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Mass Effect: Observing Gains

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I began posting those chapters on writing.com, however that site provides little opportunity for feedback and I most definitely could use some constructive criticism. I could use information what can be improved or if I should even continue to write that drivel. 😁.

Please bear in mind that it is my first attempt on writing and English is not my native tongue.

Idea of initial setting - ThatOneGuy101 from writing.com. First chapter is heavily inspired by his work.




Chapter 1: The Observer


Nothing added up.


Liara had been tracking down records and traces about The Observer, an agent of the Shadow Broker, for months. Hacking terminals, tracing logs, even narrowing the list to 5 species, thanks to the information Nyxeris gave her.


Since establishing herself as information broker on Ilium, she was spied on by various individuals. Yet none of them was potentially as dangerous as dangerous as The Observer. He or She was direct subordinate of most powerful information broker in the galaxy, broker she was currently trying to track down and get revenge on. Which given him ample reason to eliminate her.


Liara had located dozens of potential suspects, subjecting them to various means of investigations, interrogations and bribery but none of them had been The Observer or had information about him. She hated to admit it, but she was getting nowhere, and she desperately needed to rest.


“Liara? Are you alright?” Her assistant, Nyxeris asked with worry in her voice.


“Yes, I’m fine,” Liara stated, although it was far from truth.


"I doubt it ma'am" retorted older asari with shake of her head.


"Do you have problems with your hearing Nyxeris? I said I’m fine" snapped Liara, but then closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

“I'm sorry I have been awake for over 40 hours, but I’m not any closer to finding The Observer, than I was before. I’m going to get some sleep I can, call me if you find anything”


“Of course ma'am” Nyxeris bower her head.


“Thank you, Nyxeris have a good afternoon,” Liara said as she exited her office and began driving to her apartment. She walked in and despite her state quickly checked her security devices. When she made sure everything was in order she took a quick shower and immediately went to bed. Sleep took her immediately, but didn't free her from The Observer. He tormented her in dreams where he captured and torturing her, subjecting her to all sorts of horrors.


Liara awoke in a cold sweat. Goddess... that was awfully. Fortunately the experience of being put thought meatgrinder wasn’t real. She sat on the bed and looked at the clock - 6:30, world outside was still dark, save for multiple lights from windows and cars. She did nor even manage a full night’s sleep, because of her fear, but she was sure she would not be able to fall asleep again.


She took a cold shower and put a fresh dress and slowly began performing her morning routine. Liara was about to head out, but her doorbell rang before she could. Liara was more than cautious while on Illium, she was borderline paranoid. Anybody could have just rung her doorbell, starting with ordinary thieves, ending with Reapers puppets and Shadow Broker operatives. She readied a biotics and a pistol, before checking the camera outside. She was surprised to see...

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Chapter 2: Unexpected gifts?


A volus delivery man holding bouquet of red roses and a purple package.

"Delivery for ... huff ... Liara T'Soni" proclaimed short alien, while holding gifts in his hands.


"Can I… get an ID first?" replied bewilder asari, that certainly was not turn of events she was expecting. However could not allow herself to lose focus, she seen more ridiculous things than volus assassins.


"Kon Narlan from EEzio..bzz...Ilum fastest and most reliable delivery service" said short humanoid as opened hi omnitool and showed his documents to camera. Clearly he was used to replaying those words over and over again. Liara quickly checked information and other security devices, everything seemed to be in order.

Liara opened her door and took items from deliveryman


“Thank you Mr Narlan” volus only nodded and handled asari holopad from his pouch.


"Please sign here to …huff…confirm receiving package" continued smaller lifeform.


Liara forced herself to show her best professional smile and took holopad. She glanced on text apparently it was pre-paid delivery from anonymous sender. She filled all forms and gave device back to delivery man. "Is that all?"


"Yes...huff..good night" replied volus and started walking away.


Asari keep watching until he disappeared behind the corner. She closed door and breathed out. The Observer must be getting to me if i react like that to a doorbell. She looked at gifts. Both roses and package seemed harmless, but in her situation she could not allow herself to become careless. She carefully took items and placed them on station capable of scanning and identifying dangerous substances and items. While machine was working she sat and ran quick search. Company was real enough, Liara herself used their services in the past and as she learned they indeed employed volus under name "Kon Narlan", details of delivery seemed to be correct as well, but there was no information about sender, even account which he used to pay for delivery was not listed.


That's suspicious, but then again not a lot of people likes to be linked to information brokers, even though they try to keep in your good graces She looked away from desktop and a scanner. While she was browsing machine finished scanning gifts.


"Let's see" Liara looked on device's screen. According to its reading roses were expensive, but besides that completely ordinary and available in most of better shops with flora.


Shepard liked roses She thought to herself with melancholy. She remembered how Commander had bought bouquet of those for her not too long after battle for Citadel. It was first time she saw those flowers and took liking to them as well. Elizabeth explained that roses were considered to be a symbol of love.


Asari smiled to herself briefly, but then scolded herself. Deal with possible danger first, ponder on past later.


According to machine, package didn't contain, explosives, traps or any substances that may be harmful to asari.


Better check it now and be sure than wait with it until morning decided Liara and began to carefully unwrap package... only to reveal a box of chocolates and small slip of paper. A paper letter? Asari had not used paper for writing since millennia, nowadays only humans used it sometimes.


She took it and read:


"Dear Miss T'Soni


I apologize for secrecy, but due to your occupation questionable reputation I rather not be linked to your company.

At the same time I simply must send those modest gifts to thank you for help with my problem and tell you that I hope that we meet again under more pleasant circumstances.


Yours sincerely

Adam Constantine"



Adam Constantine... She remembered him. A middle age human male businessman that need help looking for few people that knew about his less than law abiding past. He was bit eccentric and left Earth not that long ago, what more he seemed to be enamoured with her. Yes, expensive flowers and chocolates, it is something he would do. Unfortunately for you Mister Constantine, there is only one human for me


Now she inspected chocolates, they were vacuum sealed with no sign of tampering.. I recognise that brand. It's the same one Ashley got on her birthday from her sisters. It is different type, more expensive one. Huh... Garrus got allergy after eating one of those on a dare, he didn't leave medbay for days. It was also day when crew learned that she had a large sweet tooth. Both Garuss and Wrex joked about it.


She looked at gifts once aggain.

“Goddess” she sighed loudly, sat heavily on nearby chair and put her face in hands. It was too much, knowledge that her lovers body was in Cerbeus hands, the looming threat of Reapers, her failure to help Feron and most importantly imminent threat that haunted her dreams, The Observer. If she don,t catch him he or she will dispse of her sooner or later.


"No" she said and took a deep breath. "You fought against enemies more dangerous than The Observer and won. At the very least you must stay alive to help Shepard fight against Reapers" she reassured herself.


She glanced on box once again. She did love chocolate.

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Chapter 3: A small treat


Former archaeologist stood up, took the box and relocated to one of couches in living room. She opened it, inside there was several rows of very appetizing, but ordinary chocolates.


It's unhealthy to eat sweets that early, but I need to relax. I am already going to be a bit late, but since everything checks out I might as well eat a few chocolates. Liara thought to herself. She put open box beside herself, leaned more comfortably, picked single chocolate and examined it. Nothing out of the ordinary.


"I am getting too paranoid" she said and popped chocolate into her mouth.

"Mmmm" she moaned quietly. It was really good, not too sweet like many treats tended to be. She looked through window and admired rising sun while taking another piece of chocolate.


When was the last time I allowed myself to truly relax mused Liara and chuckled sadly. Probably on that party before Normandy set out again on its last voyage. She remembered it well, Garrus and Wrex bickering, hilariously buzzed Tali, a drinking contest between Chief Williams and Doctor Chakwas and of course Shepard. Commander was there, smiling, joking and flirting shamelessly with her. Most importantly she was alive and right beside her. Our own makeshift family


Liara shook her head. It was nearly a year since Normandy’s destruction. If Cerberus was truthful they may be able to bring Shepard back. Galaxy at large needed her, despite Councillor Anderson efforts all other representatives kept denying existence of Repairs and refused to do anything about threat.


"Then again since when did they were any help" thought asari and checked time on her omnitool. 8:30 am she need to hurry if she wanted to be in her office along with Nyxeris.


She trusted her assistant, to a degree. Not enough to usually let her arrive before her and possibly plant a bug or hack her terminal and look on her files. It was common sense really. She had enough enemies old and new willing to pay considerable sum for her death.


She stood up and realized she is quite full, significantly more than after breakfast. She checked box and realized that she ate over half of its content.


That much!? I should have noticed, I guess i got lost in thought but still... thought asari, but chose not to dwell on it. She looked in the mirror and at her hands. She notices small smudges of chocolate at her fingers and mouth. She needed to clean herself... but it was such good chocolate.


Before she could stop herself she started licking it from her fingers and mouth. Get a hold of yourself T'Soni she scolded herself and went to clean herself in bathroom.


"I really need to get some decent sleep" commented Liara as she exited her apartment. While she worked well under pressure a constant threat of The Observe and nightmares prevented her from getting any peaceful sleep and rest. In result young T’Soni was barely able to properly function.


If I don't find him soon my sleep deprivation and nerves will do his job for him


Unknowingly to her chocolates she just have eaten were far from ordinary. While its extra ingredients were anything but harmful they indeed had rather unique effects on asari physiology.


She was also unaware of well hidden presence that observed entire incident form one of skyscrapers.


It was...

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Chapter 4: Nyxeris, The Observer


In one of the skyscrapers seen from Liara's window was rather unusual apartment. Besides typical furniture it was filled with extremely advanced spying equipment. It was being used by Shadow Broker agents to observe on asari archaeologist


Right now it was occupied by one person, Shadow Broker top operative on Illium, The Observer better known as Nyxeris, assistant to none other but Liara T'Soni. Usually she didn't participate in grunt work, but in this case she had to make sure that operation was successful while keeping all scrapes of information away from Benezia's daughter.


Despite sophisticated equipment, due to distance and various anti-spy devices used by Liara all she received was decent view of her target's living room and bits of sounds. Fortunately, right now it was enough.


Nyxeris watched as her official employer sat on her coutch. After seeing Liara eat first chocolate she turned off devices and smirked sweetly to herself.


"Now the real fun begins" said asari to herself, while opening special secure channel on her omnitool and begin typing:


"First phase of operation "Ocean" proceed as planned, beginning phase two"


"Acknowledged, continue with operation"


Still smirking Nyxeris shut down her omnitool and began walking to exit, she needed to be punctual after all.


Preparing everything was not easy, finding method of implementing the plan took some time. Liara never ordered food while at work, having prepared meals herself and bringing them for later to her office. That human Constantine provided unexpected opportunity, he simply contacted her one day, asking her "in secret" what kind of gifts Liara liked. Thanks to Shadow Broker database she was able identify objects that good doctor had weakness for. After that only thing left was to fabricate chocolates according to her needs and swapping them with original.


Nyxeris know about device Liara used to scan items, however she had no intention of poisoning or even drugging her fellow asari so it posed no problem. Substances inside chocolates had other, non-threatening but still quite interesting effects. They speed up digestion process while making it more effective, reduced feeling of fullness, make stomach more prone to stretching. Most importantly they induced feeling of hunger.


Dose of drugs which Liara ate along with chocolates should give her opportunity feed archaeologist more of them as well as introduce more aggressive and invasive substances.


Reason behind all of it? Miss T'Soni posed a threat to Broker's operations as well as to Nyxeris own safety, not to mention her past meddling’s with his operations. Of course she could kill Liara, despite her paranoia and various security measures it was doable provided she caught her off guard. However it would not be without consequences, Normandy's remaining crew while estranged would most likely come looking for one’s responsible , which would cause further problems. At the same time she was valuable resource having contacts and connections Nyxeris had no chance of acquiring by herself but having access to as Liara's assistant.


What's better way to increase Liara trust in her while limiting her ability to perform certain activities and not taking away too much of her mental process which made her such useful asset in the first place? Dutifully taking care of her and other task she shifted to her assistant as her weight and hunger keep increasing. Perhaps with slight help from compliance drugs in later phases.


Plus thought The Observer to herself as she drove to work turning T'Soni into a whale is reward in itself


Nyxeris enjoyed fear and power she had over Liara as The Observer. Manipulating her to gain weight only added to that feeling.

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Chapter 5: Ordinary day at work


Despite surprise this morning, today so far was quite normal for Liara. She even managed to arrive just before her assistant. Unfortunately Nyxeris, besides a few clues and new suspects names, have not been successful in finding anything that could lead her to The Observer or Shadow Broker, still it was better than nothing. As much as she would like to go through data concerning her personal goals she had more "routine" work to do.


I am digging through lies and useless data, connecting scraps of information to see a bigger picture mused young asari. Not too different from my work as an archaeologist. Then again menial workers were used to help remove rubble not to shake somebody for information. Fewer death threats and bodies were underground not in the closed while still warm.

Despite Liara's extreme proficiency she didn't enjoy her current profession. However she needed to locate Shadow Broker and avenge Ferron, not to mention her position as information broker allowed her to gain contacts and influence that may be later helpful against the Reapers.


Liara was in the middle of searching through information about young, populist turian politician on Citadel looking for any useful Intel when she heard a low growl that snapped her back to reality. For some time she was aware of the hollow feeling in her middle but deep in thoughts she paid it no mind. Former archaeologist looked and realized the cause of both unexpected interruption and uncomfortable feeling - her stomach. She was positively starving.


What? Between breakfast and half box of chocolates I shouldn't be that hungry thought confused asari and checked time, it was 01 p.m. Well...it is time for lunch and last few days have been quite draining Around that hour she and Nyxeris took a break. Her assistant usually went to one of the buffets just outside the trade district while she stayed at the office eating meal she prepared earlier at home, looking briefly over any new information on Shadow Broker and The Observer.


She was about to open a hidden fridge where meals were kept when she realized one more thing. Yesterday she no time to prepare the meal and in the morning she was too concerned with unexpected visit and gift so she didn't take anything else.


"Goddess, I could use real vacation" sighed heavily Liara, winced and rubbed her stomach trying to soothe hunger pangs. She, of course, had stashed nutrition bars, even military rations, however she preferred not to open supply unless there was an emergency. Not to mention taste, even though Liara have eaten even worse meals both as an archaeologist and when traveling with Shepard it was not something she enjoyed. It would not lift her spirits to eat a dry ration while drinking water.


Let's think what are my options? she thought to herself as she heard yet another grumble from her stomach. She could ride back home and make herself something. However ride there and back would cost her a lot of time, especially since a rush hour just started.


Two, most buffets and restaurants provided takeaway. She could ask Nyxeris to buy something for her. She would not have to waste time in the car or even preparing meal. The definitive downside of that plan was the lack of her usual inspection of meal safety.


Lastly she would content herself with what she has had in her office. Young doctor shivered at the thought.

Texture of cardboard or sand and that terrible bland taste winced asari at the memory.

I cannot have my fear of The Observer prevent me to function properly, besides Nyxeris is far from careless reasoned Liara.


It's true. While her assistant didn't quite share her caution she was aware of the danger involved in their activities. From time to time she reviewed actions of her subordinate to see if she took the necessary precautions and she never disappointed. While less vigilant than asari doctor she was careful and thorough.


Then again she doesn't have the same target on her back as I do thought Liara and pressed a button to call for her assistant.


"Nyxeris could I see you here for a moment" she called over the intercom


"Of course" came the reply. After a short moment door opened and her assistant entered.


"Is something the matter ma'am?" asked Nyxeris.


"No, nothing serious at least" replied Liara with a slight, reassuring smile " I simply forgot to take my lunch from home, tell me could you bring buy me something from the place where you eat while I look over data you brought me earlier. I know that is hardly part of duties but I would be grateful if you do. Of course, I will fully compensate you for the meal"


"Of course ma'am, I am happy to help” replied older asari with a smile.


"But please be even more cautious than usual, maybe I am needlessly worried but I rather avoid being poisoned by one of Broker's agents"


"Of course Liara" confirmed assistant with small smile and a slight nod "I infrequently change locals and it is always restaurant with open buffet. It's hard to poison a specific person without drawing attention when everybody eats from one container. Also, I scan meals with my omnitool just to be sure."


"Forgive me, I do not wish to question your competence, but I prefer to play it safe" reassured the information broker, trying to hide another growl from her stomach.


"Thank you, that will be all for now" she dismissed her assistant who nodded and exited her office.


After doors closed she relaxed a little and rubbed her belly trying to soothe it.


I hope Nyxeris will return shortly because I doubt I will be able to focus properly like that she thought with a grimace and opened file containing all data collected about Shadow broker and The Observer. She needed sort out new data.


She was unaware of the fact that her assistant did hear her stomach or wide smile that formed on Nyxeris face at the same moment.

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Chapter 6: Lunch



--Liara's office, noon--


Despite surprise this morning, today so far was quite normal for Liara. She even managed to arrive just before her assistant. Unfortunately Nyxeris, besides a few clues and new suspects names, have not been successful in finding anything that could lead her to The Observer or Shadow Broker, still it was better than nothing. As much as she would like to go through data concerning her personal goals she had more "routine" work to do.


I am digging through lies and useless data, connecting scraps of information to see a bigger picture mused young asari. Not too different from my work as an archaeologist. Then again menial workers were used to help remove rubble not to shake somebody for information. Fewer death threats and bodies were underground not in the closed while still warm.

Despite Liara's extreme proficiency she didn't enjoy her current profession. However she needed to locate Shadow Broker and avenge Ferron, not to mention her position as information broker allowed her to gain contacts and influence that may be later helpful against the Reapers.


Liara was in the middle of searching through information about young, populist turian politician on Citadel looking for any useful Intel when she heard a low growl that snapped her back to reality. For some time she was aware of the hollow feeling in her middle but deep in thoughts she paid it no mind. Former archaeologist looked and realized the cause of both unexpected interruption and uncomfortable feeling - her stomach. She was positively starving.


What? Between breakfast and half box of chocolates I shouldn't be that hungry thought confused asari and checked time, it was 01 p.m. Well...it is time for lunch and last few days have been quite draining Around that hour she and Nyxeris took a break. Her assistant usually went to one of the buffets just outside the trade district while she stayed at the office eating meal she prepared earlier at home, looking briefly over any new information on Shadow Broker and The Observer.


She was about to open a hidden fridge where meals were kept when she realized one more thing. Yesterday she no time to prepare the meal and in the morning she was too concerned with unexpected visit and gift so she didn't take anything else.


"Goddess, I could use real vacation" sighed heavily Liara, winced and rubbed her stomach trying to soothe hunger pangs. She, of course, had stashed nutrition bars, even military rations, however she preferred not to open supply unless there was an emergency. Not to mention taste, even though Liara have eaten even worse meals both as an archaeologist and when traveling with Shepard it was not something she enjoyed. It would not lift her spirits to eat a dry ration while drinking water.


Let's think what are my options? she thought to herself as she heard yet another grumble from her stomach. She could ride back home and make herself something. However ride there and back would cost her a lot of time, especially since a rush hour just started.


Two, most buffets and restaurants provided takeaway. She could ask Nyxeris to buy something for her. She would not have to waste time in the car or even preparing meal. The definitive downside of that plan was the lack of her usual inspection of meal safety.


Lastly she would content herself with what she has had in her office. Young doctor shivered at the thought.

Texture of cardboard or sand and that terrible bland taste winced asari at the memory.

I cannot have my fear of The Observer prevent me to function properly, besides Nyxeris is far from careless reasoned Liara.


It's true. While her assistant didn't quite share her caution she was aware of the danger involved in their activities. From time to time she reviewed actions of her subordinate to see if she took the necessary precautions and she never disappointed. While less vigilant than asari doctor she was careful and thorough.


Then again she doesn't have the same target on her back as I do thought Liara and pressed a button to call for her assistant.


"Nyxeris could I see you here for a moment" she called over the intercom


"Of course" came the reply. After a short moment door opened and her assistant entered.


"Is something the matter ma'am?" asked Nyxeris.


"No, nothing serious at least" replied Liara with a slight, reassuring smile " I simply forgot to take my lunch from home, tell me could you bring buy me something from the place where you eat while I look over data you brought me earlier. I know that is hardly part of duties but I would be grateful if you do. Of course, I will fully compensate you for the meal"


"Of course ma'am, I am happy to help” replied older asari with a smile.


"But please be even more cautious than usual, maybe I am needlessly worried but I rather avoid being poisoned by one of Broker's agents"


"Of course Liara" confirmed assistant with small smile and a slight nod "I infrequently change locals and it is always restaurant with open buffet. It's hard to poison a specific person without drawing attention when everybody eats from one container. Also, I scan meals with my omnitool just to be sure."


"Forgive me, I do not wish to question your competence, but I prefer to play it safe" reassured the information broker, trying to hide another growl from her stomach.


"Thank you, that will be all for now" she dismissed her assistant who nodded and exited her office.


After doors closed she relaxed a little and rubbed her belly trying to soothe it.


I hope Nyxeris will return shortly because I doubt I will be able to focus properly like that she thought with a grimace and opened file containing all data collected about Shadow broker and The Observer. She needed sort out new data.


She was unaware of the fact that her assistant did hear her stomach or wide smile that formed on Nyxeris face at the same moment.

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Chapter 6: Lunch


01:50 p.m. showed the clock on Liara's terminal. Young asari winced and shook her head, trying to focus. Despite what she had planned she was unable to do almost any work. Her hunger was to blame. Feeling in her stomach had gone from uncomfortable to almost unbearable.


That's what I get for allowing myself to get distracted she thought to herself and rubbed her eyes. The last time she was that hungry was when Normandy's crew rescued her from a prothean security device she accidentally triggered.


I almost fainted after meeting with rest of the crew, I guess those last three days affected me more than I thought. During her latest erratic search for Shadow Broker hardly allowed for frequent and full meals combining that with 40 hours sleepless and it's no wonder her body was exhausted.

She was about to take a sip of water when she heard the sound of intercom. She clicked on the button and asked




"Ma'am I am back, may I come in?" A quick look at cameras and scans showed that it was indeed Nyxeris.


"Please come in" said Liara. At the sight of her assistant her eyes widened slightly. Nyxeris appeared to be a little out of breath, most likely because of two large plastic bags she was holding and that shocked Liara.


"I was unsure what you would like ma'am so I took a few different things" huffed her employer and set both containers on her desk.


"A few?" asked Liara forcing herself to smile.


Nyxeris blushed faintly "I realized just how much, a little too late" she replied apologetically, then straighten up and added with a confident voice "I took all necessary precautions, all dishes were tested and scanned. No harmful elements or effects were found"


"Thank you Nyxeris I trust your expertise, now before you return to your duties check for any new information about Joram Talid"


"Of course ma'am, enjoy your meal" her assistant nodded with a smile, turned around and left her with two bags full of food.

Liara began removing boxes from bags. While asari had quite large energy requirements despite their size, she was still looking at a meal for about two or three members of her species.


That's hardly a problem, I am starving and all leftovers I can take with me to home thought former archaeologist when opening the first box. It was fried fish, one native to Thessia and surrendered by boiled vegetables. She cut piece and tasted.


Hmm... delicious said young asari and began to eat rest. Next box, two slices of pizza, that hardly surprised her, human cuisine was a big hit among asari, especially younger ones. She, herself was quite familiar and found of it thanks to her time aboard Normandy.


She began devouring dish after dish like an automat, steadily and carefully but fast and only with small breaks for Thessian tea. Fried octopus, those little sausages Liara often eaten as a child, crepes filled with meat and other examples of asari and human cuisine. A relatively small size of portions was misleading, making young doctor think that she ate less than in reality. Liara didn't register when she started to be full nor when her stomach began to swell and stretch. Her hunger and excellent taste of dishes suppressed those feelings. Her face was being smeared by drops of sauces and juices, but she paid it no mind as she kept eating with a blissful expression. Everything was delicious, much better than what she prepared for herself.


After 20 minutes feast came to an end. She put the last empty container back to the bag and wiped her face with napkins.


Goddess she thought as she leaned back in her chair and began rubbing her belly with content. I had been starving, but still I cannot believe that I managed to eat that much. Liara looked at her stomach and frowned slightly, her skin-tight dress did little to hide her food baby.

It's extraordinary situation, I'll do some shopping and prepare meals for the following days she promised to herself without enthusiasm. She felt good, probably the best she had been in weeks. The former archaeologist was still very aware of her troubles and enemies, but they felt more distant at the moment. She felt almost...optimistic.


I guess that are advantages of a full meal prepared by actual cooks mused Liara. While she could cook she was no chef and limited time she had for that activity didn't allow for too complicated dishes. The meal she just ate, was by no elaborate but still leagues above what she usually ate and was much fresher. Another inconvenience caused by The Observer


She signed, cleaned remains of food and hid bags to dispose of them later. Then she reluctantly returned to her abandoned work on turian politician. She had much to do.




Nyxeris closed feed on her terminal and saved entire footage to secure external drive, corners of her lips moved up just so slightly. Despite giving no outward signs she was extremely pleased. She just witnessed great Liara T'Soni make glutton of herself.


Then again it's nothing compared to what We have planned for her thought asari smugly to herself. Her “employer” entire meal was spiked with the same mix as chocolates but with slightly stronger appetite enhancers and few new ingredients that could not pass scanning at Liara's house. A concoction that causes pleasure and feeling of relaxation, nothing strong as she could not raise any suspicions, even though by Illium standards it barely registered as a controlled substance. It was a coupled with a rather unique and short-lasting substance that encouraged mental conditioning, after all the faster Liara start identifying eating with comfort and pleasure the better. The last substance worked in two stages first making the subject gradually tired then sleepy, it was coated in special nanocaspsules which should dissolve in about 3-4 hours after she retired from work. It should force Liara to return home early without allowing her to do much headway in her personal projects while giving her just enough time to do basic chores, eat a hearty meal after a tiring day at work before heading to sleep and prevent her from burning too much of precious calories.


Earlier The Observer entertained the thought of lacing products that Liara bought by herself. However that would cause its own set of problems. Liara, much like herself, changed the provider of ingredients quite often and sometimes she went to buy groceries by herself also in many different stores. Adding something to younger asari food without creating an accident was extremely difficult, not to mention scanner at Liara home prevented her altogether from using certain substances. Another problem was caused by her victim's cooking, it was well balanced and low fat. She wanted Liara became sedentary as quickly as possible, but while using a limited arsenal of drugs merely increasing Benezia's daughter intake of her usual meals wound not fatten her nearly as fast as she would like. She needed to introduce more "hearty" meals into young asari diet.


While she did buy meals from the same buffet she was in, it was not what she fed to Liara. Everything that just went into younger asari gullet looked and tasted indistinguishable from original, but had one major difference besides earlier mentioned substances. It was incredibly high packed with calories, much more than it was possible to get through normal cooking. It served two purposes, the most obvious one was the fact that it would pile much more fat on Liara than the original. The second reason was less obvious but more important. When doctor T'Soni's body grows accustomed to consuming that many calories in one go it will still crave more even if she was full of lighter food, adding to her hunger and tricking her to further stuff herself. While she could not provide Liara with similar meals every time she eat, at least for now, it would at least strongly encourage her to switch to more calorie-heavy meals.


There is still much work to do, even today thought Nyxeris, she had to arrange events so today would not be single occurrence. She was going over plan when she nearly burst with laughter at the sudden thought Commander Shepard, if she truly is alive, is in for a really big, blue surprise

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Chapter 7: Conversation


--Liara's office, afternoon--


Liara and Nyxeris were sitting together in the information broker office and going over the most important pieces of gathered Intel, list of possible new clients as well as checking if they needed to deploy some of the mercenaries working in doctor T'Soni employ to deal with something directly. It was their last activity together, as it was the end of older asari working hours, and unless there was something extremely important or time-sensitive she left for home. There was nothing of that sort that day. As always, the last and most widely discussed was the issue of Shadow Broker and his agent The Observer. Unfortunately today did not bring any significant revelations. They sorted new data, noted which leads to follow, discarded useless ones, and prepared plans for the following days. Unfortunately they still had nothing concrete besides the register of races provided by Nyxeris. It narrowed the list of suspects significantly, but not nearly enough and the only other concrete information was the fact that The Observer was personally interested in Liara.


There has to be something, some piece of information that The Observer did not erase or a pattern we can use to track him down thought young asari with anger, but mostly with tiredness as she kept looking over data.

Ultimately, finding him and his employer is a matter of time, but time is something Ferron does not have. She was painfully aware that chances of drell being still alive in Shadow Broker captivity were slim at best, but she could not abandon him.


Liara looked at her assistant sitting opposite, who also searched data on her datapad, and looked at the clock. Nyxeris shift, in theory ended 15 minutes ago. She took a deep breath and said:


"Nyxeris I think that will be all for today. Thank you for your help" as much as she would like to keep her assistant longer with her, she could not. From a purely formal standpoint she would rather not being bothered by law enforcement on the ground of worker exploitation. More importantly having her employees angry and disgruntled at her was bad for business and health.


"Ma'am there is something I would like to talk about before I go," said Nyxeris while rubbing her hands nervously and added "I may be overstepping my bounds, but it is important"


Liara tensed, that was most unusual, her assistant was almost always strictly professional, save perhaps for a few occasional jokes in private, and she never talked on personal matters. In one moment she was prepared for a direct fight, betrayal, and air attack. She reminded herself where she hid weapons and had her biotics were ready for action. On the outside none of that was noticeable, she gave her assistant a questioning look and leaned slightly on a chair, all while maintaining perfect, professional composure.


"If you consider something to be important then it is. Please, speak freely" responded prothean expert.


Nyxeris a took deep breath and said:

"Ma'am with all due respect, but you cannot continue like that"


Well, that's a bold statement


"What, exactly do you mean Nyxeris?" asked Liara with a steady but firm voice.


"Your yesterday's bout of constant research was not the first, but the longest one, that's not healthy or even productive. While I only guess I am sure that even under "normal" circumstances you don't get nearly enough sleep. You maintain perfect composure with our clients and contacts, but I have worked with people suffering from sleep deprivation, I recognize certain signs" said older asari, took a deep breath and continued.


"I also saw enough of your usual meals, they are bare minimum not to mention they are rather bland and repetitive. You are in constant tension, even more so than other people of our profession"


Nyxeris took few calming breaths, lowered her head a little and added:

"I worry Liara. All of this is bad for you, if it continues you will burn yourself out. You need to relax a little, rest"


Well it's not quite what I expected thought to herself Liara after hearing her employee explanation. She must have been slipping if Nyxeris was noticed her bad habits, then again her observation skills were one of the reasons she hired her in the first place. As much as she would like follow that advice there were certain obstacles.


"It is an occupational risk, besides you are aware of my goals as well as that The Observer is constantly monitoring us. I cannot allow myself to relax back, because I would risk being caught off guard. I do not have too much free time anyway"


Nyxeris shook her head.  "Ma'am if you continue like that you will be too tired to remain vigilant or work effectively. The Observer is monitoring all persons of interest on Ilium. I agree that he pays special attention to you, but considering circumstances it is nothing unexpected. Between being the sole heir to house T'Soni and your...involvement with Commander Shepard, he would focus on you even if you weren't actively trying to hunt down his employer" reasoned calmly older asari while looking Liara directly in the eyes.


"Besides you saw data, those fragments of orders and reports that we managed to acquire. Both Shadow Broker and The Observer stress that you need to remain being observed without being harmed in any way. All other sources seem to confirm it"


"Yes I am aware, however, please remember that my ultimate goal is Shadow Broker himself. We cannot count to him to continue with this policy as we progress" responded Liara with a slight shake of her head.


Nyxeris nodded "When he decides he is being threatened he will respond, but this is to our advantage. I saw how you work, during the short time we work together you managed to learn about Broker than I thought possible in such a short period. I work in this area for some time already. I know of people that also hunted him, but to get that close as we are now they spend decades even with more resources. Shadow Broker knows this as well, he cannot suspect us to become a threat that soon" reasoned further her assistant. She, once again had a point, but it was not enough.


"Then you also know they got overconfident and were disposed of. We cannot allow ourselves to repeat their mistakes by growing lax" pointed out Liara, still not convinced.


"That brings me to another matter" replied Nyxeris undeterred. "While I do not know all resources available to you, I am certain we currently do not have the means to directly confront Shadow Broker. We may be able to deal with The Observer and his direct subordinates here on Illium. But even if we were to find Broker's location today we don't have influence or resources to deal with him".


Liara was silent for a while, pondering on her subordinate's words. All of it was technically true and she knew that exhaustion lead to mistakes. If her assistant had noticed her state it was only a matter of time before somebody less friendly does it as well and exploits her weakened state.


Besides, she is right, I will not be able to do anything if I need to focus mainly on not closing my eyes and falling asleep. At the same time young asari was still unenthusiastic to do anything that would slow down her hunt on galaxy's most feared information broker and her fear of The Observer was still present.


"I see that you put a lot of thought behind it, but tell me Nexeris where did that sudden concern with my health come from?" asked Liara calmly.


Nyxeris didn't waver only smiled a little. "It is not sudden ma'am. You know that I always try to reason with you when you spend too much time working and as your assistant, it is my job to help you. That includes making sure you are able to function properly. Besides you are my best employer yet, not to mention the famous Liara T'Soni, one of the Citadel heroes. Working with you is doing wonders for my resume. I would not like to lose that"


You would not like to lose my contacts as well thought younger asari and smiled as well. She of course knows that Nexeris was not helping her purely out of the goodness of her heart and that now and then used Liara's contacts outside of her job for private gain. Liara accepted it, seeing as all those activities were neutral or even beneficial to her operations. If anything it makes Nyxeris concern more true. After all her success and new resources provided Nyxeris with the same.


"Well, you were right, you most definitely are testing your boundaries today" sighed Liara. "At the same time everything you said is true. Before I decide anything, I assume you have propositions how to resolve my situation?"


"Yes, a few in fact" replied older asari and picked up her datapad to look over her notes. She was visibly relieved that she didn't need to argue with her boss any further.


"Seeing as The Observer is the immediate threat we should keep investigating as we did before, but maintain a small but precise strike force that can remove him as soon as he is discovered. As you know human terrorist group, known as Cerberus lately has been investigating everything related to Commander Shepard and the Normandy. I think we should use them as a smokescreen, so to speak. We decrease the number of direct inquiries about Shadow Broker whereabouts while giving the impression that we shift our attention toward Cerberus as they pose a more immediate risk. At the same time we would focus on targets that are likely to provide Intel on both, Shadow Broker and Cerberus. It should provide us with some breathing room for time being, hopefully enough for us to expand our influence and resources to make attack at Broker feasible” Nyxeris began explained her plan carefully


"Hmm... if executed carefully that could work, for a while at least. Very well, I give some basic instruction and inquiries according to that and expect you to the same as well. Try to specify what exactly you can do to make it as believable as possible. We will hammer details tomorrow and I expect immediate reports should something happen. What else you thought of?" questioned Liara. She was still not fully convinced but her assistant ideas had some merit.


"Well the most obvious way to lighten your workload is to, well...reassign some of your tasks to me, ma'am" said Nyxeris a little bashfully.


That gave Liara a pause. She was aware of that possibility, but in that case, she would have to give her assistant access to Intel she did not have before. That was risky, but if to give her something non-essential and not connected to her personal projects... She started typing commands on her terminal and replied with a shadow of a smile.


"Seeing as you gave that proposition by yourself, Nyxeris I assume you have nothing against it. I am sending you information about a few cases, I expect reports and will be review your efforts every week. If they are handled to my satisfaction for a month I will continue to so and give you a raise. If not you will have to deal with the fallout, is that clear?" commanded Liara with hard look. She needed Nyxeris to understand full ramification of such decision.


"Of course, ma'am" replied assistant and nodded slightly. "There is one suggestion left. I saw your meals a few times, ma'am. Those are meals soldiers prepare when the only alternative are rations..."


The sharp look Liara gave her employee could pierce right through Destiny Ascension.


"I'll have you know Nyxeris, that they may be simple, but perfectly well balanced"


"Ahem...I do not deny that" replied fast Nyxeris and held her arms as if to defend herself. "This is simply not a kind of meal I would serve somebody unless I had no other choice. I understand your security concerns, but a good meal can quite beneficial for one's mood"


If you only knew she remembered when Elizabeth prepared "home cooked" meals for crew for a week, just to prove she could. She still wondered how they managed to avoid mass mutiny. It was only time in my entire life when I regretted that asari are not dextro-amino species. Commander Shepard had many talents, cooking was not among them.


"So what do you propose?" she asked, her stare softening a little.


"Maybe similarly to today's situation, only I would start going earlier for lunch so you will not have to wait that long" replied Nyxeris. "That way your meals, ma'am will not only taste much better what you usually have, but you save some time for sleep. Besides this is Illium, if any food cause negative effects, local is as good as closed and as far as I know, Shadow Broker does not poison his enemies"


Liara closed her eyes for a moment and rubbed her temples. No poison is not Broker usual style. He, and by extension his operatives were discrete when removing any potential obstacles, but they did so all important parties know who exactly is responsible. Just a little bit of warning.


"Very well, I approve" agreed Liara and took a deep breath. "I expect basic of those to be implemented as fast and as carefully as possible. Should something compromise operation I require imminent notification. Is that all?"


"Yes, that is all I had to say" replied Nyxeris and got up from a chair. "But please ma'am use some of that time to rest, you will help nobody if keep pushing yourself like that"


"Thank you for your concern Nyxeris, I'll try" promised young information broker with sad smile.


"See you tomorrow, ma'am" assistant bid farewell with a polite smile and small nod before she left the office.


Liara watched as her employee left and sighed heavily. Once again somebody has to remind me to take better care of myself. As archaeologist she often forget to eat meals when she was deep in study, so often that her colleagues needed to remind her to eat so she does not feel faint. Similarly aboard the Normandy, but then it was usually doctor Chakwas or Commander.


Shepard once proposed to feed me by herself thought Liara to herself and blushed. Then she snapped her attention back to reality. She promised to rest, but it was still quite early. I'll stay for another 3 hours decided Liara and returned to work.




She hadn't managed to work for 3 hours. After first hour one her stomach reminded once again of itself and after another 30 minutes she had a problem keeping her eyes open.


I guess that's punishment for working 40 hours straight yesterday thought Liara with resignation as she entered her apartment.


Her first destination was the kitchen where she ate what supposed to be her lunch. She noted once again that compared to what Nyxeris provided, her current meal was all but tasteless. Then she reminded herself of the remaining half box of chocolates.


I am supposed to be relaxing, after all she excused herself as she headed to the living room. She ate the remaining candies, not even caring how much she consumed. Half-consciously she bathed herself and went to bed. She fell into sleep unaware of what the future had in store for her.

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Chapter 8: Unexpected guests


Two weeks later

Liara’s apartment

23:15 p.m.


The former archaeologist was lying in a steaming bathtub, only with her head remaining above water. She practically felt the tension of the entire day leaving her, although it did not change fact that she was terribly tired.

Then again that still is an improvement. It has been a while since I could allow herself to soak like that thought Liara. It would seem that Nyxeris suggestions are yielding results. Even though young asari's days were still long and incredibly intense, she had stopped feeling like a textbook victim of sleep deprivation. According to the latest intel, Shadow Broker operatives seemed to reluctantly accept her "change" of priorities and that she posed little to no threat to their organization at the moment. In exchange, nowadays she was spending even more effort and time gaining favours, resources and playing nice with many "highly esteemed" figures. She never was an overly sociable person, save perhaps for her close friends, and she preferred to keep things professional at work, constant posturing during social events was annoying, not to mention tiring.


Still it is somewhat preferable than being constantly worrying for my life thought Liara as she exited the bath and started dry herself with a fluffy towel. The effects of Nyxeris ideas were undeniable in more ways than one.


"I will have to tell Nyxeris to decrease meals she brings me" sighed young asari with dismay as she was running her hands over her body and looked at herself in the mirror. Her breast and butt appeared to be a bit bigger than she remembered and a small, but noticeable layer of adipose formed over her lean muscles. Dishes her assistant kept bringing her were plentiful and delicious, with her lately, big appetite and focus on different matters, Liara devoured everything she was being served, every time.

Then again I don't have to stuff myself, but nowadays I just keep being peckish, even her normal meals had increased in volume lately due to her bouts of hunger. However she attributed it to the fact she was not in constant tension anymore.


She hasn't weighted herself in months, she had far more important things to worry about, but since she was already in the bathroom she decided to check it. She stepped naked on the scale. When she was buying it after her time on the Normandy she purchased a model that scaled in units typical for humans, she got used to those. Of course like all modern devices of that type it took account of the gravitational pull of planet it was located still. Still the number she read startled her.


162.6 pounds, that is over 10 pounds gain realized Liara and blinked in disbelief. She had gained considerable muscle mass when she was fighting against Saren and geths, but considering her current lifestyle and her appearance in the mirror she doubted it was muscles in this case.

I guess with what a little exercise I had during last months even with my usual portions I have been gaining weight and latest meals did not help the case mused young asari as she clothes herself in a nightgown and went to the bedroom. To be fair, she did try to maintain a certain level of physical activity, but she simply did not have time for regular exercises. That and she did not know that all of her latest lunches contained enough calories to sustain an adult asari for a nearly week.


Still, I need to cut back Liara took a mental note as she went to bed. While she was anything but vain and Liara personally was not horrified or disgusted by those extra pounds, however she needed to remain in relative shape despite her stationary work. Appearances were important in her line of work, not to mention sooner or later there will be a situation when she needs to fight directly. Also, there was small of her, remains of a shy, insecure archaeologist, that worried that Shepard would not loved her with extra weight.


A sudden thought came to her as she was drifting to sleep. Few more pounds and I try to pass as over pampered matriarch Liara smiled faintly and finally fell asleep.




Liara was in the middle of a wonderful, peaceful dreamless sleep when she was woken by the doorbell. She immediately snapped awake and scanned her surroundings, everything seemed fine even though the doorbell kept ringing. She sat on her bed, switched on near terminal, and took out her handgun, just in case. She looked and display and her eyes widened slightly.


"Nyxeris, but what she is doing here and at that hour" whispered Liara to herself. She gave her address to her assistant but had forbidden her to go here save for emergencies. She took a closer look at her employee. Nyxeris was visibly nervous, taking fast, shallow breaths and constantly hitting the doorbell button. She was wearing more casual clothes than Liara usually saw her in. More worrying was a fact that both clothes and asari herself was covered in smudges of dirt and signs of smoke. Another unexpected element was a large bag Nyxelis had under her feet.


Not good summarized Liara. Everything about this situation screamed "DANGER", but she had to do something. She looked through other cameras and checked various security devices. Everything seemed in order. She activated scrambling and completely cut off her apartment communication, if Nyxeris bag contained a cleverly hidden bomb, at the very least she prevent it from being detonated remotely. Finally, with all safeguards, she could think of she answered.


"Hello Nyxeris, what brings you here?"


"Ma'am, there was an emergency, I have data banks with me in the bag. It's important." Nyxeris was clearly trying hard to speak steadily. However, there was no save words or phrases they set up in case of an emergency. Voice sample matched Nyxeris too.


"A moment please, I'll open the door". Liara put on a bathrobe, checked her gun. She carefully made her way downstairs and near the door. She quickly looked at the security terminal near the entrance, but once again found nothing. She took a secure position near the door and opened it.


"Nyxeris, please come in" Liara invited calmly.


"Thank you Liara" replied older asari as she took her bag with clear effort and hastily went into the apartment. Liara watched her enter and quickly closed and secured the door.


Her assistant visibly shaken, stood in the middle unsure what to do.


"Please put the bag in the scanner and stay still for a minute I would like to check for bugs" commanded Liara. Her assistant compiled, no foreign devices were detected, her bag indeed contained hard drives and few other harmless items.


"Now sit down and explain exactly what happened. Would you care for some tea?" Liara gently, but firmly steered her assistant to the chair in the kitchen and started water heater. She was still on alert prepared for an emergency. Nyxeris took a few deep breaths and began her tale.


"Around midnight I got a message from one of my informants. A large squad of Blue Suns had been dispatched to my apartment. I downloaded all essential data to portable drives and put them in the bag along with other important items" she paused when Liara handed her cup with steaming tea and took a few sips.


"In the end, I rigged console to bury it their network with junk data and explode. However, I underestimated how fast they moved. I barely managed to hide in a nearby empty apartment when they showed up in my hallway. I tried to keep quiet while listening passively to their radio chatter. As I had predicted they tried to access my data. However, they had to have some kind of explosive with them, because that explosion could not be caused by terminal alone. I was in a completely different apartment but I still was knocked over by shockwave. I managed to open the door, all nearby mercenaries were dead or badly injured..." Nyxeris shook and drank some tea. After a few breaths, she continued.


"I used that diversion and made my way to a car while listening to their coms to avoid remaining Blue Suns. I almost succeeded but two of them were in the garage. They noticed me but I threw them at the wall with my biotics. I knocked out a turian, but the other one, a human did not have helmet I... I watched as bits of his brain were dripping from his skull" older asari sniffed, her hands were shaking.


To this point she was going on adrenaline, now she calmed down and is going into shock thought Liara while quietly listening to her assistant explanation. I'll have to wrap it up soon


"I took my car and set it on autopilot while I checked for tracking devices, I found nothing. When I was sure I was not followed I ditched the car and took a cab just to be sure. It's how I got here"


"I see. Perhaps you overheard who hired them?" asked Liara softly. Nyxeris nodded.


"Y..Yes, I think so. Somebody by name Rendon Howe" by that point older asari was visibly shaking. Liara smiled faintly and put her hand on Nyxeris shoulder.


"Thank you Nyxeris. How about a shower? Take some of my clothes from the cupboard in the bathroom they should fit well enough. I prepare you a place to sleep in the living room" said Liara softly as she gently helped her assistant to stand up and pointed her towards the bathroom. When Liara heard shower she opened her omnitool and quickly checked Nyxeris relations. It wasn't hard, seeing as even ordinary information sites wrote about it and more "exclusive" sources confirmed it. After that, she indeed went to the living room and transformed one of the couches into bed for her assistant. While she could use the couch in her bedroom, it was more secure, but stairs had a few motion sensors that would wake should her guest started climbing. It was a necessary precaution given situation, besides employer and employee sleeping in one room could give somebody a wrong idea, one needed to maintain the reputation of an upstanding citizen. Liara still had a lot of questions but considering state her assistant appeared to be in, she decided to wait with them until morning. I were and people in similar situations, usually after some rest one remember more details


She went to her office and began more extensive research while waiting for Nyxeris and sent orders to some of her hired muscle to investigate the destroyed apartment.

Rendon Howe... I remember that name but from where? wondered former archaeologist as she went through various data. Finally, she found what she was looking for. A business man from an old rich Earth family. Relatively successful tries to appear polite and sophisticated, but there were instances where his pro-human views were publicly shown. Prone to rash and a rather violent action when something goes against his agenda, no actual remorse when dealing with non-humans. Suspected to be Cerberus supporter or member, albeit not high in hierarchy Liara summarized and nodded. Profile fit with modus operandi at Nyxeris apartment, especially that lately, they had been investigating leads and people that were connected to Cerberus as part of their cover. She was finishing sending inquiries about the current activities of human businessman when her assistant came out wearing one of her bathrobes. After a hot shower and in clean clothes she looked better but still shaken.


Liara stood up and smiled as reassuringly as she could.

"I prepared a bed for you, we get some sleep and plan what to do in the morning" said Liara. Nyxeris nodded and sniffed slightly. But instead of going to the living room she went to the younger asari. Prothean expert tensed when her worst predictions seemed to pass but instead of attack, she was caught in her assistant tight embrace.


Well... that's not exactly what I expected thought Liara as she was awkwardly trying to return the hug. Never be said that her social skills improved over the last months. Interrogations, death threats, fighting, and killing she could deal with just fine, with honest emotions and friendly physical affection most definitely no. Also, older asari was squeezing her bottom and waist a little too tightly but she brushed it off.


"Of course Nyxeris. After all, we are in this together" reassured Liara and patted her lightly. After a short while her employee released her, nodded once again and went to bed. Former archaeologist shut down terminal and went to her living room. She activated sensors in her stairs and camera overlooking the living room. After roughly fifteen minutes, when she was sure Nyxeris was asleep she allowed herself to rest as well.

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Chapter 9: New Wonderful Day


Liara awoke, hearing sounds of her alarm clock. She turned it off and stretched. Suddenly she realized that she is smelling something sweet and reminded herself that she had a guest.


Nyxeris is making breakfast? wondered young asari. She sat on the bed and opened her omnitool. Her assistant indeed was doing something in the kitchen. She checked security devices and cameras, no sights of attempts to access her computers or her livingroom apparently, her employee has woke half-hour earlier and decided to prepare a meal. That was a bit unexpected, but not shocking. As there were no signs of foul play Liara put on clothes and went to join her guest.


"Good morning Nyxeris" said Liara as she entered the kitchen and smiled. Older asari flinched slightly and turned away from stove with a slightly embarrassed expression.


"Hello, Liara. Sorry for waking you up, but I thought that making breakfast is the least I can do given circumstances" Nyxeris explained herself while wearing a small blush. Liara examined her, her employee seemed to be slightly distracted and embarrassed, but overall she was composed. She seems to be in much better shape than when she came here, still it could be bravado or denial. I need to be gentle with questions thought younger asari with concern, Nyxeris proved herself to be a good assistant and while she needed more info, she would rather avoid her breaking down with tears. Outwardly Liara smiled.


"It's no problem, I am not much of chef anyway"


Nyxeris narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled with pity.


"Ma'am I saw your homemade meals and content of your fridge. Forgive my boldness, but I am surprised that you didn't die from starvation or food poisoning"


Liara gave her a flat look "You are forgiven, but I have you know that I can cook just fine if a little bland. Speaking of which..." she glanced on the counter and at a pile of steaming brown circles "...what are you making? Those seem familiar but I cannot say that I have ever eaten it"


"I found just the right ingredients or replacements to make pancakes. It's a simple human recipe, I learned it from a former roommate. I think you will enjoy it"



"I'm sure I will. Can I help you somehow?" Liara asked warmly, but she was a little worried. She preferred to not embarrass herself in front of her employee by messing up a "simple" dish.

Thankfully older asari shook her head.


"No, all left to do is pouring liquid cake on pan and cooking, but its job for one person. Please take a seat, I will give you first portion in a minute after they cool down a little" replied Nyxeris and turned back to the stove. Liara did as asked but positioned herself so she could observe her assistant.


"I don't want to bring up unpleasant memories, but there are a few things I would like to ask," said younger asari softly and carefully. Nyxeris stopped for a bit and sighed.


"Yes, I thought so" she replied. She went to Liara and placed a tray with few pancakes arranged in a tower and covered in a dark liquid. Apparently, her guest had found her stash of a dark chocolate sauce. She cut fragment out of a "tower" and tasted it.

She barely contained a moan. Pancakes were delightful, sweet and fluffy, covered in her favourite liquid. She quickly began devouring rest of it.


"What exactly you want to know, ma'am?" Nyxeris voice brought her back to reality. Her assistant already went back to the stove. Liara swallowed quickly and answered.


"What do you think caused Howe to react like that and why exactly they come to you, not me?" asked Liara and promptly put another piece in her mouth. She just realized how starved she was.


"I'll have to check it to be sure, but I think we recently come across information about his latest drunken escapade. That alone can be damaging to his reputation, but he also let slip a few bits of rather sensitive information. Nothing relevant to us, but I can think of a quite few people who would be very interested in them" Nyxeris reported and put another sizable portion of sweet, chocolate soaked cakes on Liara's platter. Her employer nodded with gratitude and once again begun to inhale sweet treats.


"I learned about it from one of my local informants. He was in contact directly with me, but while he provides reliable info he is not loyal" older asari paused and looked at Liara. Her employer was consuming in record speed, few chocolate stains were visible on her face. She was still listening and glancing at her, but her focus was steadily shifting towards food. Very good.


"If Howe suspected something and confronted him, he most likely confessed everything as soon as he was threatened or presented with an appealing deal. I used various security measures, but once he knew my contact data tracing me down was only a matter of time for somebody with his resources" Nyxeris kept on speaking as she went to refill Liara's platter once again.


"Should we expect *nom* response from Cerberus as well *nom*" this time Liara didn't stop eating during refill or speaking, she just kept shovelling pancakes in her mouth. Nyxeris quickly examined her handiwork. Her "employer" face and hands were covered in droplets of chocolate, her cheeks full of food and her midriff significantly more pronounced than before. She smirked slightly, Liara seemed to be completely enthralled in her gluttony, but just to be sure...


"I do not think so. Gathered data is rather of personal nature or concerns his "business" partners. What little he let slip about Cerberus serves only to confirm his connection to them, nothing that could be used compromise their operations" Nyxeris's voice was far, background noise to Liara. She tried to listen, really but that human dish was just too tasty. She began to slow down due to tightness around her stomach, but at the same time, she kept cramming her mouth full with pancakes. She tried to enjoy and chew each bite slowly, but she also wanted to consume fresh, chocolate-covered slices as fast as possible. It resulted in her checks distended by food and sauce dripping slightly from her mouth. She closed her eyes as she swallowed the latest bite, a visible bump went down her throat. She opened her eyes and was about to impale another piece with a fork when she realized that her plate was empty, save for remains of chocolate sauce. She was shocked that she already ate the newest portion, but the feeling was quickly replaced by disappointment, sadness and some craving for more.


"...Cerberus members and carefully worded message directly to Howe would be a good course of action for now" Nyxeris voice snapped her out of the daze and she realized that her assistant was standing near her with another full tray. She blinked and reached for a paper towel while trying to remind herself what older asari had said.

Instead of violent response, a discrete message to known, higher-ranked Cerberus operatives to reassure them that we will not act against them, provided they rein Howe. Considering, my "connections" to them that should not be too hard. Simultaneously we give a message to Howe that we would be willing to dispose of incriminating information, but also warn him that we will retaliate if he remains hostile. If he does we will expose him and hinder his ability to act against us, if necessary remove him permanently summarized Liara as she removed the sauce from herself. She then glanced at Nyxeris I need to wake up, I didn't even realize when she approached me.


"I approve, but we need to be gentle about it" replied Liara when she was free of sauce "We do not need to antagonize him further" then she looked at Nyeris still holding tray.


"You are not going to eat, Nyxeris?"


"Oh, I will, but I splitted in two portions and this one is still for you. Besides I need to bake rest of them, then I'll eat" explained Nyxeris.


"Thank you, but I am full" Liara glanced with desire at the dish, as much as she would like to eat another portion she was stuffed. Besides she promised herself she would cut back on food. Her actions had not gone unnoticed. Nyxeris smirked briefly and put on a thoughtful face.


"What remains and that plate will be too much also for me. I suppose I will put it in the fridge but reheated ones are not nearly as good" explained Nyxeris and smiled pleasantly at Liara. Younger asari sighed.


"*sighn*...very well. But that will be an exception. Next time do not make as much"


"Of course ma'am. Speaking of with, I think we need to buy groceries, I barely found ingredients for breakfast. Also, I need new clothes and few other items, seeing as most of those was lost in the explosion" said Nyxeris as she put chocolate soaked pancakes on Liara's plate. Liara thought about it, she was supposed to do it that day anyway. She nodded and asked.


"You are right I will send initial orders and we will go. One more thing. Your accommodations, do you have a place where you could stay?" the moment she spoke her assistant shifted and looked on the floor.


"Yes...but none of them would be good considering, blatant use of lethal force of Howe's mercenaries... I hoped I could stay with you ma'am until he is dealt with. You had an experience when dealing with similar situations" replied Nyxeris with a hopeful smile. Liara froze with knife and fork in midair.


"I thought you were in Eclipse for some time?" she remembered reading about it in Nyxeris's file. Older asari winced at the memory.


"Yes, as an over-glorified accountant. I never have been directly in combat situation until yesterday" explained Liara's assistant.


By the Goddess thought Liara with resignation. "I agree, but you will have to comply with my rules, is that clear?" stated younger asari.


"Of course ma'am" Nyxeris agreed with a smile and returned to the kitchen. "Also please do not bother with dishes. I'll take care of them"


Liara's attention turned back to the meal. It looked as delicious as the previous ones and she unconsciously licked her lips. She began eating, small pangs of pain from her stomach were overpowered by taste and pleasure. She finished far faster than she would like to and took a sharp breath.


By the Goddess, that was wonderful. She was painfully full but even that brought her some strange sense of satisfaction. She looked as plate, there a small puddle of chocolate sauce at the bottom. She glanced at Nyxeris, she was still turned to the stove.


I might as well... she quickly took the plate in her hands and poured the remaining liquid in her mouth. Some of it got on her face. She wiped herself and stood from the seat. Liara grimaced, her dress felt much tighter than she remembered it from fifteen minutes ago. I definitely need to cut back


She cleaned herself in the bathroom and sat near the console in her office. She was sending messages, orders and every now and then glanced at Nyxeris throughout cameras, but everything seemed to be in order. After about half-hour, Nyxeris approached her.


"Ma'am I cleaned everything and I am ready to head out" Liara glanced at the terminal and after a quick consideration she closed it.


"I sent all the necessary instructions. I'll continue when we get back, let me just grab few things" Liara went upstairs and took her pistol as well as a portable shield generator.


"I am ready, let's go" commanded Liara.


When they were driving Nyxeris discreetly observed Liara from the corner of her eyes. Once again she measured an increase in younger asari frame.

Everything is going as planned so far. She is already approaching the look of an overfed matriarch. I'll have to be careful now, it's the most critical and delicate phase. Also, the most enjoyable she smiled with one corner of her mouth. Liara, Liara I'll make sure you forget the sight of your own feet

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First - thank you all for positive reactions and encouragement. Hopefully, somebody actually enjoys this work somewha 😉

On another note - I once again ask for comments, suggestions about what could be changed, improved. As much as I would like to, I do not believe that my storytelling or character portrait is perfect.

If somebody has an idea/preference how the story should progress in its intermediate chapters, it is also welcome. Although I warn that I will treat it as the suggestion and may or may not write according to it.


I hope you will enjoy following chapters.



Chapter 10: Triumphal Return


Liara’s apartment

03:15 p.m.


Two asaris entered the apartment and while both of them earned their money by selling information if somebody looked at them could easily mistake them for porters. Both were carrying multiple, large bags and visibly struggled with carrying them.

With visible relief, both figures dropped sacks right after crossing threshold. Younger one carefully locked doors and began checking security devices.


“Everything looks fine, we can begin to unpack it” exclaimed Liara with a weary voice. Nyxeris only signed and grabbed one of the bags.


“I don’t suppose we could put it off for later?” asked Nyxeris as she began dragging container to the kitchen.


“No, we still have work to do. Besides most of it, we bought on you insistence” replied former archaeologist ending dispute even though she would rather fall on the nearest couch.


They have spent the last few hours on dealing with professional matters that required their personal involvement and buying foodstuffs and clothes and other items that Nyxeris required, which was even more time consuming. Her assistant managed to convince her to buy different groceries than usual and in a quantity that she would have never bought alone, motivating it with the fact they both would dine together in the nearest future and her superior dietary knowledge. They also needed to replace Nyxeris entire wardrobe and other personal items, which considering her profession and personal preferences was quite a large amount. The entire process would be time-consuming under normal circumstances, but their need to remain in close proximity and on an alert as well as need to frequently change establishments further lengthened time spent on the entire ordeal.


At the very least we finally got it done and there were no incidents thought Liara when she was dragging bag to the livingroom, which was currently acting as Nyxeris bedroom. She let out a relieved sigh when she sat heavily on one of the couches and massaged her neck. Young asari was tired mentally and physically. She spent last hours in a crowd and lugging around heavy bags, her head, legs and back hurt.


For that alone, I should kill Howe daydreamed Liara and winced due to another pang from her stomach. 


“Yet another reason why I should liquidise him,” said quietly young asari, voice dripping with disdain. During their outing, they were too busy and in too much hurry to eat anything, save for a few quick snacks. At the moment her stomach felt like a bottomless pit. Liara shook her head as she tried to push those feelings away and looked at the bag.


Should I unpack it? Inside are Nyxeris clothes, toothbrush, lingerie and other personal objects. She is going to rearrange it later to according to her anyway mused doctor, wondering if she should call her assistant and switch with her.


“Liara?” Nyxeris voice stopped her line of thought. Older asari was holding steaming cup and plate with a sandwich, she put both items on the table near her employer. She was smiling but too was looking weary.


“Yes, Nyxeris?” asked Liara trying to look as composed as she could manage.


“Seeing as I have nothing to do and most of it we bought most of it because of me I’ll unpack it. Besides, you said that you have work to do” replied older asari still wearing a smile.


“I appreciate it, but are you sure? There is quite a lot of it.” questioned young doctor and tilted her head slightly. She truly appreciated offer as she preferred to deal with current assignments as soon as possible and return to tracking The Observer and his employer. However, leaving her assistant alone with chores didn’t sit well with her.


“Yes. I’ll take a few necessary items out, then I’ll deal with groceries and prepare a warm meal for us as I think we are both quite famished. Unpacking rest of the clothes can wait for later” assured Nyxeris with a nod of her head.


“Very well, I’ll get back to work then. Thank you for coffee” approved younger asari and stood up. She took coffee as well as sandwich and left Nyxeris in the livingroom. She sat comfortably near the terminal in her office and turned it on Liara bit the sandwich, it was excellent and she finished it quickly. She opened few windows on the terminal and began sipping on warm liquid.


Mmm… coffee. Another great contribution of humanity to the galaxy at large thought Liara with appreciation Nyxeris deserves thanks as well, she clearly has a knack for cooking.


Former archaeologist began working with renewed drive. Quality of small meal managed to lift her spirits, caffeine energised her. Most importantly it managed to quell her hunger a little.


Hopefully, Nyxeris will make a meal as good as previous ones without overdoing it this time thought Liara as her eyes kept going over various messages.


She had no idea just how vain that hope was.




As soon as Nyxeris saw Liara sat in the office she leaned and emptied the bag content on her bed. From entire menagerie of clothes and hygiene product older asari selected few and put them in one corner. While she was going through all items she discreetly retrieved a few capsules hidden in special, hidden pockets. It was hard to arrange, but she managed to “buy” quite a few articles fabricated with few “extra” features. Some of her “cosmetics” were almost completely filled with “medications”.


Mostly it was substances identical to those Nyxeris had been lacing good doctor lunches with or stronger, but there were other drugs and a few special items. For example, very discreet, almost undetectable devices to measure weight, quantum entanglement based communicator and other equally interesting gadgetsAnother rather unique set of items were few articles of clothing, most of those still in vacuum-sealed containers and packed, that were in fact almost exact replicas of Liara’s most frequently worn outfits. They were already a size or two bigger than what owned younger asari and extremely prone to stretching without losing their appearance or tearing.


Time to get some real work done thought Nyxeris with excitement as she headed to the kitchen with supplements. While the food was ordinary, she had managed to convince Liara to stock with much more “rich” foods than usual. The amount was also quite staggering, but Benezia’s daughter was under the impression it was a supply, that supposed to last for over two weeks between two of them.


Poor dear. I’ll have most of it showed down your gullet under a week. In fact you are going to do most of the shovelling yourself thought The Observer with amusement as she began unpacking and arranging groceries. She was working slowly but was systematic and careful. Nyxeris was in no hurry, after all, it would do her no good if she made a mess in her “employer” kitchen.


Besides, I just gave her a nice snack. She must build her appetite after that. Nyxeris chuckled, she was quite hungry herself but was going to discreetly eat more substantial meal soon. Liara did receive a sandwich and a hot drink, but that was a distraction, that maintained her ability to work. Add the effects of “medications” prothean expert has been taking for past weeks combined with her stomach stretching “exercises”, all this caused young asari to be in a much worse situation than Nyxeris. By the time Shadow Broker operative was done preparing meal she would be too ravenous to care how much and what she was eating.


Who would have thought that I would become a replacement for Matriarch Benezia herself mused Nyxeris with a smile while she was wondering how she would fit everything in the fridge.


After all, isn't it a mother's job to make sure her child grows nice and big.

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My, second attempt at writing eating scene. I have mixed feelings about it, but I decided I won't be able to write anything better, given my abilities at the moment.

Please let me know what you think.




Chapter 11: The First Feast pt.1


Two excruciating hours.



That’s how long have passed since their return home. During that time Liara has managed to perform an astounding amount of work, reading reports, cataloguing and connecting information to create one big image as well as sending orders to her commandos, informants and various "business" partners. Young asari even managed to send carefully worded “letters” to Cerberus and Howe. In other words, she managed to deal with all important assignments she had to do that day within two hours, while most of her “colleagues” would spend the entire day at least. Liara was a very good information broker.



However, despite her concentration and skill, experiencing her stomach trying to devour itself most definitely did not help with trying to manage her network and uncover operative of most powerful information broker in the galaxy. Once again her stomach appeared to be her biggest enemy as Liara’s hunger became deeper with each minute.



Nyxeris actions are not helping in the slightest thought young asari with a frown on her face and shook her head while trying to read newest leads on The Observer. Her assistant wasn’t in fault here. Every time she checked on her, Nyxeris was in the middle of some task and she kept providing her with refills of strong tea, probably the only reason she remained functional. Unfortunately, delicious smells that had been coming from the kitchen for last half an hour or so kept worsening her mood. Nyxeris was deep in the creative process, and while Liara could not recognize what she was preparing with her limited knowledge in the field, but did not stop her for salivating.



Hopefully, she’ll finish soon thought former archaeologist while trying to figure how blackmail turian official, who supposed to have reliable information about her target. Apparently, he had a weakness for hanar prostitutes…



“Ma’am?” her train of thought was stopped by her assistant voice. Liara took her eyes away from the monitor and looked at Nyxeris, standing behind her. She wore loose, especially by asari standards, casual set clothes, clearly human-based and apron with few stains on it.



“Yes, Nyxeris?” asked Liara, masking weariness and hope in her voice.



“I'm about finished, perhaps you would like to take a shower while food is cooling off” reported older asari with a small smile.



“That is one of the best news that I heard today” replied Liara with a smile of her own and secured her terminal. She stood up, stretched a little and headed to the bathroom. After undressing she entered the cabin and allowed the hot water to pour on her. Liara felt her muscle relax, stress leaving her body along with dust and sweat. Still, she was too tired to notice and care newly appeared layers of adipose on her body. Suddenly The young doctor heard artificial “knocking” and stopped the flow of water.



“Yes?” she asked with caution.



“May I come in, Liara? I brought a fresh change of clutches.” said Nyxeris’s voice. She considered it. The bathroom was constructed with a mirror placed in a specific place so she could see entrance everything, but there was no way to somebody directly attack her from there.



“Yes, but please leave it on hair by the doors. I’m not decent” replied Liara and charged her biotics just in case. Doors opened and her assistant did just as asked.



“Ma’am everything is ready, I’m just waiting for you” added Nyxeris before closing the door.



At the mention of long-awaited meal Liara quickly finished a shower and dried herself. She looked at provided clothes, it was her loose, “home” outfit, far too casual to ever wear it in the office in her assistant presence.



It unavoidable, I suppose. We are going to live together for some time, we would go crazy if we tried to act like in work all the time thought young asari while donning fresh clothes. She sighed with appreciation, her current dress was clean and most importantly much more comfortable than what she has worn previously that day. Nyxeris most definitely didn’t have any problems with switching to most casual clothes. Still, It was thoughtful of her. Putting old dress back on would be bit counterproductive



The moment she exited the bathroom her sensed were assaulted. Smells of various meats and other delectable products made her mouth flood and stomach groan with anticipation. It took her a good while to took notice of another foreign element.



Is that… music? 



Indeed Liara’s apartment was filled with sounds of calm, tasteful instrumental music. Maiden carefully approached the kitchen where she noticed two plates with steaming content and wine glasses on the table. Nyxeris was there too, near the counter with… literal mountains of food on it. Apparently, she heard her and turned to the employer. She must have noticed younger asari bewilder look because.



“I think we can treat ourselves today. Besides. I decided to cook in bulk and put in the freezer part of it all, in case we do not have the time to cook because of work” explained Nyxeris with an apologetic smile. Liara nodded, accepting that explanation, after all, she did similarly and there was two of them.



“Please Liara, sit. I took a few nibbles as taste testing, but you must be famished” encouraged older asari and pointed to the table



“Quite so. Thank you Nyxeris” replied younger asari and did as asked. On the huge plate were poultry filets covered in gravy with few vegetables and baked asari “potatoes”. Compared to human products, asari ones or those modified for them have slight blue/purplish tint to them due to element zero inside. The entire dish looked and smelled divine, Liara fought hard to remain composed.



“Please enjoy your meal,” said Nyxeris when she sat as well.






Liara cut a piece of meat and tasted it. Mmmm It is even better than it smells thought The young doctor with near orgasmic delight. She began to quickly consume dish while trying to maintain decorum. With each gulp, she felt better, lighter and more relaxed, although her ravenous hunger still remained.



“I know that I am imposing on you Liara and I would like to thank you for your hospitality” spoke Nyxeris after a moment while sipping on wine. Her plate looked surprisingly untouched compared to her employer’s.



“As I already said it is no problem Nyxeris. It’s partially my fault seeing as our research into Cerberus was part of disguising my personal investigation” replied Liara quickly between bites. She was already halfway done, greedily picking remaining, gravy covered potatoes. Several second and only a few smears of liquid remained



“Still, a lot of other people would have turned me down, doing a few household chores is the least I can do” this time her assistant voice came from little above her. Her assistant was standing with the bowl. She smiled as she replaced the empty plate with it and refilled Liara’s glass with wine.



“I suspected it may be too little after such a long day” Nyxeris explained as she took the dirty dish to sink. Liara took a sip of wine to hide her embarrassment but did not argue. She bit surprised but the previous meal did little to quell her hunger. T’Soni heiress looked down, she had received a thick stew with pieces of meat and big dumplings floating inside. Unconsciously she licked her lips.



“I won’t say no to help. The Goddess knows that household duties are hardly my forte. But I do not want you to feel obliged to act as some sort of maid” retorted Liara to the previous statement and hastily returned to eating. Somehow stew seemed to taste even better than filets. She kept emptying bowl even more rapidly than before, small droplets of liquid appearing on her face.



Nyxeris laughed warmly and said “No worries Liara, I know how to take care of my interests. I simply wish to replay your kindness and make sure you are well looked after”. She kept looking at her and slowly eating her filet. 



Meanwhile, younger asari took bowl into her hands and greedily drank the remaining liquid. Her stomach already full started stretching with flowing gravy. Liara wiped her mouth with napkins afterwards and drank some wine. Suddenly former archaeologist felt pressure building and covered her mouth.



“*buuuurp*” a hearty, but muffed sound emerged from younger asari throat and echoed in the kitchen.



“Excuse me” apologised embarrassed Liara and took another sip of alcohol.



“It's fine, I am happy that you like my cooking” replied bemused Nyxeris.



When Liara looked away from the glass she noticed that empty bowl was replaced with another full of a human dish, spaghetti. Fat, long pieces of pasta accompanied by a grinded meat in almost equal amount, all mixes with red sauce and melting cheese. Even sheer size of portion was astounding, it was roughly right amount for small family. Liara bitted her lips, barely managing to stop herself from lunging on the meal. 



What’s wrong with me she was still quite starved, despite two large courses. Younger asari felt also a bit hazy. Is wine getting to me?



“Isn’t it bit much? I think I’ll call it quits for today” said Liara panting with mouth open, her eyes not leaving new meal, hands moving numerously. She was more than full but still had a desire for more. Nyxeris only smiled wider and moved bowl closed to struggling asari.



“Nonsense Liara. I consider myself to be your friend and clearly you are still hungry. Please do not stop yourself on my account, you need to eat” replied older asari in kind but firm.



“I…yes” last bits of hesitation left Liara’s mind. It was going to be her last portion, she promised herself. She ravenously dug into meal before her and moaned when the first mouthful entered through her lips. Liara chewed and swallowed, ecstasy followed as portion travelled down her gullet. She devoured another portion after another, everything to have as much wonderful mix inside as she can as quickly as she can. The young doctor still used utensils but manners became meaningless to her, smears of sauce and cheese were quickly forming around her face. Meanwhile, Liara’s shirt began to ride up as her beautiful, blue, bottomless pit of a belly began pushing forward on her lap.



“In fact, I think you can and should eat more. Your dieting habits are positively atrocious, besides there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to good meal” said Nyxeris, her voice serene, it’s clarity seemingly increased by background music. That voice removed Liara’s few remaining doubts and remorse about current actions. Younger asari could not nor wanted to disagree, food taste was amazing and kept pushing away that awful hollow feeling in her stomach and replaced with wonderful fullness. Unfortunately, she was already starting to see the bottom of the container.



However, the moment the last remains of spaghetti disappeared in The young doctor mouth, her assistant immediately put an entire platter of various steaks in place of an empty bowl. Information broker barely acknowledged her employee, with a haste nod and attacked meat like a rabid animal. She did not care that various juices were covering her face or the ever-increasing volume of her stomach resting on her legs. Simultaneously T’Soni heiress felt that somebody, likely Nyxeris, began to massage her shoulders removing their stiffness and allowing ex-archaeologist to further relax. Older asari's smile widened, shifting to full smirk while she observed Liara inhale everything. She kept on massaging and leaned until her head was but a few centimetres next to the ravenous maiden.



“We work in the office, your greatest asset being your mind. What’s wrong with extra pounds and overeating when you can outsmart everybody with your wits. Besides think of your old friends, your lover. Do you think they would prefer to see you a stick-thin but miserable or happy and with little healthy meat on your bones?” whispered Nyxeris. Liara stopped. From the mist that started to covered her mind resurfaced memories. Shepard and Chawkas insistence that she should eat better. Friendly banter with rest of their unlikely crew. Commander's love and care despite her clumsiness.



They would like me to be happy realized Liara. Food made her happy, gave her those wonderful experiences. Young asari glanced down, in place of the almost empty platter was gigantic bowl filled to the brim with gravy covered french fries. She abandoned cutlery, it has been only slowing her down and began shovelling entire fistfuls of food into her hungry maw. Even though Liara was long since full, she kept on eating with pure gluttonous desire. Her gut was gurgling and creaking as it fought to compensate for young asari's binge while expanding faster and growing heavier than ever before However, for The young doctor entire world disappeared, there was only her, the meal before her and single thought in her mind:





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This is pretty good. Don’t judge yourself too hard. I like the descriptions you gave throughout this part of the feast. I am into to see how the feast finishes. Also I have a suspicion that Nyxeris may be affected by her own plot against Liara. Maybe she accidentally doses herself with the hunger stimulant to avoid suspicion from Liara.

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 Thank you all for such positive comments and reactions. Also, do not worry, the tone of my comments is mostly my poor attempts at humour. 😁

I did not think about Nyxeris gaining before, but it an interesting idea, I think I'll use it. Although if She does gain it won't be a lot, seeing as I have beginnings of scenario that requires her to remain relatively "fit".

I agree, there are not enough ME wg stories. What's surprising I have never found one centred around Liara or Shepard/Liara pairing. At least I do not remember finding one.😅

Please try to enjoying my mediocre attempts at contributing to that genre. 😉😁




Chapter 12: The First Feast pt.2

Nyxeris smirked wickedly as she watched Liara transform into the same creature, whose shadow she had seen this morning and during lunches - a mindless, gluttonous eating machine. Various drugs and special music that made asaris mind sustainable to suggestion did their job. The young doctor was relentless, in few moments almost completely inhaling content of entire bowl.



“Good girl” cooed older asari as she began to carefully wipe food remains from her target’s mouth. She then looked down and licked her lips as she uncovered and inspected Liara’s midriff. Her “employer's” belly already swelled quite a lot and took almost a fourth of a prothean expert lap. She could swear she saw it expand on her eyes. Even from her position, she could hear sounds released by that distended sphere, it already looked taunt despite a previously formed layer of fat.



Don’t worry. Few months of my care and I'll make sure you grow too big to ever be full she promised with amusement and went to the counter.

Still, there is a lot of work to be done before that decided Nyxeris, quickly making a few preparations and headed back to Liara with chopped bits of ham covered in fat and thick gravy. It was placed in an enormous bowl, that was normally never used for direct consumption because it was too big. Right now, there was no point to moving those on plates, the good doctor was going to devour it anyway. The Observer put the container with relief on the table and pushed it towards younger asari as soon as she saw that younger asari was nearly done with fries. The moment container appeared in Liara’s small field of view she practically wrenched it to herself.



Heh, somebody’s eager thought older asari with barely contained glee.



“Eat it all Liara, do not worry. I will be always there with more” spoke Nyxeris sweetly. Liara may have been reduced to a mindless, food consuming beast, but it was important to reinforce conditioning, at all times. Nyxeris crouched next to younger asari with a special injector and a curious device in hands. For the first time she was so close to that round, gluttonous dome, it appeared to be taking just a little bit more space than before. She bit her lips with excitement and as carefully as she could melange put few implants under Liara’s midriff skin. The moment she finished an exceptionally loud growl escaped from the strained belly. Nyxeris put an empty hand on an angry sphere and caressed it gently. It let out an ominous sound and…



“*bbbbuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppp*” a long, deep belch erupted from Liara’s food covered mouth, young asari remained unfazed and quickly returned to shoving greasy meat into her face. Nyxeris relaxed and checked readings on the held device. It was connected to freshly injected implants. Those were quite simple and provided very few medical information to a specific device was in very close proximity. On the other hand, they were all but intractable and didn’t leave any visible marks. To be exact It allowed checking the state of “patient’s” digestive track and its immediate surroundings. Various drugs present in Liara prevented her from vomiting, however, she could simply explode from an overabundance of devoured food.



Everything’s fine. Besides Liara is a tough one noted Nyxeris as she inspected scene before her. Bits of food were everywhere, Liara was finishing meat by tilting entire container to her maw.



I think It’s time for a dessert decided older asari and went to counter.



She returned with entire tray of chocolate cake and opened earlier bottle of wine. Liara was licking her grease covered fingers when Nyxeris swiftly put end of the bottle into her mouth and titled her “employer” head with it. Liara grabbed bottle with both hand but did not fight, instead allowing a seam of cool liquid to wash down fat delicacies in her stomach. Thin streams of wine were escaping from corners of Liara’s lips accompanied with groans from her midriff. She will think we got buzzed.




Finally beverage run dry. Prothean expert’s head no longer restrained by older asari’s hand and with mouth free of the bottle leaned back towards table, sharp belch ripping through the air.



“That’s fine Liara. You can trust me and act feely around me no matter what” instructed further Nyxeris with sly smile and brought tray closer to young asari. The moment Liara noticed it her eyes widened, new energy in her moves. She began cramming cake into her ravenous maw. Her cheeks quickly expanded outwards, crumbs flying everywhere as young asari was not able to swallow quite as quickly as she was putting new portions in her mouth. Liara’s stomach sloshed and gurgled ever stronger, but continued its trek to her tormentor knees.



Who would thought that my spa days would prove to be so useful wondered Nyxeris, watching unfolding scene. During her time working in many luxurious resorts across galaxy she acquired various she skills she used during her current assignment. For example she was a fully trained dietician and a cook. Save for their ridiculous calorie count and “extra” ingredients meals prepared by The Observer were all well balanced and healthy.



Suddenly a frown formed on Nyxeris face. Despite clear enthusiasm, Liara’s consumption speed had decreased, pain visible on her face. It would seem that discomfort from her stomach started piercing through gluttonous haze. She went behind younger asari, their heads centimetres away. Nyxeris started to gently caress angry orb, trying to relive some pressure.



“Come on Liara…” she whispered almost seductively, but a with strict note in voice “…it’s your favourite. Did notice how scrumptious it is? If you leave it I’ll have to throw it away and you’ll never get chance to eat it all. Think what would your mother and Shepard say about wasting food? You are going to eat it all aren’t you? In fact you will always eat all food before you” Nyxeris voice was soft, but left no room for argument.



Liara’s balloon of a stomach were groaning loudly with every gulp, but young asari kept consuming cake despite its loud protests. Finally she was done, there was nothing left for her to eat. Young asari was panting heavily as if she just ran a marathon, sweat glistering on her skin. Liara’s food stained hands fell to her sides as she leaned back with closed eyes, spreading her legs to give more room to for her angry gut. Engorged doctor felt a stab of pain when food filed balloon slipped from her legs, but just after few seconds she experienced a bit of relief.



Then a strong chocolate aroma reached her nose, but it was not the cake. A loud sound right before her managed to ultimately get attention of gluttonous asari. Doctor’s eyes landed on a large pitcher full of dark, steaming, wonderfully smelling liquid. Nyxeris was standing next to her, smiling widely and with gleam in her eyes.



“It’s my personal recipe, a melted dark chocolate with Thessian spices. I made it just for you, I always will. You are going to eat it all” pressed The Observer more forcefully than before. It was as ridiculously calorie heavy as she could manage. Nyxeris was going to have all of it inside Liara’s stomach by end of that day, even if she had to pour it inside younger asari thought funnel.



Honestly, I want to do it anyway. So far she remains in firmly in daze, better not take unnecessary risks thought Nyxeris and bitted her lip, arousal throbbing inside her.



Liara was looking at container with eyes and mouth wide open. It’s sight filled her equally gluttonous desire and fear. She wanted nothing more than pour that divine liquid down her throat all at once, but pain from her middle and prospect of increasing it was preventing her.



“Perhaps a small taste first?” said Nyxeris sweetly and dipped two finger into thick liquid. She put them right in front of Liara’s mouth. Young asari watched as chocolate dripped from them slowly with open mouth, while taking deep breaths. After few seconds she brought her head closer and licked. It was obscenely good and young T’Soni began to hungrily remove liquid from older asari fingers. At the same time a satisfied smile appeared on Nyxeris face alongside a heat rising between her legs. She had her.



The moment The Observer fingers were clean of sweet substance, Liara’s attention immediately snapped back to the pitcher. She grabbed it and brought to her lips, nearly spilling liquid in the process. Then, with Nyxeris’s help, she began to tilt container and dark fluid started to flow thought Liara’s lips. A large, chocolate-filled gulps were sliding down the ex-archaeologist throat to her now purplish belly. The overstrained organ was now a lot wider than asari herself. With every portion of chocolate, it’s absolute limits were tested as it inflated further in every direction, sending sharp pangs of pain to young asari mind. Liara felt them but, in her gluttonous trance, ignored alongside small streams of liquid running down her body. She was too focused on glorious liquid running thought her gullet. Her stomach groaned and sloshed, sounding not unlikely angry varren, but it was drowned by Liara moans of pleasure and pain. Nyxeris watched it all with clenched teeth and with maniacal smile.



Yes…put it all inside. Let that poor belly grow.




After, what felt like eternity, jug was turned completely upside down. Few droplets landed on former archaeologist face when she was swallowing last remains. Nyxeris took away empty container and Liara’s head snapped back to a more natural position, her hands went trying to calm down a pain-filled dome. The young doctor was trying to catch a breath, she felt like her midriff could rupture any moment now. At the same time, she felt strangely good, the memory of wonderful tastes still fresh and this extreme, painful fullness was much better than this dreaded hollow feeling she faintly remembered from before. Younger asari was strangely satisfied, knowledge that she managed to finish everything filled her with pride. Suddenly her shoulders, once again, felt wonderful, as skilled fingers began working on them again.



“That’s it Liara. Remember that feeling. That’s is how you should feel after a proper meal, never settle for anything less. Do not question, do not care about fullness or pain, focus on pleasure and simply eat everything” said Nyxeris firmly. After a short while she took earlier prepared wet towel and began to gently clean Liara’s face and hands. The young doctor was still under the influence of various drugs, kept massaging her globular belly, too preoccupied with her gluttonous bliss to try to stop her. When an initial layer of grease and crumbs was removed Nyxeris quickly took an earlier prepared bag on her back and grabbed Liara by armpits.

“Now, let’s get you into bed. You need to let your belly settle down after all” informed older asari “Get up, please” she added and started trying to lift younger asari. After few seconds Liara began to rise from seat, abused pice of furniture groaned due to the sudden shift of mass. The young doctor’s food-filled sack was pushing her forward and down, but after a minute they managed to make her stand upwards, well more of less upwards. As soon as she could, Nyxeris raised Liara’s arm over her head and started to support her like she was wounded. She winced as soon as she felt a dazed asari’s weight on herself.



Well, I did just shovelled several dozen pounds of food into her




Both asari made their way upstairs to Liara’s bedroom. Their journey was made difficult due to younger asari's incredible cargo and her drunken stumbling. Finally, after nearly ten minutes long journey, both sat on the bed. Nyxeris freed herself by removing her “employer’s” arm and positioned her, still groaning body on the bed, began undressing Liara. After overcoming, with surprising difficulty, younger asari physical strength she managed to remove food-stained articles of clothing and threw them in stairs direction. She’ll have to put them in the wash. The Observer looked at her handiwork and bit her lips in excitement.



Liara was taking rapid, shallow breaths, her body was covered in droplets of sweat and working hard to digest enormous food load. There were traces of various calorie-heavy substances on young asari skin in places "assistant" was not able to reach before. Nyxeris noticed that a few fries, crumbs and meat parts remained between doctor shapely breasts. Finally above a widely spread legs was a crown achievement of that day’s efforts, Liara’s monstrous stomach. Noisy, purplenedd, steadily pulsing belly looked, at the very least as if like somebody had sewn shut a medical ball under younger asari skin. It still had smears of liquids on it’s surface, further spreader by Liara’s hands in her attempts to calm angry dome down. Nyxeris forced herself out of her pondering.



First things first, but.. The Observer opened her omnitool and took a holo of her engorged target.



I really shouldn't, but such a wonderful view simply must be saved for later she excused herself while licking her dry lips and once again started to gently remove signs of former archaeologist binge. Finally, younger asari was all but clean.



Nothing suspicious, at least not after a drunken afternoon. Now is the time for an equally fun part. thought Shadow Broker operative with hardly contained glee. She took one of the products acquired earlier that day from the bag. According to label, it was a skincare cream, technically it was true, but barely. It was a heavily modified version of high-quality cream used by asaris during pregnancies. Their skin was tougher, more “snake-like” than human. Overall it was extremely more resistant to sagging and breaking on its own. Thanks to it, matriarch nearing end of her natural lifespan was not much different in appearance than when she entered that stage. The downside of this feature was that their skin was much less prone to stretching, and stretchmarks were much more painful and visible than in humans case. The substance that Nyxeris was pouring on her hand was supposed to prevent that when person expanded much more rapidly than during pregnancy, making the skin much more flexible and making it heal itself immediately in case of any cracks. Additionally, it was also mild anaesthetic and pleasure inducer.



Older asari put a thick layer of cream on her hand and got to work. Liara gasped when cold liquid came in contact with her hot, taut belly and older asari began gently massaging it, making sure to cover every square inch with a white substance. Over time as the massage progressed and cream were absorbed, Liara's breathing calmed down, relief visible on her face as pleasure began to overwhelm her instead of pain.



“Isn’t it nice? That warm feeling when you rest with a full belly? You can experience it every time you want, you just have to eat, eat everything. Even when you feel like you cannot take another bite or are not feeling hungry. Indulge and make sure nothing goes to waste” cooed Nyxeris with a lustful expression. “Your lover would like to see you happy, wouldn’t she. So eat and be happy”



Liara’s eyes were fluttering as her mind was being covered by even bigger fog. She was slowly slipping into a food coma. Nyxeris finished with younger asari’s gut, wiped her hands clean and took another bottle from her bag. This time label was almost completely accurate. It was luxurious, muscle relaxing, skincare lotion. It also contained substances increased skin elasticity, not unlike the previous cosmetic.



Nyxeris repeated the previous operation with it, but this time intending to thoroughly massage the rest of former archaeologists body. She started with her shoulder, an area she was already familiar with. The Observer found next to nothing of newly gained adipose. Next, she went to arms, their situation was a little better, a noticeable layer could be found. Liara’s torso… well, Nyxeris was not able to properly measure an increase in this area due to, already quite generous for her young age, fleshy mounds, although the area around them felt most promising. Simultaneously “assistant” kept whispering sweet words to glutted doctor.



“Don’t worry about where food comes from. I will always be right beside you to make sure you have only the finest, healthiest meals for you. You trust me after all. I will give you those wonderful massages and do house chores so you can only focus on work and eating. Don’t worry about anything but those, I will take care of the rest” Nyxeris continued to relay programming in a seductive voice. She switched her position to massage Liara’s hips. Now here she most definitely detected a pleasant layer of adipose. Corners of her lips went upwards as she continued to roam her hands under younger asari belly. The Observer would love to inspect Liara’s lovely bottom, but it was firmly pressed into the mattress, and rotating her patient was out of the question. She went further down to the doctor’s thighs and calves. Here as well she found a promising beginning of a blubbery layer. Finally, Nyxeris reached younger asari’s feet. As expected nothing was found there, but she still smiled when her hands were running thought Liara’s toes.

Liara has such lovely feet. Although I will likely be seeing much more of them than she in the following months. Overall her legs will need a lot of pampering, with increasing load on them mused Shadow Broker operative. During her massage, she noticed one more thing - Liara still had a significant layer of muscle.



Contradictory to what seemed logical in this situation and her own desires, Nyxeris had to make sure Liara maintains it, at least partially. Older asari would love nothing else than have young asari stay on a single couch and gradually gorge herself into the beautiful, immobile pile of fat with completely atrophied muscles and dependency on her. It would also prevent her from tracking The Shadow Broker, but it was not the goal here. No, young T’Soni was an investment, a long-term one. She will become incapacitated with her weight and gluttony while being steered by Nyxeris away from The Broker Even if she does find reliable lead she won’t be able to follow it personally. At the same time, she would remain an exceptional information broker, additionally, through her, they would intercept valuable data and keep tabs on many significant, but elusive individuals T’Soni had personal ties to. However for Liara to remain useful she had to maintain being in relatively good health and various medications had various limitations.

It means I will have to make her exercise even as she becomes complete butterball. I was never a fan of being a coach and leading physical therapy, but with one special patient… it could actually be enjoyable. Besides I cannot afford to fail thought Nyxeris with determination. She had her own stake on this operation succeeding and it was more than just watching Liara inflate with blubber.



Older asari inspected her patient when her hands were free of lotion. Liara seemed to be deep in slumber, alcohol, drugs, and food had done their number on her, massage only sealed the deal. Her gargantuan belly appeared to had calmed down, no longer releasing sounds like angry varren, instead, it sounded like some monstrous beast deep in sleep. Nyxeris kept staring at this glorious testament to gluttony while painfully biting her lips. Finally, she carefully leaned over and put a side of her head to the top of Liara’s belly with closed eyes, her hands once again slowly stroking its surface. She listened to sounds of digestion with ecstasy, arousal again rising in her body.



“Months from now, today’s feast will be but a snack for you. You’ll grow big and covered in beautiful fat, constantly asking for more” whispered Nyxeris, voice dripping with lust, her hands wandering in an almost sexual manner. She raised her head a little and looked at distended abdomen, panting. After a few seconds, she brought her head down again and began vigorously kissing Liara’s belly, mostly around its navel. Over a minute had passed before older asari was finished "making Once Nyxeris calmed down and stopped shaking with excitement her expression shifted to gentle one and she leaned down to caress the top of food filed dome one last time. She carefully put a quilt on Liara and started to tuck her in with care. When older asari was sure that The young doctor was comfortable and safe from the cold she leaned down and put a single kiss on the slumbering patient forehead.



“Sleep well Liara. I’ll do everything to make sure you are safe and happy” declared Nyxeris quietly. Surprisingly she was sincere, she truly intended to do just that. Liara was her hero, as she was for many, especially for all maidens. Nyxeris, while older than her still very much belonged to that group. Besides, it was hard to not admire somebody who stood alongside The Commander Shepard against the army of the geth lead by a rogue spectre, it simply was something romantic about that. However fear of Shadow Broker's “punishment” in case of betrayal kept preventing her from confessing to Liara. Well… that and the fact that she was a high-functioning, perverted sociopath with various fetishes resolving around gluttony of her fellow asaris and human women. In her mind, she did the best there was for Liara given the situation.



Liara is capable, but not enough to dethrone The Shadow Broker. I would like to see it happen, unfortunately, it’s simply impossible. She would only get herself killed. Instead, I will keep her here and make sure she is safe and pampered. When she forgets that drivel about staying thin and grow covered in adipose Liara will learn happiness. Besides I am going to make sure she is too busy shoving fatty treats into herself to think about The Shadow Broker or her lost loved ones and friends reasoned Nyxeris. It was for Liara’s own good, really, besides keeping such a fine and young specimen that underfed was a sin against the universe.



Nyxeris removed the remaining contents of her bag, it was replacement clothes for Liara. She dug through cabinets and switched all items, trying to make everything look undisturbed. Finally, she took all the loose items that didn’t belong in the bedroom any longer and put them into the bag. When The Observer was done in the bedroom she checked on Liara one last time and went downstairs to remove evidence and clean up,



Well, I suppose no job cannot consist of only pleasures she thought with a sigh. She checked an hour on her omnitool, fortunately, it was still relatively early. However, she had only half an hour to finish her tasks, before cameras started recording. The entire operation would have been much harder if it was not for one detail. Cameras in Liara’s apartment, unless specified otherwise, did not record anything if it was day and the apartment owner was inside. Even though they were operating on a closed network, young asari was especially worried that somebody could learn of her actions and habits. Nyxeris managed to learn that little detail after weeks of grueling work by her subordinates, who researched Liara’s security system. Altogether lack of cameras in the bedroom also helped, but the entire place was packed tight with other, less direct sensors. That’s why she needed to keep her movements to the minimum.



After rapid bout of work Nyxeris managed to clean all excessive evidence, plant fake one in form of empty alcohol bottles and install few small devices. She still had to dispose of Liara’s clothes, but that could wait for later. Shadow Broker operative did her best to appear dunk as she walked  to the living room and loudly fallen her current bed.



Finally, dirty work’s done. I better catch some sleep, tomorrow is back to the office. Liara may be kinder and more understanding than The Shadow Broker, but she does not fuck around when it comes to work older asari thought with grimace. She reminded herself when she head tried to test T’Soni heiress a little by “forgetting” where she stored some, hardly significant data about one of their clients. Younger asari remained civil, however a following verbal “reprimand” was of legendary proportions.



She made me feel like some idiotic, little maiden she could annihilate with her little finger without threatening me or raising a voice. I don’t know if I was more aroused or terrified at that moment thought Nyxeris with lewd smile.




I'm pretty sure if she ordered me to bow to her and kiss her feet with that bossy voice of hers I would have done so happily. If not her appearance I would have mistaken her for the matriarch, Goddess knows some people do. That’s true, with authority and respect Liara commanded, a lot non-asari assumed she was a member of their most “prestigious” group. There were even at least two cases when fellow asari did such a mistake.



Speaking of thought Nyxeris and opened her omnitool under quilt and went to some cheesy dating site. Right after that, she activated recently acquired communication device. She had to send a report.



The second phase of operation “Ocean” finished


The third phase initiated successfully, object suspect nothing.


Danger of deconspiration minimal.”




She sent the message and began to chaotically go through the dating portal while awaiting a reply. Finally, it came.



“Acknowledged, continue with operation


Do not fail me Observer"



Charming words of encouragement as always summarised Nyxeris and went to sleep. She switched off a quantum-based device and hid it, alongside another one that minimalized effects of hypnotic music, that was hidden on the back of her scalp until then. Her omnitool remained active. It would shut down by itself after 5 minutes, after all, she was buzzed.







Sound of the alarm pierced painfully thought Liara’s skull. Half-awake she immediately disabled diabolical device and sat on her bed. She rubbed her eyes trying to soothe throbbing in her head. Young asari remembered little from the end of the day before, but the smell of alcohol in her breath and cover of old sweat on her body painted a pretty clear picture. She opened her omitool and checked security, apparently, both she and Nyxeris spent the majority of time in the kitchen, then two people went downstairs, one went down and then went thought the kitchen, bathroom and finally went to the livingroom. She looked on a recording, beginning of it showed her assistant stumbling from the bathroom to her bed while stubbornly holding two spoons. The live feed of a messy kitchen with several empty bottles of strong Thessian wine as well as few other alcohols and Nyxeris sleeping in a rather “unique” position confirmed seemed her suspicions. At the same time, her systems showed no signs of forced entry or theft so further decreased chances of foul play.



So we have gotten drunkin the kitchen, afterward went to my bedroom, perhaps Nyxeris was helping me get here. After that, she went downstairs and partied herself for short while. However, neither cybersecurity nor her movement based on the sensor would suggest she tried to access my files physically or digitally. That’s good, perhaps she really can be trusted summarised Liara. Or she was too inebriated to think of that. Still, Nyxeris proved herself to be competent, so I doubt she would allow herself to get that inebriated if she wanted to steal something or spy.




Liara sighed and checked hour, it was 8:00 a.m.



I have no meetings this morning and don’t have to worry about arriving before Nyxeris. That means I can calmly clean myself and finish morning routine pondered T’Soni heiress. She took a deep breath, forcing herself to stand up and did few fast stretching exercises to wake up completely. Liara was surprised when she finished and started donning nightwear. Despite, now slight, aching of her head and heaviness of her limbs she felt wonderful. She slept deep, without interruptions and whatever she dreamed about had to be nice. Her muscles felt relaxed, no cramps and she was quickly snapping of her morning grogginess. The first time in a long time she was that rested and relaxed, almost happy. A small smile appeared on her lips.

Perhaps Nyxeris staying here does have some advantages and so do her ideas. Even though some backfire on her.


She made her way downstairs with a change of clothes in hands. First, she personally inspected the apartment. Liara eyed disapprovingly mess in the kitchen, but besides that everything seemed to be in order. Afterward, The young doctor went to the livingroom, crouched near her assistant, and began gently shaking her.


“Nyxeris, wake up”




“Nyxeris, its morning already”


“Five more minutes” older asari replied little more coherently.


“Fine but I’ll take half of your salary this month. Is that alright?” asked Liara in pleasant, but a serious tone. At that, older asari eyes snapped open and scanned her surroundings in bewilderment. Realizing the situation she heavily sat on the bed, rubbing her eyes.


“I’m awake ma’am” Nyxeris declared, her expression was telling different story.


“I see. It seems we had a small party yesterday, do you remember what happened?” asked Liara standing above Nyxeris. Older asari put her head in hands and groaned.


“A few flashes, but it's all muddled” replied hangover asari.


“Very well. I am going to take a shower now. Please try to wake yourself up and to sort what happened yesterday up. You could use a shower too. Is that fine?” commanded Liara softly. Older asari only nodded, Liara smiled slightly as she started walking towards the bathroom and added:


“Half of salary Nyxeris, remember”


“Ma’am, you are joking right…? Ma’am?!” Nyxeri's voice echoed throughout the apartment, but her employer just entered the bathroom. Liara emerged before 10 minutes passed, a quick shower removed sweat from her body and remained of headache, further improving her mood. She remained oblivious to a new layer of padding that appeared on her body.


Former archaeologist found Nyxeris leaning over steaming cup of coffee next to few boxes in plastic bags. Her employee appeared more awake, but still had the look of deep abomination on her face. Liara sat opposite to her.


“May I have some coffee as well? How are feeling?” asked Liara. Her assistant absently stood up, took a new cup filled it with coffee, and placed it before younger asari. Nyxeris sat and gave Liara a haunted look.


“Roughly how I look. Which means that I am already dead” she replied with a groan and pointed at packages. “I prepared meals to work, including my breakfast. I doubt I could hold anything in the stomach right now.” Liara nodded at that and smiled with understanding.



“Of course. You said you remembered yesterday… celebration. Would like to share it with me now or after a shower?” asked Liara quietly, showing mercy to her suffering companion. Nyxeris signed.



“Now, I would like to finish my coffee when it’s still warm” answered older asari. Liara nodded with approval. Nyxeris took a deep breath and began.



“Firstly I must warn I remember only bits and pieces, but I’ll try. We were eating and dinging wine. I think we were talking about work but quickly switched to stories about our previous jobs. It was nice so when we finished the meal and the first bottle I brought another one and snacks. We were getting “happier” and more talkative. When the second bottle ran out we found a batarian brandy somewhere. Halfway it, you started getting sleepy and wanted to go to bed. I helped you.” Nyxeris paused explanation and took a large sip of pitch-black liquid. She resumed after a few seconds.



“By that time we were both quite inebriated at that point and everything gets even more blurry. We managed to get upstairs. And I am pretty sure… that I gave you massage, ma’am.” Older asari face covered purple blush and she took another sip of coffee.



“Considering how well my muscles are felling today I have to thank you. Perhaps you could repeat it in the future, preferably when we are sober?” replied Liara with a smile. Nyxeris looked at her little bewildered and blinked but also smiled.



“I most certainly could, you are much more pret… polite than most of my previous clients. Ahem ... anyway, afterwards I went back down and finished brandy ... that was a big mistake. From that point onward I remember nothing, sorry” apologized older asari and finished her drink. Liara considered her words for a while, that story matched readings of her security system and so far her assistant hasn’t given her any reason to believe she was lying. Finally, she said:

“Considered events of the last days I think we both needed to unwind. As long as it does not become a norm everything’s fine. Now please take a shower, we don’t have any appointments early, but I still wouldn’t like to be late” said Liara firmly but with a smile. Her assistant returned expression and stood up.



“Of course Liara. By the way, I reheated breakfast for you, it’s in the microwave” at with that Nyxeris went to the bathroom. Liara also stood and went to the device. She opened it and immediately her mouth watered at the smell. Inside was entire platter filled with a pile of…



What human call them… tortillas?




Bits of fried meat and vegetables rolled within a flat cake, thought considering smells ingredients were native to asari homeword. She took the steaming meal and sat placing it on the table, her pupils were dilated.



It smells wonderful, still, it’s a bit too much for breakfast……




//*…eat everything…*//




…but...I am feeling feel quite peckish




With that thought she licked her lips and bit into first roll. She closed her eyes when taste reached her and all worries were thrown out of the window. Liara began to eat.



She was going to eat it all.


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This was an awesome chapter. Excellent work!! One question though, will Liars be gaining quickly or slowly? Speaking for myself, I like a slow gain as you can have more situations happen in the story. Also how big will you have her be eventually?

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Thank you kindly. I'm happy to know that people enjoy it. 😁

About Liara's gain - I think that it will be relatively slow, at least given setting. The latest chapter is placed roughly 11 months after The Normandy destruction and about a year before Shepard gets to Illium (forgive me if it's this somehow contradicts with the official timeline 😅). By that point, Liara will be approaching ssbbw category/have just become one. However there will be significant time gaps between chapters (at least before events of the game), so it may appear to be fast. They will consist of Liara's "milestones" and events relevant to the future "plot" (or at least what passes for it 😓).

Considering my limited imagination I am most welcome of ideas that could be used to fill those gaps. 😉

At the end of this story (around the end of ME 2), she will be firmly in ssbbw category, but nothing too unrealistic.

At least that is how I envision it at the moment. I will be honest - if I'll even manage to finish this story and not turn it into a complete mess, it will be a success in itself. 😅

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To anybody who bothered to read that pile of mashed words I try to pass as a story - I'm sorry for such a long wait. I had much more duties to attend to and an entire week without access to a computer.


Despite my numerous attempts, I'm still not too happy about this and the following chapter. I hope later ones will pick up the pace.😓


Now, I hope somebody will enjoy this drivel. Like always I ask for constructive criticism and ideas about how to improve or what to add.😉 


Chapter 13: First gains

4 weeks later, Friday

Liara’s apartment


A muffled scream echoed through the bedroom. The source of disturbance, young asari was stretched across the bed on the belly and wearing only underwear. Her face was firmly covered by a pillow, arms desperately clenching it. Her body shook one last time and all her limbs became limp. Above her, crouched on the bed was another, older asari with a focused expression on her face and hands on younger one’s neck.


“Liara?” asked older asari. After a while, her junior turned her head slightly and answered.


“I am fine Nyxeris. Actually, I'm feeling much better than before” replied Liara with relief. Despite unexpected pang of sharp pain, an extremely uncomfortable cramp just left that part her body which had been treated by Nyxeris’s skilful fingers. Doctor’s entire body ached, as she spend the majority of that day standing. Besides her typical duties and meetings with few clients, she had attended a private gathering, hosted by a very influential and even more rich turian by the name Timus Petadas.


“Then may I continue?” asked her assistant.


“Yes, please do” replied Liara and a blissful expression appeared on her face as young asari once again felt Nyxeris hands roam her back, relieving her of tension and stiffness. Her host had a slight obsession about his species art, so Liara and other “entrepreneurs” spent several hours admiring his collection as turian stopped by every piece, where he explained in length item’s history and meaning.


I truly admire Timus commitment to the culture of his people, however, he has little skill as a guide thought asari and released a relieved breath as Nyxeris hands removed another cramp from her body.


Well, and the topic was not particularly thrilling. Forgive me Garrus, but your species art isn’t particularly thrilling. Then again knowing you, you would agree wholeheartedly mused young asari with amusement and bit of melancholy. Yes… Garrus wasn’t a “good” turian, but he was a good person, even better friend.


So Liara had spent entire afternoon standing listening to a turian businessman drone about his collection. Young asari couldn’t even fault her fellow attendees as they loosed interest, some even excused themselves and fled. However, she was a veteran of various lengthy and mind-bogglingly boring lectures on the university, ever surviving an entire elcor opera once. Thanks to those gruelling experiences Liara managed to keep her attention on exposition and managed to impress turian with gathered knowledge afterwards. Combining it with few sweet words Timus agreed to co-found her latest venture.


While money aren’t that much of issue, but the patronage and his military connection will most definitely help thought Liara and lazily glanced at her assistant. Nyxeris was currently concentrated on her lower back, but it was her, who had given her idea for her latest private operation.




3 weeks earlier, Thursday

01:27 p.m.

Liara’s office


“Ma’am, may I have a question?” asked Nyxeris with a concerned voice as she entered office. Liara swallowed a sweet treat she had just popped into her mouth and looked at her assistant from above the console. Nyxeris had put a sizable container of chocolates with a sweet filling, she had gotten as a promotion in one of the shops, with her food containers.  Liara was more than happy to slowly eat them as she waited on the next meal of the day.


“By all means” allowed younger asari and leaned back on the chair, sweet taste lingering in her mouth.


“I looked through dossiers of individuals you had asked me to contact and I am a bit surprised” said Nyxeris as she sat opposite to her employer, holopad in hands.


“Viteltina Varirius, former turian field officer, forced to retire due to injuries during geth’s attack on the Citadel. Agon Haejae, officially a marine scientist, “rumoured” to be a retired STG operative” listed Nyxeris looking at holopad, a slight frown on her face. “And finally Zaeed Massani, a rather famous human mercenary, former co-founder of the Blue Suns. Not to mention numerous weapon and ship manufactures” older asari finished and looked at Liara.


“Ma’am, why we are sending those invites? I do not wish to dispute your decisions, but it’s much different from our usual operations” asked Nyxeris with confusion. Liara nodded and leaned on her desk.


“That’s a valid concern. To put it simply I decided to follow with your advice” replied younger asari looking her assistant directly in eyes. Nyxeris blinked.


“I don’t quite understand…?” asked Nyxeris with confusion. She had several suspicions, but nothing concrete.


“Of course. You said that we lacked the manpower to challenge the Shadow Broker and you are right. Attack on you further showed that flaw. We, of course, could enlist mercenaries, but their loyalty and discipline are questionable at best” explained Liara steadily and bitted into another chocolate. Nyxeris eyes were widening as her thoughts became reality.


“You decided to assemble your own military” it was a statement, not question this time. Liara only swallowed treat and smiled.


“I think the term “private security force” would be more fitting, but essentially you are right. Provided personas you just listed agree to cooperate they begin to hire necessary personnel and train recruits” said younger asari. Nyxeris only nodded at that.


“But what about your commandos? Surely they could do this as well?” asked still bewilder assistant.


“Yes, I do intend to assign some of them to this task, but we cannot remove a significant number of them from the field” continued Liara with the explanation. “Additionally they can only effectively train other asari and only in their way of combat. Currently, the most viable option for maidens who want to join non-government affiliated combat group is Eclipse and we both know how they operate” Liara paused and ate another treat.


“While I think most enlisted will be asari, but I’ll place no race restrictions. Besides overspecialization equals failure, so we need experts from different backgrounds.” finished young doctor, another chocolate flinging way to her mouth. Nyxeris only nodded, deep in thought. After a few seconds, she asked.


“Forgive me ma’am, but isn’t it a little much? Besides, isn’t Massani reaching limits of the human lifespan, wouldn’t somebody younger be better?”


“No, it is not, besides the Shadow Broker isn’t the only adversary out there, he isn’t even the most dangerous one. I rather start preparing for what is to come and “branching out” may confuse some of our “competition”. Massani, he was alive when humanity considered themselves alone in the universe. Since the beginning of his career, he fought and killed almost every type of enemy out there. He has a wealth of unique experience and can introduce recruits to a more unregulated aspect of this trade. Not to mention he started one such group from scratch. According to my Intel, his mind is still sharp and this is what I need.” Liara answered and added “Besides I have something that should ensure his cooperation. Is there something else?”


Her assistant was digesting new information for some time. Finally, she nodded.


“No ma’am. I vary of this venture, but I trust you to guide us thought it successfully” replied Nyxeris with a small smile and stood up.


“I will begin forming inquires and look into securing facilities as well as staff” with that she bowed slightly and went back to her desk.


Liara watched as doors closed behind her assistant. She was feeling a little guilty about dragging older asari into her mess, but she had made sure Nyxeris knew risk at the beginning of their cooperation. Her hand went to the box but found nothing. Liara’s eyes narrowed and with disappointment looked at the empty container.


Candies were delicious, what’s more, a dreaded, hollow feeling had resurfaced in her stomach. The young doctor checked an hour and smiled with relief. It was late enough for the third meal of the day. Lately, Nyxeris convinced her to split her 3 meals into 6, reasoning action with bits of dietary knowledge.


Liara took out containers and unwrapped food. The first plate contained several big lamb chops, the second was filled with a type of grey pasta with gravy, Liara was unfamiliar with this dish but it smelled quite good. Finally a smaller container with several medium-sized pastries inside and about a litre worth of thick, creamy, coffee smelling liquid.


Milkshake her mind supplied and desire appeared in her eyes. Big size of portions didn’t bother her in the slightest, despite receiving enough food for at least two people. Liara quickly reheated meat and pasta and began to eat. As soon as the first bite disappeared behind her lips a blissful feeling spread through her.


Young asari relaxed, right now it was only her and delicious meal before, everything else ceased to exit. Every bit moving down her gullet felt heavenly, taste brought delight. When Liara finished with a hot part of the meal she was no longer hungry, however, thought of stopping was alien to her. Ex-archaeologist attentions shifted to the pastries, she took one of cram filed pastries and carefully bit into it. However, as she ate she wasn’t able to prevent from getting sweet cream on her face. When last of treats found its way into doctor’s belly, instead of cleaning herself normally, Liara licked remaining filling from her face and fingers clean. Finally, her eyes landed on the container with a caffeine-laced liquid. Young asari took off the lid, placed straw inside and took a small sip.





Yummy thought young doctor as the liquid began to pour into her. The drink was sweet, tasted similar to coffee but had none of the bitterness and a wonderful creamy texture. Liara began quickly sucking milkshake into her eager mouth and to her tummy. After almost a minute delicious drink ran out.


Liara leaned in her chair and put a hand of her, now, swollen belly. She was stuffed, tasty meal leaving her more than sated. At the same some strange feeling of craving, dissatisfaction crept over her. A second hand joined on Liara’s and began to careens blue sphere through the material of her dress. Not as much to relieve pressure, but with longing.


//* …remember that feeling. … never settle for anything less…*//


I could go for more… pondered Liara wishfully and licked her lips at thought of more food. 






That was when this entire thing “officially” started thought Liara. She felt Nyxeris’s hand as they approached her bottom.


“Ma’am, should I continue or start with your legs?” asked her assistant with a slightly embarrassed look on her face. It took a few seconds younger asari to understand what she had meant.


Oh…it’s bit inappropriate, but all things considered, we are already past “proper”. Besides, it feels so good. thought Liara.


“Please continue. But nothing “exotic” replied finally information broker. Nyxeris shoot her a quick smile and put a new portion of lotion on her hands. Liara gasped quietly when cold liquid made contact with her cheeks, but quickly a pleasure started pouring to her brain. As her eyes rolled in ecstasy her mind returned to memories.




Two weeks ago

Liara’s office


Opposite to Liara sat three figures. A female turian with porcelain-coloured plates and a purple face paint, that was interrupted by few scars, wearing typical, “business” suit. Miss Varirius maintained neutral expression only sometimes interrupted by a slight move of mandibles that indicated discomfort caused by her injuries. A male salarian in a casual outfit, his face and posture showing discrete signs of his advanced, for his species, age. Mister Haejae was shooting glances in various directions, but there was no doubt in Liara’s mind that he paid attention to her. Those two were “specialists” she contacted. The third person was Eristena, leader of commandos that she had “inherited” from her mother and decided to remain in her employ.


She was somewhat of a special case, commandos usually had a proper amount of muscle but mostly relied on speed and mainly, biotics. Eristena, despite being roughly Liara’s height would be never mistaken for younger asari. Save for her head, every part of her body was twice as wide as that of Liara’s. Her entire frame was covered in a hard muscle that a carrier bodybuilder would not be ashamed of, she often had required custom made outfits, like the dark commando leathers she currently wore. It gave her a bit of brutish look, but anybody who judged her based on appearance was in for a surprise. Despite her proportions, Eristena was terrifyingly fast and possessed a swift mind. Her skin was a shade lighter than young doctor’s, face clear of paintings with sharp cheekbones and simple, but elegant lines. Liara would never admit it out loud but she used to have a bit of a crush on muscular asari.


Commando was wearing a slight frown on her face, but considering circumstances it was understandable. Eristena was not pleased by being “replaced”. However, she accepted Liara logic as her plans held a lot of merits. The fourth seat was empty. Both turian and salarian discreetly scanned their surroundings, more with curiosity than caution.


Massani has yet to arrive. He did inform us that he had to finish the assignment thought Liara. She appeared completely composed, the perfect image of an asari businesswoman, although deep down she was a bit distressed. Ex-archaeologist was just finishing going over last details when intercom alarm was heard. Liara clicked on it.


“Ma’am, Mr Massani has arrived” informed Nyxeris’s voice.


“Please, let him in” replied Liara and turned to her guests


“It would seem the consultant I told you about come earlier than expected” she informed them. After few seconds doors opened and newcomer entered. An old human, wearing battered armour with yellow tints, his face covered in scars.


“Sorry ‘bout delay. I had a… business to take care of” said Zaeed, clearly not sorry in the slightest.


“Mr Massani welcome, please take a seat. I am afraid we were just finishing. Nyxeris will send you today’s arrangements unless there is something you need to necessarily go over with me?” said Liara with a measured smile to the elderly human. He sat comfortably on an empty chair and shook his head.


“Only that lil’ detail about my payment. But later, in private” said Zaeed and leaned back on hair. Liara nodded.


“Zaeed Masani? Human mercenary known for accomplishing seemingly impossible missions. Notoriously independent, appears to be in conflict with the command of Blue Suns” assessed salarian, his eyes slightly narrowed. Zaeed only glanced at him with grimace.


“Yep, that’s me. You have a problem with it?” asked grey-haired human with a gruff voice.


Eristena only sighed, Viteltina did a turian equivalent of a grimance. Known for unusual tactics or not a female turian wasn’t too fond of cooperating with a mercenary.


“No problem. Just surprised” assured salarian in a peaceful voice.


“Mister Masani is here to, besides contributing to the training of recruits, share his knowledge about privateer business” said Liara calmly with intertwined hands and added, “Do any of you have an issue with him being here?”


Varirius began to slowly shake her head.


“No. At least as long he does not compromise my work or recruit’s progress” informed disabled turian in a steady voice.


“Same here” added Eristena calmly. She was not too thrilled either, but she had experience working with mercenaries and was more flexible in this matter.


“Excellent. Let’s return to the matter at hand” said Liara, ultimately closing discussion. They spent about 15 minutes finishing the remaining issues.


“I think It will be all. We will meet in next week. If you need anything please contact Nyxeris. Thank you all” dismissed them Liara, again with a pleasant face, both salarian and turian complied. However, Eristena stayed and looked at Liara.


“Miss T’Soni, are you sure I’m not needed anymore?” asked commando with absolute calamity, but Liara could see the worry in her posture. Younger asari smiled in her mind at her senior's protectiveness. Eristena was not too keen about leaving her alone with the mercenary. However, ex-archaeologist doubted Masani would try anything, of course she know he took jobs from The Shadow Broker, but he wouldn’t risk his credibility like and he specialized in combat, not assassination. Finally, there was his “payment”, he wouldn’t risk losing it.


Worst case scenario, I should be able to stall him long enough for help to arrive or at least take him with me thought Liara grimly. Outwardly she smiled softly.


“Yes, but thank you. Mister Masani is a professional, I’m sure he will remain a perfect gentleman. Also, I’m really grateful that you agreed to go along with this” reassured Liara. Muscular asari gave a small sigh and smiled slightly for the first time that day.


“Of course. I’ll be going then” replied Eristena and did just that. Liara watched as hard muscles of commando's legs played under black, protective leather as she walked through the door.


Thick thighs save lives a phase Liara had heard somewhere from humans resurfaced in her mind. With titanic effort she managed to shift her attention back to elderly human. Fortunately, he too was focused on older asari.


“Heh…biotics or not I would not want to be introduced to her fists” chuckled Zaeed after the door closed.


”A sound approach and I hope you will give her no reason to. Will you Mister Masani?” asked Liara in a firm voice. The elderly human looked on her.


“I am going to be prim and proper. At least if you wrote the truth. Do you really know where that bastard is or you are having me on?” questioned Zaeed in a gruff voice. 


“Mister Masani not unlike you I gained my reputation thanks to my “honestly”. I did manage to locate your former colleague, Vito and continue to monitor him. All available information about him will be given to you at the end of our collaboration as stated in my message” explained Liara calmly, looking him in the eyes. Grey-haired mercenary grimaced.


“’ don’t suppose you give it now as a sign of goodwill and all that? And call me Zaeed missy, “Mister Masani” makes me sound like some damned bureaucrat” said mercenary. Liara leaned slightly towards him.


“Zaeed, we both know if I gave you that location now, you would immediately fly there. Given your reputation, perhaps you would return IF you survived. I already gave up significant resources for this operation, including locating Vido and I don’t have a habit of uselessly wasting money. So forgive my reluctance in that matter” retorted ex-archaeologist firmly” explained asari flatly. Elderly human grimaced once again but nodded.


“Can’t fault me for trying. Fine, I’ll work for you. Playing teacher may be a nice change of pace, I suppose. But don’t try to scam me, it never ends well” said Zaeed, look of annoyance still present on his face. Liara only smiled.


“Likewise, but rest assured it’s not my intention. Is there anything else?”


“Nah… I’ll install myself, look around and check whatever you have already prepared” replied human and stood up.


“Very well. Oh, one more thing. It’s Mrs T’Soni or ma’am, eventual doctor T’Soni” said Liara strongly, looking mercenary directly in the eyes. They spent several seconds staring into each other when something akin to smile appeared on Zaeed’s face.


“Sure doc” replied elderly human and exited Liara’s office.


Well, that went well thought Liara and leaned on the chair with a heavy sigh. Even though she received agreements earlier it was the first actual meeting of her new “employees”. She had anticipated arguments but managed to avoid them so far.


Still, there will be much more opportunities for those later. For now, let’s enjoy peace and quiet.


Her hand went to her belly.


Yes, enjoy…


Liara took out and began unwrapping her current meal. Today she had a platter of ground meat baked between layers of flat pasta, cheese and sauce.


 I believe humans have a similar dish, “lasagne”? she wondered as looked into a second container, a large bowl of thick calamari soup. Finally, a cake filled with fruit jams as dessert. Young asari didn’t as much as bat an eye at the size of the portions, instead, she simply licked her lips and went to reheat her meal. The scrumptious smell filling the air as Liara placed them on the desk.


Liara began cutting “lasagne” and food began subsequently disappearing between her smiling lips. Despite her quick pace it took her some time to place to deliver the entire first course to her belly. Ex-archaeologist lifted soup-filed bowl as soon as she finished. Instead of wasting time with the spoon she put an edge of the container to her lips and tilted it. A large, clearly visible gulps ran down her throat and to her belly further filling it. Finally, all liquid found its way into Liara’s voracious midriff. She put an empty bowl down and quickly put her hand to mouth.




Young asari remained unfazed and promptly attacked cake, making a quick work of it. When everything edible was packed in her stomach she cleaned herself and once again leaned back. Her hands began massaging her modest foodbaby. Liara’s hunger was banished and the meal was delicious, but a small furrow formed on her face.


I am full and Nyxeris’s cooking was implacable as always, but something…


//*another delicious morsel travelling to her belly… her stomach purple and angry, full of pain and ready to burst…but she still eats more, discomfort drowned under waves of pleasure... ecstasy follows as every bit passes her lips, travels down and further distends her belly... yes she needs to eat more…*//


…is missing




A pang of hunger interrupted her recollection. 


Another effect of today’s “sightseeing” thought Liara annoyed. Her host provided meals suitable for a biology of various races, but in order to maintain a “proper” image, she had to limit her intake. It resulted in her being returning hungry, but too tired to acknowledge it. Now after resting and her assistant’s treatment her stomach’s pleas resurfaced.


Speaking of… thought Liara and glanced at Nyxeris witch half-closed eyes. Older asari was already at the finish with hands on her feet sole and with a look of complete concentration.


I am tempted to make her stay due to her massages alone. Nyxeris skill is making her very… pleasant to have around mused Liara. Indeed her assistant proved to have a very useful in the home. She kept doing all those time-consuming chores when Liara worked. Not to mention she was an incredible cook and a week ago proposed they do exercises together. It was good to get some decent physical activity, what’s more, Liara didn’t need to get out of the home.


Who would have thought that hiring somebody with experience working at resorts would come with so many useful benefits wondered younger asari with delight as her assistant worked on her feet. Unfortunately, all good things come to pass. After a few minutes both her legs were back on matters, free of Nyxeris’s wondrous fingers. Liara stretched lazily a little and rolled on her back. She felt wonderful and relaxed save for emptiness in her stomach.


“Thank you Nyxeris. I’m feeling much better now, remind me to make it up to you. I’m going to sleep now unless there is something urgent?” said Liara with weary voice, looking at her sitting assistant. Nyxeris tilted her head and gave her a slightly confused look.


“There is nothing urgent at the moment ma’am, but what about dinner? I have everything prepared, it just needs to be heated.” Informed older asari.


“Isn’t it a bit late?” asked Liara. While she was hungry, what little she known about dieting discouraged eating just before sleep.


“A bit, yes. But considering what you told me you must be famished and it’s ill-advised to make such sudden jumps in daily intake. Besides, I doubt that you were offered anything substantial. I would advise you to eat something” explained Nyxeris with a small smile. Liara considered her words for a short while.


“Very well then. I will join you as soon as I collect myself and put something on” agreed ex-archaeologist. Nyxeris nodded and went downstairs. It took Liara a longer while to find strength in herself to move from a comfortable position. She stood up and began to dress. After five minutes she went down in loose, comfortable clothing. This time Liara wasn’t surprised by mouth-watering smells coming from her kitchen but was still impressed by her assistant's culinary skills. Prothean expert was greeted by a big platter filled with pasta mixed, bits of ham and molten cheese.


“I am afraid it’s a bit plain, but I think it will suit your tastes,” said Nyxeris as she put a cup of tea near platter. Liara sat down by steaming dish.


“I’m sure it will. Thank you Nyxeris” replied younger asari as she grabbed utensils and focused on what she now considered yo be a normal-sized portion. Her assistant smiled warmly and nodded. Liara looked at the deliciously smelling meal before her and unconsciously licked her lips, she dug in.


Wonderful… she thought with bliss. Despite its simplicity, the dish tasted divine. Liara was steadily, but quickly putting portions in her mouth, gooey mass sliding down to Liara’s empty pit of a stomach, filling it. Each portion brought young asari feeling of warmth and pleasure while slowly quenching her hunger. Despite portion’s size, it easily was a dish for two, but Liara managed to clear entire platter under ten minutes. She drank tea and wiped her mouth.


Ex-archaeologist didn’t stand up instead slowly contemplated her empty plate. Meal quelled her hunger, but nothing more. Despite delicious taste that still lingered in her mouth, Liara once again felt that strange lack of fulfilment.


She was not FULL.


“Ma’am? Perhaps you would like some more?”. Her assistant voice brought her back to reality but only made her resolve to crumble even more. Liara knew it was late and she was no longer starving so she shouldn’t…


//*… she still eats more, ecstasy follows as every bit passes her lips and further distends her belly...*//

//* …remember that feeling. … never settle for anything less…*//

//*..eat everything…*//


“If you think it still alright given hour I would like some more” said Liara and nodded absently. Young asari mind felt a little muddled suddenly, probably from spending entire day standing. Nyxeris smiled warmly and went quickly to the fridge. A large bowl filled with bits of poultry and vegetables was placed before Liara.


“It’s quite alright ma’am. I always make it so meals aren’t equal to the maximum allowed intake in case we are still feeling a bit peckish afterwards. You don’t need to worry if you want to take something extra to eat. Please, it was supposed to be part of your lunch, try it while I reheat rest of the pasta” said Nyxeris pleasantly.


Liara nodded in acknowledgement, her assistant words brought her acceptance. She looked at the dish before her and renewed her task. Prothean expert was not overly fond of cold salads with meat, but this one was quite good. What’s more with every portion feeling in her stomach shifted from not hungry to pleasantly full. As she finished Liara felt almost stuffed, however at the same time bowl was replaced with another platter full of cheese and meat covered pasta.


“Here ma’am. Please enjoy” said Nyxeris with a sweet voice.


“Thank you I will” replied Liara with an absent voice and immediately returned to transporting delicious mix to her mouth. She ate dutifully bit after bit, despite fullness in her stomach. Liara wasn’t unaware of it, she simply was not bothered by that feeling. Quite opposite in fact, with every portion that passed past her lips young asari, was being filled with the feeling of fulfilment she was missing before. That, combined with excellent taste were successfully stopping whispers of doubts from resurfacing. 


“Liara, if you are feeling peckish or simply want something to snack on, do not hesitate to ask me. I will make sure to give you the amount that does not compromise your diet. But also do not worry about taking food by yourself, only tell me later and I will make sure to take into account while making meals. Really, neither is something to worry about” explained Nyxeris with a warm voice, further reassuring Liara.


Meanwhile, younger asari was halfway her latest meal, fullness in her midriff becoming unreal. The belly already was inflated by several inches outwards, it’s size amplified due to layer of adipose that formed during the last weeks. Despite strained stomach, Liara continued to shove a heavy combination of meat, pasta and cheese into her mouth. She ate fast and maintained basic manners, but appeared to be in some sort of trance, her attention solely focused on inhaling a delicious meal before her.


Finally, a second heaped platter worth of food found its way into Liara’s belly. Ex-archaeologist took a few calming breaths and cleaned herself with napkins. Nyxeris appeared next to her, a pitcher in her hands.


“Tea, ma’am” asked pleasantly her assistant.


“Yes, please” responded Liara, still little dazed. Nyxeris refilled doctor's cup and Liara poured its content to her mouth. Despite painful fullness inside, younger asari felt contend and warmth radiating from her stomach. Unfortunately her eyelids felt heavier with every second.


It high time I get to bed. I may not need to go to the office, but still have a load of work thought Liara as she struggled to keep her eyes open.


“Thank you for the meal, Nyxeris. I think I’ll retreat to the bed” informed younger asari trying to appear as composed as she could.


“Of course ma’am. I’ll do some quick cleaning and go to sleep as well. Goodnight” said Nyxeris and nodded.


“Goodnight” replied Liara and headed upstairs while her assistant began cleaning. Doctor managed to put on pyjamas and tucked herself in. She was quickly falling asleep but one of her hands found her stomach and began caressing taunt dome. What pain it caused was easily overwhelmed by pleasure and sense of fulfilment. Liara kept half-consciously massage her stomach, tracing its roundness.


Beautiful thought T’Soni heiress and with that she fell asleep.




The moment Liara reached her bedroom, Nyxeris face split a wide smile, so far her plan worked splendidly. Younger asari was growing more accustomed to her presence, and keep lowering her guard. While they still maintained strict security measures, Liara was slowly becoming more trusting towards her ”assistant”. Of course, the information broker was far from giving her full access to her network. It was small things but they increased over time.


It was expected. Liara didn’t become so successful being careless thought Nyxeris while finishing cleaning. When she was done, The Observer went to the bathroom and started showering, still deep in thought.


Its good thing I did our first “session” so soon pondered The Observer as she was washing Otherwise, lack of knowledge about dieting or not, she would start getting suspicious and research the Pit out of it. The good doctor would start asking why her meals could feed a family of three each. Just like with exercises.


The Shadow Broker’s operative shook her head at the memory. About a week ago she proposed to Liara that if she wants they could exercise together based on her knowledge from various resorts. Her “employer” was, dare she speak it, enthusiastic, even though she hid it well.


The set of activities Nyxeris had prepared was designed specifically to prevent muscle atrophy and maintain good health while burning as little priceless calories as possible, but it didn’t remain intact. Or rather it received few additions. It had taken Liara two days to look into that topic and present her with a list of extra exercises they could do. Even with excuses such as lack her knowledge about them or their time consumption Nyxeris hadn’t been able to veto all of them.


And it’s not the first time she caught me like that. I knew Liara could be intense when she wants to, but by The Goddess, I never suspected just how much. Last month has been bizarre, I am getting more terrified, amazed and excited by Liara with every day thought Nyxeris when she was going to her bed, remains of moisture quickly steaming from her skin.


Older asari, despite being the object of Liara’s “reprimand” before and seeing her exceptional capabilities as an information broker, for the first time understood why The Shadow Broker himself(?) considered T’Soni heiress as a threat. Under months’ time younger asari managed to prepare foundations of her own mercenary company, they were ready to begging initial recruitment. The pace of those events made older asari’s head spin.


Well, all things considered, it doesn’t compromise the core of the plan. Now time to do some research thought Nyxeris with a smile as she positioned herself comfortably in bed and opened her omnitool. It collected data from sensors she placed around the apartment, nothing fancy, but enough for her needs. After few second Nyxeris found what she was looking for.


“Current weight: 198,5 lbs.”


The Observer bit her lips as a jolt of pleasure and excitement ran through her at the sight before her eyes. 


It’s a gain of 35 pounds. While a significant part of it is a result of her drug-induced binge, but still it’s the most promising number. Shame I cannot organise those more often pondered The Observer with a longing expression. As much as she would like to, Liara would immediately get suspicious after waking up without memories once again in a short time span. Even if the doctor would not have immediately found out the truth, she would implement even more extensive security measures. Nyxeris could not risk that, preparing and executing everything so far had been hard enough. Liara getting wind of her “activities” would mean failure of the entire operation.


Unfortunately, we are going to start exercises “for real” since this weekend. But I’m pretty sure all necessary suggestions took hold of her. I waited longer than necessary to make sure of it, It’s a high time to start giving her some actual meals instead of those appetizers Liara has been eating during last months mused Nyxeris with delight as she was positing herself comfortably in bed.


Portions Liara had been receiving were large but much smaller than The Observer had in store for her. That “limit” had been caused two reasons, ex-archaeologist could have got suspicions despite compulsions put into her mind, if she had been presented with such large amount of food at once and, most likely, forced herself to eat it all. 


Second, Nyxeris wanted Liara to “ask” for more, that would allow her to encourage younger asari to do so again in the future when she desired more and to eat even without Nyxeris handing her treats.


Liara will be more likely to stuff her face by herself, now and with properly sized portions, even with those pointless exercises will be buried under a luscious fat. Thought Shadow Broker’s operative and a wide smile appeared on her face.


She is beginning to round nicely. Even with her muscle Liara can easily be considered chubby. I most certainly felt more padding than before though Nyxeris with bliss at the memory of massage from before. Unbeknownst to her “employer”, older asari enjoyed entire as much, if not more, as her “patient”. Nyxeris had an opportunity to… examine Liara’s beautiful body and asses the newly formed layer of adipose.


Everything is getting nice, soft and round. Sill this is but a pitiful amount that NEEDS to expand. Do not worry Liara I’ll make sure you happily grow large and even more beautiful thought Nyxeris, reminding herself of Liara’s current stature.


Young doctor, besides overall layer of adipose, has gotten noticeable curvier, a visible increase in her breasts, butt and hips. Most importantly a potbelly appeared on Liara, a beginning of a proper gut, soon to be filled with blubber. The extra weight made her only more alluring, Nyxeris most definitely was… impressed by her “employer” thicker figure. Although, The Observer was even more excited at the prospect of even curvier T’Soni heiress.


All groundwork is done. Now I only have to watch as Liara gets to a healthy weight. After that, she won’t be able to get in harm’s way and I get to be a witness to this glorious sight. Most immortally that will convince The Shadow Broker of my idea thought Nyxeris with delight and joined Liara in the land of dreams.


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I managed to finish 2 chapters, first quite shorter than the rest. Overall time ships will be now probably longer, as I have only a vague idea that should be enough for 1, maybe 2 chapters before Shepard shows up. I am afraid both chapters may be somewhat unimaginative, and I am especially dubious of Ch. 14, but both introduce concepts that will be expanded(haha...) upon. Also a small reference to one of the members on Curvage, feel warned.😉

Than you for all positive reactions. Like always, I ask for ideas that could be put here and hope you enjoy this piece of utter nonsense. 😁



Chapter 14: Inspection

A month later, Wednesday

Red Spirit company’s temporary training centre


Liara had mangled to organise time away from her usual duties in order to inspect establishing of facilities and recruitment process. Currently, she was sitting in the office overlooking the main hall. Prothean expert was wearing her white, “practical” cloak, with few extra items, just in case, although earlier she had problems putting it on. It felt tight and too small in a few places, although lately, she had a similar problem with other clothes, mostly with shoes. However, like times before Liara ignored it, she had more pressing matters than a slight inconvenience.


Near her sat Nyxeris, who was checking paperwork already generated by the company and background of some recruits. Meanwhile, Eristena and Viteltina were finishing talking about the new workforce.


“...well, but still only beginning considering your plans Miss T’Soni. There are few rowdier recruits, but we only kept those with high potential and we should be able to make into something useful. At least for now” finished female turian and looked from holopad.


“One krogan enlisted and passed screening” added commando. Viteltina nodded.


“Ah...Yes, surprisingly enough as a technician not as a solider. He seems reasonable enough and skilled at his job. Should we fire him, after trial period?” asked female turian.


Liara looked away from the window. Thought it could be seen groups of training recruits and still built temporary facilities. Among them were Zaaed, Agon and few new “instructors” Liara had hired based on her advisors’ recommendations.


“Yes, as long as he does his job properly and doesn’t start any trouble there is no need for any action. Try to find out his motivations, but it’s low on the priority list. Is there anything else that needs my attention?” said ex-archaeologist with a small smile. Both commando and former soldier pondered for a few seconds.


“Nothing comes to my mind at the moment Miss T’Soni” replied female turian. Eristena remained silent and rubbed her hands. Thought entire “visit” she looked like she wanted to say something, but didn’t decide to. Finally shook her head.


“I’m good, Liara” exclaimed commando honestly but with a slightly concerned look. Liara felt a slight pang of worry at commando’s unusual behaviour but decided not to hold off questioning for later. Outwardly she smiled.


“Thank you both for your efforts. Eristena, could you show me the layout of this place, while Nyxeris finishes. Provided, of course, you can spare some time” said ex-archaeologist. That was mostly an excuse to see her now employees for herself and prolong a break from typical work.


How my life changed. A break usually meant a good book, a walk or maybe a vid. Briefly Shepard’s company or conversation with somebody from Normandy’s crew. thought young asari longingly. Unfortunately, she did not have time for those activities or they were too risky, or simply not available. Commando looked at turian, but Viteltina only shook her head.


“At the moment there is nothing I cannot handle at my own” replied former military. At that muscular asari smiled slightly.


“Let’s go then” said Eristea, stood up and headed towards passage. Liara followed her leaving her assistant and disabled turian in the office.


Eristena navigated with the doctor between various groups of trainees and pieces of equipment. Everything seemed makeshift, which was true as a current state was temporary. Bigger, specialized facilities were being prepared, bet all already present equipment was of good quality and everything seemed to go on in orderly fashion. It had been a good idea to enlist the help of former turian military.


Liara watched everything carefully, only stopping to take a better look or ask a question. The sight of such tasks was a pleasant change to her usual routine full of tedious work, even though each steep brought pangs of discomfort. Liara really needed that outfit re-sized. 


Eristena were replying on questions, sometimes adding something by herself. Considering her slight smile, despite her first reservations, commando enjoyed her current task. They passed various recruits mostly asari, quite a few turians, humans and salarians, a drell somewhere. There were no batarians so far, few had passed screening, none decided to remain when they heard who was to be their employer. Being a… companion of “Butcher of Torfan” didn’t bring Liara any friends amongst fourth-eyed species.


And that only training section pondered Liara at the sight of the multispecies crowd. Finally, Eristena stopped, her smile widened by a few nanometres at the scene before them. A group of asari during commando training.


“Those are a very mixed bag, but I think we can make commando out of them,” said muscular asari. Liara smiled.


“With you in charge, I am sure of it” assured Liara with full confidence. Nobody could deny main commando’s devotion to her tasks, especially training her potential subordinates. Eristena face twitched in the way that would indicate a widening of her simile and opened her mouth…


“So you are Liara T’Soni” said a voice near them. Both asari looked in that direction, suddenly on full alert.


...and here goes my good mood sighed Liara. Approaching them was asari maiden in commando outfit, her skin few shades darker than Liara’s and wearing a simple face paint, composed from a few straight, blood-red lines running from her forehead to end of her crest. However most noticeable was her expression, combination of superiority and disdain. The commando-to-be body was oozing with self-confidence.


“I expected something… more from somebody who helped to stop the Saren Arterious. Shame” exclaimed the newcomer and stopped before Liara and Eristena with hands on hips. Ex-archaeologist only sighed in thoughts.


“Is there an issue, Miss…?” said Liara, maintaining her professional facade. 


“Heless Vate. When I signed up for this I expected to work for a famous hero. Instead, all I got is a fat bureaucrat that probably never fired a gun” new hire expressed her disappointments with face showing complete disregard for her conversationalist. It reminded Liara of her former “colleagues” who kept laughing off her theories and discoveries. She quashed rising annoyance and presented her best “diplomatic” expression. Older commando maintained neutral pose, but the doctor clearly saw her hard muscles tense, ready for a potential treat.


“Recruit, you’re out of order,” said Eristena strongly and moved towards rebellious asari, but was stopped by Liara’s hand.


“Miss Vate, if you are dissatisfied with this operation, me or way I am handling my affairs you can resign, especially at such early stage” stated Liara and quickly checked surroundings from corners of her eyes, an audience appeared. Heless snorted.


“And leave this mess to be completely fucked up by paper pushers like you and those antiques you hired? I don’t think so, this group need somebody who knows how to get things done” declared maiden confidently, few others with similar face paints positioned behind her. With titanic effort, Liara managed to stop herself from signing and rolling her eyes. Ex-archaeologist quickly scanned her “challengers”. Their postures betrayed barest of traces of combat training.


Some maidens take few combat lessons as a fleeting fancy or they are mercenary dropouts or both. pondered information broker. I don’t have time for this


“Miss Vate, are you done presenting reasons for such high death rates amongst maidens? Or do you have something valuable to say?” replied Liara flatly, all traces of pleasant notes in her voice were gone, replaced with absolute coldness.


“What?” said Heless, self-assured expression leaving her face. Clearly it was not turn of events she had been expecting.


“It is not some gang where if you yell strong enough you become top dog, did you expect me to fall on my knees, trembling and leave everything here to you?” asked Liara and put her hand behind her back.


“Listen you fat…”


“And now the name-calling. Perhaps you should stomp a little?” interrupted Liara.


“Did you took look around? Even if I was intimidated by you or you managed to kill me how do you intend to finalise it? Of course, so far everything goes along well, but all of this is being founded by me and believe me my finances are very well guarded. There is no guarantee that other recruits will follow you, even if you hag money” Liara’s words were piercing like a scalpel.


“Miss Vate, you are asari and could bid your time until you had the support and everything is set in place. But please explain what exactly was you intended?” finished information broker, her voice calm and cold as the vacuum of space. She looked at the “rebellious” asari. Heless arrogance disappeared, replaced by fury. She clenched her fists, visibly shaking and face purple with anger. Around them gathered a crowd watched the entire scene. One of asaris accompanying her came to furious Heless and put a hand on her shoulder.


“Heless maybe we should…” she did not finish as she was pushed away. Furious commando’s frown deepened, showing teeth and her entire body flared with biotics.


“Die you pureblood bitch!” yelled Heless and took a pose to attack. She didn’t get a chance to, ex-archaeologist despite lack of action in recent months was vastly superior in terms of training and experience. A ball of blue energy, that was earlier prepared behind Liara’s back slammed enraged asari in the torso and sent her flying into a large, metal container. She fell to the floor leaving a noticeable dent in its wall. After a few seconds, rebellious asari managed to lift herself to her knees but spat some purple blood as soon as she managed this feat. Still supported by four limbs she managed to lift her head but was greeted by the barrel of the M-4 Shuriken submachine pistol.


“Are you going to pose further problems Miss Vate?” asked Liara coldly while still aiming at kneeling maiden.


“…no…” panted now extremely pale and frightened asari, all courage left her body at the sight of the barrel and her employer indifferent expression. Blood still dripped from her mouth, she was clearly in pain. Liara gestured Heless’s companions to approach.


“Take Miss Vate to ambulatory and make sure she receives proper medical attention” ordered information broker. They nodded and did just that. Liara looked around, about half of her new employees had been witness to the entire ordeal.


“I am sorry for this display. However, I want you to understand something. I have no intention of establishing another mercenary company where a chance at promotion is equal to killing superior. What I need is a reliable militia that does not sabotage itself due to ambitions of some overly ambitious fools. Thanks to it you will not have to worry about backstabbing as well as be provided by me with much better terms of employment than other similar…companies” Liara paused and took a deep breath.


“In exchange, I demand discipline and obedience. Understandably some of you may not like this arrangement or for other reasons are unsatisfied with working in my employ. If so please file a complaint or resign, but displays similar to Miss Vate’s only prove stupidity. Now please return to your duties” finished Liara, last parts she spoke in a firm but much more amicable tone. Slowly crow began to thin as everything died down. Eristena walked to Liara.


“Let’s go,” said muscular asari with a weary voice.




Later both asari were passing empty hallway in the still undeveloped section of the facility.


“I’m sorry about that incident Liara. Heless Vate was one of recruit passed with hopes of curbing their temperament. I predicted that they would be troublesome, but not that moronic” apologized Eristena. Liara smiled sadly.


“It’s fine if we could predict everything we would need extra forces in the first place. I’m sure that you would have saved me if she had managed somehow to land hit on me” said ex-archaeologist with a hint of amusement. Commando looked at her.


“On another note, don’t you think that was a bit risky. You haven’t had decent sparring in months and Vate and her friends were surrounded by our people, not to mention…”


“Viteltina was aiming at her with a sniper rifle, I know. We could have them disabled or killed, almost immediately, but that’s not the kind of impression I hoped to go for. Hopefully that display will elevate me a bit in their opinion without making me look like a tyrant. I was lucky too, a fraction of second later and she would get first shot” explained Liara with a small grimace. At that moment she felt sluggish, much more than in previous engagements and ill-fitting outfit hadn’t been helping. This time Eristena gave her a sincere smile.


“If so, don’t you think you hit her a bit too strong? She had broken most of her ribs at least” noticed muscular asari. Liara grimaced slightly.


“I suppose it’s another proof that I am out of practice” admitted young doctor and wondered. Muscular asari chuckled.


I did prepare a strong attack to take her down immediately, but it should be nowhere that strong. I’ll have to make sure something like this does not repeat.


“I see. Well, we would be honoured to have you train with us” proclaimed commando, still smiling. Liara returned smile weakly.


“I would love to, truly. By the Goddess, it would be infinitely more pleasant than my current activities. Unfortunately, I simply don’t have not enough time for that. There is barely enough time to do some basic exercises at home” explained Liara with longing expression, she was absolutely truthful. Who would have thought that young doctor would miss it so much? Eristena only nodded.


“Of course, but the invitation is open if you change your mind,” said Eristena and stopped smiling.


“I know we were never particularly close, but you know you can count on me and my commands?” said head commando in a very serious tone. Lira looked at her and slowly nodded.


“Yes. Believe me if thought you could help me I would have told you” answered prothean expert honestly. Eristena flashed briefly a sad smile.


“Very well. What about our rebels?”




Liara’s apartment

Later that day


Nyxeris sighed heavily as she filled another platter with dumplings covered in thick gravy and fried meat bits. It was a hard day, with exciting moments. During the entire inspection, she was worried that discomfort caused by clothes would arouse suspicion in Liara. The Observer only recently had managed to replace that particular piece of clothing, but crating stretching fake of something, that was virtually extremely advanced light armour so the owner doesn’t realize is virtually impossible, she had to settle for a bigger copy of the original thing. However, measurement’s weren’t identical to that Liara grown into. What’s more young doctor seemed to be outgrowing her shoes as well. That was unexpected and cached The Observer by surprise.


There is little to no fat in the feet, they are probably the least affected by weight gain. Most likely Liara already wore quite tight ones and that slight increase was enough to make them uncomfortable. I’ll replace them, but I’ll have to be extra careful so she doesn’t realize they got bigger reasoned Nyxeris with chagrin.


Later it was that little fool Viteltina, who had dared to insult T’Soni heiress. Nyxeris had every intention of making sure she remembers just how big of a mistake she had made. What’s worse she had been poking at Liara’s weight which could plant seeds of suspicion in doctor’s mind. Fortunately, it seemed that Benezia’s daughter disregarded those along with other insults. Finally that muscle head, Eristena,


That brute is probably the only person in this part of the galaxy to hold that much of Liara trust. What’s worse I cannot get rid of her pondered Nyxeris with annoyance.


The head commando had clearly begun noticing changes to her employer figure and while she was silent so far, it was clear that brutish asari is closed to spilling the beans with every day. Damage control, in this case, will be hard. All of this was exhausting Shadow Broker’s operative and to that pile added an increasing amount of work they did with Liara in the office.


Nyxeris sighed and gently rubbed her head and looked at an enormous, steaming dish. That sight reminded her of her recent accomplishments and smile appeared The Observer face.


237,8 pounds thought Nyxeris with delight, about the latest measurement of her “employer”. Despite increased workload preventing her from closer monitoring Liaras’s consumption and hers adamant insistence on everyday exercises. Shadow Broker’s operative managed to put overall 40 pounds worth of fat on younger asari’s frame.


During their exercises and Liara’s travels to the bathroom, Nyxeris managed to observe young doctor progress. Overall adipose distributed quite evenly on Liara’s body, further increasing her curves. Her hips widened even further and formerly firm, muscular butt checks were now covered in soft layer and began to shake deliciously during more rapid moves. Doctor’s chest swelled as well, entering size unseen on any maiden, reserved only for older matrons and matriarchs.


In that area Liara is definitely starting to live up to Benezia’s legacy thought older asari with excitement at the memory of doctor mother appearance.


Liara’s limbs also became thicker, mostly her thighs, rift between them had shrunk considerably, but also her arms and calves. The pointless layer of hard muscles was being covered by pleasant adipose. Most notably her belly lost all visible traces of abs and started to crawl on her lap, with clear intention to catch up to breast. It was slowly taking shape of a beautiful sphere and started to hung over her lingerie. Considering doctor’s undergarment had been replaced by stretchy replacements it was even more impressive. Liara’s overall gain was becoming more obvious every day.



Nyxeris shook her head and lifted platter.


That’s not the time to daydream, while poor Liara starves thought The Observer with a wicked grin and went to Liara who was sitting by the table and devouring her fourth platter. 


Ex-archaeologist was eating with barely maintained composure, eager to devour as much of the fattening cuisine. Nyxeris bitted her lip as she observer her. Liara’s stomach looked positively pregnant, nearly completely overtaking her lap. It released sounds of intense work that increased with every breath. The blue sphere was almost bare, the shirt had ridden up as the meal progressed. It also showed an outline of Liara quite magnificent chest.


Nyxeris summoned a pleasant smile and replaced platters as soon as the previous one became empty. Liara nodded in appreciation and continued to shovel meal in her mouth. The Observer witnessed her “employer’s” chest movement during her enthusiastic consumption . Older asari took the empty dish and went to place it into the dishwasher. While she was still turned and checked the display on a small device and sighed in the head. Despite most enthusiastic “training” Liara’s stomach capacity was reaching safe limits.


Still, it’s progress. Liara manages now to easily eat what before I barely managed to shovel into her using drugs and hypnosis. That thought further increased her mood.


Nyxeris cleaned a bit and made some preparations. Older asari stopped when she head a small burp and sound of placing cutlery on an empty platter, Liara finished. The Observer turned to her and smiled, watching as ex-archaeologist slowly caressing her distended stomach. Nyxeris went to her and handed the equivalent of paper towel.


“Thank you Nyxeris. The meal was impeccable as always” said Liara and began to clean herself. 


“I’m glad. Is there is something else you want ma’am?” asked Nyxeris still smiling.


“urp…no, I don’t think I’ll need you before our exercises. I’ll go to my office and do some work” replied prothean expert and stood up quite easily despite her food baby, she had a lot of practice.


“Of course Liara” said Nyxeris and watched as Liara walked away. A hungry gleam appeared in her eyes as she observed younger asari’s generous lower backside. The Observer saw that that lowly bottom engulfed chairs more and more. How long it will be before a second one becomes a necessity. Liara was insistently training with her every day, but she had slowly begun to show first signs of fatigue during those.


Don’t worry Liara even when you will be barely able to move you’ll be in good hands, mine thought Nyxeris with pride and her smile shifted to a full smirk. Thanks to her efforts ex-archaeologist remained obvious to her state even when she was stuffed like now. Or perhaps young doctor had learned to accepted it?


She is finally showing some proper meat on her body and without signs of rejecting conditioning. Ultimately, everything else is a minor inconvenience, it won’t matter in a few months thought Nyxeris, satisfied with the current situation and got back to work. Still something in Liara’s changing appearance was ringing alarm bells in the corner of her mind, but she could not put her finger of it. Eh… It was probably nothing


Suddenly, from corners of Nyxeris’s mind come, memory of an ancient human holo-…no… internet sites she had come across during her …ahem…research on a newly discovered species. Her smile become more sincere.


No, Liara would not pass The Wall Test right now. Her gain is too even, but she does fill up nicely. In few weeks’ time however…



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Chapter 15: The New Routine



Two Months Later, Tuesday

Liara’s apartment

02:00 a.m.






Liara’s eyelids twitched but remained firmly shut.




Once again doctor’s eyes remained shut, but she was becoming aware of reality. Most notably of her stomach trying to digest itself.




Young asari turned to another side, a soft, fat pillow that her tummy had become and her sizable bust shifted along, but after a few seconds, her eyes opened into slits. It took her another pause to fully become aware of her situation. As soon as she did a grimace appeared on her face. Liara’s tummy was hungry.


Excruciatingly slowly she sat on the bed and after a few deep breaths she stood up. Without putting on slippers Liara quietly made her way downstairs, the entire way she held to the railing or other pieces of furniture. Only a small fraction of the doctor’s mind was awake, she was mostly guided by the newly honed instincts that guided her to destination.


At long last Liara arrived where she wanted to, in the kitchen specifically, right before the refrigerator. The late hour was no problem for her at the current level of consciousness. Liara is hungry, therefore Liara shall eat.


The doctor opened both doors of the device and was blinded by a light from inside. When her eyes adapted to cold glow, tightly packed insides were revealed to the sleepy asari. There was barely any free room inside, most foods were already packed neatly in containers, there were other dishes to be cooked as well as various ingredients.

However, Liara’s sight stopped at container full of chocolate muffins, about 16, fist-sized treats. From their tops slicked parts of chocolate, further adding allure to purplish-brown pastry.

Starved asari took first one and crammed into her mouth, her maw bit off a third of large treat. It tasted divine, but the taste was a secondary matter, Liara needed to soothe her ravenous stomach as soon as possible. She ate voraciously, large bites trawling to pit located in doctor’s midriff. Crumbs were flying in various directions and smears of molten chocolate on Liara’s face, but almost everything founds its way between plump, blue lips. Ex-archaeologist wasn’t going to waste anything in face of such hunger.


After several minutes the last muffin disappeared in asari’s mouth leaving her thirsty. Liara took the nearest container, took off the lid and put to her lips. Inside was thick, sweet substance, unrecognisable to her still sleeping mind. Still, about half litre of it was perfect to wash down previous “meal”. The doctor closed the refrigerator without bothering about dirty dishes and headed towards stairs. Now that gluttonous beast located in Liara’s middle was somewhat sated, sleepiness attacked her with full force.


Stumbling Liara made her way to the bedroom, stopping only to clumsily grab a paper towel and wipe herself equally ineptly. Walk downstairs was much more of a challenge than before, her new “cargo” weighted her down, but Liara managed this feat. At last, she landed heavily on the bed and covered herself. Sleep claimed asari momentarily.


Liara’s face still had few smears of chocolate and a few crumbs could be found on her pyjamas. Her fingers were clean, she had licked them clean. Meanwhile, her soft stomach began to digest it’s the latest snack. Amount of food inside was enough to prevent it from complaining, yet her stomach was eager for more.


It was doubtful Liara would remember her nightly snacking.


She hadn’t before.




07:00 a.m.


Liara awoke to the sound of her clock’s alarm. She rubbed her eyes and disabled source of the infernal noise. After several seconds, when young asari became coherent she sat on her bed, stretched and began to check her security check. As soon as ex-archaeologist made sure that everything was in order she started to dress. The doctor had some trouble putting on her dress, but when she managed to, it fitted almost as well(tightly) as always.


Why does our species is so insistent on wearing skin-tight and revealing clothes pondered Liara with annoyance and reminded herself of human clothes she had sometimes worn aboard Normandy instead of her jumpsuit. Then a wonderful smell reached doctor’s nose and her belly released a loud, hungry rumble. It was, the ever-reliable Nyxeris, preparing breakfast.


Liara hastily made her way downstairs, ignoring jiggles of her body and brushing of her thighs. In the kitchen, her assistant was standing next to the crackling pan and few platters a bit farther away. Liara put on her “professional” smile.


“Good morning Nyxeris” ex-archaeologist greeted her assistant. Older asari turned around and smiled as well.


“Ma’am,” said Nyxeris and nodded “I’m just finishing making breakfast. Please sit down, it will take just a minute” with she turned back to stove. 


Liara followed the advice and sat down in her usual place. The chair groaned slightly as her weight entered it, but it was too quiet to be heard by either of them, Liara did always picked a good quality, durable furniture. Indeed after a minute, a steaming pile of fired thessian eggs and strips of meat appeared before starved doctor. Similar platter placed Nyxeris before herself, however, it was much… emptier.


“Please enjoy,” said assistant and grabbed cutlery. Liara only nodded and wasting no time and dig in. Quickly her ravenous stomach bean to be filled with food. Doctor ate quickly, but maintained perfect composure, even though her focus was solely on the process of consumption. It took her several quick minutes to finish but platter was immediately replaced with another one, small sausages covered in white gravy. Liara didn’t bother stopping, only automatically began to cut them and gorge. Meanwhile, Nyxeris returned to slowly eat her own meal, her expression serene.


Every morsel going down her gullet brought ecstasy and release from hunger, the first platter only partially sated her. Not surprisingly then that sausages quickly fall victim to Liara’s eager maw. Like always the moment last bit passed her gullet a new portion appeared before her. A big bowl of creamy, spicy smelling stew, Liara's smile widened slightly, she liked those. Ex-archaeologist grabbed a spoon and began to paddle liquid with it. As stew filled her belly, Liara reached a point where any other asari would finish due to fullness. For her, it was the moment where hunger was replaced with partial fulfilment and pleasant warmth inside her, but the furious desire for more, gluttony remained.


Liara continued as the liquid began to distend her midriff, after all, it was a usual occurrence nothing to worry about. When the bowl was mostly empty, she grabbed it with her hand and put to her lips. Then, with help of the spoon, she poured the remaining food into herself. Last droplets of liquid disappeared between her lips she put the container down and cleaned herself.


During her meal, her assistant put a big cup of a coffee next to her. Liara nodded with appreciation towards older asari and went to her desk. Like always they dealt with paperwork and initial orders in the apartment for an hour or two. It was much more pleasant and Nyxeris was already here to help, they had prepared a temporary desk for her in the livingroom.


Liara took sips of dark liquid and Nyxeris continued with house chores. Time to get to work.




Liara’s office

11:18 a.m.


Liara sighed after she finished holoconference with one of her clients, a pretentious turian, who somehow combined attitude of a spoiled brat with a truly stereotypical militaristic inflexibility.


He is far from the most demanding client, but by the Goddess, is he tiring. thought doctor with relief and checked the hour. A smile appeared on her face, it was time for the second meal and she had enough time for it before the next meeting. Liara leaned to retrieve boxes. Her tummy proved to be an obstacle but she managed and unwrapped her meal. Like all meals she ate in office it was smaller than those Nyxeris served when they were home. A mere three platters and a dessert.

Firstly a pile of grilled, poultry fillets covered in herbal oil. The young asari quickly began to cut and eat a slice of reheated meat. After a few minutes, the entire dish was packed in Liara’s soft belly, but the organ was far from sated. The second dish, pasta mixed with small pieces of meat, white cheese and strands of purple herb similar in taste to Earth’s spinach. Without pausing Liara started to gobble food before her, she found the texture a bit unpleasant, but beyond that, a spicy-salty mix was quite delicious. Quickly the last portion went down gluttonous asari gullet and she immediately attacked the third platter. On it were several smoked, Thessian’s fish and few bread rolls. Poor aquatic dwellers soon were victims of Liara’s eager maw.




Liara looked around and confirmed, with small pang od disappointment, that entire contents of three platters was packed in her distended midriff as evident by sounds of digestions that rumbled under soft layer. She wiped remains of her meal and opened pitcher with tea to wash down food. Large gulps of herbal liquid ran down her throat further filling her belly. When a young doctor was done she shifted her attention to the container with dessert. Ex-archaeologist opened it and felt as her mouth was filled with saliva at the sight before her. Inside was several round pastries swimming in black liquid.


Liara cut one in half and noticed that it contained a whipped cream inside. She tasted chocolate dripping treat.




Liara closed her eyes as she chowed sweet mass inside her mouth. The pastry was fluffy and sweet, cram delicious and the chocolate sauce, with a barely noticeable hint of liquor, was pure poesy. The young doctor began inhaling desert with renewed energy even as small droplets of chocolate escaped corners of her lips. When pastries ran out she put the container to her mouth and with help of spoon doctor poured remaining liquid inside. When last droplets dispersed, Liara cleaned herself and her desk. Finally, she leaned back, resting, her office’s silence interrupted only by sounds of her belly’s hard work.


I wonder what’s for lunch



02:49 p.m.

Liara’s office


Liara’s frown deepened as she sent a new set of orders to Eristena. One of her clients was refusing to pay her because she had proved his business partner had been honest instead of scamming him as he had suspected. Ex-archaeologist disliked similar method, but she had a reputation to maintain and services weren’t free. Besides Liara kept her end of the bargain, she could, of course, provide blackmail material, but it wasn’t what was requested of her.


At least it will be an opportunity to further test some of the recruits thought young asari with resignation, she opened a new report...




of course, there still remained the original reason for her sour mood. Liara sighed and checked time.


A few minutes early won’t make a difference young doctor excused herself and retrieved the second set of containers. First a spicy, creamy soup in a large sealed bowl, second a platter full of breaded chops with fried vegetables, finally a large container with casserole composed of ground meat, molten cheese and a sauce. Of course, it was accompanied by a smaller container filled with, most likely, a dessert, but Liara left it for now.


Young doctor unconsciously licked her lips and began reheating her meal. She grabbed a spoon and began to quickly paddle with it, filling her doughy belly with tick liquid, met bits and pasta from the blow, its level was hastily dropping with every second. In the end, as usual, Liara put the bowl to her lips, tilted it and with help of utensil poured remains of its contents into her eager mouth and the last of a spicy soup found its way to the gluttonous organ.


The doctor wiped droplets of meal from her face and promptly attacked the second dish. Slices of meat, joined by few vegetables were systematically disappearing between ex-archaeologist tireless jaws. Ultimately the second portion quickly fell victim to asari’s appetite, pieces of meat joined soup in Liara’s midriff.


Young doctor only put the empty container away, her attention already shifting to the third course. Large, visible loads of a heavy cheese/meat mix sided down her gullet. With every portion swallowed, fabric on her midriff stretched further, making a place for distending abdomen. Finally, the last course was finished and Liara's already bulbous, fat stomach expanded visibly.


However, Liara was blind to those trifle aspects of her, besides she still had more to consume. The doctor cleaned herself and with barely contained anticipation opened the final container. She was not disappointed it was filled to brim with crumbly, sugary, square cookies. Ex-archaeologist smiled, poured some tea and started to munch on sweet treats.


Hmm... I finally broke this seat in, it appears to be much more comfortable now than when I started to use it mused Liara as she chowed with content. She did not register small folds of flesh that formed above the chair back or extra cushioning provided by her buttocks. Then again they paled in comparison to fat spheres before her and those too remained to be ignored.


The young doctor sighed and started typing on the console with one hand. Eating cookies was not so hard to excuse not working, she could do both.




07:06 p.m.


Liara rubbed her eyes, after a few meetings, hours of filtering data and sending orders she felt weary. The only upside was that she was currently dealing with the more mundane aspect of paperwork. Reports on hiring, development of new facilities, more pressing administrate issues and so on.


The young doctor was mechanically continuing her task when one of the petitions drew her attention and, after reading it, she clenched her teeth ever so slightly. One of their new office worker, an asari, found out about her pregnancy and pleaded for maternity leave in spite of her extremely short employment.


Due to her occupation, Liara had very little to do with children or pregnant mothers. Of course, she did catch sight of either, every now and then. However during last weeks doctor felt jolts of jealou-/ longi-/ desir-... annoyance , yes it was(not) an annoyance, when she saw one of those two.


Liara shook her head, it was nothing. It’s not like she had been wondering how she could child-proof her apartment or if she should buy bigger one just in case or how many little, blue Shepards she could carry in her womb at once. Why didn’t she have one already?! And all those smug mothers rubbing it in her face…


Focus Liara


Why did she get it? Similar decisions Liara left to direct superiors of the employee in question. 




There was a note at the end – they wanted an official policy in cases like that. Understandable as it was a delicate matter and was likely to appear again in the future. The doctor thought for a while and carefully crafted a reply.


After she completed the document, Liara winced a little, if she could doctor would support all in need, but in the grand scheme of thing, it was, unfortunately, unrealistic and a short term solution. Ex-archaeologist put on a hard facquade, but her employees had probably the best situation, compared to their counterparts in entire Nos Astra, if not Illium.


Liara sends the message and noticed an hour.


Perhaps a meal will lift my mood a little


Once again young doctor triumphed over constraining clothes as well as the strange heaviness of her front and unravelled another set of containers. First, a platter full of some sort oval cutlets, second a roasted pieces of poultry native to Thessia, covered in herbal oil and, at the end, a generous portion of, already familiar, noodles with pork scratching. Final, smaller container Liara left for now, especially as unlike previous ones it was thermally isolated.


The young doctor prepared everything and dig into food with gusto. With delight, Liara discovered that cutlets were full of molten cheese in a meaty shell. Liara was quickly slicing and delivering pieces into her awaiting mouth, even as greasy filling dripped on her face. Unsurprisingly the first course proved to be no match for voracious asari and soon meat-cheese mix filled doctor belly. Well not filled as it was but a dent to her stomach capacity.


Ex-archeologist looked at aromatic, roasted parts of a bird before her and then back at the cutlery in her hands. She sighed and abandoned those, outside official parties nobody used them in those cases. Liara took the first piece into her hand, it was hot but fortunately not enough to burn her, and began to strip flesh from bones. For a few following minutes office was filled with the sound of eating and the occasional cracking of stray bone being broken by the doctor’s powerful jaw. Ultimately all that remained was bare, clean bones with few marks of teeth. Liara licked juices from her fingers and cleaned herself in a more conventional manner.


Her belly already become tauter and Liara reached the state where she was feeling somewhat sates, which anyone else would consider to be stuffed to the brim. However young asari merely cleaned a bit and proceeded to the last course.


With the help of a large spoon, she was shovelling large portions of meat and fat covered noodles between her lips. With every mouthful running down to her stomach her belly inflated more. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and so did Liara’s meal. But now come awaited moment of opening the final container. A wave of cold hit asari face, insides of the isolated container was filled to the brim with ice-cram with richly added cookie parts and covered in yellow sauce.


As the first spoonful reached her mouth, Liara barely constrained a moan. The gooey, sweet treat was delicious and doctor promptly began to consume the frosty substance. She ate quickly, barely slow enough to prevent brain freeze. A sweet mix was sliding down her gullet, bringing young asari near orgasmic pleasure. However at some point soon provided no more of heavenly substance and Liara looked at the container with disdain, it was empty.


Ex-archaeologist sighed with resignation and cleaned herself as well as her surroundings. She continued to ignore strange tugging of her clothes, difficulty in bending down as well as sounds from her midriff. The doctor was too preoccupied with her tasks and pleasant feeling in her middle.




Liara’s apartment

10:36 p.m.


Liara panted as she sat on the couch, wearing only shorts and a sport’s bra while her sweat was dripping from her. Next to her sat her assistant with a face almost as purple as her, breathing just a little lighter than her “superior”, while trying and failing to appear composed.


Two asaris just finished their everyday workout routine and was tired after a period of heightened physical activity, the feeling increased by many hours of intense office work.

“Ahem… ma’am, how about you take a quick shower while I begin preparing food and switch with you when you finish?” asked Nyxeris trying to slow down her breath. Young doctor nodded and headed to the bathroom.


The Observer kept her sight on Liara and bit her lip almost hard enough to draw blood. While her painting was mainly caused by exercise it was increased by the magnificent as well as excruciating spectacle Nyxeris had witnessed.


During the last two months, Liara positively blossomed, what was once a modest pouch had evolved into a round, taut pillow of adipose that hanged out several inches outward. Her already generous butt became a pair of wobbling, almost football-sized orbs, that accompanied wide, childbearing hips. All of this was supported by a pair of wide, constantly touching, thighs. Good doctor’s arms showed visible signs of developing bingo wings and…


…by the Goddess those tits


Truly, T’Soni heiress was sporting chest of magnitude only a few matrons have developed, even though it was being slowly being surpassed in length by her gut. Surprisingly enough those luscious mounds lost very little of their perkiness considering their growth, almost as if they were not inflated by pounds of fat.


Then again it’s the first time I managed to make another asari this fat, human females were easier


All of this shook, jiggled with movement especially during exercises, where Liara was wearing only skimpy workout clothes allowing Nyxeris to witness all of her glorious flesh. Thanks asari physiology and treatments provided by Nyxeris her body remained smooth and folds-free, save for few dimples. Those workout sessions had started to shift from purely physical exercise to exercise of restrain to not react to that alluring, plentiful body.


With titanic effort, Nyxeris managed to compose herself and wiped a little bit of drool from her face. Many things could be said about The Observer and her… unique set of (non-existent)morals, but she never took advantage of somebody else in that particular area. She would drug, manipulate, kill and fatten - yes, sexual harassment – no.


The assistant wiped up her sweat and headed to the kitchen, she had to prepare a proper meal for her “employer”. As Nyxeris was preparing fresh batches of food she continued to ponder on recent developments.


319,7 pounds such beautiful, round number. Still, things are not proceeding quite like I hoped pondered older asari while frying meat.


While Liara’s appetite was undeniable, save for rare instances of extreme tiredness/semi-consciousness, she had continued to stick to “feeding” hours without snacking of her own. While exercises were clearly causing more and more problems doctor stubbornly insisted on them despite her assistant subtle attempts to dissuade her, not even agreeing to limit them to Nyxeris’s original set.


If I could only hook her up to funnel for a few days, all those thoughts of those silly exercises would quickly leave her head daydreamed The Observer as she mixed ingredients.


Those pointless workouts are a pain in my ass. Speaking of… 


The Observer slapped her buttock and received a quite loud reply. Despite her trying to be careful, she was not able to save herself from some of the side-effects. Right now, she was above 180 pounds, but unlike Liara, she had not had the benefit of having her original weight increased by multiple stones worth of hard, athletic muscles. No, in this case, all those 50+ pounds were adipose, which besides turning her belly a visible punch seemed to focus on her bottom and legs, giving her a pear shape.


Oh… it’s not like she minded it, even though Nyxeris considered herself to be one who fattens others, not herself and all that adipose was already making her exercises more draining. However, her actions managed to make Liara ignore changes of her own body, but remained as observant of her surroundings as ever, at least when she was not gorging. While it was doubtful Liara would prosecute her for it, that may tip her off, seeing as they are supposed to eat and exercise in identical amounts every day. Even nowadays, in bouts of focus, the young doctor was checking if her assistant ate the first bite first and checked her during meals, which was one of the reasons for her situation.


Also, Nyxeris did dose herself with antidotes to various drugs and, if possible, prepared separate portions for herself, but no remedy is perfect nor could save her from high levels of calories in every meal. Obviously, she had personally made sure everything was delicious and Nyxeris did not have a habit of denying herself if it was not necessary. However Nyxeris could not allow herself to become a liability to the operation, The Shadow Broker cut down those.


Not to mention she was already quite taller than me. Those pounds show much more visibly on my ass than hers thought The Observer as she put food on a platter and grimaced.


Exactly she was taller, now she is gigantic


That was biggest conundrum The Observer was facing, the change in Liara she had not been able to recognize before. The young doctor who had been already tall, even by asari standards, at a firm 5 feet’s, 8 inches compared to Nyxeris’s average 5’5”, had recently a growth spurt. According to remote measurements, The Observer had done, Liara was currently standing at little above 5’10” and still growing. That change explained the unexpected increase in her foot size, as far as older asari could tell, given doctor gain, doctor entire body grew relatively proportionally. It forced Nyxeris to replace almost all doctor’s clothing which suddenly had become too short. However, it was not the problem, especially as everything was already leading to this, after all, the fabric cannot stretch infinitely and Liara, had more problems putting them on with every day.


But what caused this transformation?! Was it drugs doctor had been eating, but most of them were already tested and nothing similar happened. Some sort of allergic reaction? But there was nothing that could cause such change. Perhaps, it was caused by weight gain itself. Who knows, there was no modern recordings of asari approaching similar weight, especially medical ones.


Hopefully, Nyxeris’s… newly employed control group will provide her with answers. So far there are no signs of illness and Liara remained ignorant of her increased height along with her new weight and The Observer had every intention of making sure it remains so.


She was putting a platter on the table when bathroom doors were heard and a few seconds later Liara came into view. The young doctor was wearing her casual clothing – a clearly human-based shirt and loose pants. However even it that outfit Nyxeris could occasionally observe rippling of Liara’s flesh as well as the hypnotic movement of her breasts.


The Observer managed to compose herself and gestured towards the full table, which was unnecessary as taller asari was already heading straight to it. They exchanged typical pleasantries, although Liara’s mind was clearly focused on platters before her, and Nyxeris went to the bathroom. She had left her superior with 3 platters full of food, that should provide her enough time for a quick shower.


Those portions were merely a beginning. It was the end of the day, unlike previous meals when Liara needed to be somewhat presentable and return to work with a clear head. But now it was time to truly fill that belly of her's, to stretch its limit. With some words and help of “medicaments” make that organ ready for even more food next days and shove as much fat as possible into Liara widening body.


When The Observer returned to the kitchen, the young doctor was the halfway third platter. Liara clearly was already entering her usual trance, her shirt was being covered in first smears of food. A smile slowly appeared on older asari face, she went to the counter and brought another dish for her “patient” as well a plate for herself.


Nyxeris ate slowly, observing the doctor from the corner of her eyes. She kept walking beeline to the counter, from which assistant brought a stream of delicious food. As Liara was falling deeper into feeding frenzy The Observer began subtly repeat programming, encouraging her to eat as much as possible and beyond, to disregard changes of her statue.


Meanwhile, tall asari kept consuming with fervour but managed to maintain just enough composure to still be using cutlery. With every fast movement of her arms and strong jaws, crumbles flew as well as droplets of juices were falling down, often being stopped on her sizable chest, which shook mesmerizingly. Liara’s belly, as it was being filled with fatty substances, shifted from smooth and soft sphere to taut ball and began expanding forward through the crack between trousers and shirt. As the doctor was inhaling food it grew, front and navel of the organ finally disappeared under the table and kept going further.


Nyxeris was observing her “employer” with a wide smile, still attending to her, but started to discreetly check readings from implants under Liara’s skin. Younger asari was slightly slowing down, not because lacking appetite, but doctor’s arms were getting tired due to their heavy labour. Obviously, older asari would leave her “patient” to starve, so she helped her deliver fresh portions to doctor’s eager mouth, even as her midriff gurgled and cracked.


However, Liara’s immense stomach reached the point where it was a megaton bomb, ready to burst. Readings indicated that a mix of caloric filled food had stretched skin and fatty tissue to absolute limits, well almost. Nyxeris brought a large jug, the liquid inside had a faint taste of chocolate, but it was a sophisticated weight-gain shake. The Observer started to pour substance between dark blue lips of ex-archaeologist.


Despite midriff’s sounds of protests, older asari were tilting jug with sweet miasma, recipient’s arms were hanging uselessly on her sides, letting her assistant take charge. Obscene sounds were escaping depths of Liara’s throat, her furious stomach kept gurgling, but at long last the jug was empty.


Nyxeris put down the jug an, with a smile, absorbed sight before her: a fat, but beautiful, young asari with the extremely well-endowed chest. Her face and shirt were covered in grease and bits of food, top of char under her swallowed by a meaty bottom. And finally, the cherry on the top – this absurdly distended belly, that completely covered doctor’s thighs and ventured far under table. As far as Nyxeris could tell no pregnant asari in recent history could pride herself on such a magnificent, gargantuan stomach.


Older asari prepared paper towels before the stuffed doctor and began cleaning. On another note she was quite full herself, having been nibbling on various dishes during feeding. However, Nyxeris had been too preoccupied take note of either of those facts. She was cleaning the kitchen when quiet groans and sound of a towel being torn reached her. Liara was becoming more coherent and cleaning herself. The assistant checked an hour on her omnitool, smiled and went to her “employer”.


“Ma’am, it’s still quite early, perhaps you would like a massage?” asked older asari pleasantly. The doctor blinked a few times, opened her mouth and…




A deep sound emerged from a young doctor mouth and filled the apartment. She put a fist to her face and coughed, trying, somewhat, to compose herself.


“Akem… if you don't mind. I’m afraid ate a little too much” said Liara, appearing much more conscious than just a while ago. Nyxeris smile widened and extended her hand to the doctor.


“Nonsense, ma’am. I assure you didn’t eat any more than strictly necessary. Let us go” replied The Observer in a voice so convincing, The Adversary herself would be jealous of. Liara twisted so she sat sideways to the table, fully exposing her enormous, blue balloon of a stomach. She put one hand on the pice of furniture, the second one Liara gave to Nyxeris and stood up.




Older asari barely succeeded in suppressing a wince. Doctor’s weight reached and likely surpassed 350 pounds, being jolted even by a fraction of it, for somebody who was anything, but a paragon of physical strength was not pleasant. Liara stood up and the assistant was reminded of her amazon-like stature as she towered over her. Hand to hand they started the trek to the ex-archaeologist bedroom. While helping to support her “employer's” incredible bulk, Nyxeris mused about recent developments.


She is getting wider much faster than taller, so is her dependency and trust in me. Liara’s goes to the office only when she has “official” meetings, but spends there less time every day, doing most work at home. Sits on her fat ass, meanwhile sending me to issues that need “direct" approach. Good, very good thought The Observer with content as she fought strain from appearing on her face. Helping Liara waddle upstairs was no easy task. Yet, Shadow Broker’s operative’s mood was better than ever as she observed wobbling figure next to her.


I am going to serve you on every step of the way Liara, you only sit and eat. It’s better to get used to it now, than when you are less… mobile

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