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[Updated 10/27/20] About to come clean with my wife

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So quick update guys.

My wife is now up to about 79 kgs or 174 lbs.

About 3 weeks ago we were fooling around in bed and she was laying on my saying how heavy she must feel.
I asked “why do you say that?”

And she says cos she’s gained weight and she’s up to 77 kgs.
I was pretty ** so blurted out “no you’re not heavy, you should try get to 80”

She replied “No way, I’m never gaining weight on purpose” 

however, since then she’s been eating way more then normal and having ice cream every night now. 
Now she’s noticeably bigger than the other week. And now She’s wearing XL in all clothes. 
it’s crazy how curvy she is getting.

so I think subconsciously the fact that I said she should gain more weight in a direct way has triggered something in her. 
like she knew I liked bigger women but now I’ve actually expressed I want her bigger it’s relaxed her boundaries and thinking on her weight further. 
it’s starting to blow my mind that this is actually happening!!!

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