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Nicki Minaj

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Recently released a new clip of Nicki. To be honest, my attitude is twofold.
The clip is good, but I expected to see more-the camera shot Nicki up to her chest so that her pregnant tummy was not visible. Only the singer's ample chest is visible. I wanted to see her whole figure.
On the other hand, I am sincerely happy with this decision. She does not advertise it on every corner and this decision even admires. She does not want anything to harm her child and therefore does not light up once again. A real reason for admiration.
Therefore, I am glad that at least the singer's big breasts are visible and I am glad that she shot the video in this form. It's lower.

For those who don't know, Nicki was in the video during her pregnancy.



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Guest Skipbayless

She’s covering up, she’s gotten big again. Damn that ass is so hot 

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I want to say such a thing, I thought that I would not say it-forget my last message in this topic, that Nicki has gained a little weight. IT JUST WASN'T VISIBLE). She increased the size in another place)).
Nicki started actively posting photos online again. So - the changes were visible on them. Nicki has always been famous for her big booty, but now her ass is just Gigantic! It has doubled in size and it's honestly cool! Photos and videos are attached).There are a lot of new products)).













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10 hours ago, Jakichan said:

You can tell she got fat by just comparing her boobs



They're massive lol

Damnnn those are definitely some fat boobies

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