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these are three girls who I know personally in some way - none of them well, each one is sort of a friend of someone I know better (or - in one case - rally a friend of a friend of someone I know well) who I met here and there in the last year living in my city. They don't know each other. They happen to be big and really attractive and confident, which is amazing, because in my country there are not a lot of plus size girls - and among those who I manage to meet from time to time and overwhelming majority isn't ok with their weight and at least trying to get fit.  So they very much stick out and it's a big luck that I know now three girls different than the usual rest. I decided to take a risk and ask for this community's opinion : )


1) 30 years old, close friend of my college friend who I see from time to time

image (4).png

image (3).png

image (2).png

image (1).png


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