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 Sadie Smith was not her sister.  

 She saw her face a thousand times along the dock. Giggling smiles, white lace, hairpins, waving handkerchiefs while cresting waves lapped the wooden jetties, borne from the sixty steamers ploughing the bay. The men aboard were raucous. The cheers were deafening. Smoke blackened the cotton clouds around the sun-streaked sky. A long horn frenzied the crowds and they surged beyond the fence line, waving their homemade signs. Sadie read her boyfriend’s name over and over on half a hundred banners.  

‘Welcome home George!’. And Johnny. And David. And Jimmy. And Sam. And the other twenty thousand guys who’d just got out of Korea.  

 Her dress was itching. She pulled it down from where it was riding up her thighs. She pictured him leaning on the prow, his sleeves rolled up, his beret jaunty as always, cracking jokes, saying goodbye to his buddies while his eyes lay on the pier, searching the boards for his sweetheart. She hoped he wouldn’t see his name on one of those lipsticky placards, then go looking for whoever was holding it up. She wasn’t in the cheering crowd. She was not her sister. 

 Sadie was in her boyfriend’s car, lodged in a sidestreet that faced the bay. A hurried mother might bustle by, or tightly wound couple would brush her door every now and again, stumbling home in each other's arms. But otherwise, it was quiet. She paid them no mind. When ten minutes grew to twenty, she produced the two Hershey’s bars she’d stashed in the glove compartment and peeled one open. She broke the bars into squares. 

“He still loves me.” She inhaled a piece. “He loves me...not.” She inhaled another. “He loves me.” One more. “He loves me not.” More, and more.  

The chocolate was sticky and sweet. Sadie licked her lips, and took another bite. She had a view of the ships as they spilled out their soldiers into the harbour, one by one.  

 Barely two feet up on the edge, the marshal fought for his whistle, the back of his heels growing perilously close to the drop. The photographers buzzed like fireflies, yelling and clamoring between the troops and their dates for that next perfect shot. Times Square on V-J Day. It was eight years ago now, but Sadie could recall it like yesterday. Her beautiful older sister, walking on airs, falling backwards into her now-husband's embrace. The picture that would never fade away. 

 She’d been too young to date, or so her father who’d accompanied her that day would remind her over and over, even into her twenties. Just as then, she was confined to a car – the back seat, palms against the glass, until her sister finally returned with her date in tow and shooed her to the front. She’d tried to look incredulous, but her father paid her no mind. She’d given them all the silent treatment for the rest of the afternoon, huffing double standards under her breath. The more things changed, the more things stayed the same, it seemed.  


Sadie paused to find her snack reduced to sugary smears. It was gone. Devoured. She licked her fingers clean, conscious not to stain her flowery dress. She scrunched up the first wrapper and threw it away. Her nose led her to the second. George’s chocolate called her from the inside. 

“I really shouldn’t,” Sadie mumbled to herself. But already it was in her hands. She parted the foil. Succulent cocoa drifted to her lips. Sadie closed her eyes. Her tongue swam in saccharine delight. 

 Suddenly, the driver’s door clattered open. Sadie felt herself shudder. Her love handle parted from the door handle, teasing the seams of her straining outfit. The hairs stood up on the back of her neck. Her eyes bulged in surprise, and she swallowed hard.  

“Now, what’s my girl doing missing out on all the action?”  

The warm breeze, and the sound of his dulcet voice, wasn’t enough to keep her cheeks from paling. Sadie kept her line of sight ramrod straight. She wasn’t ready. Slowly, she lowered the chocolate from her mouth.  

“Sadiecakes...it’s me. I’m home,” said George. “I’m back. Just like I promised.”   

 Ever so slowly, Sadie turned her head. She let out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding in.  

“Hey, darling, you...you found me...” 

“Hey yourself,” said George. “Can’t I get a hug? At least?” 

 She saw her hand enveloped in his. A gentle pull brought her feet outside. Twisting, Sadie staggered to her feet, her vastness grazing the steering wheel as she popped out of the car into his arms, trembling, tensing what little she could. She trusted her dress to manage the rest. It hugged her wide form firmly, leaving nothing to his imagination. Sadie had let her hair fall around her shoulders, shrouding her cleavage. She had dabbled with taking a light jacket, but she was already so warm.   

“Sure I did, what were you trying to hide for?” George said with a grin. “Honey, even with the roof up I could see you from a mile away,”  

Sadie reddened.  

“Was that a compliment?” She clawed back some of her old confidence long enough to cock a hip. “Thanks... schmuck.” 

“I didn’t mean it like that.” said George, his turn to blush. “I meant, I still recognise you. You know, behind...” 

“You’re digging yourself a reeaaal big hole here.” Sadie folded her arms, trying not to smirk. She raised an eyebrow, locking her eyes with his.  

“Real big...” George murmured. He switched his gaze. Sadie masked her displeasure until she tracked his eyeline, and noticed how perfectly she was framing her chest. With nothing to hold them but the threads of her tested ensemble, her breasts heaved softly between her arms, harvesting both of their attention. She didn’t notice him take a step closer. 

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked. 

“What?” Sadie rose her head, directly into the path of his lips. Her breath was stolen. A surge of heat hummed from her heart as his arm closed round her waist, squeezing her tight. She felt her fears begin to slip away. He drew closer, his eyes closed, his other hand stroking her hair. Sadie felt herself grow weak. Her knees began to quiver. She stumbled back, until her bottom rested on the hood of the car. His touch turned from delicate to carnal as he lifted her leg, tilting her until she lay spread out and. His hand stroked the inside of her thigh.   

“George!” she squealed, batting his fingers away. Her boyfriend gave her an insouciant look, then bowed in for another deep, longing kiss. Her body pooling, Sadie couldn’t help but smile when he pulled away. George Miller redid the topmost button of his uniform, and skipped back to load his backpack in the trunk. 

Sadie lay planted on the hood, a zaftig picture of ecstasy.  

He loves me, she breathed to herself. 



“Behind...behind the steering wheel! That’s what I was trying to say,” Her boyfriend finally found his words as he planted the keys in the ignition. “Like - when did you learn to drive my car?”  

“When your dad taught me.” said Sadie, nonchalantly. She adjusted herself in the passenger’s side, wiggling her big hips to get cosy. “Aren’t you gonna do up your seatbelt?” 

“My what?”  

“Here, let me...” 

Sadie leant over his lap, and fished the male end of the belt from where it lodged by the door. She tugged it free, her belly spreading over her boyfriend’s thigh while she sourced the partner. His hand settled on her head, stroking her tresses of golden hair.   

“Oh. This is new...” mumbled George, letting her pull the belt tight across his waist. “What’s it do?” 

“It keeps you safe...” Sadie steadied herself on one arm, and smoothed back her hair. She stretched, and planted a kiss under his chin, then on his neck. She shuffled to sit up again, breasts jostling softly. George lent an arm to cradle her, then taking back the lead, she seized his shoulder, nails tracing his freshly ironed shirt. Sadie smiled. She lifted herself a little higher, digging into his muscle, then gave him one final kiss behind the ear. “You’re tough, Superman,” she whispered. “But you’re not invincible.” 

“Thanks, honey,” said George. “But doesn’t Wonder Woman need her seatbelt too?”  

Sadie eased herself away, and lifted her arms up. “Your turn,” she said with a wink.  

George stretched over her for the opposing end. She chuckled as his close-cropped hair titillated her thighs. He drew the cold metal buckle over her belly button, earning a soft gasp, then brought it closer to the centre. Sadie felt her waist constrict. She grunted, and shuffled to restore her comfort. Strands of her hair tingled as they brushed the roof of the car. She came to accept she’d been sitting a little higher, as of late.   

Sadie bit her lip. She was learning to embrace a lot of changes – her boyfriend the same. But what she couldn’t understand was how – or why – he was making her situation look natural. Sadie glared at what was keeping George busy with tepid unease. Two inches of her rolling hips separated one end of the seatbelt from the other. He tugged and pulled, digging into her waist. Sadie felt the stitches grind across her dress.  

“Oh...errmm. Doesn’t it go any further?” said George, veins throbbing on his forehead. “Never mind. Breathe in honey, I got this.” 

“I already am,” Sadie gulped, her lungs aching.  

He worked his biceps and the metal whined in protest. Sadie winced, trying to rein in her curves. Her hands held up the swell of her belly while her boyfriend worked from beneath, towing the fibers for every inch they were worth. She grit her teeth. Already she was as far back in her seat as her rear would allow.  

“This isn’t gonna happen,” she groaned, letting her stomach drop. “I’m sorry,” 

“No, I’m sorry,” said George, relenting. “I can’t do it. This is my fault...”  

 He flicked the engine on. The Chevrolet Bel Air purred into life. He smiled at the long-forgotten sound, and at the humming heat that rose through the leather upholstery. He gripped the gearstick and thrust the car into reverse, deftly turning round a dark ‘51 Muntz.  

“I’ll just have to drive slow...” George reasoned, tapping his fingers on the wheel. “Lucky my baby’s got her own personal padding, huh?” 

He yanked the clutch, then tickled her belly. Sadie cringed inside and out. She shrank in her seat - or she tried. There was no room. All of a sudden, the space she occupied felt fractured and contentious. It was not enough. Or was it too much?  

“Yeah...about that...” she mumbled quietly.  

“About what?” said George.  

“About me,” said Sadie. “You’re doing a great job of not being shocked...” 

“Shocked was what I was when the Chinese came for us on Chosin Reservoir,” George shrugged. “You’re my baby girl. You’ve put on a little weight...it’s no big deal.” 

“It’s not a little, George – it’s like someone hit me with the A-bomb.” Sadie whined, gripping the fold of her stomach. They turned a corner, and she pinched the yielding softness with nascent indignation. “Tell me the truth, won’t you? I’ve gotten huge. I so wanted to tell you what was happening. My letters...”  

“I didn’t care before, and I don’t now.” said George. “All I wanted to know you was if you were okay. Okay?” 

He leant across, hands still on the steering wheel, and kissed her on the forehead. Sadie felt colour creep back into her cheeks. 

“Dad wrote too, he always said how happy he was to have you round the place,” he continued. “You’re such a great cook, he told me. And Aunty June loved that you helped with the garden, and Mom was...well...Mom was...informative...” 

Sadie sniffed. 

“...so you knew,” she mumbled.  

“I told her to lay off on you,” Her boyfriend breathed out with a sigh. “Three years with no leave – I know it was hard back home too. You deserve the slack. She...she didn’t actually say anything to you, right?” 

Sadie shrugged. “Her face was a whole lot easier to deal with than my mother’s...”  

George’s grin countered her frown. “Well honey, I can’t wait to see their faces when your arm’s in mine for the homecoming party.” 

Sadie balked. “That was meant to be a surprise...” she whispered.  

“It can wait, Sadiecakes,” he said, simply. “I’m back, and all that matters is where I’m taking you tonight. Just you and me. Three years is a long time to keep a date waiting, don’t you think?” 

Sadie paused for thought.  

“There’s a new place open on the interstate,” she suggested. “They’re letting vets eat for free tonight.” 

“A new place, huh? Like a diner?” 

“Kinda,” said Sadie. “It’s a little different. You’re hungry, aren’t you?” 

“Sure am,” said George. He looked over his shoulder to reverse. “So hungry I can hardly think...” 

A newsboy swung wide as he pushed his rusty bicycle by the record store. With her boyfriend distracted, Sadie reached over and snatched the hat from the top of his head. 

“Taking my clothes away already?” George said with a wry smile. 

“Uh-huh,” said Sadie, adjusting the white fold over her shimmering hair. “Better get used to it. Mine don’t fit so well any more...” 

 Her boyfriend revved the engine. The automobile filled the street, gleaming in storefronts as it peeled away from the ocean front, then deeper into the shining city on the hill. They swung round the speckled marble fountain, chocked with champagne-soaked and drunken revellers, then streamed eastward to the countryside. Stars and stripes fluttered high from the rooftops until the towers gave way to peaceful trees. A golden archway crowned the road beyond.  



“So that’s...ninety pounds, right?” George furrowed his brow. Sadie smiled as they pulled into the parking lot. Math was not her boyfriend’s strongest point. 

“Three stone every year, give or take a pound. For all three years,” she repeated to him. “That’s how much weight I’ve gained...” 

 She lowered her head, and was quickly greeted with her rounded breasts. Her belly loomed wide over her thighs. Sadie stared at her hands, taking in the little crease on her wrists. Even her fingers were rounder, and thicker.  

“That’s a whole lotta woman...” George whistled. “It’s kinda hot to imagine...” 

“Me ballooning while you were gone?” Sadie exclaimed. “Seriously?” 

“You just...being you...” said George. 

“What happened to ‘so hungry I can hardly think’?” Sadie put on his voice.  

“Well...I sure am hungry,”  

Her boyfriend’s hand slid over her shoulder. Sadie coyly batted it away. 

“Save it. What would you like to eat?”  

“Uhhh. Burger, fries and a Coke” said George. He lowered the window and looked into the misty air. Night had ushered in, and speckled stars glittered between the leaves of the golden oak trees where they had parked. “Where’s the carhop?” he asked, glancing left and right.  

“Oh, there’s no carhops,” Sadie explained. “We’re supposed to go to the counter.” 

“I thought you said we were eating in the car,” said George, puzzled.  

“We are,” said Sadie. “But it’s self-service, so we collect our own meals.” 

“O-kayyy. So you go in, you don’t even sit down, and then you go back out again to your car? What’s the benefit in that?” he scoffed.  

“The food is good,” Sadie replied, pursing her lips. “And it’s not like a restaurant. They don’t keep you waiting after you order, it’s lightning fast.” 

“Fast food? Pffftt. No wonder it’s free tonight,” George rolled his eyes. “It’ll never catch on.” His gaze gravitated toward his girlfriend’s body, as she swung her legs out of his car. The suspension listed, and he found himself grinning. Heels on the ground, she tossed her hair and set off with a bounce in her step.  

“Burger, fries, coke for one war hero. Coming right up.” she called out. 

 George’s eyes glimmered as she sashayed through the door, her ass beating to the sound of its own drum. Nothing broke her stride, not even the brush of her hips on the doorframe. He watched her greet the lucky guy on shift as if he were an old friend.    

Come to think of it, they maybe do know each other well... George wondered.  

 Thirty minutes later his girlfriend had laden the front seats with an armful of paper bags. A meaty aroma wafted through the air. Sadie let her load crumple in the space between their seats.     

“Geez - is this everything off the menu?” said George. 

“Just wanted to give you a taste of what you’ve been missing out on,” Sadie smirked, sealing the door shut. “This one’s for you.” 

She produced the bag with the promised hamburger and fries. George brushed the paper away with a sceptical glare. He sniffed, then took a shy bite. He paused a moment.  

“Mmmm. Whoahh, screw what I said – this is awesome!” said George. He took another bite. Sadie beamed, sitting back with a burger of her own. She almost groaned as she filled up her cheeks. Delicious cheese danced on her tongue. She chewed and swallowed, and soon made it disappear. Her hands swiftly found a second cheeseburger. The taste was exquisite. Her stomach rumbled softly, and she gave it a soothing rub. A long sip of chocolate milkshake came next.  

 “Mmmphh. Hey, you know what’d make this better? If we still didn’t have to get out to order.” George returned the bare wrapper to the bag. “What if they had a system where there was... I dunno, let’s say a vendor in the kitchen, but with a window facing the street outside? So people could drive through and get whatever they wanted?”  

“Oooh, you could take that to the bank,” said Sadie, winking. She slipped a hand inside to gather a portion of fries – one of several – and tucked in slowly and delicately under his approving glances. “Mmmpph. Always so gooood,” she hummed. Her breaths grew shallower and lighter. Soon, the little packet was empty.  

“More?” said George, a clutch more of the well-salted sides in hand. 

“More.” Sadie resolved, licking her lips. She held her mouth wide open. George leaned in to feed her slowly. She closed her eyes.  

Then in an instant, her zipper shot halfway down her back.  

Sadie yelped as her breasts tumbled onto her belly. Her face solidified. Creamy rolls of flesh burst out from her sides as the material tapered to her hips – two flapping swathes of overstretched cotton, exposing every inch of her curves beneath. Thrusting forward, she covered her nipples with a thickset arm, and lay a palm over her exposed belly button. A curtain of hair fell over her eyes. 

“No...” she whimpered. “No...no...”  

“Ssshhh,” George whispered. “Sshhhh...” 

 He parted her hair and coaxed her arm away, and guided it to rest on his smooth shoulders. He closed in. Sadie shivered. Her breasts pooled up against his chest, where her nipples brushed his hardened muscle. A hand flashed around, and seized hold of the hem of her dress. 

“Don’t fix it,” Sadie stressed. “I think I burst it open, the zipper – it’s” 


 He clutched her belly in his hands, and brought it free. Sadie moaned in pleasure, balked, then moaned again as he kneaded her folds, the sensation driving her wild. Her gossamer soft skin grew sensitive, then electric. She stroked his neck as she gave up more of herself, letting him have his way with her oodles of weight.  

“I’m sorry.” she whispered, tensing, laying a kiss on his ear. 

“Don’t be.” said George.  

“I’m sorry that I’m sorry,” said Sadie. “I was just... 

“...trying to be something you’re not?” George finished for her. “I think you need a bigger dress, honey...” 

“I just wanted it to be like the first time.” Sadie confessed. “Like it was with my sister. I wanted what she had. She was skinny, she had a flowery dress, and it was summer, and all the ships were coming home, and she was skinny, and her boyfriend picked her up, and...” 

“I didn’t pick your sister,” said George, looking her dead in the eyes. “Sadie - I picked you.” His touch was gentle, coursing from her cheek to her soft chin, down her delicate neck, over her chest to her belly, soft, dull, and full. “All of you.” he whispered. “I mean it.” 

 Sadie’s eyes glazed over, half watery, half transcendent. She moaned as she fell back in her seat with the slightest shove, then further as her boyfriend wrenched it into a reclined position. Stuffed full, she could barely move. She could do little but jiggle and whimper as what strips that were left of her dress were peeled away. She wobbled. She was completely at his mercy.  

“You comfortable?” her boyfriend asked her.  

The big girl nodded. She was all the pillows and softness she needed. 

“No carhops, right?” 

“Uh-huh,” Sadie nodded again. Her stomach churned and her heart raced through the gears. 

“You wanna taste of what you’ve been missing out on?” 

Sadie watched him unbutton his shirt, growing warmer and warmer. The hardtop’s windows began to mist up. Her cheeks were rosy red in the dashboard light. George flicked it off.  

 Deep in the trunk, a homecoming soldier’s rucksack slowly started to tremor. The first browning leaves fell from the oaks outside onto the roof of Chevrolet – but soon, they too were shaken away.  



 Sgt. George Miller had never found waking up so hard. It was late on an autumn morning, his last day of leave, and he was duty bound to get his kit together ready for his next reveille, fifty miles away in Fort Bragg. He made a mental note to fill up his Chevy on gas, as he swung his legs out of the duvet and straightened the pillows, then lifted the sheets as he stood up and stretched his broad shoulders. A spry robin perched on the apple sapling in the garden outside, as a calm wind rustled the rose bushes. 

 Smoothing his jet-black hair, George remade the bed, pulling out the creases from where his girlfriend had slept beside him last night. The sunken space lingered with her honeyed scent. The soldier smelled the air, and detected the faint hints of sizzling bacon. She was in the kitchen, making breakfast. He smiled, and made another mental note. Dinner at Colucci’s tonight. Her favourite. 

 Throwing on a white shirt, George retrieved the iron from the top of the wardrobe and set about his second tasking of the day. He sourced the plug socket. The brown ironing board rested by the bookcase in the hall. His combat fatigues however, were absent without leave.  

“Sadiecakes?” he called into the hallway. “Honey? Where’s my uniform?” 

He heard the clatter of a drawer, the tap of bare, dainty feet on a checkered linoleum floor. George tossed the iron on the bed and padded to the kitchen, rubbing his eyes. Bright flowers greeted him from the coffee table. He heard the rustling of starched fabric and the shift of crockery.  

“Sadie? You there darling?” he yawned as he approached the doorway. He looked around the corner, and failed to close up his jaw again.  

 Sadie shot him a vivacious smile from behind the cupboard door, mouth dotted with sugary sprinkles from the donut she had wolfed whilst frying her second meal of the morning. She was wearing his camouflage shirt, the sleeves stretched so tight that they looked painted, with the bottom buttons fit to burst between her thickened belly rolls. She had made use of one of his vests to wear as a bra, the material riding up off her middle, sheltering a bosom the higher buttons of the shirt simply could not contain. His three-chevron rank slide peeked from her cleavage, a loose cotton thread lightly tickling its length and depth. The collar was creased up, framing a cute chin below her beaming, rounded face. 

 George’s eyes bulged as she took a step back. Sadie licked her lips, closing the cupboard and letting him drink in the sight of her lower half. The seams of his trousers were whitened and taut all the way up from her knees, from where her wide thighs kissed all the way to the docile hang of her stomach, thoroughly exposed by the splayed ends of a button and a hole that bore no hope of ever coming together whilst she was wearing them. Sadie jiggled her embonpoint, lightly laughing, giving her belly a slap, then a rub, and a long, sensuous squeeze. 

 She moaned. George was almost salivating. His beret completed her look, holding back her curtain of lazy blonde curls. His boots were eschewed – they were simply too big for her, but his belt was simply too small. Sadie had liberated her huge hips, and had taken to winding the bolted leather strap around her fingers, dangling the edge like a pendulum in front of George’s dumbstruck face. She winked, and pulled it with a satisfying snap.  

“What do you think, babe?” Sadie purred with a smile, seizing a love handle and cocking her hip. “Do I look ready for the draft?” 

 Her boyfriend stood motionless, frozen to the spot. Gravity nearly took him before his senses did. Striding towards her he answered the only way he knew how. In a split-second Sadie was locked in his embrace, her lips one with his. She heard birdsong, and the distant hum of violas as he brought her closer. She closed her eyes to the feeling of clouds buffering against her toes, and kissed deeper, and deeper.  

“Screw the bombs, the Air Force should’ve just dropped you instead,” her boyfriend finally mumbled. “You’d blow them all away...” 

“Huh,” Sadie raised an eyebrow, smirking. “You calling me heavy, you little punk?”  

“Nuh-uh,” George smirked. “I’m calling you out. On these.” 

Sadie felt a sudden flood of arousal as he laid out his hands on her breasts. She took a sharp intake of breath. Her heart began to race as he arced his fingers around her nipples, bursting static as they stiffened through his tightening shirt. Her face burned through deepening shades of pink, then soft, sultry red.  

“And these...have they...grown?” 

 He turned his attention to her juicy, thick legs, and where they creamed over his beltline. George drew long, lazy circles along her tender skin, skirting with the tantalising edge of his knuckle. Sadie shivered as he extended a roughened finger, fluttering over the bulges of her thighs, winding closer and closer to the space between.   

“M-maybe a little...” she murmured, her voice low. It was only half a lie. 

“Oh,” said George, with a glint in his eye. “Then what about...this...?”  

 He grabbed her ass, sinking his fingers into a surge of softness. Sadie mewled, then gasped as he took a firm hold. Her illusions disappeared. There was definitely more of her. Much more than she remembered. First it was cheeseburgers, and hot pizzas and pies, and now it was inches of plushness and pleasure in her handsome man’s kneading hands. She shifted her quivering stance, tensing her knees, churning up in ecstasy. Her panties were covering less and less. She twisted the band in her fingers, as the knot in her stomach turned.  

George took hold of the belt, stretched it taut, and laid it against her waist. He wrapped it around her sides – or at least, he tried. The edges were a sheer gulf short of where they could come together.   

“Forty pounds,” Sadie admitted, blushing as the belt bit into her flesh, as embarrassed as she was aroused. “I’ve put on another forty pounds since you came home, it’s crazy...” 

“You say that as if you don’t have a good explanation...” George noted. He flung the belt buckle, caught it and used it as a strap to bring her closer. “I love it...” 

“You’d better,” Sadie replied. “This is all you. All your cooking...all the snacks...uunnff...all the food you keep feeding me...”  

“Uh-huh. And now look at you...” 

He guided her into a slow, shifting twirl.  

“Sergeant Sadie Smith,” George whispered in her ear. “This is not regulation standard...” 

“Oh yeah?” Sadie breathed, shutting her eyes. Her golden hair tumbled loose over her shoulders as she closed on his cheek. “I’m over three hundred pounds now, Miller. What are you gonna do about it?” she whispered.   

“Report to the bedroom immediately,” George arched his shoulders, leaning up to his full, imposing height. “And that’s ‘sir’ - to you...” 

Sadie stroked a finger under his lightly-stubbled chin.  

“Sir, to me? The only commission you’re getting...is for a handmade pumpkin pie...and some whipped cream,” She widened her eyes and tilted her head. “Please, and thank you.”  

George smiled, took a step back, turned to the fridge and opened the door with a flick of his wrist. 

“Ooohhh...” Sadie moaned, her belly warming in anticipation. “Ohhhh....”  

“Way ahead of you, honey. I fixed this baby up yesterday,” He retrieved the dessert on its cold platter, rich, thick and laden with cinnamon. “Baked it while you were sleeping off that poundcake, right after those ribs....” 

“Uhhh...huhhhh...” Sadie swallowed, her mind a haze of flavours and tastes. “Can I...can I try a little?...” 

“Heck no,” George pinched her cheek. “You’re not off the hook, Sergeant Smith. You owe me a show parade...” 

He held the pie aloft above her head.  

No!” she hissed. 

 Sadie latched onto his elbow and pulled, uselessly. She grunted and tugged, quaking her belly against him, scrabbling in nascent frustration as he fended her back with a strong, single arm. George chuckled as he switched his grip, leaving her to pound her bunched fists softly on his stony chest.  

“...yup, a show parade...” he continued. “And maybe some remedial physical exercise...”  

Sadie stopped. She looked him in the eyes. She pushed back her hair. 

“What kind of physical exercise?” she questioned, her every word slow and yearning. Her eyebrow was raised.  

“If you look in,” George winked. “I’m sure I can give you a perfect demonstration...”  

 Sadie licked her lips. Pumpkin pie in one hand, and the slip of her waist in the other, George led her into the bedroom. Tumbling onto the bed, she seized him by his collar, and plucked off the buttons on his shirt, one by one, sneaking intermittent bites of rich, spicy pastry between his kisses. George pushed gently on her shoulders, nudging her toward the pillows. Sadie smiled and pushed back, setting him supine over the freshly laid sheets. She peeled off his boxers, then her trousers, then took to the bed on her hands and knees, straddling his naked form.   

“You’ve changed...” George groaned as he hardened. “You’re not the same as when I left...” 

“Hmmpphh,” Sadie puffed up her cheeks with a huge handful from the pie. “Mmmpph. Obviously.” 

“No...not this...” George shook his head. “The way you move. The way you act lately, you’re so...so full on. You’ve gotten so...confident, since I’ve been gone...” 

“Uummpphh. Well, what did you expect me to do?” Sadie gyrated her vast hips, flashing him a wolfish smile while filling her face with succulent cream. “Go back to being part of the furniture?”  

She guided him inside her, quivering above his length. She bounced down hard, reaping a moan from her boyfriend in the process.  

“I never thought you could be so...such a go-getter...” George breathed. 

“Yeah? Heh...well, you weren’t around...” Sadie tightened her legs on his torso, rocking and riding. His broiling blood rushed down his body. “And those planes....unnfff...those planes weren’t gonna screw...oh god...screw - screw themselves, right?” 

She bit her lip as she felt him grow ever harder inside of her. Her hair lashed and flickered, a wild, hot, untempered mess. Moaning, she thrust more pie into her mouth.  

“You were a riveter?” George asked, his face a picture of paradise. “How could I not know?” 

“Hell no. The factory took me on as a clerk,” Sadie giggled, her legs beginning to ache from pain and pleasure in equal measure. She released herself and fell back onto her bottom with a squish. “Pheeww...you honestly think I got this big from being on my feet all day? Flexing my guns?”  

 She pulled a kiss-me face and tensed her biceps over his knees, matching one of the poses she’d seen him do in the mirror, cream in hand. She stuck the nozzle in her mouth for another long, delicious draw. George blinked. From sinewy and slender, her arms had grown toneless, pillowy and large. He poked a finger deep into their swell. They felt just as she thought – smooth, silky, malleable like the rest of her. He constricted his fingers arounded the slightest, smallest bulge of muscle in the middle, cocooned in a coating thick with flesh.   

“Did I tell you that I love you?” George said, grinning.   

“Maybe...” said Sadie, with a wry smile and a playful shove. “Ready to show me how much?” 

She fell back, gripping the bedposts, spreading her legs wide. Her boyfriend needed no encouragement. 


 Minutes later, Sadie’s body was pooled on the bed with him on top of her, swimming in her curves and rolls. She peered out to the sunlight, sated and sleepy, picturing the hazy dust on the windowsill. She felt ethereal. Inches away, George snoozed softly, using her breasts as a pillow. She gingerly stroked his jawline, coaxing him out of his slumber.  

“Well?” she whispered, as the bells chimed for midday.  

Nuzzling into her neck, George sighed and smiled. 

“That was...that was even better than forty pounds ago,” he breathed. “Your body – it’s...there’s so much more...” 

 Sadie giggled, then fought for her breath as she guided him off her belly and breasts, and rocked herself to a sitting position. Then without warning, she rolled on top of his muscled frame. George gasped, the air forced out of his lungs. Sadie bucked her hips, thrusting and wobbling, leering and simpering. The mattress springs whined beneath her. 

“Feels good, huh?” she puffed, burying his face in her breasts. “All this weight...”  

 George turned crimson, twitching, squishing her sides as he strained pitifully for release. She turned and twisted her rolls and folds, fighting the press of his arms, straining with her own until she could match his strength no longer. Sadie relented, rolling back onto her side of the bed. She lay back for a few seconds of peaceful, breathless bliss, before propping herself up on an elbow by the pillows. 

“Still...phewww...” She turned to her boyfriend and swept back her sweaty hair. “Ha. Unnfff...whew...I’ve still...still got it...right?” 

George was motionless, still gasping, his every muscle devoid of tension and stress. He cast his eyes around the room. The whipped cream can was hollow, and the pumpkin pie was reduced to a single slice and smatter of crumbs on the floorboards. His and his girlfriend’s clothes were twisted and mixed – his white shirt beside her uniform – the latter stretched so far out of proportion that he’d had no choice but to surrender it over to her. He gazed at his girlfriend’s big belly, heaving gently between her breaths. It was round. It was soft. 

And tomorrow, he knew, it would be even bigger.  

“I think ‘it’ got you, Sadiecakes...” he quipped. “Although, I sure ain’t complaining.” 

 Sadie laughed. She grabbed his hand and settled it on her swelling stomach, and guided it to carefully caress the underside. As if on cue, George reached for the plate. The last slice of pumpkin pie sang her name from the air above.     

Sadie opened her mouth, and let him fill her up, and up... 








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