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The Senior Year Pact

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Hi curvage! Quarantine boredom and a desire to be something had me wanting to put the pen to the paper for this story I thought of. This first part is really a prologue, but let me know your thoughts!


There should not have been anything special about that cold, September Saturday for anyone involved. Sure, there was the girls’ playoff soccer game that arguably would define the careers of Westall high’s extremely hopeful varsity players- but that was for the girls. Unfortunately, as is per usual in American high schools, boys’ sports heavily overshadowed the girls’ in terms of popularity. The only non-parent in the stands of this climactic battle was one senior, Joel.

In terms of the pecking order at school, Joel was neither the bottom of the chain nor the top. Those who knew him knew he was the most average looking guy in their class. 5’11 and with no real defining features, he flew under the radar of most and it likely would have stayed that way for a boring four years if it weren’t for his best friend and reason for watching the game, Evelyn.

Joel and Evelyn’s parents had been great college friends and they ended up living and raising their kids in the same city. Joel and Evelyn really had no choice in seeing each other on a regular basis, always having gone to the same school and being drug to each other’s houses whenever the parents wanted a “fun night.” Because of these circumstances, they had been close, and for Joel it made watching Evelyn’s game feel like a pleasant duty he owed his best friend.

Both Joel and Evelyn were gifted athletes up until high school. They still had that competitive spirit but the realization that they were no longer the best slowly decayed at their passions. Joel knew that by the time his junior year track season had ended and no recruiters were fighting to have him go to their college his athletic career was basically over. There was just no more to fight for. That’s why watching Evelyn have a really not flattering game was a touch more hurtful than it should have been- watching her toned, 5’6 form run up and down the field was a convenient microcosm of her team’s performance. Her every possession was getting stolen, her goals were being missed, and the scoreboard heavily favored Westall’s opponents.

Finally, after an embarrassing 6-1 loss, the clock ran down and parents swarmed the field, eager to comfort their daughters who had just lost the last game of their careers. Evelyn was disappointed, no doubt, but she had a good feeling about the end of her athletic career. After giving her parents a less than genuine devastated hug she found her way to the stands, where her best friend Joel sat waiting, offering a sympathetic smile.

“I’m very sorry that had to be the last soccer game of the year and also your life for the foreseeable future, that has to hurt…” Joel unhelpfully offered.

“It is disappointing for sure, but I’m not so broken up about it,” Evelyn confessed. She continued, smiling a little, “I had to put on a little show for my parents because they think I’m half way to the NWSL at this point, but I’m ready to kick back and put athletics on the back burner. Besides… I still haven’t forgotten about our deal” she ended with a short wink.

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Hi again curvage- wrote up another chapter. Still some more exposition. I feel hypocritical because I typically don't like when stories take too long to get to the good stuff, but I'm trying to set everything up correctly. Once again, I appreciate any constructive criticism and I guess I will even tolerate some normal criticism :)


Chapter 2


As was tradition for the two, they found themselves heading towards their favorite post game destination, Wendy’s. but for Joel, something felt different. Evelyn was way too excited to go to Wendy’s after her entire soccer career had been thrown down the drain because of her awful performance.

“Ok Ev, something is not right, you are WAY too happy right now.” Evelyn, focusing on the road gave a little side smile. “Joel, don’t tell me you forgot about our deal. Remember? Seventh grade?” she responded. “I would actually like to forget most of seventh grade, but what about it?” Joel answered. Evelyn giggled, embarrassed she would have to repeat the deal after counting on Joel’s memory allowing him to  quietly comply.

“Thanksgiving. Our seventh grade year. We were texting each other after dinner and I don’t know about you, but I way way way overdid it!” Evelyn started. “Yeah, that was one of my fuller thanksgivings too,” Joel recalled. “Well…” Evelyn felt her face flush red “remember we were texting, and the conversation got a little odd… I sort of half-jokingly asked what if we became… like … bigger … and I just wanted to see your response and then you replied kind of interested and we talked about it for a while and we decided if our athletic careers didn’t pan out we would… start trying to gain weight?” Joel stared at his best friend in disbelief. Disbelief that he could forget something like that, a conversation that had him experiencing such intense, indescribable feelings. “Oh my gosh, I totally remember now! Oh my gosh, both of our athletic careers didn’t really pan out… oh my gosh… we swore we would do that!”

As If it were destiny (or convenient that they were already heading to Wendy’s) the pair arrived at Wendy’s as Joel finished his sentence. “I think now is a great time to start!” Evelyn said excitedly as Joel came to terms with the fact that they were really doing this. They were living out his fantasy, throwing away former athleticism in favor for something far easier and attractive. Joel had always wondered if Evelyn had shared his fetish or if food and eating were just easy subjects of conversation for the two. Would this little pact they made prove her true desires? How serious was she? How much did she want to gain? “I guess I will have to gauge her behavior in the restaurant…” Joel thought to himself. He knew he would not take this pact seriously if Evelyn would not. But deep down inside, he wanted Evelyn to be as all in as he was.

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This has a great start so far, and may I suggest you could focus on the difference of athletic performance between now and after the gain?

So for instance the two could perform some sort of exercise now (track runs most likely, judging by your story) and how easy it is for them to do so, then the gradual decline of athleticism as they plumpen up, and when approaching the end, you could potentially have a repeat of exercises they did earlier, which will show how out of shape they have become.

Also, I think you could be a bit more slower and descriptive when it comes to the describing  two main characters body. Take a look at @polarisdreamer or @riptoryx ‘s stories and I think you could benefit your story writing by a lot. They have very immersive and realistic descriptions of these type of sporty stories.

This is just my humble opinion, and of course you don’t have to listen to what I say, but please do continue this story! I think it has great potential.

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Hey everyone sorry for the wait


Chapter 3


“Alright, thanks for indulging with me,” Evelyn said as she dropped off Joel at his house. “Here’s to many more filling meals?” She questioned hopefully. “Yes. Like we said, I’m serious about this Ev. I really like this idea.” Joel responded. “Good. Because I do too.” She responded with her trademark smile.

Feeling very excited about this new challenge in his life, Joel headed upstairs to take a shower. After undressing, he stared at himself in the mirror for a long time, wanting to remember his starting off point.

Aside from his very stuffed belly, Joel had the classic lean athlete’s build. Years of sports and sporadic trips to the gym had toned his 5’11 body. Weighing about 150 pounds, his muscles weren’t huge, but still significant enough to turn some heads when wearing a tight shirt. His pecs, arms, quads, and even shoulders were quite developed from his years of training. Finally, Joel’s eyes wandered down to his stomach. To his slight dismay, he could still see his abs poking out front of his very distended tummy. A couple of pats determined it was just very hard to the touch. “we’ll have to fix that” he thought to himself before getting into the shower.


After dropping Joel off, Evelyn got home and trudged her soccer bag up the stairs into her room, and headed toward the shower. Movement was a little difficult being so full, but the feeling made her very aroused. She undressed and observed. There was no doubt about it, at 125 pounds Evelyn was fit. Her thighs were toned and thick, developed by years of running up and down the soccer field. Her legs paradoxically had the appearance of thickness while still maintaining a thigh gap. Moving up, her hips were not anything to write home about. They were soft and shapely, but nowhere close to making her a pear shape. Evelyn turned around, and her eyes rested on her derriere. It was perky and a testament to her athletic figure, but nothing huge. Evelyn’s normally toned stomach usually had the hints of abs, but of course now it was replaced with a bulge significant of her overeating at Wendy’s. Finally, she brushed her long blonde hair away from her chest. Gazing back at her were her perky, C cup breasts. Like everything else on her, nothing too impressive. Evelyn was tired of her average looks. She wanted everything to be bigger, and this little deal she made was going to be the way she accomplished this.




One month had passed since the formulation of the pact, and Joel was experiencing changes. They were subtle enough to not arouse suspicion from anyone but himself, but they were still exciting nonetheless. Getting up for another Monday of school, he looked down at his soft belly. For the first time in his life, there was a noticeable roll sneaking out over his boxers. He made his way to the bathroom and further observed his progress. Still fairly toned, the only thing that looked slightly out of place was his little pouch of a belly sticking out ever so slightly. He gave it a small jiggle (something that he had never been able to do) and carried on with his morning routine.

In the last month Joel had learned to very much appreciate 3rd period on a Monday. Since that was the only class he and Evelyn shared, Mondays were the time where he could try to notice any difference a weekend of stuffing could do to her body. And this Monday when she moseyed into class was definitely special.

The pair had made it a point to make their lunch the time for fast food stuffing while promising to overeat when they weren’t together. Their fast food binges and snacking was starting to have an effect on Evelyn’s formerly fit body. Joel first noticed Evelyn was wearing one of her favorite outfits- high waisted jeans with a cropped t shirt. In between the beautiful space created by her shirt and pants, Joel noticed the hints of a muffin top starting to form. Her button was strained as Evelyn’s developing pudgy body was expanding. Similarly, the slight growth in her breasts had made the bottom of her shirt rest ever so higher on her torso, exposing her added ten pounds to any onlooker.

“Hey Ev, looking a little full there…” Joel remarked. “You’re not doing too bad yourself!” Evelyn quipped back, playfully pushing his stomach, surprised at the new soft skin absorbing her blow rather than pushing back. Such flirtatious touching never failed to surprise Joel- he had never expected it when it came and it seemed like Evelyn had been doing it much more frequently in the past month.

Class started and Evelyn took her seat in front of Joel. During the class he kept sneaking glances at her torso, which was on display whenever she leaned forward to write.

She was not that wide a month ago… she couldn’t have been. Joel thought to himself as he looked at his best friend’s new, tiny pouches of back fat.



At lunch the pair made their daily trip to Wendy’s buying as much as they could stuff themselves with in the short amount of time school lunch provided them. Evelyn watched Joel rub his distended stomach, wondering how much he had gained. Joel, seemingly reading her thoughts, excitedly explained “I’ve put on 15 pounds! 15! It’s crazy… I’ve never weighed this much- and I’ve definitely never had an ounce of fat on my body. It’s so nice to overeat and experience becoming chubby.” He would have been embarrassed finishing with that word, but seeing Evelyn’s similarly tight tummy relieved any worries about judgment he might receive. “I can’t believe you Joel, you’re already winning with poundage and I feel like I’m eating way more than you!” Evelyn complained. “But! I’ve done some thinking… I feel like this would only be a fair challenge if we started at the same weight.” This made Joel stop what he was doing, and his pants could not accommodate for the feeling that statement was giving him. “What do you mean…?” He responded, face flushing. “I mean that if we were the same weight, then we could go all out together and not have to worry about our size being too different. That was already my concern starting at the weight I did. I think you should keep doing your thing, but I am going to take steps to gain faster- so I can match you in poundage!” she proclaimed confidently. To Joel this was a dream come true… but how was she going to catch up with him?


Once home after the school day, Evelyn hurried up to her room, pulling out the heavy cream she had secretly bought from her backpack. A few weeks ago, she had ordered some weird metabolism pills online. Those had finally arrived that day. With the pills in one hand and heavy cream in the other, she got ready to finally catch up to Joel.



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What's up curvage


Chapter 4


“Could you run downstairs and get the doritos?” Evelyn politely requested. The pair were hanging out at her house, something they had been doing a lot more frequently since the start of their gaining journey.

“Ugh… fine!” Joel responded. “Next time you’re getting them though. You know I’m getting too fat for this.”

That statement, Evelyn noted as Joel headed out the door, was more than true. Peeking out of his now tight t shirt were two slight love handles that jiggled with every step. Only when he turned out the door did Evelyn get a profile view of her new favorite part of Joel- his belly. It seemed Joel had lost any hint of former athleticism in his torso, and it had all been replaced by a thick layer of bouncing fat. It was exactly the development that she had hoped to see, the type of change that got her feeling a certain type of way...


Joel’s trip back upstairs was far more jiggly than he had ever known. It seemed every part of him responded to his small gains in elevation. His stomach jiggled under his shirt and his now soft chest responded in a similar manner. As he turned the corner into Evelyn’s room he was greeted to his similarly overweight friend.

Evelyn had apparently become bored waiting for Joel on his chip run and she lay on her bed, absentmindedly stroking her soft tummy. As Joel watched, he couldn’t help but notice how much bigger Evelyn was. This view of her bare tummy revealed slight stretch marks on what was becoming quite the proper little pouch of fat. There was enough for Evelyn to knead and jiggle, which provided for endless entertainment. That wasn’t even to mention how tight her pants were- it was as though her entire torso stuck out in a muffin top that made her lower half look tiny. But both of them knew that this illusion came from the extreme tightness of Evelyn’s ill fitting pants.

“Are you going to come in or just keep staring” Evelyn said as she became increasingly aware of her best friend’s presence. “Sorry- I just don’t think I’ve seen your bare stomach since you were thin” Joel responded, still in awe at how much chubbier Evelyn was getting. “That’s odd… I don’t ever remember you staring this much when I was thin” Evelyn cheekily responded. “Here, watch this” she requested as she stood up and gave Joel a side view. It was obvious Evelyn was getting bigger, and fast. Her stomach stuck out, giving her a look that would be akin to the of a slightly pregnant woman if it weren’t for the rest of her being proportionately chubby. Then she lifted her shirt up, exposing her full belly to Joel, and grabbed a handful while staring into his eyes. Speechless, Joel couldn’t do much but become aware of the sudden tightness in his pants. “This is what 150 pounds looks like. I love making it jiggle!” She said as she grabbed her tiny spare tired and bounced it up and down. “I told you I’m catching up!” Joel continued to fumble over his words at disbelief that he found himself in this situation, gaining weight with his best friend. That alone was too unbelievable, but this- this was just incredulous. His beautiful, now very chubby best friend showing off her fat to him in full trust. It was a feeling so ecstatic that Joel could justifiably come up with nothing to say.

“I… I really think it suits you” was all he could muster while Evelyn giggled a little bit. “Well don’t get too attached, because I think this is still too small.” Evelyn responded as she tore into the chips. Watching this, Joel could not imagine what next month’s Thanksgiving break would do to them both.

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