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How can you tell the difference between fat and water weight?

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yes... we of course prefer the fat weight, the other can be after a high sodium dinner or just the lady being bloated, not really fun, and not the same feeling i guess

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Yes, once you've seen the actual difference it's night and day. Water weight tends to be dependent, ie it collects in the feet, legs, small of the back.

Most women who say "oh I just gained some water weight" don't actually know what the fuck they're talking, unless they happen to have kidney, liver, or heart disease.

Google putting edema or ascites. That is "water-weight."

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It's actually very easy to tell the difference from one another: one person suffering of Edema develop apparent signs of fuller pockets of body water in either one or several isolated body areas or an overall bloated appareance, sometimes capable to outsize two or several dress sizes in a matter of days nay hours.



(Look at @2:25)

Edema is usually not an impediment to someone's welfare or health but it can be caused by one or several consorted ailments or medical conditions that may or may not deter their health, nay being a risk to their very lives: brutal allergy reacts, Hypothyroidism, Hypocortispidism, cancer-related signs, metabolic dysfunction, chronical anuse of alcohol, liver issues or a rapid weight gain.


This other British woman, a local celebrity, is an another example of how distinct one type of face swelling related to periods:


from when this is caused by something else:


(fyi, she did ungergoes a treatment to deplete her whole body, as the chqnge did actually affected her entire size - no jokes - but her face never fully reverted back from their former proportions) .


There has little to no apparent sign of body rippling motion while moving and when the on-going process went extreme, it can swell up one or several body area/s as well as the face to grotesque dimensions, subconsequently distorting the person's outward apparence to barely recognizable levels, like this poor young fitness-performing Englishmaid, then-24-yrs old Laura Pell, whose weight skyrocketed from a trim 120-ish lbs Petite frame to a barely mobile 230-ish lbs, obese-looking human waterbed within a span of six months after a violent countereffect from an experimental medical drug worsened her imunnodeficient illness and made her swell up. Unfortunately, we never heard about her again after five years and I fear the worst...









When you have water retention, you're basically a living waterballoon. Nothing more, nothing less.

hqdefault (1).jpg


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.01.30 PM.png



téléchargement (9).jpeg

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I don't have much to offer here except to say that a well-hydrated body looks much better than a dehydrated one. Sometimes my girlfriend really doesn't drink enough water, and she can end up weighing a little less. She looks better when she is properly hydrated. It's always good to encourage proper hydration.

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