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Funny fat moments

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Fat isn't just sexy, it's funny, in my opinion. Some examples:

*I used to get into bed next to my SSBBW girlfriend in the dark and I wouldn't always be able to tell if she was facing toward me or away from me. That's because her belly and her butt were both equally enormous, so I'd have to sort of feel around until i either felt a belly button or an ass crack!

 And one time I reached out in the dark and found what I thought was one of her breasts, so soft and pliant and pillowy, only to realize, as my hand traveled downward, that there was no nipple. That's because her arms were so big that they felt like boobs.

*One GF said: "I have boobs all over my body." which I thought was pretty funny. She had actual boobs, under boobs, back rolls, upper arms hanging over...you get it! Nice that she was such a great sport.

*I used to love when my SSBBW girlfriend would get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and her footsteps were so heavy that I could hear the dishes in the cabinet rattle. 

*Watching her close a door with her huge ass! That door stayed closed whether it was a front door, a car door or, I imagine, the door to a bank vault.



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Guest cutebelly99

I was at the pool the other day. There was this hot mom there probably early 40s. She was wearing a bikini top with jean shorts. She ordered a pizza for her and her two kids, but the kids were to busy swimming to eat much. She sat there and kept eating and eating. Finally she had to unbutton the shorts . I thought it was funny/hot lol. 

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in times of covid a funny fat story happened a few days ago. my beautiful wife was wearing a comfy dress and was going to the market for buy some groceries. first attempt and the guard tell her that she cannot pass. why not ? pregnant ladies are not allowed... but of course she was not pregnant just having a bit of a belly and wide frame. 

she comes back home a bit mad with the guard but not really planning on to diet. which makes it a funny story i think.

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