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Purchasing Clips (How to?)

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I'm interested, for future reference, in buying some clips. But I'm nervous about purchasing because I don't know what will appear on my card statement (and who'll be notified etc.) and a proper step-by-step guide of how to do so (If there is one, please point me in the right direction).

PS. This is me being naturally paranoid (!), and I'm using a debit in the UK.

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Hi @hapax1230987,

We can totally understand your concern and it would make sense to be thoughtful about privacy before making any purchases.

Don't worry, we try to make life easy for you.

Here is what you need to know.

  • The email you have on record here will get confirmation of the purchase. So make sure you want to get an email from us there. If you need to change your email address please do that first.
  • However, make sure you have a REAL email address because not having one can get your account in trouble.
  • Your credit card statement will say CCATCH

Totally private, it could be a fishing company for all anyone knows LOL

Give a purchase a try and if you have any issues at all, reach out and we will help.

Thank you.

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yes you can certainly purchase clips in the UK. It does all the conversion work for you don’t worry about that.

we have models and customers that are in the UK.

with your question about debit cards most of them do work . the banking system can be pretty complex and tricky and there’s nuances for everything, so I’m reluctant to say yes it will 100% work. But I will tell you it most likely will work. Worst case scenario it’ll just decline and no harm done. Give it a try

 thank you

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7 minutes ago, hapax1230987 said:

@S77 It worked! I've just purchased KittyPiggy's 'Insatiable' clip, and I'm looking forward to watching it and purchasing many more. Thanks for all the help. 

That’s an excellent first choice. Be sure to check this link to keep track of your library as your collection of clips grows!


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