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Break down your most desireable body

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How would you break down the body that you're most attracted to? I'm interested to see how people's preferences vary around here. Feel free to describe your current partner. Below I describe what's basically my partner, but she has less stomach.


Gender: Cisfemale

Height: 5'2" to 5'7". A little shorter is okay, but I like a long torso. Taller girls tend to have too large of a bone structure.

Shoulders: Narrow

Chest: Boobs that look too big for the girl's frame but not massive. DD cup or slightly bigger.

Waist: Curves in a little at the sides with a soft, squishy belly that bulges out in front as much as it can without hanging down at all. A deep belly button. No back fat rolls is ideal, but I don't mind a little.

Hips and Butt: Wide hips but a fairly flat butt.

Arms: Not too slim or fat. Soft with no muscle tone, but not flabby.

Legs: Slim to slightly thick, not tree trunks.

Skin tone: Very pale and creamy. I want to be blinded by the light shining off a round, white belly.

Hair: Waist-length, straight or wavy, preferably blonde (but any natural color).

Eye color: No preference

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let's do this

Gender: female

Shoulders: usually narrow, a big back is not something i Cherish in a lady but i can appreciate a strong back if the figure holds it 

Chest: boobs are a mandatory for sure. ladies discuss some advantages for them in dressing when they have almost no boobs but i just do not understand the pro of that. so some boobs is ok, preferable rounded ones, not dropping like tears and not necessarily massive, and i will tell you why, usually massive boobs comes with no ass...

Waist: on this one... the hanging is not very sexy indeed. i prefer a ** belly. not a lot of hanging. soft. if it can show a bit of cellulite it is a plus. and some waist to it, to have some side rolls and love handles which are a beautiful thing to enjoy

Hips: here is there must be some magic. wide. big ass. cellulite. curvaceous is made here if you ask me. 

Legs: cellulite. fatness. a wonder to behold and grab. 

Skin tone: white or light dark

Hair: all is ok, super curly usually is a bit complicated but i understand it is more complicated for the lady so i am ok ill go with the flow on this one 

Eye color: green or blue ideally but it is the combination. there are marvelous combination of brown eyes black skin black hair or light brown and else. 

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Sex: female.

Shoulders: I cannot recall having ever frequented a woman with sloping shoulders (and it would likely never happen. I had a semi-preconscious bias against this detail that has been ingrained into my mind due to my upbringing) .

Chest: Never has been a preferential priority. A fewer of my past frequentations had barely anything worth filling a 32A bra and an another one went down from a set of generous D+ cupped breasts to a 34B-cupped bust twice during our years spent frequenting each other.

I can although admit than given my self-realization about the fact the extended range bust size within my register of past relations hovers someplace between an almost flat-chested AA-cupped bee stings... and a set of whooping, fertile G-cupped blimpers and had woo-ed or being fawned myself by heavier-set women, you can tell my preconscious average preferabilities in matter of bust size is heading favorably into fairly big country.

Waist: It doesn't matter to me. And given how exhaustively diverse are the type of women I frequented, no one can tell as well, especially when the thinnest ones I'd ever met had defined waist shapes ranging between 21" to 27" while the biggest ones had none/no longer had any waist at all and would likely found their bare lower bellies poke out and hang down from the hem of my fit-fitting Medium-Large sized hoodies. 

And oh, the biggest-bellied woman I ever courted was about as big as this woman below:


Hips: the wider/bigger, the better. Altough it sometimes occured I frequent thinner straight-figured or epicene women, even a severely underweight one once. 

But again, you know how vaguely looked the biggest woman I ever hooked on, then likely read way too many times that one day my ex-feedee-slash-ex-familiar-slash-"friend"with-benefits-slash-ambiguous-ex-girlfriend once nearly get stuck into a turnstile, following an episodic massive bulking in flesh...

Legs: Not really a priority of mine but preferably stalking (of any short woman I ever hooked up, only one looked rather stubby-legged) and ranging from sylphlike to anything bigger. Cellulite skin, cheese cake legs, ride breeches and nonexistent thigh gaps doesn't bother me at all.

Once again, you know how looked the biggest woman I ever approached.

Skin tone: In one decade or more, I've practically ventured myself alongside girls of most any cultural background, color, faith and native tongue hailing back from more of a dozen or two different ethnicities and nationalities all over the globe.

But within the passing years, I noted my preferences have progressively shifted from a hazy mahogany to now settle down into any region past below 50th meridian North to the Cape and from Cape Verde to the westerly coasts of the Bengal Gulf-- preferably nowhere too far from beyond the Tropic of Cancer to the 16th parallel South and beyond the 12th meridian West to Cape Hafun, with only Southern Europe, France, the Levant and to a lesser extent the Western Sudan region for defined buffer zones.

Varieties in phenotypes, complexions, ethnicities and cultural regions still prevails, but you get a somehow wider idea about my narrower range of preferabilities in that matter. Although, I'm not despising other ethnicities who hails from beyond that encompassing zone for either.

Hair: It doesn't really matter to me. Be clean, that's all.

Eye color: is that a thing???

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This is gonna be tricky, because 1) I'm just happy when a girl spends time around me, and 2) I'm genuinely attracted to weight gain, so you could say I'm telling the truth when I say I don't have a favourite "body type" 🤣

Gender: Girl!

Shoulders: Strong and firm, arms plumping over time.

Chest: Boobs don't matter so much, but they're nice to hold on to, especially if they get bigger 😗

Waist: Abs are a turn-on, but so is a belly-pooch. Both are fun to massage.

Hips: Wider than the waist, I hope.

Legs: Thicc legs of all shapes are fun for several reasons. Also, if the ass sticks out but the legs are twigs, that's super suspicious. Every ass deserves two legs thicc enough to support it 🥰🍑

Skin tone: Anchorman Will Ferrell Black GIF (plz lord 🙏)

Hair: Cornrows, dreads, Senegalese Twists, and braids plz. Oh! And also those little metal clasps that girls put on their braids.

Eye color: Do yellow pupils exist? I'd love to meet someone with yellow eyes.

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Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian, middle easten, asian, latina

About 5'3, but no taller. Shorter, even better. Makes the fat look fatter. :)

Definitely over 200 pounds, preferably at least 225, with room to grow.

Tiny upper back

Hair: Any color as long as it's thick and flowing. Had one GF with stringy, llmp, straight hair. Long, full, thick hair is such a turn-on. I have one Snapchat buddy at the moment who sends me pics of her oversized ass, and I can see her red hair down near the shelf, long and luscious. 

Long, heavy, overripe breasts connecting with thick rolls of back fat. 38Ds, fine. Not too overly concerned with breast size, actually. Nice nipples, please!

Arms filled with blobby, flaccid fat that folds over at the elbows. Wave, sweetie! :)

Hanging double belly, zero tone.

Full, ripe, round, soft-as-butter FUPA  that likes to be squeezed, mashed, played with, licked, adored

Wide load in back - fat ass, and "saddlebags." Jiggly beyond the ridiculous, boing boing boing.

Chubby, chunky thighs, flabby-flabby

Nice helping of cellulite all over everything

Loves to fuck.




That'll do it!

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Gender: Female

Height: About 5’3”, weight about 150 lbs

Shoulders: Narrow

Chest: Perky B cup is preferable

Waist: Not too much back fat or side fat. Chubby belly button area. Lower belly pooch. Squishy “abs”

Hips and Butt: Average hip size. Cellulite clad bubble-butt

Arms: Not big but round and squishy with no muscle tone

Legs: Well shaped but soft, not exactly muscular. Thick thighs with cellulite

Skin tone: Tanned.

Hair: Over shoulders. Any natural color

Eye color: Any

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Gender: Female

Height: Probably around 5’6” to 5’8”

Weight: 550 lb

Shoulders: No preference 

Chest: Large breasts; definitely like a DD or a little bigger

Waist: Large belly hanging to her upper thighs, deep bellybutton, and some back rolls

Butt and hips: Large and wide with a round butt. Definitely large enough that going through doors is a squeeze. Plenty of cellulite, too. 

Arms: Very fat. I don’t have a good comparison but they’d fit how far the rest of her is. 

Legs: Also huge. The thighs are particularly fat. Pants they’d wear would have enough room for a skinny person to fit two legs in. 

No preference on the rest. I guess other things, sizable double chin and a lot of confidence. 

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OP: Yes to lots of confidence. My last GF was a virgin at age 26 but you'd never know it once we went to bed, there was zero ramp-up time and she fucked like a bunny! Also wore fatkinis to the beach, and walked around the house with all 304 pounds hanging everywhere. Made her breakfast and she sat there on the couch eating, the bowl rested on her 61-inch belly. My kind of lady!!!!

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3 minutes ago, chubbybutt22 said:

Interesting that no one mentioned stretch marks. 

Dang, I was too focused on proportions I forgot about stretch marks. I feel like mine would definitely have them especially on the belly but also in a few places though with not as much and a bit more subtle. Girl I’m dating right now has some on her leg on the back of her knee and I think it’s super hot that she’s so fat she has them there, too. 

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I'm attracted to girls of all sizes, but I'm gonna focus on my ideal body for a 300-400 pound girl. I find that I'm mainly just attracted to girls with fairly big tits and even bigger asses at low weights, and at 450+ lbs, there are too many different ways a body can be shaped for me to break down a single ideal body.  With that being said, here goes:

Gender: Cisfemale

Weight: 325-400 lbs

Height: 5'2"-5'7"

Overall shape: hourglass, large thighs, calves, and butt, big but not especially wide belly, and chest bigger than the skinniest, upper part of the belly. 

Shoulders: Wide enough to look proportional but not too wide as to look masculine

Chest: Very round and plump. Should seem to be big boobs for somebody of her size, but not a dominating feature. Maybe DD cup with a large band size to match her weight.

Belly: Big, round, and almost spherical. Enough visceral fat to form and keep the big round ** belly shape and to give a bit of a firm feel in the upper belly, but enough subcutaneous fat to make it soft, especially in the lower belly. No rolls except for a back/side roll or two on each side when leaning or sitting down. 

Hips and Butt: Wide, but not too much wider than the rest of the body, protruding, and big. Should look rounded like a massively oversized bubble butt as opposed to more squared like some BBW models look

Arms: Chunky and very plump. Some hanging fat in the upper arms, but mostly just very tight fat giving an overfilled look and feel throughout the upper arms. 

Legs: Very thick in both the calves and thighs, but both taper down to give more of a big but athletic look rather than a tree trunk look. 

Hair: Dirty blonde/golden blonde hair (i.e. not platinum blonde) or brunette hair, straight or a bit wavy if blonde and down to the mid-upper back. 

Skin tone: If blonde, a bit tan but mostly just creamy and pale, especially in the belly. If brunette, a bit tan, but more of a natural slight tan look than a spray tan/artificial tan look.

Eye color: Blue eyes if blonde, brown or blue eyes if brunette

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I work in design and am slightly 'on the spectrum' so I certainly have a very specific 'type'.   I've certainly fancied and even loved girls who didn't perfectly match this 'type' but I'm always liable to have a wandering eye / cheat if the girl I'm with isn't exactly "THIS". 

I don't even consider that a douxhe thing to say either as it's not like my 'type' is ridiculously unobtainable.   I don't have particularly high standards... only SPECIFIC ones. 


Height 5ft-5ft3. 

Weight range (at this height) 140-170. 

White.   Irish/celtic blurring into Anglo saxon. 

Belly 38-42 inch range 

Definite belly type as 'potbelly' with slight double belly lower additional protrusion.  A perky, stubborn gut that self supports and doesn't sag.  The type that protrudes and is impossible to hide in a dress or a tank top,  even if the girl otherwise isn't that big.  The type of belly that's 'all round the front' and you can see it pulling the fat away from the love handle area from the back.  Deep porky belly button.  

Narrow pelvis with absolutely zero thigh gap from the knee to the top.  

No cellulite. 

Not fussed about a big ass, but one that looks proportional is good. 

Normal, slightly above the mean hip width but nothing too serious. 

Short torso. (tends to make the belly more pronounced). 

Narrow ish shoulders (otherwise she looks 'stocky' - with the other attributes in combination) 

'Small-melon' sized beasts.  Stable and self supporting llike the belly. 

Slight anterior pelvic tilt. (Where the ass jutts up and the belly jutts forward) 

Long, straight, strong brown bordering on Auburn hair.  Tucked behind the ears with a single middle ponytail out over the top. 

Heart shaped face (absolute must).  Wide cheekbones (absolute must).  Strong upper eye tilt angle (cat eyes).  Nose that tilts upwards when viewed in profile and looks like a perfect triangle.  Smaller than average chin.   Mouth where the upper lip curves up slightly (something about this just looks really fertile and seductive to me?).   Short, back sloping forehead.   

A few freckles would be nice.  Deep brown eyes preferably. 

Can burp on Cue.    

Slightly husky voice.  



Generally I've found girls of this (at least facial type) do often 'make eyes' at me - so I must be picking some traits that I recognise in myself or my family members. 

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Overall: the softer and more jiggle the better. I want to be able to sink into just about any part and want to watch their whole body ripple with the smallest movement. 

Breasts: just a bit of sag, on the larger size, but not huge.

Belly: Double belly, very soft, mostly subcutaneous fat, a bit of sag here as well.

Back: Lots of back rolls.

Butt: large and riddled with cellulite. I prefer wider to rounder. Rolls or at least deep creases at the bottom of the cheek where it meets the thigh.

Thighs: wide and jiggly, again lots of cellulite front and back. Saddle bag hips and that nice fatty pocket in the inner upper thigh. Thighs taper narrower knees.

Calves: thicker and soft, but not too huge. Just a slight cankle, but not a complete loss of transition. 

Not too picky for skin tone.

Hair:long, thick, wavy hair on her head, none anywhere else.

Face: thin looking face, high cheek bones, plump lips. Just a touch of a double chin forming, that becomes more noticeable if she tucks her chin in.


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Gender: Female

Height- 4'11"- 6'2"

Face: Full with fluffy cheeks and a double chin that always sticks out from neck and rests on chest.

Chest- C's are fine but bigger is still ok.

Arms- Large with fat hanging off.

Waist- Huge belly pushed out and hanging. Preferably Double Belly. If it can hang and cover the genitals it's plus.

Hips- Jumbo. Fat, dimples cellulite bubble booty with a huge shelf butt and over 65" (minimal) to over 110." Needing two chairs, or a bench and getting stuck in doorways are big bonus points.

Legs- Huge. Big tree trunk thunder thighs that are so big they have inner thigh rolls at the top.

Weight- 300lbs(minimum) to 550lbs. Depending on height, body shape, and health.

Shape- Pears, Diamonds, or Hourglass.

Clothing Size- 3X(minimum)- 8x in tops and dresses. Size 24(minimum)- 40 pants.

Love the SSBBWS. Stretchmarks are just great love marks.

Skin- White

Hair, and Eyes- Doesn't Matter.

Must have an appetite

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On 7/8/2020 at 9:39 AM, chubbybutt22 said:

Interesting that no one mentioned stretch marks. 


LOVE them! Whether silvery or angry red, they are a huge turn on.

Met a young slim lady recently, and noticed when she got up from the table that her thighs had cellulite all over them and her lower back had stretch marks.

Turns out she used to weigh 240 pounds, she says. 

Oh, another turn - on weight lost through grim determination, dieting and extreme excercise...which then comes back when the diet and exercise stops, and she grows even fatter than she was at the beginning. Sorry...it's just hot as hell to m! 

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I wonder if anyone else loves an obese woman with a "square" behind.

It's ever-so-grandma-ish to some who love "curvy" but I just like when there is LOTS of butter back there, with cellulite. :)


Square butt.JPG

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It's all about the shape of the thighs and hips for me. 

Gender: Cisfemale

Height: 5'2" to 5'11"

Shoulders: wide

Chest: n/a

Waist: Smaller than chest and/or hips (hourglass, even if small chested)

Hips and Butt: Wide hips and big booty 

Arms: Chubby

Legs: Thick to massive

Skin tone: n/a

Hair: Long

Eye color: n/a

@BloatedBarbie is my ideal woman


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3 hours ago, WatermelonMan said:

I wonder if anyone else loves an obese woman with a "square" behind.

It's ever-so-grandma-ish to some who love "curvy" but I just like when there is LOTS of butter back there, with cellulite. :)


Square butt.JPG

Looks more like a flattened shelf pear (a heavy improvement of this one)


than an actual H-shaped fat butt :




I'm going to be mean, but I think I had an unconscious bias against H-bottomed women. Never hooked up, flirted or even laid an eye over anyone shaped this way within a whole decade... seems like sloping shoulders to me.

told you so agree GIF by Bounce

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That butt diagram is very helpful!

Gender: Cisfemale

Height: doesn't matter

Shoulders: doesn't matter

Chest: not too important either. Perky is good, drooping/sagging not so much. Bigger than a "C" is lost on me as I am not a super-devoted boob guy.

Waist: I like it best when the fat is generous in the lower as opposed to upper belly.

Hips and Butt: Wide, flaring hips are IDEAL. As per the above diagram, a round butt is tops - bigger the better, really. Heart-shaped is good too.

Arms: Not flabby or wobbly, but on the thick side. I don't find this "sexy" so much as very cute and appealing

Legs: Love me some big, generous Plump Princess-style thighs.

Skin tone: Caucasian to Latina/Mediterranean/Arab olive complexion. I also find "brown" (as in, Indian gals) very appealing. Ideally a clear complexion.

Hair: I'm open to different things here, including pixie cuts and short hair...it all depends on the facial structure. Brown or red hair I especially like.

Eye color: No preference

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Gender: Cisfemale

Height: 5'1" to 5'7". 

Shoulders: Moderate, but generally as long as a lady is visibly narrower in shoulders than in hips, I'm fine

Chest: Big boobs but not dominating over the rest of the figure , somewhat saggy with nipples pointing downwards, having the shape of teardrops (think Adeline)

Waist: One that would be narrow if she was slim/average build, but filled with fat on the sides, so that you can squeeze her a good bit there before the body resists. 3 belly rolls growing bigger towards the bottom one, with the bottom one making a good bit of overhang but not too far into apron territory (think Jae)

Hips and Butt: Wide hips, the wider the better, and a matching booty, round or square or heart shaped, as long as it fits with the hips nicely and makes a nice big shelf in the back, it's great. If it's rounded, even better.

Arms: Pillowy upper arms, soft but not completely flabby, nice if the pillowy look is clearly visible over elbow, plump lower arm, chubby palms and fingers that start plump and fat and then taper off a bit towards the nails

Legs: Super fat thighs tapering off slightly into fat calves, but not treetrunkey (think Jae, BoBerry, Roxxie, CaitiDee), cute chubby feet

Skin tone: from warm rosy or bright beige to mediterranean/light brown

Hair: not longer than lip length, with short straight or arched bangs and at least a bit of clippered or super-short scissored nape at the bottom, preferably dyed and would love if she alternated between reds/purples, black and bright blondes down to white, 1920 box bobs and short off-ears perms with clippered nape would be a dream.

Eye color: No preference for color, but I like big eyes with a bit of downward slant towards the nose, set either in balanced manner or a little bit to the outside, no extremes and not a fan of close-set ones. Also, it's not eyes per se, but I love skinny/super-skinny eyebrows.

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