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Mr Froggy

Banned words / auto correction?

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Hello Mods,

Is there a list of 'banned words' on this site that does not appear explicitly on the DNP list? 

It's really minor but I tried to type the word u-n-w-ill-in-g in a sentence just now and it twice changed by itself to 'unenthusiastic'. 


I was wondering if there's some history or published rational behind such automatic substitutions?  It's just I imagine the forum code swapping those two particular words around arbitrarily could lead to unfortunate tonal misunderstandings in discussions regarding issues like consent. 

 I.e  If you're trying to warn someone off a course of behaviour because someone else appears u-n-w-ill-in-g to do something - but the forum code changes it to 'unenthusiastic' - it might come across as an inappropriate/understated euphemism;   as if you're suggesting lack of consent for an action is inherently temporary or to be overruled? 

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