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Buying clips with Maestro?

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Hi, as you may have guessed from the the title i'm quite curious if you can pay clips here on Curvage with a Maestro card. Technically Maestro is from Mastercard so it sould work, right? Well that what i thought too, but i'm having doubts, because of the Store saying over and over again that (what the Bank claims is) my cardnumber as invalid. (also lil backstory for those that are confused. In mainland Europe especially where i live, most people including me have a Account number on there card, not a card number)

Btw if there are other ways to pay Curvage or the models for the clip(s), Plz let me know!

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Yeah well now i see my original message again, i notice that it's extremely messy/unclear! Oops! 😂 (however it does show how much unclear information i had to go though)

But anyway i finally found a clear answer, and it's the diffence between a Debit card and a Credit card!

To keep it short! Here the store only accepts Credit cards, which is a bummer for me because a have a Debit card.

So unless the store suddenly gonna accept Debit cards, i have to either:

  •  Get a credit card!

Or if it's possible…

  •  Find a way where i can pay clips with my debit card!

And so i wanna ask if the latter option is possible? 

P.S. even if the latter option isn't possible, than still thank you for you're time! 🙂

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