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Model: On the Plus Side

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    Chapter One


Denise was hungry after a long photo shoot. She was relieved to be able to let her belly hang out again after two hours of wearing a tight corset. Being too hungry and tired to even wipe the makeup off her face, she got straight in her black Volkswagen Jetta and headed to Wendy’s for a bite to eat.

    Being a plus-size model wasn’t exactly as fun and glamorous as she thought it would be, and she was getting sick of the whole process. The thought of quitting her job kept creeping into her mind, especially since she started dating Tony.

    Tony had a solid well-paying job, and could easily support both Denise and himself. Their relationship had become more serious in past few months, and Tony knew that his girlfriend was loosing her patience with the modeling business.

    Denise was one of the most in-demand young women in the world of plus-size modeling. A dark haired beauty from Miami, Denise had a wonderful mix of Persian and Puerto Rican heritage giving her a gorgeous exotic look that every photographer dreamed of.

    The one thing she liked about being a plus-size model was that she didn’t have to diet or exercise (two things she hated) and the fact that her boyfriend Tony appreciated a woman with curves, she felt she had license to stuff her face every now and then. And when you have perfect flawless features like Denise had, you can get away with putting a few pounds.


    “What’s wrong Mike?” Bob, one of the photographers for the online website Hips and Curves asked.

    “Oh, just working with these plus-size models. You can never get em’ to maintain their weight.” Said Mike, who was an executive at Oberlin Models Guild or OMG.

    “You talkin’ about Denise?” Bob asked.

    “Uh, yea.” Replied Mike.

    “I don’t know… she still looks good, I mean she’s still freakin’ gorgeous!” Bob said with some enthusiasm.

    “I know. She’s the most naturally beautiful model I’ve seen in a long time. I just wish someone could keep her away from the fridge.” Said Mike as he shook his head. “When we first started booking her, I was thrilled to have her as a plus-size model. With her looks she could have almost gone the Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated direction.”

    “Yea, she was slimmer then too.” Said Bob.

    “I know, all she had to do was get a little exercise and she wouldn’t even be plus-size.” Mike said.

    “What was she when she first came in, 150 or something?” Bob asked.

    “She was 5’8” and 154 pounds, but you know Denise, she wears her weight so well. Heck, she was in pretty tip top shape back then!” Mike replied.

    “I doubt she was in that great of shape. I mean I don’t think that girl has ever really worked out a day in her life, and the way she goes through the cigarettes!” replied Bob.

    “Yea, and I thought her smoking would help keep her weight down like the rest of the models. Turns out, the girl just likes to indulge herself, with whatever she feels like doing whenever she feels like doing it!” Mike said.

    “Yea well, what are you gonna do? Denise is still your best model whether you want to admit it or not, and she couldn’t have gained that much weight. Besides these are supposed to plus-size models anyway!” Bob said.

    “They’re supposed to be plus-size, but not fat!” Mike said getting a little agitated. “You know how much she weighs now?”

    “No, how much?” Bob asked.

    “186 pounds, 186 pounds man!” Mike said.

    “Yea, but she’s kinda tall.” Bob said.

    “5’8” is short by model standards, if she even is 5’8” and I don’t care how tall you are, 186 is pounds is a lot of weight for her frame.” Said Mike.

    “She doesn’t look that fat, her face is still as pretty as ever.” Bob replied.

    “But I don’t know how much longer I will be able to hide that belly, and that ass of hers will need its own zip code if she keeps goin’ the way she’s going.” Said Mike.

    “Na man, I think she still looks good, she’s by far the hottest model we got, we are lucky to have her.” Bob said.

    *        *        *        *        *

    Denise brushed her long brown hair away from her face and finished off the last few fries from her Wendy’s value meal. She pulled her Jetta into the driveway of Tony’s house, and heaved herself out. Tony lived in a nice little two story house in Thousand Oaks, California and Denise had been living with him for the past month.

    Still wearing high heels, Denise wiggled her way to the door and let herself in. Dressed in a low-cut brown tank top and tight blue jeans, she was a welcome sight to Tony who was inside watching ESPN.

    “Welcome home.” Tony said.

    “Uh, I am so tired!” Denise said as she sat down next to him on the sofa and lit a cigarette. “Could you grab me a drink please?”

    Tony got up and headed to the fridge, his eyes still fixated on his beautiful girlfriend. “You really like these Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s don’t you.” He said as he handed her one and sat back down with a beer for himself.

    “Oh yea, I just get stressed out with these freakin’ photo shoots, they take way too long.” She said as she took another drag off her cigarette.

    Denise had a rather large roll of fat pushing its way over the waistband of her jeans as she relaxed on the couch. Just in the past several weeks since she moved in with Tony, she had put on a good 10 pounds or so.

    “You wanna order some Chinese or something?” Tony asked.

    “Ooo, that sounds good, I just stopped at Wendy’s, but I’m not one to turn down Chinese food!” Denise said with delight. “I’m gonna get so fat living with you… ordering out all the time.”

    “But you just get prettier every day” said Tony.

    “Yea, if you don’t mind your girlfriend wearin’ a size 16, these 14’s are just too tight for me now.” Denise said as she playfully slid her ass against him.

    “Baby, you would look sexy if you wore a size 30!” Said Tony as he put his arm around her soft tan shoulders.

    “Ooo, I like the way you talk!” Squealed Denise as she gave him a playful peck on the cheek. “Could you get me a piece of cake please….. 41-34-46 baby, and i’m kind of proud of those numbers.” She added in a pouty sexy voice as Tony got up to get her cake.

    “What happened to 40-33-43?” Tony asked as he walked to the kitchen smiling.

    “Bluhh, I told you, it’s all this eating out, you can’t expect these hips to stay the same size!” Denise said as she let out a cute little giggle, and put her hands on her big juicy thighs.


3 months later…..


    “Okay Denise give me that sexy little smile one more time. Show the world what real beauty looks like!" Bob said as he peered into his camera.
Denise was doing a photo shoot where all the models at Hips and Curves would write their size and measurements on a white tank top and pose for pictures. It was a way of showing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that you don’t have to be a size “2” or a size “8” to be beautiful.

    Denise looked incredibly sexy with her long hair pulled back in a ponytail and her hands grabbing the thin straps of her tight low-cut tank top. She was holding the big smile on her face as she waited for Bob to get the shot.
Right on the front of her shirt was her measurements written boldly in black ink. It read 44-36-48, right across her huge, perfectly shaped breasts. Size 16/18 was written just below that on her now softer, rounder tummy.

    She certainly couldn’t hide the additional 15 pounds she had put on wearing skintight jeans and a nearly painted-on tank top. She sported a cute belly that protruded out and over her jeans a little, and a deep-set belly button was visible through the strained fabric of her shirt. Her belly was somewhat small in comparison to her wide voluptuous hips and her huge breasts, but the now 200 pound beauty still looked as stunning as ever, and her pretty face had changed little with the weight gain. Her dark eyes glowed towards the camera as Bob finally got the shot he wanted.

    “Okay, that’s gonna be on the cover of the catalog!” he said as he took a step back and relaxed for a moment.

    “Oh, thank goodness,(pant) are we done for day?” Denise asked as tugged on her painfully tight jeans.

    “Yea, thats a wrap, you can go.” Said Bob

    Denise grabbed her cigarettes and bounced her way out the door to have a smoke. Her enormous ass jiggled back and forth, and just then Mike walked into the room.

    “How did she look, is it going to be okay?” asked Mike.

    “Man there has never been an ass that looked so good in a pair of jeans…I’m tellin’ you.” Bob said as he followed Denise’s every move with his eyes until she disappeared out the door.

    “Huh? There has never been an ass that big in a pair of jeans! Said Mike. “Her eating is getting out of control, I don’t know what to do.”

    *        *        *        *        *    

    “Oh, (pant) so much walking, I’m so tired!” Said Denise as she and her friend Robin sat down at a food court in a mall.

    “Oh please Denise, it’s not like we were trekking across a desert.”

    “Speak for yourself, I’m exhausted and starved!” Said Denise as she dug in to her Taco Bell.

    “Jeez Denise, how can you afford to eat like this, calorie wise?” Robin asked as she sat at the small table with her meager salad and looked in awe at Denise’s tray. It was filled with two big crispy burritos, a Mexican pizza, nachos Bell Grande and a side of cinnamon twists.

    “I’m a plus model Robin, I can eat whatever I want. I don’t worry about fat content or anything anymore.” Said Denise as she took another big bite of her crispy burrito after dipping it in some ranch dressing. “It’s the beauty of being represented by OMG and for being the go to girl for Hips and Curves!”

    “Well okay, just be sure you don’t get too big for ya man!” Robin said laughing.

    “Ha, Tony knows how to treat a girl, and he admires a real woman with a little shape to her.” Denise said with a smile as she started on her nachos.

    “You are one lucky girl!” Robin added. “I’ll bet that Tony is good in bed!”

    “Robin!” Said Denise in a friendly scolding manner.

    “Ha, sorry, but you can’t blame me, I mean Tony is hot!” Said Robin.

    “Yeah, yes he is, and he makes a good living too. I’m actually considering settling down.” Said Denise.

    “Oh really?” Said Robin.

    “Yeah, I’m going to quit modeling, I’m just really starting to get sick of it, and I’m already living with Tony anyway.


Chapter Two

6 months later…..

    Denise sat comfortably on her couch at Tony’s house, she watched some late afternoon Netflix as she gorged herself on a box of donut holes. She had her legs curled beneath her and she was still wearing her sexy tight pajamas from that morning. She had finally quit her job as a model, at least for the time being. She told herself that it was just much needed break and that she would return to it later, when she felt ready.

    Denise loved having free time and not having to put herself through any more of those long photo shoots. She liked her first month out of work. Just lounging around the house and being as sexy as she could when Tony got home. She could sleep in, and eat, drink and smoke as much as she wanted. Even at 223 pounds she looked amazing. Her face still hadn’t changed all that much and she carried the extra weight so perfectly that Tony never had a reason to complain.


    “Denise do you really need that now? We’re having dinner in an hour.” Denise’s mom Eva said as she watched her only daughter help herself to a carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Denise was on a short visit back home in Miami to see her folks.

    “I won’t spoil my appetite mom,” Denise reassured her as she grabbed a spoon and plopped on the couch. Her pink V-neck shirt was showing a little more cleavage than her mother was used to, but Eva was more concerned with her daughter’s diet than the way she flaunted her body.

    “Well I see your still dressing like a model.” Said Eva.

    “Oh please mom, this is a nice shirt, Tony got it for me.” Said Denise. “Actually I told Tony to get it for me. Although it might be a little small now, I’ve probably gained like ten pounds since I quit working.” She added.

    “Yeah, you better watch it Denise, just because you not a model anymore doesn’t mean you can just let yourself go.” Said Eva.

    “Oh come on Mom, I can afford to indulged a little. I deserve it after all those months of working!” Said Denise. “Besides, Tony likes me with a few extra curves, and I feel sexy.

    “So how is that Tony of yours?” Asked Eva.

    “He’s great, he’s in London right now on a business trip or something.” Denise said as shoved another spoonful of ice cream between her lips.

    “How’s your time away from modeling, don’t you miss it at all?” Eva asked.

    “Oh no, not at all.” Answered Denise. “It’s been wonderful, I’ve really been enjoying myself the past month or so. I can sleep in, and not have to worry about anything. I was really getting sick and tired of going to work.”

    “Well that’s great your able to take some time off.” Noted Eva. “Have any plans of what you want to do next?”

    “Uh, not really.” Said Denise. “I’m not even thinking about modeling, I’m just going to relax and clear my head for while. I can spend more time with Tony anyway.”

    “How’s your ice cream?” asked Eva.

    “It’s good.” Said Denise as scraped the bottom of the carton with her spoon.

    “Your father just bought a new treadmill, I’ve been trying to use it at least once a day.” Eva remarked.

    “Uh! I hate working out.” Said Denise as she slowly lifted herself off the sofa. “Oh, Jackie is calling me. Can I smoke outside, I haven’t had a cigarette since I got here.”

    “Yes you can smoke outside, but you really need to quit.” Said Eva.

    “I know mom!” Denise said as slipped out the sliding glass doors into the humid Florida air and put her cell phone to her ear.

    Eva eyed her 23-year-old daughter’s girth as she watched her smoke on the patio. She was glad Denise was happy, but she couldn’t help but be concerned about the way she was putting on weight. She had been proud of her daughter for being a plus model and using her looks to set a good example for young girls. However it seemed that she was getting so big that Eva was a little worried about her daughter’s health. Although, she had to admit, that even at 226 pounds Denise was still quite a stunning beauty.


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Chapter Three

6 months later…..

    “Oh, all that food made me so tired.” Denise whimpered as she pushed away her empty box of Mexican take-out food. “Can you hand me my cigarettes please?”

    It was a hot summer evening in L.A. and Denise and Tony were having a quiet night at home together. Tony had picked up an order to go from one of Denise’s favorite Mexican Restaurants. He was a little surprised that Denise finished her entire box of food, but then again looking at the size of her thighs, maybe not.

    It was still around eighty degrees outside and Denise was dressed for the heat. She had on pajama bottom shorts that were black with red trim and a tight black tank top. The shorts were so tiny that most of her soft tan thighs were visible and Tony had a hard time keeping his hands off of them.

    With the 244 pounds Denise now carried on her beautiful body she was often tired. She had become very out of shape, but her laziness and lack of self control when it came to food only made Tony more attracted to her.

    “How about I turn the jets on in the hot tub?” asked Tony as he softly stroked her long dark brown hair.

    “Ah, but I’m so tired. I don’t think I can even find the energy to get off this couch.” Denise whined as she puffed on her cigarette.

    “Oh come on Denise, we’ll have a few drinks, it’s so nice outside anyway.” Said Tony as he got up.

    Denise who was leaning on his shoulder finally started to perk up as he left the couch. She took another long drag on her cigarette and stretched out her beautiful legs and wiggled her toes.

    “Alright, (pant) how can I say no to you serving me drinks with your shirt off.” Denise said giggling. “Just give me a few minutes to slip into something more appropriate.”

    Tony put on some swim shorts, poured a couple of drinks, and waited in the spa on the back deck. Denise took a long time to get ready. Tony thought that she probably broke a sweat just getting up the stairs, especially after all that Mexican food. Knowing Denise she probably wanted to touch up her makeup as well, she never failed to look radiant no matter how lazy or tired she was.

    She finally walked out onto the deck and she looked absolutely incredible. Her hair was tied back and she had perfectly applied a small amount of eye shadow that highlighted the beauty in her perfect face. She slipped out of her satin robe and tossed it to side, leaving her in nothing but a skimpy black bikini.

    “Had a little trouble getting into this bikini, it’s a little tighter than I remember.” Said Denise as she slowly lowered herself into the bubbling water.
244 pounds on a 5’8” frame doesn’t exactly look attractive on most women, but Denise was the exception to end all exceptions. She had perfect skin, even with the added weight in her butt, thighs, and tummy.

    “Denise you are beautiful.” Tony said as he sat in the warm water and sipped his drink.

    “You’re not looking’ too bad yourself mister.” Denise said as she immersed herself in the water and scooted her wide soft hips up against him. Denise couldn’t keep her eyes or hands off Tony’s toned muscular physique as she cuddled up next to him.

    “Thanks for the drink, and oh good you brought my cigarettes.” She said as quickly lit one up and took a long drag causing her huge breasts to heave as she inhaled.

    Denise went through three drinks and five cigarettes as the evening past and she got a little tipsy.

    “Oh man, now I’m hungry for dessert.” She said as she tugged on her tight bikini bottoms. “I’m not going to able to fit my ass into this thing much longer.” She added as she smiled and stepped out of the hot tub. “Does this (gasp) bathing suit make my butt look big?”

    “It makes it look sexy.” Said Tony as he gazed at her ever widening one. Her round heart-shaped derrière had always been on the big side, and now it was truly huge, yet still perky and perfectly shaped.

    “I don’t know why women are so obsessed with diet and exercise and crap.” Denise said as she dried herself with a towel. “Exercise sucks!” She exclaimed as she sat on the lawn chair, causing two large rolls of fat to form around her waist.

    Tony couldn’t take his eyes off of his perfect looking girlfriend, with her breasts and belly jiggling madly as she dried herself.

    “You need a kiss.” Tony said as he swiftly got out of the water and swooped over to her. He planted one on her full, luscious lips and Denise twirled her sexy legs onto his lap.

    “Now could you get me (ehh) some ice cream, and (hic) another drink?” Moaned Denise.


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Chapter Four


    “Wait, what time are those maids coming?” Denise asked. “I don’t want to be around when they’re here. I’m going to run some errands.”

    “They will be here by 10:30.” Replied Tony. “Alright I got to go to work, love ya.”

    “I guess I better get going to, I’ll be in time for McDonald’s breakfast.” Said Denise as she shook her long freshly washed and blow-dried dark hair. “It’s been a while since I’ve been up in time for that!”

    Denise had gotten up a little earlier than usual that morning, because she and Tony had decided hire maids to tidy up the house a little. She squeezed her 248-pound body into a pair of sinfully tight size 22 jeans.

    “Don’t be walkin’ around in public too much in that outfit.” Tony said as he grabbed his car keys. “Guys will be jerkin’ off in their cars!”

    “Why, Tony!” Denise said trying to act shocked that such words would come out of his mouth. She flung her long brown hair over her soft tan shoulders and sashayed towards the door. The ankle strap high heel pumps she was wearing caused her huge caboose to wobble and bounce in a wonderfully exaggerated way that kept Tony in tunnel vision mode until she was out of sight.


1 month later…

    “I picked up a little surprise for today.” Denise softy purred as she sat of the sofa and munched on her popcorn chicken from KFC.

    “Oh really, and what’s that?” Asked Tony.

    “A little something from (chew) Hips and Curves,” she replied as she gazed at him with a slight smirk on her face. “Just because I don’t model (munch)(chew) for them anymore (smack, chew) doesn’t mean I can’t shop there.”

    “Oh that kind of surprise.” Said Tony. “Do I have to wait til’ tonight to see it on you?”

    “No, but you do have to wait until I’m done eating.” She said as she leaned forward and sipped her coke from a straw, still gazing at him with sultry eyes.

    “Oh, well then why don’t I just help you finish.” Tony said as moved in close enough to smell her sweet perfume.

    “Oh, no you don’t, those are my biscuits, and my mashed potatoes, and my chicken strips mister, you have to get your own.” She said as she giggled and playfully pushed him away and continued eating.

    “You just love to tease me don’t you.” Said Tony.

    “You ‘boys’ just get a little too impatient sometimes. I have to keep you in line every now and then.” Said Denise as she popped the last piece of popcorn chicken into her mouth and quickly switched over to her crispy strips. “I’m just going to finish my snack and take nice hot bath, and when I come back out, you’ll be glad you waited.”

    Denise finally came back fresh out of her bubble bath all moist and damp with perfumed steam. Tony had just opened bottle champagne when he saw her slowly flounce into the living room. The sight of her nearly took his breath away. She was wearing a sweet, sexy and dangerously seductive shockingly provocative pink halter baby doll.

    If her intention was to grab his attention, she was certainly successful. In fact she nearly paralyzed him with an uncontrollable sense of want. She was the only object of his desire, and she knew it. The flirty ruffles at the bottom of the dress were so high that her enormous shapely ass was deliciously close to exposing itself.

    Tony gazed at her long tan legs and thick tender thighs. He followed the creamy, smooth skin underneath the black lace from her deep-set belly button up to the cleavage of her full ripe breasts. He inhaled the wonderful sent of what was perhaps the most naturally beautiful woman in the world. She was the consummate seductress in skimpy lingerie that highlighted every corpulent curve of her bulging, fleshy, and luscious body.

    “What do you think? I didn’t buy this for me, I bought it for you.” Denise said in a libidinous voice as she flirtatiously twirled her delicate body around, showing Tony her thong.

    Unable to contain himself a second longer Tony put his arm around her waist and started stoking her side. He could feel the cushiony warmth of her expanding love handles as she leaned in and kissed her neck. He gave her big booty a little squeeze and thrust his pelvis into the gelatinous pillow of her stomach, and launched his arms around her widening hips.

    “My gosh Denise, you look so…… yummy.” Was all Tony could manage to say as he amorously lugged her heavier body to the sofa and kissed her in a mad frenzy. He caressed her silky smooth thighs and began to pull on her stretch lace thong.

    “Hold on (pant) mister.” Denise softy cooed. “I want to eat first.”



3 months later….

    Denise struggled to get out of bed long after Tony had gone to work. She laid there under her down comforter like a spoiled princess, unable to find the energy to move. As noon approached she finally found the strength to light a cigarette and order some Pizza-Hut. She finally heaved her voluptuous, 260-pound body out of bed and jiggled her way to the bathroom. She let down her hair, put on a little makeup, (not that she needed any) and checked out her amplified hour and a half glass figure in the mirror.

    Before she could turn around and tell herself her butt might be getting a little too big, the doorbell rang. She was anxiously waiting for her PANormous pizza, Tuscani lasagna and Hersey’s Chocolate Dunkers.

    She signed for the pizza still wearing the tiny light blue pajama shorts and matching spaghetti strap tank top she had slept in, and she looked so appealing, it was a crime she was alone. She collapsed on the couch, turned on some Hulu, and dug into her pizza ravenously. She knew she probably should cut down on the fast food a little, but she was just too tired and hungry to think about that now.

    She knew she was getting pretty out of shape, and she knew her weight was really getting up there, but she also knew she was still very beautiful. She felt really sexy, and she had become convinced that part of exuding femininity was indulgence. Whether it be buying nice clothes, having a hot sensual bubble bath, or eating whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it.

    Even still she knew she probably ought to get a little more health conscious. She was only 24 years old and already she was having trouble breathing just walking around the house. She thought maybe, she had taken enough time off from modeling and was perhaps ready to go back to OMG and to Hips and Curves. She thought about it some more, grabbed another slice of pizza and lit up a cigarette.

    Denise always wore her weight well and she was so beautiful and well proportioned that she was heavier than she actually looked. When she was 200 pounds she looked more thick than fat, and when she was 240 pounds she just looked soft and extra curvy, but now at 268 pounds she was getting to the point where friends and family members were calling her fat behind her back.

    Everyone still thought she was beautiful though. Her flawless creamy tan skin was still as vibrant as ever and her face didn’t look a whole lot different than it did when she was 180 pounds, except for a blossoming cute little double chin. It was her thighs and butt that went through the most changes. Her ass was so big and round that even at 268 pounds it looked proportionately too big for her voluptuous feminine body. But she was still so elegant looking, and unbelievably attractive that Tony had no problem with her laziness or, let’s face it, flat out gluttony.

    Denise was proud of her exaggerated womanly curves, but at the same time she knew she might be getting a little too curvy, even for her. She had really enjoyed her time relaxing and being lazy since she quit modeling, but now she thought she was ready to get back to work.

    “I need to get back to work before I get any fatter.” Denise said to Tony as she nibbled on her French fries from McDonalds.

    “Oh no, are you sure? I have loved having you home, you don’t need to go back do you?” Tony asked.

    “Yea, it’s been nice (sigh) but I think I’m ready, I’ve had enough time off.” She added facing Tony with her belly pressed against the marble kitchen counter top.

    “At Hips and Curves?” asked Tony.

    “Yea, I’ve already talked to Bob.”

    “How soon are you thinking?”

    “I’m going to head down there tomorrow and talk with Mike.” Said Denise.

    “Well, shoot, then this is your last night of real freedom for a while.” Said Tony. “We should take advantage of it. I’ll go get us some champagne and some take-out, you pick the place….. whatever you want for dinner!”

    “Oh really, well that’s an offer a girl just can’t pass up.” Denise sweetly purred as she took a bite out of her Premium Crispy Chicken Ranch BLT. “How about (chew) Italian?”

    “Sure, what are you thinkin’…..maybe Bella’s?” Tony asked.

    “Ooo yea Bella’s! Get a pizza, but I also want some of that chicken Alfredo pasta they have…it’s soooo good.” Said Denise as she continued eating.

    “Alright I’ll be back!” Said Tony as he headed toward the door with his car keys.

    “Oh, and, um, eh, (sigh) we’re out of cookies……and ice cream.” Denise said sheepishly before he could leave.

    Tony arrived back at the house with take-out food and groceries. He was welcomed to Denise sitting on the couch provocatively in white spaghetti strap tank top that flaunted her chubby arms. Her upper arms had really been getting doughy lately but they were still tan and silky smooth. She put out her cigarette and started right away on the pizza as Tony popped open a bottle of expensive champagne.

    Denise ate and drank like a titillating sensualist that night, and she got a little drunk. She looked over at Tony’s lean, strong and hairy legs in his shorts. Then she looked at her own sexy, silky smooth tan legs that were exploding out of her undersized cotton sleep shorts. She hadn’t realized how much bigger her thighs were in comparison to his.

    “Wow, you’ve really been keeping yourself in great shape, lover boy.” Denise murmured in Tony’s ear, slurring her words a little and sliding her corpulent hips firmly against him. “How do you do it? It seems like I go up a dress size just from looking at food!”

    “Mmmmmm, but your thighs are so soft and….scrumptious.” Tony said dreamy-eyed as he slowly rubbed his hands up and down every inch of her delicate feminine legs. Denise started laughing with delight and her huge paunch began to shake and jiggle. She lethargically reached over a grabbed another cupcake from the end table and daintily fed it to herself. She lifted her massive thighs onto Tony’s lap as she ate, as if to encourage him to continue giving her all of his attention.

    Tony was extremely turned on by her devilish beauty and by her increasing weight. He gazed into her lovely soft eyes and noticed that her sexy overweight body was creating a significant depression on the couch cushion. He leaned into her, and kissed her plump pouty lips before she could take another bite.


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