrespected Liara. The wonders a month of proper meals can do to asari.


“We predict that with an increase of maximum stomach capability and improvements to the mix, Miss Vate will reach 300 pounds within two months or less. Should we slow down the process then? We would be able to gather more data that way” said Ahum to his employer. Nyxeris though for a few seconds.


“No, but you can select new volunteers to mirror this experiment and do this. But Miss Vate is somewhat of a special case, I want her to teach her just how fat we can make an asari and keep one alive” replied The Observer steadily, managing to hide her giddiness.


“If you will be able to secure an appropriable number of new subjects, this is an acceptable course of action. Also since we already researching the most efficient means of subliminal suggestion, I would suggest using some of the tested methods on Miss Vate and future subjects of this study. While it may not be necessary, having more compliant patients would certainly ease the entire operation.” asked the amphibian scientist and looked at The Observer.


Nyxeris was silent for a minute thinking about that proposition. She had not thought of it before, but it was a quite logical decision. However, the Shadow Broker’s operative wanted Heless to be aware of her expanding figure. On the other hand, having her reduced to a mindless addict, that desired food despite her own logic was quite tempting as well.


Decisions, decisions…


Finally asari exhaled and answered.


“You have a green light to do so doctor. Also, a reminder - a new batch of patients will include humans and drells, if I manage to secure enough of them. They will need separate facilities”


“I remember, preparations of their housing and new measures for them are already underway. I am afraid that’s all we had to show. If you would like Miss Dimakos we can see how residents of room number two are faring. But before that there are few formal matters I would go over with you, also there are few substances that passed testing and we believe could be most lucrative” said the scientist.


“Of course doctor. Please, lead the way” replied Nyxeris with a smile.


Later, when Nyxeris was driving to the office, she was still mulling over that day events.


I know pure hypnosis, would not work immediately, but their effects are usually most lasting and hardest to detect. New drugs - as far I had seen everything goes wonderfully. They only need to smooth some edges, prepare antidotes and make it easy to use outside the lab. Finally that little fool Heless, I need to know how to maintain obese asari in relatively good health and she is a perfect candidate. That idiot is much more productive that way than if I left her to her own devices. Even if none of this will be helpful with Liara, it will be useful in the future daydreamed The Observer with true happiness. 


Operation with Liara as a target was not merely her doing The Shadow Broker’s bidding, mixed with her own twisted attempt to help her. No, it was a test.


Liara, despite not being the most important or most secured person in the galaxy, lacked hobbies, avoided lavish pleasures and other indulgences. In other words, the young doctor was well secured, very private(paranoid) and distrustful asari, that took no part in activities that may result in her waistline expanding. If Nyxeris managed to succeed with her plan and maintain to provide useful intel, The Shadow Broker would allow implementing this tactic on other influential individuals.


Nyxeris could already see the Councillor Irissa transforming into a wobbling mass of blubber.

Now I just make sure Liara continues to pile on pounds and becomes even more dependable on me though The Observer with a pang of worry.


Also, I must avoid like ending like that wanna-be-commandos


Despite her attempts, Nyxeris still remained well above 200 pounds, making her heavier than most of patients save Heless.


However, she quickly buried those doubts at the memory of a second visit to room number two at the end of her tour.


Three asaris lying in various points on the apartment, panting and groaning in visible pain, that was coming from their stuffed guts. Yet, despite their torment, they continue to slowly put another piece of junk food into their mouths and devour them, further filing their already excruciatingly full stomachs.


Soon enough, the dear doctor will act similarly. I’ll make sure of it


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Not much action in this chapter, unfortunately. Hopefully, I menage to come with something better in the following one. 😅

Next chapter should finally feature Shepard, but I have a problem with time. How long should it take her getting to Illium? 🤔

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it at least a bit. As always feedback is welcome.😁


Chapter 17: New developments and more old friends

A week later, Monday

Liara’s apartment

08:15 a.m.



Nyxeris was smiling, even humming quietly, as she washed dished after breakfast. Well… mostly after Liara’s breakfast, seeing that the number of dishes that had been necessary to prepare and transport enough to satisfy doctor’s gluttonous belly took most of the pile. It was not to say older asari hadn’t indulged herself, no she was quite full as well, her midriff straining fabric around her shirt.



Still, The Observer has every reason to feel pleased with herself. Liara continued to stuff her face, without a care in the world or suspicions, like a good little maiden and her research centre worked wonderfully as well. Just yesterday she received information that another asari had started to receive Helss’s treatment and parallel rooms one and two has been established, full of human patients.



“Nyxeris, may I interrupt you? There is something I want to discuss” said a familiar voice from behind, stopping her daydreaming. Nyxeris blinked, but quickly washed her hands and turned around. She was slightly surprised, usually, by now, Liara was mostly free of food-induced trance and waddled to her desk. Yet ex-archaeologist was still sitting by the table.



Liara presented a magnificent sight. The 365 pounds of blue adipose covered her quite, evenly, widening every part of her. Her chest was surpassing every Nyxeris had seen, in terms of size and shape, save for those, which were results of extreme plastic surgery, but was the most glorious one by far. Blue orbs were bigger than that round Earthly fruit, that Nyxeris was fond of, a melon she believed it was called, and just a bit smaller than younger’s asari head. They were strangely shapely and perky considering their origins, but it only added to their appeal. Besides The Observer had only old human pictures to compare, perhaps asari were different in that regard.



Liara was almost twice as wide as she had been when the two had met. Her belly expanded as a solid, soft and smooth mass, with only a few folds forming her back and side fat. The doctor’s fat tummy expanded outwards even farther than young asari breasts. It was currently gurgling, dutifully digesting an incredible load of nutritious goods that distended belly by almost a foot in diameter. While Nyxeris could not see Liara’s posterior, she had a good authority, that former archaeologist's meaty buttocks had already overflown, admittedly small, hair.



I need to replace those with bigger ones. The thinner she thinks she is, the better pondered Nyxeris as she was trying not to stare at her “employer's” various anatomical parts.



Same with office, I bet that seat got awfully tight by now.




The tall asari’s limbs weren’t unaffected either. Nyxeris already noted that there was a noticeable and sudden difference in doctor’s ankle and calf width. When doctor’s legs weren’t spread to accommodate her growing middle, her thighs were constantly touching, brushing with every step. Liara’s upper limbs grown as well: her arms, being at least as twice as wide thanks to soft adipose, her forearms not being far behind, but noticeably thinner. Even young asari’s hands and feet weren’t spared, gaining much pudgier appearance. Probably least affected was the doctor’s face. While much fuller than initially and filling with every day, it would be hard to deduce T’Soni heiress true volume by it alone.



The asari in question was sitting with a thoughtful expression, one hand on the table, supporting her frame and second rubbing her inflated middle, that was stretching the fabric of her dress. Yet, despite clear intelligence visible on Liara’s face, she seemed to be completely obvious of her predicament.



Nyxeris managed to prevent her pleasant smile from shifting into a full grin and sat opposite to her “employer”.



“Yes, Liara? How may help you?” asked the Shadow Broker’s operative in a pleasant tone. Liara was silent for a few second and took a deep breath.



“Perhaps you noticed that during last week I was focused on a certain project that I have not disclosed to you?” said Liara calmly and rubbed her flabby stomach.



“Yes, I noticed, but I assumed it was some special assignment. I didn’t want to pry, ma’am” replied Nyxeris. It was a lie, as the doctor was now used to sharing various levels of details of her every project. A new one she remained silent about and Nyxeris was not able to glimpse into by other means, raised alarm bells in shorter asari’s head.



“Thank you for that. Truthfully I have a personal stake in this one so I tried to keep it quiet. However, at this point, I will need assistance. Let me explain”



And so she did. Liara told her about a prothean, semi-sentient, plant-like biological weapon that guarded access to a cache of the information left by Citadel’s builders. How that entity caused colonists to become aggressive once it felt endangered. About Shepard’s mission to gain access to prothean secrets in order to stop Saren, that resulted in the entity’s destruction. She mentioned the human specre's team, which Liara was part of, whose actions resulted in colony salvation, even managing to save affected people.



“If I understand correctly we need to secure the contract and organize scientific help to diagnose them?” asked Nyxeris seriously.



“We also need to obtain results of pre-existing research and have Barrier Frontiers destroy their copies. But it’s not the main issue, I already prepared sufficient materials to have them comply with our requests. The problem is I cannot any third party involved in this. I risked my life for this colony and I do not appreciate anything sabotaging my efforts” said Liara firmly and looked Nyxeris directly in eyes. The Observer barely stopped herself from flinching.



“Don’t misunderstand my actions merely for me being sentimental or charity. Researching abilities of Thorian alone will be beneficial, few aftereffects of its influence may prove useful if replicated. I know for a fact that it caused a full recovery from pre-existing mental afflictions. That alone could return this investment in full” said the tall asari with her voice and gaze hard like titanium. Finally, she broke eye contact and continued in a softer voice.



“That brings me to the original point. I need to minimalize risk, therefore I need a team of scientists that answer directly to me and I want you to create it” finished ex-archaeologist. Nyxeris blinked slowly, absorbing her words.



“I’m not a scientist ma’am. I don’t know if I’m appropriate for this job” started The Observer calmly and cautiously.



“I don’t want you to do research Nyxeris. I want you to be one to personally deal with Barrier Frontiers, assemble a team of specialist and supervise them on an administrative level. I know that you have a basic that allows you to know what we need. Most importantly I need somebody I trust to do it” replied Liara firmly, but with an almost pleading look.



Nyxeris clenched her teeth. From one side this proposition confirmed her status as a trustful employee and if she accepted further elevate her standing with the young asari. On the other hand, it would add to her already pilling duties, leaving her less time to oversee and feed Liara.



She sighed in thought and summoned a smile on her face. Ultimately the choice was obvious.



“I’ll do it ma’am. I just hope my performance will be satisfactory,” replied Nyxeris. Liara exhaled in relief.



“I’ll send you intel I have acquired as well as information about colony and other instructions. Nyxeris, thank you” said doctor and looked like she was about to lift her bulk when she suddenly stopped.



“There is one last thing. There is a package I left on a table in my bedroom. May you bring it?” said Liara. Nyxeris smile widened.



“Of course Liara” replied assistant and went upstairs. Liara having her do small physical tasks was relevantly new but repeating development. It was clear that young doctor was becoming lazier with every day, at least when it came to moving. Very good.



The older asari immediately found the package in the typical container for a height quality postal services. She went back to the kitchen and put it in on the table before stuffed doctor. Liara took it and without a word started to open, inside was another box without any marks. It was opened as well, revealing… jewellery?



Indeed, inside was set composed of a simple, but elegant necklace and two bracelets. They were rather big, but not terribly so, elegant with light ornaments and few gems, that pleasantly added to their silver colourings and shapes. While most of the stones were typical, she noticed few unordinary ones, artificial gems, containing eezo.



This may not be the most expensive set I have ever seen, but still pricey. Also probably one of the prettiest. pondered Nyxeris still in shock. What it was doing her. Liara pushed set towards older asari.



“Please, I hope you like it Nyxeris” said the doctor with, probably, the most playful tone Nyxeris had ever heard, she was even smiling.



“Ma’am?” asked shorter asari.



“I must admit that I was sceptical to our closer cooperation, but so far it was only beneficial. You proved yourself to be a trustful and competent employee that I can rely on. While I may demand a lot, I also know how to reward the extra effort. That and I believe your birthday is approaching. However, if you don’t like that I can return this set and give you a bonus in credits” said Liara, still smiling. Nyxeris looked down at the jewellery. She did like it, she loved it in fact. The assistant was pretty sure that in that set and her favourite dress she would turn heads of even the most xenophobic individuals. If Nyxeris still fit into that dress that is.



“N…No, ma’am, it's beautiful. Thank you” replied still bewildered The Observer. Liara only nodded and with effort managed to stand up. The piece of furniture let out a noise as roughly 400 pounds stopped pressing on it. The tall asari turned around and started to heavily trek towards the desk. Nyxeris could clearly hear when her bare feet touched the floor, Liara’s lard and food-filled stomach swung heavily before her and was accompanied by waves spreading through rest of her fat body.



Even from her position, Nyxeris could see movements of bottomless organ, she had also direct view at a doctor’s plentiful bottom, that shook with every step. Yet despite this delightful sight, The Observer could not quell this strange pang inside herself.






A week and a half later, Wednesday

The street leading to Liara’s office

9:17 a.m.



Liara had exited her skycar and was quickly walking to her office, quite the accomplishment considering her enlarged figure. She had a sizable container with an antigravity feature in her hands. Usually, Nyxeris handled the transportation of her meals, unfortunately, her newest assignment made her unviable for this task.



“Excuse me? Miss T’Soni?” said a voice behind her. Liara froze but immediately readied herself for a possible ambush. Then again if somebody intended to harm her why shout for her or do so in broad daylight? Still, if there was one thing the experience had taught her, that any unexpected situation required a careful approach.



The doctor turned around, just slow enough to not appear hostile, yet feeling jiggle of her flesh. The person calling to her was another asari, who was now walking towards her. She was shorter than Liara, with darker complexion and white, regular face paint that ran through her forehead, crest and down her neck. Considering her appearance Liara estimated her to be filmy in her matron stage, but not close to the matriarch. The newcomer was also rather on the pudgy side, even for asari in her stage of life, as evident by her red-white dress being noticeably stretched in various areas, mostly her belly.



However, nothing in her posture or expression appeared hostile or threatening, although she seemed a bit nervous. Finally, the older asari was next to Liara.



“Excuse me? Are you Liara T’Soni?” repeated  an unexpected newcomer.



“Yes. Have we met before?” asked Liara politely, but ready for an attack.



“No, I guess… you could say your aura. I’d recognize you anywhere” replied asari and nonchalantly looked to the sides. Liara did similarly although more subtle. Everybody was busy, there were also a few small groups talking. Not unexpected considering area leaded directly to the spaceport.



“I was asked to give you a message if I saw you. It’s from a friend you made on Noveria” explained older asari.



Liara froze. Oh… she had many memories from Noveria, amongst them some the worst of her life.



“I…I’m afraid you have to specify. I met quite a few people on Noveria?” replied doctor, trying hard to compose herself.



“I believe the message itself should make it clear” said asari and took a step closer. Her eyes went up, leaving only white when she spoke again her voice sound differently.

Liara T’Soni. We hide. We burrow. We build. But we know you seek those who soured the sound of our mothers. When the time comes, our voice will join with yours and those who fight them. Our crescendo will the darkness clean. Thank you Liara, for you spoke to save us and now rachni will sing again” said the voice. Liara barely stopped herself from doing anything rash. She had only one saw something, similar… yet asari before her seemed to be alive.



“I’m glad you are alright. Are you in Nos Astra?” asked the doctor. She had advised Shepard to save Queen of the insect-like species. Liara still though it was a good call, but the entire display was unsettling. Older asari blinked and her appearance returned to normal.



“The rachni queen is not here. It’s simply one of the memories I carry from her. I encountered her on an unchanged word. She saved my life. More than that she gave me purpose. They are amazing people, Liara. You were right by defending them” said older asari. Liara nodded, now much calmer. She had many questions, but… doctor ran mentally through her schedule today.



“I do not believe I caught your name?” asked the doctor. The older asari smiled briefly with a hint of embarrassment.



“Forgive me. I’m Ceathea D'veis, it’s an honour to meet you Liara” replied rachni’s ally.



“Ceathea are you available right now? I have many questions and few matters that may require your employer” said Liara with a small smile. The Older asari thought for a second and shook her head.



“I have time. What little I brought is still being looked through by customs control, but I got permission to pass. I will be happy to answer any queries you have” replied the matron.



“I’ll just leave a few things in my office. Is that alright?” asked the maiden. The older asari only nodded and she followed after Liara. When they arrived the doctor left food in her office and ordered her new secretary, Leniley Calior to hold any calls because she had to address an emergency. The ex-archaeologist had also sent inquires about her new associate.



Leniley was not a replacement to Nyxeris. While she was fairly competent, the maiden had no connections or information gathering abilities, but she had good people skills and able to calm down even the rowdiest clients.



Both asari went to Liara’s skycar and doctor send off a few digital decoys that hopefully would get rid of any tails. As she drove she had passed, a small collar-like device to the matron.



“What is it?” asked intrigued D'veis.



“It’s a holographic mask. It’s easy to look through it, but it’s enough for our needs. Please put in on. I apologize for it, but I cannot afford to take any chances” replied Liara with a weak smile. The older asari looked bit concerned but did as asked. Her face was replaced by one with different shape and markings, but same skin tone. Leniley’s expression became even more dubious when skycar landed before a luxurious love hotel. But she managed to force herself to follow Liara without question. After a few minutes, they sat in the couch in a rented room.



Liara was grateful for comfortable seating. She was finding walking rather bothersome nowadays, despite her surprise how deeply she sank into a cushion.



“I am truly sorry, but this establishment is known for secrecy and good security measures. Also, I heard the food is excellent, would you like something?” asked Liara and passed her hotel-issued holopad. The matron relaxed a little.



“I don’t want to impose…” replied Ceathea and at that moment a growl was released from her padded stomach. She blushed slightly with embarrassment.



“It’s no problem. You are bringing by far the best news I heard in months. I would say that alone is good enough reason” said Liara with a smile. The older asari nodded still with small purple tint on her face and she took holopad. When she was busy looking through the menu, Liara checked her omnitool for any new information.



Ceathea D'veis had been a courier for one of the middle-sized companies. A few months ago she disappeared along with her ship. Considering area she was visiting pirates were prime suspects. Age 412 years, despite that she had no known offsprings. Stellar record as an employee, but nothing noticeable beyond that. She was not in any relationship.



That was all she got in short time spawn, but it was a good start. Now Liara only needed to hear what her guest would tell.



D'veis returned the device to younger asari. Liara paused for a second, but said nothing the large size of the order and paid



“Now, If you don’t mind can we start while we wait?” asked Liara.



“Of course. I’ll answer to best of my abilities” said matron sincerely.



And so Ceathea explained how she was intercepted by pirates and stranded on an uncharted world. About her unexpected rescuers that saved her life and took care of pirates. How rachni repaired her ship and recruited D'veis to their cause.



“Did it was really that easy to abandon your previous life?” asked Liara calmly. Ceathea shook her head.



“You are concerned that the queen is controlling me. I understand but it does not work like that. Our minds were in perfect harmony. I saw their beautiful spirit and their need. I knew what I had to do. If some part of that were suggestion, then it was an effect of their efforts to save my life. At the very last what now do is much more meaningful than anything in my life, a chance to do good. I am happy with that” explained matron and her face betrayed nothing that would indicate she wasn’t truthful. Liara still had few doubts, but she did know how it is to finally find something truly worth doing.



Besides who I am to judge anybody for abandoning their life. Didn’t I do the same




Any further questions were stopped by a doorbell. Liara carefully went to check, but it was only their meals. The doctor rolled the cart in and passed dishes to her guest. While she had ordered only a rich potion of ice-cream and a pitcher of tea for both of them, Ceathea received three full, hot, thessian dishes. Certainlyit wasn't the amount Liara was now used to consuming, but for any other asari it was quite staggering.



Liara said nothing, but only poured hot drink to the cups and waited for the matron to finish, while she slowly ate cold dessert. Still, she felt herself salivating and her gut urging her to join. Ceathea ate slowly, maintaining manners, but with visible appetite. However maiden had to admit that watching somebody else eat such a big meal was a bit bizarre. After a few minutes, D'veis cleaned plates, almost clean and wiped her face. She looked a bit embarrassed.



“Please forgive my overindulgence and abuse of your hospitality. I am afraid I gained quite the appetite during my stay with rachni” excused herself matron with barely visible purple tint on her face. Liara only smiled.



“I’m in no position to criticise. But how so? I’m sorry if I’m not being tactful but you don’t look malnourished” asked younger asari. Ceathea blushed.



“It’s… quite the opposite. Between my recovery and the queen learning, that all members of our species are capable of carrying life, she had come to the conclusion I am extremely underfed. It took me some time to get used to what they had to offer, but they were kind enough to attempt making food appealing to me. Furthermore, it was always available in great amounts and as I learned it was quite… nutritious. Outside of official business the queen always prompted me to eat better, she seemed quite horrified when I told her my weight is normal for an asari and her children seemed to share the sentiment. Have you met an elder human matriarch? Some of them act like that. If repairs to my ship took longer or I didn’t need to leave for my quest, I’m pretty sure she would get her way and make me too heavy for any work” explained matron, adding last with a smile and rather joking voice. But it wasn't quite reaching her eyes and something in her told Liara she wasn’t exactly joking. Fortunately Ceathea didn’t appear alarmed only embarrassed.



An overly hospitable and motherly rachni queen… and I thought I saw everything. Then again somebody that is basically a mother to the entire population of a species is prone to have such fillings. She did seem pained about her lost children pondered Liara in a mix of amusement and surprise. But she also experienced a strange twinge of (not)annoyance at the reminder of her childless state compared the Queen.



“At least it’s another argument proving they aren’t hostile,” said maiden aloud with a kind smile. The matron smiled briefly and nodded at ease.



“If I understand the message correctly rachni war was not of their own doing, but were forced to do it. The queen did say this back on Noveria” replied Liara her face becoming solemn.



“Yes. The first Rachni Wars a mistake. Something soured the voice of her people. In their psychology it would be like mind control, I think. It doesn’t really translate. Anyway, she believes you, commander Shepard and his team were fighting the ones who did that. And she promises to help” confirmed D'veis. Liara felt a small pang of relief. She was well aware that against those monstrous machines all help will be necessary, no matter their history.



“Hmm… the queen is right, I am preparing to act against those responsible, even though there is a more imminent matter I must deal with if I want to live. Please, can you provide me with The Queen location or means to contact her?” asked taller asari while looking matron directly in her eyes. She only shook her head sadly.



“I’m sorry but I cannot. I simply don’t have that information any longer. That information was… locked, deep in my mind. It’s not painful, but I simply I don’t remember any longer. I’ll remember once I finish my assignment. Her caution is understandable. The galaxy isn’t yet ready for the return of the rachni” replied Ceathea sincerely.



“I understand, but I’m afraid none of us has the luxury of time. What’s your mission, if you can share it, that is?” asked the doctor, she had beginnings of a plan.



“No, it’s alright. I need to obtain large quantities of various equipment and rarest substances. I was provided with substantial amounts of raw materials in order to pay for it and credits left by pirates. The Rachni are self-subtenant, but certain items are simply not available to them. I also need to secure contacts that may be helpful in the future” explained matron. Liara nodded.



“I see, so the faster you complete it the faster you will be able to return to rachni. I have a proposition for you and for the queen. Would you care to hear it” said younger asari with a sincere smile. Matron slowly returned it and nodded.




A week later, Wednesday

Red Spirit company’s training centre



The hall that used to serve multiple purposes was slowly but methodically transformed into a proper training centre as other facilities were being finished. Only a few pieces of unfitting equipment were left in the corners.



In the office overseeing all of it, Zaeed Massani and Vitalina Varirius were in the middle of one of their argument about the proper conduct of their subordinate.



“… insubordination. It was a… creative approach to a problem” replied greying human. The female turian’s eyes narrowed at the mercenary sitting nonchalantly opposite to her.



“They may have archived the objective, but they ignored specific instructions. They will be no use if…” former officer paused and the sound of an opening door. Viteltina had rarely seen her employed during previous months, so it was no surprise that it took her a few seconds to recognize the enormous figure. Masani only raised an eyebrow.



The portly asari was wearing her usual white-green dress, while it was clearly a little looser than usual, it did little to hide the volume of Liara’s adipose-filled figure. The tall maiden was holding a small, black briefcase.



“Pardon the interruption, I can wait if you have something important to discuss” replied their employer and entered. Eristena followed after her, she only nodded at them.



“It’s nothing we could do on later date Miss T’Soni” replied Viteltina and standing straight. She didn’t like interruptions, but it really could wait. The female turian managed also to silence remarks about the doctor figure that pushed on her mandibles.



I cannot believe anybody would let themselves go like that though former officer, but quickly cut that line of thought. All thing considered, the T’Soni heiress proved herself to be a surprisingly good boss. She was by no means lenient, quite opposite in fact. The young doctor always demanded absolute obedience and competence, but she provided good working conditions, most surprisingly she was reasonable. Well, a fat paycheck also helped, especially considering a more legally grey area they were operating and her employer personal quirks.



A training against an attack of the undead? mused Viteltina about her latest orders.



“Thank you. There was a bit of development, Eristena will fill you in. Meanwhile, Zaeed could you follow me?” said Liara. The human mercenary grunted in confirmation and stood up. Both ex-archaeologist and Masani went into building depths. They ended sitting in an almost bare room, save for chairs and table. It was one of the special locations, that allowed for a private conversation.



“So what’s up doc?” asked mercenary.



“As I understand you received a quite interesting job offer from Cerberus. Payment, besides generous sum of credits, includes your former associate’s location” explained maiden calmly, looking directly at the merc. He contemplated maiden in silence for a few seconds.



“So you want to convince me to stay?” asked Zeed with a humorless chuckle.



“Quite opposite. I know that you will be going after the Collectors, they need to be stopped, so treat it as unpaid leave. But you will get the same sum Illusive Man promised you and a bonus if you do me a small favour” explained Liara. Zaeed started to look mildly interested. The tall asari put the briefcase on the table and clicked on a small button, revealing that it had a small touch screen on the side. There was something written there, but mercenary didn’t recognize the language, even though it was a human one.



“This briefcase contains a message and datapad. The only person who knows correct how to open it is commander Elizabeth Shepard and the message is for her. The datapad will be updated with all newest intel on Vito, that is your bonus. In case somebody tries to force his way inside a small device will destroy its contents. I also want to watch commander's back, more so than simply your deal with Cerberus would indicate, help her against them if necessary. You will answer to her and only her. Are you interested Zaeed?” explained information broker. Mercenary contemplated her in silence for a few second.



“Well, shit. This thing just got more interesting, as if suicide mission against fucking cryptids wasn’t enough. You have a deal T’Soni, but I want half now” replied an elderly human. Liara smiled with her lips only and nodded.



“I’ll send you a contract and further details as well as initial payment. Also, Eristena has few announcements, you probably should re-join them” finished asari and tried to stand up, but the chair kept her in place. It was sturdy, but a simple piece of furniture designed for fully-armoured individuals, but clearly not intended for somebody as… soft as Liara. Her flesh was protruding from under armrests, effectively keeping it attached to the doctor’s backside.



To Zaeed’s credit, his face barely twitched.




A week later, Thursday

Bar near Nos Astra shopping districts

16:35 a.m.



Nyxeris signed and took a bit of fried vegetable she had been nibbling on for last minute. She was tired, last weeks felt like slave labour. The assistant was used to having to a large workload, but her normal duties, arranging medical team for that human colony made so she had barely time to sleep. Nyxeris wasn’t able even to properly measure Liara’s new diet, her gain was already slowing.



It’s natural I suppose. More and more calories are necessary to simply maintain her body. What’s worse she is looking at my hands all the time though asari .



The young doctor required constant and detailed reports about her newest “pet project”. Nyxeris could not reliably delegate somebody to do it without her noticing. But it prevented her from personally visiting her “facility”, even though some of those colonial humans had shown some interesting symptoms, the Shadow Broker's operative couldn’t show interested in them to avoid suspicion.



Finally, Nyxeris noticed approaching asari with red face paint and in an expensive-looking armour.



…and here comes headache mentally signed the assistant and poured white powder from the near saltshaker at her vegetables.



“Hello, Dimakos. How’s your babysitting duty?” asked none other than the spectre Tesla Vasir and without any encouragement sat opposite to Nyxeris.



“Good so far. I think it will take just a few short months to have her complete trust” replied Nyxeris in a dull voice. The spectre smirked.



“Even with your skills, it couldn’t be hard. Have you seen her? Who did she eat? I know that purebloods are prone to stupidity, but turning into a whale is a new one” said older asari with mocking smile. Nyxeris eyes narrowed but didn’t show her annoyance in any way.



“Somehow I doubt that you are here to share your opinion about T’Soni’s heritage and my skills” replied the assistant. Vasir quickly leaned and stole a plate a nearly full plate with greasy vegetables.



“You should watch your figure, you wouldn’t want to end up looking like the good doctor” mocked spectre and took a bite. She grimaced and vigorously used saltshaker. Only when vegetables were covered in a thin layer of white dust Tesla returned to the stolen dish. Nyxeris remained silent when older asari inhaled her food but kept her eyes locked on the assistant.



“Thanks for the meal. Shepard’s alive” said spectre, once she finished with vegetables and wiped her hands.



“We know it was a possibility. What changed” asked Nyxeris, getting more annoyed by the second. She was in no mood to have this entitled bitch dance around the subject.



“Shepard’s alive and back in the game. Apparently, she has been enjoying Cerberus tender care for the last two years, recovering from injuries. Who would though the hero of the Citadel working with a terrorist group? Seeing as she is likely to come here, the Broker saw it fit for me make sure nothing comes of it. You may be able to handle the little Liara alone, but with humanity’s attack varren she may be proven too much of annoyance” explained older asari with self-assured expression. Nyxeris clenched her teeth.



“I see. How will you go about that and what is my role Vasir?” asked the assistant, fighting to keep her voice neutral. She had a feeling that months of hard, if pleasurable, work at fattening Liara and extracting information were about to become pointless.



“If necessary our dear doctor is about to be silenced permanently. I will try to avoid engaging Shepard unless necessary, but considering her allegiances I doubt she will care too much. Still, I doubt it will come to that, you and the Broker overestimate that pureblood. As for you, keep doing… whatever you are doing, simply don’t get in the way when professionals are working. Is that understood?” said Vasir and smirk disappeared from her face, she was looking pointedly at Nyxeris.



“I understand, I would never interfere with the Shadow Broker’s orders.” replied younger asari looking into spectre eyes. Tesla smirked again and stood up.



“I knew you are smarter than you look. I’ll be going, but I’ll contact you if something arises” said the spectre and exited the establishment. Nyxeris exhaled deeply and took a sip of tea. Despite brave facade, the asari was almost trembling. She was trained in basic of combat, but she was not a field agent. If Vasir wanted to she would end up as a smear on the wall. What little she had heard of her and interacted with, she may have done as soon as she decided Nyxeris may compromise the Broker’s or her own plans.



The Observer touched one of the bracelets gifted to. They seemed to fit everything and were truly lovely. Nyxeris know she had to do what is possible to prevent Liara being killed by hypocritical spectre, if only for her efforts not be in vain. There is not much she can do at this stage, but….



Nyxeris stood up and… took saltshaker. A small smile appeared on her face.



It one of the newest products of Doctor Ahum’s research. It won’t do much without further doses, but I think Vasir will find it hard to fit into her armour soon enough mused the Observer. She won’t compromise The Broker’s operations, but a prank on the overconfident spectre? It another matter altogether. It’s a good thing she had memorized Vasir’s culinary preferences.



With this single silver lining, Nyxeris quickly exited the bar. She still had much work to do.

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I do enjoy a bit of the classic mass effect, and the Asari of course!

Just one comment, as I've had problems with paragraph spacing when importing text to these forums (and some other problems that you have avoided). When I used Word (or Open Office), I originally put manual empty lines between paragraphs to space them out in Word. But this leads to large double line breaks when pasting into the forums, which can be hard to read (and awkward to remove). I found it aesthetically better when I edited my Word document (format > paragraph> after paragraph spacing 8 pt) to include a post-paragraph line spacing, so that there's no extra-large gap when pasting into the forums. Just a suggestion. I also had a problem with Open Office, that the text I copy-pasted ended up in a very small font size, and only looked right if I manually increased it to 14 or 16 in the forum-post bar; this problem didn't affect Word, for whatever reason, which copies in (I write in 12 pt Cambria) with no problem. 

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Yeah, I do hope we get more of this story but think it will be better with some spacing fixed.


I"m looking forwards to seeing that appetite stimulant get unleashed, possibly on more characters besides Liara.

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Thank you all for comments, especially @flyer33 for advice, even in Word it looks better. If there's anything else about my editing that could use improvement, please write.😁

Last months has been hectic, but I have a break for now. Also, I need to brag - I just got my first degree.😎

Now, back to the story. I cannot help, but feel happy and worried about the new chapter. 

Happy - it's long, covers (better or worse) Illium and DLC, it also allowed me to went some of my emotions concerning the original script. 

Worried - it may be wordy and mostly only covers (alerted to a various degree) scenes from game itself, I hope it doesn't look like a blatant case of "copy and paste". I'm afraid it may stray away too much from the story's main focus and I packed a lot of different elements here, maybe too many. Most imortantly inside is a lot of things I haven't written before, I'm unsure of how well I managed it.😅

Side-stories and stimulants - I'm working up to this, but a majority of the stage is set. Still, I image Liara, for a time, would be squeamish about such methods given circumstances, unlike Shepard.

Also, art based on which I base Eristena(with little changes) and Shepard(with significant changes in this case) apperance:

Lysaia by extremely talented ynorka on deviantart.

Variuos Shepard pictures by incredible marceline2174 on tumblr

I'm open to comments, suggestions and advice. Please do try to enjoy this drivel.



Chapter 18: Reunion 1/2

About two weeks later
The Normandy’s SR2

The door of ship's cargo hold opened letting a single, armoured woman enter the secluded room. And what woman that was.

Standing at well over 6’2”, her the pitch-black armour only added to her frame. While armoured suit hid most details, but it appeared much bulkier than on other, even more so than female’s height would indicate. The tall woman was one few soldiers that hadn’t stopped with gene mods and basic training, under armour there was an impressive layer of hard muscle. Strangely enough chest plate and bottom part seemed to fit the worst.

She had a dark ginger hair, sometimes they seemed as if they were soaked in blood, that ended before of her neck. An even, thin face had a deathly pale complexion were adorned with clear green eyes and a few freckles. However, it also had a few… unusual features. When looking woman directly in the eyes you could see flashed of ominous red. Her face was marred with thin, crack-like scars that also flashed with a foreboding colour.

Without a doubt, the commander Elizabeth Shepard, presented an impressive, if intimidating, figure. In contrast, her expression was quite peaceful as she scanned the room, which mercenary had chosen as his abode

“I see you're setting in just fine, Zaeed. Tell me: you’ll be able to go in an hour? We’ll be going after the Archangel” said the spectre looking at various unique items that found their way there.

“Huh…yeah. I just finished setting decorations, even managed to remove bugs that CO of yours put here” replied elderly woman, leaning against the wall.

Shepard managed to stop herself from grimacing. She really needed to talk with Miranda about it.

“Shepard. If you got time, before we go guns blazing against all of the Omega gangs, there is something about my mission we got to talk about. If you could tell that fancy AI of yours to mind her business. I'm shy like that” said mercenary. Shepard raised an eyebrow.

“EDI, did you heard that?” asked the spectre aloud. A blue, holographic sphere appeared on the nearby console.

“Yes, Shepard. However, I must advise against this course of action. I will not be able to act in case of an emergency if I will not be able to notice it” replied the AI.

“Understood. Disable all surveillance devices that may be able to register anything in this room. Do not reactivate them unless I give a command” said the commander.

“Acknowledged” and with that, hologram flickered off.

“So what do you want to talk about?” asked Shepard. Zaeed moved from his spot and put a black briefcase to the table.

“That asari doctor of yours paid me to get it to you. There's something for both of us inside, but apparently, only you can crack it. I’m supposed to watch your back if the Cerberus starts getting too cozy with you.” explained elderly mercenary and clicked on the screen. Shepard’s face flickered.

“I see. Is Liara fine?” asked Elizabeth as neutrally as she could. She looked at the display and her furrowed a little. It was not what she was expecting.

Zaeed chuckled.

“I can never tell with her type. But she certainly isn’t starving. You’ll have to see for herself” replied the mercenary. That wasn’t exactly helpful,

“Fine. Now be quiet” said Shepard and started to… sing?

She finished quickly and another question appeared. The spectre though for a second and entered answer, then said it aloud. She repeated this procedure several times, often using strange language. Although Zaeed could swear he had heard it before.

Shepard now understood why Liara said only she could open it. The questions concerned truly seemingly meaningless things she only told her asari lover and vice versa. Also, everything was written in her mother’s “native” language, which her grandmother had forced Shepard to learn.

Since colony destruction, I haven’t met anyone speaking it. Let alone writing it though Shepard with melancholy. Finally, briefcase clicked open. Inside was single datapad with Zaeed name on it and… an envelope addressed to Shepard. She took it and passed the device to the mercenary. While he was activating it, the spectre opened her package and started to read the letter.

The message was very short, if informative. It was enough to make Shepard’s face split into a homicidal frown for a split second, but it quickly returned to “normal”.

“Mind if I use it” asked Shepard pointing towards the nearby incinerator.


Over a week later
The street leading to Liara’s office
10:47 a.m.

“So we are here for an hour, we already helped with a case of corporal espionage and received a message from the queen of an officially extinct species. It already feels like old times and the day haven’t even properly started. Only with you, Shepard” joked the scarred turian with remnants of blue facial markings. The nearby woman wearing skin-tight, revealing jumpsuit only shook her head with disapproval.

“Garrus, if it wasn’t for me, you would die an antagonizing death by paperwork at C-SEC. I try to keep things interesting” replied bemused Shepard, smiling at her friend and trying to push down the bundle of nerves inside.

“So… you keep staling or we go inside?” asked the legendary Archangel, Garrus Valarian and pointed forwards nearby stairway. It had a small, elegant sign nearby, part of it composed of words “Dr T’Soni”.

“He has a point” added Miranda Lawson, the Cerberus operative with mild annoyance. While she had many reservations about Shepard’s conduct this was by far most ridiculous case yet.

“Ahem… yes, let’s go” replied the spectre. With titanic effort, Elizabeth entered into the dreaded stairway and her companion followed. 

Finally, they reached a single asari before the entrance to Liara’s office.

“Hello, commander Shepard. Liara will be happy to see you” welcomed a rather pudgy asari.

“You are Liara’s assistant, I take it” asked Shepard, falling into her usual speech pattern without any signs of previous nervousness. Admittedly, she felt a little bit surprised, considering the majority of asari’s obsession with their looks, it was rare to see one with a few pounds out of place.

More than few pounds, in this case observed Shepard as she took a quick glance at her conversationalist’s pouch and outline of the generous bottom. Even from her position, the commander could see that asari’s behind was testing the very limits of her dress.

“Yes. Liara relies on me to gather necessary intelligence and oversee the most crucial projects. I don’t have her network of contracts, but I supplement her with supplemental data and council on a certain topic. It’s really an honour to work with her” replied asari with a smile. Shepard was about to ask another question when she heard a quiet, but meaningful cough from Garrus.

“…Is she available, by any chance?” asked the spectre. The asari nodded.

“She told me to let you in as soon as you arrive” replied the assistant and pointed at the door. Shepard took a deep breath, turned around and opened the door.

“… faced an asari commando unit before. Few humans have” said a familiar voice, but in a tone that was completely alien to both commander and former vigilante.

The voice notwithstanding, Elizabeth remembered Liara with a thin figure and a fresh layer of athletic muscle the commander had helped to nurture. The back, clad in a white-green dress, she was seeing belonged to the fattest asari Shepard had ever seen. She was almost twice as wide as human herself, with wide hips and equally big shelf made from her butt.

Shepard paused for a split-second but continued forward.

“I’ll make it simple. Either you pay me or I’ll flay you alive. With my mind” finished asari sharply and closed the line. She turned her head a little and her eyes widened at Shepard’s reflection in the window.

“Shepard” exclaimed the maiden in bewilderment and turned around, through dress the commander could see rippling waves of flesh caused by sudden movement.

“Nyxeris hold my calls” ordered asari to her assistant. At last Shepard had was able to see the front of her host.

It was Liara. Wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, and most importantly, living Liara. There was no doubt it was her, but there was no denying that she had changed. She had a large, bulging bag of flesh sprouting from her stomach, supported by previously observed fat, childbearing hips. The doctor’s breast gained several cup-sized, yet still looked shapely. The unexpected transformation included arms, limbs enveloped in a meaty shell widened significantly, especially forearms with a noticeable layer of adipose hanging from them. Her cheeks were fuller, no signs of cheekbones visible, even her neck was wider and much shorter.

As the wide asari walked towards her the commander could see smell ripples of blubbery tissue through thin dress.

So it’s that “new appearance” part Shepard thought reminding herself fraction of worrying message.

Shepard had many questions, Liara’s appearance amongst them, but she brushed them aside. She felt her hand’s in asari’s, bringing her closer to the doctor. In the back of her mind, Shepard realized she was sinking into Liara’s soft belly and large breasts, but she was too preoccupied with the doctor’s approaching lips.

Mmmm… ever her lips feel softer though briefly Shepard with delight when they kissed.

However, just after a second, Liara broke their embrace and shook her head. The commander felt something break in her chest as asari walked behind her desk, but managed to her shift her face into her neutral, “business” expression.

“My sources said you were seen alive, but I never believed them. It’s very good to see you” said Liara, she shifted her gaze to other guests.

“Operative Lawson. And you Garrus, I suppose it’s good to see you, as well. I see you are going for a new look” welcomed the doctor with a small smile.

“I can almost feel the love. Some ladies love scars, I told Shepard as much” replied turian with a chuckle.

“I see” replied Liara and sat down into a clearly custom chair, that accommodated her bulk. Commander mirrored her.

“So you have contacts now?” asked Shepard as casually as she could. Liara nodded and explained her current position.

“And now you are back, gunning for the Collectors with the Cerberus” finished asari

“If you know this then you know I could use your help” said Shepard with absolutely no ulterior whatsoever.

“I can’t Shepard. I’m sorry. I have commitments here, things I need to do take care of. Besides, I doubt I would be any help in the field after over a year of office work” replied Liara firmly.

“What kind of things do you need to take care of. Are you in trouble?” asked Elizabeth with concern. Liara denied, but clearly, she wasn’t entirely truthful, her reply had only added to Shepard worries.

“If you want to help, I could use somebody with hacking expertise. Somebody I can trust” continued the doctor and explained her request concerning terminals. Shepard was silent for a second.

“If it’ll help you, I’ll take care of it” agreed commander. Liara nodded and explained the details. Afterwards, Shepard stood up

“I’ll talk to you later Liara” said commander and exited the office with her companions.

“We’ll meet with your contact, Miranda. While you deal with him, I and Garrus will go check the situation, deal with Liara’s request. If we finish first we’ll meet you at the bar, if not contact us we will relay our location. Is that alright?” commanded spectre calmly.

“Understood” replied operative. The turian slowly nodded.

“Sure, but Shepard…”

“I’m fine Garrus, thanks” replied Elizabeth calmly and continued with their walk. When they were farther in a remote hallway, she quickly read a message from the slip of paper Liara gad put in her hand when they kissed.

Shepard face furrowed for a second. Like the previous one, it was short but informative. Most importantly it was the final nail in the coffin to her suspicions.

Elizabeth put the message in her mouth and swallowed. Better safe than sorry.


Several minutes later
Bar Eternity near trade district, Nos Astra

Aethyta was looking at the retarded human exiting her bar. How he wasn’t already lying dead in the ditch, let alone how he survived to adulthood was a mystery for the matriarch. Then she noticed group lead by her “saviour” going back to her

Well shit… I must admit kid does have a nice taste admired the old asari looking at the, easily, tallest human woman she had ever seen, her experienced eye appreciating the commander generous figure even through armour. The scarred turian hunk next to her wasn’t too bad, either. The second woman in jumpsuit…

Now that some fine rack right there, almost as good as Nenzzy’s. And that suit, shame she is Cerberus

Still, the majority of matriarch attention was at the commander. The spectre and hero of the Citadel, who was officially dead for nearly two years. More importantly, she was somebody that likely fucked her Little Wing and left her alone to spiral into a life of conspiracy and backstabbing.

Nobody messes with my kid like that, shit from what I managed to gather Liara though she had been dead too. Now let’s see if I need to grind her into a soup now or wait though Aethyta and summoned smile on her face.

“Thanks for taking care of that crazy guy. Saves me from having to beat him to death with his own spine. That makes other customers nervous. Anyway, this is Eternity and I am Aethyta, asari matriarch and bartender. Can I get you anything?” said matriarch to the group. Shepard had a small smile on her face, but it didn’t take 1000 years worth of experience to realize it was all, but glued on. Surprisingly, the commander had yet to look on the asari's chest, choosing to look at her face.

Shame on you, Shepard. I have amazing tits.

“You wouldn't happen to have a genuine human vodka, an eezo-free, kendran espresso and a turian, green tea?” asked the tall woman in an unexpectedly pleasant voice. That order surprised matriarch a bit, kendran coffee was beverage few non-asari chose to drink outside ** dares.

“You are lucky, but I may need a while to find that mud water” replied matriarch and started looking for a correct brand, but listening closely to the conversation next to her.

“Shepard…” started a new, human voice.

“I want a one shot, Miranda not an entire bottle. Hell, just one bottle wouldn’t make me ** before and now it’s even less likely, you said so yourself. Considering how this day is going, I just may need it” interrupted commander in a noticeably less pleasant voice. Then she exhaled heavily.

“Listen, I and Garrus will finish drinks and get back to work, you go looking for your friend” finished the ginger calmer. By the sound of steps few seconds, that Miranda did just that.

After a minute, drinks found their way before matriarch’s customers, although turian’s face expressed a deep aberration, looking at human’s hot drink.

“I still don’t believe it, how Liara managed to get you hooked on this?” commented Vakarian looking on a black liquid in commander’s cup.

“It’s good, besides it’s not like you have ever ** it, Mister levo-based. Drink your hot leaf juice” replied Shepard with a smile and went for alcohol-filled glass first and Garrus only shook his head with resignation. The spectre drank beverage in one swing, without flinching.

Not bad kid commented Aethyta. However the human herself didn’t look pleased considering frown on her face, but it seemed like alcohol itself wasn’t to blame. She quickly tasted coffee, but after the first few sips, her face darkened evern more.

“Something wrong darling?” asked the matriarch as she cleaned the counter. Shepard attention snapped to asari, her frown faced off her face.

“Nothing, It tastes just bit differently than I remember, a different brand I suppose. No offensive, but I thought matriarch served as honoured advisors” Shepard changed topic. Aethyta smiled a little, an opportunity to bitch about asari government and fish for information?

The matriarch began to tell her tale and Shepard asked a few more question. The ginger seemed to actually listen and consider Aethyta’s words, or well she could be masterfully pretending. But Elizabeth still managed to score a few points in the matriarch’s mind, even if she didn't learn anything "useful".

Finally both, human and turian finished. They paid and said goodbyes to asari, only checking their Cerberus friend before leaving. Aethyta kept observing them until doors closed and sighed. 

I really need to get to the bottom of this shit-filled barrel. My youngest and most placid daughter become feared info broker with her own goddessdamned military. Now her presumably dead lover come back to life, working for the human terrorist group. I need to come up with something or some self-entitled matriarch back on Thessia, will order a hit on kid’s head. And what in the void made Liara blow up like that thought Aethyta with frustration. She knew that both, she and Benezia, had a tendency to pile on pounds, but nothing like that and they were much older than Liara.

And we made it look great, even if Nezzy got worked up about it reminisced matriarch fondly and touched her bottom, that had been swelling during last months behind the bar.

I’m a matriarch, nothing unusual, but Liara? I mean, she doesn’t look bad, even if no asari would admit it. Still, she did surpass Nezzy in various areas pondered Aethyta with a small smirk, that quickly disappeared. Her millennium years of experience was telling her that it could end ugly.


Next day

“Aren’t we heading a bit early?” asked Miranda when a group, identical to yesterday’s one, exited Nos Astra’s spaceport.

“For your family reunion with your friend, yes. But I want to clear something with Liara” explained spectre with a stony expression. Cerberus operative frowned a little but nodded.

“Of course Shepard” responded Miranda forcing herself to withhold any comments. They entered the office. The maiden was working on console with a small bowl of cream-filled waffles nearby.

“Shepard, it’s good to see you again” welcomed asari with a smile and pushed container towards the armoured human. “I believe those are your favourite”

Elizabeth glanced at treats with the faintest squint of her eyes and reached for it. Her eyes, given opportunity grazed over Liara large assets, that were straining dress to its limits.

“Thanks” replied the spectre and bit into a waffle, managing to hold the unchanged expression.

“Thank you me for getting system data, I sent a small compensation on your account. It’s not much, but hopefully, it will help you on your mission” said asari pleasantly.

“Always happy to help” replied ginger and pushed container back to asari, even as she heard a turian sounding snort from behind. Liara nodded.

“Do you remember the Shadow Broker? With your help, I may be able to find information cashes from his agents” explained maiden. Shepard looked on her, smile disappearing.

“Are you on the run from the Shadow Broker? I can help you” asked spectre with worry, but portly asari shook her head and began to explain her situation. As Liara was talking with new, for Shepard, titanium in her voice Elizabeth was experiencing a mixed emotion. On one her she was worried about the obese asari, on the other hand…

No. It’s not the time to get hot and bothered about Liara newfound homicidal tendencies chastised herself Shepard.

“So you managed to get anything from those terminals?” asked the armoured woman. 

“The data you gave me was extremely helpful. It gave me a target. The Shadow Broker has several contacts here, on Illium. The most powerful somebody called The Observer. Taking down the Observer will put me close to the Shadow Broker. I could use your help” explained Liara and looked at Shepard.

“Tell me what I can do to help” replied the tall human honestly and the fat asari complied. 

“Nyxeris’s managed to narrow The Observer to one of five operatives: a turian, a salarian, a krogan, a batarian and a vorcha. If you can refine the list, I’ll know where to strike” finished the doctor. Shepard pondered for a few seconds.

“I’ll reconstruct the data and tell you what I’ll find. But we are bit pressed on time so I’ll come tomorrow to see what we gathered. Meanwhile, can you keep looking for new information’s about our drell assassin?” said human. Liara nodded.

“Of course, it’s the least I can do. Thank you, Shepard. When you find something, call me on the radio channel we used in the old days. I can’t risk doing it in person”

The spectre stood up.

“See you soon Liara. Speaking of… you got yourself a new assistant?” asked Shepard, bit playfully. The doctor smiled faintly.

“Nothing of sorts. Nyxeris is currently busy with an assignment that requires her personal oversight. Miss Calior is merely a secretary, filling for her” explained maiden. Elizabeth nodded an exited with the rest of her squad.

After a few seconds, the asari noticed a piece of paper in the treat-filled bowl, and it wasn’t the one she had put there. She discretely snatched it and read. Liara recognized Shepard’s handwriting, but its content made her painfully bit her lip and almost lose her composure, apparently Cerberus had data about the Shadow Broker. The doctor managed to quell her emotions and hid the paper.

After a few more minutes of work her communicator buzzed.

Shepard she though and clicked the device.

“Shepard. Did you get any information on the Observer?”

Yes, but some of the logs were too damaged to read anything. Based on this I would likely suspect turian, he is the lest mentioned and never in the same context as the Observer” answered the communicator. Liara face twitched, and it was the only indicator of thought’s running through her head.

“Thank you, Shepard. I’ll take it under advisement and see what I’ll get. Do come by tomorrow I’ll try to gather new intel on Mrs Krios” said asari.

Sure” was the last thing heard from the device before the channel was closed. Liara leaned and put her arms on the desk with a weary sigh. She ignored her soft belly wedging into it. The former archaeologist had a felling her chase after the Shadow Broker was soon going to end one way or another.


Liara’s office
Two days later, 05:40 p.m.

Nyxeris was carefully going through her newest report’s, both her official and unofficial. She got to the office roughly ten minutes ago and freed Liara’s secretary. Apparently, the doctor had felt ill and decided to retire to home much earlier. It was extremely opportune time to catch up to recent events in peace.

Leniley, such sweet little thing and seems to be sporting a crush on Liara. Hmm… perhaps I should slip about the fact the doctor’s lover of chocolate or make her put on a few hundred pounds. Make the environment more friendly for Liara or both thought happily the Observer.

Her good mood was mostly caused by the relief she felt. Last days were excruciatingly nerve-wracking, but now Shepard was going to leave. The spectre had proven herself less bright than she initially feared, Nyxeris had read old and newest reports about commander’s abilities and had no illusion what would have happened if she let something slip and Shepard learned of it.

Nyxeris shuddered at the memory of few reports that included visual aid showing fools who were at the receiving end of the Bucher’s wrath. She was about to start looking at records from bugs, she had put in the office when her omnitool flashed.

She had a call. A call on a special, heavily encrypted channel from Illium.

Vasir she thought as she recognized the caller and clicked on the device.

“Tell me Nyxeris, weren’t you supposed to watch that fat pureblood of yours? If so do you mind telling me HOW IN THE VOID, THIS LITTLE BITCH LEARNED LOCATION OF ONE OF THE BROKERS BASES?” shouted the voice in fury. Nyxeris voice stuck in her throat and body covered in a cold sweat. How this could have happened?

“I was occupied elsewhere. I have other assignments on Illium besides her” finally replied Nyxeris through her teeth. The asari on the other side of the line snorted.

Excuses. No matter I’ll clean this mess, you better find a place to lay low and something to convince the Broker that he still has a use for you. But I’ll doubt you manage” said Vasir. The realization dawned on Nyxeris.

“Has Broker approved of termination?” asked steadily the Observer, suddenly very aware of her heartbeat.

Unlike you Dimakos, I don’t need to have my hand held. Now I’m going to see Ms T’Soni, don’t get in my way” and with that channel closed.

Nyxeris was sitting still for a second and too took a deep breath. She could salvage it. The asari typed few comments and reviewed today’s footage. As she watched, Nyxeris unwrapped and crammed several brownies into her mouth. The Observer needed them more than Liara.

Finally, she clicked pause and clenched her teeth in fury.

Shepard… of course it had to be Shepard.

Nyxeris took hold of herself, took another big bite out of sugary treat and watched the entire encounter where the commander handed Liara priceless intel, growing angrier with every second. Witch chocolate-stained fingers, Nyxeris wrote and send a report to the Shadow Broker, then she made a message using code Liara had prepared.

According to it one of Nyxeri’s contact warned her about an attempt on Liara’s life. It was a channel, Nyxeris had made sure was secret even to the Broker, just in case. If the Broker will disapprove of Vasir’s action’s and Liara survive, it will further cement her trust in Nyxeris. If the Broker will want T’Soni killed… well not the best scenario, but she had informed the Broker. For now, Nyxeris had all bases covered, she was going to sit this one out and see what happens.

The Observed made a copy of the most precious data and deleted the rest. She hastily finished delicious brownies and made her way to one of her safe houses, while her expanded buttocks shook furiously.

She hadn’t accounted for a unit of a commando in black and red leathers waiting for her.


Hour later
Liara’s apartment

Sheppard almost gritted her teeth as she pulled a small device from a hidden compartment. Instead of Liara, she, Garrus and Zaeed had found apartment filled with cops and a spectre. Apparently, somebody tried to assassinate the ex-archaeologist. The spectre, Tesla Vasir had dismissed police and proposed a ** investigation.

The turian-human duo had begun searching the apartment, listening to Vasir’s occasional comments, while Zaeed had stood on guard. Their actions resulted in form of small device hid under a prothean artefact.

“Back-up disc. Let’s try it on her terminal” said the asari. Shepard inserted the device and a video appeared on the screen.

Fuck though Shepard and stepped closer to the second spectre,

“This must be important. The Shadow Broker’s people already tried to kill her once” said the ginger human aloud.

“I know where the Dracon Trade Centre is. My car’s outside” replied asari. Shepard laughed weakly.

“That’s the spirit” said the first human spectre and jovially slapped Vasir on the back. The asari’s eyed widened in surprise and face darkened for a moment. But human spectre was already walking towards the exit.

“C’mon Zaeed we are going” proclaimed loudly the tall woman.


the Dracon Trade Centre

Vasir car touched down, she, Sheppard and her squad exited the vehicle and started to walk towards the building.

“The Baria Frontier offices are located on third floor” explained Vasir “I don’t hear the police chatter, we must have missed the party”

Suddenly an explosion shook the ground, it was their destination.

Cholera, Liara’s in there!” shouted commander at the sight of debris. Another detonation occurred, causing shockwave strong enough to push them to the ground. When they stood up they were surrounded by debris, wounded and human remains.

“They just took out three floors to make sure she is dead! I’ll grab the skycar and seal the building from the top!” shouted Vasir and ran towards the vehicle.

“We’ll start down here and made our way up” replied Shepard and gestured to Garrus and Zaeed.

“Just leave something for me” asses the asari as she closed the hatch. The skycar made its way up.

“Let’s go” commanded Shepard and the team entered the still-burning building. They were steadily making their way through hallways, various evidence and murmurs of wounded civilians painted a picture of what had occurred. Every now and they shared new discovers with asari spectre.

They just managed to confirm Liara’s whereabouts, when a flash blinded the commander.

Skurwysyn” cursed the ginger-haired woman, when she jumped behind cover. Her companion followed her example.

“Vasir! We are pinned down! Mercs – and they are well-armed!” shouted human into a communicator.

Say hello to the Shadow Broker’s private army, commander!” replied Vasir voice far too cheerfully for Elizabeth’s taste. Truthfully the mercenaries were good trained and in possession of good equipment, so it was taking a bit longer to cut a way through them. Occasional fires weren’t helping either.

Finally one of the doors opened, reviling falling Broker’s solider, Vasir with a raised pistol and… a body of Sekat, a salarian from the video.

“Damn it. If I’d been a few seconds faster, I could‘ve stopped him” said the asari spectre and holstered her weapon. Shepard squatted by salarian body, her attention singly on him.

“Is this Sekat?” asked the commander nonchalantly.

“Must have been”

“Hmm… No sight of that data Liara talked about. Looks like a dead end” continued the human spectre and turned to the asari.

“Speaking of which, did you found your friend’s body?” asked Vasir looking outside. But before Shepard could respond a familiar voice was heard from the hole in the wall.

“You mean this body” replied Liara, while pointing her gun directly at Vasir. Shepard only sighed, dropping her neutral expression, changing it into a sharp, predatory look as she stood next to Liara.

“I was afraid it was going to end like this. Would you fill us in Liara” asked Shepard with her full attention on the other spectre.

“This is the one who tried to kill me” was the short answer as obese maiden moved toward Vasir with a raised weapon.

“You’ve had a rough day, so I’ll let it slide. Why don’t you put that gun down?” asked the asari spectre, walking backwards to the window.

“I saw you. I doubled back after I left. I watched you break into my apartment” continued Liara and Shepard simply raised her own pistol at the older asari, Zaeed and Garrus mirrored her.

“So you didn’t know where Liara went and her, you needed me to find her.” added Shepard coldly while measuring her target.

“Thanks for the help” mocked the asari spectre.

“Once she had my location, she signed the Shadow Broker’s forces. They bombed the building to take me out. She found Sakat, took his data and killed him. I’m guessing she’s still got a disk on her” explained Liara coldly.

“Good guess,” said Vasir and pulled out the device. ”Not that you’ll…”

Shepard didn’t fall for it the moment the enemy asari pulled her hand behind she shot. Unfortunately, Vasir had good shields and even better reflexes. She clenched her teeth in fury, used her biotics to boost her shield before they broke and crushed window behind her, sending a wave of shrapnel at Shepard and her allies.

Glass shards were deadly to the flesh without armour and didn’t have nearly enough velocity to activate barriers. Liara simply raised her hand and seemingly effortlessly summoned a protective bubble of blue energy. However, this barrier worked two-ways. Shepard looked at the enemy spectre who turned around ready to bolt.

Cholera, I cannot risk frying this data though the commander and sprinted after the asari. She caught her from behind. Two of them crashed through the window’s remains and were falling down. Vasir used biotic to slow them down and, at some point, managed to throw the tall woman off herself.

Fall temporally stunned the commander, Vasir landed herself and turned around to finish Shepard off, but from above the Liara was already falling surrounded in a blue aura. The asari spectre decided to flee. The doctor hit the ground, ripples of her abundant flesh visible even through the armoured coat. With her ample body still covered in biotic field, Liara ran after the spectre with speed and grace unbelievable for her somebody with her figure.

As Shepard lifted her head she saw flashes of blue and multiple Broker’s soldiers being tossed around like weightless ragdolls. Vasir’s reinforcements proved themselves to be only a minor inconvenience to the enraged maiden biotic might.

What a woman ran through the Commander's head at this display. She stood up just in time for Zaeed and Garrus to arrive next to her. Before they could reach two asari, even more, enemy reinforcements arrived through other entrance.

Shepard gritted her teeth in cold fury. She didn’t have time for this.

Despite their number’s and quality the mercenaries in the Shadow Broker’s employ were swiftly and mercilessly slaughtered as the squad of the fiery-haired woman made their way towards their goal. At last, they made their way outside, only to see armoured asari leap into her skycar.

“Dammit” shouted Liara in frustration. Shepard pointed at the nearby vehicle with opened top.

“In the car. Garrus with me, Zaeed get to the Normandy. They must be ready for take-off pronto” shouted Shepard. The mercenary only grunted in reply and the multi-species trio ran to the skycar.

“I have a fix on her location, but its short range. Garrus you must…” instructed asari as the hatch closed, only to be interrupted by the turian’s voice. The voice that had come from backseat not, next to her as it should.


Liara’s eyes widened when she realized what horror, hers and Vakarian’s carelessness had unleashed.

By the Goddess thought the doctor and fastened seatbelt without delay. She looked at the driver’s seat and immediately regretted her decision.

In the murky light of car’s console, Shepard’s face was terrifying. Her scars and ecstasy-filled eyes glowed with a hellish red stronger than ever. The ghostly-pale face was split with a wound-like, maniacal grin that revealed all of the spectre’s teeth, much sharper and numerous than any humans should be.

At this moment accretion pinned the doctor’s bulk into the seat and car sprung after its prey. The young asari felt all of her soft flesh press her to the seat. After few second of the demonic ride, Liara managed to retain part of her composure, her eyes tracking Vasir’s position.

“Hang to right! No wait left!” shouted asari.
“I’m on her” replied the commander far too cheerfully.

Few more wild turns, every making Liara’s heart move to her throat and flab shake violently before view froze her blood.

“We are not going into a construction site, are…”
“HANG ON” laughed crazed spectre and accelerated even more.

“TRAFICC, oncoming traffic!”
“We’ll be finnneee’’

“She got reinforcements!”
“What kinds of guns does this thing have?”
“It’s taxi! It has a fare meter!”

“I know”

“There we go!”
“Y…You’re enjoying this!”


Finally, they caught up to the spectre. They collided a few times with her with no effect, but after few tries Shepard made Vasir collide with another vehicle. The asari had no choice but to crash land on a nearby building. They followed her, but lack of space forced them to land on lover level.

When the car hit the ground Liara managed to exit it carefully. Her legs felt like they were made from jelly and shook accordingly, considering the generous layer of adipose on them, it wasn’t too far off to reality. Still, young asari was faring better than the famous Archangel, who rolled out from the vehicle and landed on her knees.

“Oh spirits of the ground do not forsake me ever again” chanted turian in a shaky voice.

Mięczak” commented Shepard, completely unaffected by the near-suicidal ride. 

Liara didn’t grace her with any respond, her and Garrus plight, but she decided that approaching vehicle filled with Broker’s agents demanded more immediate attention.

“Watch out. They’re dropping reinforcements in to slow us down. They’ve blocked the door” informed Liara. At the sight of danger, the commander's face becomes focused and their turian companion stood up immediately as if his traumatic experience had never happend.

The first wave of mercenaries quickly became a victim of Sheppard’s team deadly skills. However more platforms with enemies were approaching.

Suddenly one of the vehicles were hit by a rocket. Shepard looked at the source and noticed two dropships of unknown origin pained in black and dark red.

“Any idea who it is?” asked Garrus through gunfire.

“It’s my security force” shouted Liara back.

Shepard looked at the people jumping to their aid. A mix of humans, asari, salarians and turians well clearly well-equipped and trained in using their tools.

A security force huh? though the commander with a bit of sarcasm

One of the asari commandos ran up to them, dodging enemy fire.

“Ma’am, we secured Nyxeris and Eristena is on her way. What’re our orders?” asked asari.

“Help us make way to the door. Three of us are going after the target. You’ll deal with reaming enemies” ordered the doctor. The commando nodded in acknowledgement.

With help, Shepard’s squad quickly cleared the way to the entrance and went inside the building. They left Liara’s forces without hesitation, it was clear that they had an advantage.

“Hired muscle, huh?” asked Garrus jokingly as they made their way up. Liara had the decency to look a bit embarrassed.

“Admittedly I may have downplayed it a bit. I will explain one we secure the data” explained the ex-archaeologist calmly.

Shepard slowed a bit and raised an eyebrow as she noticed a rather unique video on the holowall in the demolished apartment.

“What kind of hotel is that?” asked the spectre. Liara followed her line of slight and a blush appeared on her face, already covered in a shiny layer of sweat.

“Azure.*huff*… It’s a luxury resort with an… exotic edge. “Azure” is slang for a part of asari body in some areas of Illium.” informed the doctor calmly, little out of breath, but carefully avoiding Shepard’s gaze and the holowall.

“Where” dig the commander.

“Mainly the lower reaches, near the bottom” explained Liara.

“I meant, ”Where on the asari body”” clarified Elizabeth with a saucy smile.

“So did I” admitted Liara.

“Look. Our runaway spectre’s car” interrupted Garrus with all the subtlety of a krogan.

Indeed just outside was a wrecked skycar. Its owner was nowhere to be seen, but…

“A blood trail. Vasir got hurt in the crash” noticed the young asari. Shepard nodded.

“That should slow her down” and with that, they went after droplets of blue blood.

“She lost a lot of blood. We must be getting close” Liara commented at the large splashes they were passing by. 

“She’s tough. I’ll give her that much” admitted Shepard truthfully.

“She’s a Spectre” said Liara as If this explained everything.

Maybe it does pondered the commander, considering her circumstances.

They crossed the door leading to a large open floor full of dining civilian and a bleeding Vasir.

“Vasir. It’s over” said Liara as they approached wounded asari with raised weapons. The spectre stopped and turned around.

“Hey! Hey you.” shouted wounded asari and used biotics to close distance with nearby human female, putting her between herself and Sheprad’s team. “Come here. What’s your name?”

“M-Mariana” replied captive with fear as remaining guest run away. Shepard kept walking.

“Mariana you want to live, don’t you? Tell those people you want to live.” mocked the Broker’s operative.

“Vasir you don’t need to do this” said Shepard in a peaceful, almost friendly tone standing with her gun ready.

“All you had to do was walk away. Now it gets ugly” replied Vasir and pointed her gun to woman’s head.

“Please, I have a son” begged the hostage.

“A son? I hope he gets to see you again. I’ve heard losing a parent is just horrific for children. Scars them for life” mocked the asari spectre. Ters ran down woman’s face and Shepard could her Liara’s hand clenching the pistol.

“I’m going to end you Vasir” promised doctor with fury. Shepard looked at her.

“It’s okay, Liara. We’ll handle it. The usually way” assured the commander, still with this peaceful voice.

“You want Mariana’s little boy to grow up without a mommy, Shepard? Thermal clips on the ground, now. Power cells too” demanded the Shadow Broker’s agent. Shepard simply looked at her with a neutral expression, growing eyes seemingly looking through wounded asari.

“Is that it?” asked Shepard, her monotone voice free of earlier friendliness. In fact, it was hollow of any emotion, at best it was a voice of somebody taking to a child lacking proper mental facilities.

“What?” replied the asari bewildered.

“Vasir, I am a Bucher of Torfan. I sacrificed Destiny Ascension with ten thousand people aboard, including councillors. I unleashed rachni on the Galaxy. So for your sake, I hope your escape plan doesn’t hinge on me hesitating to shoot a single hostage.” informed the commander as if lecturing a particularly tiring student. She didn’t brag, she simply informed.

“You are bluffing” accused Vasir with a hint of fear creeping in her voice. She pointed her weapon back at Shepard.

“Now Liara” said the commander. Immediately the spectre was hit from behind with a table, launching her into a fountain and freeing the hostage. The woman quickly stood up and started to quickly if clumsily run away.

“Aaaaah” meanwhile Vasir exploded from water surrounded in a biotic light and charged towards cover.

Despite her wounds, the asari spectre was a skilled combatant with centuries of experience to back her up. Nonetheless, it was clear she was caught off guard by her enemy skill and ferocity. Mostly by Liara’s enormous biotic strength.

She really stepped up her game though Shepard as she witnessed the fury of biotic attacks originating from the doctor. Some of them were familiar, some not. But their sheer power put to shame anything the commander remembered from her previous fights along young asari.

With Vasir attention firmly on Liara and occasionally Garrus, Shepard took position behind the cover and waited. Finally, the enemy spectre zipped to a nearby location.

Now though Shepard and with ran towards Vasi with inhuman speed. 

Another thing the asari spectre failed to foresee was the unpredictable, borderline insane, nature of tactics her human counterpart employed.

Shepard grabbed her just under her breast lifted and squeezed. Interesting enough, even as high-quality armour Vasir had was designed mostly to protect against vacuum and gunfire. An external pressure created by some freakishly strong human was another matter altogether as if that armour wasn't getting tight lately at it is. To add to the injury, Vasir measured to Shepard’s collarbone collar-bone at best.

So the Broker’s agent found herself deprived of oxygen with feet kicking in the air. However, Shepars wasn’t done yet. The ginger-haired human's head went back and suddenly delivered a powerful head-butt to the enemy. A stream of blue blood poured from the asari face.

Vasir was tough, even this amount of punishment wasn’t enough to take her down, as evident by a growing biotic aura around her. But it wasn’t the commander objective.

Got it Shepard ripped away pouch containing data about Shadow Broker. At the last second, she threw her enemy away and jumped behind the cover.

“Cover me!” shouted the spectre and instead of going for a weapon, she activated her omnitool.

“You bitc…” tried to wheeze out wounded asari but was launched into the air by a mighty biotic throw, courtesy of Liara. She managed to land safety using her own eezo-based abilities, but it was too late.

At this moment Vasir body became engulfed in multiple electrical arches. After a few seconds they died out and the enemy spectre slumped to the ground.

Garrus and Liara went to her, weapons raised, nothing happened. The doctor put away the weapon and did a quick medical scan with her omnitool.

“She is alive, if barely.” Informed young asari.

“So that was the thing you put on her back on the apartment Shepard. Nice” commented Vakarian to approaching commander.

“Thanks. Liara I got the data” said Elizbeth and handed disc to asari. She also noticed her heavy breathing and small droplets of sweat on her pudgy face.

Suddenly another red and black dropship arrived. With a heavy hit, a very thick asari jumped down from it.

“Eristena” Liara greeted newly arrived commando, trying to look composed. She pointed to the fallen asari 

“Your assistant was secured, she is ** and under lock. Our people downstairs dealt with mercenaries” reported muscular asari. 

”Good. Have Vasir stabilised and put in biotic-dampeners. I want her alive, but it’s paramount she doesn’t escape. Terminate her if it becomes necessary. Now excuse me” ordered Liara and went to the ruined apartments, while Eristena called on a medic that just exited dropship.

Shepard watched after Liara as she entered the building and sighed heavily, very heavily. The commander approached the armoured commando.

“Can you handle it from here?” asked the spectre, looking pointedly at the door behind which Liara diapered. Eristena glanced in that direction and looked back to Shepard. She nodded.

When Elizabeth entered the apartment Liara was just finishing the Broker’s massage to Vasir.

“Vasir’s secured” informed Shepard. The asari shut down the omnitool.


“I’m putting the data through to the Normandy’s computers. We can be at the Shadow broker’s base in a few hours” said Liara and started walking “He’ll know about Vasir before long. If he decides to kill Ferron…”

“We’ll get Feron out of there alive, Liara. I promise” said Shepard softly. The asari stopped and turned to her

“I know. You’re here to help. Just like always”

“That’s not a bad thing?” asked Shepard, feeling conflicted.

“When we first met on Therum, you saved me from geth. You fought a krogan battlemaster while I covered. Now you are doing it again. And I’m still leaning on you for help” explained the asari.

“That’s what friends do, Liara. Aren’t it?” replied the commander. Liara only turned away and continued with her march. 

“I can get us there based on Sekat’s data. The Normandy’s stealth drive will keep them from detecting us. The Shadow Broker’s agents are still shooting their way through Illium. With luck, they won’t notice we left until it's too late” continued doctor.

“Liara, I’m probably the last person who should be telling you this, but that’s cold. They killed innocent people” interrupted spectre. Liara stopped suddenly and turned back to her.

“You know what I mean”

“Yes, yes I do” replied Shepard and stepped closer, her armour almost touching the doctor’s belly “When I hit the ground back at the trade canter you went after Vasir without a backward look. That was logical, calculated… that’s not something Liara T’Soni does, it’s something I would have done”

Liara’s face twitched and she went to near railing.

“Perhaps, but I had to. I had to stay on Vasir. I had to stay rational, to make a call. Like I did with Sakat” explained Liara leaning on the metal railing. Shepard joined her.

“Then you also know it was Vasir’s fault, not yours?” asked the commander.

 “Sakat had no idea what the stakes were. I put him in the harm’s way to get the data I needed. I got him killed. And I’d do it again” answered the asari and started going to the exit.

“But from here on out, things will be simple. Get in, get Feron, get out” talked the doctor. “And kill anyone who tries to stop us”

“That’s it?” asked Shepard calmly.

“That’s it”

“Enough,” said the commander much firmer than before. Liara turned back to her with a brief flash of surprise, she has never been at the receiving end of this tone.

“In all those secret messages you apologized and wrote about a traitor, so I thought you put on a show at least partially. I understand people change, I understand it better than anyone. But you keep acting like some twisted mix of me and you mother” said Shepard and took a deep breath.

“Liara, we’ll be jumping several light-years away. There is time to talk”

“About what?” asked the asari sharply. Shepard exhaled deeply.

“I want to talk about us. But you may talk about whatever you want, explain exactly what happened to Faron. How you, by yourself, become an infamous information broker, talk about the weather if you want. It’s doesn’t have to be me, Garrus will listen, Chakwas is back on the Normandy, cholera Joker may be finally of use. But talk Liara, let us help you” replied Shepard with unexpected gentleness. The young asari was averting her gaze.

“It’s not that easy! You can’t just come back and have two years of mourning suddenly vanish and nowadays I’m not sure who I can trust!” almost shouted Liara, her voice cracking slightly. She took a breath and rubbed her face.

“I’m sorry Shepard, I can’t get into it know. Please, for now, let’s focus on getting Feron back” said the doctor in calmer, tired voice.

“OK” answered the commander in low voice and started walking towards car.

“Wait,” said Liara almost immodestly and Shepard turned back.

“I appreciate what you are trying to do, Shepard, but if you want to help me, right now I could use an opinion of trusted physician and If you have extra space on the Normandy. There is somebody I want to interview before we get to the Broker. I will explain reasons for this entire secrecy and… this” said Liara heavily and meaningfully pointed at her ample body. 

Shepard allowed herself a small smile.

“I’ll see what I can do”


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Chapter 18: Reunion 2/2

Two hours later
The Normandy SR-2, Medical Bay

“That’s all for now, dear. You may put your clothes back on” said Dr Chakwas, the main medical officer. Beyond her in the med bay was only Liara and doctor Mordin Solus, whose expertise had been deemed valuable. The room’s windows were rendered non - transparent to avoid peeking and the salarian scientist was kind enough to help young asari remove any bugs.

“Thank you, Karin” replied asari and stepped down from the medical bed, an operation that was complicated by her large gut. She made few steps towers placer clothes laid, her plentiful flesh shaking with every movement. The ex-archaeologist clothed herself and turned to the elderly woman.

“I must admit, Liara the changes I saw had me worried. But the results, if a bit strange, are reassuring” said the pepper-haired woman and sat by the desk and pointed on the nearby chair. Liara sat.

“I got fat, doctor Chakwas. Thank you, but you don’t have to dance around it” replied the asari flatly. The human woman only raised an eyebrow, unimpressed.

“Don’t start again with the doctor and that’s not the only thing. You gained a few inches in height, compared to last time we met. Congratulations Liara, you are by far the tallest asari I have met. Likewise your pelvis, it widened and more so that your height would indicate.” relayed the physician. Liara blinked at that, it was news to her, but it would explain a few things.

“However, despite abruptness of these changes, all of this appears to be normal. No signs of harmful abnormalities. As for your weight, I must admit I have only brief experiences with overweight humans, but it’s still unexpected. No negative effects were observed so far, your heart rate and pressure are perfect. Of course, you may find it harder to move, but beyond that, your changed skeleton seems to compensate for extra weight. I focused on getting proper readings, we may find something after more thorough analysis, but so far I’m giving you a clean bill of health” explained Chakwas calmly. Liara blinked a few times.

“I must admit I haven’t expected to hear this. What about drugs, I know that I have been dosed regularly with unknown substances. Admittedly I tried to counteract it, but I still don’t know what exactly it was and I needed to avoid detection” said the young asari in confusion. The elderly woman shook her head.

“You show no signs of prolonged poisoning or withdrawal. But as I said It only first look, ** to sort through all results. For now…”

“Doctor Chakwas. Checked Miss T’Soni hormone levels. Noticed something. Examined and searched for linked changes. Added older data for comparison. Please look for yourself” interrupted salarian with a barricade of words, handling a holopad to the human woman. Then he looked at young asari.

“Apologies, Dr T’Soni, need to ask a few questions. Have you experienced mood swings? A desire for a more stable lifestyle? An increased sexual drive?” asked the scientist. Liara blinked, unused to the salarian’s demeanour and bit shocked at the questions.

“Excuse me, professor, but I fail to understand how that’s relevant,” said Liara bit defensively. By some miracle, the human doctor answered before the hyperactive salarian.

“Mordin has a point. I’m sorry, it just comes to show that I don’t regularly treat asari. I just checked if you are fine, but now I see what changed. According to those records, you are a entered a matron stage” explained Chakwas apologetically. Liara simply gaped at scientists.

“Excuse me?” asked shocked asari.

“Symptoms match. Hormone levels. Increase of mammary tissue. Slight deviations to reproductive systems. Some changes more drastic than observed in other asari. But within acceptable parameters. Interview useful for documentation” replied salarian quickly and the human doctor smiled supportingly. The asari remained quiet for a few seconds.

“I assume, that what I’ll say will not leave this room,” asked Liara.

“Of course”

“You have my word Liara”

The asari remained silent for little longer, before answering.

“I want children” Liara breathed out with a blush “Lately, I got jealous every time I see children or pregnant mothers and angry that I didn’t get pregnant with Shepard before”

The asari exhaled deeply and continued.

“And… yes. I suppose I have experienced an increased need for a… physical affection, but just recently. I don’t think I felt any particular need in a change in my lifestyle, besides the obvious” replied the asari trying look composed, but her eyes were strangely fixated on the floor.

“Mental and physical symptoms check. Unusual deviations. Must review reaming data.” said hyper-active salarian took his usual “thinking” pose.

“Professor, with all due respect. I think the more pressing matter is how is it possible. I barely passed my first century and I haven’t been involved romantically with anyone for the last two years” said ex-archaeologist, slightly irritated.

“I agree, Mordin. While I’m hardly an expert on asari biology, I know that matron stage is triggered by reaching a certain age or extensive melding. Since I don’t believe Liara forgot something like that, something happened. You already skimmed trough results, any ides what may have caused it?” asked the human doctor politely.


“Hmm… Never heard of such case. No known research into an artificial asari maturation. Pointless. Caused by the Broker’s agent? Possible, but unlikely. No benefits. No signs of substances invasive enough to cause it. A genetic disorder? No symptoms, but need to rule out” replied the salarian scientist and started walking erratically.

“Hmm… entire process appears to have concluded naturally. But the trigger is unknown. Unless… its natural one, not documented. Change accompanied by an increase in patient’s fat tissue. Excessive nutrients are good for fetus’s proper development. But…No, yes. Need to confirm, check and cross-reference data. Fascinating. Could…”

“Excuse me, professor” interrupted Liara calmly, but her glare was piercing salarian.

“Are you suggesting that I become a matron because I got fat?”

“Logical. No signs of artificial tampering. Changes accommodating not only for reproduction but increased mass. Asari mono-gendered, with psychology optimized for reproduction. Evolutionally makes sense to enter the most fertile stage, given optimal conditions. Still, hypothesis only. Will check, once Dr T’Soni health fully confirmed” explained Mordin.

Liara was still shaking off the surprise, but ultimately it didn’t change her current situation. On the other, she very much would like to know what’s happening her and it could bring a new aspect of her specie’s biology to light. The asari doctor activated her omnitool.

“I’m not entirely convinced professor, but thank you for thorough approach. I’m sending you access to data you may find useful. However, I would be grateful if you shared any finding with me” said Liara calmly and with a hint of resignation. The salarian were looking at new data for a few seconds before his eyes met asari’s.

“Unusual data, but should prove useful. Source?” asked the former STG seriously.

“Let’s just said that my assistant seemed to have been preparing to expand her private operations. I would also ask for discretion, I trust you two with my personal information, but this is a Cerberus vessel and I am an asari” requested the asari peacefully. The grey-haired woman chuckled.

“Don’t worry Liara. I’m sure Mordin will be careful. For now, you are free, I’ll inform you if something comes up. And Liara, try to get some rest.” said Chakwas with a smile and the salarian nodded in agreement.

“I’ll try” replied the T’Soni heiress with a tired smile and headed to the door. There is one more thing she needed to do before reaching the Shadow Broker’s base.


Several minutes later
The Normandy SR-2, Engineering deck

“So, how do you want to go about it” asked Shepard, once she and Liara exited the elevator.

“I’ll use facts, mostly. The Shadow Broker knows that she had warned me and Nyxeris's afraid of him. Even if we were to fail against him, we are a preferable alternative to being at his mercy. I’ll also use what I have already learned of her operations, add a few bluffs. If that doesn’t work, we have you, Samara and your new krogan on-board a Cerberus vessel. Despite her talents, I doubt she is used to dealing with a direct threat of violence” answered Liara seriously, trying hard not to look only at the face commander.

“Understood,” said the commander.

“But can you explain to me what exactly her deal is? Because I doubt it is her simply spying on you. I have few ideas, but I don’t like to baselessly speculate”

Liara stopped before doors, guarded by two of her commando, that went along to guard Nuxeris, and took a deep breath.

“I will Shepard. But before that, I want to clear a few things and gather as much info as possible for my own sake” replied the pudgy asari. Shepard gave a weak cheeky grin.

“So you ask questions and stand in the corner looking menacingly until you say it’s time to play the badder cop” summarized the spectre. Liara flashed her smile briefly.

“In essence,” said the obese asari. 

Although you could have remained in armour thought Liara with a mental groan as she felt her eyes slide under the commander collarbone. 

The asari didn’t truly think that Shepard wasn’t up to the task without armour or that there was something wrong with her current outfit. It was a typical Cerberus uniform, although with removed insignia, probably the commander’s work, but it did show the commander’s figure. Which in turn proved to be quite distracting for the doctor.

By the Goddess, she could smother me with those things admired Liara about Shepard’s “assets”.

Truly, Elizabeth had been graced with an absurd, hourglass figure. The pair of the tight, perky, at least F-sized, breast that was currently straining top of the uniform absolute to the absolute limits. Shepard’s ass wasn’t anything to scoff at either, set of two big orbs on wide hips, that were impossible to miss even looking at the human front and equally impossible to hold in a single hand. Liara had tested the last fact multiple times.

The commander’s assets were, usually, less noticeable due to her height, abundant musculature and the fact she rarely was without her armour. Shepard herself, choose to ignore her Amazonian figure, occasionally only complaining about “inconvenient lumps of flesh”.

I do wonder how she looks in that dress from Miss Goto. Perhaps I could secure foota…no t’s not the time for this

Liara took a deep breath.

“Let’s get this over with,” said the asari and Shepard nodded. They resumed march towards the temporary cell. At the same time, Shepard’s expression changed, as did the atmosphere around her.

Disappeared any sights of kindness or compassion, face morphing into complete indifference. Same of commander’s green eyes, seemed to look through anybody as if they were a waste of space. Air seemed to thicken, filled with malicious intent. The commando guarding the door flinched, the feeling of great surrounding them like a fog, seemingly suffocating them.

Liara simply opened the door, obvious to this change.

The room that was usually occupied by the “perfect” krogan had been cleaned and any items that could aid in escape had been removed. Instead, now it had two chairs, a table and a field bed. One of the chairs was occupied by none other than Nyxeris.

Despite exhaustion, clearly visible on her face and handcuffs connecting her to the heavy table the Broker’s operative didn’t look much worse than during their previous meeting. Eristena had been careful. Liara approached the remaining chair, the piece of furniture groaned dully as 400 pounds of asari sat on it. Shepard remained by the entrance.

“Hello Nyxeris, I assume you are aware why here you here? Or does you need any clarification, Observer?” said Liara in study voice.

“No ma’am” replied the older asari breathing heavily. Why it’s so suddenly hard to breathe?

“Good and since you know me, I’ll skip to the facts. You had been spying on me for the Shadow Broker and used me as a middleman to gather information. In order to neutralize me as a threat, without depriving yourself of my resources you decided to earn my trust and full access to what I have. A quite typical operation, but you decided to go step further. You wanted me to become completely dependent physically as well. Possibly to have chance to sate some of your particular tastes. In other words, you decided to fatten me up like an animal for slaughter” relayed Liara mercilessly. Nyxeris flinched at her last words, the foreboding feeling growing in her stronger than ever before and…

Why I cannot breathe? though the traitorous asari panting quietly.

“I must admit, it could work. Unfortunately, I learned of your action, despite your best attempts to brainwash me not to” continued the taller asari.

“With that knowledge, I managed to uncover a few things. The unusual fate of your patients, the reason you were fired from various resorts. Your, how interesting, holonet history, which explained quite a few things. I have even managed to intercept quite a few messages between you and the Shadow Broker. I have ever seen this… facility of yours, you seemed to have quite big plans because I doubt it was all for me”

“If you know. Then why you haven’t done nothing and have your human run all those errands” asked Nyxeris, trying to compose herself, but the infernal pressure on her lungs remained.

“Because my ultimate goal was to get to the Broker. Thanks to your presence I managed to I gathered quite a lot of data and it was a good opportunity to put even more pressure on you. Now let me level with you Nyxeris, you have two choices. You can willingly share with us every scrap of knowledge you have and answer every question. In exchange you live, relatively normal life, you know me I don’t have a habit of wasting resources. But…” Liara paused and narrowed her eyes.

“If you refuse cooperation we will learn everything anyway. It’ll take longer will be painful, messy and I assure you, you aren't going to survive. Believe me, after what you have done to me I would have no regrets if you forced my hand. And before you think about feeding us lies to buy the Shadow Broker's favour” said Liara and smiled only tines bit with the corners of her lips.

“I think he will find your latest intel quite lacking, if not outright harmful to his operations. He also knows that you thought it prudent to warn me about Vasir. I made sure of that. I sincerely doubt he will forgive that, no matter your accomplishments.” explained Liara calmly.

“Your answer Nyxeris?” asked the doctor, her gaze focused at her formers assistant.

The assistant gaze remained at her table, she couldn’t concentrate. Logically she knew that compiling with Liara’s wishes would prolong her life until The Broker killed the doctor, perhaps allowing her to escape. On the other hand, even if she did the Broker will eliminate her, but is Liara actually capable of torture?

Is Shepard? She is supposed to be the hero of…

Nyxeris felt oxygen leave her lungs as if somebody punched her. It was the first time that day she truly looked in the spectre eyes and it terrified her. Nyxeris prided herself on being able to read people regardless of the species. This’s hollow expression, that look didn’t belong on any human’s face or any other creature. The eyes of this human-shaped being desired her suffering, but not like some mindless animal. No there was no doubt in Nyxeris’s mind, this thing was going to consequently break her body and spirit until it got what it wanted.

Whit titanic effort the imprisoned asari succeeded in moving her sight back to Liara and took a hollow breath. She nervously entwined her sweating hands on the table.

“Where do I need to begin?” asked Nyxeris politely.


Over two hours later
Normandy SR-2, Main Battery

“…and that about it. That’s why I couldn’t risk you looking into Broker by yourself and preferred to avoid mentioning my weight.” Liara finished explaining what happened during last months. The portly asari sat at one of the containers by the wall, her legs spread to make space for her belly.

“Well… that’s not a story you hear every day. And here I thought, I was busy back on Omega” replied Garrus, standing by the console, to the asari sitting on one of the containers.

“Don’t be jealous, Garrus. It’s nobody fault that Liara was waging a one-asari war against the most dangerous information broker, while you were picking on some defenceless mercs” commented Shepard jokingly, also sitting on the crate.

“No offensive Liara, but could that plan even work. I mean it’s bit fare-fetched not to mention could she really make you that big. I see that changed but…” asked turian carefully. Liara though for a few seconds and sighed.

“I think so. Because it was such an unthinkable approach itself was a great advantage and I must admit she was careful and kept making me unaware of her actions. Besides, we’re the last people to criticise impossible plans” said the asari with a brief smile.

“She got you there” added smirking Shepard. Garrus only waved his hands in capitulation.

“Whatever she could fatten me up to make me fully reliable on her? I suppose it’s possible, unlike turians most species keep storing nutrients as long as we eat. Our bodies don’t partially prevent digestion after a certain point” finished Liara with a sour expression. Shepard nodded.

“Liara’s right, I know there were cases like that with humans and… I’m pretty sure my mum was heavier than Liara now. Seeing as we are relatively similar anatomically it should be possible” added Shepard in a neutral vice. However both non-humans were bit surprised, the commander rarely spoke of her biological family. Finally, Garrus interrupted prolonged silence.

“One more question. No offensive, but at first I was a bit afraid you may have trouble getting back in the field due to your…mm…size. But you managed to run after Vasir just fine, also your biotics were much stronger. I’m no expert, but this level of power is bit unusual for a maiden” asked Garrus, this was bugging him for a while.


“Asari evolved in eezo rich environment. Unlike other species, we store it practically in every tissue of our bodies, also in fat. Subsequently, I have much more of it in my body to use than any other asari my age alongside… considerable fuel reserves. I use it to compensate, although it took some time to adjust. Also since I learned of my state, I started training to gain muscle mass. Though I must admit that my long-term stamina is miserably low” explained Liara patiently. Garrus gained thoughtful expression.

“Hmm… a squad of specially prepared asari as support. Decreased mobility or not, they could serve as portable heavy…”

It was a good thing Garrus didn’t have any heart conditions. The glare Liara sent his way would have finished off a lesser person.

“Ahem… so now we have to only board the moving fortress occupied by one of the most influential and ruthless individuals in the galaxy and rescue Liara’s friend. I suppose it’s a good warm-up before Collectors, also another thing Wrex will be jealous he was away for” said the turian. Shepard chuckled and Liara smiled as well.

“You simply want to brag. I have a proposition, all three of us has been awake for far longer than we probably should. How about we get some shut-eye? It would be pretty embarrassing if we collapse from the sleep deprivation in the middle of filling Broker with holes” proposed the commander with a small smile and stood up. Liara opened her mouth ready to argue, she still had much data to went through, but the doctor quickly stopped. Shepard was right going into such dangerous operation, while exhausted was suicidal.

“Would you show me where I can rest?” asked Liara and extended her hand to the commander. Shepard caught it and soon trio was heading to their respective beds.


Hours later
Hagalaz atmosphere, The Shadow Broker’s ship

Last minutes were hectic for the multispecies trio to say the least. First, they had to fight their way through outer of the ship in the middle of a raging storm, with mechs and mercenaries on their welcome. After dealing with troublesome entrance, the team managed to break into the ship, but the Broker’s operatives kept making a nuisance of themselves. At long last, they located Ferron, unfortunately, while alive and even coherent remained firmly strapped to an elaborate torture chair. The only way to safely free the drell captive was to deal with The Shadow Broker. Shepard, Garrus and Liara continued into the ship’s bowels.

After moving through another wave of mercenaries they entered, by far, the largest room in the ship with sparse light.

Well… he is big thought Shepard at the sight of an unknown figure. The sitting alien was the largest person Shepard had seen, bigger even than Wrex. The week light from surroundings him(her?) terminals didn’t reveal detail but confirmed, that the Broker belonged to species the commander was completely unfamiliar with.

The team stopped several meters before the unknown alien with their weapons raised.

“Here for the drell? Reckless even for you commander” said the Broker, his voice guttural and seemingly unfazed. It sounded as unfamiliar as he looked. Shepard raised an eyebrow.

Reckless for me? Hardly though the commander and replied

“That bombing on Illium wasn’t exactly subtle"

“Extreme, but necessary,” said The Broker.

“No, it wasn’t. Neither was caging Ferron for two years!” shouted Liara with barely contained rage.

“Doctor T’Soni. Your interference caused all of this. Ferron betrayed me when he handed you Shepard’s body. Now he is simply paying the price” explained the alien.

“Someone was bound to go after you for working with Collectors” noticed Shepard.

“It was a mutually beneficial partnership. Your arrival is convenient. The Collectors’ offer still stands” replied the Broker. The commander barely stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

“No, you’re simply naïve enough to think so. Besides, it’ll be pretty hard to run a base this size with no crew” said tall woman, wondering how somebody, supposedly, intelligent was blind to the Collector’s ultimate goal.

“They’re replaceable. Your arrival is merely an interruption. Enough talk. My operations are too crucial to be compromised by the traitor” said the large alien.

“You’re quite confident for somebody with nowhere left to run” noticed the overweight asari.

“You travel with fascinating companions, doctor” said the Broker like he didn’t hear Liara.

“It’s good you brought the Archangel, T’Soni. Your friend’s bounty is still unclaimed”

“You’re not putting hand on anyone” replied Liara, anger resurfacing.

“It’s pointless to challenge me asari. I know your every secret, while you fumble in the dark. You should have accepted your role as the Observer’s fat pet” said the Broker, fortunately Liara remained calm.

“Is that right? You’re yahg, a pre-spaceflight species quarantined to their homeworld for massacring the Council’s first contact teams” replied the hefty asari calmly.

“This base is older than your planet’s discovery, which probably means you killed the original Shadow Broker sixty years ago, then took over. I’m guessing you were taken from your word by a trophy hunter who wanted a slave… or a pet. How am I doing?”

The Shadow Broker proved to lack Liara’s self-control. He stood up, making squad realize that he was as least two- if not three times the size of a grown krogan, and launched his desk at the intruders with an angry roar. Shepard managed to move herself and Liara away, but Garrus wasn't so fortunate. He was laying motionlessly under the rubble, luckily the readings of his armour showed the commander her turian squadmate was merely unconscious.

They couldn’t help him now as the yahg pulled a weapon that was short of an anti-vehicle canon. The Shepard and Liara ran to cover and fight ensured.

The Broker possessed extremely strong biotic shield, that managed to withstand even the tubby asari biotic assaults, but it slowly depleted. However, as it did the colossal alien roared and his body was surrendered with another, external, seemingly impervious barrier that hampered his movement. Liara shot a few rounds and turned to Shepard, her pudgy face had a purple tint with few small droplets of sweat on it.

“Everything bounces off, but it’s still a kinetic sensitive barrier” explained the doctor quickly. Shepard smirked darkly.

“So brute force it is” replied the tall woman and ran towards the yahg.

Auch thought Shepard, when her fist connected with the Broker's face. Even her reinforced gloves didn’t fully spare her from the effects of a powerful strike. But her manoeuvre had been successful shield shattered and the Broker clearly felt all the force behind Shepard’s fist. The commander continued her assault, but after second hit the yahg activated the omnishield and pushed the woman away.

The fight continued, but even without barriers, getting through enemy armoured suit proved to be troublesome, especially while avoiding hitting his shield. But after managing this the Broker once again activated the external barrier and Shepard immediately attacked him. After a few seconds of scuffle the large alien once again launched the human into the air hitting Liara.

Soft though briefly the commander when she landed on the plentiful asari. They managed to get up, while the Broker was immobilised by recharging barrier.

“If you can get him to bring up that shield again, I’ve got an idea” said Liara her face pointing at the device on the ceiling. Shepard nodded and both ran to cover.

Once again they were forced to methodically destroy the Broker’s barrier and armour, while his attacks were more ferocious than before. Finally, the barrier was up again. Shepard attacked but didn’t stay after it fell. Instead, she manoeuvred so the charging yahg was standing in the middle of the room.

“Liara now!” shouted Shepard and Liara body flashed with blue aura, but didn’t attack the Broker, focusing on the device above him. Before the large alien could realize his situation, the ceiling started to crack. Hectolitres of highly conductive, violate liquid began pouring on The Broker. Yet, The alien kept roaring in agony and walking slowly, but substance must have reacted with his equipment causing an explosion that knocked commander on her generous bottom. Fortunately, the liquid quickly shut up by the systems and the floor had a drain.

Laying on her back commander was approached by heavily panting Liara, who offered her hand. Shepard took it and stood.

“*pant* you check on *pant* Garrus and I *pant* check consoles” said Liara slowly regaining her breath. Shepard nodded and walked to the turian, who started to slowly wake up and stand up by himself.

“What did I miss?” asked Vakarian in a pained voice, but with no signs of serious injury.

“Let’s just say you’ll not be able to brag to Wrex” answered Shepard and helped him to stand. They waked to Liara by the console, when several connections started to work.

Operative Shora requesting update. Are we still online?”

Shadow Broker, I’ve lost our feed. We are online and awaiting your instructions

…and so on. 

After a brief moment of hesitation, Liara entered a few commands and spoke.

“This is the Shadow Broker. The situation is under control. We experienced a power fluctuation while updating hardware. It disrupted communications momentarily. However, we are now back online. Resume standard procedures. I want a status report on all operations within the next day cycle. Shadow broker out”

“Goddess of oceans… it’s you. You… how?” interrupted voice. It was Feron, freed he had had to run to them immediately. Shepard was impressed that he was capable of this given circumstances. Liara turned to them.

“Well, everyone who’s ever seen him in person is dead, so…” said Liara unsure. Farron finished.

“…you’re the new Shadow Broker”

Shepard assumed most positive smile she could muster.

“It’ll be nice to nice to have access to information I can trust… Broker” said the spectre. Liara didn’t look too reassured.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for you to call me that. I’m not sure about any of this. But I had to do it. With Shadow Broker’s information network I can give you… I can…” the plump asari voice was cracking, on the verge of tears.

“I’ll, uh, check the power systems” said Feron clearly not sure what to do.

“I’ll help him, there were few things I noticed that needed calibration” added Garrus, hopefully he’ll remember to give the slouching drell first aid.

When the room was free of males Shepard returned her sight on the asari and walked to her. Liara turned to her, with tears running her pudgy cheeks.

“It’s over. It’s finally… for two years…” said Liara weekly. Shepard slowly embraced and hugged her dearly, her arms not reaching as far as she remembered, the softness of the asari body feeling bit alien, but strangely pleasant.

“It’s alright” whispered the commander. The doctor gently expanded rift between them and cautiously kissed tall woman, unfortunately quickly retreating.

“It’s been two years. I don’t… We’re different people. You have your mission and I…” said Liara also pointing at her figure. Shepard's eyes narrowed slightly.

No, I don’t think so decided the commander and grabbed the asari plentiful sided pulling her closer and kissed her girl. The muscular woman wasn’t disappointed as Liara quickly returned her affection. After several wonderful seconds, Liara broke away.

“Okay… okay” said the doctor little breathlessly, but with a hint of true joy.

“Okay” replied Shepard with a smile.

“But we should focus. Let’s see what our options are” said Liara a little firmer and went to console, Shepard few steps behind. The doctor started to type on the device.

“No safeguards or user restrictions. It’s like he never anticipated anyone, but himself being here. And it’s all ours” relayed Liara. Shepard once again felt unimpressed with the previous Broker.

“What kind of information are we talking about?” asked Shepard, truly intruded, by possibilities. She didn’t come that far without an appreciation for solid intel.

“I’m not sure. I’ll need to go through his files. I’ll try to find something useful for you” responded the asari and turned her back to console.

“All I wanted is to rescue Feron. But… is it wrong that part of me wants this? With the Shadow Broker’s network, I can help. Maybe I can turn this operation into something better”

Shepard smiled.

“I know you will,” said the spectre, but her face becomed more serious, eyes looking directly into Liara’s.

“Unfortunately, there is one more thing. Cerberus cannot learn of this, preferably no one else either”

The doctor expression quickly turned into understanding.

“Do you have a plan?”


Over 24 hours later
Normandy SR-2, the conference room.

“… that’s it” Shepard finished explaining the situation to irritated Miranda.

“So it’s likely one of those brief signals we picked was the Shadow Broker’s shuttle” summarised Miranda with resignation. Shepard nodded.

“Why did doctor T’Soni remain in the ship?” asked Cerberus operative.

“Liara wanted to start through files… and probably to be away from me. She understands my decision to cooperate with Broker against Reapers, but with Feron’s death… I’m not exactly surprised” explained commander. Miranda’s face furrowed, but she nodded with acceptance.

“So why are going back?” asked the “cheerleader”. She had managed to finely catch and interrogate the commander when she was heading to the shuttle. Shepard signed.

“Hopefully she cooled down enough to talk. I prefer to clear the air now, for better or worse. Worst case scenario to stop her from doing something radical” replied the taller woman. Miranda face softened for a brief second.

“Understood, Shepard,” said the brunette and walked to the door. CLrarly she was upset that they hadn’t managed to capture or kill the Shadow Broker.

Huh… though Shepard when she realized something as she observed figure clad in the tight jumpsuit.

Without a doubt Miranda was an extremely attractive woman, one could say more than Liara, with her old frame. Hadn't it been for a relationship with the doctor, Shepard would likely try to become physically acquainted with her. But now, the commander could help, but wonder that the perfect woman would look better with more pounds on her frame.

Shepard shook her head, she had an important meeting.


Several minutes later
The Shadow Broker’s ship

Shepard walked a corridor that was directly linked to the Broker’s office. She had to admit whoever was responsible for cleaning had superb skills, the commander wasn’t able to find even a smudge of blood left.

When she was before the door, the screen above went to life displaying the familiar asari.

Shepard It’s good to see you. Please come in” and with that doors opened and the white holographic ball immediately flew to her.

At Shepard’s question, Liara immediately explained about the Broker’s VI assistant.

She entered the room and noted it had been cleaned as well, with few more homely touched added. Liara was sitting at large, chair by the main console. The commander approached her from behind and hugged lightly.

“Well, Miranda and TIM seem to believe in our story. Garrus's a surprisingly good actor when he wants to be” Shepard said as she pressed her head to pudgy asari’s and Liara also smiled weakly.

“That’s good. I must admit I wasn’t prepared for such eventuality, but you're right Cerberus should be left unaware. I assume you intend to abandon them once you deal with Collectors?” asked Liara. Shepard though for a second and smirked with half of her lips.

“I’m going to steal the ship and the crew, at least majority of it” replied cheekily commander. The plentiful asari eyed her questioningly.

“The non-human personnel will be easy enough, Jack only waits for an opportunity to act against them, don’t need to explain Dr Chawkas and Joker. About the rest – I’m pretty sure that TIM gave me people that are simply fed up with Council and the Alliance than true believers. I think I’ll manage to convince them, obviously there are a few moles, but you know I’m a rather good judge of character. Also if you would be willing to check their files…”

“I’ll be happy to help, Shepard” replied Liara and flashed a smile.

“But what about Miranda? She truly believes in Cerberus and may be able to stonewall you?”

“I know, but her story, if true, is a bit too continent. Her father sounds exactly like the type to work with Cerberus. Please focus on those two. I have a feeling she may be much easier to convince than you think” said Shepard and looked directly at Liara.

“But that enough about it. How are you doing Liara?” asked the concerned commander. The overweight asari paused, she carefully untangled herself from ginger-haired woman hands and stood up facing her. Lara began explaining her current situation and reassured the pale human. As they keep talking the freckled asari began showing around the chamber.

While Shepard was paying attention to her words and room, she was quite fascinated by the movements Liara’s plentiful flesh, visible even behind her garments.

“And what about that assistant of yours?” asked Shepard finally. The asari leaned on the nearby railing.

“So far, she is in confinement, a comfortable one. I made sure to assure her that the only thing that keeps her from the Broker’s wrath is me. I gave Nyxeris job, sorting through data, similar to what she was doing back on Illium. Nothing truly important and I’ll intent to revise it later, but it should give me an idea about her willingness to cooperate. I think she'll prove compliant, especially with the hope that she may be released as agent” explained Liara calmly. Shepard joined her by the railing.

“Nobody could blame you if decided to kill her, but I’m happy that you didn’t. But is releasing her as agent wise?” said Shepard.

“I read the Broker’s files on her. Nyxeris used me, but she also tried to help me in her own twisted way. Keeping her here would be a waste of resources. But believe me, Shepard, I’ll make sure she won’t be able to act against me” replied her voice harder than Normandy’s hull, but her expression flickered for a second. Shepard raised an eyebrow.

“Is there something else?” the commander asked carefully. Liara’s face looked like she ate something sour, but she composed herself.

“Yes. That method of hers… even if it originated from Nyxeris’s perversion, it could prove useful, if only because nobody would suspect it. When I thought about it calmly I already made a list of several individuals we could use it on. It is… more humane than alternatives” explained Liara, but it was clear she didn’t want to continue.

“I see. What about Vasir? She is basically on your payroll now?” asked Shepard, steering away from the previous topic. Liara guided them back to console.

“I’m not sure. She is currently ** and guarded. I could use her as the Broker did, but she's a bit of a loose cannon, she may go after us despite orders. I’ll have to think about it” explained to the doctor as they walked. Shepard nodded, she gathered courage and smiled.

“You know I didn’t come here to just talk about data” said the commander as she moved closer to Liara, almost touching her round belly. However the doctor abruptly moved away, but Shepard could see a hint of purple on her face.

“Look about the kiss… we’d just finished the fight” started Liara and turned again to Shepard, making her flesh quiver.

“I miss you, but it’s been two years and I… honestly doubted you would still be interested, given the circumstances. I don’t want to pressure you” replied the portly asari unsurely and crossed her arms, squeezing her breasts.

Miraculously, Shepard managed to ignore the delicious sight before and frowned for a second. She wasn’t going to let Liara fall into that rabbit hole. She smiled and approached the asari.

“I’ve got some very fond memories of the times you put pressure on me. Even despite occasional interruptions” said Shepard. This time she received full blush, even as Liara moved her gaze away, she smiled as well.

“Hah… so do I. Though I doubt Karin was as appreciative” replied asari with a smile.

“Why don’t you come to the Normandy for drinks? We’ll talk everything, but work” proposed the commander. Liara took a few steps and faced Shepard.

“I would like that” confirmed Liara. The tall woman’s smile widened.

“Good. Give me two hours, I’ll look over what you prepared and clean myself up” said Shepard with a devilish smile.

“I’ll be there” replied Liara. The commander was about to go to one of the terminals when asari’s voice.

“Shepard, there’s one more thing I could use advice on”

“Yes?” asked the commander turning back to Liara.

“It’s about my father” said the doctor and with few clicks summoned picture on the screen.

Well… it does explain a few things


Normandy SR-2, Capitan’s quarters

Shepard finished pouring wine into glasses. She had cleaned what little dirt she had and filled her table with sweet treats, mainly chocolate ones of course. The commander even forced herself to wear that ridiculous black outfit Kasumi had given her.

Shepard straightened and turned around at the sound of the opening door. Suddenly she found her throat dry. Liara was looking around the cabin wearing the dress that tightly hugged her ripe curves. It was the first time the commander could truly appreciate her figure, which was equally alien as inviting. After a few seconds, she broke out of stupor.

“Did you enjoy the tour?” asked Shepard, trying to hide her reaction? Liara smiled.

“Yes. It’s a beautiful ship. And I ran into Joker. I didn’t talk to him on the way to Hagalaz, but he seemed happy to see me. Although he did ask if you and I would be acting out scenes from some vid called “Vaenia” replied the asari.

“Of course he did” said Shepard and made mental note to use the pilot as target practice. Liara raised her hand, she was holding something.


“I brought you something. It took some digging, but I recovered your tags” said the asari and commander took framed pieces of metal.

“I tough, I’ll never see them again” replied the commander and put them on the desk.

“You can’t get back everything you lose… but sometimes you get lucky” said Liara behind her. 

“Yeah, that’s the plan” said Shepard before turning around and leaned on the desk, crossing her arms. She mentally winced, feeling edge poke deeply into her ass and weight of breasts on her arms. The ginger-haired woman still didn’t get why Cerberus had to rebuild her that close to the original. And she knew for a fact that they hadn’t simply pour silicon inside.

“How are you actually doing, Shepard? I mean really, not what you tell your squad to keep morale up?” asked Liara with concern. Shepard exhaled. 

“I could ask you the same, but… honestly? I’m tired. Tired of having no better alternative than to work with Cerberus, tired of Council ignorance, tired of one of my closest friends not believing me. I can’t even bring myself to be angry anymore. I’m just… tired” replied the commander with a low voice as she walked across the room, although she omitted few critical details.

“Yes, I heard what Ashley said back on Horizont. I’m sorry. But their shortsightedness doesn’t diminish what you accomplished. There wouldn’t be a man, woman or child left on Horizont, if not for you” Liara tried to reassure the tall woman.

“We saved some of them, not enough. And we could save more. It was a Cerberus using colony as a bait. I’m not that much of hypocrite, I probably would do the same if necessary, Collectors would simply attack another colony, but that opportunity could be used better. We could have had turian patrols go there, the Alliance forces, cholera even another spectre as a witness would be useful. Much more people could be saved or there could be proof for the Council. But no, it has to be Cerberus and Cerberus alone to destroy the Collectors” explained Shepard in a calm voice, even if Liara could hear well-hidden hatred in her words. The heavy asari moved towards the human.

“Yes, but you are here and I trust you. You’ll do what’s the best in the end, no matter what Cerberus wants” said Liara calmly and put her hand on her side, more specifically on one of her love handles.

“So tell me what you want. If all this ends tomorrow, what happens to us?”

Shepard looked to the side and smiled, almost shyly.

“I don’t know. Marriage, old age, a lot of little blue children?” replied the commander happily, but there was a hint of hesitancy. Something ran through Liara’s face, but it was quickly replaced by a small smile and playful shove.

“You just say those things…” said Liara, but her expression soured and walked few feet, facing wall.

“Goddess… You were dead” breathed out Liara, voice cracking.

“I got better, thanks to you” the commander replied softly and approached round asari. Liara turned, she had tears running down her plump cheeks. The asari made move like she wanted to embrace the taller woman, but stopped herself and walked further.

“This time, but… you’re going to leave again. When your team is ready, you’ll leap through Omega 4 relay” Liara said and looked at the translucent ceiling. After a few seconds, she faced the commander.

“I spent two mourning you and I… didn’t think you would want to be with me again” 

Shepard's eyes squinted. She approached Liara and gently grabbed her hands, this time the asari didn’t escape.

“Liara, why in the world, I wouldn’t want to be with you. Yes, you changed, but at the core, you are still Liara” reassured Shepard slowly kneading blue hands, at the back of she noted that the asari’s digits were noticeably wider and softer than she remembered. Liara escaped with her gaze.

“Shepard, you and everybody here have been… very polite about my state, but you don’t have to. I’m the fattest asari I know of, I weight over two times what I did, compared to when we meet” said the asari shakily.

“You don’t have to force yourself to be with me, I understand…”

“Stop” Shepard interrupted firmly. and squeezed Liara hands.

“Liara, as attractive as I find you it isn’t the reason I love you” the commander explained and gently embraced the young asari, sinking into her softness. New tears ran through the ex-archaeologist face. 

“You are Liara T’Soni, you’re a brilliant archaeologist and information broker, you come up with the theory of prothean excision and managed to overthrow the Shadow Broker. You are also a huge dork when you are talking about your favourite subject and hate social interactions outside your closest friends” continued Shepard even as she herds quiet sobs of blue beauty in her arms.

“And I really hope that you don’t like for my meat sacks alone. Otherwise, I’ll have to talk with Miranda about making them even bigger and they are bothersome as it is”

Liara’s weak hysterical laughter accompanied them as they separated at arms length. The pump doctor face was flushed and wet but betrayed relief as well. 

“Again, you say those things…” replied the doctor with a weak smile.

“I really want this, but do you”

The commander smiled saucily.

“You shouldn’t even ask. Besides, you overreact. I admit I was a bit shocked, but I must say you make this new look work. I think I can prove it to you” said Shepard and her hands started to slowly trace her partner ample body. Asaris’s clothes have well-hidden zippers and buttons, but the commander had some practice in finding those.

Liara’s face from relief and disbelief changed into a shy reluctance with a visible purple blush.

“Well… I suppose I would mind” replied the asari and helped guide the commander's hands.

A short while later both human and asari were left wearing only lingerie. Shepard’s body was composed of hard, well-defined muscles. While the commander never had quite the sheer body-mass like Eristena, but Liara was aware that finger-haired woman was able to pull off feats of strength, even the muscular asari would be envious of.

The pale skin presented very differently than before the original Normandy’s crash, instead of numerous battle scars it, the deathly pale surface was only marred with ominous red signs of implants and surgical procedures. Obviously, the most eye-catching were the commander's curves. Both, her huge chest and the equally sizable bottom seemed to mock Elizabeth attempts to turn her body into fighting machine, inducing envy in a majority of woman and asari alike. When Liara first saw the commander she thought she could drown in the meaty mounds, but later found it an acceptable risk.

Still, it was Shepard who observed truly major changes to her partner body. Liara had grown in every aspect of the word. The commander no longer towered over her, their height differing by only roughly two inches, most. However, it was the asari width that truly caught attention.

Every part of the young asari expanded horizontally, her calves were had clear lines with ankles, meaty thighs were touching while standing. Hips even wider than gained mass would indicate, coupled with expanded butt checks created a sizable, meaty shelf, the entirety of the doctor’s lover area was marred with a few dimples. The smooth, soft mass that had grew from Liara’s midriff extruded several inches. It hanged down, covering part of the asari’s panties and transformed into a lovely pair of love handles on her sides.

The asari breasts were eclipsing even that of commander’s even though they didn’t reach as far as her belly, they were surprisingly perky as well, admittedly the large, purple areolas reached much lower than previously. The ex-archaeologist higher limbs had been affected as well, most noticeably her upper arms that had a significant layer of adipose attached to them. Liara’s face was probably the least affected, but her cheekbones lest were no longer visible, and her neck had visibly shrunk.

Shepard absorbed the sight before her, Liara mirrored her but quickly hanged her head in embarrassment. The commander was having none of that, she keeled before the large asari. That surprised the blue beauty, she opened her mouth but only a breathless gasp escaped her lips as she closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, Shepard firmly grabbed the asari’s ample thighs. She felt as her fingers dug into a supple flesh, filling space between them. But it wasn’t all, the ginger began placing tender kisses on blue skin. Elizabeth acted as if she wanted to touch every available patch of adipose filled limbs. She systemically moved upwards, while Liara’s breath was quickening, at some point the doctor’s hands found herself entangled in a bloody red hair.

The commander didn’t stop at Liara’s legs. The ex-archaeologist let out a loud gasp when Shepard squeezed her meaty, buttocks and Elizabeth’s lips reached the bottom of her ample gut. No part of fat belly was spared from the commander affection, as her hands inspected blue love handles and doctor’s back fat. Liara’s breathing evolved into outright panting as Shepard worshipped her enlarged body.

The commander wasn’t given the chance to finish. As she finished paying extra attention to the belly button, blue hands forced her to stand. She faced Liara, the asari’s face was full of purple blush, with signs of sweat visible. After a second, the doctor kissed her human with new energy. The hard belly muscles sunk in a soft, blue gut, while two pairs of enormous breast squeezed nearly obscenely.

Shepard managed to carefully manoeuvre them to the edge of the bed, both bras falling do the ground as they progressed. When lovers parted for breath, a small bit of force, courtesy of commander, was enough to send them falling on the bed.

Liara landed on her back, making her ripples ran through her blubbery body and slowly made herself comfortable. Her bare chest and jiggling belly was rising heavily, but she felt happy. The blue belly was sprouting upwards, her breasts had to finally succumb to gravity and moved to sides of her large middle.

After a few seconds of rest, Liara raised herself on her elbows.

“Shepard, I…”

The blue beauty didn’t manage to finish as Shepard placed something in her mouth.


It was a chocolate and a good one as well, Shepard had had to put a box of those on the nightstand.

Shepard was lying beside her, looked directly at young asari face and rubbed her cheek.

“Liara, please stop overthinking it. I’ll want to be with you whatever you decide to lose weight or not. Besides…”

Shepard smiled saucily and started to move hand downwards away from her cheek.

“You do make it look good. I’ll make sure you realize this even without a meld”

And without further delay, she moved closer to the fat asari. Shepard was right, Liara was sure of the ginger’s feelings before her eyes turned pitch black and their thoughts become one


Normandy’s deck

Joker’s face betrayed deep abomination as he emptied a cup of water.

“You could make it taste any worse, Doc?” asked the pilot and handed an empty glass to Doctor Chakwas.

“You're a grown man Joker. Then again, I suppose if you acted like one, you would remember to bring your medications” replied the woman.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll try to be responsible” said Joker. Before the doctor could comment a blue, holographic ball appeared.

“Mister Moreau. I detected a gravitational anomaly, likely of biotic origins coming from captain’s quarters, but my devices there had been manually disabled by Shepard. Should I inform the crew of possible danger?” asked the AI. The pilot’s expression changed drastically, he chuckled.

“No EDI, there would be a danger only if we interrupted” explained Joker, trying to prevent snickering.

“Is that wise? Miss T’Soni is a powerful biotic she could pose a threat to the commander”

“That’s not the case EDI I assure you. Please, refrain yourself from informing anybody else about it. That will all for now” this time it was the elderly woman who answered. The AI disabled her avatar and the doctor turned to the grinning pilot.

“I believe you own me some credits, Joker”

That made the pilot's smile disapear.

“How was I supposed to know they were going to bang right away? Weren’t they supposed to spend some time talking about their feelings?” Joker said as he activated his omnitool. The doctor smiled, almost mischievously.

“Their feelings were pretty clear. Also, I was Liara’s neighbour during her stay. Let’s just say that she is much less shy, if not daring when it comes to the comnmander” explained Doctor Chakwas and walked away before the pilot could ask for details.


Normandy SR-2, Capitan’s quarters

Shepard admired the sleeping asari's form cuddled next to her, resting her head resting on the human's collarbone. The commander could feel her lover’s warm softness and her weight pleasantly pressing on her.

Elizabeth was smiling, still giddy and not only from a mind-blowing experience. She had fully re-joined with Liara, assured her of her feelings. Most importantly it felt true, real. Unlike everything else since her “awakening”, perhaps save for interactions with Garrus. Liara’s lips and skin lacked the subtle aftertaste of ash when tasted, she didn’t feel like there was a slimy layer of foil between them. In other words, she felt real, not like a part of some coma induced dream or some terrible purgatory. There was no intangible barrier or faint detail destroying the experience.

And what experience it was. While Shepard never lied, she wanted to stay with Liara and still found her attractive, there was this snag of doubt in the commander soul, that she’ll react poorly to something and mess up. Oh, how wrong she was. Liara’s new body was new and alien, also but magnificent and unexpectedly irresistible. There was so much of her to squeeze and kiss, Elizabeth needed to explore and worship every inch of this new, soft, blue flesh. Save for initial, albeit short awkwardness Liara’s new body made it one of, if not the best, night between two.

That was more than welcome surprise, Shepard had no idea that extra padding could be so pleasurable. Then again how could she, Elizabeth spent the majority of her life in Alliance military, where physical requirements were extremely strict. The few encounters with heavier people were limited to a few crime bosses and slavers.

Even the relatively shallow meld hadn’t managed to sour the experience, considering events of the last two years the commander didn’t hold it against the doctor. Still, it allowed Elizabeth to confirm a few things and glimpse into what troubled her lower.

Shepard’s free hand moved and rested on Liara’s taut belly, the asari only gasped soundlessly, but remained sleeping, even as the commander’s limb started to rub. Shepard bit her lip, Liara hadn’t noticed but during the entire ordeal, Elizabeth successfully fed her content of three sizable chocolate boxes. Watching the blue beauty devour sweet treats was unexpectedly arousing.

The commander could help but wonder. How it would be to have Liara eat more pamper her like she deserved. To have her remain safe and hidden while filling her full with delicious food. Make her eat and eat beyond reason  and with mindless ecstasy. Have her swell immobile, with n͑ͫ̈ͪ̂̂̐e̩̺̖͠w̗͚͖̱̬͒ ̞̹̳̲̖̓̑ͮ̎͛ͮs̨̜̜̜͎̰͓̮̍̉ͨ̊̒c̷̝͓͍͈̺̘̽ͨr̢̥̰̻͈̂̂̇͗͑u̟͉̺̗̠̒ͤm̧͚̟͕̏̉̑̏p̨̫͎̼̬ͥ̉̍͛̈̃̚t͚̲̝ͭͩ̊ͮ̔́ͅi̢̘̞̘ͯ́̔̾͂ͪo̷̰ͤ̒̏̒͒͗ũ̱̰͖͎ͤ͐͆ͨͤ̚s̯͙̯ͮ͛ͥ̉̑,̲ͦ̉̂̂͐͑̊ͅ ̓ͣ̐̈́̄b̢̝̪̈̊̎l̇u̦̓̇̌͛ͮ̓e̹̗̰̰̰̱̍̋ ͖̯̲̯͓̓ͩb̙̝̮̮͎̯̈ͫ̔͋͌ͪ͠l̰̣͔̮̙̄͌ͦͯ̀̏̓ù͓̟͈b̧̫ͦͧ͂́ḅ̛͓̼̲̮̂̐ͩ̓e̞̾̒́͋͜r͎̞͚̺͗̓ ̃̀̿̇͢a̋ͧ̇̏͏̶̘̝̞̣̼̻̭̺n̟̯̭̽ͪ̋̊ͤ̐̋̚̚d̼̫͍̱̘͖̬̼ͨͥ́ͦͮ̑ ̽̈́ͣ̿̒̔̈ͯ́͜҉̥̺̳̺̘̭ģ̳͓̻̄̈̀ͥ̾̉͂r̷̈́̀͏͇ȇ̤͉̺̰͇̫͔̬͑̃͠w̴̘̮̜̻͇͓͋̽̾̃̇͗͋̿͢ ̶̼̟̿̓w͚̰̩͐̌͗͆̑̓͂i̬͕̙̦̘̽̏́ͣ͋ͩ̕̕tͭ͏͉̦͕̦ḩ̤͈̖̫̿ ͉͎̻ͧ̌ͣ̒͒̄̐̽̍n̝̤̬̦̐̄ͤ̍̾̇u̵̶̬̐̃͐̍́̚m͊͑ͮ̀ͪ҉̣̭̕e̴̮̐́͌̌̌ͥ̈́̕ŗ̜̣̣̻̩͚̪̑ͥ́ͥ̂ͣō̠͈͓̤͓͇͙̐ͭͪ̌̍͢ͅu̠̱̒ͨ̀́̂ͣ̈́s̤̪̼̒ͣ̂ͅ ̶͎̱̩͇̥̰̺̮͆̏ͮ̿̐̄̒͠p̳̤̘ͣ̓͋̽̒ͧͥ͗ͩr̛̲̩͖̭̞͕͕͎̾ͩ͋o̳̭̹̱̊̏̊̉ͥͭͫͅg̖̜͉͈ͯ̑ͮ̓́̚e̸̜͙ͬͮ͛́͞ñ͇̠̊͜y̶̙̼̳̩̰̺̳̠͕ͤͨ̈ͮ̚.͖̳̑̿͂̃͑ͯͨͧ ̷̲̟̺͉̤̌ͦ̓͛ͫͧ͆͆͠ͅŤ̛͓͎̮̲̱͓͎ͤ̓̄͑̾̿̑ͯ̈ͯ͐͌̀͝͞ͅͅo̵͍͉̮͙̠̟͓̟͔͉̼̲̽͂̄ͯ͝ͅ…̛̮̥̱͎̝̲̳̬̺̱̬͈͓̮̪͎̲̪̝ͭ̐̽ͬ̇̈́͒̆̄͛̆̇͊́͝

Shepard shook her head and took a sharp breath.

Control. I need to control myself.

Elizabeth always had crazy ideas, but lately, they were getting out hand of even for her. While she managed to control herself so far, now with Liara at her side, this… desire, hunger for the soft asari was impossible to ignore.

Before with Nyxeris, she wasn’t angry, no. She didn’t want her dead, only to suffer, suffer beyond her imaginations, for the span of her entire life for what she had done to Liara. Shepard wasn’t stranger to wising to hurt an enemy, but the things she was willing to do to the traitorous asari and her cold cruelty, that… that was new.

A familiar coppery taste interrupted her train of thoughts. Shepard sighed, she must have bitten her lip too hard. She allowed her head to rest comfortably on the pillow and closed eyes.

Liara’s gotten more attractive and she would be even more if she kept gaining. But that’s not up to me, but her alone Elizabeth thought trying to fall asleep, appreciating pleasant heat from the doctor’s soft body. She wasn’t afraid of not getting enough sleep, lately, she didn’t need it.


Normandy SR-2, Capitan’s quarters

Liara’s nose caught an appetizing scent and her stomach let low growl. She slowly opened her eyes and groggily examined the situation. The doctor was lying alone in Shepard’s bed, entangled in a quilt. Suddenly a shadow fell on her.

“Hello sleepyhead.” said Shepard with a smile and sat on the bed near her. She was wearing her usual off-duty uniform and clearly was awake for some time. Liara rubbed her eyes.

“Did I overslept?” asked the asari, still not entirely awake. Elizabeth only chuckled.

“Nah, I just couldn’t sleep. I wouldn’t wake you but that ship you requested and I better get the Normandy away. C’mon I made breakfast” replied the commander.

That imminently snapped the ex-archaeologist into full lucidity. While she felt her stomach loudly demanding his morning fix of calories, the thought of her lover cooking filled her with dread. Shepard must have noticed her expression.

“I mean I reheated some of that food you had brought for yourself and commandos. Few leagues better than our usual grub. Also here, your clothes” explained the commander and placed her folded dress and lingerie nearby.

“Thank you” replied Liara with relief, got up and started to dress. Shepard decided to help and it lengthened a process a bit, though the doctor was more than pleased with. Once dressed they went to the table.

Liara was it staggered at the amount of food before. It was roughly the amount, Nyxeris had her eating, but Elizabeth had no way of knowing that. It was a staggering load for ordinary asari.

“I didn’t know what you would like so I made a bit of everything” explained Shepard and pointed to a seat near her. Now Liara noticed that there was cutlery only for one person.

“You aren’t eating?” asked the doctor and sat at the assigned place. Shepard shook her head.

“Ate while making rounds” said Shepard apologetically and poured some tea for both of them. She didn’t mention that it would be a waste, considered her skewed sense of taste. 

Liara nodded, accepting explanation and put some meat pieces on her plate. While reheated food wasn’t nearly as good as fresh, the tiring activates and company only helped her petite. Still, she ate slowly and carefully, Liara wouldn’t forgive herself if she started to act like a starved animal.

“Liara, I'm sorry but I must ask. There is something about your body that have been concerning you and I’m not talking about new weight. Is something wrong?” asked Elizabeth calmly, but with concern, interrupting the silence. The doctor stopped with fork mid-air. She signed mentally, Shepard was ridiculously good at interpreting feedback from meld. Liara put down cutlery.

“Not wrong, although there was a… development” replied Liara. Shepard raised an eyebrow, her lover tone didn’t fill her with confidence.

“Professor Solus noticed it after my check up and now both he and doctor Chakwas confirmed. It would seem that due to my increased weight I entered a matron stage. That’s the reason I was careful during meld” explained the asari. Elizabeth blinked.

“I never heard of something like this. Is that some of the side effect of Nyxeris drugs? How are you feeling?” asked Shepard with concern, that brought a small smile to Liara’s plump face.

“No, no negative effects have been observed and they are out of my system. Apparently, it’s a natural response to my new weight. I haven’t heard of something like either, but I am a young by my species standards. Also considering asari fixation on outward appearance… I suppose it’s not surprising. But I’m healthy, I only received a prescription for some mild medicine to help adjust”… and prevent her from wanting to meld with Elizabeth until she was pregnant with several daughters.

“So… those little blue children are coming sooner than later” said Elizabeth with a cocky smirk. Liara also smiled elbowed the commander.

“Deal with Reapers and I’ll consider it” replied the asari. Shepard chuckled, but her face turned sober.

“Agree” she said seriously and poured them more tea, taking a sip. Liara resumed eating.

After some time she paused and put the cutlery down. The heavy asari had eaten more than half of available food, mostly sweet remained. She wanted to continue, but she had promised herself to lose weight and, perhaps more importantly, didn’t want to embarrass herself before Elizabeth.

“I see the more things change the more remain the same” Shepard voice broke her taint of though. Before Liara could say anything she noticed a piece of chocolate filled, rolled crepe.

“Liara, I know the face you make when you want to eat more, but stop yourself. Even if suddenly cutting your food intake was healthy I want you to relax. Now say aaahhh” ordered Shepard in a saucy voice, look in her eyes clearly stated she wouldn’t take a refusal. 

Liara blushed but compiled, allowing a sweet treat to enter her mouth. As soon as the asari swallowed another slice appeared next to her lips, serene, but unyielding expression remained on Elizabeth's face.

Liara kept eating. There was no drugs or hypnosis involved. For the next several minutes Shepard brought food to her mouth and the doctor dutifully ate. She ignored point at which her belly become sated, later painfully stuffed, ignored the tightness around it as dress tried to accommodate her growing gut. Or rather those feeling weren’t truly unwelcome. She was also mesmerized with taste and sight of the pale beauty feeding her.

Liara ignored the fact she devoured all present food, remaining sweets included, preoccupied with the commander kissing her after the last mouthful ran down her gullet.

Most importantly the young asari failed to notice a gleam of a very different hunger in Elizabeth’s eyes.

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15 hours ago, bigboy1992 said:

I like how this ended, that was a nice moment between Liara and Shepard. But will you continue with more stories in this universe?

Sorry, if this feels like "the end", it isn't. I want to cover the entirety of ME 2 and maybe continue, covering ME 3.

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Sorry for the long wait, but it's a busy month. I'm fairly happy with this part, nothing special, but it introduces several (I think) interesting subplots.

Miranda will, most definitely, receive her share. 😁

I'm sorry if it's too much of slow-burn, but I'm trying to make it seem, somewhat, feasible.

I beg you for suggestions and constructive comments. In this case especially what to do later with the certain purple-clad engineer.😉

I hope you'll like it


Chapter 19: Beginnings of acceptance


Two days later
The Shadow Broker’s ship

Liara was panting heavily and sat on a chair with a groan. She was currently in the living quarter, previously occupied by the yahg, wearing only a sports bra and shorts. The doctor managed to clean it and partially transform it to suit her needs. Still, it had a few advantages, the pieces of furniture Liara choose to use were more than a match for her weight and it was spacious.

The ex-archaeologist wiped the sweat from her face with a towel and took a few sips of water. For the last hour, Liara trained dutifully, using only her weakened muscles. It wasn’t the excuse of a workout created by Nyxeris, no, it was part of the plan by Nyxeris. A merciless one focused on increasing one’s muscle mass.

The last hour was a blur of activates, which caused her to doubt her resolve after the first ten minutes. What’s worse, she had been constantly reminded being of her fattened figure. Every part of her adipose and gigantic curves jiggled like the ocean during a storm. Her soft flesh kept rubbing against itself, round belly and expanded chest hindering her movements.

The young matron managed to somewhat calm her breath. Her heart, no longer, threatened to burst from her chest and the fire in her lungs was slowly lessening. Still, every part of her body ached and the thought of merely walking seemed excruciating.

While Liara was truthful about her ability to compensate for her extra weight with biotics during fights, she had omitted just how much her new weight affected her in other situations, when asaris’s eezo based abilities simply couldn’t be used. The simple walk… no, the way she moved hadn't been walking, for a while now… waddle from her home to office, back on Illium, had become a tiring excursion. Truly, any action’s that required her to stand or move by herself was making her exhausted quickly. Liara had started to had problems reaching certain areas of her body during showering. The dressing was quite an experience nowadays, especially putting on shoes.

Admittedly, the obese asari had realized it herself only after Eristena had told her about the traitor. Of to be more precise thanks to Nyxeris’s hypnosis and her direct assistance, the doctor’s mind didn’t allow any thoughts that suggested her weight had been changing to last.

To think I allowed her to change shoes for me and help to dress though the ex-archaeologist with a small shudder. There was no doubt in her mind that if the Observer had her way, they would be soon bathing together and "helping" would change into "completely reliant".

At last, Liara successfully calmed her breath to manageable levels. She stood up and headed to the bathroom, pausing before a large, full-body mirror. During the blur of events, the last month had been, she hadn’t had time to truly think about her new body. Obviously, thanks to Eristena, Liara had become aware of and it's many, many possible consequences and implications that come with it.

But the doctor hadn't really thought about it. She was simply too busy, almost in a trance.

The ex-archaeologist observed her reflection. How different she had looked when she had started her career as an information broker. Her hand moved to the smooth, hanging mass and rubbed it, feeling a layer of sweat.

Liara waist was almost twice as wide as she was months ago, the smooth, fat-filled mass that sprouted from her middle transformed into two sets of round love handles at her sides. On her belly lied a set of wide, surprisingly firm breasts. Those loose organs had been clapping furiously during her workout. Liara didn’t see them but she knew her buttocks were big and round, supported by wide hips they made for a lovely shelf. Meaty thighs were wider than half of the doctor’s waist had been before the Observer’s care. Her calves and forearms changed as well.

Cankles and bingo-wings reminded herself Liara sleepy as she looked at her calves that had absorbed her ankles and now sharply cut off from her feet. From her forearms hanged noticeable folds of blubber. Lately, the ex-archaeologist noticed that even her hands and feet had expanded.

All of this shook, wobbled and rubbed throwing her off balance and weighting her down. Her physical stamina was almost non-existent, everyday tasks were starting to be a challenge.

Liara looked down at her sweaty chest and belly that obscured views of her feet.

I should hate it. If not because it’s the result of brainwashing, then because of how that fat makes me look though Liara with confusion. Perhaps a younger, more naïve doctor would deny that it, but asari culture put extreme attention on physical appearance and strongly criticized all asari that didn’t meet its standards. Asaris’s sexual appeal was, realistically, their best weapon, not wisdom like their government would like everyone to believe.

As inconvenient as all this weight is it does give an edge in a fight. It doesn’t feel that bad either. Shepard…

The doctor closed her eyes as her face got even more purple, this time not due to exercise. The latest night of passion with Shepard was still fresh in her mind.

Shepard’s death and two years apart may not have(hadn't) been the only reasons, why Liara hadn’t immediately reciprocated the commander’s affections. Since Shepard returned, to that night in her quarters, Liara had been waiting for rejection, a look of disgust at Shepard’s face.

Instead, the fiery-haired woman had turned all of her worries to dust. She had used every fold of fat, every single part of the asari’s enlarged body to bring her bliss like never before. Every wobble of her adipose had been making Liara incapable of coherent thought. Even better, based on what Liara had glimpsed during meld Shepard had found great joy in her blubbery body as well.

And there was breakfast Liara almost whimpered at the memory. While the meal hadn’t been as passionate, it had been mesmerizing. The plump asari was unable to properly express it, but being fed by Shepard like that… it was as good as sex, felt even better than drugged feasts she had been devouring thanks to Nyxeris.


Liara opened her eyes and grimaced. Her existential considerations had been interrupted by a demanding roar from her middle. Her belly demanded food.

Liara sighed and went to the bathroom. She had eaten before her workout session, but it was a fraction of the meal the doctor was accustomed to by now. Still, Liara had decided to lose her weight. Shepard may have reassured her of her feelings, but she didn’t want to take any chances. Opinions based on her weight were a bit inconvenient, but it was irreverent to the powerful information broker.

While the ex-archaeologist could easily afford a weight loss surgery, surgery decided against it. Asari techniques in this field were intended for much smaller amounts, mostly for matriarchs. Having multiple surgeries would draw too much attention and put her out of commission for too long. 

Liara had decided that, since she already had had a mass, she could try to transform it into muscle. The doctor was aware that was unlikely to have a musculature like Eristena or Elizabeth, but even if she wasn’t overly successful, the rigours exercise should allow her to shed pounds.

…but hopefully, Shepard wouldn’t mind re-enacting our night together before that happens thought Liara, as she rubbed her wet body. She was remembering wonders, Shepard had accomplished using all this soft flesh, which the asari was feeling under her fingers.

The asari went back, steam emitting from her warm body. She paused for a second, Liara was soon going for a trip to Illium, there were few issues and loose ends she had to deal with personally. Ferron, now in better health, was going to partially fill in for her, save for the most crucial assignment that would be sent to her.

The doctor was dead tired, both mentally and physically. She knew she should get rest, but…

Liara sat next to a nearby console. 

Only for a second, she promised herself.

First, she checked messages from Garrus and Elizabeth. Nothing on official channels or unofficial ones. Before their departure, Liara had given them special quantum-based communicators, superior even to one Nyxeris had been using. 

Liara smiled. The Normandy had gone to Haestrom, to retrieve Tali. The doctor was glad about it. The quirky quarian was an extremely skilled mechanic and hacker, whose skills will be invaluable to Shepard. More importantly, she was part of their little makeshift “family”. It was good, the commander would have another person she could trust. Liara hoped that she would get to meet again with Tali, as well.

Ironical. The first human spectre, forced to work with a pro-human terrorist group has an asari as a lover as well as quarian, turian and krogan as best friends mused the doctor with amusement. But she changed the window to data from Nyxersi’s facility.

Doctor Ahum had proved herself to be a resonate sort. Knowing her by reputation and learning that, according to Nyxeris’s contract, Liara was the owner, he had willingly agreed her to start working directly for her and disclosed everything.

Despite her first impulse, Liara hadn’t shut down this operation. It was providing useful data and substances and while shady its action wasn’t inhumane. Of course, certain changes had been introduced. New testers were more aware of what’s to come and force-feeding ceased. Scientist’s were forbidden from using techniques and medications that may cause permanent damage to a patient’s psyche. They also broadened their operation, for example designing creating more varied, also tastier quarian nutrient paste.

Liara also had to admit that Nyxeris had carefully selected “volunteers”. With few exceptions, they're people that wouldn’t be missed, who managed to escape the justice system. The would-be-commandos fit into that category, as the doctor had learned.

The obese asari looked at the newest recording from room number one. After months of subtle hypnosis, effects were visible. Four asari's physical activities were now mostly limited to moving between bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Liara watched a clip that showed their main activity throughout the day.

The four asari were mindlessly starring into the screen watching some show, two had cared enough to don on some lose clothes, remaining two had only lingerie on. All of them were eating, without visible hunger or energy, but like automatons. While they ignored what they were watching, the moment any of them ran out of food, she went for more.

One ate slowly and cleanly, second messily crammed food into her mouth without pause. One tried to eat fruit or vegetable, second devoured the greasiest snacks.

But they all ate. Constantly.

Liara could see their bodies, still quite skinny but softer than when they entered the facility. They were sporting noticeable, stuffed bellies that were sprouting from their middles.

Clearly, methods employed by doctor Ahum were working.

Liara changed the video, now she had room number two on-screen. The situation there was similar, but with few key differences. The entirety of the visible area was much dirtier, empty food wrappings littered the floor. All occupants were much fatter than any asari from room number one.

Three asari was soundly asleep with bellies roughly the size of a basketball, their bodies covered in a visible layer of adipose. A few months ago Liara would have considered them the fattest asaris she had ever seen. By their species standards, they were unacceptably overweight.

The maidens would remain in that position, until their artificially induced hunger win over fullness in their stomachs. Then they would follow after the fourth asari example.

The asari in question was easily the fattest in the apartment. Her strained gut surpassed the rest in size as well. Yet, despite purple, angry stretchmarks on it, the asari was gorging herself like she was on the verge of death by starvation.

It was Linulha Novo, the asari that used to be under the influence of the strongest, so far, stimulant. While the drug was long out of her system and means of counteracting had been found, her stomach capability was the largest and she, usually, was the recipient of the strongest medications.

Liara was biting her lip, her heartbeat quickened once again. While she fraud cause of their actions questionable, the act alone… That mindless binge and the ensuring increase in weight made her feel…

By the Goddess… Liara was breathing hard, she didn’t know what it made her feel, but it was almost the opposite of disgust. Only part of the emotional turmoil the doctor could identify was envy at the plentiful meals, accompanied by another deep growl from her gut.

The doctor didn’t change to the third room. Vate, after receiving a dose of amnestic and a bit of programming to fill memories, had been added to the newly formed group mirroring room number two. Newly “employed” in her place was still unchanged, same with the majority with groups from made from other species.

Elona Loni, after Shepard had persuaded her, via shot in the leg, to promptly head to the nearest police officers, had been detained and charged with murder. To the dismay of the asari officer leading the case, Liara had made the deal with few officials. The doctor had been donating certain sums to the city and in exchange, she could offer inmates to participate in testing harmless, dietary supplements for a reduced sentence.

Elona took the deal. She was much craftier than Vate, but the impulsive asari, despite various crimes, wasn’t a murderer. Liara didn’t admit it even to herself, but she was eager to see what effects will have doctor Ahum's feeding treatment on the two-faced maiden.

At this point, Liara should have shut the device down and go to sleep. Instead, in her haze, she opened a directory containing files extracted from Nyxeris’s personal collection.

While the core of asaris’s beauty standards remained the same for thousands of years, it wasn’t the case with humans. While there was a mainstream outline, there were quite numerous groups of outsiders. That’s before they had gone almost completely extinct due to social pressure caused by outside(asari) influence.

The folder had ancient images, videos and articles extracted from depths of old human information network. Liara was now seeing women who were even bigger than herself.

The doctor had to admit that her height made her weight stretch out on a much larger area, in effect making her BMI much lover. Females on the screen were both fatter and shorter than Liara, but they carried themselves much differently. They flaunted their enormous stomachs, ridiculously large butts and humongous breast with confidence. Some were so large they couldn’t walk on their own. Yet, according to the attached articles, those women had had quite large audiences, some even doing it for their own pleasure or for the sake of a relationship.

Liara kept scrolling through the images of obese females, sometimes with an equally large or slim partner. Her mouth was opened and her chest kept rising heavily.

“… they’re beautiful” blurted quietly the overweight asari. When the sense of her words reached her tired brain the ex-archaeologist blinked several times and abruptly disabled console. She stormed to bed.

I’m tired thought the doctor in denial when she was falling asleep.



Roughly the same time
The Normandy SR-2, Engineering Deck

Shepard exhaled and stretched her arms, as she exited the elevator. It was tiring several hours, but she was happy with the results, Tali was back with them.

The quarian was exactly where the commander expected. Next to the engine's console. Elizabeth approached purposefully loudly, the purple-clad woman turned to her when she was a step away.

“Shepard! What I can do for you?” greeted Tali. Shepard gave her a wide smile and put a hand on her hip.

“I come to check on my favourite quarian. Is the new Normandy is giving you any trouble?” asked the commander. She received a roll of luminescent eyes.

“Please, Shepard. I’m a quarian. Give me a chunk of scrap metal, a circuit board and some element zero and I’ll have it making precision jumps” answered the quarian, like it should be obvious. 

“I was worried about working with Cerberus engineers, but they know what they’re doing and they’ve been very polite”

“That’s good, but have you got time to talk” Shepard asked, seemingly carefree but with a serious note.

Tali’s head turned to the remaining engineers and gestured to the engine room with her hand.

“We didn’t really have time to chat while taking out geth, back on Halestrom?” said the quarian as they walked.

“I can’t believe so many people died. Thank you again for getting Reegar out again. All for data about stars blowing up. I hope the Admiralty Board gets some use out of it”

They stopped next to the railing, that denied access to the core. Shepard asked questions about the solider she had saved, the Admiralty Board and the recovered data. Important, but non-personal maters, good at the beginning.

“How are you setting back on the Normandy, but honestly?” asked the taller woman.

“I like the quiet. I miss the old faces, though. Pressly, Engineer Adams, all of them. It doesn’t seem right having Cerberus in charge of this ship. Are you sure working for them is the right thing to do?” said Tali, there was no judgement in her voice. 

“Before I answer that, what exactly Cerberus did quarian. Because I doubt this tension came out of nowhere?” asked the commander calmly. The quarian briefly explained the terrorist’s attack on the Flotilla in search of a young human biotic. Shepard though for a second after it and averred.

“They’ll betray us as soon as they think its convenient, but I didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter. Still doesn’t really. But we’ll be ready and maybe there will be no need for a new ship or crew when shit hits the fan” replied Shepard seriously, but with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I’m glad to hear that, Shepard. Just let me know how I can help. For now, I should get back to work. Thanks for coming by” said Tali and Shepard could swear she saw a flash of a smile behind the mask. 

Shepard observed her swaying hips as she walked away.

She really has great hips, if only she put some meat on them though Shepard and imminently chastised herself. She just got back with Liara.

The commander made her way to the elevator, Samara wanted to talk.



Half an hour later

 The Observation deck

“… now my only purpose is to destroy my own children” finished the justicar. Shepard blinked and rubbed her head, the newly learned information made her head spin. The situation was messed up on several levels.

“Ok, Samara, full stop” said Shepard firmly and took a deep breath.

“I can’t hope to understand what you went through and I don’t really want to. I’m sorry but there are a few more things I want to clear. I assume that you as justicar have to kill Morinth, but if somebody captured her and send her to this monastery?” asked Shepard trying to maintain a calm demeanour. The matron looked at her.

“It’s an asylum, where violence is forbidden even for us and overseers pledged to care for all. But it won’t stop her. I appreciate the notion, commander. However Morinth is my responsibly, the justice must be done” answered the stoic asari.

“Have she been pursued by anybody else than you or an occasional cop? I mean somebody with means and skill” continued Shepard, not bothered by Samara’s rebuff. The asari thought for a second.

“No. She’s careful, one way or another her victims don't have a chance for respite. Morinth avoids making enemies she couldn’t dispatch by herself”

“Okey… listen, I have a proposition, a compromise of sorts. My friend, Liara has various operatives, some of them with less than clean past. I think they could capture her and make sure she is less of a threat. Worst case scenario another criminal dies, but I can assure you we’ll know Morinth is, no matter what” said Elizabeth finally and she could see a tiny flash of doubt on the matriarch’s face.

“The code demands I end the danger posed by Ardat-Yakshi, commander. I cannot let her be” answered the justicar flatly, but looked away.

“Normally, yes, but you swore an oath to me, yes? And I give you an alternative, Samara. I won’t make you go against your convictions, but I don’t agree with this. No matter how much you say it I don’t believe you’re fine with killing your own child. And I know it isn’t going to bring you peace, not by long shot” said Elizabeth in a hard tone and took a deep breath.

“Listen Samar… all I ask you is to consider it. For now, we are heading to Aeia. You have time to my return from there for you to think. The choice is yours. But, as your superior and friend, I order this to be your decision and your alone. Not just decision of the justicar faithful to the code” finished Shepard firmly. Samara glanced at her briefly.

“Very well, Shepard. I’ll honour my oath to you” replied the Samara and paused.

“However I have been justicar for many centuries, I don’t know if I’m still capable of anything else now. While I doubt the wisdom of your plan, I thank you for your concern. Please leave now, I have many matters to consider” 

The stoic asari sat down cross-legged and Shepard went to the corridor.

What a mess, hopefully Jacob’s mission will be simpler though commander with a tired sigh.




Hours later
Illium, Nos Astra’s trade district

Liara welcomed messages from Shepard like a sign from the goddess. She opened her omnitool and started with the official one. The doctor smiled when she learned that Tali fully re-joined the crew and gad the commander’s back. Then she went to the encrypted message. It soured her mood a little.

Information’s about Samara’s past and her daughter Morinth, an Ardat-Yakshi. Suggestion to use Nyxeris to capture her and make less of a treat, while testing my former assistant’s obedience summarised Liara. This made her a bit uneasy, even if she intellectually knew it was a good idea. The doctor made a mental note to do initial preparations for this operation. 

There was no doubt in the young matron’s mind that the commander would eventually get convince the ancient justicar.

The asari looked at the end of the message and signed. Apology for exploiting her and few words for courage about her current mission...

Since her arrival several hours later Liara was extremely busy, but equally productive.

She was on time to personally see off Ceathea, before she went with all of her cargo to the rachni. Hopefully, in a week’s time, she’ll receive an answer and maybe gain an ally against the Reapers.

The doctor had also made set in motion plans and operations, that would deal with her and Nyxeris absence. She had wiped all traces of them both and made sure everything would run smoothly without her.

It was tiring, but only one thing remained for that day. For Liara, the hardest one.

The doctor looked at the door adorned by a colourful hologram, like it was the entrance to the Void itself and took a deep breath. She headed in.



The bar “Eternity”

Aethyta served another set of drinks. Today’s had been busy, the multispecies crowd had been pouring for hours, but despite frequently changing faces it was the same bunch. Every now and then welcomes were exchanged.

Some company or sport’s team scored, great. But I have more important things to do thought the matriarch angrily, struggling to maintain her carefree demeanour. A few days ago out of nowhere, Liara disappeared after an attempt at her life and there had been the Shadow Broker’s agents tearing city looking for her. Coincidentally the Normandy had taken off at the same time.

Aethyta spent sleepless hours trying to learn anything but to no avail.

I need to get something, before one of those antiques back on Thessia gets in her head, that Liara goes Benezia. Or worse, the kid gets herself killed thought the ancient asari and began furiously cleaning the counter.

At this very moment, Liara walked in. Like she was a regular, who had a shit day at work and needed to get smashed. Not like somebody who just recently had been pursued by one of the most dangerous people in the galaxy. Strangely, the crowd seemed to automatically make room for the large asari as she walked to the counter.

With a titanic effort, Aethyta maintained her “bartender” expression.

“Hello, darling. What can I get for you?” said the bartender. The asari’s plumped face looked even more tired for split second.

“Vodka, please” replied Liara flatly.

“Right away” replied Aethyta with an unchanged voice, admittedly she was a bit surprised at the order. The matriarch poured the clear liquid and the young asari immediately drank it. Afterwards, she only took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes.

“Goddess…” murmured Liara, looking as tired as Aethyta as was old.

“Another shot or do you want something else?” asked the older asari playfully, trying her best to reign her parental impulses.

The pair of blue eye pierced the matriarch. Aethyta knew this look a little too well.

C’mon it cannot be as bad as with Benezia… 

“Yes. You could explain, why my father saw it fit to spy on my, behest of Asari republic?” asked Liara coldly.

“Well…. shit”




A few days later
The Shadow Broker base

Nyxeris felt like she was sitting on burning coals. It was the first time in weeks she was out of her, admittedly comfortable, cell. She didn’t know why she was moved and her mind jumped to the worst conclusions.

The former assistant was sitting in an ordinary interrogation room. One table, two chairs, a white interior and a big one-way mirror.

Her solitude was interrupted when her former target walked in. Liara was wearing her armoured coat over her plentiful body and holding a single holopad. Even the reinforced grab couldn’t fully hide movements of flesh. Without a word, she carefully sat opposite Nyxeris on far too small form her bottom chair.

“Perhaps you already heard that Feron didn’t make it and that I had to make a truce with the Broker “ started Liara without pleasantries.

“Yes, ma’am” replied Nyxeris obediently.

“While Shepard’s had good reasons, you can imagine how it makes me feel. And since I cannot get the Broker, there is one person that wronged me within my reach” said the fat asari in low voice. The thinner asari felt her mouth turn completely dry.

“Fortunately for you, I am asari of my word. You’ll live and I even found a use for you, Nyxeris” continued Liara and pushed holopad to Nyxeris. The older asari cautiously took it and activated it. Inside was data about some asari.

“That’s your target. Your objective first is to make a contact and get close to her. Once you accomplish that you are to diminish her physical capabilities. When I deem her state acceptable, you'll detain her and bring her to the location of my choosing. Optimally, changing the target of her obsession is also welcome. I believe you understand what I mean?” explained the information broker. Nyxeris nodded very slowly, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing as hope and joy bloomed in her chest.

“She isn’t used to sophisticated methods like me and the goal is much simpler. However, her response, should she learn of your action will likely be sudden and final. The target's termination, while a failure, is still acceptable in the worst-case scenario. Losing her without means to track is not. That’s the first test, prove your loyalty and abilities, Nyxeris. I think I don’t need to explain what will happen if you disappoint me in any way” said the doctor. Nyxeris looked at her, the first time that day.

“Of course, Liara. I’ll have it done” the thinner asari replied wholeheartedly. She looked at the image of a gorgeous asari wearing a seductive smile.

Nyxeris was going to turn her into an immobile glutton if that’s the last thing she does.



Over a week later


Liara just finished with the most pressing matters and made the finishing touches on Miranda’s dossier.

Shepard was right. Miss Lawson may be much more willing to switch sides than I anticipated mused Liara and grimaced. Her belly demanded food, much more so than she had fed it.

A message appeared before the doctor’s face. An incoming video call from Shepard. That it surprised the asari. As much as both hated it, they decided to keep communication to the minimum. Also while it was on a secure line, it wasn’t the one used for truly important matters.

Liara accepted.

Ah… The “I’m that this close to committing mass murder”-face

“Tali was accused of treason by Admiralty” said Shepard gravely. Suddenly her appearance became very understandable to Liara, who immediately mirrored her.

“I have dossiers and blackmail material about all its members. I’ll send them to you in a minute” replied the asari with determination. Elizabeth nodded.

“Thanks. Set them to Garrus too, just in case. We’ll try to deal with it Tali’s way, but if push comes to shove I won’t let them harm her or her reputation, no matter what” said Shepard. Liara didn’t ask if the commander though accessions true, it didn’t matter. Elizabeth sighed.

“You have that private dock back on Illium right? The crew could use some rest. I think that little vacation would be in order once we deal with this mess and Normandy needs repairs and tune-ups. Perhaps you could join?” said Shepard with a tired smile.

Liara considered only for a split second. She smiled.

“I’ll be there”



Over week later
 The Normandy Sr-2, Engineering deck

Shepard entered a room where their resident quarian worked. She had just returned from scouting some minor anomaly on the planet. After a few days and minor distractions, the commander hoped her friend felt better.

Tali rotated and faced Elizabeth.

“Shepard! What can I do for you?” asked the purple-clad woman, her voice a tone lighter than the last time. Shepard smiled warmly.

“I just wanted to chat. Unless you are busy?” explained the commander. Tali activated her omnitool.

“Sure. Let me just… Come on you little bosh’tet! Oh, sorry” apologised the quarian and disabled the glowing device.

“I’m having a small fever and I’m taking it out on the poor drive core”

That prompted inquires about Tali’s welling from concerned Shepard. It turned into talk about quarian’s weak constitution and the significance of wearing environmental suit almost all their lives.

“We‘re in suits even amongst family. The most intimidate thing we can do with another quarian is link our suits environments. We get sick at first and then we adapt. It’s our most important gesture of trust, of acceptance” explained Tali.

“I haven’t trusted anyone enough for that, though. Except… well, no quarian. Um. You know what I mean”

Shepard chuckled.

“Thanks, Miss vas Normandy, the feeling’s mutual. But you have nothing to prove to me” answered the commander.

“I know. Well, not that I know, but I didn’t mean it like that. It’s, um… Wow, it is really hot in here” fumbled the young quarian. Shepard raised an eyebrow.

“It’s just that the tradition also signifies a willingness for, um, intimacy. I wasn’t trying to… It’s not always like that. It’s more… How did we even end up talking about this?”

The quarian raised her hand to the helmet. Shepard blinked several times.

“Tali… are you hitting on me?” blurted Shepard and bit herself in the tongue angrily.

“What else I could be doing” nearly shouted the quarian and crossed her arms.

“I mean, a young quarian gets rescued by a dashing commander who lets her join her crew and then goes off to save galaxy?” said Tali and untangled her arms.

“How could she possibly develop any kind of interested in her” was the last thing added in a much meeker tone.

For the first time in a very long time, Shepard was completely out of words. Tali had never shown attraction to other females, much less human ones… And Elizabeth could see the quarian’s appeal, but Liara…

“Tali, I’m flattered, but…” began the commander carefully.

“You just got back with Liara” finished Tali and rubbed her hands.

“I’m sorry, I should have brought it up. Liara’s my friend and… Keelah, you don’t have to worry about it. Anyway, I should get back to work. Thanks for coming by” said the quarian and turned to the console.

Shepard opened her mouth and closed it hard. She could feel her nails dig painfully into her skin. The commander went hastily to the elevator and took a deep breath once it mowed.

Cholera, cholera thought Shepard with frustration. Tali’s confession was unexpected, to say the least. What’s worse Elizabeth could image herself being with the quirky quarian.

I’m back with Liara, happily so. It’s not like can… we’ll make them ours

The commander paused with opened beer halfway to her mouth. She imaged Liara and Tali, side by side, lying on a large bed. They ate furiously, their bodies expanded with soft flesh, rubbing together. Both beauties bodies were ripe with fat and mesmerizing…

They’ll grow immense

Shepard put a metal can to her lips and chugged weak alcohol like a life-saving cure.

I need a break


Two days later
The red spirit company dock

“That’s all Liara’s?” asked the starry-eyed quarian looking around. The facility wasn’t the largest she had seen, but one of the best-equipped ones. Most of the crew already left, save for several technicians, Tali and the Commander herself. The fiery-haired woman and purple-clad Quarian stood standing observing workers running around the stealth vessel.

“I’m happy it’s up to your standards, Tali” said a voice behind them. Shepard smiled and both turned around to the source.

“Liara it’s good to…” started the quarian, but paused baffled. It was the first time she saw the asari, since their team’s break up two years ago.

“… see you “ she finished quietly. Liara smiled with understanding.

“I understand my current appearance may be confusing. I’m happy to see you too"

“Uh… Garrus mentioned that you changed, but it’s not what’s I expected. I mean, I’m happy you weren’t wounded, but you look much wider, um, not that there is anything wrong with that… Keelah” fumbled Tali, growing more embarrassed with every second. Liara, wearing her green dress, grabbed Tali’s hands, still smiling.

“Thank you, Tali. I had problems getting used to it as well” reassured the plump asari and released the quarian’s hands. The commander noted with satisfaction, that there was no visible loss of Liara’s delightful flesh.

“No need, Tali. I had problems getting used to it as well” reassured the plump asari and released the quarian’s hands. The commander noted with satisfaction, that there was no visible loss of Liara’s delightful flesh.

“Speaking of, where’s Garrus?” asked the doctor. Elizabeth facer fell a little.

“He just found out, that on Nos Astra live some distant relatives of one of his teammates back on Omega. He said he was sorry, but he wanted to get this over with” explained the commander. Liara nodded sombrely.

“I see. I hoped we all could catch on, but I supposed we have time, based on what you told me. For now, I propose a dinner. I heard of a new place that serves for both levo and right based species” invited Liara with a smile. Tali jerked a little.

“Um, I think I’ll stay and help instruct technicians, wouldn't want to interrupt anything. Um, see you later” said the quarian as she started to retreat toward the ship. Walk soon evolved into a sprint. Liara blinked, confused. She looked at her paramour.

“Did I said something wrong?” asked Liara. After months of strictly professional conversations, she was afraid she had said something wrong. Shepard merely rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“I’ll tell you later”



Half hour later

Liara and Shepard were sitting by the table in a restaurant. The commander had been pleasantly surprised. While local was clearly high quality, it wasn’t snobby. Her militaristic outfit didn’t stand out. Also, their table was located in a secluded, corner of the room, making them nearly invisible to other guests. Though Elizabeth had a suspicion who was the restaurant’s owner.

Both received their order’s. The good food coupled with a smooth stream of words from both lovers resulted in a pleasant atmosphere.

Still, Shepard noticed that her plump paramour was pointlessly withholding her appetite. Elizabeth found the pitiful amount of food ordered by Liara to be most unsuitable for her ripening body.

Never mind that the heavy asari was inhaling meal noticeably bigger than Shepard’s.

“I prepared those files for Miss Lawson, that you asked for. You were right” said Liara after the final bit of her dish. Shepard had finished a little earlier and had been extremely focused on the asari’s mouth. She found Liara’s eating process to be extremely… interesting.

“Thanks, you’re an angel” replied Elizabeth with a wide smile. It weakened a little, during the entire meal she had been scourging courage to breach a certain topic.

“Liara, did Tali ever talked with you about… any romantic interests?” asked the commander.

Liara paused wiping herself with a napkin. She thought for a second and finished cleaning herself.

“Well, back on original Normandy I did discuss our relationship with her. We also talked about mating rituals of our species and experiences, but nothing concrete. Why?” told Liara with confusion and her face furrowed a little.

“Is something wrong? Is this why Tali was so startled earlier? Because I doubt it was my current appearance. Did somebody hurt her?”

Liara was a bit sad at the short reunion, but not angry. It was clear that their quarian friend wasn’t in the best mind-set and it wasn’t caused by her expanded figure. 

Shepard sighed soundlessly and managed to stop herself from rubbing her face.

“Recently, it came to my attention that Tali might have… romantic feelings towards me” admitted Elizabeth cautiously.

Liara slowly blinked several times and closed her eyes. She recalled interactions between Shepard and the lovely quarian as well as details of their more intimate conservations.

The asari sighed.

By the Goddess. To think Tali wouldn’t hold any feelings towards Shepard after all of this… I’m terrible when it comes to relationships

“I’m sorry for dropping it like that, but I thought it was better to clear the situation” explained Shepard calmly. Liara nodded.

“Thank you. This is rather unexpected, poor Tali. I admit I don’t know what to do” said the heavy asari honestly. Shepard face twisted for a second.

“Nothing. I love you, Liara and I care for Tali, but I’m with you. The best we can do is to be careful around her and maybe help find a better-suited target for her attention” replied Shepard seriously, but visibly saddened.

Liara was about to comment when a pretty human waitress came to them. She put two large plates with clearly asari food on the table and took dirty items. The waitress looked at Shepard.

“Your orders, ma’am. The rest are ready as well. Please, call me when you want them” informed the much smaller human pleasantly. Shepard nodded with a smile and the waitress left.

Liara carefully observed the exchange. The dishes before her couldn’t be for the commander, they clearly contained far too much eezo to be healthy for non-asari.

“Shepard, what’s all of this?” asked the round doctor. Elizabeth didn’t look ashamed in any way.

“I remember how you act when you aren’t eating despite being hungry. I told you so. Besides if this isn’t an occasion to indulge, I don’t know what is” replied Shepard with a saucy smile.

Liara wanted to retort but almost yelped. The blubbery asari felt something strange, albeit familiar, that was touching her legs. The commander had had to free her foot from the heavy military-grade boot and its bare surface was currently stroking the doctor’s fattened, blue cankles.

The ex-archaeologist felt blush entering her plump cheeks and soon she felt a small vibration of the table. Shepard pushed one of the dished right under her. Her ever-demanding stomach released unpleasant pang, Liara was still somewhat hungry. Despite her best attempts, her gluttonous middle didn’t comply with her plans to cut down on food and the dish looked so good.

The struggling asari managed to switch her attention to Shepard. That didn’t help.

The commander’s face was strange, worrying, but even more enticing. That expression, that smile, demanded complete obedience and promised orgasmic rewards in exchange. That eyes, those hungry, predatory eyes… by the goddess… did Shepard had vertical eyes pupil in those fiery eyes?

Liara blinked trying to dispel that weird trick of the light. She felt cold sweat on her back, the doctor knew that Elizabeth wouldn’t hurt or threaten her, but some primitive part of her brain screamed about the danger. On the other side, unexpected tingling and heat in her …ahem… intimidate areas made the situation only more bizarre, if strangely exciting.

The doctor’s breath quickened, her purple blush remained. The meaty thighs rubbed as Liara squirmed under Shepard gaze. The commander smile widened.

“Don’t worry Liara, don’t be shy. C’mon, eat” said Shepard in a seemingly pleasant voice and gestured to steaming food. Yet everything in Liara screamed to obey, a weird mix of fear and lust forcing her to obey.

Without a word, the soft asari took cutlery and started to slowly dine again. The fried meat on the plate before her was good and her expanded stomach still demanded more.

Liara ate slowly like before, at first. However, Shepard’s word’s and gaze was making it change. Her pace hastened, pudgy arms were moving a bit faster with every second while delivering food between blue lips. The commander seamlessly replaced the empty dish with a full one and the enthralled doctor continued without a pause. By the time she was half the second dish her eating was so fast and gluttonous, it could barely be called civil.

More food-filled trays arrived, but Liara paid them no mind, too preoccupied with what she was devouring. The doctor’s belly become was sated, but the young matron didn’t care. After months of Nyxeris’s “training”, her stomach had capability and elasticity that allowed her to eat much more than to simply to sate her.

The waitress kept making a beeline to their table as Liara’s belly grew. The already large gut looked like beyond fat it contained twins in the last stages of development and only kept pushing forward. Shepard only watched and replaced plates, occasionally giving quiet words of encouragement. Her face still had this strange expression, only her smile widened, allowing white, strangely sharp teeth to shine through.

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever. The blue cheeks started to bulge with food, Liara wasn’t able to swallow it quickly enough. Her enormous belly was on its very limits, sending waves of sharp pain to her brain. Her dress was clinging to it tightly, looking on the verge of tearing. The doctor’s breathing was quick enough to send ripples through her plentiful breast and fat flesh. There was a sweat shining on her head.

Finally, Liara finished with a dish and no new appeared. Unsure, she put the cutlery down, the young matron still was prompted to continue. After a few more seconds she slumped down and leaned heavily on the chair, her head went backwards and Liara closed her eyes. Her cheeks were still ridiculously stuffed with food, the doctor resumed chewing and the final gigantic lump of mashed food travelled visibly down her gullet.

The ex-archaeologist exhaled sharply and started breathing with her mouth. Carefully she began to massage her engorged belly.

She felt napkin touch her face and softly clean her face. Liara slowly opened her eyes. Shepard had changed her location, now sitting next to her. Her face was similar, yet so different. The pleasant, human, smiling face was looking at Liara, instead of a predator in mortal flesh.

Liara returned smile weakly and closed her eyes. She felt tired, the entire meal felt like haze. Yet, despite her the throbbing pain of her overstuffed middle, the doctor was experiencing satisfaction and, by the Goddess, arousal. The delicate strokes of Shepard's hand on her belly and the doting way she was cleaning the glutted doctor face only added to the fire.

Suddenly the doctor heard something, a sound of glass being put on the table. She groggily opened her eyes and sight before shook immediately her awake. The glutted asari experienced waves of desire and sharp pain when she was looking at the decadent bowl of ice-cream. The cold balls were practically swimming in chocolate sauce.

Shepard, seeing her distress, took matters into her own hands. She took a long spoon and filled it with a sweet treat. Carefully, not to spill a single droplet, the commander put a portion next to asari's mouth.

“Say, aahhh” said the tall woman sweetly with that disarming smile. Despite fullness and pain, Liara saw no other choice than to obey.

A few second later fat, gooey mass was sliding down her gullet with a painful jolt. But the blubbery doctor didn’t get a chance to rest, Shepard was ready with another portion, and another, and another. Despite pain and hesitancy Liara continued to eat, she had to.

Minutes that felt like hours passed, but slowly the enormous bowl was slowly being emptied. Small droplets of creamy liquid occasionally spilled from corners of blue beauty's full lips. At long last, the enormous, glass chalice showed its bottom, when the last bit of chocolate-covered ice-cream slid to Liara's overstuffed stomach. The fat organ was now a true mountain of flesh that almost reached the knees of the engorged doctor. The blueberry gut of the wide asari was inflated by multiple pounds of fattening food.

Liara, once again closed her eyes, trying to breathe as calmly and shallowly as not to anger her digesting belly. Meanwhile, Shepard tenderly cleaned the asari's chocolate-stained face and later turned all of her attention to caressing the gluttonous mound, attached to her lover. During feeding and now she was biting her lip, trying to contain the excitement.

After several minutes of rhythmic breathing and the commander’s care, Liara became more coherent. After a little more time she even managed to partially block the whirlwind of contradictory stimuli and filings. 

The glutted asari opened her eyes and examined the situation. Next to her Shepard was smiling serenely and massaging…

By the Goddess…

Liara, just then, realized the size of her tremendous stomach. Sure, she saw herself in similar states in Nyxeris’s recording and thought hypnotic haze. But in reality, with a clear head? And even with it being strained to limits she still could see folds of loose fat on her sides.

“I look pregnant, fat and pregnant” gasped Liara weekly.

“Then you look beautiful” replied a saucy voice next to her. Shepard was smiling at her in a way that made Liara’s head spin.

“Want to head home and laid down?” asked the commander. Liara winced, she doubted she could move with an incredible load inside her with only her physical strength.

“I’ll help” said Shepard and gently grabbed her. Liara nodded, with a heavy groan and Elizabeth help the glutted asari managed to stand up. After a brief pause, being supported by Shepard she started to slowly waddle towards the exit.




Several minutes later
Liara’s apparent

Liara’ being supported by Shepard, managed to waddle into her apartment. The large food baby was clearly visible through the strained dress.

How did this append? thought the asari and sat heavily on one of her couches, which creaked ominously. Strolls of any kind no longer figured on her list of pleasant activities. Nowadays, she preferred to sit or lay down with something good to read and a supply of chocolate treats within reach. Fortunately, her job was mostly sedentary.

The dinner that started innocently enough transformed into something completely different. It resulted in mountains of confusion and food finding their way inside the doctor.

Not like I objected though the blushing asari and reminded herself of her weak objections as Shepard had been placing yet another portion of delicious cuisine. Liara subconsciously knew she would be disappointed if the commander had heeded her pleas.

Shepard kneeled next to the stuffed asari and started to gently rub the gluttonous organ as it released digestive noises. The commended was smiling fondly as she attended to the heavy asari.

“buuurrrpp” gas escaped the plump limps. Liara cowered her mouth and her face turned almost completely purple. Shepard only chuckled and raised herself a little to give a peck to the doctor’s rounded cheek.

“No need to get embarrassed. It’s only natural” assured Elizabeth with a saucy smile and continued to tend to the globular gut. Liara could fell her adipose move under the muscular woman’s pale fingers, bringing her this strange bliss, when the idea struck her.

Suddenly, the ex-archaeologist reminded herself about those old articles about humans that liked their partners heavier, if not obese. Elizabeth had proven to like her new figure, the blue adipose only enhancing their experiences. Besides encouraging her muscle training Shepard left the decision about her weight to Liara, at the same time making sure the asari was receiving belly-busting meals, when possible. She did mention her mother was on a heavier side as well, perhaps

Perhaps she… doesn’t want me to lose gain, not really unexpected suspicion arose within the exhausted asari with surprise and… hope, excitement(?). Her mind raced for a few more seconds before the doctor decided to take the commander advice from when they talked about Liara’s father.

“Shepard… do you like my current body?” asked the panting asari. The fiery-haired woman paused and looked at the asari, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

“Of course, but you know that. Did something happened?” said the commander with a hint of worry.

“Let me rephrase, do you enjoy my current body more than when I was under two hundred pounds?” inquired the doctor calmly but with a small blush. Elizabeth’s eyes widened for a second, she sighed heavily and san next to Liara, grabbing gently her hand.

“Well... yes. That new body of yours… it drives me crazy” admitted Shepard softly and continued to rub the blue hand.

“Why didn’t you say so?” asked Liara and squeezed the commander's limbs.

“Well, that’s… it's news to me, too. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Also, you were dead set on losing weight and the circumstances of how you gained it… I didn’t want to pressure you or push you away. Not after everything that had happened“ explained slowly the commander, but she smiled weakly.

“You have to admit it did make last time quite memorable”

Liara chucked and shoved Shepard playfully, which prompted a painful ** from her stuffed middle. Elizabeth laughed as well and carefully embraced the soft asari.

“I admit, that all this weight did make uneasy at first, but I don’t hate as I thought I would. Although I wouldn’t realize your fondness for my current figure if not for some old, human articles” replied Liara with a small bush. Elizabeth raised eyebrows, after a second she smirked wickedly.

“Liara T’Soni, I leave you for a second and you start watching human porn. Am I neglecting you?” teased the commander. The asari blush deepened.

“Nothing like that. I just found some old human articles about humans who enjoy larger partners in Nyxeris's files. I just now connected it to our situation” defended the doctor. Shepard was still smiling, but her expression slowly grew more serious.

“So... where we go from here? I do like your bigger body, but I don't want to be with you no matter how much you weight. I understand if you want some space after that thing with your assistant” said the commander solemnly. Liara merely snuggled closely to the ginger, her soft flesh pushing into the muscular woman.

“To be honest, I’ve grown rather found to lavish meals, cutting back on them proved to be much harder than I had anticipated. My current physique isn’t bothering me, it even proved to be an asset in certain situation. If you like it then I see no reason to change it” explained the doctor with a small smirk and guided Elizabeth hand back to her swollen belly. Relief mixed with excitement entered the pale woman’s face. Shepard gave her a wide smile and kissed the blue beauty like there was no tomorrow. The commander hadn't dared to hope for such a turn of events, despite ever louder, cold whispers in the back of her head that.

“You wonderful, wonderful woman” breathed out Elizabeth after Liara broke away gasping for breath. Liara was panting with a smile on her face. She didn’t even correct Shepard about her being a female.

“*pant*… perhaps, I’ll even consider expanding my figure further, if you would be interested?” added Liara jokingly, enjoying Elizabeth proximity and affections with closed eyes. She had only meant to tease her lover, the asari’s words had a much greater effect.

The plentiful doctor felt Shepard put a hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Elizabeth leaning over her and squeezing her face. There was a strange, longing smile on the woman’s face, and her eyes… At their sight, Liara felt a strange feeling in the depths of her lard filled belly, a feeling akin to fear. Once again it felt like something terrifying was hiding under the commander’s mortal skin.

“Would you really? Just a few more pounds more to see how it is?” asked the commander in a low husky voice, seemingly looking into Liara’s very soul. The doctor’s breathing quickened, the intense request was both unexpected, but more than a little exciting.

But little, avian part of her brain was screaming on her to flee. She didn’t listen.

“I… suppose a little more weight won’t make a difference with my biotics. It will be nice to indulge a bit” replied the doctor suddenly feeling shy and defenceless like when they first met, seemingly a lifetime ago...

Shepard’s face split into a wide smile, that showed her abnormally sharp teeth. A second later she had kissed the good doctor’s lips with unseen ferocity, same with her hands. Pale fingers kneaded and squeezed the asari plentiful flesh without mercy.

The ex-archaeologist was defenceless against the muscular female's assault. The blue beauty felt herself practically melt under Shepard tender care.

After what felt like hours to the round doctor they broke apart. Liara gasped desperately for air, while Shepard didn’t look even a bit the worse for wear.

Aren’t asari supposed to last longer without air than humans? was the first coherent thought that appeared in the asari bliss hazed mind. And the last, before she yelped.

Shepard grabbed her and lifted her, bridal style. Without missing a beat the commander started walking and made her way upstairs to the bedroom. With every step of ginger-haired beauty, Liara felt the movement of her wobbling fat and the strained muscles of her lover.

Finally, the commander laid the doctor on the bed, gently but with clear relief. Walking quickly with over well over 400 pounds in such a position was a bit tiring even for the muscular woman.

Liara was breathing hard. Once again Shepard was leaning over her on the bed as her hand wandered her plump body, looking for the zipper.

“I really wouldn’t mind if I couldn’t lift you” said the commander with a wicked smile and kissed her plentiful lover. Liara had an inkling Shepard wasn’t talking about losing her strength.

Soon enough both were free of constraining clothes. The commander lovingly kneaded and shaped blue fat, giving extra attention to the doctor’s stuffed belly.

It is a good thing I barely lost any weight thought Liara as first moans escaped her lips.





Liara groggily opened her eyes, vaguely hearing something happening downstairs. First glance around her revealed that Shepard wasn’t in the bed.

The asari yawned and lazily stretched her limbs. This action made her grimace a little, most of her body felt sore, after their nightly festivities.

Worth it ran through her head as started to absentmindedly rub her doughty stomach. Last night was a wild blur of ecstasy, Shepard had seemed to be even more eager and wilder than back on the Normandy. No fold of fat was safe from the commander's greedy affections.

Meld was different as well, instead of a gentle connection, there had been a whirlwind of mixed thoughts and orgasmic emotion. Thankfully the cloud of feral and alien emotions from the commander allowed Liara to keep enough distance not to initiate reproduction.

Unfortunately, I doubt either of us would mind thought the doctor, but she knew it was for the better. The deeper meld allowed her to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth mind. Liara admitted sourly that she couldn't reliably read her human's thoughts, outside focused melds. Shepard’s mind always wild and keen, but now it seemed even more overwhelming, more enigmatic and terrifying.

Still, Liara learned a few things, unusual ones, but reassuring all the same. She felt Shepard’s devotion to her, her happiness at the reunion. The myriad of feeling, mostly positive, towards her crew, a lot of confusion in the case of Tali. What Elizabeth though about children and her plumper figure was largely covered in a thick layer that Liara hadn’t managed to fully decipher.

It doesn’t feel like Shepard only wants a few more pounds or a single digit of daughters thought Liara and bit her lip. 

The doctor wasn’t able to fully understand what happened in the commander’s mind or even vocalize what she learned. But her lower’s desires made her simultaneously excited and terrified.

The doctor wasn’t able to fully comprehend what happened in the commander’s mind or even summarise, what she learned. But her lover’s desires made her simultaneously excited and terrified.

I don’t know which one of us is more hungry mused Liara and patted her round middle. She was growing more appreciative of her expanded figure.

The asari heard steps and looked towards the stairs. It was Shepard, she was holding a large tray filled with dishes and sizable plastic bags hanging from her muscular arms.

The ginger also noticed the asari and smiled beamingly.

“Sorry if I wake you up, but I thought you would appreciate breakfast. I ordered it from a company you had a card from” said the tall woman, placing a tray near asari and bags on the floor. Liara glanced at the meal before and felt the pit in her stomach. Yesterday’s food, which had been packed tightly in her belly, had been long single digested into blue lard.

Despite the food and the curvy female, clothed in a sleeveless shirt, tempting her like some ancient demoness, Liara managed to remind herself of one single matter that continued to haunt her mind. One that they didn’t resolve yesterday.

“Thank you, Shepard” replied smiling asari and sat on the bed, with straightened legs and back facing wall. The doctor felt her thighs rub and belly pour on them, but those sensations were now anything but unwelcome.


“There’s one thing we didn’t finish talking about, yesterday. What about Tali?”

The commander’s expression darkened slightly, she stopped opening containers and took a deep breath.

“I’m not sure what else there is to say. She is my friend, one of my best ones, but I’m with you and nothing is going to change that” replied Shepard seriously, if a little too fast.

“I know, but If it wasn’t for me, would you be interested in her?” asked Liara trying to ignore the smells surrounding her and the demands of her starved belly. Shepard averted her gaze.

“Yes” answered Elizabeth after a few seconds.

“Tali grew into a wonderful woman. I cannot say for sure how I would find her actual appearance, but I think it would be worth it. Heh… I would be more worried about such degenerate like me dragging her down”

Liara smiled.

“Yes, you’re a terrible influence” commented the asari. But mentally she was considering the situation.

“And if she was to join us?” asked the plump asari. Elizabeth blinked, then chuckled.

“I’m sure anybody would happily receive attention from two beautiful women, myself included myself. But I won’t try anything like that, don’t worry. Wouldn’t be fair to both of you” assured Shepard with a weak smile.

Meanwhile, gears in Liara’s head were turning furiously. She had no desire for Elizabeth to be with somebody else in any capability, especially now. But Tali was her friend, even after their separation, and the doctor knew the effect the fiery-haired woman had on others better than anyone. The quarian won’t move on, not truly. Would Liara be able to peacefully live the remains of her millennium-long life with that knowledge?

Well, I am an asari and there are ways to make it bearable the plentiful asari reminded herself of types of relationship that were mostly unique to her species come to her mind. She had mixed emotion, but she decided on the course of action.

Suddenly the blue beauty noticed a forkful of food before her, she glanced to the side. Shepard had the shadow of this strange predatory-like expression from the day before. Wordlessly Liara opened her mouth and soon a portion of food was running down her gullet. This time any protest didn’t even appear in her mind.

For a second the asari reminded herself of the bags Shepard had brought, but only smiled with a full mouth. Even if her stomach wasn’t up to the task, Elizabeth would make sure she manages.

However, even as more calorie-heavy food was filling her eager stomach, part of Liara’s mind, one that wasn’t overcome with delight, were preparing a plan.

Once all edible items were inside the bulging orb located inside the doctor’s middle and Shepard was planting tender kisses on strained skin, the plan was ready.


Next day
 Nos Astra, the Normandy SR-2, Engineering deck

“Bosh’tet!” swore Tali as she went through a console’s settings. Engineers that had been working on the Normandy were fairly competent, but more than a few matters weren’t up to the quarian's taste. Just initial changes presented issues she knew she would have to correct later.

“I need to look on their hands or I’ll have to set everything up after their improvements” hissed Tali with annoyance. Right now she was alone, the quarian had decided to check initial results after a long stroll in the city.

“I’ll have them work according to your instruction if you would write them down,” said an amused voice behind Tali’s back. The purple-clad quarian nearly jumped, but instead, she quickly turned around, her hand on the shotgun handle.

When the ice-cold realization of who her “guest” was reached her brain, Tali regretted it wasn’t a blood-crazed krogan.

It was Liara in that green dress of hers. The quarian missed her blue friend, back when they first met they were equally lost on the human vessel. As their journey with Shepard progressed, many things changed and their bands of misfits transformed into some strange family. Tali loved Liara, the asari was one of few people she would lay her life on without hesitation. The quarian had been happy to meet again with the shy archaeologist, but…

Her messy confession complicated the situation. Tali realised her feelings towards the tall human only after the original Normandy’s destruction. But the commander had returned and rescued her again, twice. That did not help matters, but the way Shepard had defended her and helped her back home was the last drop. She had blurted out what she had felt, despite knowledge of Elizabeth’s renewed relationship.

Then, there was Liara, despite little to none contact during the last two years she still was her friend, but Tali couldn’t quite comprehend how much Liara had changed. After the trial, Shepard had revealed that the doctor had provided them with blackmail material for the eternity of Admiralty. That was equally touching and worrying. Then Garrus had told her outline about their reunion with the good doctor that only added to the confusion.

As the final injury had been the abysmal greeting. Despite the scarred turian story, Liara’s figure was a surprise. Tali had wanted to tactfully approach the subject, but she simply didn’t know how to. There was no such thing as a fat quarian, after all.

To put it simply the engineer had no idea how to deal with all of this. Not in the slightest.

I mean, she doesn’t look bad ran through the quarian’s feverish mind as she scanned Liara’s expanded curves.

“Thanks, I’ll prepare instructions,” said Tali and rubbed her hands.

“Liara, I’m... I'm sorry about my reaction. I didn’t even thank you for your help with my trial. It’s just, um, last weeks were bit much”

“I understand, and I’m not mad. We all have a chance to catch up later. However I’m here to talk about something else, only with you” explained Liara and walked closed to the quarian. Tali didn’t feel a one bit reassured.

“Shepard told me about your feelings”

“Is this the part where you tell me to stay away from her?” asked the quarian with an angry note, but really she was just sad. There was no good outcome for her there. Liara only smiled.

“Truthfully, if you were somebody else that would be the case. I admit that I’m rather possessive of Elizabeth. But you are one of my dearest friends. So I have a proposition” said the overweight asari and slowly grabbed Tali’s hands.

“Would you like to join us, me and Shepard” asked Liara, looking directly into luminescent eyes.

“Huh?” was the only thing the purple-clad woman said. Her mind short-circuited, it took her several long seconds to gather a fraction of sane thoughts.

“Are you saying that me… that three of us… you two and I would…” fumbled Tali, looking for words. She was fairly sure that her suit cooling systems will give up soon, she could practically feel steam coming from her.

“I suggest that you start a polygamous relationship with Shepard and me, yes” confirmed Liara calmly. Tali’s heart attempted to escape her chest, The heavy asari smiled and continued.

“That’s merely a suggestion. Shepard won’t admit it straight but I believe she would be alright with it. I have my reservations and thought of sharing Elizabeth is… most unpleasant… but you are one of few people I would consider it doing it with”

Liara paused and shifted into a more serious expression. Slowly she guided three-fingered hands to her meaty sides.

“However, you must decide if you would be alright with such an arrangement. If you could be intimate with Shepard and me. Also, I need to warn you. I have no intention of losing my extra weight and I will fight for Shepard, with all my power if necessary. Ultimately the decision, if you want to try, falls to you, Tali”

The doctor’s expression softened and walked even closer, her belly squishing lightly the quarian belly and torso.

“I believe we could make it work and I truly want you to be happy” encouraged Liara and retreated a second later.

“I didn't told Elizabeth about this idea. If you accept we’ll meet and discuss some finer details. If not, nothing happened. I don’t need an answer imminently, but please try to decide before the mission against Collectors. Is that alright with you, Tali?” said the doctor.

“Um… yes, that’s… that’s alright” answered Tali with a shaky voice, her eyes wide open and looking at the round asari.

Liara smiled and began walking away. Tali could see how her large ass wobble under the dress.

She does have nice hips thought suddenly appeared in the quarian woman’s mind. Bewildered Tali sat on the nearby chest with equipment and put her hands on the helmet.


“Keelah” said the young woman. She was never that confused in her life.




Three days later
Hotel near Nos Astra entertainment district

“Shepard” greeted Miranda and let the taller woman in. The commander had donned a civilian outfit, that still looked like a black, military uniform with a wealth of pockets. Miranda remained in her typical outfit, only a black one.

“Please sit down, I made coffee” said the brunette and gestured towards the living room.


The apartment was of moderately good quality, but it wasn’t one Miranda was living in during the Normandy upgrade process. This local was rented by Miranda only when she needed extra privacy, once even used during a meeting with her younger twin.

Both women sat near a small, glass table opposite to themselves. Shepard took few sips of steaming liquid, Miranda was merely holding the cup, like she was trying to warm her hands. The commander waited patiently.

“I’ve evaluated data provided by doctor T’Soni” started the Cerberus operative carefully, but her grip tightened dangerously.

“My father is working with Cerberus”

At that moment Miranda slammed the cup down spilling droplets of hot liquid and began angrily walking across the room.

“That bastard! Agh!” shouted the shorter woman, but her movements betrayed tiredness and desperation.

Three days earlier Shepard provided Miranda with data about her father connection to Cerberus and few other ventures by that organization. Ones that Miranda found shameful, but blamed on singular, rogue cells and where she defended the Illusive Man. As she had found out he had supported those experiments.

After a minute the genetically engineered female calmed herself and sat down, putting a hand on her head.

“I’m sorry about that Shepard. It’s just…”

“You trusted him and he was lying to you from day one. I understand. Believe me, if I was in your place that apartment would be in much worse condition” said Shepard empathically with an apologetic smile. Miranda exhaled heavily and relaxed a little.

“Yes, and I have no idea what to do right now” admitted the brunette with resignation, maybe even a hint of shame and looked directly at the commander.

“But I’m sure you have some proposition”

Shepard nodded solemnly.

“The way I see it, you can either try and handle it alone or try working with us” answered Shepard. Miranda raised an eyebrow.

“By us, I mean me, Liara and a few of our friends, but likely it will be mainly Liara. I was a bit surprised, but she had started preparing for Reapers on a much larger scale than I initially thought and I don’t mean just blackmail material. Still, any preparations are going to be useless if we keep sabotaging ourselves. The Illusive Man doesn’t care for humanity agenda, even if he deludes himself so, he only cares for Cerberus. I’m no saint, Miranda, and I’m willing to go far, but he did much worse than that” explained the commander seriously looking directly into Miranda’s eyes.

“I want to stop Reapers. You know it’s true, but I need help. And I’m not good with subtle, not like you and Liara. What’s more, you know Cerberus, better than any of us. Either way, I want your support. In exchange, you get protection for you, Oriana and her family.”

Shepard finished and took a sip of coffee. Miranda was silent, a mix of very different emotion boiling inside her. She had been just betrayed and since the beginning, she had a certain reservation about how Shepard behaved. But the tall woman was always truthful about her opinions and motivations, painfully so. In the short amount of time, the commander had done more for Miranda, than anybody else.

The brunet sighed heavily.

“Very well, Shepard. I’ll work with you as long as you help protect Oriana” replied Miranda solemnly and extended her hand.

Shepard smiled brilliantly and accepted it.

“It’s good to have you, Miranda. For real this time. And worry, we take care of our own” said Elizabeth and gently shook.

I almost regret not going along with the plan to try and seduce her though Miranda felling a bit warm at the commander earnest declaration. It was a proposition for a more traditional mean to control Shepard, considering her preferences and Miranda’s own abilities in this regard it seemed feasible to few advisors.

For several minutes they talked about the basic of this arrangement, although Miranda had to speak with Liara about technical details.

“It would be good to prepare something to shield Oriana in case Illusive Man finally tell my father about her location. I haven’t restricted this information from him” said Miranda once the most important things were taken care of. Elizabeth nodded.

“Confirm a few things for me. You and Oriana are genetically identical, you are simply older?” asked the taller woman.

“Yes, we were made from this same material” admitted Miranda with a small wince.

“From I read and your words, Mister Lawson is rather a vain man. He spent as much money making you smart, strong and dangerous as he spent making sure you could pay for living as a professional model, am I right?”

“I saw pictures of my closest, female ancestors. They are similarities, but… improvements are undeniable” said the (former) Cerberus agent slowly, she was unsure what Shepard was leading to.

“So there is an idea: what if we make Oriana no longer wanted by papa Lawson”

Miranda blinked surprised but intrigued.


“We’ll fake a genetic defect that is revealed with age. One that, at least for somebody like your father, makes you physically undesirable, even if everything else is mostly fine. I briefly talked with Chakwas and Mordin about one concept I had. They said it's plausible” explained the commander.

“And since Oriana is my exact copy she would develop it with time, as well. That idea has merit, but it cannot be something minor or easy to disprove. I cannot simply put on a few fake pimples. You said you had a concept” considered the brunette. Miranda had her doubts, but the concept was promising.

“Yes. You could gain weight”

Miranda stared at her flatly with a frown.

“Just, bear with me. We fake dysfunction that makes you pile on the pounds and weakens your biotics, perhaps even gives you a fainting spell if you don’t get enough calories. According to Mordin, a diagnosis like that cannot be completely disproven without checking your entire metabolism. You, for better or worse, are a perfectionist you wouldn’t be getting fat if you had a choice. I take you for fewer assignments as it progresses, you have more time to eat and spy on Cerberus. Admittedly, you'll have to become clinically overweight, at least and relatively soon for it to be believable” clarified Shepard seriously. Miranda's eyes widened, she was digesting information for several long seconds.

“That… could work. Despite his own dubious fitness my father always very vocally about his distaste for any woman that didn’t meet his tastes. But its rather radical” replied the smaller woman carefully. Shepard nodded.

“I understand and I admit that I came up with it due to that mess with Liara’s assistant. But I thought about it and did a bit of research with our resident mad scientist. We haven’t come with anything better so far. Liara proved it’s possible to use biotics to counteract extra weight when it comes to fighting and what we salvaged from Nyxeris’s operation provides us with means to help with this project” said Shepard and took a sip from her coffee.

“Listen it’s just an idea. If you have better, then we use yours. Even if you don't come with something else we don't have to do it. It's up to you, Miranda” finished the commander and checked the hour. She stood up.

“Think about it. Now, I have to go and check if Grunt didn’t eat anybody. If you agree we will prepare everything, but I need an answer before we leave Illium. See you later”

Miranda stood up and accompanied the commander to the exit. Shepard stopped before the door and faced the shorter woman.

“One more thing. I know you won’t like it but you should apologise to Jack.” said Elizabeth. Miranda’s face furrowed.

“She’s a degenerate” argued brunette.

“She’s not. You just don’t care to look beyond tattoos and swearing. Remember, Jack largely ended like that thanks to Cerberus. I’m not saying she couldn’t try to do better, but she was right about them and partially about you. Besides, Miranda, you didn’t need to so fanatically defend TIM, either. So I ask you to take this data and try to make peace with her”

Miranda looked at Shepard with doubt but nodded.

“I’ll try, but don’t blame if she explodes”

Elizabeth smiled and exited the apartment, leaving the brunette with many things to consider.

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Hello, this chapter's a bit short, but I'm currently short on time and concrete ideas. However, I think it fits together nicely.. 😅

Most importantly, thank you for such encouraging words. 😂

I hope that the following mesh of random words will be somewhat enjoyable for you all.


Chapter 20: Answers

Five days later, afternoon
Miranda’s safe house

The (former) Cerberus operative was looking at the feast before her deep in thought. That day was tiring, although not physically. She had spent hours ironing the detail with T’Soni and fighting the urge to withhold Cerberus's secrets. Still, they managed to deal with most confidential matters, so they had had to breach more personal issues.

Despite Miranda’s research and private consultations with their medical team, the brunette hadn’t found a superior alternative to Shepard’s plan. Which led to her current predicament. A large supply of extremely calorie-heavy MRS and vacuum-sealed meals, as well as special supplements, were soon going to be shipped to Normandy. She had also relived coordinates to a place from which she could recive fresh food.

T’Soni said it would probably help to start and “train” with normal food thought Miranda with annoyance, but soon sighed.

The brunette had no reason to be angry at the asari. Despite their questionable history and her occasional outbursts, the tubby doctor remained perfectly calm and civil. She had, of course, warned her of the consequences of betrayal, but the information broker was simply stating facts with no malice.

Miranda came to realize that it had been T’Soni’s unconcerned approach to that “plan” and what it implied, had been rubbing her the wrong way.

“I suppose, compared to her, I have no right to complain” said the perfect woman heavily and winced at the growing hunger pains. According to the instruction she already had dosed herself with medications to help. Her stomach felt like it was trying to devour itself.

Slowly, Miranda took the cutlery. The meal before her was enormous and ridiculously fattening, even though theoretically healthy. Genetically perfect or not, the brunette always maintained a strict diet, which was now being mocked by the mountain of ridiculously rich food before her.

And there are dessert left reminded herself Miranda about the still unpacked sweets next to her.

She took a deep breath and cut a piece of meat from the first plate.


The food tasted divine, this, supplemented by the seemingly bottomless pit in the brunette's stomach, began to promptly crush Miranda’s hesitance. The operative promptly started to eat without reservation and with unexpected focus. The meat was quickly being cut and transported between the woman's shapely lips. Interruptions were only caused by the need to wipe hot juices from her mouth.

The brunette blinked when she realized that she had cleaned the first place. And despite its size, she still felt hungry. Miranda hesitated for a second but brought a second platter closer. She decided to follow this plan, there was no going back now.

Some sort of casserole, delicious and heavy. A stream of a meat-cheese mix made its way through her gullet. Miranda ate voraciously, despite fading hunger, the food was just too delicious. Once she was done with the greasy mountain, the brunette was more than full.

Still, her mind was set and an alien, overwhelming appetite were prompting her to eat more. Yet an unexpected feeling in her middle made her pause.

Miranda looked down and her eyes widened. Her stomach, always flat and toned was visibly protruding from her stomach. After a few seconds, speechless Miranda realized that discomfort was caused by her skin-tight uniform.

The brunette clenched her teeth. She unzipped it and removed the top of it, leaving her body, from the waist up, bare, save for a bra. As a side effect, she was forced to confront her uncovered, stuffed belly.

Miranda took a deep breath. She managed to push her doubts aside and returned to eating. The moment a spoon loaded with curry passed her lips, the chemically-induced desire for food once again overwhelmed everything. With every mouthful, her stomach pushed further and fullness become painful. In spite of this, Miranda dutifully ate.

Finally, all hot food founds its way inside her. The ex-Cerberus leaned back on the couch, breaching rapidly. She was stuffed.

After a minute Miranda reminded herself of the cake, still in the container.

I couldn’t possibly… no I already made a compromise, by avoiding MRS

With a grimace, she reached a nearby container. Inside was a small, simple, chocolate cake. Despite the lack of any ornaments on its surface and her painfully full stomach, Miranda felt herself salivating.

The brunette cut herself first piece and began to eat. The cake's simplistic look was misleading, it tasted like pure poesy. Miranda ate with pleasure, but the pain in her middle kept growing.

The crisis came halfway through the cake. Miranda was panting and her body was shining with sweat. The brunette was simply too full, even drugs she had been eating weren’t able to help.

After a minute she clenched her fist. She knew she needed to stretch her stomach, get used to large meals, as soon as possible.

The perfect woman grabbed the platter with the cake and brought it directly to her open maw. Miranda proceeded to inhale the treat with speed and animalistic ferocity that prevented her from second thoughts. Crumbles and chocolate were flying everywhere, her stomach throbbed with pain, but she kept going.

Finally, the empty container loudly hit the table. Miranda ate the cake.

Her face and upper body were covered in chocolate and crumbles, the couch hadn’t been spared either. The brunette was sitting still for several seconds when suddenly her eyes widened and she suddenly closed her hand on the mouth.

I’m going to…!


For better or worse medication in food and ones, which Miranda had taken before prevented disgorge.

Miranda grabbed an entire roll of paper towels and leaned on the sofa with relief. Slowly she cleaned herself. When the brunette and her surroundings were relatively clean, Miranda carefully laid herself on the couch.

After several minutes of rest, the operative looked on her belly and grimace. The organ expanded even further, looking like she had swallowed a volleyball and turned light-red.

She extended her hand over her head, after few seconds she managed to locate the container with a cream. Miranda had been instructed to apply it to her belly after eating.

The biotic hissed when a cold substance made contact with her oversensitive shin, but just a few seconds after she felt relief.

And from now on, every meal will be like that  Miranda reminded herself with resignation, there was no going back now. Despite the humiliating and inconvenient nature of this solution, it was relativity easy to employ and had a large chance of success. If the brunette was lucky several pounds combined with her father's vanity would allow her to set her twin free of him.

For Oriana

Not five minutes later, Miranda drifted into a food coma while her stomach was loudly trying to digest a large load inside.




Two days later, afternoon


“So, where exactly are we?” asked Shepard as they walked through the sterile white hallway. Liara’s arm was entangled hers and the commander was happily supporting her tubby lover. Close proximity allowed her to feel and observe the most appetizing movements of asari’s abundant flesh.

 An hour ago the doctor contacted her and asked to meet her under the building they were currently inside. She only said it was a private matter and that she wanted to discuss it personally.

“It’s a newly-build medical complex, quite luxurious one. Its original owner had overestimated his financial situation and I bought for a quite low price” answered Liara with a faint smile. The asari was in good mood that day, but she also seemed to be a bit tense with anticipation. The tall woman raised an eyebrow.

“Aaaand we are here because…?”

The wide asari was silent for several seconds.

“As you know, I had an enlightening conversation with Tali”

Elizabeth's face twisted for a nanosecond at this abrupt change of topic. Few days she arrived in the apartment filled with remnants of dextro- feast and news that Liara had reached an understatement with their favourite quarian. The asari was strangely cryptic about it, but she had firmly assured that everything had alright, so Shepard had decided to drop it, for time being. Because she hadn’t seen the engineer since, save for reports she was alright, the commander hadn’t managed to learn anything new. ‘

“Let’s just say we’re because of this. Please, for now, trust me, Shepard. Everything will be clear soon” said Liara and gave Elizabeth a pleading look.

“Well, that’s not ominous at all” replied Shepard with a smile, but nodded. The plump face returned the gesture.

After roughly five minutes they reached vacuum-sealed doors.

“I go in first. Once the light turns green it’s your turn. Inside you find a change of clothes and few medicaments, they were consulted with Karin. Please act according to instructions.” informed the doctor and went inside. Shepard obedient remained but allowed herself a small grimace. The entire situation appeared suspicious, but her instincts seemed to be completely at ease.

After ten minutes she could go inside. Shepard found herself inside a spacious airlock. Indeed, inside was a set of plain, sterile clothes, lingerie included. She changed quickly and continued along with instructions. Two easy injections and some mouth spray. She clicked a button to confirm she was finished. A small hiss filled the room and a minute later doors opened.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed. The commander smelled something like ozone, but not quite, she felt her hair stand up, just slightly. The color and sound seemed off.

Elizabeth knew this felling

Sterile field?

A layman term for an artificially generated field that instantly destroyed all pathogens. Bacteria, small parasites, viruses, and even more complex organic substances were simply ripped apart. It was a great way to keep operating areas sterile, but it was also ridiculously expensive, too much to be used by most ordinary hospitals. 

What greeted the commander was a small, but well-equipped living room with doors to other areas and with no Liara in sight.

“Shepard, come in. We’re in the bedroom” the doctor’s voice informed her.


Elizabeth followed to the source. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks at the sight before her.

The bedroom was scarcely furnished and sterilely white like the rest of the apartment. In the middle was a large, very large bed with drawers on both sides. On said drawers were several open packages with turian(?) sweets.

Liara was sitting on the bed, only in the linguine, in all of her adipose-filled glory.

Surprisingly it wasn’t her that was in the centre of Shepard's attention.

Next to Liara, clutching her hand, was somebody else. A humanoid, with purple skin and luminescent, pupil-less eyes. It was similar in appearance to human woman and asari, but with three digits at the end of every limb and extra joints in the legs. Unlike asari alien had also a mop of pitch-black hair and, if Elizabeth saw correctly, some form of ears. There were also other details, differences in proportions, but then Shepard recognized the species, even if she truly saw them only in the pictures.

Seconds later she realized who exactly was before her.


The quarian smiled faintly.

“H…hello, Shepard” welcomed the engineer nervously and patted the bed next to her. Elizabeth swallowed saliva and slowly made her way there. As she walked the commander registered further details.

Her friend was clothed only in lingerie, at least, what a human would consider lingerie. Tali's body was covered in lean muscles and, unlike certain theories of the crew, her suit didn’t exaggerate her curves, in the slightest. Her hips were wide even for a quarian and thick, muscular thighs looked ready to squeeze heads into a paste.

The commander was suddenly very grateful that she had made a point to memorize the basic medical knowledge about all known species.

“Liara and I… well… Liara proposed that we could try being together…ahem… all three of us” began the quarian, she was clearly nervous about the entire situation and her bare body. Liara squeezed her hand and gave an affirmative nod to Shepard.

“Shepard, you were dismissive of the idea because you saw it as a form of betrayal. However, I’m not a human and I want Tali to be happy. We talked and reached this… compromise” explained the wide doctor. Shepard’s dried, she felt mess in her head as hungry, dark thoughts started to resurface.

“I’m flattered, but…cholera. Did you both think this through? This isn’t something to decide just like that.” asked the commander, despite feelings inside her. Now with Tali almost naked before her, Shepard realized she wanted Tali, hungered for her.

The quarian looked at her with her white eyes, this time Shepard noticed faint outlines of (likely) pupils. Her gaze beside nervousness held a hard resolve and longing.

“I did, Shepard. And It’s not ideal, but I know I would regret it if I don’t try” explained Tali sincerely.

“Shepard, I wouldn’t come with this offer and arrange this apartment if I didn’t intend to follow with it. Elizabeth, know that we both came to an agreement, all that’s left is for you decide” finished Liara also with absolute honesty.

Shepard took a sharp breath and closed her eyes. She had a complete, chaotic mess in her head.

They agreed to this, but should I…? Ì̳͓̯̳͡i͞͏͚̳̦̮̫̟̬͙i͈̣̪̖͈̹̥͘͡i̵̳̟̘͈̭͉̠͉͔i҉̴̡̭͓̣͚̯̫…̰̖̲̻̗͠.̙̤̬We are with Liara but both want it, we d͓͆̽ͮ̈e̱͇̝͈̞͍̅̿̓͠m̠̖͕̗̠̜̻̤ͯ͋͛͗́̚ǎ̤̜̬̯̳̬̬͈̆ͣ͒̾̃̈́̀́n͎̮̮̯̰͆͑̒ͩͬd̛͉̪͕̜ͤ͒͠ͅ ̝̙̙ͤͪͫ͑͗̚ want it. So maybe we could… c̵̰̜̿͑̒ͧ̔̈́̚o̯͎̭̲̙͓͙̾̎̂͟͡͝u̴̳͇͖͔͍̙̦̖͊ͪ̿̂̿̂͟ͅl̼ͨ̑ͨ̂ͬ͝d̶̡͇͔̼̟͙͚̳͈̩̈́͋…ͦ͏̟̭͖̖ ̂̽͂ c̷̥͔̰̔͗̈̽̃̒̅̏̑̈̑͐͂̏͗̒̔̏̀̄͂͆̓́͋̋̕̚͝͝͝͝͝ǭ̶̢̡̛̻̩͍̠̭̟̭͍̱̮͖̺̮͇͓͎̝̳̣̼͇̜̞́͂͒̈́̇ụ̵̰̖̥̜̼͖͚̲̖̀̊͒͛̑͑͒̒͑͊̉̅͗̽̀̎̃͌̍̏͊̾͗̄͂̈͑̃́͌͌͘l̸̨̢̳̩͔̲̮͈̠͎̇͋̂ͅḑ̴̡̼̬͚̯͈̭̻̲̳̳͖͈̞̻̱̱̤̻̖͖͙̺̝͍̙̿́̇̀̐̋̍̉̌̇͒̓̍́̆̄̀̄̕͠͝…


They are ours, and ours alone


The commander opened her eyes, in reality, passed only a few seconds. The two non-humans were obvious to tremendous changes happening in Shepard’s mind, perhaps save for a subtle change in her expression.

Then, with inhuman speed and fluidity, the commander closed the gap between her and Tali kissing her, with both hands starting to roam the unsuspecting quarian's upper body. The engineer would have yelped and fallen back in surprise if it wasn’t for red lips filmy locked into hers, and any attempts to move stopped by a large, soft, blue body that had pressed to her back. Liara, much more cautiously, started to massage the quarian.

Tali's surprise faded, and seconds later whatever strange wonders Shepard was performing with her mouth and hands made her abandon all thoughts of bolting away. She felt strange but good like never before as she went limp.

The commander finally broke apart with a sharp grin on her face. Tali was bewildered and breathed hard, all those new sensations were making her head spin.

“Let’s lie down” ordered Shepard, in a low, distant voice that left no room for argument. Not a half-minute later, Tali found herself lying on the large asari just under her head and between her legs with Shepard approaching from the front. Like in trance she felt herself sink into Liara’s large belly and breasts, she brushed with lush, warm thighs. Meanwhile, Shepard was moving ever closer moving, like a predator, her body no longer obscured by clothes. Tali watched mesmerized how hard muscle moved under pale skin while her humongous, firm chest was bouncing.

The commander cupped quarian’s face and met luminescent eyes with hers, looking like an endless void with a hellish fire burning in the middle.

“Say Sovereign if you want me to stop” informed Shepard with a hungry tooth-filled grin. Tali nodded slowly and the human woman kissed her again. What the commander was doing, was very far off the engineer’s original idea of kissing, but made her positively melt.

When Shepard moved away she licked her lips and began to work downwards the purple body. The commander was planting kisses, sometimes even licked patches of skin while her hands were scanning the surface of a smaller woman. Liara wasn’t idle either, pudgy, blue fingers were stoking free areas while kissing quarian’s upper back.

When Shepard reached the lower part of her new lover's belly, Tali gasps were interrupted by a loud moan from between her lips, but she was quickly muffed. Liara had placed a sizable, chocolate treat in quarian's mouth and then sealed it using her own lips.

The commander reached the area which interested her the most, Tali’s legs and hips. The wide loins were supporting a truly shapely bottom. Legs while different, alien were no less enticing. Lower limbs were strong, shapely and wonderfully thick.


Too thin. She shall be fed


Tali was breaching hard and gasping for air when her lips weren’t preoccupied with Liara’s soft one or munching on sweets. The (comparably) small humanoid was couch between two powerful individuals that seemed to be hell-bent on killing her with ecstasy and they were clearly just getting started.

Tali was sure she was going to die, but she didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Later, amongst moans and sweat, chocolate and passion Liara’s eyes turned into a bottomless void.

Three minds become one.



Six days earlier
Liara’s apartment

The entire house was quiet save for the regular sound of munching. Liara was alone and diligently working on her console. At the same time, in short intervals, she was taking handfuls of nuts, covered in a thick layer of chocolate mass from a large, family-sized bowl, and poured them into her eager mouth. Once her plump cheeks were full, Liara proceeded to energetically use her jaw, transforming hard candies into fattening, chocolate-flavoured mush.

The wide doctor chewed at a good pace and her mouth wasn’t empty even for a second. When she wanted to wash down sweet treats, Liara took a large sip from a litre jug, using a wide straw. The thick, creamy liquid inside had a pleasant coffee flavour. It was one of Nyxeri’s recipes, one, which Liara had honestly missed. Even without extra chemical ingredients, it had an astronomical caloric load, but since she no longer was cutting down on food…

There had been a pleasant surprise concerning this concoction. Despite, culinary arts being her nemesis, Shepard had proven apt at making them. Apparently, it was similar enough to protein drinks she was sometimes making for herself. Since this revelation, the commander made sure to supply her blubbery lover with variations of fattening substance. Liara accepted them with delight.

It’s notable, that after Shepard’s departure that day, the doctor had decided to spike delicious liquid with a few supplements. Nothing radical. Just something for better digestion, to make her belly stretch with no problem.

The doctor’s decision to abandon all attempts to lose weight had been firmly reinforced, despite the short amount of time since it. Since coming clean, Shepard had been increasingly amorous and handsy, grabbing and rubbing blue flesh whenever possible. Liara had been reciprocating her affection with gusto. Return to plentiful and calorie-heavy food was also most appreciated. The heavy doctor preferred to have an overstuffed belly, smoothed by Elizabeth’s hands than a maddeningly empty pit inside.

Then, there were meals, or rather meals and sex. The line between physical intimacy and eating had started to wane when the two were alone. Shepard often insisted on feeding her blue lover or on massaging her while she eats and after. Even if it didn’t result in steamy lovemaking, for Liara it felt almost as good. When they were in the bedroom, Shepard often provided sweets for her plump asari.

At some point, Liara’s hand grabbed air instead of chocolate-covered nuts. The bowl was empty. She rubbed her slightly expanded, adipose-filled stomach, that rested comfortably on her lap and unconsciously licked her lips, thinking about other snacks stored in the kitchen. The tubby doctor could definitely go for more.

She lifted herself with a grunt and made her way to the kitchen. For all pampering and new bedroom advantages, Liara's growing bulk was getting in the way of most physical activities. The doctor, now more than ever, was aware that she had been avoiding most inconveniences it had been causing only thanks to Nyxeris and currently Shepard, who were attending to her at every step. If there was one enjoyable about the waste of calories that were waddle it was the feeling of fluffy carpet under chubby, blue feet.

Liara’s outfit was unusual, much more casual than the ones she usually wore, even at home. Besides lingerie, she had donned an oversized, plain, black shirt and comfortable, stretchy sweatpants. Liara was barefoot, which would be uncomfortable if not for Elizabeth, who equipped the apartment with several warm, comfortable carpets. She let her digesting belly hang over her trousers, jiggling with every step. Besides her belly wasn't the only part of the asari that moved with every movement. Blue, generous curves weren't far behind and even her limbs had been swaying a lot of nowadays.

The doctor had no idea where the commander had found this unique, human grab, that was equally ridiculously simple and comfortable on her frame. However, as the doctor had learned, Shepard found her grab to be extremely alluring. While the young matron didn’t quite understand the charm, she was more than happy to reap the outfit's benefits.

It seems I’m poor at being asari after all mused Liara with amusement as she filled a bowl with crackers.

Once again, in a short amount of time, I completely changed my lifestyle

Indeed, Liara daily routine had significantly changed. Save for her muscle training, now overseen by Shepard, her activities were limited to working on her console and eating. Lots of eating and pampering, courtesy of Elizabeth.

With Shepard’s newfound desire for her expanding figure, there was no meaningful reason for Liara to withhold her gluttonous urges. Streams of treats were making their way to the hungry doctor’s maw, not to mention the lavish meals, which Liara dutifully ate under Shepard's watchful eye.

The commander seemed to automatically take over all household duties. Always when she was free, the commander cleaned, repowered, or simply assisted in the apartment. Shepard installed a few unexpected, but pleasant, appliances, rugs for example. The apartment seemed to be sterile clean thanks to her efforts. Admittedly, the commander seemed to be especially eager to help Liara with inconveniences brought by her increased weight. All of this was unexpectedly domestic.

All we need to complete it is a daughter or two or a few… hmm…I suppose, my approach changed as well wondered longingly the obese asari felt her plentiful flesh wobble on the way back to the console. The sensation wasn’t unwelcome now, in fact, it was beginning to feel quite… exciting. Her adipose was no longer a source of worry, anxiety. Instead, as a physical attribute most treasured by Shepard, Liara intended to… nurture it. Even if for short while.

The blubbery doctor sat down with relief on the chair, noticeably smaller than her meaty bottom, but still acceptable, at least for now. Her attention immediately snapped back to work. Simultaneously, almost with no input from her conscious mind, her hand went and grabbed a generous portion of spice-covered crackers. Liara had easily fallen back into the habit of stuffing her face during work. She still had somewhat mixed emotions about gaining further 50 pounds, but what little reservations she had to Elizabeth’s request were crumbling as the commander’s … ahem… appreciation of her figure was becoming more apparent.

Hopefully, a new scale will arrive soon. I need to measure my weight reminded herself Liara as she chewed salty treats.

She had left the device alone, when Nyxeris was back on Illium, to avoid suspicions and the Broker’s quarters had none. The doctor tried a few days ago, scale displayed an error message and released ominous groans after she had stepped on it. Also, she had needed to step down only to read the display. Finding one with a voice and a limit beyond 300 pounds took her some time.

Who would thought that disabling Nyxeris’s sensors as soon as possible would be a mistake? Now she had a record of her weight from before killing the previous Shadow Broker and no way to measure it.

After several minutes Liara’s work was interrupted by the sound of the bell. She tensed. The list of people aware of her location, even that she was on Illium was short. The doctor quickly summoned a video feed.

What she saw allowed her to relax. Before the door, a familiar quarian was pacing nervously. Liara made several security cheeks, but everything seemed in order. Just to be sure she isolated the building and activated extra shields.

The heavy beauty stood up with effort, but fast unexpectedly for someone of her size. Liara quickly composed herself a little, donned an appropriately big, bathrobe. Considering the suspected topic of conversation the doctor thought it was good to appear casual if only to gauge her friend's reactions. She started to waddle towards the door. Even if there was an ambush waiting, Shepard had hidden enough armaments in the apartment to level a building.

“Hello, Tali. Please, come in” greeted Liara and invited the guest in, after the door opened. The quarian almost jumped, but nodded and headed in.

“Thanks. I’m sorry I didn’t call, but I don’t have your current omnitool number and only remembered your address from Garrus” excused herself quarian, nervously rubbing her hands. Liara smiled and pointed towards the livingroom.

“That’s fine. I rarely get guests as pleasant as you. Please sit down, I bring something to drink. I’m afraid Shepard is out and won’t be back soon” informed the asari. Tali looked on the floor.

“Ah. I was… hoping for it” replied the purple-clad woman and followed into the apartment bowels. Liara went to the kitchen. On the tray, she put two bottles of wine, one levo-, the second dextro- based and filtred, the fat asari had a feeling they may need it. Another bowl of snacks for her and a large set of quarian MRE’s of various flavours. They were fresh from doctor Ahum’s lab and had no special qualities beyond being several times tastier than turian’s ones, at least to quarians. Most of them were also much more nutritious than their ordinary counterparts.

Fighting her flabby body’s rippling, she managed to safely put the entire tray on the livingroom’s table. Liara poured drinks and comfortably sat down next to her quarian friend. Her round cheeks sunk much deeper than her guest’s backside.

“So, how I can help you, Tali. As much as I’m happy to see you, I don’t think that’s a casual visit. Not when you waited for Shepard to be out” said Liara calmly and took a small sip from her glass.

The engineer looked ready to jump from the couch and flee at any second. She was nervously clenching her hands and averting the asari’s gaze, clearly unsure how to start.

“Yes…Well it personal and… I wanted to talk about what you said and… and … bosh’tet” shouted Tali and suddenly grabbed her glass. She put an induction port into her helmet’s slot. Liara could see how the level of triple-filtered, turian liquor was rapidly falling. When the suit’s systems stopped the flow to prevent air from entering, the quarian slammed down her glass.

“I want to be with you two” exclaimed Tali breathlessly and clenched her fists.

“I don’t know if I should, but after you made that proposition… I know I would regret if I didn't try”

Liara looked at the purple-clad woman, Tali looked simultaneously determined and anxious. The doctor thought for a second and smiled, then she refilled wine and pushed one, quarian-friendly meal to her guest.

“I understand and I accept. However, before we start with the crux of the matter I suggest we catch up. Considering your surprise to…”

Liara slapped her fat, pillowy gut, sending ripples through her body.

“…my current figure, I think Shepard and Garrus may have skimmed over some finer details. I even appreciate this, it gives me a chance to explain by myself. That and I would like to hear how you have fared since our split. But before we start, please, try this, it should be better than ordinary and I doubt you want a repeat from the Citadel party” proposed the heavyset asari with a shadow of a smirk, reminding the quarian about the party after defeating Saren. The engineer had tried to keep up with Shepard's and Wrex's alcohol consumption but failed to properly eat between toasts. Tali rubbed her forearm with embarrassment, but she seemed to relax a bit.

“Ahem… Yes, I think I would like that” replied the quarian and took the first package. Her luminescence widened as she tasted its contents.

“Is… that smek? The taste… even the texture is better than the usual paste. Where did you get that?” asked Tali surprised. The MRE tasted nearly identical to the quarian delicacy. Liara's smile widened for a second.

“I’m happy you like it. It’s the work of one of my facilities, like the rest of what you see. Part of special, quarian-oriented brand” explained the tubby asari. The purple-clad woman quickly emptied the bag and looked at her friend with suspicion.

“And since when do information brokers deal in the food industry?” asked Tali. Liara could swear her guest did that peculiar human expression with an eyebrow. The doctor gave her a small smirk.

“I own many companies, although it’s a bit of a longer story in this case. Who starts you or me?”

The engineer started. First cautiously, but soon, the dam that held back words broke. Despite Tali’s full trust in Shepard and Garrus, she had been withholding certain thoughts from then, due to the first one being the target of her feelings and the second being male. Now, with help of carefully dosed alcohol, the quarian laid her heart bare as she talked about events of the last two years. More than once did she sobbed during her story.

Liara understood and didn’t hold it against her friend in any way, despite her own discomfort. She wasn’t good at reassuring people. Still, the blubbery doctor listened carefully and with few interruptions for warm words. Despite knowing the events beforehand, she managed to learn few more details and the engineer’s perspective.

When Tali finished, after a minute or two of playful jabs, semi-hysterical laughs it was Liara’s turn. Unlike her, the purple-clad woman knew only basic of events, since Shepard and the young matron reunion, as well as few other facts. It was a simple matter of leaving the ex-archaeologist choice of what to reveal. However, in this case, Liara was completely honest. Tali listened with wide-opened eyes about her friend… adventures, she was too astonished to ask questions. When the asari explained the Observer and her operation, the engineer finally went out of a stupor and hugged her soft companion.

Huh… thought Tali. She was surprised by the sensation of sinking in Liara’s warm flesh. It was unexpectedly… pleasant(?). She tried to reassure her friend and asked several questions mirroring those asked by Shepard and Garrus earlier.

Finally, Liara came to the final parts of her story. The quarian stared at her motionlessly for almost a minute before she spoke.

“You are the Shadow Broker. Shepard is dating the Shadow Broker” whimpered Tali, suddenly feeling very, very inadequate. The blue beauty gently took her hand and squeezed it and smiled reassuringly. Then she began to explain few further details, the quarian gaze sharpened when she was telling about a facility formerly owned by Nyxeris.

“You have quarians in there? Did they know what they were getting into?” asked the purple-clad woman cautiously. Liara understood her perspective but felt a small pang of annoyance. She looked her friend directly into her luminescent eyes.

“I made sure that all applicants know exactly what their job would entail and the eventual risks. I have only one group testing more experimental substances, beyond that we simply make more appealing meals for your species. We also have several quarians as technicians but in other facilities" replied Liara calmly.

"Tali, do you really think that I would force a random bystander, quarian or not, into something dangerous?” 

Her guest lowered her gaze.

“No. Keelah, I’m sorry. It’s just that so many pilgrims sighting contracts that end bad” apologized Tali with embarrassment. Liara smiled, she didn’t hold it against her. The blubbery asari continued for short while.

At long last, the information broker decided it’s time to approach the main goals of their reunion. Alcohol and conversation had demolished initial awkwardness and reservations.

“Despite the despicable nature of what Nyxeris intended for me, it brought one good thing for me” said Liara and visibly rubbed her fat, full of snacks belly through the shirt. She had long since abandoned the bathrobe.

“I learned, that Shepard enjoys my enlarged body, very much so”

“What?” exclaimed Tali with a hollow voice, she wasn’t sure she had heard correctly. The doctor’s hand kept stroking her blubbery middle.

“It would seem commander prefers... my current stature. Elizabeth said it was new for her as well and for me, it was even more of a surprise. However, I cannot complain, our, ahem, love life never has been this rewarding” continued Liara, not discouraged by a glass of a turian brandy being aggressively emptied next to her.

“I’m telling you this so you understand why I’m not interested in losing weight. Also, you need to be sure you can stand being intimate with asari, even worse a fat asari. That is if you are interested in the physical aspect of the relationship. If so, I want to be with you two, at least at the beginning, to be able to fully meld. Have you considered it?” asked the doctor seriously. The engineer calmly put down her glass and rubbed her hands. After a pause, she spoke.

“I’m physically attracted to asari, no less than to quarian males or females. Humans of both genders aren’t bad-looking either… it’s just their hands and legs seem a little weird… Keelah… it’s so embarrassing” replied the quarian. She emptied another bag with food and poured herself more wine.

That revelation surprised Liara quite a bit. The part about attraction to her species wasn’t that unusual. While asari in minds of other species were considered to be woman, they were also often found attractive by both genders even when one had no interest in females of their own species. However, the information that her friend had been attracted to both genders was new. Even more unexpected was her attraction to humans in general, feeling to Shepard notwithstanding. Liara was sure that one could find humans physically repulsing and still fell in love with the commander.

Then again quarians, after asari, are species most resembling humans pondered Liara and gently gestured for Tali to continue.

Between her studies, quarian employers, and her independent research, Liara was familiar with quarian overall appearance. They even had hair on their crests was making them even more similar to humans, than the asari.

“It’s even more awkward because it’s you… and I have no idea what to think about… well, agh…”

“My weight” helped Liara calmly, the purple-clad woman squirmed

“…yes. But I decided, I want it” finished Tali and looked directly at her friend. She looked equally embarrassed and determined. Liara nodded.

“That’s fair. Believe me, it’s awkward for me as well, even though I proposed it. Hopefully, we’ll work something out. I have a plan for how to initiate this relationship. It's a bit radical, but I believe appropriate, given Shepard’s nature. There are also few ground rules I want to set, at least for now. Because, Tali, I’ll be honest with you, I have my fair share of reservations concerning this arrangement myself” said Liara seriously, Tali agreed.

The tubby doctor laid out her plan, given quarian weak constitution, it required some preparations. During this part, Tali seemed to extrude steam from her helmet and voiced a fair share of doubts, but finally decided to follow through. The rest was rather anticlimactic, Liara had listed rules she wanted the purple-clad woman to follow should they succeed. They had been one reason behind them, ultimately Liara had no intention of losing Shepard or becoming a secondary lover.

Once everything was said and decided Liara showed Tali where she could find second bottles of wine for them. The first set had long dried and the quarian happily went for more, while the information broker was more than happy to have her bulk remain on the couch. The discussion once again became friendly, they exchanged few jokes, new stories. The alcohol was softly buzzing in their heads, laughter once again removed earlier tension. It was almost like the two years of grief and separation never happened.

Finally, soon after the second bottle of turian alcohol showed bottom, they both decided it’s time to return to their duties. Thanks to Liara’s oversight and regular food intake, Tali was only tipsy and capable of getting back to Normandy by herself.

“ahem… Tali, would you mind giving me a hand” asked flustered Liara. She didn’t drink as much as her friend and had a much bigger body mass, but the doctor was still affected. Now stuffed and tipsy, she had trouble moving her bulk from the couch.

The quarian eagerly grabbed her hands and joined forces. After a second try, the large asari managed to stand up, but almost stumbled in opposite direction. However, her quarian guest cached her in her embrace. At the same time, the asari was strongly remained off her weight.

How does Shepard manage to lift me? ran through Liara’s head when she felt something strange. She was still in an unplanned hug when the doctor felt something squeeze her meaty cheeks.

Is Tali… groping me? thought the asari in disbelief as she suddenly realized that it was her friend's hands touching her bottom.

The quarian moved a little farther, her fingers tracing her love handles and soon reaching her blubbery stomach under a shirt. She moved it like she was pugging cake, at the finish, she lifted Liara’s heavy breasts.

Liara remained with a slightly opened mouth, speechless. She was completely at a loss for what was happening. Her companion's gaze seemed distant, but also focused and thoughtful. The shocked doctor watched as her guest mirrored her movements on her own slender body. Then Tali looked back and forth between them.

“mmm… you said Shepard likes fat women. Should I put on weight? I never saw fat quarian, but I’m suuurre could do it. I could look as soft and nice as you and maeeyyybee Shepard will like me as much” said Tali, slurring some words, clearly the alcohol had affected her. Liara closed her mouth and blinked. That thought hadn’t crossed her mind before, but…

“How about we succeed with starting that endeavour of ours, first? Please be careful on way back, ultimately Nos Astra isn’t as secure as it appears” replied Liara and slowly steered her friend to the exit. The pair of luminescent eyes looked at her.

I have a shotgun”

At that that Liara laughed earnestly and soon Tali joined. When they quieted down they hugged and bid themselves goodbye. Liara watched as her friend walked, the two bottles of turian wine didn’t seem to influence her motor skills.

Liara slowly waddled back to her console and sat with relief, walking definitely wasn’t at effortless as before. She quickly enabled a tracking program, nothing too invasive, but it would inform her when Tali arrives at a safe destination or has problems.

The wide asari leaned heavily at the back of the chair. She preferred to wait for a little to allow her body to deal with alcohol’s effect. Still, her mind was working with full force, she was reviewing events from the last few hours. Especially the quarian’s “episode”.

Despite her bashfulness, it was clear that Tali wanted to go with Liara’s plan, for better or worse, she wanted to be in Shepard despite this … ahem… unique arrangement. The doctor had thought about it, at length before, but that day raised new doubts and brought to her attention one thing she hadn’t considered before.

Should Tali gain weight? mused Liara.

Such a situation hadn’t crossed her mind, sure she had had doctor Ahum begin the development of stimulants for quarians, just in case. The food line – Liara wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she had started it mainly thinking about her friend and her species, not profit. Fortunately, they already developed cheap versions, more fit to quarian populace financial capabilities and some of the more expensive ones were already becoming popular amongst turians.

Liara closed her eyes and put both hands on her bulging gut. Why should she do about it? There was no doubt in asari’s mind that her fat gave her an advantage when it comes to Shepard's affection. Then, should she make sure Tali maintains her slim figure, despite how tempting the alternative was?

The doctor’s eyes suddenly snapped opened at the realization.

Do I want Tali to get bigger? wondered Liara. She reminded herself of Nyxeri’s files, the doctor imaged a female quarian with hundreds of pounds of adipose on her.

The plump face took on an unexpected expression, the asari bit her lip at the mental image. How it would be to see Tali expand and have quarian’s big body rub against hers with Shepard in the middle?

Liara smiled widely, hungrily, almost predatory. With an effort she leaned towards the console, feeling even more of her belly pour on her lap. Her plan for Tali required a bit more preparation than she had originally thought. The doctor didn’t mind, she already knew it would be worth it.

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Dude, this is my favorite mass effect story here on this site. I agree with @Batman76 the Miranda section is great. The ending with Liara and Tali is also nice. My question is, what will the general public think? Like what if Shepard and Liara have to meet with the council or some other powerful figures and they have had a large stuffing prior.

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On 4/16/2021 at 5:15 PM, bigboy1992 said:

Dude, this is my favorite mass effect story here on this site. I agree with @Batman76 the Miranda section is great. The ending with Liara and Tali is also nice. My question is, what will the general public think? Like what if Shepard and Liara have to meet with the council or some other powerful figures and they have had a large stuffing prior.

Thank you for such encouraging words. 😁

About the general public - I'm sorry to say, but I don't see it happening soon. I try to keep it somewhat canon-compliant and this is ME2. Liara is "monitored" by an asari government only on the account of being Benezia's daughter and tries not to draw attention. Shepard too, has next to no interaction with such figures in this installment. It simply doesn't seem plausible with the current setup.
However, this will be an extremely interesting issue to tackle if I start covering ME 3. There Normandy's crew is back in the spotlight with Liara being permanently on Normandy and working on the Circube.
That's it if I even mage to cover ME2, because my supply of free time is short nowadays, although I would say I'm almost halfway through.

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Ok - a new chapter. Nothing special, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. The main doubt is the quality of Miranda's parts, I didn't have too many ideas about what to put there since it's only the beginning for her, and I didn't want to make her appear too OCC. I also edited this chapter in parts and got the weirdest feelings that I haven't corrected some of it.

Anyway, if you spot any glaring issues please let me know and share what you think.

I hope you'll like it.


Chapter 21: End of vacation


Five days later, early morning
Liara’s apartment


Tali stirred, but a wave of squeezing pain priced her head. Due to it and sleepiness the hungover quarian voted against moving or opening her eyes. But as time progressed, consciousness was painfully returning. The only good thing about it was that she was also becoming aware of her surroundings.

The suffering engineer was lying on a comfortable bed and hugging something large, soft, and warm. When she opened her eyes, a vicious light assaulted her senses, despite the protective visor. Still, once her eyes adjusted somewhat, her suspicion was confirmed. Tali was lying on the bed in Liara’s apartment, tightly hugging the tubby asari who was only dressed in lingerie. It would seem the doctor hadn’t had the energy to batch and change the day before.

Even through suit she could feel the asari belly and breasts softly press to her. Arms were sinking into soft adipose and her hands were griping a plentiful portions of back fat in them. Obviously, Tali hadn't been able to fully embrace her bedmate, she reached her back, but that’s about it. The blubber encased arms were like warm and soft pillows. The only downside of this situation was several hundreds pounds of asari were pressing at her arm, luckily suit managed to help maintain blood flow.

A quick look at her helmet’s display proved one more quarian’s hypothesis. She had a hangover, uncomfortable, almost painful, but not requireing medical help. The engineer had worse days despite what her throbbing head was trying to prove. Luckily for her, the position she found herself in was very pleasant, soothing.

The quarian tried to focus on soft flesh and firm curves that embraced her instead of pain. Liara was breathing evenly, calmly and Tali didn’t want to disturb blue beauty's sleep, so she started to muse about last days to kill time.

The last days were full of joyous activities and very enlightening. Their first night together was very informative. Tali had know the mechanics and had a nerve-stim to, ahem, relieve stress, but at the end of the day, she had been a virgin. That was no longer a case, very much so, and just to be sure, they had repeated the experience two more times, each time which extra elements and… well… accessories.

The quarian had learned a lot, about her partners and herself. Who would have thought that pinned by such large, heavy mass like Liara could be exiting, or that being completely at Shepard’s mercy could bring such ecstasy? Then there was asari mind-meld that, while ridiculously overwhelming, was even better than rumours had claimed and given extra insight into Liara and Shepard.

Tali had been once again reminded that Shepard was an unprecedented genius of improvisation and possessed abilities that most didn’t associate with her. The commander had found a ways to make her lose her brain's higher functions outside the sterile location. The tall woman quickly learned how to access her nerve-stim. Quarian’s suits, when not exposed to vacuum or other violate environments behaved mostly like normal fabric. Those two facts, accomanianed strategic disrobing by Liara and Elizabeth and their skilful hands, proved that Tali hadn’t needed to be outside her suit to thoroughly enjoy their alone time. She only needed to clean herself and her suit from inside, afterwards.

Obviously, they hadn’t spent those six days only in bed. It was simply impossible, due to the quarian immunize system, even with expensive sanitary means provided by Liara. Instead, they talked and went out to the city. Especially after the first night, Tali and Liara needed to explain several matters to Shepard. What followed was, essentially, a series of dates, where they simply tried to have fun together. They tried to attend all three, but on two instances Liara had had to leave, on account of her work, and once there was only Tali and the doctor when Shepard had to bail out Jack and Grunt.

It was awkward, they were unsure how to act, especially Tali, and more than few weird situations had come out of it. However, it was easily forgotten due to how much fun they had, and with how romantic it was, at times. The quarian was getting to know the young matron and the commander as romantic partners, not just as friends.

I wouldn’t think that Shepard could act like..., what’s the term? A gentleman from those human romance books. And Liara hadn’t changed that much, she’s still as sweet as ever she simply hides it Tali reminisced Shepard’s chivalrous behaviour, neither, she or Liara, wouldn’t admit it but both were suckers for it. Meanwhile the tubby doctor was as kind as she remembered her from before, if more composed.

With them was Tali, whom Elizabeth, and Liara as well, showered with affection, even love.

There were also other memorable events. The blubbery doctor had briefly introduced them to her father, with who she had a tentative understanding. It was bizarre, the contrast between the two asari was startling, even more considering what the quarian had known about Benezia. But it also brought feelings of sadness and jealousy. The ancient matriarch, despite her demeanour, was simultaneously concerned for Liara's welfare as she was accepting of her choices. It was… jarring.

Another day they had seen the first ship with personnel that had been going to start personally work with rachni. Yet another unexpected titbit, that had made Tali fell intrigued, somewhat reassured and unease. She was curious about insectoid species technology and another ally was always good news. However, their history was grim and not encouraging, also the spider-like appearance of young ones… brrrrr.

In turn, evening, the day before there was a small party for old Normandy’s crew. There was the trio of lovers as well as Joker, Garrus, and doctor Chakwas. They talked, remembered, laughed at old and new misadventures and marooned tragedies. The commander and older, human woman had miraculously conjured a large supply of serrice ice brandy and few good dextro beverages. The party was more than successful, so it was no surprise Tali had problems remembering how they got home.

The engineering train of thought was interrupted by weak stirs of warm mass in her embrace, Liara was walking up. After a minute the asari beauty opened her eyes and noticed that Tali was also in the land of the living.

“Mind letting me free?” asked the soft asari with a small smile.

“Shhh, no, I’m good” replied the quarian with a quiet groan. Stupid biotics, with their stupid anti-hangover powers.

“But I need to wash and get to work. And somebody needs to check Normandy” explained the soft asari, using traitorous logic. Tali sighed and loosened her grip on warm body and her bedmate mirrored her. Soon both were laying on their backs, separated, and a half minute later, the suffering quarian felt that bed started to shake, Liara was making her way to the edge of it. Temptation overpowered headache and Tali looked at the heavy doctor.

She saw asari’s wide back with lovely, thick rolls of fat, under it was a large shelf made of her hips and round cheeks. All of this shook mesmerizingly as Liara crawled to the edge with small bouts of movement. Her adipose and aboundat curves werent helping with this task. Tali felt her cheeks heat up, she didn’t know if it was due to meld or not, but she had come to relish the young matron blubbery body, although she still didn't quite understood the adoration Shepard had for its fat.

After few tries Liara stood up and streched herself, giving the smaller woman a better view at her body, her fat, brushing thighs and flabby forearms with adipose hanging from them. The obese asari took clean lingerie and put on bathrobe, then she looked at the engineer.

“I’m going to clean myself and start with few chores. You are welcome to a water-distilling station in bathroom” informed Liara with a small smile, but it was clear sleep hadn’t left her fully.

Tali replied something illegible, she was now somewhat familiar with habits of (for all matters and purposes) the Shepard family household. Liara by chores meant her morning, info broker routine, the commander wouldn’t let the asari do any menial task. Tali, didn’t want to move away from her location, the headache was only being soothed by a comfortable bed. The quarian didn’t feel like getting up, even with the promise of hooking her suit to a source of chemically clean, warm water to clean herself.

Then, they heard the apartment’s door opening and familiar, purposely loud, footsteps. Shepard was back and likely brnging another reason to get up, breakfast. The tall human, despite her own ineptitude in the kitchen, had decided to provide them with food when at home. Admittedly the commander managed always to secure tasty meals for the trio.

“Does she ever sleeps?” asked Tali in a tired voice. Liara's face lighted with a bigger smile.

“I’ll see you downstairs”

And so she went, her body jiggling at every step. Seconds later the quarian heard them greet. She accumulated her resolve and five minutes later, Tali sluggishly headed downstairs. There she found Shepard, who was cleaning a table in the kitchen with many bags near her. Almost immediately the commander noticed the quarian and smiled at her. When Tali sat on the nearby chair, Elizabeth placed a sealed bottle and an induction port next to the quarian.

“Thanks, Shepard” said the smaller woman, when she recognized the hangover cure. The ginger smirked, her quarian was cute when grumpy.

“You’re welcome. I managed to get that turian dish you liked and some dried fruits” informed the commander and returned to chores. Tali, already sipping on an herbal concoction, gave a thumb up,she was truly grateful. Real food, especially unprocessed fruits were a luxury for quatrains, especially when outside the flotilla. And Shepard insisted on bringing her those, always when possible.

The commander seemed to take pure joy in pampering her lovers.

Speaking of…   Tali glanced at the large assortment of bags from which Shepard had started taking food. Liara had informed her's and Elizabeth's stances on her enlarged body. The commander had discussed it with the quarian during the first day of their new relationship and assured her that nothing of sorts is demanded of her.

When she had witnessed the amount of food that had been happily devoured by Liara, Tali was completely dumbstruck. Even now, she could help but gape at the gargantuan meal that Shepard had brought, she knew that the doctor would consume all of this. The commander always lovingly encouraged Liara, when she was getting full. She also provided snacks for the doctor, who even if always maintained decorum, had her chubby cheeks constantly chewing on something.

That was bizarre if a bit charming, on account of how sweetly they acted, but the effectiveness with which the commander had prompted Liara to push her limits and the amount of food that trawled down the doctor's throat made the entire thing a bit unsettling. However Tali hadn’t said anything about it, at least nothing notable, she had been warned and it, it wasn’t anything bad so she had avoided testing her luck.

That wasn’t the only thing she remained quiet about. The quarian noticed it just recently, but Shepard’s…ah… tendencies seemed to spread to quarian as well, despite her earlier assurances. By the second day of their “integration” the commander had appeared to encourage Tali’s consumption more than before and as far as the engineer could tell, lately, there was no meal that didn't left her stuffed to the brim.

Maybe I’m imagining things. Or that’s how Elizabeth acts with Liara, so it makes sense she treats me similarly to be fair? I’ll talk about it with her once everything calms down mused Tali as she finished the last drops of clarity-bringing liquid.

At this moment Liara exited the bathroom, wearing a bathrobe and slippers on bare feet. Yes, thanks to fat or not, Tali understood Shepard’s weakness over this plentiful, wobbling body.

“Well, the kitchen’s still standing, I believe that’s a good start of the day” said Liara with a smile and set next to the quarian. The engineer noted, that soon her friend will need two chairs or a new, bigger one.

“Nah, I've been monitoring her, but there were a few close calls” added the quarian. Shepard gave them dirty look and smirked.

“My girlfriends are teaming up against poor me. I see, you don't want breakfast” lamented Elizabeth with a cocky smile and abandoned platters with food to reheat. Liara’s face twitched, Tali only blushed and smiled at “girlfriends” part. Instead, the human brought something, that had been lying next to wall.

“Actually, that’s a good opportunity to test Liara’s new purchase” Shepard told them with a smirk and raised a rather large, rectangular object.

“Is that my new scale?” asked the doctor, a lovely, second chin appeared fully when she lowered her head to inspect the device Shepard had placed on the floor next to them.

“Yup, I picked it up when I was going back with food. Since you haven’t eaten yet, maybe we could test it?” proposed the commander with a saucy smile.

Liara hesitated, she hadn’t intended to make such a show out of this. However, it was nothing compared to many other activities they had engaged in, so she complied. The asari stood up and put her bathrobe on the chair. Under it, there was only lingerie and a large surface of freshly cleaned skin.

Chunky lover limbs were seemed to be composed of two round, irregular, adipose-filled masses that ended with chubby feet. Meaty thighs firmly were pressing into each other. Supported by them was a large shelf made from wide, childbearing hips and round, heavy asscheeks. Above it was a singular mass, of asari’s belly, that largely obscured her panties. Only on her sides, the pillow gut split into twin pairs of thick love handles.

Mentioned elements had occasional dimples and few faint stretchmarks on the belly, but so far Liara managed to avoid phenomenon, which humans called cellulite. Actually, the doctor didn't know if her species, with their harder skin, could develop it. On large, fat belly lied two large and quite shapely breasts, that slightly spilled from the bra.

Liara’s upper limbs were fatter too, with a visible sack of adipose forming on her upper arms. The asari’s neck shrunk in length but expanded in diameter. The least changed was the doctor's face, but it couldn’t be mistaken for one from two years earlier and it looked like a double chin would soon take a pernament place under it.

Shepard remembered when she had seen the entirely of her lover, for the first time after their reunion. Now, the round curves that Liara was made of were even larger, wider, reached farther. The beautiful mass of lard, that was the blue stomach, almost completely obstructed underwear with help of lush tights. The breast slightly overflowed bra that had been a good fit, and the space between head and torso had shrunk even further.

To put it simply Liara got even fatter.

Blue feet carefully stepped on the device and after a second it sprung to life.

Weight: 446,8 pounds

 Height: 6” ½’

 BMI: 59,8”

The scale informed in a synthesized voice. Liara slowly stepped down from the device and clothed herself.

“That’s roughly 20 pounds more from my last weigh-in, that leaves 30 pounds more” supplied the doctor as she once again sat down. Shepard nodded with a smile. The commander’s held strange expression of amused, non-hostile mockery.

Tali blinked, she was somewhat shocked to learn the exact, ridiculous weight of the asari. The quarian was also again reminded of this arrangement between the other two. To gain even more fat, when she was already so large? She focused on something else.

“What’s BMI, I don’t remember hearing this term?” asked Tali about the unfamiliar term.

“It’s short for body mass index” replied Shepard and embraced the doctor from behind.

“It’s calculated from weight and height, then compared to some tables. Basically, it tells you how fit you are”

“Or how much overweight” injected Liara with a small smile and half-heartily tried to remove ginger’s hands that had started to grope her fat.

“Mhm… but it’s good only for civvies. It deals poorly with muscle mass and is completely useless for people with augments. Anyway, it’s a human scale, I don’t know if asari or quarians have something similar. I never really cared for it.” said Shepard with dreamy expression, her hand had just slipped under bathrobe.

“I doubt it. Nyxeris used it, albeit modified version” added Liara and jabbed the commander with her elbow. Pointless, considering the thick layer of adipose on it, but Shepard surrendered. Then the human’s attention shifted to Tali.

“Since we’re on this topic, maybe you should weigh yourself Tali? How quarians compare to humans and asari?” asked Shepard with a glint in her eyes. The quarian looked at her with suspicion but decided to indulge her.

“I think we are nearly identical in this aspect” said the engineer as she stepped on the device.

 “Weight: 154,7 pounds

 Height: 5” 8½’

 BMI: 23,1”

“Hmm… The suit adds about 10 pounds and 1,5 inches, so that will be 140 pounds and 5”7’” calculated the engineer and returned to her place. She looked at Shepard who went back to dishes.

“You won’t try, Liz? Is the great commander Shepard shy?” teased the quarian. The commander chuckled.

“Little above 180 pounds now, but I got a high muscle density and a lot of metal inside thanks to Cerberus. We can confirm it, but it'd delay breakfast” replied the ginger with a toothy smile. At this news, Liara gave Tali a dirty look that made her quiet.

When Shepard was making finishing touches to the first portions, the remaining householders made small talk. Tali wanted to oversee the finishing touches to the Normandy. Liara asked her only to sacrifice half hour to get her opinion about one device that could be used on the ship. Tali agreed.

Soon enough, platters with steaming food were before them and both dug in. Liara ate with ferocity and commendable speed, but maintaining basic decorum. Tali’s food was disappearing magnitudes slower than the asari’s, the quarian didn’t have quite the same appetite, but she was mostly limited by her suit. The mini-airlock that allowed quarians to consume solid food had limited volume and removing the outside atmosphere also took some time. Not to mention the portion was bigger than any she had before. Still, the engineer wasn’t complaining, food that wasn’t a paste was always welcome, even with MER's as delicious as those provided by Liara.

Tali finished about half of her portion when Liara already emptied several plates. The blubbery beauty was slowing down, her initial hustle had tired her adipose-encased arms. Shepard noticed it, she sat next to the struggling asari and took cutlery from her. Muscular arms seemed to blur as more and more food was transported between blue lips.

The quarian observed this and felt a jolt of jealousy and a bit of anger. While eating to this excess wasn’t particularly interesting for the quarian, being feed by Shepard was. It was, which had been confirmed by Liara and checked in the cleanroom, borderline erotic, but it was another activity that was impossible due to the suit.

However, even Liara had her limits. She chowed slower, every time she swallowed it looked painful, but she kept going. Tali could see, the formerly soft ball of blue stomach tighten and extrude even farther and farther.

The wide doctor was panting, but with the commander's help, she devoured everything.

“Do you want to go to your console, you‘ll be more comfortable?” asked Shepard sweetly and with a smile. Liara nodded. Thanks to the tall woman's aid, the mass of blue blubber managed to rise from the seat.

“*huff* Don’t wait on me, Tali. I’ll *huff* contact you, when I finish with few matters” said the engorged doctor to Tali. The quarian confirmed and Liara, being supported by tall ginger, started waddling to her work station.

It’s worth noticing that the office had undergone quite a transformation, courtesy of the commander. The chair had been replaced, by an extremely comfortable, large, sturdy armchair that could change its arrangement, allowing lay on it almost like on the bed. The console had been placed on a special, movable platform so it could be used no matter in what position Liara was sitting. Next armchair stood a small, but a quite wide table, perfect to place sack and drinks at.

Tali had been observing all of this, but also slowly eating her own dish. It was delicious, but she was getting just too full. Quarins, due to centuries of their exile, had gotten used to the lack of food, not its overabundance.

Shepard returned to the kitchen with a sunny expression and started cleaning. She paused when she noticed Tali staring motionlessly at her meal.

“Something's wrong?” asked the commander with concern.

“No, no. It’s just that I feel full” replied Tali, a little embarrassed. Shepard’s face flickered for a split second but smiled returned and nodded.

“That’s okay. I’ll sterilize it and vacuum seal it. Maybe you’ll want it later” said the commander and took a platter from the table. Tali rubbed her stuffed stomach, she was more than full. The quarian opened her omnitool, she wanted to check reports on Normandy.

“However don’t think, you’ll get away without proper breakfast, Miss vas Normandy” told a low voice close behind Tali and she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder. The quarian turned around.

Before was Shepard, with this stage predatory look in her red eyes and a saucy smile. Then Tali noticed a truly large tube of nutrient paste, it was one of the Liara’s brand and the smaller woman favourite.

“Liz, I’m full, I…”

“Tali” interrupted the commander, her voice was reminiscent of their threesomes, but also firm, unyielding.

“You are used to eating MRE, but normal food isn’t as nutritious…” considering how high-quality food they were buying for her, Tali called bullshit on that “…and I wouldn’t have bought that much, if I didn’t think, that you're able to eat it” informed Shepard with that smile of her and moved closer.

Tali leaned farther, but the table blocked her, she was trapped.

“Shepard, I..”

“Shush” the commander silenced her and placed a hand on side of her helmet. The quarian couldn’t feel it, but her cheeks heated nonetheless.

“Now look in my eyes and try to enjoy it” said Shepard sweetly. Seconds later Tali felt induction port press against her lips, she opened them with hesitation. The quarian was mesmerized by burning orbs before her, the tall woman commanding stance made her feel an unexpected heat in her core.

Soon a thick, heavy substance began flowing down her gullet. The substance was tasty, especially compares to other nutrient pastes, but not enough to take attention away from, now, painful belly. Tali started to be vividly aware that her expanding stomach was being pressed on by the hard cloth of her suit, but she provided no resistance. She kept swallowing as Shepard was squeezing the tube, even though the quarian knew that a normal container of this size could sustain her for about two days. And paste inside that one several times richer than the ordinary one.

After, what felt like an eternity, a portion passed through Tali’s mouth, but no further followed. The induction port retreated and the engineer took a deep breath, which was a bit of a mistake as her stuffed middle painfully reminded of itself. She glanced at her belly.

Our suits aren’t designed to stretch noted the quarian looking at her bulging middle.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it” commented Elizabeth in a cheeky tone as she leaned down to the quarian.

“Now how about you go lay down on the couch before heading out and I bring you some digestives”

“Ugh, fine” replied Tali, she was sure her meal was about to escape her at any second.

Unexpectedly Shepard grabbed and lifted the quarian, bridal-style. The engineer yelped and grabbed the taller woman by her neck. Despite the speed of operation the commander had managed to be extremely delicate. She gave her cargo a cheeky grin.

Tali could feel flying insects in her stomach when she was being carried to the living room in Shepard’s muscular arms.

That’s another time she made me overeat in the last days I really need to talk about it with Shepard pondered the engineer and snuggled closer to her human.




Same day, afternoon
Red spirit company’s warehouse, near Normandy’s dock

“So… what did you want me to look at?” asked Tali as they entered the room. While it was a storage area it was clearly reserved for more delicate equipment.

“Right here. This isn’t exactly an accessory for the Normandy itself, but it should be useful nonetheless” answered Liara and pointed at the container, similar in overall shape and size to a single-door fridge. The asari was wearing her usual, official dress, but in purple. Every now and then, the engineer saw flashes of blue aura around her friend. She had been clearly using her biotics to ease her walk.

The heavy doctor activated the container and it began to open.

“I was afraid that it wouldn’t be ready on time, but my engineers outdid themselves. What do you think?”

The quarian was silent, gaping at the item inside. It was a quarian suit, what’s more, it was a suit very similar to hers. Tali walked closer and began to slowly examine it.

Upon closer inspection, she noticed that its material was thicker. On suit's entire surface laid a web of blue veins of varying wideness, most too small to notice. The helmet was also a little bigger and different in shape There were also many pieces of expensive hardware and every part of it seemed of the highest quality.

Tali was awed as she catalogued the equipment and that was only a visual inspection. She had a feeling that the full specification was even more impressive.

“Liara, I can’t accept it” said the quarian breathlessly, the cost of this suit had to be astounding.

“No, you can and should. Especially since it was designed specifically with you in mind” told her Liara with a hint of amusement.

“It has all the qualities of your current suit and more. It has the best available power source and kinetic shields that could be attached. Several magnitudes betters than yours. Improved hacking suite and many other tools that should help with your duties. Medical monitoring and life support systems were also tremendously refined. Included were also less practical systems, but ones I thought you would appreciate” explained the ex-archaeologist and sat with relief on the only available chair.

“For example?” asked intruded Tali still examining suit details.

“Massage and cream-dispersing systems. Tuned up systems for eating and drinking. A custom nerve-stim, that isn’t limited only to erogenous zones, but almost the entire body.” said the wide asari with a slightly saucy smile. Tali’s face heated but only nodded. She didn’t mind, far from it.

“The exact details on the disc inside the container. There is also a separate crate with extra accessories. Of course, you are welcome to customize it to your tastes”

The starry-eyed quarian took the device and began uploading data to her omnitool.

“The suit is wonderful but far too expensive, Liara. Again, I have no way to replay you” said Tali embarrassed. She really wanted that suit, it made hers obsolete in so many ways, but the quarian was already so much indebted to asari.

A pudgy head shook.

“That’s a present, nothing more. Besides, I bought new armor for Garrus and Shepard, as well. They had spent hours picking a perfect set. Your suit simply had to be custom-made. That and I wanted it to be a surprise” explained the doctor. Tali wanted to say something more, but the download stooped. There were elements she was curious about, especially material and that blue web.

Interesting, that web is made of eezo. System to further compensate weight, and possibly mimic some asari personal abilities in a limited fashion. Now that cloth… wait… What’s that?!

The quarian eyes widened when she was reading cloth specifications. She glanced at her friend, several times bigger than any asari she had met, and a suspicion formed in her head. Tali checked data under its angle and after a minute she was almost sure.


“Yes?” the asari looked away from her omnitool.

“Why the suit can stretch to house several times of original volume? And why it was tested for the maximal weight of the user it can compensate for?” asked Tali in low voice and squinted eyes. The expression on the pudgy face didn’t change.

“I believe that’s quite explanatory. It was implemented to help you, should your weight increase” answered asari calmly. Tali looked at her in silence for a minute and exhaled. She didn’t have it in her to be annoyed at the doctor, especially since there was no real reason to.

“Liara, I know Shepard’s, ah, preferences and your decision about it. But I’m not interested in it, sorry. I’m mean, Shepard said I didn’t have to get bigger and she wouldn’t force me, so I don’t really need those features” said the quarian and rubbed her helmet.

“Of course not, Shepard won’t make you do anything you don’t consent, especially in a relationship. And you aren’t obligated to anything. However…” 

Liara’s body glowed faintly and she lifted herself. Tali could see adipose shake under a tightly-fit dress, the round belly swayed. Soon the large doctor was next to the quarian.

“… I don't think that you oppose Shepard making it happen. Actually, I find it likely that you may ask her for it”

Tali blinked, and when the sense of the asari’s worlds reached her brain she energetically waved her hands.

“Wait, wait, but Shepard won’t make me, you said so yourself. And why would ask her to make me fat… not that there’s anything wrong with that” said flustered quarian, desperately adding the last bit. Liara only smiled.

“No, but she can spoil you. She can stuff you during meals with a smile on her face, feed you teats when in the bedroom. I doubt today’s morning was an exception, only what's going to become a norm” explained Liara calmly. Tali blushed and rubbed her hands.

“I… I can ask her to stop” retorted quarian, but without resolve in her voice. The obese doctor nodded.

“Yes, you can. Shepard will obey, she won’t show her disapproval… Tali, you and I are with Shepard and we both want to make her happy, to be with her in full. And I believe neither of us wants to be found lacking or worse than another” said Liara.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” responded Tali far too quickly. Liara gently grabbed three-fingered hands.

“Tali, we melded, almost deep enough for me to reproduce. We felt what Shepard did or at least what we could grasp, and I know what you felt. I’m sorry, but we both know what Liz yearned for” confronted the tubby asari.

Tali lowered her gaze, she did know. She managed to bury this titbit under joy and pleasure of last days, to not think about it, to ignore it. But every time Shepard was intimate with her, it resurfaced.

“I’m thin” admired the quarian in a whisper.

Despite Tali’s fears, the commander didn’t found her body repulsive. The commander found her attractive, even with her triple-digit limbs, legs with extra joints, and misshapen, compared to human ones, ears as well as other, slighter differences. Shepard positively adored her wide hips with a shapely butt and her thick, muscular thighs.

But she lacked something, something Liara had much more. When they had melded, Tali felt it. Amongst black, chaotic tendrils of the commander's mind, amongst lust and ecstasy coming from Shepard, she found this jarring, maddening disappointment. 

Beautiful or not, her limbs were just too thin, her bell and curves not round enough. Her hips and tights, while magnificent to the muscular human, could be just much bigger, softer. Shepard wanted more of her, to not able to fully embrace her, to have her flesh spill between her finger. 

There was too little of Tali.

The silence lasted for about a minute, before the quarian again looked at Liara, somewhat more confident.

“So you think I should get bigger?” asked Tali. Liara shook her head.

“No, Tali. But I know that you never stop at half-measure and you want Shepard to be happy, to be as appealing to her as you can. That’s why I had those features implemented. But whatever you want to do about it is ultimately up to you” Explained the tubby asari and chuckled.

“With how much Shepard is dead set on spoiling both of us, you may need it, just in case”

Tali couldn’t help herself, her shoulders shook in held back laughter. 

“Keelah, I know. I didn’t say this but I’m almost 10 pounds heavier than last time I checked my weight. And I’m pretty sure most of it is from this week” snickered the engineer. Liara smiled again.

“If that’s any consolidation I can assure you that you wear it great. And believe me…”

The heavy doctor gently placed clothed hands on her ample stomach.

“ …you would look great with ever more body. Trust me, Tali, Shepard would make it most rewarding”

The quarian, once again in this week, caused her cooling systems to run ragged. She was confident her taller friend was likely correct and the prospect was most tempting.

“I’ll think about it, ah, it doesn’t have to be very much right, at least to see how it is, right?” mumbled the embarrassed engineer. Liara smiled, a little maliciously, and nodded.

“I’m simply asking you to be open to this possibility. Though I have to warn you, I sincerely doubt that it end of few pounds, should you agree” said the tubby ex-archaeologist. 

“You think so? I mean you said you are supposed to gain only 30 pounds?” asked somewhat confused Tali.

“Yes, but I already was over 400 pounds and Shepard still was eager for more. Also, you can move your hands” informed the soft asari.

Tali looked and realizing she was still squeezing Liara’s round stomach despite her limbs being free. The quarian yelped quietly and abruptly took her hands. This reaction was caused by the tension of their recent, conversation not shame. It was nothing compared to some act of intimacy from the last few days. 

“I see. But...hm… Liara, why help me like that. I’m mean if I get bigger I get more attractive to Shepard, you’ll lose an advantage?” asked Tali unexpectedly calmly and with a hint of suspicion. Liara was still smiling.

“Whatever suit can stretch or not have nothing to do whatever you gain weight or not. Especially without me to take the brunt of food offered by Elizabeth. I rather you don’t find yourself with one too small. As for losing advantage… well I admit this thought crossed my mind, but I trust you and Shepard to abide by your words. That’s all” explained Liara seriously. 

The had doctor lied or rather she had omitted the fact that she, personally, was…eager to see Tali expand.

The quarian nodded and rubbed her hand.

“I will. Sorry if overreacted, but that was unexpected and I’m still not used to… well that thing three of us have” excused herself the engineer, still embarrassed, but calm. Liara smiled.

“That’s fine, I’m myself I’m getting used to it. You should have all the necessary equipment and materials to personalize the suit. I already instructed the staff, just say the word and they transport it to the sterile apartment. Now I’ll have to leave you. Even with Ferron’s help, there are mountains of files for me to go through. But, please, do contact me, should anything arise” said Liara.

“Sure and thanks again for the suit. I’ll put it do good use”

The tubby asari, accompanied by a faint, almost non-existent glow of biotics, headed to the exit, and Tali started to prepare to work. However, a sudden thought was born from the memory of a brief brush with Shepard’s chaotic, inky thoughts.

“Eeem, Liara?” said Tali after her friend. The tubby asari turned right before the door, sending her adipose into a flurry of movement.


“It just that… are you sure that Shepard is satisfied with your weight. She did ask to gain a little more” blurted the quarian. The chubby, blue face furrowed for a second.

“I think it was mostly for the sake of experience. I’ll be just a little under 500 pounds, even if I decide to lose some afterward, I’ll remain the fattest asari I have met. That’s still will be enough” said Liara calmly.

It was the first time that day her gaze didn’t meet Tali’s.

“I’m sure of it”


Two days later
The Normandy SR2, XO’s quarters

Miranda was frowning, angry lines marred her face. The situation that was unfolding before her was maddening.

The Normandy had set off several hours ago and the crew had just fully installed back in the ship. The operative herself just finished her various duties, then again the last days had been busy overall.

Currently, the brunette stood naked in her shower, but the water wasn’t, turned on, yet. Instead, Miranda was looking at the shower’s door, that doubled as a mirror. It was her reflection that darkened the brunette's mood.

The perfect woman was no bodybuilder, she mostly relied on her intellect, biotics, and enhanced physique. But she did maintain herself on peak performance and her body was covered in a visible layer of lean muscles.

That was no longer the case.

Miranda looked at her belly with, where she once had had a visible six-pack, now there was a smooth, slightly bulging surface. A similar situation, albeit less severe, was present in her entire body. Her muscles, while still present, were largely being covered by a fledging layer of fat.

Her skin-tight uniform, perfect to distract and to take advantage of her agility, was becoming tighter and tighter while doing nothing to hide her pudgier figure.

The brunette clenched her teeth. She already heard one or two crew members notice and comment on her current appearance.

For a second she wanted to check damage with build-in scale but decided against it. At low 5’9” she had used to weigh a perfect 140 pounds with considerable muscle mass included. The brunette didn’t want to further sour her mood, knowing that whatever she gained was only a beginning.

“That’s all part of the plan, one you agreed on. Worst case scenario, you’ll get liposuction, once that basted is dead” mummed Miranda to her reflection. Whatever “bastard” was TIM or her father was unclear. She wanted to start showering, but then she heard a small rumbling.

Her mood worsened. Of course, with the entire commotion, she had forgotten to eat dinner. Normally she would ignore it, due to the ”late hour". But this wasn’t a normal situation.

With a sigh she exited the cabin, she put on slippers and located a rarely used bathrobe, in case Shepard decided to override her lockdown and barge in. Moments later she put several MREs on her desk.

She looked on those with resentment, on tubes with nutrient paste and bars. They contained an even bigger caloric load than ordinary ones and didn’t cause a feeling of fullness.

During the last days, she had been eating meals provided by T’Soni in ludicrously large amounts to expand her stomach capability as much as possible, while she still had access to normal food. Of course, as biotic Miranda already ate larger and more nutritious meals than a normal woman her size, but it was nothing compared to what she had been forcing into herself during last days. All of it had been a caloric bomb, but what was now before her, was equivalent of an orbital bombardment.

Annoyed she took drugs, then unwrapped the first bar and bit into it. It had a familiar fibrous texture, but taste surprised her, it was easily the best MRE she ever ate.

In slightly better spirits she began to consume artificial food before her. Miranda tried to calm her nerves. The events of the last days had been either annoying or nerve-wracking. The brunette was assembling data on Cerberus and getting acquainted with working on asari’s operations. Between those activities, she was rigorously working to destroy her gorgeous figure. All of this while hiding from her the Illusive Man.

And then there’s Shepard thought Miranda with a cringe as she was swallowing sweet paste.

The commander wanted her to make peace with this degenerate, Jack. Now, with all of them back on the ship she had no excuse to put it off. What’s worse Shepard had an… acceptable arguments behind that order.

Then there was a matter of the quarian. While Miranda had no personal dislike for the alien woman nor didn’t share some of her (former) colleague's xenophobic views, recent development concerning her was unexpected. Not only they had rescued her from Haestrom and helped her settle some meaningless matter back on Flotilla, but now Zorah started to cling even closer to Shepard. The brunette had already witnessed few more than friendly displays of affections and she had learned that the quarian had moved most of her personal items to the commander’s quarters.

Miranda kept telling herself that she was disappointed due to the wrong message the First Human Spectre gave, by being in a relationship with a xeno. However, it was mostly her ego, which suffered. The operative harboured no romantic feelings for the commander, but Miranda was(still) the most attractive woman aboard Normandy and one of the most beautiful women alive. She, also, did find Shepard physically attractive. Yet, the woman with blood-coloured hair had rebounded into arms of some meek quarian without a single attempt at flirting with her.

Miranda sipped water, she didn’t have the patience to prepare a protein shake. The operative was full, but with a grimace, she continued to eat.

More bars with unpleasant texture, but surprisingly good taste with more paste between bites. As her stomach started to feel stuffed and tightness in her middle increased, she switched only to extremely dense cream.

When all visible tubes were empty she stopped and looked on her distended belly with contempt.

“That’s enough for now” decided Miranda. She wasn’t as stuffed as she managed to be during the last days, there were more bars on the desk and more paste in containers. But the "perfect" woman excused herself on the account of needing to get used to calorie-dense MREs. A false reason to put off further eradication of her perfect figure.

The brunette quickly cleaned after herself and went back to the shower. Thin streams of hot water managed to soothe her a bit. However, every time soap-covered hands stumbled upon more apparent change to her, formerly, spotless body she felt a jab of anger. She clenched her teeth in annoyance when she washed her bulging, slightly reddened middle.

Miranda stopped the flow of water and carefully wiped it from herself. Once she was dry the operative exited the shower naked, still radiating heat. Quickly she located a fresh set of lingerie and put them on. Her bra felt just a little bit tighter, while her panties dug slightly deeper.

The brunette took a deep breath to calm herself and went to bed. The last task remained, she put a bit of cream on her hands and rubbed it into her overstuffed belly. The cool substance quickly brought a partial release from pain.

She was lying there for few seconds looking with disdain at her bloated middle. Miranda ate roughly twice what had used to be the volume of her main meal, and the caloric density of MRE was astronomical. But she knew that she was going to wake up hungry with all of her current cargo being thoroughly digested.

The former Cerberus put a quilt on herself and shut her eyes, hard. She had agreed to this, she had known what this plan would entail and it wasn’t even the most radical one. But just now exact consequences of what was to come were starting to sink in.

She, Miranda Lawson, the genetically perfect specimen of a human woman, with a body that put the majority of professional models to shame was going to become fat. She was in process of destroying one of her larger assets, her looks.

And Miranda Lawson hated it




Five days later
Undisclosed location

Elona’s eyes slowly opened, something had woke her from a nap. Soon she recognized the source of disturbance and clenched her teeth. Of course, who else it could be?

To “her” room entered pair of familiar and despised asari nurses with those infuriating smiles.

It wasn’t how things had supposed to go.

After that human bitch shot her and somehow found her log, where she reminisced her first glorious kill as Eclipse mercenary, she would had gotten several decades in prison. It was unfair, that vouls was nothing, and that made the maiden furious.

Still, it wasn’t enough to warrant a death sentence. She would play a nice, misguided maiden, maybe get cozy with wardens and she would have got out soon enough, for the good behaviour. Then she would find that gigantic pyjack and riddle her with bullets.

Then that offer from this medical company came. Even better, she would spend few years stoned in some cushy laboratory.

Instead those psychos put her in this room, kept giving her some bitter pills that weren’t working at all, and were treated her like some fucking balloon.

Furious she assumed a familiar position on her back, she didn’t even want those nurses to open her mouths. Even their welcomes made her want to smash their teeth in.

Elana wanted to shout, trash down this room, murder those two smiling bitches and everybody who worked with them.

But she allowed them to strap her to the bed and put a hose in her mouth.

The asari had already tried violence, becuse of something those psychos had done, she couldn’t use biotic and those nurses managed to overpower her, by some stroke of luck on their part. Finally, they had showed her that electrocuting her with a button was a thing.

The maiden face furrowed further when the nurse uncovered her stomach. Before joining Eclipse she had managed to develop a pretty sweet body, thin with a faint outline of muscles. Not that she needed them, despite what some idiot asari were saying, they had biotics, after all.

Now in the place of flat belly was a quite large gut that was starting to split into two folds. And Elana felt the rest of her body were softer as well. How much? She didn’t know, the maiden hadn’t examined herself or looked in the mirror in weeks.

The young asari felt like throwing up after watching what those freaks were doing to her body.

A thick substance moved through the hose. Soon it reached her stomach. It was a bizarre feeling, no chewing, no swallowing, but her stomach was being filled with heavy cream.

At first, it wasn’t so bad, the cream was filled her belly, quenching the ravenous hunger that always accompanied her after waking up.

However, it didn’t last. After several minutes Elana started to get full. Soon enough she was stuffed and then the worst came.

Her belly began pulsating with pain as far gut began stretching forward. And it wasn’t a stomach ache, no. Elana felt her skin and belly stretch trying to accommodate the accumulation of fattening sludge inside her. The soft organ became firm and then dangerously tunt.

The maiden watched as infinitely slowly her middle grew. She saw as the belly darkened, the beginning of stretchmarks appearing on it. The asari felt its weight press her mercilessly to the bed.

After what felt like hours the machine stopped. Elana couldn’t help but stare at her middle. It shouldn’t be possible to make the stomach expand like that. What not a half-hour ago had been a beginner’s fat gut, was now a taut sphere, distended almost to a point of rupture. It was easily two feet larger in diameter than a medicine ball.

One would have thought Elana would have gotten used to it by now.

She hadn’t.

One of the nurses removed the tube from her and wiped her mouths, while the second one gently helped her to lay on the side.

The maiden was no longer able to focus on her anger. She was too exhausted, even though she hadn’t lifted a finger, a ripping pain from her over-gorged stomach wasn’t helping either.

Elana felt whatever cold shit they put on her belly to make the pain go away. As purpled surface was being covered, pain disappeared.

It was then when…

…Liara disabled the video feed with a flush on her face.

Goddess… Why did I watch it? Asked herself the young matron.

She didn’t know the answer. Since returning to the Broker’s base Liara had very little free time, however every time she did, that last part of the conversation with Tali crept to her mind.

Would Shepard like me to get even bigger?

It was quite mindboggling when she thought about it. The doctor was now very much adjusted to her current weight, even various inconveniences that come with it, that now she found charming. Even though the lack of support Shepard had been providing was becoming more and more apparent, but thanks to biotics and robots the doctor was managing, save for a few incidents. 

There was no more shame stemming from her large figure, no matter murmurs following her. Sometimes Liara even felt superiority/proudness(?) when looking at other asari or females of different species. They didn’t know the gentle softness enveloping her, the glorious enormity she possessed, the joy of unrestrained gluttony.

None of them would satisfy Shepard as Liara did.

And here was the crux of the matter. The young matron knew that the commander was deeply enthralled with her adipose-filled figure, much more so than with her former, thin one.

Yes, after the, admittedly surprisingly happy, ordeal with Tali, the doctor couldn’t deny that she saw the appeal in watching one gain weight or results of such process. The information broker was eagerly awaiting the effects of the commander care on their quarian. Whatever it was the effect of melds with Shepard, she didn’t know or care.

But Liara was already huge, she had never met an asari or a human woman as large as herself. Even with apparent lack of health concerns, biotics, and many amenities the doctor had already been experiencing many hurdles due to her adipose covered frame. The only saving grace was her height, but she had seen what shorter human females looked with similar weight.

Yet Elizabeth had asked to put on another 50 pounds.

The doctor had thought it was an erotic experiment, an excuse to pamper her as much as possible. Shepard's actions certainly hadn’t been discouraging this hypothesis. But, they weren’t confirming it, either.

Liara rubbed affectionately her round gut, it certainly wasn’t appreciating her putting off diner. When she had been waiting for the synthesizer to print food, the memory of conversation resurfaced once more and something prompted her to check on dr Ahum’s facility.

Asaris under hypnotic influences started to show now very apparent effects of conditioning. Their day is composed of eating to absolute limits, waiting for their body to digest their stomach content, repeating the process, and sleeping. Other activities happened but they were a background so to speak, not the main goal. All of them passed 200 pounds mark and were consequently growing bigger.

All maidens from the original apartment number two had been removed and placed into separate rooms. All of them had passed a 300 pounds mark, and three of them undergo a transformation into matron analogical to Liara's. They were being examined to gain more information about how increased body mass causes a maiden to reach the next stage and to ascertain eventual aftereffects of used stimulants. The only remaining maiden’s weight was being slowly increased in hopes to document the process, in detail, as it progressed.

Finally, Liara indulged in watching feeding a feeding procedure of Elona Loni, who despite being a recent addition to the faculty, was just a few pounds short of 250. Unlike other asari, she would remain in her current room, even after reaching the matron stage. Of course, Loni would be closely examined during and after this event, but the maiden's role was to help to determine how much, with what effects their biology handled adipose. She would be fattened until there was an apparent threat to her health and life.

The entire thing left Liara aroused and slightly lifted her spirits. However the thought of that idiotic, deranged maiden, Elona becoming even heavier than her was unexpectedly jarring.

That was pointless thought the young matron as she shut down the console.

Goddess. Is that how Tali felt when I talked with her. Admittedly I wanted her to be more open about the idea, but compared to me she is anorectic, a few more pounds will look great on her

Liara turned around and with a measured push of her chunky leg, she rolled herself to the dining table. It was another great human invention she recently uncovered, a chair with wheels. Of course, hers was custom made, accounted for her generous frame, and included few different amenities.

The doctor arrived, accompanied by her quivering flesh next to the table, already covered with various meals. When Liara had been on Illium she'd had renovated the Shadow Broker’s quarters to suit her( and Shepard, and Tali’s) needs. It included personal bots and the highest quality food synthesizers. While its version of known dishes tasted a bit off, Liara had already decided that it had been a good purchase.

It certainly allowed her to taste test meals she had never tried before. Today too, she had chosen a plethora of foods that the doctor found interesting. Of course, it was but an artificial substitute, but it would give her an idea of what to try later.

Liara was about to dig in, but a small fraction of her mind, which was somewhat resisting her gluttonous desires, remembered something.

There was this human term “mukbag” and those videos… reminded herself Liara as a purple blush reappeared. She brought down cutlery, despite increasing protests from her ravenous belly. She bit her lip, would she dare?

After a few seconds, she gestured to the bot to approach, with its help Liara lifted herself and disrobed from her dress, leaving only lingerie. Then the robot had positioned itself so its visor captured the fat asari upper body and full table before her.

The young matron was blushing furiously but she smiled.

Maybe I ought to remind Shepard what’s she’s missing. At worst I simply won’t send it and delete it.

The automaton started to record, Liara again grabbed cutlery in her chubby fingers and dug in. She managed to maintain an even, slow pace, despite her first instinct to start shoving food as quickly as possible. One, she wanted to test new dishes, two the commander was nowhere in sight to relieve her from the tiring task of moving her arms.

Liara ate, mostly pleased with, sometimes, quite exotic tastes. Rarely, she did stumble upon a dish with an unpleasant or borderline inedible taste. Those foods, the doctor ate faster, without breathing. Rich or not the doctor wasn’t one for wasting food.

Slowly, the incredible pit that was Liara’s stomach was being filled. The activity that used to be a little more than five minutes and but a chore when alone, was now a festival of gluttony. An array of different foods was happily disappearing between plump lips, while time was losing any meaning.

The act of devouring food was now a pleasure in itself, losing herself in ravenous hunger and appetite was almost orgasmic. Her belly just became full, but she continued as formerly soft surface started to become taut, and soon after it began pushing outward, while starting to ache. But any discomfort was drowned under pleasure and gluttony.

Besides Liara was an asari with a mission. She had to eat, eat as much as possible, the doctor had to grow bigger and softer for Shepard. The quicker the better... besides the sooner she reaches her goal the sooner she receives answers to her doubts.

As dirty, albeit empty, platters started to dominate the table and the asari’s arms were getting tired, the doctor’s manners deteriorated. She cared less about crumbs and droplets of various liquids smearing her face, dropping on her belly and breasts. The doctor simply had no energy to spare on those niceties, she did also had to fight against pressure building in her gargantuan middle. Lack of the commander during her lavish meals was the most apparent, but the asari wasn’t about to rely on robots to help her in this area, for now, that is.

At some point, she even abandoned the cutlery. Bigger pieces of meats, really any food that could be grabbed was directly transported by the doctor’s chubby hands, everything else was simply being poured into her eager mouth. Her entire body shook as she moved, especially the adipose enveloping her forearms jiggled as the food was shoveled inside her gullet.

When her stomach seemed to more than double in volume, several times tauter, but with still visible folds of fat at the sides, the last dish was eaten. Liara’s tired arms dropped to the stuffed middle. She began to fondly rub the stretched surface. Once the young matron regained some of her breath and composure she glanced at her body.

Liara ignored the remains of various food littering her body and admired the effects of her rampant gluttony with a faint smile.

How could anyone think it’s repulsive? How could I?

Truly, the only negative feeling the ex-archaeologist currently associated with her adipose, was the original reason behind its growth

She pressed a little harder on her glutted belly and suddenly felt something moving up her throat.


The doctor covered her mouth and took notice of the robot, that had been staring at her the whole time. Liara's face turned purple, amidst her hunger-induced daze, the young matron had forgotten she was being recorded.

She ordered it to stop and bring her some moist towels. Once the doctor was mostly clean, with the help of automaton, she rose from the seat and carefully made her way to the work station, mindful of her heavy, swaying belly, still supported by the machine.

It wasn’t as versatile as her main station, but it did allow her to perform a majority of her duties while in a more private and homely environment. While the only person who could have walked on her in the office was Ferron, still she liked to have an area that was only hers.

The young matron downloaded the robot’s recording while she started with her duties. Soon with a blush on her face and biting her lip Liara watched it. She still didn’t believe she had decided to recorded herself like that, but there was no doubt in her mind.

Shepard will love it decided the doctor but still hesitated whatever send the recording or not. However, it did reinforce her assumption.

I’m already very large, I’ll be even more so with the remaining pounds. There is no way Shepard will find it suitable for me to gain more, she may even ask me to lose some thought Liara. Did she believe it? – that was another matter altogether.




A week later
The Citadel’s spaceport, The Normandy SR-2, third deck, 

Tali walked slowly, she had just exited the main battery, after a talk with Garrus. That entire mess with Sidonis was awful, but their sniper seemed to be a much better state of mind, calmer. Even with the traitor walking away alive. It was also clear that earlier talk with Shepard helped as well.

For a moment, Tali felt resurfacing urge to reassure Thane, she had heard about his son but decided against it. She had nothing against the assassin, he was very polite, kind even, but the quarian had no idea what she was supposed to say in this case. Tali wasn’t as bashful as when she entered the original Normandy, she simply didn’t have Shepard’s oratory skills.

She sat by one of the tables and opened her omnitool, summoning files she needed. The engineer was being extra careful, there were few issues that she needed to talk over with Miranda and she didn’t want to open something irreverent because of fever.

Tali was a bit ill during the last days, but it wasn’t discouraging her, quite opposite in fact. It was first-time health concerns were a sign of something positive. The Zorah heiress was slowly getting used to Shepard’s microbiology.

They couldn’t do it sooner, elements of human and asari biology together, even with maximum precautions, could easily kill her. But alone, with the commander?

Of course, they still were extremely careful, Elizabeth wasn’t quarian and didn’t live in a sterile environment. However, Tali already could withstand being bare next to the tall woman with much less assistance.

Tali fidgeted a little at the reminder of Shepard’s affective behavior and realized that the seat had a bit more cushion than it had used to.

Aaaaaaan there’s that… thought the quarian with a hint of embarrassment and annoyance.

She still hadn’t confronted Elizabeth about her habit of overfeeding her. It wasn’t to say the commander's hand feed her, well not always, but she always made sure Tali gorged herself almost to point of bursting. The new suit made it significantly less uncomfortable, but now her meals consisted of those delicious, calorie-rich MREs. Just to avoid anxiety, the quarian had disabled a scale fuature in her suit.

Tali was about done when she felt somebody hug her from behind, somebody much taller. Even with cables and tubes connecting her helmet to the rest of equipment, the quarian could feel large, firm orbs pressing on her.

“Hello, beautiful. What are you doing outside of your mechanical kingdom?” greeted Shepard with a wide smile on her pale face.

The commander changed a bit physically. While a red glow emanated from her eyes as strongly as ever and flashes of hellish light were visible under her pale skin every now and then, the crack-like scars/wounds had disappeared. It was Liara who had founded and had installed a new device in medbay for this purpose with doctor. Chakwas's blessing. The commander would never have installed it on her own.

“Hmph, I don’t spend my entire time in engineering” replied Tali with mocked anger.

“Of course not, you also sleep and eat in our quarter” added Elizabeth with a chuckle and sat next to her. Tali felt a jolt of happiness at the “our” part.

“You wish. Anyway, I just talked to Garrus and I need to speak with Miranda about few changes to maintaience procedures” answered the quarian. Shepard nodded.

“I need to have words with her, too. We should go together, our XO could be grumpy after her fainting spell”

“Fine, but I could handle her,” said Tali with crossed arms and a slightly offended posture.

Seeing as most of the crew had noticed a change in Miranda, including the Cerberus’s moles, saw requesting smaller portions from Gardner(also a mole), it had been decided to take a step farther with their plan. When on the Citadel, the brunette had fainted with no apparent reason. She had undergone a thought medical examination and was now confined to the Normandy as the diagnosis was being formed.

Despite, Tali’s dislike for the “cheerleader”, she had to admire the lengths Miranda was willing to go for her sister.


Shepard stood up.

“…are we going?”

Tali left the chair, but one thing had been bugging her after her conversation with Garrus.

“Shepard, why did you let that turian, Sidonis go free? A good excuse or not it’s not like you”

The commander paused, her expression suddenly serious.

“I didn’t care, if he lives or dies, perhaps he even deserved a bullet. But, It wasn’t about him, only Garrus”

The human’s head turned, green eyes with red glow looked into luminescent ones.

“You know him, he fixates. I needed to make sure he can let go, not to smear walls with every idiot that crosses him. We already have me and Grunt for that. Besides, I didn’t let Sidonis walk away free, even if he doesn’t crack, he’ll soon have C-SEC on him on account of some very serious charges” explained the commander, shortly.

“I see” said Tali, she didn’t inquire further. They resumed walking, they waited a few seconds before office.

The duo entered it and the door firmly locked after them. The sight inside surprised Tali.

Miranda sat behind the desk surrounded by wrappers of various MREs, both full and empty ones. It was the first time the quarian saw her in something else than her skin-tight catsuit. Instead, she wore a classical, human, business suit in her colours.

Well… it definitely less tight than this suit of hers mused Tali. They had clearly interrupted the fattening meal.

The brunette face, marred with a small smear of nutrient paste, betrayed her foul mood, and when she noticed the engineer, it visibly worsened.

“What is she doing here” asked Miranda with barely hidden anger.

“We both have few matters to talk about with you. Is there a problem?” said Shepard calmly, but seriously. The operative closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath.

“No, sorry. You just didn’t come on the best moment, but I just finished. Let’s just get it over with” answered the brunette and took a more dignified posture. Shepard gestured to Tali, so she started. For ten minutes they talked about a changes necessary to keep the improved Normandy up and running. However, it was clear the whole time, that the former Cerberus operative suffered due to her painfully full stomach.

Meanwhile, the commander inspected the container, that the quarian recognized as of Liara’s company origin.

“I think that’s all from me. Shepard?” said Tali after they finished. The tallest woman turned to them.

“I checked with Karin and Mordin, same witch our bugs and intelligence reports from Liara. As far as they're concerned, we’re in the clear. As far as we can tell TIM and his lackeys suspect no foul play. Now you have to only act according to the script with occasional reports from medical” informed Shepard. Miranda grimaced.

“Yes, I have only to turn myself into a beached whale” growled the operative. Elizabeth raised an eyebrow.

“I know that’s far from ideal, but aren’t you exaggerating, that’s far from the worst that could happen. Besides, you just need to get to look unattractive to that jackass of your father,” said Sheppard calmly. Miranda shot her a furious glance.

"Thanks to this plan of yours and your ex’s food in a span of weeks I gained enough weight for it to be noticeable for the crew. Shepard, I don’t fit in my uniform” accused the brunette in low voice, almost through the teeth. The few incidents from last days made her blood boil, the only upside was that Jack seemed to avoid her since their talk.

The only change in the commander's expression was a raised eyebrow.

“That was the idea, Miranda. You knew what you were in for, at this point, it would be wasteful, if not risky to stop. You need to stop thinking about it as some monstrous transformation. You'll look just fine, just bigger” said Shepard in a peaceful voice and glanced at the crate.

“And aren’t you downsizing those meals of yours? According to Liara’s…”

“Listen Shepard” interrupted angry Miranda with hands squeezing armrest hard enough for her knuckles to turn white.

“You have no business in how much I eat and T’Soni has no right to spy on me. I’m not going to stuff myself like turkey with that infernal food for your satisfaction. And I don’t care that your crush on that fat asari makes you think hogs are attractive, other people aren’t so delusional. Unlike you, I don’t have some naïve xeno to fuck, while drowning in self-pity. You aren’t the one destroying her body!” Miranda nearly shouted with fury.

Anger and frustration accumulated during last week’s finally boiled over. Miranda was a successful, professional agent, a genetically-engineered perfectionist, but she was still human. The brunette had touchy subjects, her deteriorating looks was one she had no experience with. Besides, she didn’t have to pretend before Shepard, right?

However, Miranda seemed to forget who the commander was. Shepard may have been always trying to resolve matters with words, she allowed her subordinates their opinions, to be lax outside missions. But Miranda had forgotten that at the end of the day Sheared was a ruthless avatar of carnage, or rather had been before her death. Now the human-shaped being was an unspeakably more terrifying entity, even if even she didn’t realize it.

The entire anger dissipated from Miranda when this happened. One second Shepard was standing more than two meters away from her, the second she was leaning over her. The pale face seemed perfectly calm, but implants seemed to be in the process of burning through skin, green in the eyes was completely consumed by hellish light. The presence, pressure oozing from the blood-haired being before Miranda, was preventing her from moving, barely letting her breathe.

Miranda suddenly felt the urge to crawl in the deepest, darkest hole she could find.

“I… like you, Miranda, despite your attitude, I like you. I understand the desire to free oneself from the shackles of somebody else grand designs. I commend your determination in that goal and your dedication to Oriana”

Shepard spoke slowly, very clearly pronouncing every syllable, but her voice was low and seemed to be just a step further from turning into a growl.

“I’m able to stand your superior attitude, your babbling about your perfection and daddy issues. Nobody’s perfect and ultimately you’re an extremely competent operative and a good sister. Hell, you even came clear with Jack as I asked”

Miranda had trouble breathing, she didn’t understand. Why every word from the towering figure seemed like a death omen. Teeth… 

Why Shepard’s teeth were so sharp? Miranda had spent months rebuilding her, they had no right to be this sharp.

“I choose to trust you, one of TIM’s most trusted operatives, I took a considerable risk, I still do. But now you moan about putting on few pounds on your perfect body, despite it being part of the plan to protect your sister. You do realize I could stonewall any operations that may cause information about your defection to reach Cerberus?”

Miranda was perfectly still. The commander's face was starting to betray her fury, sharp teeth were getting barer and barer.

“The worst of all you started talking about things that you have no idea about and your little perfect head cannot understand. And I will not have it. No”

Shepard closed her eyes for a second, she seemed to cool off a little, then she turned her head to Tali.

“Tali, could you please hand me the big tube with nutrient paste. You know, the one for long ops” said the blood-hired woman unexpectedly calmly, but with well-hidden strain.

“Um?” asked the quarian unintelligibly. The engineer had been st